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The way to go.......

(The perils of a mini-man)

by Banfield

Where was he? On a bed he, it couldn't be. Well, if it was a bed it

was awfully large...quite huge! How did he get here...where is he...what is he?

It was so damned confusing. He recalled that he had drunk a lot that eve; he

could not remember much else. His head spun a little, then settled as he sat up.

Yes, it definitely was a bed, but so immense! Looking round bemused, he saw

things that appeared normal - except that they were so large. Walls, pictures, a

mirror, a dressing-table and chair, ornaments and a massive ornate clock on the

bedside table.

In comparrison he reckoned he was only six inches (15cm) tall!

"Awake now, are you?" He whirled round to see the source of that booming voice

that came from behind him. "Ah, you're so sweet an' kinda cute..." A female

voice with a velvety timbre. She was so huge, a veritable giantess, and

black-skinned. She had just stepped into the room from what appeared to be en

suite bathroom. She was so pretty - although her size was frightening - and from

the dishevelled state of her hair and the bathrobe draped around her, it seemed

she had not been awake long herself.

In one hand she held a bottle which was bigger than him. As she raised it to her

thick, Negroid lips he decided that it must be Jamaican rum.

"Hey, you look so nice I could eat you all up," she grinned. He

looked as if she could, quite easily. It'd only take a couple of bites. He had

to admire her simian beauty, estimating her height to be 5ft 8 or 9; but she

seemed rather tipsy...and that could be dangerous.

She sat down heavily on the bed bouncing him up and making him lose his balance.

She swung one long leg over him and leaned back against the headboard, her

bathrobe parting immodestly as her limb soared over his head giving him a brief

glance that left no doubt that the robe was all she wore. She giggled, seeing

his eyes widen at the awesome sight. As she settled herself one of her breasts

escaped from the garment. It stood out proudly and arrogantly. Her big brown

eyes danced with girlish delight as she gazed down at his small body.

" am I?" he asked, trying not to be distracted by what he had

seen between her legs. She was a very attractive young Negress, and he could see

no fault in her whatsoever.

"My place," her voice boomed. It wasn't so meaningful as he had hoped. "You just

passed out last night an' you were much too heavy to carry like you were, so I

shrunk you..."

"What?" he gasped astoundingly.

"I shrunk you," she repeated casually, taking another swig from the bottle. "I

sneaked into the lab. an' found the formula. You're the best looking man there.

I kinda like you.

You should've known that. I gave you plenty of signs, but you ignored me. What

is it, you don't like us black girls or somethin'?"

He brushed aside her racial query. There was something far more important to

fathom out: "Look, this is enough, the joke's over. I want to be restored. Have

you got the stuff to do that?"

"Uhu," she said grinning at him, "Cain't do an' don't want to. I like you like own little live doll."

He groaned. How could he argue sensibly with a drunken teenager...a giantess?

She placed the bottle, almost empty, onto the bedside table and stretched out

dramatically, shifting forward a little and not bothering to keep the robe from

falling open completely.

Now, for him to get an erection under these circumstances could have been quite

natural, but amazing - especially as this young Negress was so huge. One could

compare her size to that of the famous statue of Adonis as seen in most major


Apparently, certain parts of his body didn't seem to care about the disparity of

size. As he was naked his physical reactions were quickly noticed.

"Hey, your little prick is quite the optimist, isn't it?" she giggled. "You like

what you see, eh?" So saying, she eased her slim legs further apart. "Would you

like a closer look?" He shook his head and took his eyes away from her slightly

gaping vulva. She stretched a hand down and put her brown fingers behind him.

They nudged him forward which was a simple task. There wasn't much he could do

but move and retain his balance.

He began to feel terribly nervous. That great fleshy fissure was almost the same

length as himself, a cleft that boded ill for him. On either side of him were

those great dark-skinned thighs - yet another classic feature, that of Scylla

and Charybdis - which could, if she so desired, close in upon him and crush him

to death. She kept urging him as he stumbled closer and closer. As big as she

was, the skin of her fingers was soft, the flesh warm and firm. He felt her

long, pointed finger-nails and trembled - they were like long knives and could

stab him. Under such duress he was obliged to do whatever she demanded. He was

now trapped between the curving flesh of her upper thighs, and there before him

was her fearsome vulva. Above the perpendicular crevice was the mat of curly

hairs and above that the undulating plain of her belly, sweeping upwards like a

dark, velvet cushion. He could feel the warmth and perfume of her sex wafting

over him. It was, without doubt, a frightening aspect. What passed through his

mind terrified him.

She giggled again and uttered a long grunt. Another shove pushed him up against

her resilient lips. He reached desperately at the spongy labia but she

relentlessly forced him into the cleft of those cushion-like portals.

"Go on," she urged playfully in a gutteral voice, "kiss me there, little man!"

She pressed him more forcefully and he found his face sinking just inside the

eager cunt-lips. The aroma struck him powerfully with its overwhelming pungency.

That premonition was about to come true. An icy hand gripped his heart... He

remembered the girl now. Re- called when she first started at the laboritory for

genetic experiments. A beautiful girl as every-one agreed, jolly and pleasant at

times. Always dressed immaculately but provocatively - mini-skirts or dresses,

deep-cut blouses. Tight ski-pants that accentuated her projecting bottom. Lovely

big brown eyes and a big wide mouth which, when opened wide when she laughed,

revealed an astonishing row of flashing teeth; so, as he was the youngest male

there, and good-looking, it was only natural that she paid him more atten- tion.

Regardless that he was white, she made it plain that she 'fancied' him; but he

already had a girlfriend and was happy with her. He had other interests, and

besides, she was too young for him. Very well, he had recourse to 'fancy' her,

but merely for sex, and only occasionally.

At her insistence he started to do as she wanted. He used his hands to rub up

and down the fleshy labia. He began to feel the surface becoming slimy. He slid

his hand inside to feel the warmth and jelly-like interior. He heard her grunt

and guessed she was enjoying his exploring hand inside her. Her grunts became

continual, and then he felt the walls of her vagina squeeze and it surprised him

that a female had that ability. It was almost impossible to pull his arm out. It

became a kind of game - he'd tease and titillate her quim and she would try and

grip his arm, both competing with each other. Being the inquisitive type of

chap, he attempted to see how far he could reach inside and feel things that

would be 'interesting', and a talking point when he eventually returned to his

normal size. He could not believe there was no antidote for that minimising

potion. The 'game' went on for some while. He reached in as far as he could and

withdraw it before she could clamp her vagina. She was sighing blissfully,

enjoying the 'game' as if being wonderfully penetrated by a penis - albeit so


He reached in right up to his shoulder, and when she squeezed he was well and

truly trapped, rather like having his arm in the jaws of a shark or lioness; and

then she had some extraordinary method of actually sucking his limb into her

bringing his face hard against her labia. A great amount of viscous fluid was

now exuding from her depths and it oozed over his face and dripped sluggishly

down his chest.

"Higher, higher!" she groaned. He sensed what she wanted. He could feel the

clitoris resting on his head. It had emerged from its sheath and was as thick

and long as his fore- arm and smearing his hair with viscid fluid. He glanced up

and could see the enormity...

whitish-pink and glistening. She allowed his arm free and, with both hands, he

clasped it and began rubbing his hands up and down. She was looking down at him

between her chocolate-coloured breasts and the gentle rise of her belly.

"Come on, come on!" she gasped loudly, bucking her hips and breathing heavily.

The black girl's excitement grew, her legs spread wide apart and her hips went

on bouncing up and down in quick jerks. He found it difficult to keep his grip

on the slimy organ. "Don't stop!" she gasped as he strived to stop falling

between her jerking thighs.

He was finding it more difficult. At one time he used her anus as a foothold but

found that orifice equally as hazardous due to the profuse slime dripping from

her vulva.

Suddenly he felt the hard pressure against him and found himself being propelled

into that fleshy cavern. He was being inserted into her vagina! First his feet

slipped in. Her warm, slippery wetness instantly closed and, like a bog, began

sucking him in.

Real panic now filled him as her labia closed around his legs. He exerted every

ounce of strength but the more he struggled the more he sank into that ravenous

mouth. The girl's noises became louder as she gasped and grunted with sensual

excitement, and the muscles of her vagina continued drawing him deeper with

their greedy embrace.

Frantically he grabbed at her pubic hair but found in despair that they were

covered with her excretions and merely slipped from his grasp. He was now up to

his waist and he knew the worst. His shouts, only squeals to her, became more

shrill as she sucked him further and further. He started to scream.

"What?" she asked with a dreamy expression.

"For Christ's sake!" he bellowed in a tiny voice, "Don't do this!"

She made a face, a kind of grin. "Okay, make me come first."

"Come on, you silly black bitch...this isn't funny, you know!"

She frowned at his remark...not exactly "racial" but offensive nonetheless. A

look of anger crossed her ebony features: 'So you call me a black bitch, huh?

Okay, whitey, you can stay there 'til I come; and see here you, you are

funny...a funny little man that I made, stuck up my black' you wanna

know somethin' else? It ain't gonna be the only place you're goin' t'be stuck

up...and then, mister high an' mighty, when I've finished messin' with you,

you're gonna stay somewhere 'til you're dead!"

He knew as soon as he spoke that he'd said the wrong thing. He wasn't thinking


Who would in these circumstances? A fully-grown man shrunk to only six inches,

and being sucked into a girl's vagina! Okay, so he did know she was flirting

with him, but he was always so pre-occupied with his work, and besides, he was

more than content with his girlfriend. O, dear, what about her? She must be

worried stiff by now, wondering where he is. She would have checked the lab.

long ago. She'd probably be checking the local hospitals, the police station.

She'd never ever guess that he'd been miniaturised and was now trapped in a

girl's quim.

He easily turned over to face upwards, the huge glistening clit. looming over

him. He began rubbing it with both hands. It resembled a very big male penis.

"You'll have to do better," she grunted warningly, "Like before."

He felt the walls squeeze again and he slipped in a bit more. His hands slipped

off the clitoris and in panic cried out "Sorry!" But she was moaning and her

hips were jerking. He couldn't reach the organ enough to massage it. He thought

he was a gonna when he slipped deeper and up to his chest. When he thought all

was lost she took him by his shoulders and eased him out a little to resume

rubbing her. The thought of being swallow- ed by her vagina gave him added


"Aaaah!" she groaned, "That's nice! I like it!" Her voice rose to a squeal, a

sound quite familiar with those kind of females. Then, to his terror, she gave a

deep groan and her voracious vagina sucked him into its depths leaving only his

arms and head outside. She used her internal muscles to squeeze his six-inch

body. Another muscular spasm and her

vaginal lips closed around his shoulders. He could fully realise what it would

be like to be swallowed by a huge anaconda or boa-constrictor. The young, virile

Negress was almost lost in her sexual dementia.

With only his head now exposed, he saw her large black hand descend, and watched

helplessly as she began maipulating her aroused clitoris. A finger caressed it,

sliding up and down its length and bumping his head. He recoiled, and in doing

so, felt himself slip deeper, and the rim of her vulva circled his neck.

Now he was in great peril. He knew that he had sunk into her so far that, even

if she wanted to, it would be nigh impossible for her to extract him from her

fleshy mire. He began screaming for his life, beging her to stop sucking him

further, but she was too intoxified to take any notice.

Terrified, he struggled vainly in her slimy grotto as his head disappeared and

silence fell and a sinister darkness.

The viscous fluid increased by his writhing and squirming, filling his mouth and

nostrils, and still his tiny body continued its suffocating journey. The young,

pretty Negress, her face aglow with sensuous delight, sat up and gazed

raptuously down at her closed vulva, then threw herself back with sigh, drew her

legs together and resumed playing with herself until, at last, her orgasm

struck. Simultaneously, struggling madly to survive, the six inch man's

movements became more intense, adding to her pleasure. Quick grunts came from

her throat as wave after wave of exquisite explosions erupted and spread

throughout her body.

When all had subsided she could not feel any movement inside her. She smiled

contentedly, closed her eyes and fell into a dreamy euphoria. An hour or so

swiftly sped by and the call of nature stirred her. She stepped to the w.c. and

sat on the lavatory-seat with her thighs apart. She wanted to watch her own

special experiment slip out with the gush of urine. With an evil plan in mind,

she caught the lifeless mini-man before it plopped into the bowl, finished

pissing and took the corpse to the washbasin. After a thorough rinse she carried

the corpse to her tiny kitchenette. She found a saucepan, put the man into it,

covered it with water and set the pan on the flaming gas ring. With no remorse

or sorrow for his girlfriend, she boiled him for 15 minutes adding a little

garlic and grated nutmeg. Letting it cool for a while, she slipped into her

knickers, a skirt and top. She then drained off the steaming water and dropped

the "morsel" onto a plate. As she ate the tiny corpse, nipping off his genitals

delicately, she started to hatch a plan to ensnare and minimise another lab.

assistant, he'll be older but he'll do, she decided.

As she relaxed digesting her unique little snack she felt an itch between her

buttocks. She reached behind and dug at the irritation through her knickers. Her

mouth spread with a smile as another diabloical idea entered her devious mind:

"Hmm...Why not?" she mused to herself . "I know he likes looking at my big bum."

The End


Giantess Stories: The way to go

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