Giantess Stories: THE TEAM By Chelgi

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THE TEAM By Chelgi

Charlene had been on the cheerleading squad for almost two years now and was

still looking dreamily at the first string quarterback and still hoping for a

date. Unfortunately the quarterback wasn't who she was getting the attention

from. Most of the rest of the football team were always grappling her and

kissing her and asking her out on dates. As Diane said, "I hate away games,

those damn guys seem to think they own us completely, when we're on an out of

town game." Charlene had one particularly obnoxious lineman that seemed to think

she was his personal property from the way he acted toward her, and she didn't

like him at all. Unfortunately Charlene like most the cheerleaders were small

girls, (better at tumbling) Although she was absolutely beautiful she was only

five feet tall and the obnoxious lineman was six feet three inches tall, weighed

two hundred forty five pounds, and was strong as an ox. He was always picking

her up and carrying her around in his arms kissing her every time he could get

past her wriggling and squirming struggles. It didn't matter how many times she

slapped him or how much she screamed, he seemed to think it was all in fun and

that she was in love with him as much as he was in love with her. Actually

Charlene disliked him as much or probably a lot more than he liked her. Finally

having escaped his clutches and returned to her hotel room on an a away game to

New York, she was lying on her bed sobbing when Julie came in and asked her what

was wrong. "I'm going to just quit the squad. I can't take Henry's harassment

anymore. I can't fight him off and he won't leave me alone. Particularly when

where away from home. At home at least I can get away with some other girls and

go home and get away from him." "I thought you liked him." Julie said. "Liked

him! I think he's the most obnoxious human being I've ever known, if he even

qualifies. I saw a cockroach in the room last night and was pretending it was

Henry as I very carefully put the sole of my high heel pump on him and slowly

pressed down on that poor little roach, enjoying pretending it was Henry as I

squashed him. That's the most fun I've had with Henry in a long time." "Huh...

feeling sorry for the cockroach and wanting to step on Henry... Well I guess you

don't really like him as much as we thought you did." "Where did you get a

stupid idea like that?" "Well, you're always with him." "No, you've sure got

that backwards, I can't get away from him... He follows me everywhere.. always

pawing and grappling me, like I belong to him. And he's so damn big he don't

even mind my slapping him or anything. He thinks its funny when I try to get

away from him. I'm just too damn little!" Julie smiled at Charlene for a moment,

"You want to be bigger?" "Don't all the girls? These guys just lord it over us

like we're their property.. I think most of us would like to be big enough to

knock the hell out of them for once and let them really know how we feel about

being pawed and mauled all the time." "I didn't know that... The rest of you

feel like that?" "Several of the other girls agreed. "Yeah, I'd like to be big

enough to put Rod flat on his ass with a good well placed slap on his face."

said Lauren, "Maybe then he'd leave me alone. I've got the same problem with him

that Charlene has with Henry." "Oh, I didn't realize that. I kind of liked

having Jim always after me. I thought you girls all liked the other guy's

attentions too. I'm sorry"... "What's to be sorry about. There isn't anything

you could do." "Oh, yes there is!" Julie smiled as she stood up to her full five

feet ten inch height. Much bigger and stronger than the rest of the girls. "Just

because you're bigger than the rest of us, don't mean you can do anything

against those guys on the football team. They're all over six foot tall and big

muscular guys. Even you couldn't do anything against them." "Well, my aunt is

from the 'old country' and she has some weird potions, that I don't ask too much

about. I sometimes think she's a witch, but she make a good living by selling

this potion to other women who want to be taller. As I understand it they just

take her potion and zap, they're taller. Want me to get you some of it?" A

chorus of Yea's rattled the walls in the room.. "OK, I never realized that you

cute little girls would want to be a big ol' monster like me." "Big ol'

monster?" ask Charlene, "You're perfect, a gorgeous model type. If I was as tall

as you, I could get on at half a dozen modeling agencies." "All of you...? You

don't understand how it is being as tall as I am.. They don't make clothes for

girls my size. I can't find dresses to fit, I wear a size twelve shoes and

nobody carries them, shoes are all too small. You won't like being my size.."

"You're gorgeous, I'd love being as tall as you are.. Maybe even bigger, then I

could convince Vince that he really should leave me alone on these trips out of

town." Michelle said. "OK, when we get back home, I'll get some of her grow

stuff from Aunt Helen for all of you." "Yeaa!!" woke up half the football team

as the girls cheered. They returned home Sunday morning and were glad to be away

from the football players. Monday after classes Julie brought a small carrying

case into the locker room at practice. There was the usual banter among the

girls with lots of laughing and playing as they gathered at their lockers to

change into their practice cheerleader outfits, with short skirts and blouses

that enhanced any breasts that they had and all of them were pretty well built.

Julie opened the canvas carrying case she had brought and held up a small bottle

of dark fluid. "Ta... Tah...!" she announced to the other girls as she held the

bottle up over her head. "Who wants to be taller?" and she wiggled the bottle

back and forth. "What's that?" Charlene asked. "It's a bottle of my aunt's

growth potion. See it says right here on the bottle, 'Granny's home grow.." "Oh,

silly, that's fertilizer for the garden, I've seen that before in garden

stores." Julie laughed, "Not this you haven't. This is what Aunt Helen sells to

women who want to be taller." "Julie, if there was something like that, to make

people taller, it would be advertised on every TV station all day long. The

football players would all be taking it for every meal. That's silly.." Charlene

laughed, "You only brought one bottle for all of us?" "That's all I could get

without Aunt Helen catching me. We'll just have to share it. I'll measure it out

and give everybody a fair share, that way we'll all grow a little bigger." "Big

enough I can slap Rod on his ass?" ask Lauren. I don't know how big it'll make

you. It says here on the bottle 'Take no more than one teaspoon a day. Then it

says 'Results may be catastrophic' whatever that means." Probably means you'll

get big too fast and everyone will notice, I don't care who notices, I'll drink

the whole bottle at once,. if I can knock Henry on his ass afterward." Charlene

laughed. "I don't care who sees me getting bigger, just so I can slap the shit

out of Henry and give him what he deserves." All the girls agreed and Julie

said, Charlene bring me some of those paper cups from the coaches room and I'll

divide it all up fairly. Charlene came back with half a dozen paper cups and

Julie opened the bottle and poured a little in each cup till the entire ten

ounce bottle was empty. Julie gave the empty bottle to Michelle, she held up the

bottle and turning it upside down, drained the last little drop into her mouth.

"I'll start." No, that's not fair, everyone gets the same amount, it's only

about half a cup but we'll make a toast and drink it all up at the same time.

That way, we'll all grow about the same amount at the same time so no one will

be left out. All right, ready?" and all the girls held their paper cups up in

toast, "to being taller". Then tipped the cups up and drained the contents at

the same time.. "Yuck!" said Lauren, "Your aunt sells this stuff? She ought to

put a little flavor in it. It's salty and don't taste very good... Yuck!!"

Michelle laughed, "Who cares what it tastes like if I can slap Bob without

getting hurt." "Right! Here's to Rod.... Flat on his ass!" said Lauren. and took

a vicious swing with her open hand at the empty air in front of her. "Yea..!

Take that Rod, and you too Bob... and Henry..." and several of the other girls

pretended to slap their harassers.. "How long does it take to work, Julie?" ask

Charlene. "I don't know, I've never seen anyone take any of it. I just know that

my aunt sells it." "You mean you don't really know if it even works then, do

you?" ask Michelle. Julie sat for a moment, then said, "I guess, not really..

Maybe it's just a hoax and my aunt is like one of those old snake oil salesmen,

just gets money because gals want bigger and will pay anything for it." "Maybe

it takes several days. Nobody just shoots up, it takes a lot of time to grow.

Even little babies don't grow very fast, and that's the fastest growing time of

your life." said Lauren. "OH! I can feel something..." said Charlene.. "It feels

like something real hot flowing through my body. I can feel it running down my

arms." "I had some kind of medicine in the hospital like that once, you could

feel it real hot as it flowed through your blood. Made you hot all over. some

kind of a dye for the X-ray machine as I remember." Said Michelle. "Yeah, I can

feel it too.." Lauren said. "Yeah... me too..." from Julie. Diane, who up to now

had been completely silent on the subject, but had taken her portion of Granny's

home grow with the other girls, said, "Not only can I feel it, but my bra's

getting tighter." and she wiggled the huge mass of her oversized bosom at the

other girls. Julie laughed, "Your bra's always tight, I'm surprised that you can

even find bra's that big.." All the other girls were laughing at Diane since she

was always bragging about her 'big' tits. And they were, by far, the biggest

breasts on the team, even though she was only five feet four inch tall, but she

did have massive tits that all the guys were always drooling over. In fact a

couple of the guys had started out patting her huge tits for luck as a joke, but

since Diane, good naturedly, had gone along with the 'little good luck pat', it

had grown until most of the football players now patted Diane's huge boobs

before a game for 'luck' and good naturedly, Diane went along with the little

'good luck ceremony' presenting her massive mammies at the locker room door at

each game, letting all the players that wanted to, pat and sometimes jiggle her

huge boobs as they trotted out to the football field. The quarterback, who

Charlene was crazy about, and the center had even started leaning down, lifting

her huge tits in their hands, and planting a quick kiss on Diane's enormous tits

when they passed the locker room door as they trotted toward the field. Good

naturedly, she said, "Whatever brings our team good luck is all right with me."

and the coach had just sort of looked the other way, and let the lucky charm, or

charms do its best. And the team did win a lot of games, so everyone went along

with the ceremony, just keeping it quite from the press and public. Diane wasn't

sure about the quarterback and center's new twist on the good luck charm either.

She knew she sure as hell didn't want the whole football team lined up kissing

her boobs at the locker room door as they went out for a football game. When she

thought about it though, she thought it might be fun and grinned as she patted

and jiggled her 'Good luck boobs' and she laughed as she thought about it.. But

now it wasn't just her 'good luck boobs', but her bra 'was' getting tighter and

she thought she could feel her massive tits slowly getting bigger. "You know, I

think Diane is right, mine's getting tighter too." said Charlene. "I don't know

about your bra, but my shoes are sure as hell getting tighter." Said Julie. "Oh,

we're just growing." laughed Michelle. "Good, I can't wait to deck Rod"..

giggled Lauren, with a hefty swing of her open palm at the empty air in front of

her. "Wait a minute... Come here Diane.." said Julie. "That stuff did say only a

teaspoon a day, and we all took almost two ounces each.... Maybe the stuff does

work." "Well, if you didn't think it worked, why did you steal it from your aunt

and bring it to us to try?" ask Diane as she walked over to where Julie was

standing. "What?" "Let me see your boobs.." said Julie. "What, you think, you're

one of the players and going to pat my tits for luck?" asked Diane jokingly.

"Not really, I just wanted to see if I could tell if your bra's getting

tighter." "How could you tell? You've never felt it before... take my word for

it.. It's getting tighter." but Diane presented her massive breasts for Julie to

feel, thrusting them out like huge fleshy watermelons to Julie. . Julie reached

out and hefted one of Diane's huge tits and then ran her hand over the big

rounded fleshy mound. "It does feel awfully tight in the bra." Julie murmured as

she slowly ran her hands over the huge mass of rounded flesh. Leaving them on

Diane's huge swollen breasts longer than necessary as she slowly rubbed her

hands over the huge masses of swollen flesh, squeezing and fondling as she

rubbed them. Diane smiled as she wiggled her bosom at Julie pressing her huge

breasts toward her, and against the fondling hands. "I didn't know you were that

way?" and she wiggled her huge tits at Julie as Julie was running her hands over

the massive mounds, caressing and squeezing them. "What way?" Julie ask. "Like

my nice big tits, little girl?" Diane teased as she wiggled the huge fleshy

mounds at Julie as she was fondling them. Julie snatched her hands back from the

huge firm tits like they were burned. "I didn't mean anything like that!" she

exclaimed.. Diane was laughing as she teased Julie now, "I don't know, you

handled my tits like you knew what you were doing.. I kind of like that.. A

little more... please... maybe just a little more squeezing this time"... and

she thrust the enormous boobs back toward Julie. Julie grinned and reaching down

cupped her hands under her own large well shaped breasts as she said, "Well, you

aren't the only one on the team with nice big tits... Yours may be a little bit

bigger, but a lot of the guys seem to like mine too." and holding them up with

her hands she jiggled her own large tits at Diane.... "And yeah, I know what

feels good on nice big soft tits..." and she caressed her own big well rounded

tits squeezing and fondling them, "But you know, I think you're right, my bra's

getting tighter too." and she squeezed her breasts and looked down at them.

"Yeah, look at how tight the buttons on my blouse are." Lauren reached out and

swatted Julie's rear playfully.. "That's not all that's getting tight either.

You better think about going on a diet." "I don't need any diet.." Julie

protested. Then she ran her hand over her ass and looked up astonished at

Lauren. "It is tight... It wasn't when I put it on..." Charlene laughed. "Julie,

your uniform always looks nice and tight on your ass, I've always kinda wished

mine looked as well rounded and nice as yours did, you've got a gorgeous rump,

and like Diane with her big tits, you take advantage of it, always wiggling it

around and showing it off to all the guys." "I do not!" she protested. "And I

don't wear my skirts this tight either, my shoes are too tight, my bra's getting

tight and now my skirt's too tight too"..... She stood up straight and looked at

Lauren... "I'm growing!! That stuff is starting to work!" Michelle looked at

Diane for a moment, then said, "I didn't want to say anything, but you're right,

my bra's getting too tight too." and she looked down at her blouse, "and look,

my blouse is too tight too.." she watched in astonishment as the buttons on her

already tight blouse slowly pulled tighter as her breasts began expanding as

though she were inhaling. She looked at Diane and said, "Look, your blouse is

almost splitting." "It's usually almost splitting," Diane giggled, "But not this

tight." she said as she looked down at the straining blouse and the buttons

slowly pulling the buttonholes into long stretched out lines. First one of

Diane's buttons popped loose, then another popped open even as she watched. In

moments three of her buttons had pulled loose with a snapping rip and her

massive tits were starting to bulge from the straining blouse as it was slowly

pushed open. Enormous bulges of soft flesh formed around the edges of her bra

and Diane reached down and pressed her huge boobs together. "Julie, what was

that stuff you gave us?" "Just what I said it was, growth formula.. You read it

on the bottle... It's what you said you wanted isn't it? You all said you did.."

"But look at my tits..." protested Diane, "Look at how big they're getting."

"Its hard not to," giggled Lauren.. "They're coming right on out of your

blouse." "I can't wear these shoes anymore either." said Julie, "They're getting

too small, and I'm used to tight shoes." and she kicked the shoes off her feet,

then reached down and pulled off her socks. When she leaned over to take her

socks off there was a rip and the seam of her now excessively tight skirt ripped

from belt half way to the hem. Followed by three buttons snapping loose with a

crack and her blouse splitting open to let her now massive tits poke out of the

front of her open blouse. By this time Diane had her blouse completely open and

her massive tits thrusting out from the front of the blouse. Her skirt was

ripping, slowly splitting as she stood watching her breasts swelling up like she

was inhaling and she was deliberately pushing all the air out of her chest to

keep them from swelling up so fast. By this time, Lauren and Michelle had their

own problems, Lauren's skirt had ripped like Julie's and Michelle's breasts were

sticking out of her ripped blouse and she had snatched her bra off ripping it as

she tore it off her swelling tits. Michelle had kicked her shoes off and like

Julie, when she bent to take her socks off her skirt had split open from end to

end like Julie's had. Diane was the first to see the next problem, she realized

that she could see the top of the lockers, she looked down at the benches and

they were too far away. In moments she could not only see the top of the

lockers, she could see over them, she looked up and the locker room ceiling was

only a few feet above her head. Her blouse had not only split open allowing her

enormous tits to spill out, the shoulders of the blouse had split and her

shoulders were protruding from both sides as the slides of the blouse split

leaving the torn blouse hanging loosely from her neck, and that was pulling

tight around her throat. One snatch of her hand and Diane's blouse was a wadded

up pile of torn rags on the locker room floor along with her completely sundered

skirt. Julie had no time for Diane's problems as she too grew rapidly out of her

clothing. Her blouse and bra joined Diane's on the locker room floor, and she

spent only a few moments trying to cling to the shredded cloth that had been her

cheerleader uniform, before simply tossing it all to the floor and standing

naked before the other now naked girls. Charlene looked at the group of naked

girls standing before her, and realized that all of them towered well over the

lockers with their heads almost touching the twelve foot ceiling. She laughed

and said, "Well, Lauren, think you're big enough to knock Rod on his ass on the

floor with that one slap like you've been practicing?" Lauren looked down at her

massive swollen tits, then at her arms. She slowly raised a fist and made a

muscle. Her huge arm swelled up with a bicep like a basketball, she grinned as

she looked at the enormous size of her arm and said, "Where is he, I'd kind of

like to try." About that time Julie bent to pick up her discarded uniform and as

she bent, her naked, curvaceously muscular, rear hit the bank of lockers behind

her. There was a metallic slamming as the lockers crumpled under the enormous

muscles and prodigious weight of her giant ass and the entire bank of lockers

toppled over with a loud metallic crash. "What's the matter, Julie, locker pinch

you?" laughed Diane as she looked down on the crushed mass of lockers Julie had

accidentally knocked over with her huge rear end. Lauren laughed, "Where'd you

say Rod was?" and with one hand reached out and with her open hand slapped

another bank of lockers. There was an enormous metallic crash as several lockers

crumpled under the impact of her giant hand. There was a startling scream as the

entire bank of lockers leaped into the air and smashed into the bank behind them

taking both banks to the floor with more loud metallic crashing. Charlene was

laughing as she looked at the crushed lockers and Lauren's handprint in the

metal of the locker she had hit. "Well, maybe that was him that screamed when

you hit the lockers, but wherever he is, I bet he'd be glad he wasn't here, if

he saw what you did to those lockers." "Yeah, said Julie, who was that that

screamed? Not any of us?" Lauren looked at the damage she had caused, looking

closely at the crushed lockers. "I didn't know that they were that flimsy."

Charlene giggled, "I don't think they're so flimsy, look at how big you are now,

and look at the muscles in your arm now." "Yeah, great isn't it." Lauren smiled

as she once more raised her fist making her arm bulge with the enormous muscles.

Then she spun quickly and slapped another bank of lockers. The lockers her hand

landed on collapsed completely with another loud metallic crash and again the

entire bank of lockers leaped into the air and took the bank behind it down.

"Take that Rod..." Then she reached down and closed her enormous hand on one of

the end lockers and slowly squeezed. There was a screeching of torn metal and

the sound of crumpling metal as Lauren simply crushed the locker in her hand

like it was an empty aluminum can. She closed her hand on one of the smashed

locker doors and pulled. There was another metallic ripping and she simply

ripped the doors off several lockers, like they were aluminum foil. Her head was

pressing against the high ceiling as she looked down on the lockers. "Oh, my

God! Look!" and there amid the crushed lockers was a young man, lying dazed as

he stared up at the enormous naked girls. "Who are you?" ask Lauren, "What are

you doing here?" The other girls gathered around to look down on the small man

in surprise. Julie looked down at him and said, "I recognize him, he's the towel

man. He's the guy that supplies the fresh towels, but he's not supposed to be

here when we're here." "Look at this!" Charlene said, "He's got these four

lockers all opened up so that what would normally be four lockers is just one

little room, and look at the vents, he has them all pried open with that

reflective film that they use for car windows over them, so he could see out."

Diane laughed, "Look where these lockers are... They're set so that he could see

down the aisle and see all of us any time we were in here." Julie said, "Yeah,

and look at the nice full length mirror on these two lockers, right where if we

stood in front of it he'd be looking right at us, while we looked at ourselves."

"I wondered where that mirror came from," said, Diane, I knew that the faculty

would never think of putting full length mirrors in here for us.. I wonder who

did?" she laughed. Julie reached down and grabbed the small looking man by the

front his shirt lifting him easily with one hand, snatching him roughly from the

locker he was lying in. "I think we could probably guess.." and she held him up

in one hand shaking him as she held him with his feet dangling helplessly six or

eight feet off the floor. "What's your name, little man?" Julie said as she

shook him. "M- M- Matt.." he finally stuttered out in fear as he gazed up at the

enormous naked girls surrounding him. "Look at this," Lauren said, "He's got

this all set up complete with a chair and drinks and everything so he can sit in

her for hours while he's watching us while we're getting dressed, or showered."

"Or while he's waiting for us.. I think I know now why no one could ever find

him when we needed him." said Julie. "Us, or any of the other girls," Charlene

said as she looked down at the crushed broken lockers. Julie grinned, "Yeah,

we're not the only girls that use this locker room. He probably spends most of

his time in here watching girls change clothes." Diane laughed, "Yeah that was a

masterful stroke putting that mirror in here where the girls would all come over

to check themselves while he watched. You have a lot of fun looking at my nice

big tits when I was drying them off and getting ready for the football team?"

she asked the fearful little man. "What are we going to do about him, girls?"

ask Michelle. Julie looked at the small man she held up easily with one hand as

she dangled him a good eight feet off the floor. "MMmm... I like being big..

what do you girls think?" "I love it, look at how big my tits are now." said

Diane.. "No body ever had bigger ones.." and reaching down she lifted them in

her hands and bounced them. "Like these little man?" and she held them up right

in front of the frightened man, lifting them, squeezing and caressing them in

her enormous hands. "I've got an idea.." Charlene said, "We were studying the

middle ages the other day in class, and the professor explained the phrase,

drawn and quartered. You girls know what it really means?" "No..." "Uh-uh..."

"I've heard the line before, some kind of torture they used to use to execute

criminals." said Julie. "Right!" said Charlene, They used to take a condemned

prisoner out and rather than just a nice clean hanging, or beheading, they would

tie his arms and legs to four different horses. Each arm and each leg to

different horses. Then, depending on how fast or slow they wanted him to die,

they would make the horses go, in four different directions, pulling the poor

man apart." "What's that got to do with us?" asked Michelle. Diane laughed,

"Michelle, look at how big we are." "Yeah, its great, look how big my muscles

are.." she said making a muscle with a bicep as big as a basketball. Lauren

laughed, "Yeah. watch this," and she lifted the helpless man up and down,

lifting him easily with her one hand like she was doing curls. The poor helpless

man's arms and legs flopping about uselessly as she snatched him up and down

with one hand. Charlene said, "Well, since each one of us is bigger than a horse

now, why don't each one of us take an arm or leg and we'll just walk off in

different directions." "That would hurt him." Michelle said. "I think that's the

general idea." said Julie. I'll take an arm." and she grabbed one of the man's

thrashing arms, pulling it out straight in spite of his helpless struggles.

"I've got his leg," said Diane, and grabbing his left ankle with one hand pulled

it up and out, pulling it straight in spite of his squirming struggles. The

helpless man screamed.. "NO! No, please... No!" Charlene said, "I've got the

other leg!" and like Diane grabbed an ankle and pulled it up and out. Pulling

his leg straight out. as the helpless man screamed, and writhed helplessly in

the grip of the giant girl's hands. "I guess that leaves me the other arm,"

said, Lauren grabbing his arm as he thrashed it wildly. "First we just pull him

out till we have him spread eagled." instructed Charlene. "Don't pull too hard,

we don't want him falling to pieces too soon." she laughed as the helpless man

screamed and struggled helplessly in the grip of their gargantuan hands. As they

easily pulled him out to lie flat, holding him spread eagled nearly ten feet in

the air, he screamed and tried helplessly to escape the grip of their giant

hands. "Now, be gentle, girls, we don't want to hurt him too much at first, do

we?" and Charlene laughed as the helpless man was stretched out between the four

girls screaming pitifully, and thrashing his head from side to side. "Michelle,

why don't you grab his head so he doesn't break his neck the way he's thrashing

about." instructed Charlene. "I don't want to hurt, him. I don't think that's a

good idea." said Michelle. "I don't want you to pull. As big as you are, you'd

just snatch his head off and it'd all be over too soon. Just hold his head in

your hands, so he can't throw it around so much. Michelle reached out and

carefully put her hands on the sides of his head. Matt screamed again, his

throat getting raw from screaming so loudly. Michelle pulled very carefully,

lifting and pulling his head gently as she looked down into the man's terrified

face between her hands. "I don't think they'll really pull you apart, they're

just teasing you. Trying to scare you." she said trying to calm the horrified

man. "Let me go! Let me go! Don't... Help, let me go!" he screamed as the girls

held him stretched tightly between themselves. "OK," Said Charlene, "Now

pull.... very gently, just pull easy, not too hard, we don't want to kill

him..." she giggled, "Yet..!" "Diane, pull that leg out a little further away

from Charlene, you want to pull them in different directions... sort of split

him up the middle." which brought another loud terrified scream from the

helpless man. He was completely unable to move as the huge girls held him spread

eagled ten feet in the air. But he could scream, and scream he did as they began

pulling, each one pulling their separate arm or leg, in a different direction.

The helpless man's screams suddenly rose in pitch and in terrified loudness.

"OH! I think I pulled too hard, he's so little, I think I dislocated his

shoulder.." Julie said, "There was a pop, and I think his shoulder pulled loose.

It looks kinda funny.. sort of like there's just skin between his arm and

shoulder, its' kinda hollow looking. Lauren giggled, "Yeah, this one does too,

it looks like there's a space between his arm and shoulder. "Yeah, he's like the

lockers, kinda flimsy." Charlene laughed, "Look how his leg seems to bend and

pull out from his hip like that too." and she wiggled the leg she was holding in

her huge hand. The man screamed again, louder than ever. This time in pain. The

girls were still growing, and were now all bent down with their heads pressed

against the high ceiling. Michelle said, "I think we're hurting him.." "I sure

hope so." said Charlene, "But look how easy it would be to really pull him

apart. I love it, I feel so strong. I could probably pull him apart with my bare

hands. Just grab a leg in either hand and pull him apart... Poor little man..

This should teach you not to spy on the girls." and she laughed as she pulled

harder on the leg she was holding. The man screamed and Charlene could actually

see his leg pull loose from his hip, the skin stretching as his leg became

dislocated from his hip. She wiggled the leg back and forth, bring screams of

pain from the helpless man each time she moved the now dislocated leg. Julie

pulled his arm easily and the skin tore loose from his shoulder. The screaming

struggling man's arm actually fell loose into her hand, she was holding the mans

ripped off arm in her hand, completely torn loose from his body. The man's body

fell slightly and Lauren suddenly found herself holding his other arm as it too

ripped completely off the man's body. If Michelle hadn't been holding his head

the torn body would have fallen toward Diane and Charlene who were holding his

inert legs. He was no longer screaming, and his eyes were closed as Michelle

looked down on his face and noticed that his neck looked longer than it should

have. She screamed and released his head. The body began falling toward Diane

and Charlene and they both released the man's legs to let him fall ten feet to

the cement floor limply. He ended in a crumpled heap at their feet as Julie and

Lauren threw the torn off arms down at the bloody body on the floor. "Hey, I

think we better get out of here." Julie said, "This place is getting too small

for us. My shoulders are against the ceiling now and I think I can feel it

beginning to give away." Charlene said, "Which door should we try, look at how

small they all are. I don't think we can even get through any of them." Lauren

was feeling ecstatic from her new size and strength, "Try this one if you don't

like the regular little ones." and she stepped over to an outside wall and just

like when she had smashed the lockers with a slap from her huge hand, slapped

the brick wall. ...Hard! There was another loud explosion as five or six feet of

the wall exploded and erupted outward in smashed concrete, dust and dirt as it

sprayed out from the wall for twenty or thirty feet from her terrific blow. Then

she simply pushed on the wall and fifteen or twenty more feet of the wall

crumbled, simply collapsing under her hand. Falling away from the girls, it left

a gaping hole that the now giant naked girls walked through standing upright.

They were all laughing and looking at their new bodies, raising their arms,

looking at their huge muscles and tremendous breasts, smiling as they showed

each other how big and strong they were now. "We're naked.." said Michelle.

"Yeah, ain't it great!" said Diane, "Look how big my tits are!" and with a deep

breath she poked them out, thrusting her chest forward to emphasize the

humongeous size of her gargantuan boobs. "What's the matter, Michelle, you've

never been naked before?" laughed Lauren. "But there are people out here, they

might see us." "So what? What are they going to do about it. Rape us?" and

Lauren laughed again. "We're fifteen feet tall, you got any of the boys you're

still afraid of? If any of them tries to rape me, I'll beat him to it, and rape

him instead.. I love it! I've never been so big and strong before.." Michelle

looked down at her enormous body and gently holding her nipples in the palm of

her hands tried to push them back toward her chest. "But my tits are so big!"

she said. "Yeah, ain't it great, there ain't never been tits as big as this."

Julie said cupping the massive flesh of her enormous breasts. "Ha! Just look

over here, little girl." Diane laughed and she pushed her chest out enormously,

the huge mounds of soft titty-flesh swelling even more as she thrust her boobs

out and lifted them in her giant hands. "Yours don't even compare!" she laughed

and wiggled the gargantuan masses of soft flesh making her mammoth boobs roll

and jiggle heavily. Lauren laughed, "I love it! I love it! Look how big I am.

Where's Rod now. I think I'll just step on the nasty little bastard. Come on,

Rod, grab my tit now!" and she lifted one colossal foot into the air and slammed

it back down shaking the ground for yards around. "You're really getting off on

this being big aren't you, Lauren?" ask Julie. "I sure am, aren't you?" giggled

Lauren. "I love it! Look at my muscles!" and she flexed her arm showing biceps

bigger than basketballs to Julie. "Yeah! I like it." said Julie. "I've never

been so big and strong before." and she looked down at the ground. She was now

towering more than thirty feet into the cool night air. Julie walked back over

to the huge hole in the wall of the locker room. "Look how little that hole we

walked through looks, now! We're still growing!" and she began laughing. She

reached through the hole in the wall with one foot and stepped on one of the

banks of lockers lying next to the hole that Lauren had smashed in the wall so

easily. Matt was in incredible pain, unable to move, with a dislocated hip and

torn off arms as he lay helplessly looking up at the giant foot coming toward

him. He watched terrified as Julie stepped on the lockers and they crumpled

noisily under her giant bare foot as she stepped down on the banks of steel

lockers flattening them completely. "You're right, Lauren, they're so flimsy.

Look!" and she moved her foot over and crushed another bank of the lockers with

her bare toes, laughing as she did so. As Julie easily crushed the lockers under

her bare foot, the top of the gym barely came to her waist. There was no more

ripping of clothes or other indications of growth as the girls were all

completely naked and were all growing at the same rate from drinking so much of

Granny's home grow. The only indication now was that the world seemed to be

getting smaller around them, as they laughed and giggled at their now gigantic

size. "Julie, how big are we going to get?" asked Michelle. "How big do you want

to get?" Julie giggled. "Big enough to stomp on your boyfriend?" Diane giggled,

"I think she already is. Look how easily you crushed those lockers flat, just

stepping on them with your bare foot. At the rate we're growing we may be able

to step on the entire gym in a little while and crush it flat. I love it!" and

making a fist she looked down at her hugely muscular arm, "I love it!" she

repeated as she looked at her massive biceps. Lauren had walked around toward

the front of the gym. "Look girls, look here. There are some of the football

player's cars... They look like little toy cars.." and she giggled "I wonder

what would happen if I stepped on them?" "Charlene giggled, 'Crunch, smoosh'...."

she offered.. Laughing at the prospect. "Hey, Lauren, there's Rod's car, in the

corner of that fenced lot, try stepping on it. That red sports car there in the

corner, that's Rod's." she thundered, for at her present size her voice now

sounded like rolling thunder to the stunned people gathering around looking up

in shocked awe at the towering group of naked giantesses standing massively over

the gym. "Oh, God, it is... Look out Rod, ready or not, here I come..." giggled

Lauren as she easily stepped over the twelve foot, chain link fence surrounding

the parking lot. She, like the other girls now towered nearly eighty feet into

the night air, still growing, and the 'twelve foot tall' chain link fence was

barely as high as her ankle. She felt her feet sink into the ground with every

step of her giant feet, but wasn't even thinking of how badly she was crunching

the pavement as she walked. Her every step crunched cement like dry crackers and

pavement squashed beneath her giant feet and flowed like soft butter under her

colossal weight. She walked up to where Rod's sports car was parked and slowly

lifted her giant foot. She laughed as she held her tremendous foot above Rod's

car. "Rod, are you around? Where are you, little man? Come on out, little man,

I'm going to crush your car like a used beer can. You want to sit in it for me?

Where are you, Rod." and she giggled as she looked down at all the tiny looking

people staring up at her giant naked body as she held her foot over the tiny red

sports car. "Rod, are you down there? Where are you, little man? Oh, well...."

and she brought her giant bare foot down on the car. There was an explosion of

shattered glass, and a metallic grinding, crumpling as her colossal foot came

down on the car with more than four hundred tons of angry female behind the

gigantic foot. She stood with the car buried completely under her giant foot for

several moments, then slowly she began twisting her enormous foot back and forth

like she was mashing out a cigarette. She could barely hear the crunch it made

as she turned the car into flattened scrap metal, but the people standing around

watching in fearful awe could clearly hear the metal crumpling and grinding

under her gargantuan bare foot as she crushed the car, mashing it completely

flat under her giant foot. When she lifted her giant foot, the smashed remains

of Rod's car was mashed completely flat and crushed into the pavement of the

parking lot more than two feet deep. "Oh, Rod," Lauren called sweetly, with her

deep rumbling voice, "I'm waiting for you... Where are you?" She chuckled and

then quoted Mae West's famous line, "Come up and see me sometime, big boy!"

Laughing thunderously as she strode back toward the gym with thirty foot long

strides as she laughed at what she had done to Rod's car, thinking 'you aren't

going to fair much better, when I find you, Rod!' Lauren was still laughing at

what she had done to Rod's car when she met the other giant girls. Julie turned

and said, "You didn't get lucky and find Rod, did you?" "Lauren said, "No, he

was lucky, or at least smart enough not to show himself, but I sure did a number

on that fancy car of his. He'll have to dig it out of the pavement to even get a

wrecker to tow it off to the scrap yard. I think its about an inch high now, or

should I call that 'thick'." and she laughed. "You're sick, Lauren. Smashing

Rod's nice car like that.. Shame on you.." said Diane. "Hell, he's lucky he

wasn't in it... His car isn't all I would have mashed flat.." "I think you like

being a giantess, don't you, Lauren?" said Diane. "Like it hell, I love it!

Don't you? I love being so big and strong. Look at the muscles I have now.

Look!" and once more she lifted her arm and made a muscle, again her bicep

swelled up enormously, she looked like a giant a body builder as the enormous

muscles stood out on her giant body. "And as for stepping on Rod, I'd smash him

into the ground in a 'New York Minute'..." "You wouldn't really step on a

person, would you?" Diane ask. "I'm a giant now, these little people don't mean

anything to me. I'll step on any of them that get in my way." It wasn't anger in

her voice, it was more dangerous than that, if any of the people staring up at

the giantesses in shock had really understood the thunderous emotion in Lauren's

voice, they would have run full tilt for the next county, if even that was far

enough away from this cruel playful giantess. "But stepping on a man, and

killing him? You wouldn't do something like that. would you?" ask Michelle. "You

saw how I stepped on Rod's car, didn't you?" "Yeah, I can understand that,

particularly when you're mad at Rod." said Michelle. "But step on a man?" "I

told you, I'm a goddess now, and don't care about those little people at all

anymore.. In fact it sounds like fun. Watch!" and Lauren turned toward where the

crowd of people were still staring in amazement at how she had crushed Rod's car

and mashed it deep into the ground. With a couple of thirty foot long strides

she was standing next to the ankle high fence surrounding what was left of Rod's

car and the people staring unbelieving down into her giant footprint at the

flattened car. She laughed an evil laugh and easily stepped over the tall fence,

her giant foot shaking the entire parking lot like an Earthquake as she stepped

down with her enormous weight. Her thunderous voice sent panic through the

crowd, "Give Rod my love if you see him... and here's what I have for him..."

and as she stepped over the fence she brought her giant bare foot down on top of

the people who had been staring down into her giant footprint at the completely

mashed car, but now they were staring up at her in terrified awe. There was no

chance for any of the people in the crowd to escape the gigantic, swiftly

descending foot as she stepped carelessly down on the crowd of horrified people.

By now her bare foot was over twenty feet long with an incalculable weight of

gorgeous woman above it. A few people uselessly threw up their arms, as if there

was any chance of warding off the enormous giantess towering massively over

them. The flesh of her colossal bare foot descended swiftly to the ground, not

even slowing for the dozen or more soft bodies being flattened beneath it. Her

giant foot descended as though there was nothing beneath it, mashing everything

and everyone under it to compressed debris. The people who had been unfortunate

enough to be where her giant foot came down had their bodies immediately

squashed into paste and mashed nearly a yard into the ground beneath the parking

lot, their crushed bodies turning into an organic film on the pavement a split

second before it too was crushed into the ground. As the gigantic Lauren stood

with her giant foot on more than a dozen crushed people there was complete panic

as the remaining people, who had been watching the giantesses in awe, fled in

horrified panic. There was no thought of others as they fled headlong in panic,

their only thought being to escape this titanic evil giantess before she crushed

them too, and five more people died in the ensuing panic as they fled the

giantess. Lauren lifted her other foot intending to step on more of the stunned

crowd, but the only people around were the unfortunate few who had been injured

in the panicked retreat. Very carefully Lauren lifted her giant foot and stepped

on the unfortunate people caught by the gate as they tried to flee in panic.

Using her toes, she very carefully selected individuals to mash under her giant

big toe, one by one. Her foot would very carefully single out an unfortunate

victim and her giant toe would knock him to the ground and then very carefully

press down, squashing the unfortunate victim like he was nothing more than a

grape under a wine press. The victim would barely have time to scream as her

titanic toe came down, he would be knocked to the ground and the flesh of her

toe would press him down against the pavement first pressing the wind out of his

lungs then continuing down breaking his bones then turning his internal organs

into bloody mush as her unbelievable weight and crushed his bones as she

flattened his entire body into a thin film of bloody grease against the hard

pavement just before crushing the pavement itself into the ground. When she

lifted her foot, there would be nothing left recognizable as human in the

crushed footprint, just spots of bloody gore mashed into the crushed and broken

pavement. Finally after crushing several dozen unfortunate victims Lauren turned

and walked back to where the other four giant girls had watched her crushing the

men under her feet. Julie looked at her and said, "I can't believe you did that.

Those people didn't do anything to you. Why kill them?" "Because I can. Like I

said, I love being a giant, ...or should I say, giantess? I don't have to answer

to anybody now, I'm a giant goddess and I can crush anyone I want to. Besides,

maybe Rod was in that group looking at what I had done to his car." All the

girls were so titanic now that the gym itself was a mere toy at their feet.

Diane looked down at it for a moment and then lifted one foot. "I understand

what she means, watch..." and she brought her giant foot down on the gym. Her

enormous foot covered half of the building almost completely as it came down.

The girls couldn't hear it, but there was a terrific smashing of concrete and

steel as Diane's giant foot turned the gym into crushed debris and smashed it

deep into the ground. She stood standing easily with her foot still on the

crushed gym as she turned and talked to the other girls like nothing had

happened. Diane too was now enjoying her giantess/Goddess position. Charlene

watched Diane crush the gym so easily beneath her giant foot and smiled as

Diane's colossal foot had flattened the building li? , Y , . + O ^ % S o ? ? Y -

> o ? Y " c Ý r - r _ o _~~~_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~





~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ke nothing more than a dry dirt clod. She ask,

"How big do you think we are now?" "I don't know, and don't really care. That

looked like fun.. I want to crush some buildings too." Said Julie, "Let's go

into town." "But there are people in town, we might hurt them." said Michelle.

"I won't hurt anyone," said Lauren. "What do you mean, 'you won't hurt anyone',

you just killed a couple of dozen people." Michelle said. "R-I-G-H-T-......!"

Lauren said, "If I step on someone it won't hurt them, it'll crush them beyond

all pain and hurt.." "That's sick..." said Michelle. "How often did these nice

people come to your aid against the football players when they wanted to molest

you? If any of those football geeks had asked, they would have probably helped

them rape you, right?" "Uuuh huh.... I guess probably.." "Right!" said Julie.

"How many times did they help Lauren against Rod?" "I don't remember anyone ever

helping her." said Michelle. "Right! Let's go on into town.." Julie said. "I get

the first theater..." "But it might be full of people." protested Michelle. "I

certainly hope so.." Julie laughed evilly. The girls had slowly strolled over

toward the main part of the college campus. "Look, there's the admin building.."

said Lauren. "Think the principal is there?" giggled Julie. "I doubt it, this

late at night, but I can always hope so." Diane said as she lifted her titanic

foot and stepped down on the little knee high building, crushing half the

building to dust under her gigantic foot with one massive step. "How come you

get all the good buildings to step on?" ask Julie. "I get this wing you missed."

and she turned another section of the building to crushed concrete debris under

a single step of her enormous bare foot. "Because you're complaining that I get

to step on all the good buildings, while I'm busy stepping on them, like this

one you missed." and her colossal foot lifted above another building and then

came down with a terrific impact turning another building into crushed debris,

and mashing it into the soft soil of the campus under her giant foot. They heard

Lauren laughing and turned to see her standing next to the Delta-Phi fraternity

dormitory. Julie and Diane just stood and watched as Lauren lifted her gigantic

foot and slowly brought it down on the fraternity house with a resounding crunch

of concrete and steel. The rumbling crunch of the building drowned out any

screams from the unfortunate fraternity brothers as Lauren took three enormous

steps to turn the entire house to crushed concrete debris and dust under her

massive feet. "I get the sorority house next to it.." Diane laughed. "Not if I

get there first.." called Julie. Their feet met atop the sorority house in

question. One step by each of the giant girls and there wasn't enough left of

the house to tell what it had been, merely flattened dirt and cement rubble

packed tightly beneath their giant feet. They heard Michelle laughing and turned

to see her bring her giant foot down on another fraternity house, turning it

immediately to dust and crushed gravel under her colossal foot. "Charlene aren't

you going to crush some?" and they turned to see Charlene on the other side of

what had been the admin building with the crushed debris of half a dozen other

fraternity and sorority houses scattered all around her tremendous giant feet.

"Oh, God! I forgot Fraternity circle.." and Diane and Julie began laughing as

they watched Charlene bring her titanic bare foot down on the last of the frat

houses on the circle. It was like a kid stomping sand castles, one step and the

house was no more. When Charlene lifted her foot, there was a nice impression of

her giant foot in the compacted debris and rubble where the frat house had been.

There had been no warning and none of the students in the houses had any chance

for survival beneath the giant girls' enormous feet. All were turned to mush

amid the debris of the houses under the giant girls' titanic feet. The girls

were all laughing, even Michelle as the others watched her very carefully bring

her giant foot down on the chancellor's house. It was almost like a pop, as her

giant foot more than completely covered the little house and when she stepped

down it simply vanished under her huge bare foot, as she turned it to dust.

"Visitor's quarters." suggested Julie. "Ha... you're too late, I got it right

after the first sorority house," laughed Lauren. "Well, then I guess we're ready

for town." said Julie. "But are they ready for us?" giggled Lauren. "I guess

it's time to find out." laughed Charlene. and the giant girls turned and started

walking eagerly toward the small college town. Laughing and playing. They

stopped and all watched as Diane spotted a lone house outside of town, and

stalked slowly up to it. She lifted one foot and slowly, ever so slowly brought

it down to barely touch the roof of the small cottage. The girls giggled, the

house was far smaller than Diane's gigantic foot as she slowly pressed down with

her enormous bare foot on the hapless house. There was barely a crunch as she

turned the house into a flattened mass of compacted debris under her bare foot

as she stepped down and then stood with her enormous foot on the crushed house

covering it completely as she said, "Where'd it go?" And the giant girls

giggled. Buildings, cars and streets disappeared beneath the giant girl's huge

feet as they sauntered casually into the small town. Suddenly Diane excitedly

said, "Stop!" The girls stopped, and looked at Diane. "Why?" Julie asked.

"Because that's city hall and the jail over there, and I don't want anyone

stepping on them." Explained Diane. "Why not?" ask Lauren. Diane had stepped up

close to the buildings she had pointed out, and turning she said with a giggle.

"Because I want to sit on the city counsel.." and plopped her enormous ass down

right on top of the city hall. Like every other building the girls stepped on

the city hall disappeared beneath Diane's vast ass, turning immediately to

crumpled concrete rubble and debris with a cloud of dust spreading from under

her unimaginable weight. "Yeah, but your right ass cheek is on the jail."

giggled Lauren. "Well, if it is, I'll bet there won't be any recidivism out of

these crooks." and she wiggled her gargantuan bare ass on the crushed debris of

the squashed buildings turning broken brick to dust under her colossal weight.

For more than half an hour the huge girls played in the helpless town. As Diane

stepped down on the last building standing in the small city she stood with her

giant foot still resting on the destroyed building and looking around at the

scene of destruction said. "Well, girls, what next? I'm getting hungry, is there

anything for us to eat around here?" Three of the girls shook their heads,

"Michelle said, "What are we going to eat anyway?" Diane looked down and

spotting a group of fleeing people hiding next to the crushed debris of a

building reached down and scooping a dozen of the hapless people up in her giant

fingers, inadvertently squashing them all between her titanic thumb and

forefinger. She held them out toward Michelle and said. "Here you go.. The

latest thing in giantess food. People!" "Ugh... You're disgusting! Eating

people.. Ugh...Barf... barf.." Lauren laughed, "You don't mind squashing them to

mush, crushing them by the dozens, stepping on them and turning a dozen people

to grease spots, but you have a thing against eating them?" "Eat people? That's

disgusting..." Michelle said as she looked at the group of mashed little bodies

in Diane's fingers. Diane giggled, "Why not? What else do we have to eat? You

just stepped on the last Burger King in the area, and didn't even save me a

whopper." She looked down at the little group of mashed bodies in her giant

fingers. "Oh, well, what was that saying, 'Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an

Englishman. Be he live or be he dead I'll grind his bones to make my bread'."

and she lifted the mashed bodies to her lips and dropped the entire mass on her

tongue. With a flick of her giant tongue the entire group of a dozen or more

people disappeared into her cavernous mouth. She chewed for only a moment and

then swallowed. With one gulp, a dozen or more people slipped easily down

Diane's colossal throat as she swallowed the crushed bodies. "Not bad, actually

not much taste to them." and giggled as Michelle looked aghast at her. 99 "Y- Y-

Y-..You ate those people?" She stuttered in shock. "Tasted like it to me." Diane

giggled, and licked her lips. "Close to a dozen of them.... I think... near as I

could count.. maybe a few more." and she grinned at Michelle. "But you,- you...

you can't eat people..." Michelle stuttered again. "You weren't watching? Let's

see if I can find some more.. and I'll try it again." and she began searching

around the crumpled debris around her feet. "Oh, here's some more.." and she

reached down and grabbed another group of people in her fingers, that had been

trying to hide in the crushed buildings near her giant feet. As before, the

entire half a dozen people were immediately smashed between her thumb and

forefinger as she lifted them. "Oh, Damn, I think I squashed them again." and

she looked at the group of mashed bodies between her thumb and forefinger. "Oh,

Darn.. I did.. You sure you don't want them?" and she held the crushed bloody

bodies out to Michelle. "Dianeee.... Don't.... don't..." she was nearly crying

as she gagged and turned away from Diane's proffered hand and the crushed

bodies. . Diane lifted the mashed bodies to her mouth and opening the yawning

cavern of her giant mouth plopped the crushed bodies into her mouth. Licking her

thumb and finger as she swallowed the entire group of half a dozen people with

one gulp. "Michelle, you're weird, I saw you deliberately step on a full dozen

men and mash them all under your great big ol' bare foot, but you won't eat

any.. You're weird, and if you keep this attitude up, you're going to get

awfully hungry." "Diane, you can't eat people..." she nearly cried. "Why do you

keep saying I can't eat them? You just saw me eat nearly two dozen, I can eat

them, why not? I just open my mouth and gulp, there goes another dozen men.

They're good..." and she was just barely suppressing a giggle as she teased

Michelle. Julie stepped up and said, "Michelle, don't let her get to you. She's

kind of crass, and has no manners, much less any morals. She's been eating men

all her life, one way or another." and she giggled as Diane glared at her and

the double meaning went over Michelle's head unnoticed. "Come on, there's a

cattle ranch out north of town and we can go out there and eat some nice beef.

Is that all right?" "Sure, there's nothing wrong with eating beef." and she

began following Julie out of town toward the north. Be careful, Michelle, you

don't want to step on any fences and let all the cows out." Julie warned. "OK,

I'll be careful." and carefully watched where she stepped. In no more than a

couple dozen of their colossal steps Julie stopped and pointed down at a large

group of cattle in a fenced area. "Those are cows.." Michelle protested. "What

do you think beef is?" Julie ask. "But you can't just eat cows!" "What do you

think you've been eating all your life?" Julie asked. "But cows?" she protested.

"Well, if you don't want to eat cows, I'll let you go back and eat men with

Diane." Julie answered. "Oh, God..! You're sick too!" Michelle whimpered. "You

were having fun being a giantess, stomping on people and crushing building full

of people under your feet, and now you don't even want to eat a cow. I have to

agree with Diane, you're weird.... and you're going to get hungry before long

too." "Its just that I never killed anything before." she protested. "And just

what do you think you did when you stepped on a man and mashed him flat? Do you

have some kind of an idea that stepping on a man with several thousand tons of

your nice soft woman flesh doesn't kill him when it squashes him into a grease

spot under your monstrous foot? And I do remember seeing you step on a

fraternity house full of men. You flattened that house with one little step and

you seemed proud of it. How many men did you kill with that one 'little' step?

Ten, twenty? More than likely nearly a hundred grown men squashed, nice and flat

under your nice, cute, little, bare foot, right?" "Well, that was different.. We

were just playing... and crushing houses." Michelle protested. "Ha...! Tell that

to the poor helpless men who were in that frat house when you stepped on it and

flattened it under that cute 'little

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