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The Trial

By Astrogator

The blonde giantess Cindy, glancing up from her plate of scrambled eggs and

fried men saw something white skitter across the kitchen floor toward the

wastebasket. A little smile curled her lips and she whispered, "We have a

visitor." The other three giantesses were similarly busy with their breakfasts.

Veronica, who was raven haired, Rachel the red-head, and Barbara, the

brown-haired hostess all continued eating. Cindy rose from her chair and walked

toward the little man's hiding place. She stopped in the middle of the floor

facing the wastebasket and placed her feet wide apart. She then leaned over,

took hold of the waste basket and lifted it up, exposing the man hiding behind

it. She grinned as the little man stared up at her, apparently too hopeless to

run. Slowly, Cindy lifted her huge sandal, and showed him the bottom. "Aren't

you going to beg for your life?" she said.

The little man said nothing.

"Come on," she said. "Beg me for mercy. Maybe I won't step on you if you beg

for mercy."

The little man looked up at the giantess who was about to stamp him to death.

"It is wrong to kill," he said. "Murder is against the law."

The giantess Cindy laughed and lowered her foot slowly to the floor, forcing

the man to his knees, then over on his back. She held him flat against the tiles

of the floor with her foot. Only his head was showing. "Are you a lawyer, little

man?" she said, with a distasteful accent on the word lawyer.

"I was a lawyer until I was shrunk," he said. "Will you please give me

something to eat?"

"I am going to squash you," Cindy said. "Food would be wasted on you. First,

I want to hear you beg for your life."

"Please kill me or please feed me," the man said.

Cindy took her foot off the man, bent over and raised him up to eye level.

"Aren't you a proud little fellow," she said. "What is your name?"

"I am Milo," he said.

"You came to steal food from our trash, didn't you?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said. "I don't deny it. I am desperately hungry."

Cindy looked at her companions. "It's no fun to squash a man who doesn't want

to live. I am going to save him for later." She put him in an empty fruit jar

and dropped in a little scrambled egg. "Would you like a little fried man?" she

asked, before putting the lid on the jar. When Milo shook his head with a

horrified look on his face, she laughed and screwed the lid down.

"You better put some holes in the lid," said Barbara.

"I know that," Cindy said. She took an ice pick from a drawer and stabbed at

the lid of the jar a few times, causing the man inside to cringe on the bottom

of the jar. "There, that takes care of him." She put the man on a high shelf,

but near the edge so he could see the table.

"Don't forget about him up there," Barbara said.

Cindy sat down and resumed her breakfast. "I like the idea of having my own

lawyer," she said. "Maybe we can think of a game to play with him later." She

looked at Veronica who was staring thoughtfully at her plate. "What deep

thoughts are you thinking this morning, V?"

Giantess Veronica looked up. "It's not murder to step on a man, is it? We

don't have to obey their laws, do we?"

"No, we don't," said Barbara. "That is why we shrunk them. But we can make

our own laws."

"We don't need laws," Cindy said. "Laws are just a waste of time."

Barbara said, "You are wrong, Cindy. Even we need laws. We should make our

own laws and enforce them."

"But how do we do that?" asked Rachel.

"We make up a set of rules," Barbara said. "Then we all agree to them. That

is how laws begin. When we want to change a law or make a new law, we vote. One

giantess, one vote."

"All right," Cindy said. "I'll start. The first law is: We can fuck any man

we can get our hands on." She winked at Milo.

Barbara looked around. "What do you say Rachel?"

"It sounds like a good law to me," the redhead replied.

"Okay, that's the law," said Barbara. "Now you, Rachel. You have an idea?"

"Yes. It is against the law to kill a giantess," said Rachel. Everybody

agreed to that. Veronica said, "It is against the law to steal another giantess

property." Again there was no dissent.

"How about you, Barbara," asked Cindy. "Don't you want to make one?"

"Yes," Barbara said. "It shall be against the law to kill a man without


"Awww no," said Cindy.

Veronica looked at Cindy and then at Rachel.

"I agree," said Rachel. "Don't you agree, Veronica?"

Veronica looked at Cindy who shook her head, then at Barbara. "If I vote no,

it will be a tie. What will that mean?"

"The usual parliamentary ruling in the case of ties is that the motion is

defeated," Barbara said.

"Vote no, Veronica," Cindy urged.

"Well, Rachel and Barbara think it should pass," Veronica said, uncertainty

on her pretty face.

"Don't let them decide for you. Decide for yourself," Cindy said. "Vote no."

"I vote yes," Veronica said abruptly, and grinned.

Cindy said defiantly, "That is a silly law. I like to crush men underfoot. I

don't see anything wrong with it."

Barbara said, "It was fun having a revolution and punishing the men for the

way they have treated women for thousands of years. But we are in control now

and we have to start acting in a responsible manner."

"Oh, really?" Cindy left the room. She came back a few moments later carrying

her purse which she placed on the breakfast table. "Watch this." She reached

into the purse and brought out a man. He was screaming in terror, kicking and

pushing against her huge fingers as she lowered him to the floor and drew

herself up to her full, awesome height before him. "I am going to squash you

flat," she said.

"No, please," the man whimpered. "Don't kill me!"

Cindy stamped him into a red smear on the floor, then turned defiantly to

face the others.

Rachel looked at Barbara. "Did you see what she did? We just outlawed that

sort of thing. What are we going to do about it?"

"We'll have to hold a murder trial," Barbara said. "Since this is my house, I

will be the judge. Rachel, you prosecute. Veronica, go round up a jury."

Veronica look puzzled. "Where will I find twelve women to sit on a jury?"

"We'll use men, of course. Go round them up." Veronica nodded and headed for

the back door.

"I don't want to prosecute," said Rachel. "I don't know anything about such


Barbara said, "Then go find yourself a lawyer. The city is full of them."

Rachel pondered a moment and then she looked up at the jar on the top shelf.

"No you don't," said Cindy. "He's my lawyer. You go get your own."

Rachel shrugged and left, saying, "That shouldn't be too hard."

Barbara looked at Cindy and said, "Go prepare your defense. Since I am going

to be the judge in this case, I want everything to be done properly."

"Yes, your honor," Cindy said, with a grin.


The trial of the giantesses was about to begin.

The judge sat down on a chair and stamped her foot for order, then crossed

her long , long lovely legs. "Is the prosecution ready?" she said. A slender red

headed girl came forward holding a little man in her hand. She placed him on the

floor in front of the judge. The judge looked down at the little man and said

sternly, "Are you prepared to prosecute this case, Mr. Lawyer?"

The man held up his hands in a gesture of helplessness. "Your honor, I can't

prosecute this case. I know nothing about it."

"You are a lawyer," the judge said. "Just do your best."

"But I can't—"

The judge uncrossed her legs and stamped her foot again. She tilted her foot

back on it's heel, giving the little man a good look at the sole of her shoe.

"If you don't do as your told, I am going to stomp on you. Now shut up until you

are called upon." She looked up. "Is the defense ready?"

A tall blonde stepped forward, also holding a little man in her hand. "I have

engaged counsel to act in my defense your, honor. This is my attorney." She

placed the little man on the floor next to the prosecutor. The two men exchanged

terrified glances, then looked back up at the judge.

The judge crossed her legs again and smoothed down her short black skirt.

"Now, is the jury ready? Did anyone bring a jury?"

"Here it is," said a dark haired girl, carrying a shoe box. "I just finished

collecting them." She placed the box on the floor and removed the lid. Inside

were twelve tiny men. They started to try to bail out of the box at first, but

when they saw the dark-haired giantess kneeling over them, they all settled

down. "Listen to the judge," the dark haired girl admonished them.

"Listen, Jurors," the judge said. "You have been summoned to hear the

evidence in a case of alleged murder and render a verdict. You will put aside

all prejudice and preconceived notions and base your decision entirely on what

you hear in this courtroom. Do you understand?"

The jurors did not answer, but some of them were gazing around looking

confusedly at what appeared to be a colossal kitchen.

The judge continued, "If anyone of you believes that he cannot render a just

verdict in this case, just hop right out of that box and come over here. I'll be

glad to excuse you with the bottom of my shoe here."

No one got out of the box.

The judge turned to the tall blonde woman. "Okay. Cindy, you are charged with

stomping a man to death for no good reason. How do you plead. Guilty or not


"I am not guilty, your honor. You see, I was…"

"Shut up, Cindy," said the judge. "Don't address the court no more. Let your

lawyer do your talking for you."

Cindy looked down at her tiny lawyer beside her sandal. "Say something, you

little worm!"

The lawyer said, "Your honor, the defense will reserve its remarks for its

opening statement."

The judge smiled. "That's good. The prosecutor will begin with his opening


The prosecutor walked slowly up to the jury box and began, "Gentlemen of the

jury, the prosecution will show beyond a reasonable doubt that Cindy here did

murder ---" He turned and faced the judge. "Your honor, I don't even know the

name of the deceased!"

The judge laughed. "Neither does anybody else. There wasn't enough left to

identify. Where did you find that fellow, Cindy?"

Cindy shrugged. "Just a guy. I don't know anything about him."

"Continue with your remarks, Mr. Lawyer," said the judge, nodding at the


When the prosecutor had concluded his remarks, the defense counsel made a

verbal motion to dismiss the jury. "My client is entitled to a jury of her

peers. These men are clearly not her peers."

"Motion denied," said the judge. "Proceed with your opening remarks."

The lawyer looked up at Cindy with a helpless gesture. "I would like to

object, but I am afraid the judge might lose her temper and --- you know," he


"Don't worry, I'll protect you," Cindy said. "Go ahead and object."

Pleased by Cindy's support, he turned back to face the court. "On what

grounds is my motion denied," demanded the defense counsel.

"On the grounds I said so," the judge replied.

The defense counsel looked at his client and she nodded. "You are doing good,

Milo. Keep it up," she said. "When this is over I will be very good to you."

Beaming,the lawyer faced the judge again. "But your honor, these men are

obviously going to be prejudiced against my client. They have been terrorized,

kidnapped, and brought here against their will. They have seen many of their

friends killed the same way as the victim. How can they be impartial?"

"I told them I would stomp on them if they didn't put aside their

preconceived notions," the judge said. "I will too." Barbara looked up from the

lawyer at the giantess who sat behind him. "Cindy, will you call off your little

puppy dog? He's holding up the trial."

Cindy kissed the end of her finger and touched it to the lawyer's face.

"That's enough, Milo. You done real good."

The judge looked at Milo. "Are you going to address the jury or not?"

Milo walked over to the jury box and began: "Men, we are all here because

these Giantesses want us here. We are all in the same boat, you and I. I guess

you know what is going to happen to the losing counsel in this case. I am not

trying to appeal to your sympathy, because obviously somebody is going to lose

and I am sure the prosecutor wants to live just as much as I do. But you know

how giantesses are. They can kill us now or wait and kill us later or they can

let us go free. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it. They decide. The

only decision that remains with us as men is how we shall conduct ourselves.

We do not know what cosmic force, what law of nature, or what providence it

was that placed us in the power of the giantesses, but we are faced with the

inescapable fact that in their power, indeed we are. Still, it is up to us to

behave honorably. It is not dishonorable to obey the giantesses, because they

hold the power of life and death over us. So you, the gentlemen of the jury are

commanded to render a fair and honest verdict in this case and this you must do.

Though it may be tempting to take this opportunity to punish in some small way a

member of that race that enslaves us, you must put such feelings aside. You must

judge this case purely on the basis of the testimony you are about to hear and

you must make your verdict in accordance with the instructions which the judge

will give you when evidence has been presented. You must do this, which you are

commanded to do, but not because you are commanded to do it. You must do it for

the sake of your own honor and your own sense of justice. That is all I have to

say to you at this time."

"That was well spoken, Milo," Cindy said. "I think you are doing a good job."

The judge said to the prosecutor, "Call your first witness.:

The prosecutor said, "I call the most beautiful, the most elegant, the most

noble lady, the great and terrible giantess, Rachel."

Rachel giggled. "Wow! That was quite an introduction."

The judge pointed to an empty chair in front of the table. "Sit there


Rachel took the stand and the prosecutor asked, "Rachel, did you witness the

alleged deadly assault on the nameless victim whose untimely death brings us all

here today?"

"I did," said Rachel.

"Did you see the person who inflicted this injury upon the deceased?"

"I did."

"Is she here in the courtroom?"

Rachel pointed to Cindy. "There she is. She did it. She just took him out of

her purse and squashed him for no reason."

"Objection," said Milo. "Will the court please instruct the witness to answer

the question that is asked and not waste the courts time with opinions?"

Barbara stamped her foot in place of a gavel and said. "He's right, Rachel.

You just answer the question. Let the prosecutor do his job. For the record,

however, the witnesses has identifed Cindy as the assailant. Proceed counselor."

The prosecutor came closer to Rachel and stood at her feet, looking up to her

face. "Tell me, Rachel. Did the deceased attempt to flee from the giantess

Cindy? Did he appear to attempt an escape?"

"No, he did not."

"Did the defendant in this case give an order to the man which he refused to


"No, she did not."

"Then you saw nothing in the behavior of the deceased that would justify his

sudden, abrupt, and cruel extinction?"

"I did not."

The prosecutor turned to the judge and said, "I have no more questions, your


Milo approached the witness for the cross examination. "Dread lady, have you

ever crushed a man under your feet?"

"Objection," said the prosecutor. "Immaterial."

"Sustained," said the judge.

"All right," Milo said. "You testified that the deceased was in the

defendant's purse, immediately prior to his demise. Do you know how he got into

her purse?"

"She put him in there," Rachel said.

"Did you see her put the deceased in her purse?"

"No, I didn't you little smarty pants," Rachel said, leaning forward. "But I

have seen her put lots of men in there."

"But not this particular man."

Rachel scowled. "No, not him."

"Had you ever seen the man before?"

Rachel shrugged. "I don't know. She probably got him from the cage on the

back porch where we put the extra ones. The same place I got the jury."

"Did the defendant unfasten her purse when she took the man out?"

"It was already open," Rachel said.

"Then as far as you know, the deceased may have slipped into the defendant's

purse in order to steal."

The prosecutor said, "Objection. The defense is calling on the witness to


"Sustained," said the judge. "Don't answer that, Rachel."

"I am merely trying to show," Milo said, "That there are alternative

explanations for what the dread lady reported than that in the charges."

"Bullshit!" shouted someone in the jury box.

A stunned silence fell.

Barbara turned slowly to the jury and said, "Who said that?"

No one in the jury box spoke up.

"If the person who said that is not identified and removed from the jury, I

will have to declare a mistrial and begin again with a new jury. That is going

to make me very unhappy." Barbara uncrossed her legs and swung to face the jury.

"Gentlemen of the jury, I am going to ask Veronica to close the jury box for

five minutes. When she opens the box again, you will produce the member who was

responsible for that bit of profanity. If you do not, the box will be taped shut

and placed in a 350 degree oven for fifteen minutes."

The jury did not hesitate. Immediately eleven of them began pointing at the

one who had spoken and shouting, "He's the one! He's the one!"

"Silence," thundered the judge. She beckoned with her finger to the

miscreant. "Come here, little man. I want to have a word with you."

Slowly and stiffly, the man climbed out the box, with some help from his

fellow jurors, and approached the judge. When she snapped, "Come closer" he came

and stood between her feet. The judge bent over, picked him up in her left hand

and set him on her knee. He stood on her knee whimpering with her huge fingers

wrapped around his body. "What is your name?"

"Tom Pu---"

"That's enough, I don't care about your last name," said the judge. "Listen,

Tom. I would like to kill you right now, but if I do, then the jury will be

short one member. You have behaved very badly, and I cannot overlook that, but

if you will agree to behave yourself for the rest of the trial, I will let you

go back to the jury box. Do you agree to these conditions?"

"Yes," Tom cried. "Thank you, judge! Thank you. I am very sorry."

"Don't thank me yet," said the judge. "I have not yet decided to let you

remain on the jury. Before I make my decision, you must convince me that you

understand the seriousness of your offense."

"How can I do that, judge?" he asked.

The judge said, "I will let you choose your own punishment. When the trial is

over, you will be put to death in the manner you have chosen. But only if you

choose a method that is satisfactory to me."

The little man was stunned. "I thought you were going to spare me!"

"That is not what I said. Now think it over. How shall I put you to death.

Shall I stamp you, crush you with my hands, or what?"

He thought a moment and said, "I want to be fucked to death."

"Really?" said the judge, smiling. "That could take a long time."

"I know," said the man. "That is why I want it."

"Your choice pleases me," said the judge. "But I warn you, I have very

delicate control of my vaginal muscles and I can prolong your agony all night if

I wish to. I promise you that before you die, you will regret that you did not

choose a quicker death." She set him on the floor and let him return to the jury


The judge crossed her legs again and looked at Milo. "Do you have any more

questions of the witness?"

"I just want to clarify a couple of points," said the defense. "Is it your

testimony that the defendants purse was not fastened shut when she removed the

deceased and you did not see how or when he got into her purse."

"Yes, but it is pretty obvious to me—" Milo tried to interrupt but the

giantess big loud voice rumbled on. "She put him in there and knew all along—"

"Rachel!" said the judge. "One moment. I think the defense is trying to get a

word in edgewise here."

"Thank you, your honor," Milo said. "I ask that the jury be instructed to

disregard the witnesses last statement, except for the word 'yes'."

"So ordered," said the judge. "Are you through, counselor."

"Yes your, honor."

Barbara swung her gaze toward the prosecutor. "Call your next witness."

The prosecutor said, "I ask for a recess in order to interview additional

witnesses, your honor."

"Request denied. Since the prosecution has no more witnesses, we will proceed

with the defense. Go ahead, counselor."

Milo said, "Your honor, may I have a brief conference with my client?"

"Go ahead."

Milo turned to Cindy. She lifted him up and placed him against her ear. "I

know that you giantesses are going to kill us all when you are through with your

little game," said Milo. "But I still want to win this case if I can. What I am

counting on is that the jury doesn't know. They are just a bunch of ordinary

guys and they believe that if they do as they are told they will be allowed to

live. They believe it because they need to believe it. The way I see it, there

are two strategies. We can play it straight and try to create a reasonable doubt

in the minds of the jury, or we can try to make them more afraid of you than of

the judge or the lady that accused you. If we play it straight, you will need to

testify that you killed the man for such and such a reason. If we try to

frighten the jury, you will have to openly threaten to get even with them if

they find against you. How do you want to play it?"

She moved him in front her and said quietly, "Let's play it straight. I'll



* * *

The jury was brought back in and placed on the floor. The bailiff lifted off

the lid of the box and the jury stood up.

"Have you reached a verdict yet?" said the judge.

"Yes, we have," said the foreman. "We find the defendant guilty as charged."

"thank you, gentlemen of the jury, you may now retire to consider the

sentence," said the judge. "In case of murder, the maximum penalty is death and

the minimum is probation. Bailiff ---"

Before Veronica could move, the jury began to shout in unison: "Death! Death!


Milo ran toward the jury box waving his hands and screaming, "No! No! No!"

Cindy reached down and snatched him up onto her lap.

Barbara grinned and looked Cindy. "I guess you are done for. How shall the

sentence be carried out?"

"Why don't we let the gentlemen of the jury carry out the sentence," Cindy

suggested, with a big grin.

"All right," said the judge. "Gentlemen of the jury, kill the defendant."

Cindy placed her attorney on the floor and walked toward the jurors who stood

huddled in the box, staring up at her. "Well, here I am. Aren't you going to

carry out the sentence?"

No one moved, no one spoke. They now realized they had been the victims of a

cruel hoax. "The trial is a fake," the foreman of the jury said. "They were just

having fun. They are going to kill us."

There were cries and men started trying to climb out of the box. Rachel

leaned forward and pushed them back in. She then closed the box and carried it

to the bathroom. There was the sound of screams, the flushing of the commode,

more screams, and the commode was flushed again. Veronica came back grinning.

"The jury has been excused," she said.

Barbara said, "Since the jury failed to carry out the sentence of the court,

I will have to suspend sentence," she said. "Since you were found guilty, Cindy,

you should perform some public service, therefore I order you to do something

nice for the prosecutor. He did a good job and he should be rewarded."

Cindy said, "I agree." She walked toward the prosecutor and picked him up in

her hand. He screamed in terror and she hushed him. "In recognition of the fine

job the prosecutor did, let's all give him a hand. Rachel?"

Rachel started clapping her hands.


Veronica started clapping her hands and then the judge began to applaud.

Cindy looked down at Milo. "Aren't you going to applaud the prosecutor for doing

a fine job?"

Milo said nothing. He stood with head bowed and waited.

"Milo is a sore loser," said Cindy. "But I am not." With that, she brought

her palms together with a loud smack. "Oops!" she said. With a single blow, she

had smashed the life out of the prosecuting attorney. "Sorry about that."

All the giantesses laughed. Barbara handed Cindy a paper towel to wipe her


Rachel pointed to Milo. "What about him?"

Cindy looked at him with a grim expression on her face. "You lost the case,

Milo," she said. "Don't you think I have the right to kill you for letting me


Milo looked up at her. "No Cindy, you do not have the right. You have the

power, that is all."

The giantesses laughed at him. Cindy laughed loudest of all. When she was

through laughing, she put her hands on her hips and said, "Yes, I have the power

and I know how to use it. Before I kill you, Milo, I want to hear you beg for

your life."

Milo said nothing.

Cindy lifted her foot up into the air above his head. Milo still said

nothing. "All right, Milo, you leave me no choice. Take off your clothes."

Milo obediently removed his three piece suit.

"Now lie down on the floor, on your back."

Milo did as he was told.

Cindy placed her foot on his body, but withheld pressure. "This is your last

chance, Milo. Beg for your life, if you want to live."

"I want to live," Milo said. "I don't want to die."

Cindy frowned. "Why? What good is your life, Milo? You are just a little spec

of terrified, frightened flesh. You are going to be just what you are for the

rest of your life. What's the point? You are nothing, worthless, useless. You

are totally at the mercy of any woman who comes near you. A three year old girl

could crush with her chubby little hand. Do you really want to live like that?"

"I don't want to die," said Milo.

"Then beg," said Cindy. "Beg for your life. Show me how much you want to

live. I want to know because that will make killing you all the more


There was no hope, Milo realized. There never was. "I am ready to die if that

is your decision," he said. "Good bye, Cindy." He closed his eyes and waited.

Milo found himself lifted into the air by huge hands. He was doused with big

wet kisses by four giantesses. Cindy had tears in her eyes. "I am taking Milo

home with me," she said and hurried from the house carrying Milo against her big


The other three giantesses stood side by side, holding hands. "Just imagine

what might have been," Barbara said, "If all men were brave and good like Milo."

Veronica said, "It can still happen."

Rachel said, "How?"

Veronica grinned. "Let's get out there, and kill all the bad ones."

The other two giantesses laughed. "We'll never be able to do that," Barbara


"Probably not," agreed Veronica. "But it will be fun to try."

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