Giantess Stories: The Wishing Stone By Warren J

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The Wishing Stone

By Warren J. Vehec

Chapter One- The Inheritance

"Hey! Nicole, wait up for me!" yelled a voice behind a little girl. The small 8

year old girl turned around to see her friend, Emily, who was 7 years old,

running towards her.

"Hi Emily," she said with a little bit of despondent in her voice.

Her friend was surprised at her gloominess. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing much," she replied, "I went to my great-Aunt's funeral."

"What's a fuuneraal?"

"It's when you go bury people when they are dead."

"Oh! So your Aunt died, then?"

The dark hair Nicole only nodded, while she remembered her parents, the older

cousins, and grandparents fought over as to who gets the estate and the

valuables of her recently pasted away Great-Aunt. While the grown-ups were

fighting, a female lawyer strode in with two police officers. The Lawyer read

the will of her late Aunt. And that was when the bomb was dropped. Nobody got

anything, the property was to be donated to the all girl orphanage. The

valuables was to be liquidated and given to the Hope Foundation for the

treatment of molested little girls.

And one last thing was to be done. The female lawyer pulled out a small box and

walked directly to Nicole. With a smile, she handed it to her. Before she open

the box, she could feel anger and jealously from her older relatives being

directed at her.

She slowly opened the box as she held her breath. Her parents crowded over her

shoulder to see what she inherited. A Mood Stone necklace lay in the box. A note

with her name on it, was tucked under the stone. Tenderly, she pull the piece of

paper from under it.

Nicole unfolded the scrap of paper and began to read the note: My Dearest Nicole,

It was my fondest wish to pass this Mood Stone on to my favorite grand niece,

you. I know that you were eying one of my favorite necklace every time you come

to visit me. I hope that you will always keep this with you forever. This

necklace has away of granting your wildest wishes.

Your Loving Aunt Jill.

After all of her relatives had seen what she had received, the anger and

resentment was still there, even though the stone wasn't worth anything. After

the party was over, they all gave her the cold shoulder treatment as they said

their goodbyes. When she and her parents got home, her parents tried to take

away the Mood Stone from her. The seven year old girl began to cry and beg them

not to take away her inheritance, until they gave in.

As she walked in silence, the dark hair girl fingered the jewelry around her

neck. The stone was in a dark gray to match her mood. Her friend, Emily noticed

the stone for the first time. "Oooh, what's that you got there?" she said, as

she pointed to the necklace.

"That's my Mood Stone."

"Oh neat! I heard of them, but I never seen one before," exclaimed the dirty

blonde hair girl, "Does it really change color when you're sad or happy?"


"I've got an Aunt that use to have a ring that has a Mood Stone, only

smaller...", as she rambled on to another story and another story like a common

every day little girl. Nicole soon forgot about her Great Aunt's funeral and

eagerly joined in with her friend's idle chat. As they were walking towards

their summer classes, the stone began to glow in a happy blue color.

Chapter Two- Boys Trouble

Emily and Nicole were the last of the seven to entered the Karate class. They

saw all the other students have their gi uniforms on already, so they hurried to

get changed before the instructor arrives.

As Emily ties her belt on, she sees that the dark hair girl was fully dressed,

but her hands were clasped behind her neck as she struggled to do something.

"What's wrong, Nicole?" she asked.

"I can't get this necklace off," she bemoaned.

"Here, let me help you," offered the other girl. A few minutes later, Emily

struggled, "I can't get it off either."

"Oh what am I going to do," wailed the owner of the necklace. The stone turned

into a dark red shade as her friend became flustered and frustrated with the


"maybe we can hide it under the gi so that Master Jim can't see it," she

suggested hopefully.

"Let's see if Jennifer or Sara can help me. Then, I'll try hiding it under my

uniform," sighed Nicole as she walked out to the gym floor.

Jennifer and Sara were reviewing the blocking technique they learned last week.

Jennifer was the oldest of the 4 girls and was already blossoming into a

beautiful young girl. At 10 years old, she has a face of a model: perky small

nose; blue eyes; beautiful smile with a perfect row of teeth; and short blonde

hair with a medium perm to it.

Sara was the youngest, who just turned 7 years old last week and also the

smallest. She has a pretty little smile with a small up turn nose. Her brown

eyes twinkled with mischief. Her blonde hair was always neatly combed with a

ribbon, today it was a blue ribbon.

Sara smiled when Emily and Nicole joined them. "Jennifer, can you help me? I

can't get my necklace off of me," asked the dark hair little girl.

"Sure. Turn around," replied the older girl.

The eight year old complied with her request. Her would-be rescuer frowned at

the clasp after having made several attempts. "Rats! I can't seem to open this

latch. I mean, the latch is simple, but I can't get it open, Nicole," she


Suddenly, a soft object bounced harmlessly off of Nicole's shoulders onto the

floor. All four girls stared at the object. It was an old gym sock that stank of

sweat. The girls shrieked and backed away.

Emily strode forward bravely and kicked the sock back where it came from: The

Boys. They snickered and guffawed as the object sailed back towards them.

"Jerks!" screamed Jennifer. The boys only laughed louder. Andrew, one of the

three boys, did a quick imitation of the girls screaming. They laughed even


"Why don't you leave us alone?!" shouted Sara.

"Yeah, what did we ever do to you?!" Emily added.

"So what?! What are you going to do about it? You're all so weak and smaller

than we are, so why don't you get use to it," retorted Mike, who was the biggest

of the boys. John made a dash towards Nicole, but Jennifer quickly jumped into

his path, into a full Karate stance. Not wanting to feel her devastating

punches, he quickly turned around before coming in range of her punches.

The last two boys joined in the frolic, in an attempt to snatch something away

from the girls. The girls made every endeavor to hit any of the boys, but they

were too fast. They tried to form a circle to keep the male at bay, that proved

ineffective against them.

Mike broke through their circle, roughly shoved Jennifer and Emily to the floor,

grabbed Sara's blue ribbon, which she screamed as a small portion of her hair

was pulled along with the ribbon, and grabbed Nicole in a Half-Nelson hold. The

boys cheered as the victor pull his prisoner into the group. Sara cried from the

pain as she sat on the ground. Jennifer and Emily went to comfort the little


Nicole was furious as she struggled uselessly in the biggest boy's grasp. After

having tried everything to get out, she stomped his foot, which he howled in

pain. She shifted her hips as she stepped backwards which brought her behind him

with his arm twisted behind his back. To vent her rage even further, she twisted

his thumb, until he dropped to his knees from the pain. Nicole released his arm

and used all the weight in her small body to knock him onto his face.

"Why you little tramp! Hurt me like that again and I'll hurt you so bad that

you'll regret that you ever took this class," snarled Mike as he got up to face


She envisioned in her mind that the boys' height came up half way her shin.

Something snapped inside her as she said, "You know what? I wish all of you were

smaller than I am, so that I can show you what you really have to be afraid of!"

Her black Mood Stone suddenly flared brightly.

Chapter 3- The Discovery

After the initial flash has settled, all four girls stared in disbelief. There

was no signs of the boys anywhere. The blue ribbon, that Mike had stolen from

Sara, slowly fluttered to the wooden floor.

Nicole slowly looked around the room. Jennifer and Emily tended to Sara, who

regained some control of herself. Nicole continued to scan around the room. Her

dark brown eyes fell on the blue ribbon on the floor.

As she took a step towards the ribbon to retrieve it for Sara, her foot brushed

against something soft. A tiny scream erupted below her. The dark hair girl

looked down and gasped. She heard Jennifer ask, "Where are those jerks?"

"Oh, they're far from us," 8 year old smiled, but more to herself.

"What do you mean? I don't see them any where," asked Emily as she watched

Nicole stoop down to retrieve her ribbon. Jennifer, Emily, and Sara looked at

each other questioningly, when Nicole walked backwards towards them.

Suddenly, she spun around and tumbled 3 small rag dolls with white uniforms to

the girls. The girls scooted back in astonishment. As if by magic, the dolls

began to pick themselves up and looked up at the towering little girls. The

dolls huddled together in fear from the girls. Each girl smiled as they

recognized the boys in their miniaturized state. The tables were definitely

turned. It was now the boys who were afraid.

Sara stood up and bravely walked towards the smaller group. The tallest boy,

Mike, barely came up to her knees. With a wicked smile, she raised her small

foot above the boys.

"Please, Sara! Don't kill me!" screamed one of the boys.

"Should've thought of that before making me angry," growled the towering little

girl. Her foot stomped down hard on the wooden floors, mere inches from the


Two of the smaller boys fell to the ground from the shock wave that Sara

created. Mike wobbled a bit, but kept his balance.

The giant little girl glared down at him, "Still standing? I've got something

that will make you fall down." Her huge mass suddenly, dropped down low. Her

small dainty hand brushed nearby the diminutive little boy and flicked her

middle finger toward his diaphragm.

Mike screamed as he tumbled across the wooden floors. The boy clutched his

chest, coughed, and moaned in pain. The other girls crowded around her, to get a

closer look. Sara smiled coldly at her victim, "You should be very happy, that

I'm not gonna end your miserable little life."

Emily cried, "Oooh! Don't they look so cute! They make me wanna pick them up and

give them a great big hug and kiss'em. I think I'll do that." Just as she bent

down, the 2 smaller boys ran in opposite direction, and left Mike behind.

"Quick! Catch'em, before anyone else see them," bellowed Jennifer. There was a

lot of giggling as the 3 girls played their cat and mouse game with John and

Andrew. At the end, both boys were captured.

Nicole brought Andrew and Jennifer held John high up in the air with one hand.

Sara looked at the clock and exclaimed, "Oh Shoot! Master Jim is coming any

second! What do we do with them?" The girls quickly looked around for a place to

stash them in, until Jennifer quickly said, "Let's put them into my back-pack!"

Sara quickly grabbed Mike as he screamed in pain from her huge hand crushing

down on his chest. "Oh shut up," she snapped as she ran with the other girls

into the locker rooms. Emily quickly emptied the contents of Jennifer's pack.

The boys were hastily dropped into the sack like mere rag dolls.

Before sealing the pack, Emily placed a finger on her lips as she produced a

rolled up sweat sock that was thrown at them earlier. The girl giggled as she

dropped the sock into the bag.

A surprised cry came from within the bag. Jennifer peered into it. The boys

tried to move away from the smelly sock, but no avail. They kept sliding back

down to it.

As if they were her children, she said, "If you're good, we'll let you out in a

little while." Without waiting for a response, the pack was sealed and hung on a

hook inside the locker. The pack twitched and shifted as the tiny boys tried to

find a way out. Emily patted the bag lightly and said, "Nighty nite boys!" The

door banged as it was slammed shut.

Chapter 4- A Lesson for the Instructor

The girls managed to dispose of any evidence that the boys were ever present in

the gym, before the instructor arrived into the room. Throughout the whole time,

the girls never had any time to justify how the boys shrank. By the time Master

Jim had arrived, the girls were already finished with their stretching routine.

Jim glared about the room in his black uniform with his black belt with red

Chinese symbols which stated his rank, Master. His 5'10" tall body was honed to

the finest degree of training with weight lifting and Martial Arts combined. At

his mid-30's, he still looked like he was in his 20's with his boyish looks. His

sandy blond hair was messed up from riding his motorcycle the school, while his

blue eyes scanned the room, coldly.

"Where in the hell are the boys?" he demanded. The girls responded they didn't

know. "Damn," he muttered to himself. "Alright! Let's get started with our warm

ups," he bellowed, "Spread out, arms out wide!"

They followed his instruction as Jim looked at each individual. His eyes zoomed

on Nicole's necklace. He strode towards her.

"What's this?" he lifted the necklace with one finger.

"My necklace, Sir."

"What did I say about jewelry?"

"That they are not to be worn when we are on the mat, but I couldn't get it off

and neither could Jennifer."

"Turn around," he snarled and went to work on the clasp. She shivered with fear

of what her instructor might do to her as her Mood Stone turned white. Five

minutes later, Jim was still struggling to release the clap.

"To the hell with it," he said exasperated, "You owe me 50 push ups."


"You heard me!"

"I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Yes you did. You broke one of my rules."

Nicole started to say something, but closed her mouth and proceeded to do her

push ups. He turned around and continued with his class. A few minutes later,

the dark hair girl approached the instructor, "O.K. Master Jim. I'm finished."

The girls were working on their blocking drills, when he turned his attention to


"No you're not. You can start doing 50 squats," he snarled.

"What!? What did I do this time?" she said, a little aggravated.

"For disturbing the class."

"But I..." she never got to finish the sentence.

"Just do them!" he roared, drawing the attention from the other girls. Anger

could be seen on their faces as their friend, Nicole, sulked to another part of

the room to do the squats.

Master Jim smiled inwardly as he watched Nicole's brooch turning black. He went

back to teaching his class. After she completed the 50 squats, she skirted near

to Jim, not saying anything. Nicole stood behind him in silence, until he

noticed her.

"What do you want?" he demanded.

"I finished the squats, sir..." she started to say.

"You can do laps around the room," he interrupted.

"What did I do now?" she wailed. Her stone was pitch black as a small vapor of

smoke rose from it.

"You wasted my time," Jim sneered down at her.

"I did not! I think you're doing this on purpose!"

"So what if I am. What are you going to do about it?" he challenged her. He

watched with glee as her face contorted with anger. With ventilation, she would

soon burst into tears he thought to himself. But she pressed on.

"I wished that you were half my size so that I could teach you a lesson," she

shouted at him. Before he could utter a word, her necklace suddenly flared so

brightly, that it blinded him as he fell back. His mind swirled in chaos.

He opened his eyes slowly as he tried to make the adjustment. His vision was

blurred, but it cleared each time he blinked his eyes. Finally, his vision

sharpened. All 4 of his students stood over him, looking down at him. But

something wasn't right. Did they all look some how bigger than he was? Jim shook

his head to clear any disorientation. He opened his eyes, the sensation still

remained the same. The girls giggled as he stood up. Jim stared at their size

which was remarkably larger than his own. He frowned as he looked up. His

stomach churned with fear as he looked higher and higher. He gulped nervously as

he stared up into Nicole's huge dark face. She towered over him, standing twice

his height, smiling down at him.

"I think you better say you're sorry, Master Jim, for all the things you made

her do," said Jennifer who looked even bigger than Nicole. His head came up half

way past her thighs. Nervously, he looked at each of the girls, who were like

giants to him. He stared at Nicole the longest, who in turn, glowered down at

him. The small man sucked in his breath and said, "Who do you think you are?!

I'm the instructor here and the adult in this classroom and you'll do as I tell

you to do! And return me back to normal size, this instant!"

"No, I won't do it! You made me so mad..." she let her sentence trailed off.

Before anyone could react or say anything, Nicole dropped to her right knee, and

grabbed the instructor by his small shoulder and hauled him across her left

knee. The master was taken by surprise as he was hauled over her broad knee. He

struggled uselessly against her superior size and strength. The girls giggled

while he fought.

"Let me go you slut!!" screamed the child-like instructor.

Without a warning, her huge hand slapped his ass. "Lesson number one: Don't call

me names," growled the angry little girl. "Number two: You are to say, 'Yes

Ma'am' every time one of us gives you a lesson." Before Jim could say anything,

she slapped him again and cited another rule. Each slap got harder and painful.

By the time she got to lesson #15, the instructor begged for her to stop, which

fell on deaf ears. When Nicole faltered for another rule to cite, one of the

girls would supply her with another rule. Quite often, some of the rules were

repeated in a different way, but it didn't matter to any of the girls. For a

change, they were having fun.

Chapter 5- Discovery

While the dark haired girl was administering punishment to his backside, images

flooded through her mind. There were pictures of people and things she didn't

recognize. There were very little things she did understand. One of the images

that she caught, that she definitely knew was her Great Aunt, years and years

younger. She didn't realize how beautiful her Aunt was until age had taken a

toll on her. Before she realized it, the images had stopped flooding her mind

and all the pieces fell into place.

Several thousand years before this planet was created, a planet some distance

away exploded, sending broken fragments of rocks shooting into space. One

particular rock, traveling so fast that it passed very close to several solar

power planets, picked up large doses of radiation, thus transforming it into a

living thing. This newborn specimen fell to an inhabited planet.

It was a strange world filled with bipedal and quadrupedal beings. some of the

bipeds seemed much more intelligent than the quadrupeds, but the four legged

beings were much more fiercer. Some of the bipeds wore trappings of the

vanquished quadrupeds. The visitor didn't understand these beings. The rock had

no mouth to speak with; no ears to hear with; and no eyes to see with. The only

thing it could do was sense its surroundings and hear their thoughts. It could

also feel some sort of power, but it wasn't quite sure what it was.

After time, the strange inhabitants evolved, but not all changed, some ceased to

exist. The rock felt a change in history as well.

After several thousand years in dormancy, a biped intruded upon its presence,

making strange noise, which it found out later it was called screaming. The

inhabitant was about the same size as the opal rock. The biped moved toward the

rock at an alarming speed. One of its limbs brushed up against the visitor's

opal smooth side. The merest touch sent a shock to both the biped and the rock.

The shock opened a link to each other.

All of the memories of the biped were absorbed by the rock. The species of the

biped was called a woman. The woman's mind was in chaos as she sought refuge

from the men who hunted for her. The opal rock didn't understand how a woman

could be sexually assaulted, until it came across a part of her memories. It was

revolted by that part of her past experience.

Suddenly, six bipeds mounted upon quadrupeds came thundering into the clearing.

The bipeds were clearly marked as men, who came to harm the woman. The woman,

who was lost in amazement, failed to notice the danger, until she was knocked to

the ground by one of the mounted quadrupeds.

There was a flurry of sound issued back and forth. The woman crunched closer to

the massive rock as if seeking protection from it. Four of the bipeds dismounted

from the strange beasts they rode. The rock sensed that all of the men were much

bigger than the woman. She had no defense against the bigger and stronger


Suddenly, the woman's thought formed a wish that was strong enough to triggered

its power. She wished that she was big enough to take care of all the men. The

change startled everyone, including the female biped.

With untrained power, the rock forced its power to accommodate the woman's wish.

She slowly began to expand and grow at the same time. The quadrupeds made

shrilling noises as something unnatural began to happen. It wasn't long before,

even in her sitting position, she towered over the mounted men.

The rock glowed with an unearthly radiance as the woman clambered to her feet.

Towering four times bigger than the men were, the woman's thoughts turned to

glee. The two mounted men tried to leave the clearing, but the giant female

biped easily knocked them off their mounts with one of her huge limbs. With a

stomp of her foot, the quadrupeds screamed with fear and took off running out of

the clearing. There was nothing in the clearing with the exception of the


The pleasure of revenge filled the towering female's mind while she smiled down

at the men who fumbled for their weapons. The giantess said something to the men

gleefully and stooped down to grab the two closest men who didn't have their

weapon drawn yet. She stood up and raised a man in each hand to her chest level,

like they were mere rag dolls. Again the woman spoke something to her prisoners.

Suddenly, the men in her grasp screamed in pain and began to squirm and beat on

her fingers uselessly. Within mere seconds, fountains of red liquid erupted from

their mouths and some oozed out of their chest where her giant fingers had dug

into. Her now red hands released the lifeless forms, which fell to the ground

with a thud.

The four remaining men stared aghast at the sight of their fallen comrades. They

glanced up to see the monstrous woman descending upon them. The male bipeds

tried to keep her at bay with their weapons, but she easily swept them aside.

Two more men were picked up.

The giant female biped laughed as she watched the last two men run from the

clearings. With several easy strides of her giant legs, she was well ahead of

the running men. She playfully kicked them back towards the glowing rock. The

men fell into a tumbled heap next to the rock. One of the men was knocked

unconscious and the other was in a daze as he watched two of his friends being

"sandwiched" between her mighty hands. Again, blood ran down her hands as she

crushed them together.

The male biped frantically looked for another way out, until he saw the glowing

rock. He quickly leaped to his feet and ran towards it. The moment the male

biped placed his limbs on the smooth surface, a shock went through both of them.

But the rock was so repulsed by the male's thinking that it sent a electrical

charge through the man, dislodging him from the rock.

The biped landed on his back from the force. The woman boomed a laugh and moved

towards the prone man. She did not pick him up, instead she placed her giant

foot on top of the screaming man. The doomed man tried to push against her

descending foot as she slowly crushed the male biped under her foot. She never

felt his resistance. Red liquid splattered everywhere.

The last man was still out. She bent down to retrieve him in her massive palm.

The female biped shook her hand to bring the male to consciousness. After a few

seconds, he began to stir. The rock looked into her mind and saw what she

planned to do with the last man. The giant female murmured what she planned to

do with him. Her captive screamed as she cocked her arm. The rock sent a surge

of power into her arm as she hurled the man toward the direction she came from.

She marveled at the distance she threw him. For a moment, she wished that she

could see him when he landed. The visitor granted her wish.

She was given a bird's eye view as the man fell to the ground at an alarming

rate. She gasped when she saw where he was falling to. It was the same dwelling

she escaped from. She laughed out loud when the male fell through the leader's

wooden home. The wooden structure fell upon itself, causing a cloud of dust to

rise. The vision ended.

The lust for revenge still burned within her as she tried to control herself.

She turned her attention to the glowing rock at her foot. The pulsating rock was

half buried into the ground. The female had little trouble uprooting her savior.

She examined it in the palm of her hand. She could easily wrap her fingers

around it, but at her normal size, she would have not been able to budge it at

all. Slowly the glow in the rock ebbed away. She feared that she would not be

able to return to her normal size.

She gasped when she looked around. She was no longer the towering giantess. The

rock had also reduced its size as well. The female biped smiled as she

formulated a plan. The opal rock read her thoughts and granted her wish.

She was transformed into a giant, not the same size as she was before. An

average size man would have been only as tall as her stomach, while the tallest

would only come up to her chin. And she could best any men with her new powerful

physical body. She stood towering with bulging muscles that would have shamed

any man in her period of time.

A few days later, she raided her first slave caravan. The men tried to take her

as slave, but they were no match for her as they lay dead in a pool of their own

blood. She freed all the women and gave the men a choice, slavery or death.

There were a few who refused to become a slave to her, and they also died with

their necks broken. The rest agreed to slavery.

After a few more caravans, she had herself a good sized village of women, and

started their training as warriors. With the aid of the rock, she could find

which ones were loyal and which ones were seeking her mantle of leadership. The

ones who were proven were given the choice of which slave they would choose and

transfer the heights of the male to the female. The more loyal they were, the

taller they would be, but none of them would be as tall as she was.

No man was ever free in her village. All the men were shrunk, none of them would

be as tall as the smallest woman. The men would either toil at the farm, be a

servant, or be used as a sex toy for the Amazonic women. Quite often they would

be used to compete against each other or all of them against one giant woman who

would be tested for her womanhood in the games. All of the games were designed

to hurt the men. One of the most poplar game was the Tug-O-War. Instead of the

standard mudpit for the men to fall in, hot coals would be placed in it. Ten men

against one giantess. The men always lost, but should the unthinkable happen,

the men would be given the choice of which woman to bed with for the night.

Shortage of men was never a problem.

Over the years the village grew and prospered, but none of the outside men could

find it. The women bore children as the years went by. The girls would grow into

giants, while their brothers would remain small. The moment the girls reached

their 15th year, they would go into training to be warriors. After 3 years of

training, the girls would go through a rite that would pass them into womanhood.

After the rite, they would be given choice of which slave they got to keep. It

wasn't unusual for them to pick their former brother. When the boys, however,

turned 15 years old, they would be put into the slave pen and taught how to

serve the Amazons.

The female who had originally found the strange rock passed away. The High

Priestess had inherited the mantle of leadership and her height. The secret of

the rock was also passed on to her.

After several years of the new leader, they made plans to attack one of the male

cities. Suddenly, one morning, a large army of men attacked the village. The

Amazonic women never knew what hit them. The women, children, and the slaves

were slain before they could defend themselves. The High Priestess bestowed the

jewel upon her youngest daughter, who barely escaped with her life. The girl was

adopted by a nearby village. As she got older, she had to use the stone to

change her height to hide her true heritage. She married a man and passed the

stone to her daughter, who never knew the power of the stone, unless the stone

revealed itself. As the years went by, the stone had learned to conceal itself

for hundreds of years as a moonstone as it was being passed to generation to

generation. Sometimes, during the years, the stone was converted into a

necklace. Not all of the women knew of the stone's power. For the last hundred

years, the powers laid dormant. Until Nicole's great aunt had possession of it.

She used it to gain wealth. At the end of her time, she passed it to Nicole's


Chapter 6- Changes to be Made

"Nicole! Stop!" shouted a voice that snapped her out of the stone's past

history. Along with it she also inherited some idea of the Amazonic lady's

plans. The dark haired girl blinked her eyes as she saw the instructor laid

across her knee, crying and begging for her to stop. She looked up to see

Jennifer holding her hand back.

"Sorry... Sort of gotten carried away, didn't I?" she said sheepishly. The

blonde girl released her friend's hand as Nicole stood up, dumping her

instructor on the hard wood floor. The small man rolled over, covering his ass

with his hands.

"You owe me a hundred push-ups, do them now!" the dark hair girl thundered. With

fear in his eyes, he rolled over and assumed the position. Nicole waved to the

other girls to the other side of the room. She told them of her discovery of the

rock, and the plan the first owner of the rock had in mind. She asked if each of

them were interested, all of the girls nodded their head in agreement.

With a smile on each of their face, they walked back over to the instructor, who

was just finishing his push-ups. "OK, little man, I want a Black Belt lesson,"

ordered Sara.

"But, you're not ready yet!" sputtered Jim.

"I said teach us!" shouted the smallest girl as she grabbed his shoulder. All of

Jim's training snapped him into action. His movement seemed to be nothing more

than a blur, but whatever he was trying to do, didn't work. It looked like he

was trying to throw her, but her mass and weight was too much for him to handle.

The little blonde girl was slightly pulled down with her arm in a leverage lock.

With an angry look on her pretty face, she pulled herself out of his lock with

little effort. "Stupid little man," she said as she straightened to her full

height, dragging Jim to his toes. With a violent shove, he was slammed into a

wall and sank to the ground.

Nicole made sure that Master Jim was watching her as she went on with her next

step. "Don't worry about it. I know a different way of earning a Black Belt,"

she said. The small man looked at her questioningly. She ignored him and

proceeded to chant something in a weird language with her waving in the air. Her

necklace turned from blue to a pulsating white light.

Just as she finished her chanting, all of the girls' belts shimmered to a

yellowish color, then to green, brown, and then finally black. The shimmering

still continued as yellow Chinese symbols strained to pull themselves out of the

belts. Jim rubbed his eyes just to make sure that he wasn't imaging it. The

yellow symbols stood out brightly until they started to bleed red color through

them. The girls finally were wearing the Belts of the Master. The girls,

themselves, had changed also. They no longer walked or moved like they were

afraid, but more with confidence, and probably they don't even realize it yet.

"That's it? You changed the color of my belt, but I don't feel any different,"

Sara said, waving her arms.

Jennifer, probably being older and wiser than the rest of the girls, stepped up

and threw a fast hook at her. Sara, without thinking, blocked the punch and went

into a series of punches and kicks that never touched her friend. She ended it

with a hip throw, which Jennifer rolled on the hard floor and back upon her feet

with the agility of a cat. Sara was surprised at the combination she did, even

though they were a bit jerky. She turned to her dark haired friend, Nicole, and

beckoned for her to attack.

Emily slid away from her friends to give them room to try out their newfound

abilities. She spotted her little instructor, who was inching his way towards

the door. In three steps, she collared the miniature man with one hand. "And

where do you think you're going?" she asked. Jim, without answering her, tried

to break out of her grip, but it was useless for him even to try. Emily sighed

and dragged him to a chair. She plopped herself into the hard plastic chair,

pulled Jim into her lap. The top of his head barely reached her chin as she

snuggled the small man closer to her. The small Master never had a chance to try

to get out of her lap when she wrapped her giant arms around him. Breathing was

hard for him for she hugged him tight to her chest. Emily paid no attention to

his pitiful struggle as she watched her friends spar with each other.

After each punch or kick was thrown, the girls became more and more fluent with

their newfound martial art skills. Their movements became a flow of motion as

they worked out. An hour later, all three girls were soaked with sweat.

"Gosh! That felt good!" exclaimed Sara.

"Yeah! I never thought I'd ever get this good," chimed Jennifer.

"Well, you better remember the workout, cause it'll be the last workout you'll

ever have," wheezed the small man whose breathing was still constricted.

"Why?" asked Jennifer.

"Cause, you all will be burned at a stake for witchcraft," answered Jim, with a


"Can we really be burned at a stake?" asked Emily, who looked to be on the verge

of panicking.

"No, the stupid little man is just trying to scare us," said Nicole who drew

upon the stone's vast knowledge of history and explained to them. "Besides, he

won't be able to say anything to anyone after we get done with him. If we're

going to put my plan into action, we should get started." The rest of the girls

nodded their heads in agreement. Jim was scared for his life for what these

giant little girls might do to him.

The dark haired girl tilted her head back to concentrate on the image she wanted

and said, "I wish my friends and I were 21 years old Amazons!" For a second or

so, nothing happened, until her moon stone began to pulsate until it shone


Jim was surprised that she did no chanting or waving of her arms. He expected a

flash and yet there was none. He watched with astonishment, as the girls slowly

mature and grow. The little girl fat slowly ebbed away from their faces, each

feature on their faces became more and more definite of a young woman. Their

faces transformed from those of little girls to a teenager's, then finally to a

young woman's. The most shocking transformation of all was their bodies.

At first, their bodies thinned out as they began to grow. The paunchy stomachs

flattened out, the legs and arms expanded and stretched. The girls' uniforms

stretched along with their growth.

Suddenly, they looked like they reached their puberty stage. Small firm boobs

were clearly defined by their top gi. Hips and shoulders broadened, giving them

a figure 8 shape. The growing girls' hair slowly lengthened. And still, they

kept on growing.

Apparently in their teens, their breasts became even larger with each passing

second. The jackets were forced open to supply their growing size. It wasn't

long before the giantess' breasts dwarfed Jim's body. The pants leggings began

to stretch for the broading thighs as their neck did also.

The growing young ladies shifted uncomfortably as their shoulders broadened and

their chests widened. Massive biceps exploded on their arms, tearing their

sleeves. They continued to grow even more. A goodly portion of their cleavage

could now be seen. Soon, the girls stopped growing. The whole process had taken

no more than 2 minutes.

The girls were stunned by what had transpired. Jim, still seated in Emily's lap,

was picked up by her huge hand as if he were some toy soldier. The terrified

little man squirmed and fought for her to release him, but no such luck.

"Oooh! Look how big I am and strong too," she said, turning the small man around

to face her. The captive in her hand stared down into her vast cleavage. He was

speechless. She brought the tiny man up close to her face and gave him a light

kiss. Her giant lips easily covered him from head to shoulder. The giant girl

ignored his screams as she hugged him to her right huge breast.

While she was playing with Jim, the other girls examined themselves and each

other. Nicole stood a half a head taller than any of the girls. They stooped

down slightly, to look at themselves in the 6 foot mirror. They all were

exceptionally beautiful.

"Man, I can't wait to see my brothers' face when they see this new bod of mine,"

giggled Jennifer, striking a pose that showed off her figure.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I gotta score I wanna settle with my parents for

the way they treated me over the weekend," murmured the owner of the moon stone.

"Well, I gotta wrestling match I want to do with my knee-high little brother,"

said Sara, who flexed her huge muscles, "and I'm not so small any more." The

girls giggled at the thought of Sara's brother trying to pin her.

"C'mon, let's get showered down and dress. I think class is almost over," said

Nicole, beckoning them to come with her. The giant girls walked to Emily, who

played with the tiny tormented man. She pouted as she handed him to Nicole.

The giant dark hair girl smiled down at the small man in the palm of her hand.

Jim shivered with fear for his life. His life, literally, rested in the palm of

her hand.

"What are we going to do with you, little Master? We can't take the time to

watch you, while we're doing business. Aww, to hell with it. I'll just squeeze

you into a pulp," said Nicole, as she closed her huge hand on the instructor.

"Please, let me go," screamed Jim, who fought uselessly against her closing

hand. His screaming and begging was suddenly cut off with a gargle as her hand

tightened around his body.

Suddenly a hand closed upon Nicole's hand. The hand belong to Jennifer. "Wait,

I've got a better idea," interrupted Jennifer, "Let's..." as she whispered

secretively into her ear. The moon stone slowly brightened into a sky blue color

when her face lit up. The girls smiled at each other.

"It seems that a better idea has come up," announced Nicole. She opened her hand

up. The small figure coughed as he inhaled oxygen. Without another word, she

hung the man by his belt on a flag mount that was mounted upon a wall.

"What are you going to do with me," he wailed.

Jennifer responded, "Oh, we're not going to be doing anything to you. We're

going to leave that to someone else to take care of you."

Before he could ask another question, the giantesses filed out into the locker

rooms. They had to stoop down in order to go through the doorway.

"Hey! Where are you going? Get me down from here," Master Jim screamed. He

squirmed and twisted, but no avail. He was firmly hooked until someone got him


A few minutes later, the girls returned to the gym. The captive was shocked at

the clothes they wore. Nicole came in wearing a two piece leather outfit; a mini

skirt and a halter top. Both of them left little to the imagination. He could

see a deep expanse of her cleavage and her flat powerful stomach. The black mini

skirt was loose around her thighs, left her plenty of leg room action. She

walked around in a pair of black skyscraper high heels pump like she has been

doing it all her life.

Sara came in next, wearing a sleeveless red dress that hugged her body curves.

In the center of her dress, there was a deep V-cut that went all the way down to

her ripped stomach. Jim wasn't sure what kept it up, but he was sure it was

going to fall down any second. Her huge breasts didn't jiggle as she walked in

her high heel sandles.

Jennifer wore a common everyday fashion that was popular with the people who

were into fitness. Blue spandex pants accented her long powerful legs with white

tennis shoes. Her blue and gold stripe spandex halter top stretched to the limit

to contain her bursting tits. Bits of immense tit flesh protruded from all sides

of her halter top. The sight made the halter top seem nothing more than a bra.

She giggled at the Master's shocked face.

The biggest surprise came from Emily. She strode in wearing a sexy outfit that

should have been worn for private moments at home. A large shirt made of fishnet

stocking which her black bra could be seen, covered her snugly. Her black shorts

looked like nothing more than a pair of undergarments with her shiny black high

heel boots.

She walked sensuously towards her former instructor. Jim's pants showed a slight

bulge to Emily's delight. A wicket little smile formed on her large beautiful

face as she stopped in front of the little man hanging from the wall. The rest

of the girls took their cue and left the room to dispose of the boys'


The beautiful giantess and the instructor were left alone in the room. Her giant

fingers slowly slid up between Jim's legs. "Do you have something for me?" she

asked in a tone that Jim knew that she was no longer a little girl anymore as

her finger stopped mere inches from his crotch. Using her fingernail, she began

to draw lazy circles on his inner thighs. The shape of his shaft was clearly

defined with each passing second.

"Please, don't do this to me," he begged, "It's not right."

"You like what you see, so why not go with the flow?" she continued with the


"You're a little girl."

"And you're a little man," she countered, "What difference does it make?"

"That's not what I meant. I mean you're only 8 years old and I'm 32 years old.

I'm four times your age."

"I'm not 8 years old anymore. I'm twenty-one years old," Emily giggled, "I've

got boobs to prove it." Without waiting for a response, her huge hand snatched

him off the hook and deposited him on top of her left breast. The angle was

steep where she dropped him. The terrified little man tried to find a hold while

slid to the edge of her cup.

Her mound of flesh was too vast for him to maintain a hold. Her fishnet shirt

was stretched out too tight for Jim to grab and the holes were too small for his

fingers and toes to gain a hold.

Suddenly, something hard wedged itself up into his ass and stopped his downward

motion. He could feel his legs dangling out into the open air as he looked

behind him. A stray wire from her bra protruded up through the fabric with

several wads surrounding it. Apparently, it had stopped him from going over the


His eyes filled with fear as Jim looked up into Emily's billboard sized face.

She let out a thunderous giggle. The small man was afraid that she might shake

her shoulders, and where he didn't have a strong enough hold to stay on the


Instead, she raised both of her arms in a classic double biceps pose. "I also

got big muscles to go along with my new body," she added. The giantess flexed

both of her arms and massive muscles exploded on her arms. Huge blue veins stood

out of the top of her arm, etching a road line to her shoulder. "And muscles

here, too," she added.

Without a warning, her pectorals popped out, causing a ripple on her tits. The

ripple knocked the little instructor into a somersault off his precarious ledge.

Jim screamed as he went over. His arms stretched out and caught the edge of the

black bra. His shoulder screamed in pain as he swung on the edge.

Sara returned back into the room. She had witnessed the diminutive little man

save himself from falling to the floor. He was now trying to climb back upon top

of her breast and the dark haired girl still wasn't helping him at all. The

blonde still exclaimed, "We did it, Emily!" as she strode to her friend with her

arms spread wide to embrace her.

Without missing a beat, Emily, in turn, opened her arms to receive her. They

hugged each other lightly. A muffled cry came from between their huge breasts.

"Why, Emily, are you glad to see me or is that a little man you have hiding

there," snickered Sara. She felt him with her hooter.

Sara moved back apart to look. The blonde muscular girl caught the man as he

fell from the black bra. She looked closely at him. He was knocked out. She

stooped slightly as she dropped him as if she was throwing trash out the window.

Sara turned back to her friend and gave her an official hug.

About a second later, Jim slowly opened his eyes and saw the two giantesses

hugging each other. He gasped at the sight. He never fully realize how small he

really was to these Amazonic girls. He slowly stood up. He barely reached their

mid-calves in high heel shoes. The girls must have stood somewhere over 9 feet

tall. The girls turned around and noticed that he was no longer out. True to

their age, they giggled at the difference of their height.

Sara raised her giant foot above the tiny man. Master Jim shrieked and ran

before she could place her foot upon him. He turned to see if she chased him. He

never found out.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on the hard floor.

Jennifer's beautiful giant face looked down on him. The blonde was immense and

terrifying as she stood over him her tight blue spandex.

"What's the little pip squeak doing loose?" she demanded.

"We're playing with him," Sara responded.

Jennifer casually swept the small instructor into the palm of her hand. "So,

where do you want him?" she waved the man in the air.

Sara, still had her arms wrapped around Emily, turned her around, "How about

here." She swatted her Emily's black bottom shorts. Emily giggled and waggled

her muscular ass at Jennifer.

The older blonde girl smiled as she strode towards the dark haired woman. She

inserted the screaming little man into the crack of her moons. Emily cooed when

the blonde pumped the human dildo up and down between her cheeks.

Jim, still screaming, was rubbed against the rough fabric. The pressure between

Jennifer's hand and Emily's giant ass slowly squeezed the air from his small

lungs. The pressure was suddenly gone, but he was still trapped between her


Slowly, without the pressure to keep him up, he started to slide down off her

buns. The little man made a desperate grab at her belt line of her shorts. He

barely had a fingertip hold on her pants.

The giantess Emily cooed as she bent over causing the crack to deepen. Jim's

lower half of the body hung out over the edge. Out of the corner of his eyes, he

was a giant female hand grabbed each side of her hips. He heard Jennifer's

booming voice, "I'm gonna ram you good, you bad little girl."

Jim craned his small head around towards the direction of her voice. He screamed

as her crotch slammed into his lower torso into Emily's ass. The pain was quick,

but it came back again and again and again. Jennifer's tempo quicken, banged his

lower torso. The pain was too much for the lilliputian man to handle, he slipped

into unconsciousness. His grip relaxed and the diminutive man fell to the floor.

Chapter 7- New Life

His eyes slowly fluttered open, he moaned as he shook his head to clear any

lingering cobweb that might be affecting his memory. The last thing he

remembered was being grounded between two or three giantess that were his


His vision sharpen after blinking his eyes several times. Jim let out a yelp as

he found himself being hung by his belt, 30 feet in the air. He remembered that

he had been shrunken to somewhere about 1 1/2 feet tall. One of the girls had

some how transformed 4 little girls into an Amazonic young ladies, who stood

somewhere over 9 feet tall.

Suddenly, something started to give. The diminutive man quickly looked around

with his limited vision. He found that the knot on his belt was slipping as it

slipped another inch. He grabbed the remaining 7 inches of his belt. There was

no way he could find some kind of hold or leverage to keep himself from falling.

As if some sort of cue, he heard someone walking down the hallway. "Can somebody

out there help me!" Master Jim yelled at the top of his lungs. But the footsteps

faded away as he or she passed the door without stopping. He groaned and the

belt slipped another notch. He dare not let go, otherwise he might not be able

to catch the belt when it does completely unraveled. All he had left was a hand

hold on each end of the belt. He concentrate on keeping that hand hold.

He didn't want to break his concentration when somebody walked in, wearing high

heel shoes had entered the room. Jim could resist the temptation of looking to

see who it is. He gasped at the sight.

Jill, the second instructor, who taught Street Dancing, shares the gym with him,

entered through the doorway. She was not attired in her normal gym clothes, but

something sultry. The 5'10" tall Asian instructor brushed her long dark hair out

of her brown eyes as she looked around the room. She was an extremely beautiful

woman, who took her weight lifting and other exercise seriously. She had good

form, but she was no where nearly developed as the girls were.

Instead of wearing her normal gym sweats, she wore a designer halter top that

showed off her robust chest. Her loose black mini-skirt exposed her long

muscular legs which were encased in a pair of velvety boots that went up to her


Jill walked to the center of the room, her eyes scanned the entire room, but

there was no sign of the girls or the boys. She swore to herself that if Jim had

taken them to another room without telling anyone about it, she would personally

break his neck, Black Belt or no.

Suddenly, she heard a choked voice screaming that sounded far away, "Jill! Over

here." The beautiful dance instructor looked around for the source, but couldn't

find it. "Up here, up here," again the voice tried to direct her to his

location. She looked up. High up on the wall was a doll that looked life-like,

but it moved. It's wasn't a doll, it was a small boy wearing a black gi. She

could tell it was in trouble of falling down from the flag stand. In a half run

half walk she approached the small figure on the wall. She went into a double

shock. It wasn't a boy, but a man. Not just any man, but a doll-like Master Jim.

Inwardly, she smiled to herself.

"Get me down from here," he screamed at her.

"Oh, don't worry I'll get you down from there," she said to herself, "but you're

not going to like what I'm going to do to you."

"Well, well. What do we have here," she said.

"Get me down, dammit! I'm about to fall," he screamed at her.

She turned around, took her time choosing a chair, which was at the far end of

the room, while the little man struggled to keep his hold on his belt. She

slowly walked to the far end of the room and retrieved an orange plastic chair

and returned to Jim at the same pace. While she was getting the chair, Jim

shrieked at her to hurry. The Asian hummed a melody, propped the chair against

the wall. Even with the chair, she had to stand on her toes to reach him.

She noted that she had no trouble lifting his lite body from the flag stand.

Jill hungered for the small man even more when she placed him on the floor. The

top of his head barely came up to her knee caps. He was a perfectly proportion

little man. She felt a wetness forming at her crotch, but she contained herself.

Anger flared within her chest, when Jim abruptly turned away without saying

anything. "Perfect timing," she said to herself, "Now he gets it." Within two

quick steps, she kicked the little man in the back with the soles of her boot.

The little man sprawled on to the floor. He shook his head wondering what

knocked him to the ground. Jim rolled over and proceed to get up, until Jill's

planted her giant boot him back to the floor. With both hands, he tried to

remove the obstacle, but it remain fixed to his chest.

He glared up at the owner of the foot and growled, "Let me up, Bitch! I've got

to call the police."

"You ain't going anywhere until we completed some unfinished business here," she

applied more pressure onto his small chest.

"What do you mean 'Unfinished business'," he croaked from the pressure of her

immense weight.

"Seems, I recall that you were rude to me just a few seconds ago. Plus, the

other times, you used every opportunity to put me down or to make me look bad in

front of some very important people. So we're going to even the score here."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh yeah? How about the time I asked you to teach me some self- defense and what

was your response?" she paused for a bit, but not letting him say a word, " 'Why

should I, you wouldn't be any better than the little girls I been trying to

teach.' " At the last remark, she copied his voice.

"Hey! I'm sorry, I was...ack!!" his response was cut off by the pressure of her

foot pressing down hard upon his chest. Try as he might he couldn't lift or

budge it at all. The Asian giantess smiled at his feeble attempts.

"Don't you think it's a bit late for that? I gonna show you how rude I can be,"

with that, she lifted her loose skirt to show him what lay underneath. The man's

eyes bulged with horror as she exposed her pantiless crotch. Her dark snatch

glisten before his eyes.

The sensuous feeling at her loins intensified as she squatted down before he

could move. Her rump easily held him down as she made herself comfortable.

Master Jim screamed in pain as he felt her monstrous weight bear down on his


Her huge breast dominated most of the view, she leaned forward, smiling down at

the trapped man. She smoothly grabbed both of his hands and pulled them out

wide. Her weight and strength was too much for him to handle.

"What's the matter? Having trouble handling a real full grown woman?" she

taunted him.

He sallowed when she laughed. She leaned forward, sliding him further back so

that she could trap his face between her monumental breast. Jim struggled as his

face being surrounded by her abundance. He couldn't smell anything, but her


Jill released his small arms, knowing that he could never budge her, unless she

wished him to. The dance instructor moaned with pleasure as he beaten on her

immense shoulder. She felt her love juice slowly oozing out of her slit. She

wanted the tiny man now, but she refrained herself from her desire.

Jim struggled and fought all her could against her. None of his attempts could

remove his burden. It gotten harder for him to breath as each second pasted by.

Soon his beating ceased and that was when the Asian giantess made her move.

She sat back upon her hunches to allow him some air. Jill reposition herself so

that her cunt rested upon his narrow chest. The small man's face turned pale as

her huge pussy rested so close to his face.

She began to make small circle with her clit, creating a sensation through out

her groin. The rough material of his gi sent small shocks of pleasure through

her clit. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed shut as she moaned. She was

lost in a world of pleasure.

Jill felt herself loosing control as she spasm. The black gi was soaked with her

scent and ooze. She didn't want it to end yet. She looked down and saw the

instructor was trembling with fear.

She smiled wickedly, "Wanna see what I taste like?" Before he could respond, she

grabbed his small head with one huge hand and mashed his face into her musky,

wet crotch. His small hands weakly grabbed her huge fingers surrounding his

head. His hands tried to pried her fingers apart. Jill humped his small face

deeper and deeper into her wet hole.

Her whole giant body shuddered with delight. Coppish amount of white ooze slowly

spread over his face and dribbled onto his narrow chest. A broad smile widen

across her beautiful face as she laid back in sexual satisfaction. The small man

between her legs, laid unmoving, not even breathing. Jill moved back further to

inspect her victim.

His microscopic eyes laid shut, but she could detect a slight movement of his

chest. It seems to her that he passed out before she climaxed. Anger formed in

her chest as she thought, "How dare he pass out before the grand finale'!"

A few minutes later, the diminutive man woke up with the first-of- the-year

headache. He looked down at his gi, it was covered with a strange goo. He

reached up and touched his face, it was also covered with goo. He couldn't

understand where this stuff came from. A huge shadow covered him as he looked

up. He screamed as all the memory flooded back.

Jill laughed as she stooped down to inspect him. "Such a shame you weren't

around when I came. We'll just have to make sure that you stay awake for the

next one, won't we," she said.

"You mean...," he gulped, "you're going to keep me? Like a pet?"

"How else? I can't keep you as a boyfriend. You'd cause too much trouble as it

is. And you're going to every thing I tell you to do. Got it!" her voice left no

room for argument.

She paused for a moment and then added, "You know what, I wish you could fit

into the palm of my hand so I can tuck you in between my tits."

Jim notice for the first time, she had a ring on her left hand. In the center of

the ring, there was a large opal set into it. Only the opal started to pulsate

before it became a bright flash! Jim screamed.


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