Giantess Stories: The Wife

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The Wife


Little Husband


My story begins one morning as every other day


My wife and I got ready for work. She told me that she had to leave early. I

kissed her and watched as she put on her high heels and walked to the garage

door to drive away. I then jumped into the shower and shaved. When I got out I

noticed that I had cut myself. I opened the medicine cabinet and looked for the

rubbing alcohol. I couldn't find it, but I noticed a small bottle of what

appeared to be another type of alcohol. I put it on my face and noticed an

immediate burning sensation. The burn ran down my neck and into my body. I felt

dizzy and blacked out on the bathroom floor. When I awoke I could see the vanity

cabinet towering above me. Everything looked as though I was in a giants house.

The only problem was that this was my house. I walked out of the bathroom and

into the bedroom. I could see the closet door open and my wife's shoes lined up

in neat rows on the floor and on the rack. I walked in and stood by her heels

that were at least the size of a one story building. I was in awe at the size of

her sandles that she had just bought with me this past weekend. I had made fun

of them that they gave her another three inches of height. Now, they were feet

above me just to reach to the soles of the shoe. I walked around the house for

hours loosing all concept of time. I then looked up at our clock and saw that

she would be comming home soon. I then heard the garage door open and the sound

of someone coming into the house. I looked down the hallway and saw my wife

walking toward me with her high heels and stockings. she walked right past me

and kicked off her shoes by the closet door. I yelled up at her, "Linda, I'm

down her on the floor". She didn't even hear me as she walked around the bedroom

oblivious to my situation. I walked out to the middle of the floor and yelled as

hard as I could. She turned around as though she heard me and began to walk

towards me. I could see her red toenails under the tan stockings she wore and

the sound of her footsteps growing louder. I looked up at her to see if she was

looking for me, but she continued to walk until I realized that she was going to

step on me. I fell back and screamed and looked up at the bottom of her foot. I

was to shocked to move and was pressed down into the plush carpet. My body being

caught uder her insole. She continued to walk as though I wasn't even there. I

picked myself up and realized that I had just been stepped on. I looked back and

saw her walking toward me again. I began to run, but it was useless. One step of

hers was like thirtyfive feet for me. Her toe grazed my head and made me fall

sideways. I yelled in fear and began to run the other way. Finally I was able to

run into the closet where her shoes were lined up. She walked into the closet

where I hid behind a pair of clogs. I looked at her huge toes moving up and down

as though they where waiting for me to make a move. She took off her stockings

and threw them down on the floor. I decided to make a dash for it when one of

her stockings fell on me like a gigantic net. I began to move my arms and legs

but I just entangled myself more into the stockings. I could smell the aroma of

her feet and the nylons gripping me and choking my airway. I looked up at her as

she stood over me. Even if she looked down she wouldn't see me laying under her

stockings. She then took her big toe and moved it over me as I lay helpless. She

pressed it down over my legs and kicked the stocking over into the corner of the

closet with me in them. I was now in a ball of nylons trapped in the corner with

her shoes all around me. She then closed the closet door and walked away. I

yelled more, but it was useless. After several hours I tried to escape. I was

finally able to find a hole and get out. I walked under the closet door and

escaped under the closet door and walked to the baseboard. I was afraid to walk

in the middle of the floor for fear of being stepped on again. I was able to

travel to the livingroom where I overheard my wife on the phone. She was talking

to a friend and saying that she had put the bottle in the medicine cabinet and

would hold it for her friend until she came over to pick it up. I was trying to

understand if she knew what was in the bottle, but before I was able to

comprehend the rest of the converstion she walked over towards me. I immediatly

began to run as fast as I could. I fell on the carpet and rolled over to see my

wife standing over me still talking on the phone. I was between her feet waiting

to see what she was going to do. I had very few escape options. She then walked

away from me. I quickly got up and ran toward the bedroom. I was able to hide

under the nightstand. After several hours she decided to go to bed. Since she

knew I was going to be out of town for two days, she wasn't aware of my


The next morning I heard her in the shower getting ready for work. I saw her

take out her Italian made leather high heels and put them next to the bed. I

decided to make her aware of my situation. I climbed the shoes and managed to

get on top. I knew that when she put her foot in she would have to look down and

then she would see me. I waited until I saw her put on her tan stockings. She

then walked over to me. She put on her left shoe and then looked down at her

right shoe. I jumped up and down sreaming at the top of my lungs. She bumped her

shoe with her toe, causing me to loose my balance. I fell down into her shoe.

All I could see was her foot coming towards me. I was able to get to the side of

her shoe, but I became trapped under her big toe. My legs were pinned and my

body was pressed against the side of her toe. I was sreaming for help. Then I

heard the sound of air like being forced out and then there was darkness. I

could smell the shoe leather and stockings. She began to walk and my legs where

being crushed with each step. She got into her car and left for work with me. I

could hear the sound of voices in her office talking to her. She must have sat

down at her desk because my body felt less crushed. I was having a hard time

breathing since there was only so much air in her shoe. After several hours I

began to gasp for breaths. It was hot and her feet where perspiring. I was

beginning to feel as though I was going to pass out. Suddenly a rush of cold air

came by me and then bright light. She took her foot out of her shoe. I lay on

the soles of her shoes looking up at her long legs. I knew I would have to get

out or I would't be as lucky next time. I crawled up the arch of the shoe and

pulled myself up the sides of the insoles. The walls of the shoes were at least

10 feet high(my size). I could see her foot by the side of the shoe. I was

trying to yell as hard as I could, but my voice was to little. She then kicked

her shoe over. I was now able to crawl out. My legs were still numb from being

pinned under her big toe so I couldn't run. When I looked up I saw her sitting

in her chair. I was then hit from behind and pressed down into the office

carpet. Her foot had found me again. She was talking on the phone as she moved

her toes over me as though I was just dirt on the floor. She didn't even realize

what was under her foot as she kept stepping on me and playing with me under her

feet. I felt as though I would never be big again. My fate was to be crushed

under my wife's feet and her not to know what had happened to me. She then stood

up, and as she did my body became pinned under her instep. I could feel my body

being crushed into the carpet. Her stockings pressed into my face and the smell

of her foot engulfed me. I knew this was the end. Her foot then moved up and she

sat down. Half my body was crushed into her sole as she crossed her legs. My

body was stuck to her foot like a piece of gum. I slowly began loosing my breath

and thought if she would ever find my body someday. Just then her toenail jabbed

into me and scrapped me off the bottom of her foot. I fell to the carpet. I

could see her looking down on the floor to see what she had scrapped off the

bottom of her foot. She looked at me and began to move her body closer. I could

only whisper her name now. I thought that by some miracle she saw me and knew

what I was. But then she put on her shoe and stood up. I looked up at the bottom

of her Italian made leather shoe as she crushed me under her foot. The last

thing she said to the office manager was that the exterminator hadn't done a

good job of spraying as she scraped my body off of her shoe onto the carpet

Giantess Stories: The Wife

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