Giantess Stories: The Toy

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The Toy





            I ran beneath the bench breathing heavily, my

legs were swollen and my back was in pain. I doubled over as I watched a

gigantic Italian girl walk by. Her name was Melissa Stevens. I hated her and I

knew that I couldn't let her see me like this. Not now, not ever.


           I kept running the events through my head

over and over again. I was going to class, when I felt something drip on my

head. I looked up seeing some liquid drip onto my head which smelled like

asbestos but it was gooey like glue. As soon as it hit me I felt the weight poor

off of my body, I began to scratch all over as the world around me grew bigger

and bigger. I began to run but it was much too late. I tripped over my own feet

as I felt the floor rumble. I tried to stand up but I tumbled over with absolute

ease. The clack, clack, clack of the sandals smacking against the floor made my

heart skip a beat. I was a midget in a giant's world. I was a toy in a world

made for colossal beasts.


           I looked up seeing tight black leather pants

hugging the legs of Marisa Sanchez, her small breasts heaved out jiggling

seemingly hundreds of thousands of miles away.  Her black sandals slammed down

next to me. As I stared up at her in absolute horror, I wanted to run but my

body couldn't even move. I could smell the lotion coming off her feet. It

smelled of peaches or another tropical fruit like that. I tried to scream but

nothing came out. She walked right by me.


           That was days ago. The ground once again began

to shake. Something told me I was going to be in trouble. A slew of white shoes

all thrust towards me. It was the mindless banter of girls. The voices were

familiar but they were all so loud I was forced to cove my ears.


           “Hey Lex, any word on Jerry yet?”


           “No, no one has seen him all week. His parents

are going nuts.”


           I looked up from beneath the table spotting dark

blue skirts, long toned legs on each of them, all leading into clean white

sneakers. Cheerleaders rang through my mind. A big smile spread across my face

as I began to scream Alexis's name again and again.


           “Hey Denise, do you hear something?”


           “Like what”


           “I don't know what it sounds like, it's high

pitched and squeaky. Do you honestly don't hear it?”


“I hear it!” shouts Stacey.


           The floor rumbled as five faces surround me on

all sides. I start running towards the girls who I have called friends ever

since I started dating Alexis Hughes two long years ago. I knew them all well

enough to know that they would help me for sure. I leapt out at the face of

Stacey. She screamed loudly and slapped me to the several feet away from her. I

rolled end over end as I finally rolled to a painful stop.


           “What was it Stace?”


           “I don't know but it leaped at me.”


           My vision was blurred and my body hurt all over

as I felt the ground once again starts to rumble. I can hardly make out there

shoes as they all gather around me.


           “Awe, look at the poor thing, I think you hurt

him Stace! He isn't even moving”


           “Wha, what is it?”


           “It's, it's a bug I think, look at it.”


           “It's not a bug, it's a toy I think, and no it's

breathing. It's an animal of some kind.”


           “Awe the poor thing”


           I felt the warm hands of one of the girls wrap

around my body. The warmth ran through my body as I snuggled against the palm of

her hand.  As my vision slowly returned I saw the face of Stacey staring down at

me, her fingers around my cold body as she cuddled me against her sweater. I

wanted to fight her off but I was so cold, weak, and tired from the day's

ordeals that it felt good just to lie here safely in her hand.


           “Hey babe how are you doing”


           I looked up from Stacey's fingers as I saw my

best friend Kyle approach my girlfriend. I was stunned as I watched Alexis tilt

her head as Kyle leaned towards her. As there lips met I felt myself die right

here in Stacey's hands. I tried to fight myself away from Stacey's kung fu grip

she had on me but it was useless.


           “Lexy! What about your boyfriend?” says Kelly?


           “Well, it's not like he is here, besides I can't

help how I feel girls ya know.”


           “You fucking slut! How could you!!” I screamed

from Stacey's hands”


           “Shhhh, calm down T-Chan”


           “T-Chan?” Everyone blurts out as they look at

Stacey inquisitively.”


           “What is it with you and these Japanese names?



           “Don't listen to them T-Chan” says Stacey in an

infantile voice as she continues to pet me.


           I still couldn't believe how strong Stacey now

is as she continues to chat with her friends hardly ignoring me. I squirm and

wiggle in her hands as I watch Kyle and my girlfriend walk off holding hands.


           As they walk off the attention shifts to me in

Stacey's hand. The girls bend down so that they are level with me. I try to push

Stacey's fingers away from me but she presses me deeper into her hands.


           “Let us see it Stace”


           “It's not an it! He has a name; it's a T-Chan”


           “Let me see Keyshawn then”


           “Let's go T-Chan; we don't need to hear them

make fun of you. I love you.” Coos Stacey as she begins to move, I can hear the

girls yelling something but Stacey continues to walk away.


           The world whizzes by as I am held against

Stacey's stomach, we pause at her locker for a moment before we are on the move

again. I can barely hold back the motion sickness as she heads into a classroom.

I feel myself slide away from her warm body and fingers and onto he cold hard

tables of the science room. I look over at her table partner and see Heather

Gould munching on a bag Cheetos. My stomach rumbles as I stare at the bag.


           “Hey Stace, what is that?”


           “It's my little pet, I found him outside, and

his name is T-Chan”


           “It's Jerry! It's me Jerry Maxwell!!! Heather!!

Please!! It's me Jerry!!! We have Calculus together”


           “He looks so adorable Stace! Are you hungry

little thing? Do you want a cheeto?”


           Stacey quickly pulls me away berating Heather

for trying to feed me. I then hear the door slam shut and old Mrs. Williams walk

towards the front of the room. I crawl beneath Stacey's hand as Mrs. Williams

walks by as to not be seen. I shudder at the thought of her being held by her,

maybe even stuck in her desk for the day.


           The rest of Stacey's classes crawl by and her

day isn't even done yet but the time I have been waiting for all day is about to

come. Cheerleading practice and I can have my words with Alexis.



Stacey approaches the table she sets me down immediately and as the rest of the

squad walks over. I look around at all there seemingly gargantuan stuff on the

table, there boom box, the notebook, even there garbage is larger then I. I can

hardly believe this is happening. As they all sit down I rush towards Alexis. I

began to jump up and down screaming at her. As I continue to scream she simply

smiles at me like I am some kind of dumb animal.


           I then see her collar and decide to try to get

closer to her hear. I reach at her collar as I continue to scream at her. This

causes all the girls to stare at me as I begin to scream, pull and try to climb

up Alexis.


“I think he likes you Alexis”


“Ya think so? Animals always have

liked me.” Casually replies Alexis as she bats me away from her sweater easily

with a simple swat of her finger.


           “Girls! Shari, Stacey, Rachel, its me Jerry!!

You have to recognize me. Look at me closely.”


           Alexis tilts her head down staring at me closely

as she pushes me over with her finger holding me down with utter ease as I punch

at her finger.


           “Be nice to Alexis T-chan” reprimands Stacey.


           “I suppose we should practice huh, girls”


           “Yeah, I suppose so”

           All the girls but Alexis begin to walk a few

feet from table but Alexis. Alexis yells to them to start without her as she

secures T-Chan safely away.


           “Jerry, is that you?'


           “Yes, Lexy, baby it's me. I was shrunk earlier

this week here at school. I have been trying to get help ever since.”


           “You look so precious”


           “Lex, I saw you and Kyle. I don't want my woman

kissing my friends.”


           “Excuse me? Your woman, I am not some kind of

object, I think that's your department.”


           “I don't want to hear your lip right now. Pick

me up and get me to a hospital”


           “No! You listen here Jerry. Kyle treats me

right, he treats me like a princess not like a sex object and you know what

T-Chan. I may have been scared of you before but I am not anymore.”


           Stacey flicks me across the table with her

finger; I stand up just in time to watch her hand slip around me. As my feet

lift the ground she holds me in front of her face and smirks down at me. I watch

her reach into her bag and pull out a couple of the ribbons the girls used to

tie there hair back. She smiles as she begins to wrap the ribbons around me. I

try to rip the ribbon away but she ties it too tightly around my arms and legs.


           “You fucking slut! Untie me right now! Do you

hear me!!?”


           I watch Alexis stand up and run off to meet the

girls as I fight and kick trying to get out of this hog tie.


           A few minutes later a couple of shadows loom

over me. I stare up as I hear the mindless banter return once again and then a

crash of bags being tossed to the ground. I look up At Stacie's Sister, the girl

who I always call freshmen sit down with a couple friends.


           “Freshmen! Help!” I scream as I see all three of

them stop dead and stare down at me. Freshmen's brunette haired friend grabs me

by the bow dangles me in front of her face as the other two girls crowd around.


           “Jerry?” they all say at the same time.


           “Please, help me!”


           “Hey Freshmen, I see you found T-Chan. He is my

new pet. Why don't you take him home? You can help me take care of him.”


           “Okay” innocently replies Stacie's younger

sister, freshmen.


           I watch Stacey return back with the girls as I

was grabbed by Stacie's sister.


           “Whose the little freshmen now Jerry. It looks

like you and I are going to be having a lot of fun in the future. Now we better

get you home T-Chan. I think you need bath, I got this new body wash at the mall

and you are just gonna smell soo good.”


           The screams of Jerry were muffled as he was

tucked into Stacie's sister's backpack as the girls walked to Stacie's house

giddy with joy at the possibilities of things to do with there new pet.


           “You know girls; I think a little spin the

bottle is in order tonight”


           “Yeah, I feel like some dares” Replies one of

the girls.


           “Yeah, I dare you to make T-Chan suck your tits”


           The girls laugh as Jerry cries at the regression

of his once proud life.






Giantess Stories: The Toy

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