Giantess Stories: The Unbelievable Growing Woman by LBP

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The Unbelievable Growing Woman

by LBP

"Now cadet," the ancient general said. "Fire the weapon."

Tia slammed the door shut to the van and walked into the redwood forest of

towering sequoias. She didn't even want to do this crap. She wanted to take

pictures of celebrities and models, not trees. But it was the only work she

could find. She marched through the forest, not impressed at all with the sheer

size of it, not recognizing she was an ant in a world of giants. Tia was too

busy thinking how much she hated her job, her boss, how she was stuck in her

usual nowhere rut. Maybe her bitchy mother was right, maybe she would never

amount to anything. The five foot six blond stopped in a clearing, her short

hair waving in the wind. She put her hands on her slim hips, "How am I supposed

to be taking pictures of trees? They all looks the same."

She walked on, her 34C breasts bouncing in her white wife-beater T-shirt. Her

legs seemed longer than they were in her khaki pants as she strode through the

great forest. She eventually reached a pool of shimmering water where a giant

sequaois had landed on its side. The sap was leaking into the pool. The golden

sap and blue-black water was a great contrast. Tia knew she wanted to get this

shot. There must have been a crack in the forest ceiling or the camera went off

in her face because a flash of light hit her eyes and Tia slipped into the pool.

She splashed and struggled to get out, but the sap had made a sticky film over

the water that caused her sink. She went under and then burst up again,

swallowing whole mouth fulls of water. Finally, she simply figured that it was

easier to walk up the embankment and climb out of the water rather than fight

it. Tia lay on the dry forest floor exhausted. She stood up, soaked. Her clothes

were drenched and the camera and film were ruined.

"This is fucking great," Tia shouted to herself. "And now it looks like I've

been to a wet T-shirt contest too."

She decided that it was time to quit; quit the assignment and her job. She

didn't care about the consequences. She walked angrily back to the van, now a

little drier and drove back to the city. By the time Tia reached the city, she

was dry and hungry. She decided to quit first, because the hungry would make her

madder. Tia adjusted her clothes. They felt different. Tia thought they must

have shrank in that water. That just mad her madder. She walked right into the

magazine editor's office.

"I quit," she tossed the camera and destroyed film onto his desk and walked out.

The editor wasn't quit sure what had happened or even who had quit.

But Tia felt better now. She walked to her car, throwing the keys to the company

van away. Tia stopped suddenly and looked down at her chest. Her breasts had

swollen to huge proportions. They were at least 40D's now. Her belt was

straining with the added size of her hips and butt.

"What the hell?" she thought. "Did I just get aroused by quitting or something?"

Tia got into her car, and looked down at her big chest. She tried to adjust the

seat for her bigger butt and hips. After making all the necessary changes., Tia

started the car and headed for the nearest fast food place. Tia parked the car

at the burger joint and got out of her car. She felt taller. Without even

knowing it, she had grown to six feet in height. She walked into the place and

watched as the kid working at the counter's jaw just dropped. His slightly

older, and female, manager slapped his arm, "Just take her order."

Tia liked the attention though

"May I take your order?" the kid asked.

Tia sighed, and stretched, arching her back so her chest stuck out. The kid at

the counter marveled at the woman. She leaned over the counter and looked up at

the menu above him so his face was right in her cleavage.

"Let's see," Tia said, rocking her butt back and forth. "What do I want?"

The kid was at his breaking point now, "Can someone take over for me?! I... have

to make a phone call!"

He walked as fast as he coudl to the back and let the female manager take over.

Tia laughed to herself.

"In a few hours," the general said slowly, "this world will be ours."

After eating, Tia walked out of the fast food place and back to her car. The

seven foot woman had to adjust her seat again as she got in and began driving

home. But soon her legs started becoming longer somehow. Her pants didn't rip,

though, and Tia didn't realize she was getting taller until her knees pressed

higher against the dashboard. Her hands were getting bigger, too--too big for

the steering wheel. Her breasts were getting in the way more and more. Tia

didn't understand what was happening. Tia's stomach started pressing against the

wheel. Tia knew she wasn't fat, and that there was something seriously wrong.

She looked at her hands, her head was pressed so hard up against the roof, she

had to tilt it to one side so she could still look at the road.

"What the fuck is happening to me?" Tia said as her knees became level with her

chin. There was no room in the car for her any more. The car swerved back and

forth on the road, as Tia tried to gain control. Cars screeched out of the way.

Tia's growing legs forced her foot onto the gas pedal and the car took off a

dangerous spped. Tia found her face pressing against the windsheild glass with

even less room to move. She finally managed to move her growing foot off the gas

pedal and onto the brake. The car peeled to a halt in the middle of the

intersection. Tia twisted her arm and opened the car door. A cop got out of his

car and walked over to Tia's car. At first he was doing his usual cop routine,

that cocky, power-trip type look some cops get when they're about to give a

ticket. But his mood changed as he saw Tia squeeze out of the car and stand at

seventeen feet in height.

"Oh, wow," she said looking at her new giant size. She looked to the cop, "The

only thing I've been drinking, officer, is milk."

"Holy crap," the cop muttered. He started for his car so he could call for more

back-up or escape, but the twenty-foot Tia--Twenty foot? Is that right? She'd

grown even more. Tia was only surprised that her clothes were growing, too.

"Where are you going?" Tia smiled at the doll-sized cop as she picked him up.

"Don't hurt me," he pleaded.

"I just want to give you a big hug," Tia said innocently. She wrapped her giant

arms around him and pressed the cop to her huge, growing bosom. She squeezed and

squeezed, suffocating him between her flesh-colored mounds. Tia opened her arms

and let him fall.

"Whoops. Looks like I broke him," the thirty foot Tia grinned. "I wonder how

much bigger I'm going to get?"

She wasn't the only one wondering. The commissioner and mayor seemed to have a

big problem on their hands.

"This one isn't for you," the mayor barked.

"We're just going to get the government involved," the commissioner protested.

"That's exactly right," the mayor said picking up the phone. "In the meantime,

get in touch with the National Guard."

Now at fifty feet tall, Tia couldn't resist reaking some giant-sized havoc,

"This is going to be SO much fun."

She quickly stomped a car and then leaned over to peek into someone's apartment.

The woman inside the apartment screamed at the sight of the growing woman. The

sixty foot Tia just laughed. She thrust her hand into the window, crashing into

the apartment and grabbing the woman. She pulled her hand out and looked at the

little, screaming woman. Tia just smiled at her and continued to grow.

"Oh don't cry," Tia said. "Here, we'll play a game. I'll be King Kong, and you

keep screaming."

Tia started climbing the nearest skyscraper she could find, just like King Kong.

But Tia was growing bigger by the second. By the time she reached the top of the

building, she was as tall as it was. The building broke in half, unable to hold

her weight and Tia fell into the city, destroying three blocks worth of

buidlings. She crushed the woman in her hands, accidentally, of course, and

wiped the mess off her hand quickly. Tia stood at 400 feet and was still getting

bigger. Tia recognized a TV news helicopter as it swung by her. She waved to it

as it hovered.

"Hi, mom!" Tia grinned. "Remember how you said I'd never amount to anything?

Well just tell me when this amount is TOO MUCH!"

She then flicked the helicopter, sending it spinning and flying miles over the

horizon. She laughed out loud, "This has got to be some kind of dream!"

But Tia found herself now at 500 feet and saw the National Guards tanks roving

toward her.

"Oooh, more toys," she laughed.

But the gun fire actually hurt a little and Tia realized that maybe she wasn't

invincible just yet. In a panic, she rushed behind a building that was still

bigger that her and hid from it. She stood with her back to it, forgetting that

she was growing. She grew until she was taller than the building and was hit in

the neck by the artillery. She turned around, finding that the pain was weaker

now. Maybe her new height of 700 feet had something to do with it. The growing

woman walked out from behind the building and let the tank fire hit her.

"Oh come on, boys, you have to do better than that!" Tia smiled. "After all, I

am a big girl!"

Tia watched as the world around her continued to shrink, "And it looks like I'm

about to get a lot bigger!"

The 800 foot woman stomped a few tanks and easily kicked over a few more. She

watched as the bug-sized men ran from their tanks and trucks. Tia continued to

laugh, growing bigger and bigger. The gigantic woman reached 1000 feet and

stepped out of the city, admiring her titanic size. She lifted a foot high into

the air and slammed it down next to the city. The city's buildings shook with

the tremendous force, Tia watched as pipes across the city burst and people

fleed for their lives. She slammed her foot down again and again, watching as

the buidlings lost strength and eletrical posts fell. The she hopped into the

air, her 1,400 foot body bouncing up and down against the earth. The city fell

into ruin, crumbling to peices while shock waves from the earthquake rattled

nearby cities and tore some of them down, too. Tia laughed at looked her growing

body, "And I'm still growing!"

Tia settled down from her laughter and decided to take a breather. She knelt

down by the nearest lake and put her lips to the water. She inhaled the liquid,

sucking in fish, people, and boats throught huge lips. Tia stood up again having

grown to 2000 feet. She could see more tanks, and now planes, approaching her.

Tia sucked in a huge, long breath of air letting her chest fill and swell. She

held the air in, admiring her big tits which looked even bigger now. She leaned

forward and unloaded her breath onto the tanks and trucks. They flew back, only

some of the tanks resisting the force of the wind, but they too, also succumbed

and flipped over. Several planes zoomed higher, passing by Tia's giant belt. She

simply patted her hand on her belt and felt the planes explode. The smoke

floated up to her nose. Tia felt the sudden urge to sneeze. She erupted a

massive sneeze which knocked out many of the remaining jet planes, sending them

into a crash fest. The three mile high woman didn't even realize that the sneeze

started a few tornadoes and a hurricane. It also sent billions of super-strong

germs out into the countryside that would kill millions on three continents. Tia

looked at the shrinking planet, "OK, I think I'm big enough now. How do I stop


She held onto her hips and tried pressing them together, thinking it would stop

her growth. It didn't and the woman continued to expand, "How did I start


Tia began walking east, toward Washington D.C., thinking that the governemnt

coudl help.

"So what are we going to do," the Secretary of State muttered.

"How much bigger can she get?" the Secretary of Defense asked the scientist

sitting to his right.

"Well, if she keeps on growing, she won't be a problem much longer," the

scientist answered.

The Secretary of War sighed, "Look at her, she's already taken out an army's

worth of weapons, machines and men. Won't her being even bigger make it worse?"

"No," the scientist said calmly. "How big do you think she'll get? She's hasn't

shown any signs of slowing or reducing. Do you really think that the Earth's

gravity can hold an object that big? It can't. She'll be thrown into space."

"Before or after she destroys us all?" the President asked quietly.

Tia was six miles high by the time she reached the coast. The clouds rolled by

her chest. She watched as an air liner passed by her eyes, "OH NO, THIS ISN'T


She tried to get her bearings straight. She crushed too many cities to get a

real idea as to where she was. She was lost. All of the tiny landscape looked

the same. Tia knelt her growing body down and surveyed the coastal cities. She

was looking for landmarks. Finally, she spotted the Washington Memorial and



Her words rattled the President's office.

"So what do we do?" The President asked.

"If we stop her growth," the Secretary of Defense started.

"If we can," the scientist added.

"If we can," the Secretary of Defense agreed, "then she maybe stuck at several

miles in height and still capable of destroying us all. She'll have us under her

gigantic thumb."

"So you suggest we do nothing," the Presient reaffirmed.

"Yes. I believe that she will be blown off the planet naturally."



She waited watching herself grow. No one came to help her. Tia became angry and

clenched a fist, "FINE! IF I GO, YOU ALL GO!"

She brought down her giant fist onto half the city, completely wiping it out.

She stood, now thirteen miles high, more than twice the size she was when she

knelt down. She continued to grow, becoming angrier and more desperate. She

began crushing cities with her gigantic feet, watching listening to them crunch

and crackle. Tia looked down at her waist and saw the clouds rolling by her.

"I'm growing," she said to herself in awe and disbelief. "I'm growing and I

can't stop and I don't know why. And no one's helping me because no one cares.

I'm gigantic and still nobody cares!"

The thirty mile woman seemed to be growing faster the angrier she got. She began

ripping cities out of the ground and turning them over, slamming them to the

ground upside down. She stomped over as many as she could. She began walking to

the West coast again, "WHY DESTROY JUST ONE CONTINENT?"

Tia stepped into the Pacific, finding that the water only came up to her ankles

and the slight loss in height was quickly regained and then some by her growing

body. With a sudden brain storm, Tia knelt down and swept her hand backwards

over the water. The resulting tidal wave decimated the American west coast,

floodin gthe inland for miles. Now at eighty miles tall, Tia walked toward the

continent of Asia. The head of a blond, 100 miles tall woman appeared at the

Japanese horizon. The people froze watching as the titanic head got close, rose

higher, and the face smiled.


Her expanding, hulking body rose higher and got closer with every step.

She reached down and ripped the island of Japan out of the water, raising it to

her eye level. She could see the millions of tiny people fleeing and screaming.

They appeared to be barely visible to the goddess. She dropped it carelessly

into the water.

"WELL," she sighed. "THAT WAS FUN."

Tia stepped onto the Chinese shore at 180 miles tall. The Chinese army was

prepared for the woman, or at least they thought they were. Their missles and

jets fired at her. They were mere fireworks to Tia. It just made her angry and

she let the explosives hit her, "YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THAT."

Tia reached down with both hands into the soil of China. She scooped out two

joined heaping hand fulls of earth and let them fall from her fingertips onto

the the Chiniese army, cities, and continient. The explosions and fireworks

stopped. Tia dusted off her hands. She peered down at the world.

"SO THIS IS MOUNT EVEREST," she said, looking at the mere 5 mile nub of earth. "DOESN"T


Of course, by now, Tia was 230 miles tall. She felt light-headed and looked up

slowly, trying not to lose her balance. She saw a distorted, fuzzy image of

herself. She had grown big wnough so that the light of the sun bent around the

Earth to her eyes and she literally saw herself. She continued to grow, feeling

more and more unbalanced. She looked at her feet and saw that she was slowly

being lifted from the ground. She had grown too big for gravity.

"OH, GOD," she whispered to herself. "NOW WHAT?"

"You were right," the Secretary of State said with a muffled sigh of relief to

the Secretary of Defense and the scientist. "We won."

"Yes, but at what cost?" the President said, looking out the window of the other

half of the destroyed city of Washington, D.C. The President could see the

outline of her fist left in the soil and all the buildings within the depressed

earth were totally flattened or non-existant.

Tia realized she couldn't breathe very well any more. Her whole body was now

hovering above the surface of the Earth. She took at deep breath and was thrust

into space. The zero gravity atmosphere which was perfect for the rapid growth

and development of bacteria worked just as easily on Tia's growing cells. She

grew faster, trying to hold in her last breaths of air as best she could.

"Now what?" the Secretary of War asked, turning to the scientist.

"She'll be pulled into the Sun," the scientist shrugged.

Tia grew and grew and grew. Four hundred miles then five hundred then six then

seven. She felt herself being pulled back toward the sun. Tia now desperately

tried to swim through space back to the tiny ball in front of her that was

Earth. On Earth, millions around the world watched as the immeasurable woman

tried in vain to get back. Tia became angry, her growth accelerating. In a last

vengeful attempt, she opened her mouth, swimming as fast as she could to the

Earth. She opened her mouth, bearing her gigantic teeth and jump forward to

swallow the Earth whole. The Sun's gravity tugged her back quickly, her jaws

snapping shut just short of the Earth. She was sucked backward toward the Sun,

too tired to struggle any more. Tia vanished from the sky. Tia opened her eyes

and took a gasping breath of air. She was in a metallic-looking box surrounded

by pipes and lights.

"Where am I?" she asked in a groggy voice.

"Aboard a vehicle you would call a space ship," a voice said.

"Who are you?"

The wall in front of her became a screen and an alien (a grey) appeared, "I am

General V're."

"You speak English?"

"No," the alien answered. "In fact, this is not even my true voice. Its a

computer-generated one. You're too large to hear normal voice patterns."

"I know," Tia muttered.

"You did an excellent job," the alien general added.

"Doing what?"

"Destroying your planet."

Tia was now very lost. The General saw this and answered Tia.

"This was done on purpose using a matter augmentation device."

"A what?"

"It makes things bigger."


"You will be collapsed to normal-size and rule your planet for the empire while

we conquer more worlds."

Tia really didn't care about the ruling the planet part, she just wanted to be

normal-sized again.

"Well, hurry up," Tia said, watching as her body slowly continued to grow.

"We're working on it now," the General turned to the device operator.

"We're trying," the operator answered quickly. He looked at the screen and a

concerned look crossed his face. The operator looked into the screen where the

General was talking to Tia.

"These are not your usual dimensions!" the operator said in a panic.

"Well no shit," Tia answered. "He just told me you made me grow. What kind of

morons do you have on this ship?"

"No! Your body's proportions! They've been altered somewhow," the operator said

in a disturbed way. "We found added chemicals to your body chemistry that

affected your natural state."

Tia remembered falling into the pool at the sequioa forest, she looked at her

chest and then at the screen, "You can't collapse me?"

"We can't!"

"What?" the General asked immediately.

"You can't shrink me?!" Tia was becoming upset.

The General spoke calmly to Tia, "You have to remain calm. Anger in your species

causes accelerated growth."

"Believe me I know!" Tia's body grew faster and faster and she became cramped up

in the box.

"There may be another way to collapse you!" the General pleaded.

But by then, Tia grew so large she tore through the metal of the ship and into

the next level. Millions of tiny greys ran.

"Shrink me now!" Tia screamed, growing bigger, angrier, and faster by the

second. She burst through to more levels and found less and less room in the


"We have to make a crash landing!" the pilot shouted.

"Do it!" the General ordered.

Just then, Tia's head exploded into the control room level, knocking the

general, pilot, operator, and any other crew against the opposite wall. Tia's

butt broke open the other side of the ship, sending millions of grey's into

space. The planet-sized ship soon had bits of Tia growing out of it as the ship

was sucked into an even larger planet, Praeoria.

The alien ship hit the planet with incredible impact. But to the inhabitants of

the planets, the ship's crash landing went unnoticed. It sent up a small bit of

dust and sand. The ship shattered away at Tia, who was still growing, though now

much slower because of the intense gravity of the giant planet. She stood,

letting the wreackage fall off her body. She was half the size of ant and

totally clueless as to where she was. She looked at her clothes, amazed at how

well they had held up and that they had grown with her this far. Tia began

walking, hoping to find civilization and thinking that everything was

normal-sized to her.

"So I just keep on growing until I'm too big for this planet, too?" she

grumbled. Tia thought about the whole ordeal, remembering the things that

brought her here, "So it was the trees that made my body bigger... Well, not

bigger, but..."

She stopped the monolouge, thinking of all the places she'd destroyed on Earth.

Tia realized she didn't even know how far away Earth was, but she knew she

couldnt' go back unless she was smaller. Earth was probably a tiny speck to her

now, and getting smaller as she grew. She wondered if she could even go back to

Earth. They would probably treat her like a criminal and punish her to death if

she went back normal-sized. Tia still wanted to try to get back to normal. Her

thoughts were interrupted by thundering sounds behind her. She turned around and

a shadow covered her and almost all the area around her. Tia looked up to see a

giant man and woman. They appeared human, but Tia knew this wasn't Earth. Tia

now knew how huge she must have looked to the people on Earth.

The woman knelt down and plucked some flowers out of the ground near where Tia

was standing. Tia ran to hide behind them, but that was just the thing that

caught the giant woman's attention. Tia heard her say something in a language

she couldn't understand. Most likely, it was, "What's that?"

The man sank down a bit, to see Tia better, he squinted to look at the inch high

woman. He answered his lady friend that he didn't know what it was. The woman

handed him the flowers and picked up Tia with her thumb and forefinger. The

giant woman brought Tia up to her eyes and seemed to giggle at her. To the

woman, it didn't appear as though Tia was growing at all. Now that Tia had a

better view point, she could see that the woman had long, shiny brown hair that

reached to her hips and big brown eyes that Tia had no choice but to see. The

man looked like any Greek statue Tia could remember, except with clothes on.

"What is this? A planet of perfect people?" Tia said to herself.

The giant woman slipped Tia into her breast pocket and Tia struggled to stand up

right. The woman walking didn't help much and Tia bounced around with her huge

breasts. Tia finally did stand up straight, growing large enough to do so, and

looked at the landscape as she bounced along. The man and woman walked through a

forest and deep inside it. They reached home, a cottage, and by the time they

were there Tia was four inches tall. The man apparently pointed this out as he

and the woman walked into the cottage. The woman set Tia down on a table. She

gave Tia what tasted like bread. Tia didn't care. She hadn't eaten in a long

time and would have taken anything at this point. Tia finished eating and was

now six inches high.

"Well, at least I'm not growing as fast," she said.

The woman seemed to be fascinated with Tia's size and sat down in a chair at the

table. She watched Tia intently, smiling and giggling while the man looked

through some books trying to identify what Tia was. The woman began poking Tia

with her finger, hitting her lightly in the stomach.

"Stop it," Tia said.

The woman kept poking at her, giggling.

"No, stop it."

The woman kept on poking. Tia slapped her finger.

"Stop it! It's not a game!" Tia shouted. Tia watched herself grow faster, the

annoyance triggering the response. "Shit! See, now look what happening to me!"

The woman called the man over to see as Tia grew to 10 inches high.

"Calm down, Tia. Just calm down," Tia said to herself. She took a few deep

breaths and tried to relax. Her growth slowed again. The man apparently wanted

to know what happened and so the woman poked at Tia again.

"Will you cut it out!" Tia shouted and grew larger and larger. "Shit!"

She did her breathing exercises again and slowed down, reaching a foot and half

tall. The man and woman looked at Tia with amazement. They finally saw that Tia

was becoming gradually larger.

"I need your help," Tia begged. "I need you to find a way to make me smaller."

The man and woman didn't understand a word of what Tia was saying and Tia saw

this immediately.

"I," Tia said pointing to herself. "Want to get smaller."

She then held up two hand and pushed together.

"You know, smaller," she helf up her thumb and forefinger and moved them

together, too.

The man and woman now nodded to her with understanding. But the man shrugged,

speaking in the weird language. It looked as though he didn't know of anything

that made things smaller. Tia sighed watching as she became two feet tall in

comparison with the giant man and woman. Tia sat on the table, her legs dangling

over. She watched them slowly get longer.

"Well," she sighed. "At least I'm not growing as fast any more. That gives me

some more time."

The woman saw that Tia was a little sad and so said something in a comforting

tone, patting Tia's head. Tia sighed again, and laid on the table. She curled up

and went to sleep. Tia awoke with the couple when they heard a loud crash. Tia

sat up, she had grown too heavy for the table. As a matter of fact, she was now

seven feet tall and growing. The couple rushed to the room, watching as Tia

stood. They were amazed at her new size.

"How did this happen?" Tia asked, looking at her hands.

The couple watched as Tia continued to grow.

"Oh god," she whispered. "I'm not going to stop growing, am I? That thing they

used on me is just going to make my body expand faster and faster, isn't it?"

The couple watched as Tia's head hit the roof.

"I'm just going to keep growing and growing and growing from planet to planet

until there aren't any planets big enough to hold me," Tia crashed through the

roof, her anxiety making the growth accelerate.

The couple ran out of the cottage, and Tia carefully climbed out of it.

"I've got to relax," Tia said. She slowed down again, now at fifteen feet

compared to the normal size on the planet.

The man ran back into the cottage, saying something again that Tia didn't

understand. He ran to a medicine cabinet and began mixing some ingredients

together. Tia watched him through the broken roof. He ran back out and handed

the sixteen foot Tia a large bowl with the formula in it. Tia took it from him,

looking at it with uncertainty. He gestured for her to drink it.

Tia shrugged, "Even if I just stop growing, that will be fine."

She downed the liquid. It had a decent taste to it and Tia finished it all. She

handed the bowl back to him and watched body. She was still growing. Suddenly,

she stopped. Tia waited. Her clothes were still growing, though. Tia began to

shrink. She stopped at fifteen feet but was happy with even that.

"Can you make more?" Tia asked the man excitedly.

The man seemed to understand and nodded. Tia looked at her growing clothing and

laughed. But a bizarre sensation came over her, Tia began growing again. Her

panic once again sped up her growth. She found herself filling up her clothes

again. She settled down before they became tight and she outgrew them. They were

the only things she had left. Now she and her clothing grew at the same pace

once again. The woman watched as a look of tension came over Tia's face. The

woman had a feeling as to what was to happen next.

Tia was upset. The concoction had worked, just not well enough to stop her

growth. The blond watched her body grow as she had many times before. She

remembered how the alien operator told her she couldn't be collapsed because of

the chemical imbalance. And then she remembered the trees which gave her a more

shapely body. The woman saw a flood of emotions move over Tia's face as the man

ran to her.

"Stupid trees!" Tia shouted, and the twenty-five foot woman pushed on over.

"Stupid breasts! Goddamn aliens!"

Tia shoved over ten or elelven more trees, and her anger still grew. The couple

watched as Tia became taller and taller. The thirty foot woman turned to them

and began poking maliciously at the woman, much harder than the woman had poked

at her, "How do you like it?! How do you like it?!"

Tia finally just squashed the woman and turned her attention to the man.

"You're too cute to throw away," she said, still angry. "You stay with me."

She picked up and slipped him into her pocket. Tia continued to grow.

"Oh this is familiar!" she shouted now fifty feet tall, recognizing the size.

She walked through the forest, the trees becoming lower and skinnier to her.

Soon, she towered higher than any tree in the woods. Tia waded through the

forest which was getting even shorter around her hips. She erupted from the

woods standing at 120 feet.

The people of village outside the forest saw the giant Tia emerge and watched as

she walked toward them. Tia looked down to the little colelction of home and

kicked over the nearest house. The people shouted and pointed, yelling in the

strange language.

"Oh shut up," she stompted on a crowd of people.

"You little bugs!" she shouted. "I am your goddess now!"

She grabbed a man up and thoughtlessly tossed him in her mouth. She slowly

chewed him. And then swallowed. She smiled, "Hey, you guys taste pretty good."

The 180 foot giantess grabbed ten of fifteen more people and devoured them. Her

growth slowed as she became happier. By the time she was done, she had eaten

almost all the people of the village. The 200 foot Tia patted her belly,

strumming her fingers against it, "That was good."

She left the village and walked the landscape, finding nothing but trees and

small villages everywhere. There were a few mountains in the distance.

"Aren't there any cities on this planet?" Tia wondered.

A large army suddenly appeared on a ridge ahead of Tia. Tia was now only about

300 feet, but really unafraid of anything anyway. The leaders shouted something

and hundreds of men charged at Tia with swords, sheilds and sticks.

"Oh, I get it," Tia smiled. "They aren't advanced enough yet."

The men ran up to her feet and ankles, trying to attack her. Tia just stood

there, letting them take out their aggression. It didn't hurt her at all. The

hints of pain annoyed Tia and she grew faster. Some warriors tried climbing

Tia's legs and found she was stretching taller and taller. Tia looked down at

the men as she grew and grew and grew. The warriors slowly and carefully crept

back, looking up at the 600 foot woman. She extended higher and higher into the

air. She raised her foot over the men, but then set it down gently. Her growth

slowed. The warriors were bowing to her like she was a queen, like she was a

goddess. The 800 foot woman burst into laughter as the warriors cowered. A

leader stood, and shouted something in a strange language. It looked like he was

trying to get on Tia's good side. Tia just smiled at him. The leader smiled

uneasily back, and pointed in a direction. He wanted Tia to follow him. Tia did,

watching as the army only stood after she walked by them. Tia was moving too

swiftly for the leader and finally she picked him up and let him show her the

way from there. Tia saw that they were approaching the mountains and saw a

castle the size of a doll house in front of the mountain slopes. The leader

shouted something to her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Tia set him down. He ran into the castle.

Tia was too impatient to wait and so ripped some of the towers off the top of

the castle. The 1000 foot woman saw the tiny king and queen inside. They

shivered in fear at the sight of the titaness. Tia reached down and picked the

two of them up. She really wasn't hungry, and didn't feel like eating them

anyway. She saw the king and queen take off their crowns and extend them to Tia.

She took them and set the king and queen down. Tia was far too huge for the

castle so she sat in the mountain peaks that looked like a chair to her. It was

her new throne. She was now 1200 feet tall and watched as the army approached.

The king, queen, their servants, guards and the leader who brought her there all

bowed to her. Tia just laughed. The army soon came, and they too paid homage to

her. The king's servants began bringing food as offerings to Tia. Tia ate the

little plates of food as quickly as they came.

"Are you guys trying to fatten me up?" Tia laughed. "Aren't I big enough?"

She watched as people from across the land went to pray to her now. They really

had taken her as a goddess. Tia almost forgot about her growth entirely. But she

foudn her butt getting too big for the moutain throne she was in. Tia pulled her

huge posterior out of the peaks. The people cowered before her, thinking she was

going to destroy them.

"Grrrr," Tia said with a mean face. The people cowered more. She laughed and

returned to looking for a new throne. But all the mountain peaks appeared too

short. Tia saw that she was now 2000 feet tall, and if last night was any

indication of how fast she grew in her sleep, she was going to become twice that


Tia watched as the sun set, "Shit. I can't stay awake forever..."

As it became dark around the countryside, the servants lit giant torches around

Tia's sacred ground. They soon dispersed and went into the camps that they had

made far outside the castle. Tia sat the valley, watching as it gradually shrank

around her. Tia watched the sky and saw the millions and billions of stars in

the universe. She laughed herself, thinking how small most of them were now. She

wondered just how big she could get, and even what was beyond the universe. She

must have fell asleep during her wondering, because she awoke a mile high woman.

Tia sat up, her butt and hips filling the valley and then some. She had actually

made more mountains and it looked like she had covered most of the servants camp

with earth, too. She stood, a little unbalanced at first, not used to her new

towering stature.

"Here we go again," Tia muttered. She walked across the land, forgetting her

position as goddess and just wanted to roam today. She saw something sparlking

in the distance. It was metallic. It looked like, a city. But the people here

were too primitive to have a city made of anything metal. Tia's curiousity and

the hope she could become small again made her walk faster to the shining


The city was no higher than a foot in comparison to the mile and a half tall

Tia. She reached down, watching the metallic spires as they reflected the sun's

light and scattered it into her face. It wasn't enough to blind her, and she

plucked one of the taller towers from the city. She brought it close to her eye,

so she coudl see in. Within the tower were more aliens, not greys, but other

bizarre looking creatures. They were frightened at the sight of the enormous Tia

and some cluttered together in the corners furthest from the windows. The aliens

were unlike anything Tia had seen before. They had cone-shaped legs which were

connected to cone shaped bodies with cylinder-shaped heads. They were grey

though, a dark gray with dark red fur and human looking arms. Tia couldn't tell

if they were wearing clothes or not. But she did know they were far more

advanced than the human-looking people on this planet. The city began lifting

from the ground. Tia first hoped she was shrinking, but then realized the city

was also a ship. Tia dropped the tower quickly, letting the thousands of aliens

fall to their deaths, and watched it rise to her eye level. She grabbed the

ship/city and clung to it for life.

"No wait!" she pleaded. "You have to help me!"

Tia was trying to remind herself to remain calm as she became 5 and a half miles

tall. The ship lifted her off the ground as well, and so to bring it down, Tia

wrapped her legs around it hoping her weight would do the trick.

The ship hovered in the air and the seven mile woman that she was also hovering

steadily off the ground. There was a sudden burst of energy and the primitive

human-looking people on the planet watched as the mysterious city and their

goddess vanished forever in a flash of light.

Tia blinked and foudn herself still holding onto the ship. The sky didn't look

liek the same sky she had seen before. It was iradecent and looked like a moving

blanket. As she climbed off the ship, it also seemed as though the ground was

different. It was rocky, solid, and beige. It also went on forever. The ship

landed, planting itself in the groudn as it had before. A giant hologram

appeared next to Tia, the giant hologram only coming up to her thighs. She now

saw what the aliens looked like in detail, but still wasn't sure if it was

wearing clothes.

"Who are you?" the alien hologram asked.

"Tia," she answered almost unable to remember her name.

"How did you become so large?" the hologram asked.

"Some alien weapon," Tia replied. "Can you shrink me down to normal?"

"We would actually prefer you to have this size," the alien answered. "I am

Kron, we are part of the rebellion."


"Yes," Kron answered. "Against, Her."

The hologram pointed to the distance and Tia looked behind her to see a massive

woman, far away, but still huge enough to be seen clearly as she approached on

the horizon.

"So what do you want from me?" Tia asked.

"Battle her. Defeat her, and you will become our ruler," Kron answered.

"Listen, I just want to get back to normal," Tia sighed. She once again looked

at her surroudings. "Where the hell am I anyway?"

"This is not your universe," the alien answered.

"Well, no shit."

"We were simply colonizing that planet in your universe to hide from the


"Can you make me smaller?" Tia asked.

"We need you bigger."

"Bigger?!" Tia said seeing the hologram become only a foot tall next to her.

"Will you fight for us?" the hologram asked anxiously as the sounds of the

Empresses footsteps neared closer.

"I just want to get back to normal."

"Then will you help us?"

"Yes! I'll do it," Tia answered in annoyance.

A titanic shadow appeared over her and she turned around to see the enormously

colossal Empress standing behind her. She was also human looking, but made Tia

look three inches tall. The Empress smiled down smugly at Tia, her long black

hair flowed half-way down her back, and it seemed to be parted as though it was

like Tia's short hair. Her breasts were straining to stay within the confines of

the lattice wrok of her bodice. The Empress's hips curved delicately wide into

her long black dress. In her right hand, she held a septer with a large shining

orb at the end of it.

"And who might you be," the Empress asked Tia, the smug smile still on her face.

"Why don't you tell me who you are," Tia answered.

"As you wish, little one," the gigantic Empress answered. "I am Empress of the


"I'm Tia, and I'm not as little as you think."

"I can see," the Empress grinned. Tia was now roughly 6 inches high. "I hope you

are not with the rebels. If so, you're going to have to do better than that."

The Empress lightly nudged Tia, implying her tiny size.

"By becoming larger," the Empress explained. "You are threatening my rank as


Tia was becoming nervous, and was now as high as the Empress's knees.

"Are you with the rebels?"

"Well...," Tia turned around to the Kron's hologram. The alien nodded quickly

and the hologram vanished. Tia turned back to the Empress, finding she was now

up to the Empress's hips. "I really don't care. Look, I just want someone to

make me smaller."

"You want to be smaller?" the Empress laughed. "Here."

Tia watched as the orb glowed on the septer and the Empress became even bigger.

Tia was once again up to the Empress's feet. Tia was relieved at first, but then

realized the Empress had grown and Tia hand't become any smaller.

The Empress laughed at the fooled Tia. Tia just became angry.

"You think this is a joke?" Tia shouted up to her. "That wasn't funny! I need


Tia felt herself growing faster and faster, unlike she ever had before.

The Empress watched in awe and amazement as Tia quickly came up to her chest.

"How did you do that?" The Empress asked watching as Tia grew taller, taller

than the Empress herself.

"I told you," Tia said, strecthing high enough so the Empress was now at her

hips. "I need help."

The Empress wasn't going to be defeated so easily. The septer glowed again and

Tia found herself next to the tremendous toes of the Empress. Tia was bug

compared to her. The Empress's giant fingers picked Tia up and gripped her like

a giant forceps.

"Here, after I crush you, you won't have to worry," The Empress smiled with an

evil grin.

Tia's emotions ran high, and in her panic she grew at an incredible rate. The

aliens watched from their ships as Tia became 100 times the size of the Empress.

"Now who's gonna get crushed?" Tia asked, lifting her foot over the inch high


Tia brought her foot down quickly, and it hit the ground--though, the ground

appeared softer now. Tia saw that she was only an inch and a half tall and

standing on the colossal Empress's breasts. The Empress just smiled at her.

"Neat trick," Tia said.

The Empress grabbed Tia and hung her over her cavernous mouth. She lowered Tia

in, but found she couldn't close her mouth. Tia had grown big enough to hold

open The Empress's jaws and she climbed out while the Empress choked. Tia

climbed onto the Empress's chest again, growing faster and faster. Tia finally

slid off, hitting the ground and growing so large that the Empress rested on her

abdomen. Tia sat up to see the Empress and the Empress responded quickly growing

so that Tia was now in between hr giant feet and only a foot tall. The Empress

brought the septer up, ready to smash Tia underneath it, when she found herself

standing on Tia's humongous breasts only a centimeter compared to the rest of


"Did I do it right?" Tia asked smiling.

"You have made A BIG BIG MISTAKE," the Empress said forbodingly.

Tia became microscopic next to the Empress, whose huge body seemed to go on and

on forever. Tia backed away from her slowly.

"WHERE ARE YOU, GERM?!" the Empress thundered.

Tia was too frightened to get angry again, and the panic wasn't making her grow

fast enough.



Those words were enough to anger Tia so that she became a towering, mammoth


The now microscopic Empress watched as Tia's humongously gigantic body continued

to grow and grow and grow.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!" Tia's voice rumbled the universe. "I'M SURE I CAN GET


Tia exploded into an even larger size, twice the size as before. The Empress was

now infintisimally small, microscopic to something microscopic. Tia felt totally

immense as she never had before. She seemed to realize just how immeasurable she

really was. The solar system she came from was probably only visible to her

through the use of several extremely powerful microscopes or her imagination and

memories. Tia suddenly remembered the man she had slipped into her pocket on the

giant planet. She wondered if he was even still alive. Her breif daydream was

enough time to give the Empress a chance to become half Tia's size. Tia noticed

this, though, and grabbed the Empress by the waist.

"STOP DOING THAT!" Tia thundered. She ripped the septer from the Empress's hand

and the Empress stopped growing.

"Give it back!" the Empress screamed fearfully.


"It doesn't shrink things, it only makes them bigger!" she shouted. "Give it




Tia hit a sudden growth spurt and accidentally crushed the septer between her

gigantic fingers.

The Empress screamed and Tia watched as she shrank forever into nothing.

"WHY CAN'T I GET THAT SMALL AGAIN," Tia said to herself. Tia felt another

strange sensation. Her body seemed to be growing larger all over. Tia watched as

her breasts grew in cup size and felt her butt and hips increase as well. The

muscles in her body seemed to getting larger too. Tia felt her head hit a

ceiling. She didn't expect that, and it made her afraid. "OH NO, HOW BIG CAN I


She crouched down, feeling her backside hit a wall. Soon Tia was curled up into

a ball, growing within the universe. Her exapnsion out did the confines of the

universe and it blew apart around her. Tia flinched closing her eyes tight. She

opened them, finding she had destroyed the alien universe and was now in another

one. Probably her same universe. The sky was black and there were star like

objects everywhere, but on closer inspection Tia found that they were entire

galaxies now no bigger than shining grains of sand. The gases from the universe

seemed to gravitate toward Tia naturally because of her unspeakable size. She

could breathe lightly, but was afraid to talk. The zero gravity enviroment was

once again causing her to grow uncontrollably. The universe around began to get

harder to see straight. Everthing was getting smaller. Tia felt another strange

sensation. Her clothes couldn't keep up with her rapid expansion, and they began

to feel incredibly tight. Her belt snapped at her growing belly and she watched

helplessly as her shirt became too small to cover her breasts. Her khaki pants

ripped around her legs. Tia floated in void naked. The immeasurable woman

continued to grow, realizing she had gone beyond galaxies or universes, or even

dimensions. Tia watched her body expand. She looked to her hands and saw them

get further and further away. She couldn't see her toes any more. Her body was

vast to keep track of. She could feel her hips getting wider though she couldn't

see them. Tia watched her breasts expand, and they started to get further and

further away. Soon, all Tia could see was her neck and then she became too

immeasurable for that. Her eyes grew so far apart that they began to see

independently of each other. Tia felt herself growing further and further apart.

The atoms of her body literally spread further from each other, allowing her to

become even bigger. Tia HAD become something big. Something bigger than she

could have ever imagined. Tia felt her atoms finally pull apart completely and

she disappeared.

The End

Giantess Stories: The Unbelievable Growing Woman by LBP

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