Giantess Stories: The Village  Note

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The Village

Note: This story seems to be one of the lost stories from Squish-Magazine. I

found it rewritten by "T.F." into a giant-story. I did my best to transfer it

back to a giantess story.

Hedin, March 2000



"One comes! 

A Giantess comes!," rose the terrified scream.  Immediately every mant in the

village began to scurry around, gathering his things and seeking shelter. It was

a frightening and yet momentous occasion for each of these little ones, each a

"man" the size of an "ant", when a Giantess was seen coming their way on the



Some, no

doubt, would die during the passing of the Girl-Giantess...crushed unnoticed

beneath the her incomprehensibly huge feet, regardless of all attempts to hide. 

Yet many usually lived to see another day, and the coming of yet more



To escape

being crushed by the Ones they also worshipped...the Giantesses living down in

the valley...the mants had retreated into the mountains, and to these less

desirable spots high above the Giantism below.  Yet still they chose to build

their little settlements close to the paths the Giantesses took on their treks

across the mountains. Though the danger of being stepped on, or worse, being

discovered, by

the female

behemoths was ever present, the Giantess Thoroughfares offered the little people

broad highways for themselves to use, the earth having been compacted again and

again by the titans' heavy footfalls.


And these

Giantesses, these Colossi, were big....very big...averaging 1,000 feet tall in

comparison to the mants.  They had extremely heavy, 

thick, and plump builds.  The mants, by contrast, were skinny, scrawny

little bugs.


The approach

of a Giantess was always an awesome sight. Now, off in the distance, the mants

saw, silhouetted against the cloudless, blue sky, the top of this one's

glistening, long, black hair.  Within moments, her climb had brought her

head-and-shoulders above the mountain ridge above the village, moving

majestically with ponderous and heavy strides.  The trembling of the ground

beneath the Giantesss' feet usually preceded the sighting of the Giants. And now

the small, rhythmic


began to grow in intensity .... BOOM! ....... BOOM! ....... BOOM! ....... BOOM!

........  louder and louder, heavier and heavier, came each massive footfall.


As the

Giantess mounted higher upon the path, she grew more and more

visible....mountaineous breasts with a deep cleavage now shown high above the 

andscape. When she rounded a bend in the path, the full majesty of her frame 

revealed itself, head to toe.  Now walking up the path for her final approach to

the village, the girl-mountain seemed headed directly toward the tiny village

and its


inhabitants.  Her thick ankles flexed and her huge, wide feet impacted the

ground with a measured, unhurried pace....perhaps as much as 3 seconds between

each dull, heavy thud.  Soon she could simply leave the path and step on the

village, not even knowing the mants were there...serenely planting a mighty foot

upon 30 hovels at a time, pressing them into the earth along with their

inhabitants without even noticing.



Giantess' heavy footfalls caused the earth to shake and quiver and bounce, as

the little people stared up at the massive frame of the young goddess.  A few

scattered screams were heard here and there within the village, as all were

gripped by panic...and awe.  Some were already trapped beneath falling

furniture, walls, and ceilings.  Most simply hugged the ground, waiting for the

event to pass.



however, the Giantess stopped on the path.  Her feet came to rest not fifty

(mant) feet from the nearest huddle of frightened, little ones, her shadow

covering them in a shroud of darkness.  A fine dust settled down on them from

her last footfalls.  Her Giantess scent now filled the air, carried on a gentle,

warm breeze downwind.  Completely nude her bulbous breasts and behemoth ass

cheeks loomed high above. The dark, hairy pussy was visible to ones so small as

these, who had to  look up at it.  Her massive, tanned legs ran down from her

ass to the earth like columns of some great pagan temple.  Her mighty, gaping

cunt was also visible at this enormous clit nestled between her

mighty labia. Giant petals rubbing it smoothly...softly...each time she took a

step.  Training their little necks further upward, the next massive landmark to

note were her nipples, erect atop full, round, and so unbelievably mountaineous


Her face was

that of a young beauty, with luminous blue eyes set off from their field of

white.  Wavy, black hair flowed down to her shoulders like a mane.  Her massive

hands were on her hips, weight shifted to one foot.  It was evident from her

gaze that he had not noticed the little world at her feet yet, or its helpless

residents.  She was pausing to survey the valley below, from whence she had



She lifted

one great, plump, bare foot as she stood, and rubbed her other ankle with it. 

Perhaps she had an itch.  The nail of her big toe, neatly trimmed, was used for

this purpose.  These giant toe nails were greatly feared by the little people,

as they had been seen to slash and cut throngs of their own kind into shreds

with one flick of a giant toe.  Yet here the Giantess simply was scratching

herself, not even


aware of this simple act being witnessed by act that to the

little mants beneath her was that of a goddess.

The sound of

the giantess scratching was the only sound to be heard, so quiet were the mants

in their hope of avoiding detection, and so quiet was the surrounding crystal

clear and warm mountain air.

When the

irritation had been eliminated, The Giantess brought her foot back down to the

path with a heavy thud.  She then stood on her toes, stretching her calves and

the rest of his body, arms high above her head and letting out a deep sigh,

which echoed off the hills. Her mighty tits swayed from side to side, displaying

their proud firmness.  She then suddenly let her heels crash to the ground, the

sight and jolt of

which made

many a mant scream.  However, such tiny cries went unheard by the Giantess.


Now lifting

one foot, she repositioned herself, planting that great ped down with a crash

just outside the perimeter of the village.  It was now possible to see between

her toes and to see the jam that had accumulated there....toe jam of a

Giantess....toe jam, of which the little ones could easily become a part.


She wiggled

the toes of this foot.  Lifting her other foot, she wiggled its toes as well,

allowing dirt and debris to fall to the earth.  On placing the foot down again,

she repositioned himself yet again, replanting each foot all the closer to the

mants and their tiny possessions.  Shaking ground and heavy thuds were ever

present when these colossi moved even slightly.


All these

acts by the young goddess were of no consequence to her, again not even

consciously noted.  Yet to those below, they were momentous events, ones to be

carefully observed...ones to be anticipated...ones to be studied.  For if of no

importance to goddesses, these were life and death events to little people.  At

the same time they were the stuff of myth and legend, of Tales of the Giantess.


Now the

Titaness turned and casually strolled to the lichen-covered agricultural fields

tended by the mants across the path.  It seemed she was going to rest for a

while from her journey on the soft moss that was the mants' only food supply. 

She lowered herself down to the ground, her mighty ass crashing onto the

surface, flattening their harvest with its flesh tonnage.  Helpless mants

disappeared beneath her mountaineous body. Her first victims were flattened

unnoticed. A few lucky ones got tangled up in the thick pubic hair beneath her

goddess cunt.

She paused

to tear a few boulders from beneath her and tossed their great weight aside. 

Then she lay back, bringing one hand to rest behind her head.


It was then

that she noticed the village.


At first

visibly puzzled, then curious, she eventually rose again and moved toward the

settlement across the path.  Some who had been working in the fields, and who

had up to now managed to hide in the sparse flora, were crushed beneath her feet

as she moved.  She was unaware of their tiny presences. Unnoticed the mants fled

before her...lost in her vast looming shadow as it spread ever nearer over

them.  Step by step, more mants were pushed under by the impact of her giant,

wide, thick-soled peds and buried under her heels...squished and submerged into

the soil beneath her godly feet.  The lucky few not directly in her path looked

up and saw a


image of power and destruction....mountainous walls of calf and thighs striding

high above, a ponderous, swaying range of tit flesh-mountains....strong gusts of

wind, as her unstoppable feet swept low and ominously over their heads...then

the thunderous, shuddering impact as each foot crashed to the ground.


And now in

Mantville, pandemonium broke out as the Giantess and her shadow approached yet

again.  In an instant she was upon the village. She examined her find from on

high: the tiny collection of thimble-sized thatched hovels arrayed along

winding, tiny, unpaved streets.  Perhaps tiny little carts were also present,

along with the paraphernalia of everyday life amongst the primitives.  The


were all too

small for her to be sure.  Mildly curious, she stepped over the whole lot of

them and looked down upon them further.  Some little hints of movement caught

her eye and peering closer, she saw a few tiny insects running around in odd and

random manners.  Focusing more closely, she saw that these insects were almost

man-shaped, running around here and there erect on two legs.



THINGS EXIST", thought the Giantess?


Those below,

the doomed mants, looked up at the massive figure of their goddess of the

moment, and foolishly ran into their tiny, little huts, as if such pathetic

little structures could protect them from a woman so Great and Large and

Powerful as this!

And now,

with a kind of playful curiosity, the Giantess lifted her right foot and allowed

it to hover over a section of the village.  Gently, ever so gently, she nudged

down on a few huts with the broad, fleshy underside of her big toe.  She was

somewhat surprised when the diminutive objects crunched and collapsed beneath

her as if they were nothing.  A puff of smoke could be seen rising from around

the toe.

It felt a

little like tiny twigs snapping beneath her, or maybe just some dead leaves

crushing.  The insubstantial walls, beams and roofs had collapsed the moment the

weight of her toe came upon them, their splintering, cracking, and crunching

sounds carrying through the twisted alleyways of the village.  The debris fell

in and onto the doomed mants in these targeted huts, only to be followed by the

flesh tonnage of the Giantess' toe.  She nudged down more, not so gently now,

pushing the huge appendage all the way to the ground, grinding and twisting as

she went.  All beneath it was crushed flat.


Choosing not

to bend down, she sifted through the debris with the same digit to see what

might lay beneath the crushed hovels.  Flicking things here and there now with

all the toes on that foot, she noticed several inert man-insect forms, distorted

by the pressure of her presence.  Now more curious, she chose to bend down and

pick one up; it compressed into goo between her fingers like a squashed bug. 

She rubbed her fingers together to be rid of the crushed carcass. Another,

however, remained more intact, revealing features not unlike her own, but

scrawny, skinny, and ever so tiny.  She flicked the body away, allowing it to

fall hundreds of feet and watching it crash into a limp form onto the roof of a

still-intact hut.


Gazing down

and understanding now fully what she had before her, her nipples began to grow

stiff and erect.  Slowly her swelling clit began to stick out from under the

silky lips of her pussy ....glistening obscenely wet high above the doomed

village...ominous, deadly, foreboding.  She began to rub it gently with her

right hand, while a sinister smile came over her face.  She remembered as a

young girl crushing bugs with her friends, and how much fun that had been.  It

was not only fun to watch the others crunch the little vermin beneath their

feet, but she remembered that it had felt good to her...the little things

smushing between her toes and flattening under her weight.  She and the other

girls would just laugh as, say, they pursued ants, one by one, and smashed them

beneath their bare feet, allowing the crushed bodies to accumulate, sticking to

their soles.  Yes, she would have fun with these little creatures...a good

time.  She would use them for a few moments of pleasure and amusement.  And she

would savor them as they crushed into nothing at the bottom of her feet.



intoxicated with the power of being a Giantess in a land of Lilliputians, she

chose once again to lower the same big, broad toe down onto the helpless ones. 

She turned slightly to her right to do so this time and chose at random another

group of dwellings to mash.


A few mants

directly beneath the Girl-Giantess' foot sheepishly gazed out of their hovels

and up at the poised foot above them, like some Sword of Damocles about to

descend.  They could see the deep cleavage between the plump toes, the fleshy

things pointed upwards in a flex of death.  The foot bottom was so broad, and it

stretched out beyond their lines of their sight as an upturned and vast plain of

dirt-encrusted flesh.


The big toe

then descended, and once again mants crushed.  Little brittle things tickled her

toe and she compressed them into the dust beneath her and them.  She allowed the

toe to remain in place for awhile, looking to see if anything would crawl from

beneath it.  To her amazement, one or two of the little creatures evidently did

survive her onslaught and sought to extricate themselves.


This act of

defiance vexed the Giantess, and she forbade the escape attempt by shifting the

position of the toe, summarily crushing them. Their little bodies were consumed,

as it first crushed their little feet, then their legs, and then their torsos. 

Finally their dead, lifeless little heads popped liked microscopic grapes

beneath the toe.


A few more Jugando a… Dalapapa

forays into the village were made and more buildings were crushed in this

manner, as above the Giantess Cunt grew more and more wet. Giantess' Cum began

to ooze out between its heavy lips as it was fingered vigorously.


She could

see some of the bug people running from the shadow of her foot, as they came to

understand that she was using them as crush toys. This excited her even more,

and she chose to seek them out, one by one, just as she had done with those ants

so many years before.


The toe

found its first mark with the first fleeing mant, but it was somewhat

disappointing for the young Giantess, as she also crushed some huts along with

the manling. Another bug-boy was spotted and, with a vengeance, her toe

descended once again, this time capturing the poor, little creature more in the

open.  The Giantess felt the crunch of the tiny body at the bottom of her foot;

a trace of the poor little man's innards could be seen to spurt from its side. 

The little figure had flattened quickly.  The pleasure was once again augmented

by the grinding of the big toe into the ground, as if this action was actually

needed to kill one so small.  The crackling sound was audible even to ears so

high above the scene as hers, focused now as they were on all that lay before



This victim

was immediately forgotten.  Her attention was directed to another and this one

was sought out and destroyed.  Then another, and another.  All of these he

disposed of in the same way.  The fact that they stuck to the bottom of her toe,

which she noted when lifting that foot to examine her handiwork, only made it

that much better for her.


Why did they

even try to run, she thought?  Their fate was assured once they had been

targeted.  Running from a giantess....what

stupid, little people these were!  Such ignorance and insolence would not go

unpunished!  She would teach them a lesson.  She would teach them all a lesson!


She lifted

her left foot this time and suddenly, quickly, and ruthlessly slammed the entire

thing down upon a section of the village.  Instantly more huts and mants

crunched under the weight of the massive thing.  Her broad expanse of heel was

like a hammer striking an anvil; those beneath it compressed to a liquefied

mush.  A few survived for an instant beneath her arch, but even these were soon

destroyed.  She wiggled her toes and those who had not been instantly mashed

beneath them, having found refuge between them, these, too, were crushed.


One mant

cowering in his shack saw 3 of his kind die right before him under the the

Giantess' smallest toe.  The entire bodies of two of them popped and splattered

on the terrified onlooker when the full weight of the mega-teen was fully

applied.  The third one executed by the pinky toe had actually been decapitated

by the well-trimmed nail on that toe. It had all happened in a second or two,

the time it took the

Giantess to

put her foot down, lift it, and move on.


The Giantess

took that next deliberate step, and then another, directly through the heart of

the town.  It had begun...the death stomp that signaled the total destruction of

this village and nearly all who dwelled within it!



buildings crushed beneath her toes, her heels, the balls of her feet, even

beneath the arches.  The brittle resistance of the little building shells

beneath her felt good, as the small crunching sounds and the tickling of the

destruction amused and pleasured her.  And there was nothing they could do to

stop his onslaught, nothing at all. They were there for her enjoyment in

whatever way she chose.  And his choice was to simply crush them....crush them






One mant,

who later escape the rampage, recounted the events to mant villages throughout

the region in the days that followed:


"I turned to

look behind me. Everybody was running, running for their lives!  The thing, the was the was Her...SHE was coming! She was coming and

no one could stop her! She had been using one of her toes to crush a few of us! she was coming for the rest of us!  It wasn't 2 seconds and I watched

as the Giantess' foot came down toward me. It was so huge, so fucking huge!  The

bottom of the foot seemed to go on forever. As it came down, I could see the

bodies that were already stuck to the bottom of her heel, toes, and shit!. There

was no way I could outrun a 1000-foot giantess, so I just closed my eyes and

fell to the ground, expecting to die right then and there. The heavy thud of the

giant foot landing was deafening! It came down all around me! It got

dark...real, real dark! I felt the ground crack and give way beneath my own

body. Falling into the crater that was the giantess' footprint, I was surrounded

by others , some already dead but others like me still alive. We had all tumbled

into what was nothing more than a mass grave made by the giantess' foot. I

figured that I was somewhere between her big toe and the second toe, but the

size of everything was so enormous that I wasn't really sure. It was dark, like

I said.  Everything seemed to be dripping in blood, dirt, and debris. A mant

next to me was crushed from the waist down under one of the toes. Screams came

from all around as I saw heads explode and bodies crush. Yet the darkness lifted

as quickly as it had come when...when, she, the Giantess, just lifted her foot

and moved on. Looking up at the sky and the retreating Colossus, I saw that she

didn't even look back at us. I don't think she even noticed us before, during or

after she stepped on us. I don't think she gave a shit about us. But I could see

more crushed bodies on her heel, some of them raining down on me as they pealed

loose from the bottom of her foot! Her foot, man...just her foot...her foot was

so awesome!  The godess has discovered us!  Mark my words, the godess will be

back to have her ways with all of us!  We must bring sacrifice to her to appease

her! We must worship her, for she is all powerful!"






Such was

experience as the Giantess made one pass through the village. She turned around,

grinding the balls of her feet as he did into the earth, and looked back on her

path of destruction.  Her giant footprints were clearly visible by the

wastelands they had created.


Hands on

hips, legs spread wide, cum dripping from her mighty cunt, she gazed down upon

them. She ran her massive hands over her breasts, lighting caressing her hard

nipples.  She was indeed pleased with what she saw and felt!


From some of

the flattened hovels, a few insect men were seen to crawl from the

unrecognizable wreckage of their little homes.  They turned their tiny frames as

best they could in the direction of the Giantess, trying to see what her next

move would be.  They saw her fingering her colossal sex and moaning down upon



And so, it

continued.  She raised her right foot over part of the village yet untouched by

her presence.  Looking up, those immediately beneath the ped could see nothing

but the vast expanse of foot bottom, stretching in all directions.  It was

futile to run, so all encompassing was this thing that brought darkness to the

land at high noon.


Then, she

simply wiggled her big, fat toes.  Dirt, debris, and the crushed and mangled

bodies of dead mants rained down on those beneath her.  She mocked them with the

remains of whole neighborhoods.

Then the

foot was slammed down onto the earth, crushing those who moments before had

gazed up at and beheld the huge thing.


"Here she

comes again!", went up the cry from other parts of the shanty town as she

proceeded once more through the village, swaggering playfully now, like some

invincible, gigantic stripper, swinging her ass to and fro in a saunter of death

and destruction.  She laughed aloud now, boobs continuing to bounce, hands on

hips as she walked and gazed down over her little domain.


She stomped

her feet heavily upon the frail hovels. They flattened like leaves runching in

autumn. Sometimes she dragged one foot through part of the village, heaping

hovel upon hovel in the crux of her Big Toe and instep, like a bulldozer,

leaving a smooth path of clean-scoured earth behind...a desert where nothing

lived.  The pile of houses and thrashing mants was then crushed beneath her like

nothing.  Dust rose and swirled about the destruction as she advanced further,

first one way, then the next....and the air boomed with her thunderous laughter.

Stopping for

a moment, she captured some runaway mants between her massive toes, squeezed

those same toes together, crushing their inhabitants.


At one end

of the village yet to feel her presence, she noticed many mants attempting to

flee into the surrounding hills.  Moving there, she first blocked their path

with her big toe, crushing some and allowing the rest to run into the flesh

wall.  The Giantess went and gathered up as many of these little people as she

could, insect-herding them together with her giant feet.  Some actually

protested or fought back, and she immediately executed them.  (She had no

patience with these little bugs!) She trapped the remainder between her feet,

crushing one or two more who tried to escape, offering another lesson in



Finally she

presented them with an ultimatum and said, "NOW KISS 'EM, LITTLE BUG SLAVES! ALL




And they

obeyed, the little ones, slobbering up at the cliffs made of flesh, the big

things, kissing, licking and sucking as best as

little people could.  The Giantess looked down upon them. She licked her sweet

juices from her fingers before she continued to rub her clit.  Lightly touching

one of her nipples with the other hand, she lifted that hand to her mouth and

licked and sucked its index finger until it dripped with her spittle.

 Carefully she dipped her wet fingertip into the herd of  ants beneath her. Some

of them squished imidiately while others stuck to her fingertip. Spreading the

fat pussylips she inserted her prey into the wet dephts of her aroused vagina.

Then she brought her finger down and up again, this time catching much more of

them with the sticky cum onit. Finally she placed one helpless mant in her ass.

He found himself securely held head first within her fat sphincter, his legs

dangling. She then moved that finger back to her

nipple and played with her tit some more.


Lost for a

moment in herself, she suddenly looked down and ordered, "BEG FOR YOUR LIVES,


VERMIN-SCUM!!" And they begged, on their knees, and on all fours, they begged

the Amazing, Colossal Teen-Giantess for their lives. She wiggled her toes and

they begged some more.



ME!", demanded the teen goddess and they prayed to the Giantess, while she

simply stroked her aroused clit, and now fingered her giant cunt.



after allowing them to praise and worship her, she sneered down upon them and

announced, "NOW SQUISH FOR ME, BUG-SHIT!". She laughed, as she lifted her right

foot and pressed down on them, like so many ants, pursuing and crushing them

while continuing to feel herself up.  She finally settled on using her big toe

again, the favored means of execution, and mashed the remainder, one by one,

here and there, as they tried to scatter.  They crushed into nothing, all for a

few moments of Giantess pleasure.


She became

more and more intoxicated with her power, and, if such an action can be used to

describe one so large, she almost began to dance on her tiptoes along a final

path of destruction through the village, snapping her fingers to an unheard beat

as she went.  She shook her ass, and the swaying flesh of her boobs above only

mocked those who still survived below.  She laughed and they crushed!  Her pussy

dripped with wetness as she carelessly displayed it beyond the perimeter of

destruction.  Moving her hand once again to the lusting female flesh she began

to stroke her clit faster and faster, as her frenzied dance of destruction

continued.  More and more her attention focused only on the pleasure of her

cunt; what lay at her feet was forgotten.


stopped.....and she continued to pleasure herself...her giant boobs bouncing

rapidly high above the village, her thick fingers pumping in rapid action. 

Moans of pleasure were amplified into unearthly sounds as they reverberated off

the hills.  Closer and closer she moved to her ultimate pleasure....more and

more...faster and faster...power and flesh becoming one, as finally, screaming

at the top of her cavernous lungs, she shouted her orgasm high into the mountain

air.  Pussyjuice plummeted back to earth again, splashing and splattering like

so much Manna from the sky onto the smashed remains of the mants below.  It

mixed with their crushed bodies and shattered homes, the goo of its own speed

and momentum racing freely through the ruins, and like a flash flood, carrying

debris with it.


She was

oblivious the sights and sounds below her, finally just collapsing where she

stood with a loud, dull thud to the ground. Exhausted, her massive ass and tits

slammed into the already leveled town below.


Thus, it was



All these

events took only about 5 minutes or so to unfold...until the village had been

flattened into nothing, and until she had worked her way to climax.  Nothing

recognizable remained, and no one....certainly no Giantess...would have ever

thought that a tiny village had ever stood there.  Satisfied and pleased with

herself, as Giantesses such as this often are after feeling the full, rampaging

power of their bodies, she wiped the remaining pussyjuice from her cunt.  She

then rose from the discomfort of the wet debris beneath her, brushed herself

off, and stepped to turn once again to the path.


She had

giant things to do down in the valley, and these little people had delayed her

long enough.  It was time to move on.

As she

looked back at the scene, she couldn't help but wonder if there were any more of

these little creatures up here in the hills?  Her pussy became slightly wet

again, as she thought it might be fun to come back here again to find another

village of worshippers.





Giantess Stories: The Village  Note

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