Giantess Stories: The Way The Cookie Crumbles by Wordmaster

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The Way The Cookie Crumbles

by Wordmaster

"Home Ec. What a waste of fifty minutes," I grumbled to my best friend Steve.

"Ah, c'mon Tom. It's not all bad. At least you get free food out of it," Steve


"Yeah, when it comes out edible. Face it, Steve. I am the world's worst cook. My

cakes fall, my brownies burn, I even managed to mess up macaroni and cheese."

"World's worst chef, huh? What're you making today?"

"Chocolate chip cookies," I grumbled.

"That sounds easy. I don't see how you can ruin those," Steve said as he walked

me to class.

"Just wait," I replied miserably. I reluctantly pulled open the door to class

and began my fifty minutes of hell.

Making my way to my seat, I stole a glance at Jana Wingo, one of the hottest

girls in school. Her straight, jet black hair hung down over her shoulders,

framing a chest that easily scored at least a 9.4 on a scale of one to ten. My

eyes continued down south, past her bright red belly shirt to her hip hugging,

skin tight jeans. Her ass was a thing of beauty, and it was well-known that she

never wore traditional underwear. It was always either a thong or nothing at

all. Sensing someone watching her, she raised her head and looked at me. I

gulped and lowered my eyes. She was so beautiful, I knew there was no chance of

the two of us getting together.

After the teacher laid out the instructions and safety requirements for this

recipe (most of which seemed to revolve around the stove: don't touch the stove

when it's hot, don't leave towels by the stove, don't let Tom anywhere near the

stove, etc, etc, etc) we got to work. In home ec, we worked in groups of four.

My group was well acquainted with my track record when it came to cooking, and

they gave me only the most elementary, un-screw-up-able jobs.

"OK, Tom," they started, speaking slowly and carefully, "this recipe calls for

two teaspoons of vanilla. VA-NILL-A! The teacher keeps it in the spice cabinets

up front. We need you to go get TWO TEASPOONS. Can you handle that?"

"Of course," I snapped, turning to the spice cabinets. "Get the vanilla. Like

I'm some kinda idiot who can't stay focused... on... any... thing...." Jana had

walked into my field of vision. As usual, my brain shut down, diverting all

available resources to staring at her rhythmically bobbing chest. Forcing my

attention back to the task at hand, I began fumbling about with various bottles

and canisters. I grabbed a bottle full of brown liquid. Vanilla was brown, as I

remembered. I uncorked the bottle and wrinkled my nose at the pungent aroma that

wafted to my nostrils. If this was vanilla, it had gone bad years ago. I turned

to put the bottle back and was confronted with Jana's perfect ass, clad in those

tight, tight jeans. She was bent over, picking up a set of measuring spoons she

had dropped. My jaw dropped as I admired her rear end. So did the bottle. I

fumbled to catch it and spilled droplets of the strange liquid all over myself.

The brown liquid burned painfully, searing my flesh. I gasped in pain and then

astonishment as I watched the room expand around me. Jana's round, firm ass rose

higher and higher before me. I stood, no bigger than a bug, staring up at the

awesome expanse of denim that covered the most perfect butt ever. Mouth gaping

wide, I took in the glorious sight. As she rose again, the spell was broken. I

suddenly realized my awful predicament. I was tiny. I was on the floor. And Jana

was walking towards me.

She was nearly a mile away, but her towering legs could easily cover that

distance in no time at all. As I watched her sandal-clad feet approach, I

developed a plan. I would hitch a ride on her feet and get to the teacher to

figure out what the hell I had spilled on me. That way, I would be restored to

my original height and get to spend time close to my dream woman. As she rapidly

came nearer, I stared in awe at her feet. They were delicate and feminine, in a

city block-long sort of way. Her towering toes were painted with a shimmering

lavender polish, and her foot rested atop a leather platform four times my

height. As she took a step, the heel of her back foot would rise, then her leg

would swing forwards. With a resounding slap, the leather sole of her sandal

would strike her foot as she lowered it. A dull, thundering boom accompanied

each step. The process began again, and I watched transfixed. Suddenly a flaw in

my brilliant plan struck me: How the hell was I going to get on her foot? I

couldn't climb the worn leather sandal, and I sure couldn't jump high enough. As

luck would have it, Jana solved my problem for me.

Her final step brought her foot just inches (from my scale) away from me. The

rush of wind that came from such a titanic mass displacing the air beneath it

whirled me high into the air. I rose, riding the air currents, sailing up to

ankle height. I plummeted back earthwards and landed directly beside her pinky

toe, where I was immediately struck by the sweaty, rank odor of her foot. A

delicious smell. I inhaled deeply as the world rocked and swayed with Jana's

every step. I watched her toe flex and relax as she walked. Standing up next to

it, I figured it to be about twice my height. That put me at roughly one fourth

of an inch tall. As much as I enjoyed being at her feet, I didn't particularly

want to make her sandal my permanent home. I had to get higher so I could get

someone's attention. Craning my neck upwards, I followed the column of her leg

past her bare midriff. Her enormous breasts blocked her face. It was a helluva

climb, but there was no other way. I scrabled atop her foot, admiring every

perfect detail, until I reached the flare of her pants leg. Grabbing handfuls of

the rough denim, I began my ascent.

The climb was long and arduous. I stopped several times to catch my breath.

After fifteen agonizing minutes, I hadn't even cleared her shin. There was no

way I would reach any higher. Or was there? I sensed movement before I ever saw

it. Her hand was reaching down her leg. Each finger was long and slender,

crowned with an inch-long nail painted to match her toes. Those nails were over

twenty feet long to me. Gigantic rings adorned her fingers, sparkling in the

fluourescent lighting. She curled her fingers and jabbed those nails into the

denim a few feet above me. Vigorously, she began to scratch an itch. I saw my

chance and shimmied higher, nearing her nails. The denim shook wildly and her

nails flashed all about me. I feared being sliced in two, but there was no other

alternative. I made a wild leap and landed atop her index finger. What luck!

Bad luck, I quickly realized, as she swung her hand skyward at a speed I could

only imagine. She scratched another tiny itch, this one on her bare belly, and I

clung to her smooth, soft skin for dear life. The rapid movements were churning

my stomach. Glimpses of her tan belly flashed by, exciting me with tantalizing

thoughts of pleasure. All in good time, I thought to myself. Right now, I had

more important things to worry about. A particularly rough scratch shook me from

my perch and I rolled downwards. Her stomach was every bit as soft as it looked.

I feared I would soon wind up on the floor again, in a slightly less... living

state than before, but instead I tumbled into the waistline of her jeans.

Now, previously I said that Jana wears thongs or nothing else. Today was nothing

else day. She was goin' commando, and it was amazing. I came to a rest at the

crotch of her pants and stared in awe at the largest pussy I had ever seen. She

shaved, and her bald womanhood stood proudly, dwarfing my tiny frame. I was

incredibly aroused at this point, but thankfully she wasn't. Being here was bad

enough without having to deal with a lot of excess moisture and heat. Despite my

escalating desire to stay here, I knew that I had to get out. Gripping the

denim, I inched my way under her massive body around to her backside. Her ass

cheeks jutted out firmly against the denim, and they gave enough for me to wedge

my body between them and her pants. Pressing against her buttock with my hands

and feet and her jeans with my back, I inched my way upwards to her waist. Her

silky skin sent waves of desire through me. Finally, before I burst, I reached

the top. And none to soon, because just as I squeezed my body out and clung to

the outside she sat down. I heaved a sigh of relief that I had narrowly escaped

being crushed.

I examined my surroundings and saw that she was sitting on a table, facing away

from a plate of hot cookies, fresh out of the oven. I jumped from her pants to

the table and began shouting and waving my arms, trying to attract attention. It

was useless. I was just too small. I had to position myself somewhere where

everyone would be sure to look. The plate of cookies, of course! I ran to the

huge platter and jumped. Catching the lip of the plate, I pulled myself upwards

and onto the plate. Huge cookies surrounded me, giving off delicious aromas. I

bit into one, savoring the sweet taste and wishing I could bake like this. I

pulled off and ate another hunk. Then another. Before I knew it, I had climbed

onto the giant cookie and was happily munching away. I had soon eaten my fill

and lay back, a belch escaping my lips. My eyes shut dreamily as a smile floated

across my face. Suddenly, the world lurched. I started up and looked around. The

cookie wasn't on the plate! Someone had picked it up! I spun around. Jana! She

was bringing the cookie up to her face, opening her mouth wide.

I shuddered as I neared her mouth. Thick, luscious lips framed perfect teeth.

Her tongue rested, glistening at the bottom of her mouth. The gaping black hole

of her throat emitted gusts of hot wind. I jumped and hollered, but it was no

use. Jana popped the cookie in her mouth. I looked about in fear, saliva

dripping all over me. Her tongue sprang into life, probing and tasting the food.

Her gigantic teeth rushed downwards, crunching into the cookie beside me. I

whimpered in fear as her teeth gnashed and chewed. I clung to a tiny fragment of

unchewed cookie. The tongue lifted my safe haven up and onto Jana's molar.

Staring upwards, I saw her other teeth high above me. They began to fall, headed

straight for me. I shut my eyes and hoped the end would come quickly.

It did.

With a gulp and a "Mmmmmm!" Jana reached for another cookie.


Giantess Stories: The Way The Cookie Crumbles by Wordmaster

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