Giantess Stories: The Video Swallower  By Lamarun   Tammy held up a tiny one inch tall woman between her fingers and grimaced

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The Video Swallower

By Lamarun

Tammy held up a tiny one inch tall woman between her fingers and grimaced. "Do I

really have to?"

Brian looked up from behind the video camera. "Come on honey, it's the last one

for today."

Tammy frowned. "Come on Brian, this is the most you've ever had me devour at one

time. My stomach feels like a washing machine going through a spin cycle."

Brian's eyes lit up. He loved it when she talked like that. "Don't worry. This

is the last one for today, I promise." Bending over, Brian resumed his position

behind the video camera.

Tammy let out a sigh. "Well, all right." Brushing a few strands of long blond

hair from her face, she leaned close to the camera lens and started the

procedure she had performed countless times before. As soon as she was sure the

camera was recording, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and ran out her

tongue. A good deal of saliva was built up in her mouth, that's how Brian--and

her customers, liked it. Tilting her head slightly, Tammy began to rub the tiny

woman she held across her tongue. The tiny naked woman immediately began to

scream and kick--they always tried to fight. Tammy ignored the tiny struggles of

the girl and continued to rub her back and forth along the length of her

outstretched tongue. The woman didn't really taste all that good, but Tammy

began to moan in pleasure as if she were licking her favorite chocolate.

Tammy continued to lick and play with her victim for a good three minutes and

then decided it was time to finish up. Making sure to hold her mouth open wide

so Brian could get a good shot of her throat, she curled her thick tongue and

placed the inch-tall woman into her mouth. She held her position for a few

seconds so that Brian could get some good video of the struggling woman who was

cradled on her tongue. Saliva dripped from her outstretched tongue, but Tammy

ignored it--Brian would surely enjoy it. Then, with as much of an open-mouthed

smile as she could muster, Tammy slowly brought her tongue back into her mouth.

As her lips closed she felt the tiny woman fall into her throat...and she


Brian jumped up from behind the camera. The bulge in his pants was plainly

noticeable. "Excellent as usual Tam! I wish you could have kept your mouth open

a little longer though, I think she tried to make a grab for your uvula. That

would have been something to get on tape!"

Tammy lifted her shirt and massaged her somewhat bulging belly. She could feel

people squirming around down there, exactly how many she wasn't sure. It had

been a long night of recording and she had lost track of how many people Brian

had her consume.

"Okay, I'm going to go out and gather some people for tomorrow..."

"What!" Tammy wheeled around to face Brian. "I have to do more!"

"Tammy it'll only be a few more. You know we're late getting this video out and

I don't have 60 minutes worth of material yet. Come on baby just a few more and

we'll be done. You know how much money you're getting out of this."

Tammy couldn't argue with that. The orders for their videos were pouring in and

the money was great. The only problem was her conscience. The Internet-junkies

who ordered her video's all thought that they were fake, little did they know

that she was swallowing actual live people--there were no computer or camera

tricks. Tammy didn't ask were Brian got his "volunteers", she couldn't afford to

ask questions. Brian provided for her and treated her better than anyone ever

had. If Brian were to leave her...she wouldn't know what to do. Still, that

didn't help take away the knowledge that at this very moment people--real

people--were dying in her belly. Looking down at the floor, she said, "Okay,

Brian. I'll do it, for you."

Brian smiled one of his famous smiles and kissed Tammy on her luscious lips.

"Thanks so much. I promise this will be it for at least a couple months. I think

this video is going to be one of our top sellers, you are doing marvelous work."

Tammy blushed, she always liked it when Brian complemented her.

"Okay Tammy, I am going to be gone tomorrow working on that contract we talked


Tammy scowled. So far she had made eleven videos with Brian and supposedly her

fans were getting bored. So Brian started looking for more women willing to

perform swallowing scenarios on camera. Through Internet searches he had found

two potential woman. One was a Brunette who said she could swallow an entire hot

dog without chewing. If that was true Brian was sure to snatch her up in a

heartbeat. The other was a young girl who reportedly had a six inch long

tongue--another sure thing for Brian.

"Come on baby don't look at me like that," Brian said soothingly. "You know I

only have eyes for you...and that beautiful mouth of yours. But I need to do

something different and I think hiring more women will boost sales through the


Tammy sighed. "If you say so. Just tell me what you need me to do."

Brian was delighted at Tammy's willingness to please. "Well, since I will be

gone tomorrow you will be on your own to do the final taping for volume 12. I

will leave the equipment set up. All you will have to do is press record, stand

in front of the lens and do your thing. Then we can have the video in mass

production two days from now and still be on schedule."

Tammy let out a small belch. The movements in her stomach were finally beginning

to calm down. She put her hand over her mouth to stifle another belch before

saying, "Okay, I'll be here tomorrow afternoon."

"Great," Brian said. "I'll have your volunteers in the usual place." Brian

refused to call his captives "victims" or "prisoners" or even "food". He always

called them volunteers even though Tammy suspected they were nothing of the

sort. The 'usual place' that Brian mentioned was the small wire cage that always

served to hold the volunteers until it was their turn to go down the hatch.

That business being done Tammy moved in closer to Brian and embraced him. The

bulge in his pants pressed up against her body. "Since I won't be seeing you

tomorrow why don't we go back to the bedroom and take care of this," Tammy

reached down and game the throbbing bulge in Brian's pants a gentle tug.

Brian bent down and gave her a passionate kiss. Their tongues met in a wet

dance. Then Brian pulled back, scooped up Tammy in his arms and marched,

laughing, into the bedroom.

As she was being carried Tammy felt the contents of her stomach slosh back and

forth...back and forth...


The lock was old and was easy to pick. Reaching out with a black gloved hand

Marissa gave the knob a gentle twist. The door opened inward quietly. The living

room of the apartment was empty. There was a couch, some chairs, a table with a

small cage, and up against the was a mass of video equipment. Marissa looked

quickly away. This was the place. All of her patience and tireless searching had

finally led her to the house of her daughters murderer.

Sucking back a torrent of tears that wanted to come she walked slowly into the

apartment, careful not to make a sound. Looking across the room Marissa saw a

bookcase full of video tapes. One shelf had an entire row of videos labeled:


6 she could no longer hold back the tears.


daughter was devoured alive. The painful memories of watching that tape were

still fresh in Marissa's mind. Her daughter was a teenage runaway, she had left

the house after an intense argument and had never come back. After months of

searching Marissa received an anonymous letter saying that a person matching her

daughter's description was seen in a fetish video. Marissa sent numerous letters

to the video company but they denied ever having seen a girl matching her

daughters description--so Marissa did the only thing she could think of. She

ordered all the video's in hopes that she would find some clue as to what

happened to her daughter.

The complete set of BRIAN AND TAMMY'S SWALLOWING FANTASIES came in the mail and

Marissa expected to find her daughter kneeling in front of strange men

performing who knows what on them. But can you imagine the shock when she popped

the first tape in the VCR and saw a close-up of a blonde woman's mouth with a

tiny man inside? As startled and confused as she was Marissa made herself sit

through each tape...until finally 23 minutes into VOLUME 6 she found her


Marissa remembered every detail about the seven minutes her daughter was on

film. The blonde woman (Tammy?) was sitting at the kitchen table with a white

bowl sitting in front of her. She turned to the camera and said, "Hi I'm glad

you could join me for breakfast. Look what I've got here." The camera panned up

to get a view of inside the bowl. Huddled inside was a girl who couldn't have

been more than an inch tall. She was naked and shivering, her long brown hair

pulled over her breasts in an attempt to obscure her nakedness. The camera

turned back to Tammy's face. "Doesn't she look good." At this point Tammy made a

low moaning sound and licked her lips. "MMmmmmmm oh yes she sure looks good." To

Marissa's horror the blonde woman picked up a spoon and began to poke and prod

at her daughter. "Come on little morsel I just have to scoop you up...ah there

we go." The blonde woman lifted the spoon out of the bowl. Kayla, Marissa's

daughter, was on the spoon. The blonde woman brought the spoon up to her mouth.

"I am glad you could be part of this complete breakfast." The camera then zoomed

in on her mouth as she thrust the spoon in.

Marissa remembered jumping up and yelling at the screen with tears running down

her face. As she watched, the camera zoomed even closer. The blonde woman's

mouth filled the TV screen as she opened it wide. Kayla, her features were hard

to make out before but Marissa was certain it was her now, was lying in the

middle of Tammy's mouth. Teeth surrounded her and a huge gaping throat waited

just beyond her outstretched body. Tammy's tongue began to roll and

tease--tossing Kayla around like a piece of candy. Kayla was tossed back and

forth across teeth and tongue until she was covered in saliva. Then the tongue

suddenly stopped moving. Kayla was breathing heavy and staring wide-eyed out at

the camera. Marissa would never forget that look for the rest of her life. The

blond woman's mouth closed. There was a disgusting wet sound and then her mouth

opened wide again. Kayla was nowhere to be seen. Teeth, tongue, tonsils,

uvula...but no Kayla...she had been swallowed like a piece of food.

Marissa shook the painful memories from her head as she tiptoed down a hallway.

A bedroom door was cracked open at the end of the hall and strange sounds

emanated from within. As careful as can be, Marissa peeked in through the crack

in the door. Two people were on the bed making love and Marissa instantly

recognized the blond woman from the video tapes. Anger flooded her mind as she

crept back to the living room. She was here on a mission--a mission to avenge

her daughter.

Next to the video equipment was a metal briefcase, it was sure to hold what she

was looking for. Marissa picked up the briefcase. She was in luck, it wasn't

locked. She opened it slowly so as not to make any sound. Inside were several

pictures of strange women, one of which had her tongue stuck so far that it hung

past her chin. Moving the pictures aside Marissa found what she was looking for.

In the corner of the briefcase was a small vile filled with red powder. The vial

was labeled: SHRINKING POWDER. Taking out a vial of her own Marissa transferred

a small amount of the red powder into her own container. She capped it off and

placed it in her pocket and then replaced the briefcase back were she had found


"I am going to make you both pay," she said out loud. "For Kayla and all of the

people you have destroyed." With the grace of a shadow Marissa left the



Brian whistled softly to himself as he fumbled for his keys. Finally selecting

the right one he hurriedly opened the door to his apartment and walked inside.

He immediately went straight to the table next to his video equipment. From his

trench coat he produced a small paper bag. Opening the top of the small wire

cage he dumped the contents of the paper sack inside. Four tiny people tumbled

into the cage--two men and two women. The two men actually were volunteers--for

once. They came into town early this morning and had forked over a lot of money

just to have the experience of being swallowed by Tammy. Brian assured them that

she would regurgitate them, but that is what he told everyone. The two women

were not volunteers. One he had cornered in a dark alley that the young woman

shouldn't have been traveling down. And the other woman was a pretty young

receptionist who worked in a hotel across the street.

Brian closed the top of the cage. "Well, there you go. Enjoy yourselves until

Tammy comes in. I look forward to seeing the tape." The two tiny men looked

overjoyed but the women pulled and banged uselessly on the bars of the cage.

Looking away from the cage Brian's thoughts started to drift to the women he was

going to meet. He couldn't wait to see the one girl's six inch tongue in

person--and she was only 18 years old! If she signed on sales were sure to


Just then Brian's thoughts were interrupted by a door closing. Swinging swiftly

around Brian saw a woman standing in his entranceway. She was dressed all in

black, her face was hidden behind a deep black hood. Trying not to make it look

like he was hiding something Brian quickly positioned himself between the

intruder and the cage of tiny people that sat on the table.

"What do you want, why are you barging in here like that!" Brian yelled.

Marissa took a step towards the man. "My name is Marissa Jones and I have called

you about my daughter several times." Her tone was ice.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Of course he did, how could he forget

the woman calling him on a daily basis--but he had to lie.

Anger surged forth from Marissa. "Volume six, scene 10!" she shouted, "That's

when that woman of yours ate my daughter!"

Shit! Brian felt trapped. The woman had recognized her daughter. He quickly

tried to run through some of the scenes in his head to see if he could remember

her, but it was no use--there were hundreds of scenes and he couldn't remember

them all. "I am sorry but I don't remember that scene," Brian said truthfully.

The woman's stare inside that hood could cut metal and he didn't feel

comfortable with the situation.

"It's of no matter," Marissa said. "The police laughed at me. My doctor thinks I

need psychiatric help and whoever I show your video's to thinks they are faked.

I am here today to put an end to your sick little enterprise." Marissa pointed

to the table behind Brian. "Are those the people for tonight's taping?"

Brian's shoulders slumped. There was no use hiding. He stepped to one side

exposing the small cage behind him. "Look, I'm sorry about your daughter. When I

met her she was a runaway. She was living on the streets and I took her in. I

didn't think..."

Brian couldn't finish his statement as he was hit full in the face by a cloud of

red powder. Brian fell to his knees choking on the thick powder--and then he

began to shrink. He knew what was happening and his eyes went wide with horror.


Marissa stepped next to the rapidly shrinking man. "Oh yes, I am going to make

sure you get what you deserve--and then I'm coming back for Tammy." Bending down

she picked up the cringing man who was now a tiny one inch tall. "I look forward

to watching this video, good-bye." She then opened the cage and lowered the

kicking man down amongst the other prisoners.

Brian gripped the bars in a panic. "No! You can't do this to me. Please!!"

Marissa looked at the other four tiny people. "I would rescue all of you, but

I'm afraid there is no cure for the shrinking powder, I don't think it would be

much of a life if you had to live as a one inch tall person. So you will all

make a sacrifice and be content in knowing that you will be the last to die in

that bitch's belly." Screams came from below--the tiny women were in a panic,

the two volunteers looked confused, and Brian slowly slid his body down until he

sat on the cage floor in shock.

Marissa turned triumphantly and headed out of the apartment.


Tammy used the spare key she was given and let herself into Brian's apartment.

On the table, as expected, was the small cage of people she was to devour in

order to finish up her latest video release. She put her purse down and went

straight to the video camera to start setting up.

Brian jumped up as Tammy walked past. "Tammy! Help! It's me Brian I'm down her

in the cage!!" She didn't hear him.

Tammy made sure the camera was set on record and walked over to the cage. Three

guys and two girls. This would be easier than she thought. It was a good thing

to, she had eaten not to long ago and really didn't feel like filling her

stomach with a bunch of people--but five she could manage quite easily. She

turned back to the cage. "Okay let's get this over with."

Down in the cage the two volunteers, Dan and Bob, gave each other high fives,

the two women were holding each other, and Brian was still trying to scream up

at his girlfriend. Brian screamed until he was horse and he bent over in a

coughing fit. Just then the cage lid was lifted and Dan was plucked out by

Tammy's huge fingers. Brian watched as Tammy walked in front of the camera and

started doing her thing. She started by holding her mouth wide open for the

camera, then she began to lick Dan with her think tongue. Brian turned to Bob.

He noticed that the man had a monster erection. Brian grabbed the man by the

shoulders and looked into his eyes. "You've got to help me! You know I don't

belong here. When she takes you, yell at her. Tell her that Brian is down here.

Will you do it? Please you've got to help me!"

Bob didn't have time to answer. He was taken right out of Brian's grasp by two

giant fingers.

Tammy returned to the camera. She could feel her first victim struggling in her

stomach. She opened her mouth and placed her the man she had between her fingers

onto her tongue. She rolled him back and forth with her tongue and brought her

teeth together pretending to chew the man. His hard cock poked sharply at her

tongue, but she tried to ignore it, it would all be over in a minute anyway.

Confident that she had played with the man for long enough, she positioned him

deep on her tongue and swallowed.

Bob had made no attempt whatsoever to let Tammy know where Brian was.

Tammy was eager to finish for the night, so she thought she would do something

she had never tried before, as a special treat for Brian. She would attempt to

swallow both the women at the same time. Reaching into the cage, she snatched up

both of the screaming women and carried them to the camera. She opened her mouth

wide in front of the lens and flipped one woman into her mouth. After a few

seconds she tossed the other one in. They crawled and struggled on her tongue as

she held her mouth open so that the camera could record their struggles. Then

something unexpected happened. One of the women who was crawling around deep in

her mouth actually fell into her throat. Tammy was caught off guard and her

swallowing reflex triggered. In a huge open-mouthed swallow the woman was sent

screaming down to her stomach--the other woman still lay in the middle of her


The one remaining woman, Jean, looked up at the huge uvula in front of her body.

She couldn't believe what she had just seen. The other woman had fallen into

that dark gaping throat--and was swallowed. Despair washed over her (along with

a lot of saliva) and Jean consigned herself to her fate. She lay calmly as the

tongue she lay on rippled and pushed her towards that huge open throat. A second

later her body took a downward turn between huge tonsils--and she was swallowed.

Tammy swallowed the access saliva in her mouth. A second later she felt her

latest victim entering her stomach. There was movement coming from her belly,

but not as bad as the night before. The food already in her stomach served to

muffle some of the struggling. She took a deep breath. "Okay, just one more and

I'm done."

Brian saw Tammy coming towards him. "Tammy NO! IT'S ME!!! CAN'T YOU RECOGNIZE


Tammy didn't recognize him. He was so small that her eyes couldn't distinguish

his features very well. As far as she was concerned he was just another victim

for the camera.

Brian continued to yell up at Tammy's towering face as she carried him to the

front of the camera. "TAMMY! IT'S ME! IT'S ME! STOP!"

Her mouth opened wide. Brian was dangling from Tammy's giant fingers and all he

could do was stare into her huge wet mouth. Suddenly her tongue came rolling out

and licked playfully at his feet. Deep in her mouth her uvula danced in front of

a wide glistening throat. Farther and farther her tongue stretched, until it was

directly below where he was hanging. Tammy's fingers let go, and Brian plummeted

onto the huge pink tongue. The sides of Tammy's tongue curled upwards until he

was cradled on all sides by wet soft walls. Brian tried to scream but no sound

escaped his lungs.

Slowly Tammy pulled her tongue into her mouth and Brian quickly found himself

entirely immersed in her mouth. Her hard palate hovered above his head,

glistening with saliva. Teeth surrounded him on all sides, except in back where

a uvula as big as his shrunken body pointed the way down a dark throat. Out

through thick moist lips he could see the camera lens which was recording his

last moments.

Suddenly Tammy's tongue began to move. She was positioning him so that she could

swallow him easier. Brian's body ended up at the very edge of Tammy's tongue,

almost directly under her hanging uvula. Panic was rising up in Brian. Her lips

were closing! Only one chance to survive! As all light was shut out Brian

lurched and made a grab for Tammy's uvula.

He got both arms around the uvula--but only for a second. It was like grabbing

wet soap and before he knew it Tammy's uvula slipped form his grasp. When Tammy

swallowed Brian plunged down her throat like countless others before him.

Tammy turned off all the equipment and left the apartment. It was done, and at

least she wouldn't have to do this again until the next video.


Brian didn't remember the trip down Tammy's esophagus, but he remembered

plunging into her stomach. He was covered in saliva and mucus and when he was

pushed into her stomach he fell a short distance before landing in a thick

liquid that felt like hot mud. Almost immediately Brian sunk into the liquid up

to his waist. His feet touched bottom and he could feel the soft wrinkled floor

of the stomach. It was pitch black and Brian had no idea from what direction he

had entered. There were strange smells in the air. Ham? Cheese? Lettuce? Tammy

had obviously eaten a sandwich of some kind, the remains of which he was

standing in. Suddenly Brian became aware of the screams coming from all around

him. The others were being digested.

With startling speed Brian regained his equilibrium. He was now aware that

Tammy's stomach was in constant motion. The remains of Tammy's last meal were

being squeezed back and forth as digestive acids were mixed in. Brian found it

hard to stand in the churning stomach.

The screams were dying down around him. Cries of, "Help me!" or "It' hurts!"

permeated the air and then suddenly stopped with a wet bubbling sound.

Silence now except for Tammy's huge heart and lungs. Brian's eyes were adjusting

to the darkness. Something floated by in the thick liquid. It was a leg,

partially digested and showing bone in a lot of places. Brian turned to vomit

but came face to face with a skeleton with loose strands of flesh still clinging

to it propped up against Tammy's stomach wall. Brian opened his mouth to scream

but that's when the digestive juices found him.

It started as a tingling sensation around his legs but soon turned into an

intense burning. Brian screamed and sank further into the liquid. Acids washed

over his body from all sides. He started to feel his flesh loosen and a second

later he blacked out from the pain. His skeleton joined the rest, floating in

the middle of Tammy's stomach. Her body had taken what it could use, and by

tomorrow Brian's skeleton would be flushed away along with the other waste

material of her body.


Marissa watched from the shadows of the hallway as Tammy left the apartment. She

smiled. "Excellent. Soon now young lady, I will take care of you too."


Tammy opened the door to Brian's apartment. It had been two days since she had

last seen him and she was starting to get worried. For the 48 hours he hadn't

answered his phone or made any attempt to contact her. This was highly unusual

but Tammy suspected he was busy editing their latest video--it was already two

weeks behind schedule. When Brian edited their videos he would zone out for

hours, but two whole days?

Tammy shut the door and walked across the living room. Brian's video equipment

was still set up in the corner of the room in front of the bookcase holding his

extensive video library. The small cage where he held his "volunteers" still sat

on the table where Tammy had left it. That was odd. Brian never left that cage

out in full view unless he was ready to film. Come to think of it, the whole

apartment looked exactly as it did two days ago when she was last here.

Walking over to Brian's cluttered desk, Tammy checked his answering machine.

There were sixteen messages--eight of which were from Tammy herself. Two other

messages were from women Brian was supposed to meet two days ago. Apparently he

had not shown up. Tammy didn't listen to the rest of the messages, she had all

the proof she needed. Two days ago Brian was to meet with some potential new

women for his videos, if he didn't show up to meet them something must have

happened to him--there was no way he would miss that appointment. Sure that

something horrible had happened to Brian, Tammy snatched up the phone in a panic

so that she could call the police.

"Drop the phone."

Tammy spun at the sound of the voice. In the doorway to Brian's kitchen stood a

tall slender woman. She was older than Tammy was, and quite attractive for her

age. Her hair was black and cut just short of her shoulders, and she wore a

tight fitting black body suit complete with gloves.

"I said drop the phone," came the commanding voice.

Tammy placed the phone back in it's cradle. It wasn't the woman's stern voice

that made her do it, it was the sight of a small pistol gripped in a black

gloved hand. Tammy suspected the woman was a burglar. "Uhhhhh...I don't live

here, just take what you want and please don't hurt me." She felt idiotic saying

those words, but she really didn't know what else to do--she had never been held

at gun point before.

The woman with the gun motioned for Tammy to sit on the couch. After Tammy had

done so she said, "My name is Marissa Jones. I have been waiting all weekend for

you to show back up here." The confused look on Tammy's face made her smile.

"Sit back and relax, I have something to show you." Careful not to take her eye

off the blond woman, Marissa inserted a video tape into the VCR and pressed


Tammy was bewildered. What the hell is going on? If she's not here to rob me,

what is she here for?

Surprisingly, Tammy saw her own face pop up on the TV screen. It was one of her

swallowing scenes--a recent one by the look of it. In this particular scene she

was holding a tiny man between her fingers and licking him with her tongue. A

few seconds later she opened her mouth wide and placed the man on her

outstretched tongue. At this point in the video Tammy's face came very close to

the lens and after the auto focus had a chance to catch up Tammy could make out

the features of the tiny man in her mouth.

"BRIAN!" Tammy yelled as she leaped up from the couch. The woman in black threw

her head back and laughed.

Tammy's eyes stayed glued to the screen. She watched as Brian was pushed back

and forth on her very own tongue. Saliva stuck to his body making him sparkle

like the rest of her mouth. Then he was thrust backwards until his body lay

directly under her uvula. Tammy knew what was coming next, she had done it a

hundred times before.

"No! This can't be! It can't be Brian," Tammy yelled in disbelief. On the TV

screen her image closed her mouth and swallowed. When she opened her mouth again

to show the camera, Brian was gone.

Instinctively Tammy started towards the bathroom to vomit. The woman in black

laughed again.

"Hahahahaha. It's too late Tammy," Marissa said. "The events on that tape took

place two days ago, there is nothing left of him now."

Tammy stopped in mid-run. The woman was right, if she had really swallowed Brian

he would be long gone by now. In reality what was left of Brian had been flushed

down the toilet yesterday morning. Eyes wide and heart pounding, she turned

slowly around to face Marissa Jones. " did this happen?"

Marissa took a step forward, her gun still aimed at Tammy's chest. "I arranged

it. You see, you and your boyfriend took something from me .. something very


Tammy wiped sweaty blond hair from her face. "I don't know what you're


"Shut up!" Marissa yelled, her finger tightening on the trigger of her pistol.

"My daughter died in your gut and now the same has happened with your murdering

boyfriend. Now there is only one more thing I need for justice to be done. It is

your turn to pay."

Tammy fell to her knees. Tears streaked down her eyes. The woman was right,

people had died in her stomach...and now Brian. "Please don't hurt me," she

begged. "I knew what I was doing was wrong but I didn't know how to get out of

it...I loved Brian so much, I would have done anything. He told me they were all

volunteers, he told me..."

"Silence," came Marissa's booming voice. "Stop you're blubbering, it's too late

for that now. Don't you think my daughter screamed for you not to kill her as

she dangled in front of your open mouth. I will show no more compassion for you

than you showed for her."

Tammy was as scared as she had ever been. "What are you going to do with me?"

"I think you owe your fans one more scene. I want you to strip. Take off all of

your clothes. Isn't that what you made your victims do in all of your videos?"


Tammy stood naked in front of Marissa, her hands crossed in front of her breasts

in order to save some dignity. "Listen, I'm sorry about your daughter, I really

am. I promise I'll never make another video again, please let me go!"

Marissa ignored her. She walked over to where the video equipment stood. Bending

over, she picked up an apparatus that was attached to Brian's video equipment.

"Do you know what this is?" Marissa asked as she held the device up.

Tammy looked at what the woman held. It appeared to be a coil of black wire with

a strange video screen at one end.

When Marissa received no answer she continued. "This is an endoscope. I bought

it for three-thousand dollars, but I think the investment will be worth it. You

see I am going to do to you what you have done to all those people in those

videos of yours. I am going to eat you, and with this," Marissa held up the

endoscope, "I will record your finally moments inside of me. I've been

practicing and I've got the video equipment all set." Marissa put down the

endoscope and retrieved a small packet of red powder from her pocket.

Tammy turned to run but before she could reach the front door she was enveloped

in a cloud of red dust. The substance stung her eyes and filled her lungs--and

the whole world began to change around her. She shrunk, very rapidly, until she

was no more than one inch tall. She now felt all the terror that each of her

victims must have felt when they discovered that they were so tiny.

Marissa scooped up Tammy in her black gloved hand and took a seat at Brian's

video worktable. The endoscope was attached directly to his equipment, and the

machine was set on record.


Giant fingers uncurled from around Tammy and she found herself looking up at a

giant face. Monstrous brown eyes stared down at her. Below those penetrating

eyes was a nose, complete with dark cavernous nostrils. Beneath those

nostrils...huge lips which showed a few age wrinkles at the corners. Tammy now

knew why her victims always screamed and struggled, the view of that giant face

in front of her was terrifying.

Marissa spoke. "Are you ready? Let's see, you usually start out with a little

tongue tease don't you?"

Marissa's giant mouth opened slightly and out came her long reddish-purple

tongue. Tammy went stiff as a board as it touched her naked body. Up and down

her body it licked, the carpet of taste buds pressed oppressively against her.

She let out a scream, but it was quickly cut of as Marissa's tongue pressed

against her face. Tammy couldn't breath. Saliva dripped down her body and a

giant taste bud filled her mouth. She pushed and pushed at Marissa's tongue, but

it wouldn't give way.

Just when she thought she would suffocate from lack of air, Marissa's huge

tongue disappeared back into the recessed of her mouth. Tammy hacked and

coughed. She had swallowed mouthfuls of saliva that were not her own. Her hair

was matted down and her body was sticky from head to toe. In the light her body

seemed to shine like well cleaned glass.

"Let's see, now that that is done," Marissa said, "I think you always verbally

tease you victims next don't you."

"Please..," Tammy said weakly as she tried to wipe thick saliva away from her


Marissa licked her lips slowly and deliberately. "I am going to eat you Tammy. I

am going to swallow you down like a piece of candy. I am going to swallow you

alive and whole, so that you will be digested in my stomach. Oh, by the way, I

haven't eaten anything all day so my stomach is good and ready for you." Marissa

then picked up the tiny woman between two of her fingers and with her free hand

she picked up the endoscope. "Good-bye Tammy," Marissa said as she tilted her

head back and raised the woman up over her mouth, "You deserve this fate."

Tammy screamed and kicked as Marissa's mouth opened unbelievingly wide below

her. Now that she could see what it was like to be the victim, Tammy regretted

everything she had done in the past. How could she have done this to so many

people? Below, a gaping maw was waiting, and she was terrified. Marissa's mouth

was dark, but that didn't stop Tammy from seeing those giant sharp teeth, or the

thick rolling tongue.

Tammy wanted to close her eyes--but she couldn't, something was coming towards

her. It was Marissa's tongue again. The wet muscle came out until it hung below

where she dangled. Then, in a blink of an eye, the huge fingers released her and

she fell.

Tammy landed on the tongue with not so much as a bounce. Looking up in horror

she could see down the length of the long tongue--all the way back to where a

dark open throat awaited. Above Marissa's throat was a huge dangling uvula,

longer and thicker than a lot of people's Tammy had seen. Mustering all the

strength she could, Tammy managed to turn herself around so that she could make

an attempt at escape. As she turned her progress was impeded by a soft was a finger.

Marissa started to push her victim further and deeper into her mouth.

Tammy's body started to slide down the tongue as she was pushed by the giant

finger. "No," she yelled. "Please, I've learned my lesson." The finger continued

to gently push. Saliva washed over her body and taste buds rubbed up against her

backside. Tammy stole a look behind her. She was in the middle of the mouth now,

surrounded by teeth at her sides, a hard palate above, and the rolling tongue

below. Deeper...deeper she was pushed until Marissa's massive uvula loomed

directly ahead. There came a sound from below and the uvula shifted higher up in

Marissa's mouth, exposing more of her glistening throat wall. Tammy screamed.

What she had heard was the giant woman's stomach growling.

Closer and closer. Tammy kicked and screamed--she was almost directly under the

uvula now. Her feet slid over the edge of Marissa's tongue and in a panic not to

fall into her throat Tammy twisted herself onto her belly and dug into the

tongue with her nails as hard as she could. Her backward motion stopped, and the

huge finger that had been pushing her disappeared.

Tammy hung suspended, her upper body still on Marissa's tongue while her legs

dangled over the edge. To her left and right were two giant taste buds, and

directly above her swung that mocking uvula--she even noticed that there were no

tonsils--Marissa must have had them taken out. Tammy was scared beyond belief

now, at any moment the woman could swallow and she would plummet down into her


Suddenly Tammy saw something enter through Marissa's lips. It was the endoscope!

It was like a giant black snake, at it's head was a lens and a very bright

light. Tammy squinted as the lens came closer.

Marissa watched the small TV screen attached to the endoscope in delight. She

saw Tammy perched precariously on the back of her tongue, her uvula dangled just

above the woman's head. Relaxing her muscles, Marissa let her uvula drop. It

fell heavily on the tiny woman at the back of her mouth and almost knocked her

into her throat. Laughing silently to herself, Marissa snaked the endoscope

further into her mouth. It was now time to end this little game.


As the black endoscope and it's bright light edged closer, Tammy felt everything

start to move. Huge lips closed until there was no light except that of the

endoscope. The tongue began to roll--Tammy's grip loosened. Suddenly she was

pushed backward by the wavelike motion of the tongue. Her body was pinned

between tongue and throat wall. Looking up Tammy saw the uvula rise high into

the air. "Nooooooooooo!" she screamed, and then she was pushed harshly down--she

was swallowed.

Tammy's body slipped into a tight tunnel. She couldn't breath. The tunnel walls

seemed to be alive around her. They were wet and slick, and they pushed her

downwards with constant force. Down--further and further she went as she

traveled down Marissa's esophagus. The endoscope followed.

Tammy's downward motion came to a halt. A tight wet doorway opened at her feet

and she plunged into the large empty sack of Marissa's stomach. She fell head

over heals and finally came to rest between two immense folds in her stomach

floor. Just above her, the endoscope entered her stomach, flooding it's interior

with light.

Tammy took a much needed breath--acrid stale air filled her lungs. After taking

several difficult breaths she was able to look around. Directly above her head

was the endoscope. It sat, watching, and provided an intense light that Tammy

wasn't sure she wanted.

Tammy was somewhat uneducated--she had never seen pictures of the human stomach

before...hence the landscape around her amazed and terrified her. The interior

of Marissa's stomach was large and had a healthy pink hue, Tammy noticed the

mucus lining glistening in the light. The floor and walls seemed to be made up

of fold upon fold of flesh--her tiny one inch tall body fit easily between two

such folds. Looking around she saw two ways of escape. Directly above her was

were she entered, but the endoscope blocked that doorway completely. The only

other option was the tightly closed sphincter at the other end of her stomach.

Although uneducated Tammy knew that that doorway led into her intestines--there

would be no escape there.

Tammy buried her head in her mucus covered hands. This was it. She had been

swallowed alive and was going to be digested by some woman she didn't even know.

She began to cry but let out a laugh at the same time. This was the ultimate

irony. She herself had swallowed--she couldn't even remember how many--people,

and now she was to meet the same fate as well. "I'm so sorry," she said out

loud. "I didn't know it would be like this."

Suddenly a drop of liquid splashed Tammy on the shoulder. It tingled against her

skin. Marissa's stomach had sensed her tiny presence and had begun it's work.

Tammy looked around in horror. Yellowish liquid was coming up through her

stomach floor, as well as from every other surface. Then the walls themselves

began to ripple and move. When the digestive acid was ankle deep on her body,

Tammy made her move. She lunged across the stomach floor, digestive juices

splashed over her and the tingling sensation gave way to all out burning as her

body's molecules were slowly broken apart.

With a gargantuan effort, ignoring as much of the pain as possible, Tammy

reached her destination. She now stood in front of the tightly closed sphincter

at the bottom of the Marissa's stomach. Tammy knew it led straight into her

intestines but she didn't care, she would do anything to escape the awful

digestive juices that were attacking her. She pushed and tried to force herself

through the 'doorway', but it was sealed tightly shut. The digestive acids were

now up to her waist, and she couldn't feel her feet anymore. Tammy beat up

against the wet doorway in frustration. "Nooooooo! Please open!" The fleshy door

stayed shut. Above, the endoscope watched.


Marissa watched on her screen as the tiny woman pounded against her stomach

walls. She thought she would feel happy at this moment, but instead she felt

deep sadness. Is this how her daughter had died? All alone in the stomach of a

complete stranger, her body broken down and used as fuel? Marissa pushed the

thoughts away, it was best to think that her daughter died from lack of oxygen,

it made the pain just a little less overwhelming.

Marissa watched for another hour. During that time Tammy had given up her

struggles and had fallen into a deep pool of digestive juices.

About twenty minutes later the doorway leading out of her stomach opened. The

remains of stomach acid that hadn't been reabsorbed and the liquid remains of

Tammy were pushed through the opening for further processing in her intestines.

When her stomach sealed itself again it was all clean and pink once

more...except for a tiny, inch tall skeleton that seemed to be imbedded in the

mucus lining.

Marissa slowly brought the endoscope out of her mouth and pressed STOP on the

video machine. Whenever thoughts of her daughter pained her memory she would

watch this tape and be comforted in knowing that justice -- her justice, had

been done.



Giantess Stories: The Video Swallower  By Lamarun   Tammy held up a tiny one inch tall woman between her fingers and grimaced

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