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The Visit

Scott Grildrig


The plane set down at Lambert International, glittering in the evening sunshine,

rolling slowly across the tarmac towards the waiting gate. Inside the terminal

Wilma waited with a wide smile and a quick hug for Donna. They left the gate,

chatting together as the passengers from the plane streamed around them,

hurrying down the long corridors towards the baggage claim area. There they

discovered that beautiful weather is no guarantee of smooth service. The marquee

above the moving belt calmly told them, between advertisements, that there would

be a short delay before the luggage would arrive. Donna growled and looked

around, unwilling to wait in the restless crowd for her bags.

"Let's wait in here," she said, pointing to the sign for one of the airport


Wilma wrinkled her nose. "If you insist, I've waited in that jungle before."

"Jungle? Their drinks are that bad?" asked Donna, ready to abandon the idea.

"The drinks are fine, but you might want an umbrella. The service is scary."

Donna laughed, and they left the claim area and hunted down the place. It was a

short walk, and the establishment was full of other passengers waiting for their

luggage to untangle itself from the airport system, so they took seats at the

bar. Wilma wasn't kidding, in the first five minutes the staff spilled three

drinks, and a long haired guy spraying the foliage tipped over a tray of empty

glasses. "We don't just come for the drinks," muttered Donna "we come for the

entertainment." Wilma giggled.

It wasn't just the staff, either. The place was downright weird; it was a

jungle, plants filled the room, resting on tables, hanging from the ceiling,

dotting the bar. Wilma tried to see around a small potted fern to order drinks,

and finally slid it front of Donna; Donna slid it back, and they spent a moment

shifting it around. "Garden stores could learn something from these guys," said


"I wouldn't say that," said Wilma, as the barkeep knocked a vase of tulips into

the lap of a patron. "Uh-oh, watch yourself, we're about to get served."

Served was right, the bartender and the foliage sprayer arrived at the same

instant. Wilma moved the potted fern to the right, to make room for their

drinks, the barkeep slid it to the left, and dropped two shot-glasses on the

table, and the plant guy, unable to follow the dancing fern squirted Wilma and

Donna liberally, before he managed to locate the plant and give it a good

dousing. The barkeep mopped up the mess, and the two guys moved off, spreading

havoc to another part of the bar.

Donna had her eyes closed. "Are they gone yet?" she whispered.

"I don't know," said Wilma "I have my eyes closed."

A crash sounded from the other end of the bar, and both women opened their eyes.

"This is a bit too entertaining for me," said Donna "how about if we wait


"Let's." They downed their drinks, Donna chuckling as the tequila warmed her up.

"Good choice, you don't think any of that spray got in it, do you?"

"No, he got us pretty good. I hope this stuff doesn't stain."

"I hope it doesn't kill," said Donna, and they left the bar. # # #

They picked up Donna's luggage and heading for the parking lots, wending their

way down the aisles of cars until they located Wilma's gray Dodge Caravan.

Traffic was light leaving the airport and they merged onto the I-40. But after

about ten minutes of driving it became clear to both of them that something was

wrong. Wilma squirmed in her seat, adjusting it over and over, while Donna

loosened her belt and ducked down as her head brushed the top of the car.

"The van doesn't look this small from the outside," she commented.

"It isn't," said Wilma. "I can't get comfortable. The hotel isn't that far,

though, when we get there we can take a look at the seats, maybe something is

wrong with them."

Five minutes later Wilma pulled over to the side of the road.

"It's smaller," said Donna.

"Really?" Wilma looked at her van, cars zooming past them where they stood on

the shoulder of the expressway. The white lights of the approaching cars

heralding the twilight. The summer night was hot, and both women were fanning

themselves as they tried to figure out the problem with the Caravan.

"Look at me," Donna explained. "I can almost see the roof of the van. It's like

some kind of bad IRC plot line."

Wilma ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. "This is weird. Well, I don't

want to drive any further in it. If we wait, maybe someone will stop and we can

try to get a taxi."

"That works for me," said Donna, as she zipped open her suitcase, looking for

something to wipe her brow. "What is it, a hundred degrees out?"

"Mid nineties," sighed Wilma. "I thought you'd be used to this." She bent down,

picking up a small white rock, looking at it closely.

"I'm never used to it," Donna laughed. "But this feels warmer." She pulled out a

hand towel and a pair of shorts slipped out and fell to the ground. Bending down

she picked it up and stared at it a moment, before draping it across her hips,

looking down. "Why are my clothes shrinking?"

"I don't think they are," said Wilma, standing up, and she held her hand out to


They both looked at a small rock, and even as they watched it dwindled, melting

inwards at all directions at once. There was a flash of heat, and the stone

shrank to a speck of dirt. Wilma swayed a little, dizzy from the warmth coursing

through her, and Donna mopped her brow, her eyes growing wide. They knew without

looking that something big just happened. The noises of the expressway were

different, more faint. There was the sound of horns blaring, of wheels

squealing, but it was all wrong, it was too far away, and much too low. They

both glanced to the side at the same time, then looked down; and there it was:

the expressway had become a narrow ribbon of black at their feet, covered with

tiny vehicles, most of them stopping at the sight of the two colossal women.

"Oh god!" exclaimed Donna "what the fuck is going on?"

Wilma looked down at her van, now reduced to the size of a toy. "We grew."

"Well, duh!"

"Sorry, I think I'm in shock."

Donna shook her head. "Me too, me too. Come on, let's step away from the road

before something bad happens." And they both moved back, still looking down,

unable to tear there eyes away from the miniature tableau stretching out at

their feet.

"Good thing Mark isn't here," Wilma laughed, feeling giddy. "He'd be begging for

something bad to happen."

Donna bit her lower lip. "We should be good. This is real. Those are real

people. Shit, this is nuts, what the hell is happening, people don't just become


"I know," murmured Wilma, looking down at the miniature world around their feet.

Tiny men and women were abandoning their cars, streaming back towards the city.

It all seemed to impossible, so surreal, like waking up into a dream. "Do you

think they can identify us?"

Donna peered at the sun, "I hope not, it's getting dark, and most of them are

taking off. We should get out of here before someone gets stepped on. Wait for

the police, or whatever to come to us."

Wilma looked around, "That's not going to be easy, there are homes and roads all

around us. It's going to get hard to see what's down there as we walk." Then she

noticed Donna biting her lower lip, and also noticed something else about the

way Donna's shirt hung on her full breasts. "Donna, are you okay?"

Donna looked down at Wilma, and noticed where her friend's eyes had fallen.

"Sorry," she said. "It's silly. I just told you how careful we have to be, and

here I am, getting all worked up."

"Don't be sorry," said Wilma. "I'm feeling it too. All those nights roll playing

as a giantess. I can't get it out of my head. They both stared down in silence

at the tiny roads, a fair size crowd was gathering, people staring up at them,

some yelling things too faint to be understood.

"You know what I need?" said Donna. "I need a drink."

Wilma looked up at Donna, then grinned. "I know just the place."

# # #

The Anhauser-Busch factory beckoned the two giantesses with bright lights and

tempting signs. Giggling between themselves at their audacity they stepped

around the low buildings, searching for the brewery, ignoring the fleeing

employees. Donna found a cache of beer stored in silos vast enough to slake even

a giantess' thirst. She hesitated, then looked at Wilma. "We've been pretty good

up till now. If we do this people are going to be pissed."

"If we get enough beer in us that may happen anyway," Wilma giggled, then she

turned serious for a moment. "We need to settle down, Donna, if you want I'll do

the damage, I really need a drink." "Nah, we might as well get in trouble

together," and reaching down Donna wrapped her fingers around one of the silos

and lifted it from the ground; pipes shrilling as they tore free, amber liquid

fountaining into the air, carrying the scent of the drink aloft. She handed that

one to Wilma and tore a second silo free. Grinning widely, they toasted their

find, and began to sip, watching the last workers dashing past their feet to

nearby cars. Plumes of dust rising as their tiny vehicles peeled out of the

lots, bouncing down the roads.

The silo crunched noisily in Donna's hand as she crumpled it up and tossed it

aside, bending down she ripped two more from their foundations, handing one to

Wilma, who tossed back the rest of her first drink before accepting it. Donna

paused to ease her sandals off, slipping them under the elastic of her shorts.

"If I'm going to be a giantess," she explained, "I might as well enjoy what the

ground feels like underfoot." They took two more silos for the road, then left

the brewery, heading back in the general direction of the city, with no plan in

mind other than to keep moving, pointing sights out to each other, still

mesmerized by their lofty perspective.

The air of innocence vanished with startling quickness. Ten minutes later,

feeling slightly buzzed, they stared down at a little police car with its side

caved in. The car had foolishly rushed towards them from a side street, and

straight into the path of Wilma's right foot, the toe of her shoe impacting it,

sending it spinning out of control. It's siren still blared, sounding strangely

faint and distant to the two colossal giantesses, who sipped their beer and

watched as the tiny driver fell out of the car and rolled over, firing his

pistol up at them. Donna felt the bullets on her thighs and breasts; little

tickles, like being poked with a blade of grass.

"Leave him be, he's just scared," said Wilma, tugging on Donna's arm. But then

one of the bullets struck her cheek, and she raised her hand to it in surprise.

"Hey, stop that!" she growled down at him.

Donna shifted her foot forward, tipped back on its heel, blocking them both from

the unceasing fire from the tiny policeman. Wilma gasped, and her grip on

Donna's arm tightened. "You're not going to step on him, are you?" Donna's

eyebrows lifted. "No…no, I'm just blocking him…but…" They listened, the noise

had stopped, but a moment later it picked up again, the cop having paused only

to reload. The tiny bullets tickling the bottom of Donna's vast bare foot. She

licked her lips, her eyes slightly dilated, her body warm with the summer air,

and the effects of the beer. "We should go," she whispered "before we do

something we regret." But neither of them moved. Wilma bit her lower lip, and

stepped closer to Donna, slipping her feet from her shoes, she placed her bare

toes atop Donna's instep. Everything receded: the sounds of the gun, the wailing

of the siren. There was only the beating of their hearts. Their faces were close

now, their eyes locked together, searching, asking. Wilma's toes pressed down

gently on Donna's foot, but Donna resisted; then their lips touched, and as they

kissed under the star filled sky Donna's foot slowly lowered. A shrill scream of

mortal terror sounded from beneath her bare foot. She felt the body of the tiny

policemen squirming against her sole for an instant, then Wilma pressed down a

little harder on Donna's instep, and there was a moist sensation of crunching,

and something warm and wet oozed out in a widening circle. Wilma's toes caressed

the top of Donna's foot, and the two giantesses abandoned themselves to their

kiss, the tiny crushed cop under Donna's toes forgotten as their lips parted,

tasting the beer in their joined mouths, their tongues slipping and sliding

together. They broke the kiss with a little gasp, Wilma's eyes half-lidded,

still savoring the moment; Donna licking her lips, her body humming with

pleasure. They both looked down at Donna's foot, still carelessly planted on the

tiny man. Wilma slipped her toes aside, and Donna lifted her foot, and both

giantesses stared. The footprint in the tarmac was clean, there was no sign of

the tiny man. Then Donna went "Oh!" and lifted her foot higher, looking on the

bottom. There, smeared across the ball of her foot was the little cop, crushed

flat like a bug. They looked at him for a moment, then began to giggle. "Serves

him right for driving into my foot," declared Wilma. "Serves him right for being

under my foot," Donna laughed, then she sobered. "Oh god, what the fuck have we

done. That felt too good, you know," she said more quietly. "His scream, then

that crunch." "Stop it!" said Wilma, "You're getting me all warm with talk like

that." "Should we turn the other way? It's less populated over there. We can

explain that it was an accident, I didn't see him. We didn't mean to do it."

Wilma shook her head, "I don't want to go that way," and she took Donna's hand.

"I want to go this way," and she held Donna's hand against her breast, her firm

nipple pressing through her shirt into Donna's palm, her eyes shining in the

moonlight. "A lot of tiny people are going to get flattened if we go that way,"

said Donna. "Well, we can turn back," said Wilma, her hand freeing Donna's,

falling to her side. Donna smiled faintly and looked down, and Wilma's eyes

followed, not noticing anything at first, then spotting the damp circle on the

crotch of Donna's shorts. "I want to play too," Donna whispered. They undressed

each other, unbuttoning buttons, unclasping clasps, slipping free of skirts and

shorts, carelessly tossing them aside, until they stood beautifully naked; the

night breezes caressing their flesh, the city lights softly illuminating their

curves. And they touched, gently brushing one another with their fingers,

feeling the heat, feeling the softness. Donna grinned and leaned forward to

whisper in Wilma's ear, "The guys on IRC would go totally nuts. Do you think

we're being watched?" Wilma giggled and shivered a little, delighting in the

press of Donna's breasts against hers, "I know where there are more people who

can watch," said answered, giddy with the naughty thought. And she took Donna's

hand and tugged her in the direction of St. Louis, and Donna laughed and

followed, the pair of them dancing towards the miniature skyline, bodies aching

with anticipation. Their coming didn't no go unnoticed or unchallenged. As they

passed through the rows of tiny homes, toy size cars squealed off away from

them. They took their time, walking slowly, staying to the roads, feeling

wonderfully naughty, strolling naked in full view of so many people. But their

peaceful approach didn't last; the streets ahead of them were filled with little

squad cars, red and blue lights winking and flashing, illuminating the scores of

tiny cops standing behind their vehicles. The cops could see the giantesses from

afar, slowly coming nearer; but the full import of the size of the two women

didn't sink in until they felt the ground tremble. One by one the cars started

wobbling, bouncing on their shocks, shifting in time to the crunching impact of

each footstep. The tiny men grew more and more tense, feeling the earth

groaning, mortar dust drifting down from the buildings behind them, trees

swaying as Donna and Wilma loomed closer and closer, until their eyes spotted

the tiny barricade. There was a moment of silence as they locked eyes with the

little men, a silence that stretched more and more taut, until with a moan one

of the cops began cursing, his words coming in a long, unbroken stream of

profanity, growing more and more hysterical. His partner had hold of his arm,

holding him, shouting at him. Others went to help, the captain of the group

hollering commands. The panicking man was shaking his head, and for a moment it

looked as if he was regaining control; but at that moment he glanced up. The

giantesses were looking down at him, grinning and whispering to one another,

Wilma caught him looking up, and pursed her lips, blowing him a kiss. His eyes

widened, and suddenly his arm was up, avoiding the reaching hands of his

partner, his finger squeezing the trigger, firing at the giantesses. Every

firearm spoke at once, the hail of bullets caressing the naked flesh of the

giantesses, but only succeeding in causing tingles that raised goosebumps on

their skin. Wilma shivered from the sensation, her nipples rising, her heartbeat

quickening. She stepped away from Donna, her hips swaying, looking down at the

tiny men hiding behind their tiny cars, stepping over them, straddling them with

her bare feet, the hail of fire unceasing, aimed up now, impacting against the

folds of her sex, her lips moist and glistening from the attention. She raised

her arms over her head, and rotated her hips slowly, dancing above them, looking

back over her shoulder at Donna. Then, with a wicked grin, she shifted her bare

foot, and slowly stepped on them, cars and men. Her toes wriggling over them,

her sole tickled by the fierce resistance; the little men bolting at the last

instant, screaming in mortal terror; then the merciless crunching of tiny cars

and tiny people. The tarmac sinking beneath the weight of her bare foot. Wilma

bit her lip and her body shivered with a miniature orgasm, savoring the luscious

power of crushing so many tiny, helpless little men. She looked back at Donna,

and they both giggled, their minds awhirl from the effects of the beer and the

heady delights of being so naughty. Donna stepped forward, her eyes shining, her

mouth dry from watching Wilma. She said nothing, but leaned forward and kissed

her, then took her by the hand. They walked together, heading towards the city,

but no longer bothering to watch where they stepped, talking to each other in

low voices, teasing each other with playful ideas, until they arrived at the

skirt of the city. But instead of entering it, Wilma took Donna's arm and

pointed. "Oh, there's the Arch. I want to see it first." Donna shrugged and

followed her lead.

# # #

It was so small, which seemed like such a strange thought. Donna looked at the

sweeping span of metal, bordering on the banks of the Mississippi. The Arch

gleaming from the many lights illuminating it. "How tall is this thing?" she


Wilma pursed her lips, "I can never remember. Five? No, I think it's six hundred

feet high," and she stepped next to it, both giantesses noting the way it swayed

whenever they moved. The curving top of the Arch passed just above her lush

pubic hairs. "Well, I guess that puts me at, what, twelve hundred feet tall? And

you'd be?"

"Fourteen or fifteen hundred feet. Shit, we're big."

"Well, duh!"

Donna laughed, "It certainly is a pretty thing. That metal looks so smooth."

Wilma licked her lips. "Let's find out," she murmured, huskily, and stepping to

the side she straddled the arch, her crotch pressing the cool metal. Her hips

moved slowly for a moment, and the monument trembled as she rubbed herself

against it. Then she stepped back, the silver steel glistening now with

moisture, her thick juices slowly trickling down the curving metal. "Oh, it's

smooth," she whispered hoarsely.

Donna chuckled, "I'll see if we can get it added to our catalog."

"You should try it first, then," said Wilma, her eyes glinting with mischief.

Donna smirked and stepped around on the other side, looking down at the

glittering toy, her pussy hovering over it. She moved her hips and kissed it

with her sex. "Mmmm, it is smooth. This'll make a fine addition to our

collection," and she slowly pressed her clit against the Arch, her juices making

it wet and slippery. Wilma joined her, the lights illuminating them, the Arch

swaying and trembling as their hips moved back and forth. "Wilma, are their

people in this thing?"

"Oh, yes, and tiny windows, they can see everything."

"Good," whispered Donna, and she rubbed harder.

# # #

The scene inside the Arch was utter chaos. The tourists spotted the giantesses

easily enough, but simply had no idea what to make of it. Even the guide was

stunned, and decided that staying put was better than climbing back into the

elevator, where there would be no windows to see what was happening. All that

changed quick enough as the smaller giantess straddled the Arch, pressing her

gigantic sex against the monument, her nether lips sliding over the windows,

leaving a smear of juices on the thick glass. The Arch trembled as she played,

and the guide tried to organize the tourists to settle down so they could make

the descent in the elevator. But the giantess was too rough with her play toy,

and the Arch deformed near the top, jamming the car inside of the shaft. By then

her taller friend had taken the other side, and both were unabashedly rubbing

themselves against the Arch, moaning and giggling in voices that carried through

the metal of the monument. The guide was torn between terror and arousal, her

sex aching to feel what they were feeling, even as her mind screamed for her to

get out.

But it was too late. The roof over head dimpled noisily, then peeled back as the

shorter giantess ground herself against the metal with careless power, her clit

gouging the steel as though it were soft clay, the scent and sounds of her

arousal filling the exposed room, her juices dripping down on the tiny people,

whose voices rose in a cacophony of absolute terror as they beat on the windows

and screamed at the guide, begging for escape. But the guide was mesmerized,

watching the giantess pleasuring herself with the monument. She heard the roof

behind her crashing down as the taller giantess abandoned herself to her needs,

the heavy metal landing on some of the tourists, crushing them. The Arch

trembled and shivered, and the guide's heart hammered beneath her breasts as she

felt the floor under her feet shift. The giantesses, oblivious to it all

continued to play with the Arch, leaning across it now to kiss. And the guide

was looking up at them, swept away by their pleasure as she felt the floor drop

out from beneath her feet, her body floating in the air as she fell, the

tourists screaming around her as metal twisted and ripped, the Arch collapsing

with colossal majesty into glistening pile of metal at the feet of the two

colossal women.

# # #

"Aw, fuck," growled Donna, her eyes glazed over with pleasure, her body humming

with frustrated need. "We can't add this to our catalog, unless they make it

more sturdy."

Wilma shivered, her body singing with lust. And she looked down at the ruins of

the monument, only two short sections of the legs still standing, the metal

dripping with pussy juices. "Maybe I can interest you in some of our other

toys," she said, huskily, licking her lips, her hand gesturing towards a

structure just to the left of downtown St. Louis.

Donna nodded, and the two giantesses stepped in its direction, their minds and

bodies swept up now in their intoxicating power, eager for release from the

tense hunger coursing through them.

# # #

It was the bottom of the seventh in Busche Stadium, and the Cubs were behind by

one with two men on base. Some of the fans felt the seats shaking, a few saw the

lights wobbling on their long struts, one or two spotted the giantesses as they

loomed over the stadium, but most didn't realize what was happening until a

moment later. The Cub's batter cracked the ball down the left line, the third

baseman scooped it up and hurled it to first, it was close but the umpire threw

both arms wide and the crowd went nuts.

A second later the runner, the first baseman, the umpire and the first base

coach disappeared from sight, replaced by a bare foot. Thousands of eyes widened

at the sight of a woman's foot in the stadium, and they slowly looked up her

leg, gasping at the unabashed nakedness of her sex, at her colossal breasts

proudly thrust forward, her eyes glittering with mischief. Wilma looked down and

brushed her hair back with her fingers. "He's out," she said, and she slowly

slid her foot back, smearing the crushed men across the field.

"I thought he was safe," said Donna, and thirty thousand eyes swung towards this

other giantess, even taller than the first, her hands on her hips, her body

gently swaying from side to side, causing her heavy breasts to move in a way

that mesmerized every tiny man in the stadium.

"No, he was out," said Wilma.

"What about the guy at second?"

Wilma pursed her lips, then lifted her toes. The guy at second wasn't waiting,

though, he and the rest of the players had finally found their legs and were

scrambling for the exits. In fact, the entire stadium transformed into a

seething cauldron of fleeing humanity, as the fans fought wildly to get to the

exits. The screams of terror wafted up into the night air, and the sight of all

that panic for their benefit only stoked the feeling of power that was surging

through the giantesses. Wilma began to pat the field with her bare foot,

knocking down the tiny running players, crushing some, but only wounding others,

their tiny bodies twitching violently; her eyes shining from above as she played

cruelly with them.

Meanwhile, Donna was watching the fans, watching as they choked the exits, as

they clambered over each other in the grip of a fear so intense that some

fainted from terror. Donna sat on her heels, looking down at the tiny people,

trying to imagine what they were seeing. She reached out with her hand, and

lightly brushed her fingers over the crowd, tiny men and women ducking and

dodging, trying to evade her, but unable to in the tight press of bodies. She

began to scoop them up, gathering them in her fingers and spilling them into the

palm of her hand. They were so impossibly tiny, the size of ants, but imbued

with all the details of full size people, and they screamed, driven to the point

of madness by their helplessness as this sexy giantess collected them for her

pleasure. Donna lifted them to her face, her eyes twinkling with mischief as she

looked them over, and she pursed her lips and blew softly through them, giggling

as the tiny people fought against the blast of her warm, sweet breath. Then with

a truly wicked grin she lifted her hand to her mouth, her lips parting, closing

over the palm of her hand. She growled softly in her throat and ran her tongue

along her teeth. Then, she lifted her head. The tiny people were freaking, but

she didn't feel sympathy for them, only delight in her power over them, and she

leaned back and sprinkled them over her nipples, pursing her lips into a moue of

pleasure as their thrashing bodies tickled her nicely.

Wilma watched all of this and, unable to bear it anymore, took Donna in her

arms, her bare foot stepping down on the west end of the stadium, carelessly

crunching through it, silencing the mortal screams of a thousand fans. Donna

rose into Wilma's embrace, and their breasts brushed one another, their nipples

touching as they hugged. Together they looked down, watching the tiny people on

Donna's breasts vanish between them as they embraced. Ant-size men and women

howling and trying to escape from the curving walls of warm flesh closing over

them, but the giantesses spared none of them. Donna and Wilma kissed, pressing

their bodies tight against each other, giggling as they felt the tiny squirming

bodies burst and smear between them. Their feet moving slowly as they swayed in

each other's arms. Donna's left foot lifted over the stadium, her toes blindly

dragging through the panicking fans, before she stepped on them, crushing the

east end of the stadium into her deep footprint. They began to dance together,

still locked in their kiss, savoring each other's warmth and the incredible

power of their gigantic bodies as their bare feet crushed thirty thousand men

and women into paste, and crunched and demolished the stadium with no more

effort than leveling a sand castle. They felt uninhibited, hedonistic,

transported by the intoxicating warmth of the beer, of the indomitable power

they hold over this tiny city. They broke their embrace and hand in hand they

turned their attention to the buildings before them.

# # #

Wilma and Donna entered into the city of St. Louis. The first thing that struck

them both was how tiny it was. Most of the buildings were much shorter than the

Arch, or at least used to be. It was like walking through an elaborate toy, only

this one was populated with tiny cars and trucks that honked and wailed noisily,

and tiny people, whose screams echoed faintly up to the two giantesses. They

walked casually, indifferently, bending to look at the tiny skyscrapers, taking

pleasure in the effects of their passage. Donna felt something crunch, and she

turned and paused to look down where her left foot had stepped. It was a tiny

car, the driver must have been waiting in it for her to pass, but had panicked

and pulled out; a fatal mistake. There was nothing left of the little thing, it

had fallen under the ball of her foot, and been pressed down into the tarmac,

the metal spreading and molding like play-dough. She thought for a moment about

what the tiny driver must have seen, her body looming over him, her colossal

foot filling the sky, the car flattening around his puny body; and she shivered

a little, feeling for a moment just what it must be like to be small and tiny

with her and Wilma strolling around.

In the meantime, Wilma had found a bit of fun. A tiny man on a hotel balcony,

standing there totally naked, jacking off at the sight of the two giantesses

strolling through St. Louis. She was looking down at him in frank amusement, and

her scrutiny of him only seemed to inspire him into more impassioned motions.

Wetting a fingertip, she touched her nipple, matching her motions to his,

grinning as her nipple swelled to a size exceeding his minuscule body. They both

played together for a long moment, the giantess and the tiny man. Then Wilma

bent towards her little playmate, her lips parting, she heard a scream as her

tongue snaked out, licking the tiny man into her mouth. She showed her catch to

the other people in the building, showed the tiny naked man on her tongue. Then

she closed her mouth and played with him, swirling him inside of her mouth,

rasping at him with her colossal tongue, moaning softly with pleasure.

She felt the taste of him on her tongue, a tiny drop of cum, a sweet release of

salt as the tiny man lost himself to the Wilma's power. She savored him for a

long moment, then with a naughty grin she whispered, "Little man, I don't just

like to taste you. I always swallow." And she giggled as he screamed and tried

to cling to her tongue as she slowly tipped her head back. She moaned softly,

enjoying her sport as the tiny man dangled over her throat. Wilma undulated her

tongue, and the tiny man fell, hit the back of her throat and was dragged

shrieking into her belly. She opened her mouth to show the people in the

building that the man was gone, then licked her lips and blew them a kiss.

Behind her Donna looked down at the tiny people, watching them run, swarming

down the streets, they looked so small, so helpless, and her heart beat faster

as a feeling of power warmed her body. But then she spotted something that swept

those thoughts away, bringing a smirk to her lips. "Wilma," she said "I decided

that there is something I want to do with my new size." Wilma glanced over from

the building she was gazing into, and looked down in the direction Donna was


# # #

Ed gunned the engine, swerving wildly as the giantess placed her bare foot down

in front of him for the third time. Feminine giggles echoed down from the sky as

he fought with the wheel, the cab of the truck bouncing off her toes, jarring

the truck violently. Those colossal toes wriggled and reached for the semi,

capturing the trailer for a long shuddering moment, the heavy wheels squealing

against the pavement, blue smoke billowing into the air. Then, with a lurch the

semi slipped free, careening off the curb, the cab bouncing hard, throwing him

against the seat restraints. He fought it back onto the road, felt the tires

skitter across the road as the giantess moved again, the earth shifting under

her impossible weight. A shadow fell over him, and the windows of the building

to his left shattered as she placed her right foot on the road, the black top

exploding with the impact, cracks radiating outwards as her foot sank deep into

the ground. This time it was too close, he screamed and threw the wheel to the

left. The cab rolled to the side, then skidded out of control, the trailer

swinging around as the semi jackknifed, crashing into the side of the giantess'


Ed shook his head, stunned by the collision. The right side of the cab was

twisted and bent inwards. He wiped his brow and looked up. Something was

blocking the windshield. He stared at it for a long moment before he realized it

was the bottom of a huge toe. The roof of the cab creaked and dimpled slightly,

and he cried out. The giantess was resting her foot on his truck, her toes

curled over the front of the semi. He grabbed at the door handle and yanked, it

was jammed, the frame distorted by the crash. The roof pinged and sank inwards a

little, and he howled and threw his weight against the door, trying to ram it

open. Nothing happened. He wrenched at his seat belt, slipping across the seat

he lifted his foot to kick out the window. But as he raised his leg the front

windshield snapped and shattered, raining glass over him. Looking up in horror

he watched as the roof slowly caved in, sinking under the ball of the giantess'

foot, her bare toes spreading slightly as she stepped down. He lifted himself

up, pressing his palms against the roof, pushing frantically, filling the cab

with the sound of his screams as it sank lower and lower, forcing his arms down,

pressing him against the seat. He heard the sound of his body crunching…then

heard nothing at all…

# # #

Donna clenched her teeth as she trapped the truck under her foot and stepped

down slowly, the semi popped and crackled under her sole, glass glittering as it

blew out of the side window. The trailer split open and spilled its cargo across

the road, and she stepped down fully, the truck molding to the shape of her bare

foot, sinking into the earth. She twisted her foot back and forth, then lifted

it, eyeing the results with a smirk on her face. The trailer was smashed and

flattened, but the words "Taste the Rainbowâ„¢" were still legible. "Feel better

now?" asked Wilma. "Oh, that was wonderful…" began Donna, turning to smile at

her friend. Unfortunately her foot shifted over the spilt load of colorful

candy, and before she knew what was happening she was leaning backwards.

The whole city bounced.

Wilma was on her feet in an instant, but even before she reached Donna she heard

the laughter. Donna was on her back, she'd fallen down between two rows of

skyscrapers, and as Wilma watched she started to rise up, then fell back, her

breasts jiggling as she laughed, "I really, really hate Skittles."

Wilma smiled, "Is that why you're laughing?"


Wilma looked down at Donna for a long moment. She pursed her lips. "You're


"Yes!" Donna laughed, and Wilma grinned and watched her make a few vain attempts

to free herself from the rows of skyscrapers. Finally she just laid back and

stared up at Wilma. "Well, don't just stand there," she said "do something!"

Wilma thought about this for a moment, then knelt down and slowly ran her

fingertip up Donna's thigh. Donna shivered and held still for a moment, then

wriggled harder, causing one of the high rise buildings to shatter and avalanche

across her belly. Wilma giggled and her hands worked, ripping up the streets,

tearing great gaping furrows in them, while Donna twisted, trying to see what

was going on. She learned soon enough, as Wilma secured the first underground

line to Donna's ankle, wrapping it around the base of a skyscraper. Donna was

too stunned at first, and by the time she started struggling she was firmly

bound. She looked up at Wilma, her eyes glowing, and Wilma smiled and stood over

her, moving slowly, touching herself. Her hips and breasts swaying, her eyes

half-lidded with passion. She straddled Donna and lowered herself, until her

warm, wet sex kissed Donna's tummy. Reaching to the side, she raked her fingers

slowly down the side of a gray stone building, ripping its facade free, exposing

it to the air. Her hands glided over the many rooms, gathering tiny people by

the fingerful, pressing them into her other hand. Wilma looked down, her heart

beating fast within her as she reached down and touched her pussy with her

fingertip, gathering her moisture, and making circles on Donna's breasts,

stroking her nipples gently. Donna moaned and arched her back, and Wilma touched

her finger to her lips, then with her other hand sprinkled the tiny men and

women onto Donna's lovely breasts. The little ones getting mired in Wilma's

juices, their tiny bodies squirming and struggling against Donna's nipples,

causing her to twist and squirm, herself, between Wilma's thighs.

Wilma smiled and traced her fingers up Donna's sides, under her breasts, over

her warm flesh, taking her time. And Donna trembled and struggled harder,

goosebumps rising on her skin, her nipples rising hard and gigantic over the

tiny people wriggling on her warm breasts. Wilma leaned down, and began to

tickle Donna with her nipples, slowly dragging them against her, careless of the

tiny people, who screamed and fought to escape as Wilma's hard nipples playfully

rubbed over them, smearing them, crushing their tiny bodies against Donna's

nipples. Then she sat up and cleaned herself with her tongue, taking her time,

looking down into Donna's eyes, before bending down again and cleaning Donna

too, rasping her tongue around her nipples, sucking at her breasts.

Donna was losing it, her body tingling as she undulated under Wilma's tongue. It

didn't help when Wilma smiled and began to kiss her way down Donna's body. Donna

tensed, her muscles straining at the wires holding her, causing the buildings to

waver on their foundations, her mind afire with passion. She watched in a daze

as Wilma paused to tear into another building, screams filling the air as she

took more toys into her hand. Wilma smiled and reached down, her arm moving for

a moment, then she raised a glistening finger. Donna watched as Wilma touched

her fingertip to the people in her hand, a tiny woman sticking to her moisture.

She was shivering with anticipation as Wilma blew the tiny woman a kiss goodbye

and lowered her hand between Donna's thighs. Wilma's finger pressed up between

the folds of Donna's beautiful pussy, parting them, spreading them, and Donna's

hips lifted into the air as Wilma's finger wriggled slowly inside of her. Then

Wilma withdrew her finger, and showed it to Donna, glistening in the city light,

the tiny woman no longer stuck to it. Wilma licked her finger clean, tasting

their mingled juices, and Donna shivered again, thinking of the tiny woman

trapped deep inside of her cunt. Her mouth was dry, her body aching with need.

Donna caught Wilma's eye and her lips mouthed a single word: 'more'. Wilma

smiled, and tipped her head back, opening her mouth, raising her hand over her

lips and pouring the tiny people into her mouth. Then, with an impish grin, she

slowly lowered her head between Donna's thighs, and Donna began to moan more

loudly, not sure if she could stand much more of this.

Wilma wasn't about to be merciful. Her lips kissed Donna's inner thighs. She

felt the tiny people shrieking in her mouth, fighting with her tongue and teeth,

swimming wildly as she salivated. She felt a sudden desire to swallow, to chew,

to give these tiny people to her body. But she fought the temptation, and

pressed her lips against Donna's vulva, and began to kiss her lover deeply,

using her tongue to press the tiny people between Donna's nether lips and into

her warm, sweet pussy. She took her time, and when her mouth was empty, she

turned and jammed her fist into another building, grabbing more tiny people,

bending down to kiss Donna again, filling her.

It was too much for Donna. Her body was on fire, her pussy fluttering as she

felt the tiny people writhing and swimming inside of her. Her nipples still

tingling from Wilma's ministrations, and her clit throbbing as Wilma turned her

mouth upon it, suckling at her firmly. Donna began to moan loudly, her eyes

tightly shut, her fingers curling and uncurling as her orgasm ignited deep

within her body, fanned into a inferno by Wilma's kisses, until the waves of

pleasure crashed over her, sweeping her away with its unbearable sweetness and

power. The tiny people in her pussy drowned in a flood of honey and smeared in

the fierce grip of Donna's pussy, her body glowing with excitement. And Wilma

came with her, feeling Donna's pussy climaxing against her mouth, tasting her

lover's orgasm, her own body responding with sweet release, her pussy grinding

against the ground, crushing several tiny cars, most abandoned, but some not.

They came for what seemed forever, and the city trembled and shook from the

power of their passion, the air filled with the scent of their pleasure, the

survivors unable to tear their eyes from the titanesses making love in the

middle of their city.

After a long while they began to calm down a little. Wilma sighed and kissed

Donna, kissed her sex, kissed her thighs, kissed her tummy and her breasts,

kissed her nipples, kissed her throat, kissed her cheeks and kissed her lips.

Then she freed Donna from her bindings, toppling the buildings that held her to

the ground. They were both trembling as they embraced, holding each other tight,

savoring the passion that flowed between them. They kissed, tenderly, but

deeply, looking into each other's eyes, sharing the taste of their mouths. Donna

leaned back first, breaking the kiss. She took a deep breath, then licked her

lips, her voice husky with arousal.

"I want," she licked her lips again. "I need to be filled."

Wilma's heart raced and they both looked to the side, to the remaining buildings

standing in the city of St. Louis…

# # #

They took their time, savoring the experience, their lovely bodies tense with

anticipation. Donna went first, straddling the Wickenden building, her hands

resting on her spreads thighs as she slowly lowered her ass over the brightly

lit building. Wilma lay prone before her, her head between Donna's knees,

watching closely as Donna's pussy kissed the top of the high rise. Tiny people

started to stream from the front lobby, and Wilma growled softly and dabbed them

with her finger, smearing a line back towards the doors, which she shattered

with a single flick. No one would be allowed to escape from the fate the

giantesses had in store for them.

Overhead, Donna spread her swollen nether lips, exposing her inner pinkness, her

juices dribbling onto the skyscraper, slowly trickling down its sides, staining

it dark with her wetness. Wilma watched breathlessly as Donna took the tip of

the building into herself, closing her lips around it, moving her hips, getting

it just right, the slowly sinking down. "What do you see?" she moaned softly.

Wilma licked her lips, her mouth suddenly very dry. "There are tiny people by

the windows. Some are looking at me. Most are looking up, trying to see you."

Donna licked her lips and sank down a little. "Can they see me now?" "Mmmm, yes.

They seem really agitated," Wilma giggled, then gasped softly. "What's the

matter?" "Oh, god…there are two tiny people trapped outside of the building, on

a balcony. I can see them pounding on the glass doors trying to get back

inside." Wilma shivered. "Your juices are dribbling on to them, they're

struggling in it." "Good," moaned Donna, and she slowly pressed down further,

taking more of the skyscraper into herself. Wilma watched, mesmerized as her

lover's sweet pussy sank down onto the little skyscraper, devouring it story by

story, bearing down on the two little men with ruthless pleasure. They waved

their hands frantically, trying to escape from the sticky juices holding them to

the balcony as Donna's pussy loomed closer and closer, her lovely clit filling

their sky, her nether lips wrapped around the skyscraper. "Oh, stop. Stop!"

breathed Wilma, her body afire with lust. Donna paused, her eyes shining with

need, her body hungry to devour the rest of the building. "Why?" she asked

huskily, trying to control the passion in her voice. "You're right above them.

Oh, god I can hear them screaming." Donna moved a little lower, her eyes closed,

concentrating. "I think you're touching them," said Wilma. "I am," breathed

Donna. "I can feel them hitting my clit." she smiled and ran her fingers through

her hair, "Well, kiss them good-bye, Wilma. They're between me and my toy, and

I'm not waiting anymore." And Wilma watched breathlessly as Donna shifted her

hips and sank down, her clit dimpling against the tiny balcony, sexily smearing

the two tiny men against her hot flesh, before her pussy pressed low enough to

engulf the middle section of the building, the tiny crushed bodies turning to

jelly between her soft inner flesh and the side of the high rise. This time she

didn't stop, her hips sinking down with greedy hunger, until the skyscraper was

buried deep inside of her sweet sex. She moaned softly and shifted her hips,

rubbing the building up around inside of her softness. "You have to try this,"

she whispered.

# # #

Jack clung to the window frame and watched helplessly as the giantess' pussy

swallowed up the view, her lips sliding past slowly, turning into the warm pink

inner flesh of her body. He trembled violently, overwhelmed by a feeling of

total helplessness, then stepped back as a deep voiced moan of pleasure rumbled

through the building. The giantess was definitely enjoying herself. He turned

away and stepped into the next office. "We should get in the basement, there

might be a chance…" he started to tell Richard, and he stopped dead in his

tracks. His friend had released the emergency latches on the window, and was

sitting in the frame, one hand out and pressed against the flowing wall of pussy

flesh. The scent of the giantess' arousal filled the room, and her juices were

flooding the sill and dripping onto the floor. "Richard! What the fuck are you


Richard turned and glanced at Jack with a glazed look in his eyes. "God, she's

so big, Jack. We're inside of her."

"I know where the hell we are, Richard." He was seething with fear, and here his

friend was copping of goddam feel. "We have to get down, maybe we can find

shelter in the basement."

Richard nodded, his gaze focusing a little, and he paused to look at the thick

creme dripping from his hand and arm. "I'm never going to look at a woman the

same again," he said, and jumped off the sill.

But it was too late for Richard. Donna wanted to test the mettle of her play

toy, and she tensed her pussy, squeezing the building with her love muscles. For

her it met a pleasant resistance, for the tiny men it was horrific. Jack's eyes

widened as he watched the warm wet cunt flesh press tighter against the window

and he opened his mouth to yell a warning, but at that instant the wall

shattered. Richard was starting to turn back to look as cracks radiated up the

walls, the building groaning, the emergency lights flickering. The wall fell

inwards. Jack backpedaled, and Richard did the only thing he could, pressing

himself against the lower section of wall against the window as debris crashed

and bounced around him. The ceiling buckled, and one of the lights dropped,

black wire. The fixture and some of the wall landed against the edge of the

giantess' wet flesh, and as she continued to press down it was dragged out of


Jack waved his hand, trying to clear the pall of dust in the air. "Richard?"

"I'm here," said the other man. "Shit, let's get the fuck out of here." Jack

listened as his friend struggled in the debris for a moment. "Jack?" asked

Richard, his voice shaky.


"Jack, I'm in trouble."

Jack coughed and stepped into the wrecked office, tripping over the stuff on the

floor until he was next to his friend. The problem was immediately clear, the

lighting fixture that had dropped from the ceiling had been trailing a ton of

wire, and this wire was badly tangled up in Richard's legs. But what held both

of them riveted in terror was the sight of the other end of the wire slowly

slipping down between the floor and the pussy flesh of the giantess. Richard was

spellbound, paralyzed with fear. Jack wasn't and he immediately attacked the

heavy wire, pulling and yanking at it, getting Richard's shoes off. As the

length of free wire remaining dwindled, Richard began to moan and twist around,

pulling at large block of cement, trying to yank himself free of the snare. Jack

yelled at him, trying to hold him still. He managed to free one leg, but by then

the rest of the wire was gone. Richard howled and tried to cling to the cement

block, but he might as well as have been trying to hold back and avalanche. The

wire jerked his body, yanked him ruthlessly against the side of the giantess'

pussy, then slowly dragged him down. He was screaming now, and Jack screaming

with him, but to no avail as he was pulled from sight.

Donna felt a pleasant tickle inside of her, and she playfully rubbed herself

against it…hard.

# # #

Wilma didn't have to be told twice.

Donna watched as she lifted herself up and turned around, looking down at her

little love toy, playfully stepping on the tiny people trying to flee the

building. She turned back and smiled at Donna, her thoughts dancing with images

of what she had just seen. She knelt down, the skyscraper nestled between her

thighs, then on a mischievous impulse she leaned forward, pursuing one of the

small crowds of people with her gigantic hand. They ran wildly, shrieking in

terror as she stalked them, cornering them against the rubble of a building she

as stepped on earlier, then slowly closing her fingers around them, grinning at

their helplessness. She lifted her hand into the air, carelessly dropping some

of her play toys, her eyes twinkling as they fell to their deaths. The survivors

were carelessly tossed onto the roof of the skyscraper between her thighs, and

she wasted no time in showing them exactly what she intended to do to them. She

looked down at them, running her fingers across her mouth, wetting them with her

tongue, then reaching down between her thighs and stroking her pussy. The

overwhelming power of her sex held the tiny people enthralled like small animals

in bright lights, as she parted her lips as swirled a finger against her

softness, her hips slowly lowering, her pussy hovering over the roof of the tiny

building. The immediate and terrifying presence of her aroused womanhood finally

shook the tiny men and women from their shock, and shrill cries sounded as they

stampeded for the rooftop doorway. But Wilma was ready for that, and a tiny man

leaping through the doorway was sliced in half as her thumb crushed the little

access way, pressing the door frame through his puny body. With the doorway

smashed the others surged for the edge of the roof, but it was already too late.

Wilma pressed her pussy against the skyscraper, her nether lips spreading wide,

her inner softness parting to receive the high rise into her body. The tiny

people in the building howling as the floor shook beneath their feet, the walls

groaning from the pressure, the windows turning dark as her pussy flesh glided

over them. But their fear was as nothing to the people on the rooftop. A lone

yellow bulb illuminated the sight of Wilma cunt, her soft flesh parting just

over the top of the building, wet and glistening in the light. The air pressure

rose, hurting the tiny people's ears, and the scent of Wilma's lust permeated

their every breath. They felt the building shivering underfoot as the giantess

shifted her hips, pressing it against her sensitive inner spot, squeezing the

skyscraper from all sides with her powerful love muscles. They didn't realize

that the end was at hand, until they saw her soft cervix bearing down on them.

Their screams lasted for a long, heartpoundingly terrifying minute…

# # #

Donna and Wilma played. The touched each other, stroking each other's nipples,

their hips moving slowly as they pumped up and down on the little skyscrapers.

The world watched as the giantesses played, the earth shaking with each thrust,

giggling and panting as they wondered aloud how the terrified people trapped in

their bodies were faring. But soon even those sounds faded, broken only by their

low passionate moans as they took their pleasure from the city, and from each


They slowly increased the tempo, their breasts bouncing as they began to pump in

sync. Their colossal pussies slamming down as one, rising up, revealing

buildings lathered in juices, then crashing down again. Harder. Faster. A moist

slurping sound filling the air, followed by a ruinous crunch and boom of thunder

as they fucked their helpless toys with increasing wildness. Their eyes glowing

with lust, their bodies singing with power, Donna and Wilma leaned towards each

other, closer, closer, their lips parting, their eyes sharing their arousal. And

when their lips touched, they orgasmed. Their sweet cunts, aroused beyond all

restraint, squeezed hard, ruthlessly, gleefully ripping their toys from their

foundations, crushing the tiny skyscrapers in climatic fury. They growled into

each other's mouths, their lust roaring through them as their pussies squeezed

again and again, thousands of tiny people shrieking in mortal terror as the

walls exploded inward and the floors shattered. Jack, who was trapped in a

stairwell, looked up and howled as Donna's pussy playfully crushed him with

orgasmic glee. Wilma was no more merciful, snapping her hips to the left, then

to the right, slamming the tiny wailing people inside of her from one side of

the skyscraper to the other, before she bore down and made the building crunch

pleasurably inside of herself.

Their pleasure lasted for minutes, soaring and calming and soaring again, until

finally they relaxed, holding each other, kissing softly, shivering slightly in

the afterglow. After a while Donna leaned back and reached down, her fingers

nestled between her moist nether lips, reaching in, pinching the base of the

skyscraper and slowly easing it out of herself. Wilma watched with a grin as the

tiny thing slipped out, the steel wrought girders twisted and bent like

play-dough, the concrete crushed into dust and mingled with Donna's juices,

which dripped from the incredible wreckage. Wilma leaned forward and kissed the

crushed toy, then stretched out her leg, carelessly plowing her barefoot through

a row of buildings, her fingers searching for her toy, slipping it out slowly.

Both buildings were crushed into soft lines, glittering wetly in the moonlight,

almost cylindrical like dildos, which seemed wonderfully appropriate. The

giantesses admired the results of their play, then giggling naughtily they dug

holes in the ground in the original foundations and stood their toys upright,

the only structures still standing downtown, proof of the indomitable power of

their sexy bodies.

# # #

They decided together that they needed to rinse off after their play, and the

two giantesses rose up, hand in hand and strolled through the wreckage of their

passion, past the toppled buildings, past the rubble that was all that remained

of Busche Stadium, past the broken uprights of the arch, the metal still

glistening in the moonlight with their pussy juices. They entered into the

Mississippi, and were rather disappointed that it wasn't deeper, the dark water

not even reaching to their ankles.

"What is this thing, a river or spilt water?" growled Donna, stomping her foot

in the channel, carelessly crushing a suspension bridge down deep into the

Mississippi mud, water fountaining hundreds of feet into the air from the

earthshaking impact.

"I should have thought of this," said Wilma. "It's real shallow, it's probably

not even twenty feet deep right now. And on our scale, that's less than an

inch." She swirled her toes in the river, stirring up the silt and mud. "It's

going to be hard to rinse off in this."

"Maybe not," said Donna as she bent to pick up one of the floating casinos,

catching a tiny man who had foolishly stayed behind to watch the giantesses. She

idly smear him between her fingers as she looked over the casino, and decided

that it would server her needs.

They bathed together, taking turns with their improvised bucket, cooling their

bodies, and when they were done they wandered out into the countryside, giggling

at their fun, playfully stepping on tiny cars fleeing from the city, kissing and

making a gentle kind of love with soft caresses of fingers and lips. And since

there didn't seem to be any alternative, they decided to bed down for the night

in a rolling forest of white pine. But the diminutive trees were tempting as

down to the touch, and the warm loam of the hills made for a wonderfully soft

and comfortable bed. Wilma and Donna fell asleep next to each other, smiles on

their faces, as they sank into sweet slumber together.

# # #

The sounds of a helicopter awake them, it's blades chopping the air as it

cruised half a mile south of where they lay. The moon was low, and there was

little light, so it took a moment for them to realize that the transformation

was over, and they stared in frank awe at the crushed and splintered trees

around them. The fun was over, they were small and naked and alone in the

forest. But, fortunately, not far from Wilma's home, though it was a long walk,

and tiring in the darkness.

At one point they stumbled, stepping down into a deep depression, and Wilma

commented on the strangeness of it. Donna looked more closely, and realized what

it was. "It's a footprint," she whispered.

Wilma's eyes widened and she glanced all around at it. It was huge, dozens of

feet long, and terribly deep. "My god," she whispered back. "I didn't realize we

were this big. Is it yours or mine?"

"I have no fucking idea," murmured Donna. "Her heart pounding. Think of what the

people saw," she said. "I'm scared just standing in this fucking thing. Damn,

what were we thinking?"

"We were goddesses," Wilma murmured. "The world was our play toy." She took

Donna's arm and held herself to her friend. "Donna, this is getting to me."

"Me too."

"I…I want to be big again."

"Me too," said Donna, and her teeth flashed in a smile.

They reached Wilma's house before sunrise, and Wilma blessed the good luck that

she had not taken in the wash before she left. They dressed quickly, then worked

on their story, about how they escaped from the city, and how they'd had to walk

for the last se

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