Giantess Stories: The Tiny Ship was Tossed  By Nemo    It was about the worst day I ever had at Millard Fillmore High School

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The Tiny

Ship was Tossed

By Nemo

It was about the worst day I ever had at Millard Fillmore High School. First I

got that 'D' on my algebra test. Then there was that embarrassing scene in gym

class when I climbed the rope to the top, only to discover that I...couldn't

come down for a while. Then came more humiliation when the tallest girl in

school knocked me down. But none of these things came close to the weirdness

that followed...once I got home.

I guess I should explain. At that time I was a very short guy who tipped the

scales at 82 pounds. It never bothered me until my last year of junior high.

Suddenly, the girls started growing like weeds, and began to tower over me with

incredible speed. At the same time, I wasn't growing at all.

High school was the real shocker. Here I was, a freshman, and Junior and Senior

girls now surrounded me. Just walking down the hallways meant navigating a sea

of gargantuan legs, asses and breasts. I felt at times like I was marooned in

the Land of the Giants.

Near the end of that horrible day, I was heading down the corridor for my last

class when I walked past Sally. She was gorgeous, popular, and taller than Mount

Everest. She was busy looking for something in her locker. Then, without

checking behind her, she backed her shapely, massive derriere right into me.

The impact knocked the wind out of me and I sat on the cold tile floor, gasping

for breath. Sally came and stood over me. Thinking she wanted to help me, I held

out my hand.

Sally just sneered. 'Are you lost, little boy? Maybe you should watch where

you're going.' With that, she tossed her mane of blonde hair and strolled away.

I sat watching her until she reached the end of the hall, where her tall

boyfriend greeted her. They kissed.

For me to reach Sally's lips, I thought, I'd need climbing gear.

A Safe Harbor

So after my rotten day, it was a relief to come home and get away from the Giant

world for a while. My homework was done so I decided to veg out in front of the

TV. I flopped down on the middle of my couch and started to flip channels.

One program made me stop flipping. Someone was singing a familiar sea chantey:

'The weather started getting rough,

The tiny ship was tossed.

If not for the courage of the fearless crew,

the Minnow would be lost.

The Minnow would be lost.'

It was the Ballad of Gilligan's Island of course. Ah, I thought. What a great

way to waste a half-hour. But then I could always improve my mind by comparing

the relative virtues of Ginger and Mary Ann. I began to lose myself in an odd

world of lagoons, headhunters, and coconut cream pies

'Skip-per!' Gilligan was yelling while carrying an armload of coconuts. The

Skipper appeared. 'What is it NOW, Gilligan?' That's when the coconuts all fell

- on the Skipper's foot. Oh, what fun. I grinned like an idiot.

The front doorbell rang. 'Oh, what is it NOW?' I growled in my best Skipper

voice. I heaved myself from my comfy seat and headed for the door.

When I opened it, everything changed.

Stormy Seas

Brooke was standing there. She was a friend of my little sister and had been

here before.

'Hi Jimmy. Is Tiffany home?' I had known Brooke for years but there was

something different about her. My God, she was tall! At least a foot taller than

me. And I was a year older. I guess I never noticed her recent growth spurt. She

seemed to have acquired some new curves to go with her height. And I saw, too,

that she had matured over the summer. Long dark hair framed her face, with

wide-set, exotic brown eyes.

'Call me Jim,' I replied. 'Tiffany's not home. She went somewhere with my

parents and I don't know when she'll be back.' I stood ready to close the door

and get back to my program.

But Brooke had other ideas. She gave me a little smirk and walked right past me

towards the living room. 'I think I'll wait here, Jimmy,' she said as she

walked. I had to run to catch up.

We arrived at the living room and the first thing Brooke did was to take my

seat, right in the couch's center. That meant I'd have to sit on either side of

her - close to her - and that was unusual. I picked the side with the most

pillows, thinking I could use them as a buffer. But it was surprising how she

seemed to edge closer to me, without moving a muscle. I could definitely sense

my hormones going on High Alert. By the time I thought of sliding a pillow

between us, her creamy thigh was right next to mine and our arms were touching.

I lost track of Gilligan and now could think of nothing but the giantess to my

right. Even sitting down she was taller, wider, and, it appeared, stronger than

I was. I suddenly understood the concept of 'fight or flight' that they tossed

at us in Biology.

Brooke seemed to tire of the castaways herself and turned toward me. The look

she gave me both chilled my spine and sent my hormones into overdrive. She

wanted me - no doubt about it. I had zero experience with girls to that point,

but I could tell. One second later she pushed me back against the pillows and

put her weight on me. With a wild look in her eye, she leaned in and kissed me.

The kiss lasted a long time, and so did the second one, and the third. This was

Brooke, the scrawny little girl next door, kissing me! It was strange. I didn't

hate it, but I felt weak and powerless, like the SS Minnow tossed in uncharted

seas by a tropical storm.

She sensed her power over me and began to have fun. 'Why don't you get up,

Jimmy? Can't you push me away? I'm just a girl, you know.' Her teasing voice

both excited and scared me. I struggled against her, but she knew she had me for

as long as she wanted.

As long as she wanted.

I tried to reason with her.

'Uh, Brooke? Can you let me up now? I think they'll be home real soon.'

Brooke cracked a devious smile. 'No way, little man. I want to kiss a boy, and I

might as well practice with you.' She leaned harder on me until I thought my

ribs might crack. Then she whispered, 'You know, I always liked you. You were

never mean to me or made fun of my height. Do you like me?'

I thought quickly. The wrong answer might be fatal.


'Then start kissing me back. Come on little man, show me your stuff.'

Her kisses were sweet and sloppy, but I was unable to return them. I guess it

was hard to think in those terms when an amazon girl is squashing the life out

of you. There was too much panic mixed in. All I could think of was getting her

huge body off me.


After that Brooke kind of gave up and just used me for kissing practice. What

other girls did with pillows and Ken dolls and who knows what else, Brooke did

with me. It was very unsettling.

I had to try once more. 'Brooke, please get off - I'm starting to lose


'Make me, Jimmy.' And I found that she seemed even bigger than before. Or else I

was smaller. I also noticed that it took less effort for her to keep me pinned.

Then I remembered.

I once overheard Tiffany call Brooke the Weird Witchy Woman behind her back to

another of her friends. She said Brooke could 'make stuff happen.' I laughed it

off at the time, but I wasn't laughing now.

'Brooke, are you shrinking me?'

She giggled, and answered, 'Yup, just a little. I kinda like you this way.'

I shivered. 'Can you grow me back?'

'Oh sure, when I'm ready. I'm not ready yet.'

The Proposition

There was no clock in the room, but I could tell that a good deal of time had

passed because Gilligan was over and the Brady Bunch had just begun.

I waited for a lull in the action, but the kissing went on and on. Finally I

mustered my strength and tried to make a run for it. Brooke just grabbed me and

stared at me, taking, I think, a couple more inches off me. Then she lay her

massive thigh over mine. Escape was impossible now.

Brooke the giantess resumed her teasing. 'Can I kiss you again, Jimmy? Oh, never

mind - it's not like you could stop me.' These words chilled me to the marrow.

It was true: I could never stop her. I could only imagine what she might do if I

was really small, say around an inch.

The Weird Witchy Woman, incredibly, read my mind. 'See this fingernail, Jimmy?'

She held up her right index finger with a purple painted nail. 'It's exactly an

inch long. I measured it. Why don't you come home with me and I'll make you that

size. Just think what you could do: ride in my bra, come with me to gym class,

watch the other girls. You could stay inside my locker, or even come out and let

me pass you around. Would you like to be fondled by giant, half-naked girls,


For a moment I was tempted, but then I shook myself. This was the same girl that

had held me prisoner under her flesh for a half-hour. What kind of life would

that be? Even if she could do it, it was a huge risk.

'No, Brooke. I know I'll get taller in a few years and I can't see going in the

opposite direction. And I'll tell you this - I'll never again be in this

position with a girl. I'll get stronger if it kills me!'

Brooke was silent. She looked at me seriously for a moment, then said, 'Good

answer, little man.'

We both heard sounds from the other room. My parents and sister were home. Thank

God. Brooke sat up straight as though jolted by electricity. My body seemed to

shoot out from itself. I felt a little more normal.

My sister Tiffany walked in and seemed surprised to see us together. Brooke

jumped to her feet and said she had to go. I stood up slowly, rubbing my legs

back to life, and trailed upstairs to my room. Tiffany was left standing there,

puzzled. If she only knew.

The Lunch Line

I didn't see Brooke much after that, but when I did run into her, she was always

the same. She would smile knowingly at me, give me a wink, and hold up her

fingernail. I took that to mean that the offer was still open. But I also knew I

would never accept.

The next day at school I was like a different person. I walked with confidence

to each class. Nothing went wrong. I didn't let the little things bother me. I

knew in my soul that my size was no barrier to my enjoyment of life.

At noon I was standing in a long lunch line when I heard a female voice behind

me, saying, 'Excuse me,' and felt a large finger tapping my shoulder. When I saw

who it was I almost dropped my lunch ticket.

'What's your name, little guy?' It was Sally, of all people. Some of my newfound

confidence began to wane.

'Jim.' I held my breath. What could she possibly want?

'Jim. I'm so sorry I crashed into you the other day, and that I didn't help you

up. I was awful. I'm not really like that. I was just having the worst day.'

I nodded. 'Me too.'

'And last night, of all things, my boyfriend broke up with me. Just because I'm

two inches taller than him. Can you believe that? What a shallow jerk!'

I wasn't sure what to say, except for 'Sorry to hear that.' Then, before I could

think any more, I blurted out: 'I would say you're the perfect size.'

Sally's expression softened as she studied my face. She began to smile.

I started to notice that we were holding up the line, so I turned to advance a

few steps. In a flash, two extra-long arms came round me from behind, wrapped my

chest and squeezed. Soft warm lips pressed into my cheek. I couldn't see Sally,

but I felt her. Oh yes, I did.

After that, whenever I saw Sally, no matter what she was doing, she would always

stop to chat with me. We became friends, even though she was three years older

and we moved in different circles. She always treated me with great respect and

affection, and I was sorry to see her leave at the end of the school year.

I didn't see Sally for about ten years after that. Then I ran into her downtown

one day as she was getting out of her car. Her blonde hair was a little shorter

and she was wearing a business suit but it was the same gorgeous woman I had

known in high school. I had grown some by then so she wasn't quite so

mountain-like as before. I still had to look up when I talked to her though

We found a bench and talked for quite a while. She was a lawyer now, she told

me, and was looking for a place nearby to live. The years fell away and the old

chemistry surged back. We exchanged phone numbers and parted happily.

So what became of them, these two ladies who changed my life? Brooke moved away

after high school also, but never returned. No one seems to know anything about

her these days.

But I can tell you all about Sally. Our five-year anniversary comes up next




Giantess Stories: The Tiny Ship was Tossed  By Nemo    It was about the worst day I ever had at Millard Fillmore High School

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