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The Un-Popular's




Scene One: The Girls


“Hey KJ let's go”


“Hold up Tarin”


“Tarin, I thought you said were going”


“Well KJ is fixing her face Tara”






“Girls come here”


“What is it KJ?”


“Just come here I want to show you something”


“This better not be one of your stupid tricks again”


“No I swiped this from my dad's workshop”


“What? You? miss goodie goody”


“It comments like that that makes me not want to show you.”


“OOO what is it?”


“It's the SHRINKOMATIC 9001”


“The whatomatic?”




“What does it do KJ?”


“Does it slice”

”Does it dice”


“Does it make that bitch Bethany Waters feel my wraith”


“No, NO and YES”




“Her boyfriend Ted is so cute.”


“He blew you off”


“I still love him though”

“So what's that thing? It looks like a pen”


“I think it is a pen? What are you going to do? Give

Bethany an Ink stain on her new blouse. That will teach her”


“Yeah and then her Daddy will buy her a new one”


“Stop playing Tara, Tarin. I'm serious this thing shrinks

things down. My dad was saying that it will be great for shipping and stuff I

kind of stopped listening after that part but I heard shrinking”


“Yeah rights that's impossible”


“Oh yeah check this out”


“Oh Tommy!!”


“What do you whores want? I thought I told you not to talk

to me. We do not associate. It's bad for my image”


“Bow Bitch”


“yeah right”


“I said Bow”


“What are you talking about? I am outta here”


In an instant 6'4”240lb, blonde haired, blue eyed, All

American jock, shrank down to a mere 4 inches tall”


“Oh my god, oh my god oh my god that was so cool KJ let me



           The three girls moved towards the last place

Tommy was standing. They all look down seeing him at there feet.


“He looks so tiny” says Tarin


“Look he is running towards my sandals” replys KJ


           KJ smirks down at the now diminutive jock. As he

clambers onto her leather chunky heeled shoe with one flinch of her footTommy

flies a few inches and grimaces in pain. He tries to get up but the shoe of KJ

is already hovering over him. In a total state of shock Tommy looks seeing KJ's

shoe ominously hanging over him. He begins to try to scamper out from under it

when he sees the shoe removed from the sky and crash down in front of him

sending him reeling onto his butt.


“Aww you poor little fella! Do you want Tarin to make it

all better?”


“Shut the fuck up you damn girls! I don't know what you did

but change me back”


“Grab him Tara”






“Don't worry this wont hurt me at all”


           The girl's anxiously and excitedly watched

Tommys body quiver like a baby's lower lip as Tara bends down with her eyes

locked on tiny Tommy.


“Look at him run KJ”


“I can't wait to get him home”


           Tara grabs him by the waist using her middle

finger and thumb. Tommy kicks and punches at her two fingers which only make's

Tara smirk.


“Girlfriend coming up Tara hide him”






“Sorry Tom Tom”


           In one swift motion Tara had Tom in her hand and

stuffed him down her shirt head first. His legs were sticking out of her

uniform. His muffled voice was now barely audible to the three girls. The girls

all turn to Melanie as she walks by


“Hi Mel” In unison


“Have you girls seen my boyfriend? He was suppose to meet

me here to go antiquing”




“Thanks anyway”




           Tara and Tarin turn towards KJ with big grins on

there faces. Without any words spoken they all know what the other is thinking.

They walk towards the popular end of the school.


The girls quickly walk to the

popular end of school, there plaid skirts are swishing from side to side, there

long white sleeved shirts and tan sweater all customary of the schools uniform

code.(See Tarin's picture for a better description of what the uniform looks



“How'd Dave get popular Tara?” asks KJ


“By association I believe.”


“He is such a brat”


“Let's fix him”


           Without hesitation the three girls watch Dave

shrink to mere inches. His short black hair, his dark brown eyes, his ripped

body all transformed to a diminutive state. The three girls look around making

sure no one noticed anything and then the three devious girls look down at the

cowering Dave.


“Well, well, well”


“What did you call me in 3rd period?”


“I think he said that you were a bitch Tarin”


“I thought that's what I heard”


“What the hell did you girls do? Change me back and I might

not tell”


“Oh, we don't have to worry about squealing where you're




Dave takes off running towards a rather nerdy looking girl a few lockers down. 

The girls recognize her as Susan Winters a rather shy and quiet girl. As Dave

was about one locker away Tarin tosses her scrunchy at Dave sending him face

first to the floor. Tarin giggles as she methodically walks towards him smiling

as she sees her tiny captive struggling to get out from under her hair scrunchy.


“What does Tarin spy with her tiny little eye? Oh what ever

could it be? Is it a man? Or is it just a stain under my shoe. What ever could

it be?”


           She could hear Dave yelling for anyone as best

he could but Tarin bent down and flicked her finger into his chest knocking the

wind from him.  The scrunchy and Dave both flew into the trim that goes just

under the locker separating it from the floor. Dave groggily rolls over on his

side but Tarin's hand is already descending upon him. Tara and KJ giggle in the

background as Tarin reaches closer and closer and Dave frantically looks around

for any hope of escape.


“Tarin! What kind of bug is that?”


“Oh umm I don't know Susan”

”Can I have it for my science project?”


“Oh sure Susan”


           Fear and horror is in the eyes of Dave as he

sees Tarin stand back up and Susan's hand reach towards him.  Her hand is only a

few inches from him when he closes his eyes. Tarin tries to stifle herself from

laughing at the look of complete disgust in Dave eyes. She watches Susan sweep

him into a Jar. The second she hears the clunk of Dave in a jar she admires the

shocked look in his eyes as he was clearly expecting a hand and not cold hard

glass. The grinding of Susan screwing the lid on affirms Tarin's pleasure as she

begins to head back towards Tara and KJ


“Thanks Tarin”


“No, Thank you Susan! Thank you!”



           Tara couldn't help but turn away and laugh as

she saw little Dave pounding on the glass jar as Susan pushed her glasses up and

walked back to her locker.


“Come on I want to get that Bethany Waters and Ted in the

palm of my little hands.”


“How's Tommy doing?”


“Tommy? Tommy who? Oh I forgot about him”


           Tara easily pulled him out of her smallish chest

and dangled him in front of her face.


“I think your breasts killed him Tara”


“Oh they did not Tarin”


“Well they are kind of small you might be right”


“YOU BITCH! Take that back KJ”


“and if I don't?”


“You wont get that sweater back I borrowed from you”


“My red one? With the stripes!




“Okay, okay no need to get drastic. I'm sorry”


“HUSH, Look its Beth Tara”


“OH and Ted he is so cute. I want him to be all mine”


“You sluts put me down!!” bellows Tommy


“You can go with KJ! I need room to play!”


           KJ quickly snatches Tommy from Tara's grasp and

tosses him in her backpack. She whispers “Don't worry, we will play later

tonight” then zips up her backpack and slings it around her shoulder showing no

regard for the tiny man trapped in her backpack.


“Can I shrink them? Please KJ?”


“Well okay but be careful”


“Oh you know me”


“That's why I said be careful”


           Tara confidently walked towards Bethany and Ted.

She ran her fingers up and down the Shrinkomatic and looked down at it to assure

herself that it was still there. A thousand thoughts ran through her mind. Some

cocky, some smart, some insulting but when it came time to speak the frustration

boiled over. Before Tara even said anything she unleashed the full power of the



           Bethany and Ted never saw her approach or the

light engulf them. They shrunk to mere three inches tall. They both spun around

and around trying to comprehend what was going on. The once smallish hallway was

now gigantic. There peers now looked like giants and gods. They gulped as they

saw Tara fill up there field of vision.


           Tara smiles as she looks down at Bethany and

Ted. She crouches down making sure to let them see how much smaller they are in

comparison to her.  She let her chunky black leather shoe land on either side of

them as she stared down at her diminutive enemy and her cute boyfriend.


           Both Bethany and Ted looked up at Tara's

seemingly endless legs. They tried to run but she would just slide them back

into place with the side of her shoe. Tara now crouched down lowering her hand

towards the both of them. She plucked up Bethany right away allowing Ted to

shake in fear next to her foot.


“Well, well, well what do we have here?”


“Please Tara”


“I should just crush you but what is the fun in that?”


           Tara begins to slowly squeeze tighter and

tighter until she sees Bethany's blue face and then releases her grip. She grabs

Ted with her other hand and slides both of them into her purse. She looks down

at them one last time before she zips her purse shut.


Scene Two: Dave with



           Everything was so dark. I could hear my

friend's voices but they couldn't hear mine no matter how loud I would yell. I

could barely believe everything that had happened. Tara had shrunk me and was on

the verge of killing me, and then I was given to this, this freak of nature.


           As I sat in this jar along with her books, pens

and pencils all bombarded the jar. I kept thinking it was going to break but the

jar held firm and I sat my dark prison. I could only sit and wait in this

secluded hell as Susan walked home. I remember how each day I would pass her by

in my car with my friends and we would laugh and make shit at her and now here I

was like a lab rat trapped in her backpack.


           I heard her unlock the door to her home and toss

me and her backpack to the floor. As her books slammed against my glass cage I

prayed that the glass wouldn't break as I would surely be crushed to death under

the weight of the books. Time passed by so slowly. I could only stare at the

cover of her history book as I lay in here.



It wasn't until much later that I heard the bag being unzipped. I nervously

crouched in the corner of the jar as I saw Susan's fingers reaching towards the

jar. She latched onto it. I nervously shook as she pulled it out of her bag. The

light was blinding and I was forced to wince as the bright light hurt my eyes.


           As seconds passed by and my eyes began to focus

on Susan. I was stunned by what I saw. For the first time I saw Susan without

her glasses or nerdy attire.


“Hmm, you don't look like any known bug”


           I leapt up onto my feet and ran to the side of

the jar and began pounding hoping Susan would see something but she was already

setting the jar down. I was shoved in between two jars. To the left of me was a

cockroach and to the right was a grasshopper. I could only look back at Susan as

she smiled, then turned and simply walked away.



Scene Three: Tara's



           Tara rushed home like never before. As

she pushed her door open she didn't even bother to say hello to her mom or dad

as she went up stairs to her room. She closed the door tightly making sure it

was locked. She then dumped Bethany and Ted out onto the floor just in front of

her bed. She smiled down at the two of them who were crawling up to there feet.


“Well hello my little pets”


           Tara watched them intently as they looked up at

her in blind fear. She barely managed to hold back her laugh as she looked down

at them. A grin finally crossed her face as she sat down on her bed.


“Well Bethany, I think its time you learn just who is in

charge around here.”


“Please Tara, Change us back! You can't do this. Just

because you got a face like a train wreck and a couple of extra pounds around

the belly”


“Excuse me? You know what Bethany kiss my ass, wait better

yet, kiss my feet”


           Tara reached towards her shoes and untied her

black mandated school shoes. As she pulled her foot out she could hear her sweat

ripping itself off of the insole. Once her foot finally came out she wiggled her

toes a little and set her foot encased in a black stocking. She smiled down at

the two tiny people before her.


“Well Bethany, start kissing”


“Y Y Y you bitch, I am not gonna kiss your feet.”


“Fine then”


           Tara stood up and headed over to her backpack.

She dug around for a few moments and smiled as she clasped what she was

searching for. Tara paid her two servants no attention. As she turned around

with a tube sock clenched in her fist. It had a slight yellow tint towards the

toe section from dried sweat. Her eyes focused on her two helpless victims. 

Tara lowers frame so her body is hulking over Bethany and Ted. Tara drops the

tube sock next to Bethany.


“Now I want you to crawl in Bethany”


           Tara smiled slyly as Bethany back pedaled away

from the sock. Tara in a firm voice bellows down for Bethany to enter the sock

or else. Bethany looked over at Ted who had a simple look of disbelief on his

face and then Tara whose patience had wore thin several minutes ago grasped

Bethany. The shrieks of absolute terror from Bethany only encouraged Tara on

more. She opened the mouth of the tube sock and had Bethany dangling above the

top. Tara blew her a kiss and released her hold on her. As Bethany fell into the

dark sweat stained confines of Tara's gym sock.


           As Bethany hit the bottom of the sock, Tara

positioned her so she was laying flat at the toe section of her sock and then

began to roll the sock around and around her. Bethany shrilled and tried to kick

or push the sock off but Tara knew she had it rolled much too tight.


“Well Bethany, Miss Priss, how do you like me now? What was

it called you me yesterday? A slut? Yeah that was it, just one of the names you

call me daily from a long list. Revenge is gonna be too sweet.  I hope you enjoy

your accommodations.”


           Tara grabbed one of her old tennis shoes and

shoved her sock all the way into the shoe. The screaming and ranting of Bethany

was thoroughly silenced by Tara's old Keds.





*   *



Bethany sobs in Ted's arms as they rock back and forth in the confines of Tara's

purse.  Bethany's nose crinkles because of the perfumed smell that has worn into

the purse by the heavy use of Tara.


“What is happening to us Ted? How can we trapped in Tara's

tacky purse. This isn't supposed to be happening to me. I am rich.”


“We will get through this. We just have to stick together

and she will come to her senses”


           Bethany buried her face in Ted's shoulder.  He

stroked the back of her head as she sobbed.


They heard a door slam and then

everything bounced around. They were both thrown about the purse and then the

entire world began to tilt. Bethany tried to grab a hold of anything to stop her

decent but she crashed onto Tara's floor. She crawled over towards Ted who was

climbing to his feet. Ted helped her up and a look of trepidation crosses his



“What is wrong?”


“Look!” Ted struggles to spit out.


           Bethany's eyes follow his arm and all the way

down finally the point of his finger then roll along the plane until she sees a

tan wall. Her eyes slowly trek up to her knee caps and then she finds herself

unable to even see the waist band of Tara's plaid skirt. Then more and more of

Tara comes into vision as her frame lowers and her knees bend.


“She's amazing, I mean she must be hundreds or thousands of

feet tall”


“No we are just smaller is all.”


“Yeah but just look at her, I can't believe that's Tara.”


           The squeaking of the bed springs as Tara sits

causes both Ted and Bethany to cover there ears, a near inaudible voice covering

as far as they can see causing the ground around them to shake slightly.


“Well Bethany, I think its time you learn just who is in

charge around here.”


“Please Tara, Change us back! You can't do this. Just

because you got a face like a train wreck and a couple of extra pounds around

the belly”


“Excuse me? You know what Bethany kiss my ass, wait better

yet, kiss my feet”


           Both Ted and Bethany take a few steps back as

Tara's hand reaches down closer and closer to them. Knowing that they have no

where to run too only adds to the absolute fear running through there minds.

Bethany's legs finally buckle and she falls to the floor crying. Ted crouches

next to her watching as he realizes it's not them she is reaching for but she is

undoing her shoe laces. The sound of Tara's feet being ripped from her shoes

causes both Ted and Bethany to wince, her feet then slam down onto the floor

mere inches from them. They can feel the hot musty air rolling off her feet. The

toes of Tara start to wiggle and the vibrations send Ted down to a knee.


“Well Bethany, start kissing”


“Y Y Y you bitch, I am not gonna kiss your feet.”


“Fine then”


           In an instant Tara is standing up to her full

height and completely vanishes from there field of vision but they can still

hear her. The rumbling of the floor, and the scraping noises are all tell tale

signs she has not gone far. In fact before they completed a thought Tara was

back. Ted and Bethany both look up at the sock dangling above them. They are

forced to scurry out of the way as Tara drops it where they were standing.


“Now I want you to crawl in Bethany”


           Bethany backed up a few steps and that's all it

took. The hands of Tara grasped onto her. Bethany punches at Tara's hand but

doesn't have an effect. Bethany looks down seeing the stained tube sock below



“NO, NO, I'm sorry! TARA NO”


           Bethany looks up at Tara but struggles to see

her face. Tara's fist starts to loosen and Bethany grabs onto Tara's index

finger as Tara holds it out straight. Bethany starts to swing hoping to get her

leg up and over Tara's finger for some support but Tara shakes her finger up and

down. Bethany screams and squeals as Tara raises her finger up and down finally

Bethany's grip wanes and she finds herself tumbling into the deep crevices of

Tara's tube sock finally landing in the damp sweat stained toe section. In a

matter of moments before Bethany could even roll over she felt Tara begin to

wrap the sock around her body.


“Well Bethany, Miss Priss, how do you like me now? What was

it called you me yesterday? A slut? Yeah that was it, just one of the names you

call me daily from a long list. Revenge is gonna be too sweet.  I hope you enjoy

your accommodations.”


           The heat in the sock rose dramatically as Tara

shoved the sock into one of her old Keds. Bethany began to sob but it was all

for not because no one could hear her. The heat grew hotter and hotter as

Bethany herself began to sweat. As her sweat beat down and soaked into Tara's

sock it only made the sock smell worse. The air was musty and smelled of

garbage. Bethany cried out hoping Tara would have mercy however she knew none

would be shown.



Scene Four: Night with



           I sat curled up in the corner of the jar

pouting to myself. The glass had grown cold as day turned to night. When I

turned my head to the left I could see the outline of what must be a window. I

could hear the wind howling like a wolf at the moon. I lifted my head up from my

lap and I found it much to dark to really see anything. The door was closed

tightly, the drapes were covering the window and since the sun had gone down

there was no light to enter. I found myself staring at darkness watching,

waiting. I dwelled on the events of earlier. I couldn't believe that KJ, Tarin

and Tara had done this to me.


           My thoughts were interrupted by the door

swinging open. Susan paraded into the room tossing her jacket onto a chair and

heading towards me. I bolted up and ran to wall. I began pounding and screaming

as loud as I could, I smiled as I saw her eyes focus on me. At first I thought

that it must be some mistake but as she gets closer and closer I know it is me

she is looking at. Her arms stretch out towards the jar. I take a few steps back

as her palms press against the side of the glass. Her fingers curl around the

jar encompassing the entire thing. The grinding of the screw lid of the jar

grinds at my ears like the voice Whitney Houston. I cringe and pray for the

painful noise to stop and with a pop my prayers are answered. I stared up at her

grey sweatshirt. It was an Abercrombie sweatshirt, and even the text was larger

then and I, not to mention nearly out of my plane of sight. Susan's lips curl up

and she smiles down at me. I let out a sigh of relief as this whole thing is

soon to be over with. It is then I see her dig something out of her pocket.


“Here you go my little pet”


           A piece of bread cascades down into the jar. I

scurry out of the way. My eyes fall onto the piece of bread. I can see crumbs of

dirt and pocket lint on the scrap of bread. My eyes glare up at her and I spot

the bigger piece of bread it came off of. I scowl up at her as she screws the

lid tightly back on the jar. Not even paying me a look she shoves the jar next

to a mug she is using a pencil holder. She grabs down a jar with a spider in it

dropping in some bread. I break off a hunk of the bread and sit down. I try to

pull off as much of the pocket lint and dirt I can but there is too much on

there to get it all off. I finally get to the point where I don't even care and

just bite into it.


           The night crawls at near deadening slow pace.

Susan is sitting at her desk doing homework. I knew she was boring but I didn't

think she was this boring. I am still on her desk next to pencil holder. She

hasn't even looked at me once since putting the bread in here. I finally

grudgingly curled myself up into a tight ball and fell asleep.




Scene Five: Back at





           KJ was up early as she headed to Tarin's house.

She knew Tara would be there since Tara seems to always be there. She thrives

off of being in control and Tarin is quite submissive so it's only natural that

Tara would enjoy Tarin's company, however

















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