Giantess Stories: The Volunteer

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The Volunteer




              It wasn't fair, but it had its pleasant

moments.  They lied to me, but I couldn't resist their beauty.  I had

volunteered to test a new scanning procedure for a medical company that would

pay $20,000.00 to participate.  But, what they didn't tell me was how that scan

would effect the molecular structure of what ever absorbed it.  They were

pretty, teenaged, female medical students.  They were dressed in shorts, and

skirts, and some had on knee-high socks.  Others wore knee-high boots, or low

white socks.  They were dressed smart, yet very sexy.  They did a lot of male

bashing, but I took it all as a joke.  As it turned out, they were dedicated

feminist extremists!


       When I arrived at the lab I was greeted by a

nineteen year old blonde girl named Carla.  She seemed to be part German and

part Spanish.  She was very slender (especially around the waist) and was

wearing a short, white, dress, knee-high white sox, and black shoes.  Her

yellowish-blonde hair was long and combed straight back.  She had slender, yet

defined legs, slender arms, and small hands with skinny fingers.  She told me

that I would have to ingest a dye that would conduct the radiation from the scan

and help my body to absorb the effect.  The dye pill she gave me also contained

a sedative, but that part of it she did not reveal to me.  When I woke up, my

arms and legs were strapped to a hospital bed and I was completely naked!  She

was sitting by a desk at the side of my bed with her sexy legs crossed.  I was

embarrassed as I was at full erection and had no blanket covering me.  She told

me to relax.  She said that sexual arousal would help me to absorb the dye.  She

told me that sexual arousal would also create hormones needed for the radiation

to fully effect my molecules.  I asked what my molecules had to do with anything

and she replied that the ray was designed to resize molecular structure to a

smaller level.


      Carla told me that the more sexually aroused I got,

the more it would help the experiment.  She also said that the resizing effect

would be temporary, as my molecules would eventually begin to slowly expand back

to their original size.  "You can't shrink people!" I said sarcastically.  At

that moment, Carla got up from her chair, and walked over to my bed.  The side

of the bed just reached the middle of her knees and I could see her sexy legs

from the middle of her knees on up to her long, slender, sexy thighs.  "Why am I

so close to the floor?" I asked her.  "We don't want you to become intimidated

by being to high off the ground when you shrink" she replied.  "Just relax Sir.”

said Carla, as she reached down and began to fondle my testicles!  I was in such

a state of passion, I couldn't think of anything to say, or do!  She also ran

her index finger along the bottom of my penis, but did not masturbate me or do

anything to promote an orgasm.  She then stepped away from the bed and wheeled a

huge hooded-dome like object over me.  It was attached to wires that led to a

large rectangular main frame looking machine.  After she positioned the dome,

she went over to the machine and the dome lowered over my bed and me.  Suddenly

the inside of the dome began to glow a sort of purplish color.  I felt the bands

on my arms and legs get very loose, and then I couldn't feel them at all.  They

were too big to fit me, I was free (but still on the bed and inside the dome). 

When the whole thing was over, I stood about 10" on the bed... I had shrunk!


              She walked over to me from the machine and

stood by the side of my bed looking down at me.  My erection became even more

intense as I stood in front of these gorgeous giant knees under these incredibly

sexy slender and defined nineteen year old thighs.  “How long do you expect to

keep me this way?” I asked.  “Just for a few days, maybe a week.” Carla

replied.  “But you have to get a lot smaller!”  She sat next to my left on the

bed and grabbed my legs with her right hand while she fondled my testicles with

her left hand.  Pre-ejaculation fluid became apparent.  “That's enough!” she

said, as she rushed back to the machine to lower the dome.  Then on came the

purple glow, and I stood there even smaller than before (about 6”).  She raised

the dome again and came over for a second look.  “The smaller we shrink men, the

more difficult it becomes to keep shrinking them.” she said.  “So, we have to

induce more sexual stimulation to keep the shrinking process going.”  “I don't

want you to think I like you, or anything.”  “I have a boyfriend, but I must do

my job right in order to get you to our goal size.”  Then she said, “I want you

to be smaller than an inch!”  “I would be the first shrinker ever to have shrunk

a man that small!”


              She picked me up and walked me over to her

desk.  She crossed her legs and sat me on her lap.  She forced me to lie on my

back, then turned me over and began fondling my ass!  She pried my cheeks apart

with 2 fingers on one hand and (with the index finger on her other hand)

massaged the smooth, tender skin as my hole widened.



Occasionally, her index finger

would wander around the back of my thighs.  I moaned.  She said, “Oh, you like

anal?”  She then reached into a draw at her desk and took out a tooth pick and a

jar of Vaseline.  She dipped the tooth pick in the Vaseline and (while prying my

cheeks open with that other hand) gently ran the tooth pick edge up and down my

exposed crevice!  I was making passionate sighs at this action.  She then

inserted the tooth pick gently in, just a little.  It was the equivalent of the

finger of a 6” person in my ass.  She left it in, turning it, then she slowly

removed it and replaced it again.  She repeated this action as I gazed at the

sexy lap I was on and the sexy leg that surrounded me.  I looked forward to

notice the curve of her bent knee as a sensuous horizon.  I was shooting

pre-ejaculation fluid!  She cleaned me up and tried the shrinking process

again.  This time she got 2 ½â€ as her new result.  She picked me up and I stood

up in the palm of her hand (my erection was throbbing)!  She walked over to her

desk, sat down with her legs crossed, and lowered her hand to her lap with me

still standing in her palm.  While I looked around at those sexy, giant, legs,

the index finger of her other hand gently tickled the bottom of my testicles.


              I begged her, “Please make me come, I can't

take it!”  She replied, “No!”  “And if you touch yourself, I'll tie you up!” 

“This has to be done right!”  “This is not for your pleasure, I need you to be

less than one inch!”  After about a minute she added, “In a few minutes I will

make you come because the highlight of that sexual stimulation will probably

produce the hormone level I need to shrink so tiny.”  “But it has to build for

some time, first.”  “Now, stand up straight, Sir.”  She then began to fondle the

back of my legs, then the front of them.  Then she would go back to the

testicles.  Sometimes, she would probe her finger from behind me, under my ass

and between my thighs.  She would slowly move her finger back and forth so I

would feel the friction in those places.  She repeated all of these things for a

few minutes, then lifted me up to her knee and sat me there.  Her legs were

still crossed so I was seated on the knee that was bent over her other leg.  I

sat on the edge of her giant, bent knee.  She separated my feet and picked up

the tooth pick.  She stuck the tooth pick in my ass and left it there as she

reached in the desk drawer for something else... it was an eyedropper!  This

time the tooth pick filled my ass tightly.  She dipped the eyedropper in the

Vaseline and inserted my dick in it!  With one hand she manipulated the

toothpick in my ass and with the other hand she fucked me with the eyedropper! 

She did it so slowly that it took me almost 5 minutes to come.  Considering how

horny she made me, that was an eternity!  She cleaned me up and it was back to

the shrinking machine.  This time she achieved her desired result... almost ½ an

inch!  I was a little taller than ½ an inch small!


              She picked me up and walked over to the desk

and sat in the chair.  She put me on her right index finger and held me up to

her pretty face.  I was at full erection all over again.  She began to slowly

turn her hand so to turn that index finger like a big log would turn in water. 

I had to keep moving to stay on top and keep from falling off.  “Masturbate!”

she commanded.  I had to stay on my hands and knees on her finger to keep

balance as I moved to stay on top while she would turn her finger one way, then

the opposite.  Periodically, I could glance over the finger and observe her

sexy, giant, crossed legs (sox and all this time).  I maintained my balance on 2

knees and one hand, and with my other hand I masturbated.  I was able to glance

from her pretty, sexy face, back to her sexy, defined, slender, legs from time

to time as I played with my self and kept my balance on her turning finger.  I

knew she was turning her finger to watch me struggle for balance because

intimidating me this way was turning her on.  Sure enough, I saw her legs open

and her other hand reached under her dress.  She was pleasuring herself while

she was humiliating me this way.  “For the next week you're mine!”  She said to

me.  “I'm going to take you home and show you to my friends.”  “I'll bring my

girlfriends over to take turns playing with you!”  Carla continued, “Your going

to earn that lab money!”


Giantess Stories: The Volunteer

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