Giantess Stories: The Wizzigdoon By mjc     The carnival was a very brightly lit event

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The Wizzigdoon

By mjc

The carnival was a very brightly lit event, whenever it came to the little town

of Springfield, it would light up the sky for what seemed like miles. Reds,

greens, blues, and assorted other colors could be seen in every direction. At

but one ride. It was a ride that had been pushed into the far corner of the

carnival fields, almost as if it wasn't to be seen. It was a strange looking

ride with a name just as strange. Written on the board that straddled it was the

word "Wizzigdoon."

It had been a hard year for the senior class of Springfield high, and they all

felt that they had earned the day they got to spend at the carnival instead of

school. It had been exciting to know that school would be over in a few short

days and that this might be the last time that some of the friends ever had to

party together.

A couple of the football players from the team had snuck some beer into the park

with them and had spent a good part of the day consuming it. Most of the day had

passed and the sun had begun to wane when they wandered into the back parts of

the carnival and spotted 'it.'

Quickly they gathered up their girlfriends and eagerly showed it to them. But as

they approached a dark crouched-over croon stood and asked the group if they

wished to ride.

"What is this ride," John, the leader of the group asked.

"Why this is the Wizz," the old woman began. "It's a ride that's been around.

It's been host to royalty, politicians, and even some beings from out of this

world. You see this here is a special ride, it'll change your life I guarantee."

Raising a suspicious brow Ken, another of the football players asked, "how can a

ride change your life?"

"Well young man I can't really answer that cause I don't know. I never know

until my riders have ridden the ride. As a matter of fact some have been

unwilling to ride it because of that."

That was all the young, drunken men had to hear. "Ha! We're not afraid of any

old carnival ride," declared Alex boldly and he stepped up and gave her a ride


Laughing low the old hag took the ticket. "Boy, this isn't any old carnival

ride." Then rising the old lady removed the rope and allowed the boys to enter.

As the young men entered the ride and took their seats, they noticed that a

small group of the school cheerleaders had begun gathering, called by their

girlfriends. And without warning, Mark grabbed his girl by the wrist and hauled

her into the ride.

Passing the last ball player, Chip, on his right, Mark smiled broadly as he got

in followed by his girlfriend. Then looking at the remaining group of girls the

old woman asked, "Anyone else?" Gaining no response, she turned and with the

flip of a lever of a medieval looking panel caused the guard poles to come down

with a loud CLANG!

Slowly the ride begun to spin, following a loud grinding sound. "Man," shouted

John over the loud noise, "this thing doesn't sound like it's run for ages."

Then...everything changed!

Quickly the ride accelerated and spun faster and faster. The world beyond became

nothing more than a blur to the riders. No sound reached their ears, and stars

began to flash in their eyes. Consciousness blurred and they were all struck

with a severe feeling that they were falling. Lashing out to grasp the guard

pole, they all found it no longer there. Then, as quickly as it began, the ride

began to slow. Light and sound from the outside world began filtering back in,

but it was all different somehow.

Slowly, the riders regained their bearings and shook their heads trying to get

rid of the stars. But when their heads finally did clear, they did not like at

all what they saw. Ten stories above them, at least what seemed like ten

stories, hung the safety bar, and stretching out in all directions was the

smooth surface of the seat. Somehow, some way they had all shrunk.

* * *

The first person to realize what had happened to him was John. He stood up in

the seat and looked about, realizing that he couldn't have been more than 6

inches tall. As the ride came to a halt he could see the group of girls that had

gathered around the ride and spied his girlfriend Diane.

Seeing that the riders had 'disappeared' from view the girls cautiously

approached the Wizz. Strangely the old woman that had set the ride in motion was

no where to be found. Diane was the first to walk up the creaky wooden steps to

the platform that ringed the ride. She wondered how she would release the safety

bar without the old lady there to tell her, but immediately forgot about it once

she had reached the seat where John was. Looking down, she put her hands to her

cheeks to muffle the startled reaction she had at finding him there. Staring

down at him in disbelief she got to her knees so she could see him better.

"What happened John, you're small."

Standing up John shouted back in his squeaky little voice, "I don't know. I was

riding the ride and was overcome with a really strange sensation and then 'bang'

it stops and this is what's happened to us."

As Diane watched little John pace back and forth as he spouted angrily she

couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked this way. Once John had finished

his tirade he looked up and saw Diane looking back at him almost dreamily. As he

watched he could see her huge hand come up and over the side of the seat and he

ran to the far side to avoid it.

As he ran the hand followed him and he quickly realized that the only way he was

going to escape it was to get to the ground...and his present size made that

difficult at best. Eventually, and tired from running, Diane was able to pin

John in the corner and she grasped him.

Lifting him from the seat she and standing up a gasp escaped Diane's lips. "I

can feel your heart beating John," she spoke down to him, "and it's beating

really fast."

"I'm not surprised, I scared out of my wits," John responded, out-of-breath.

Once Diane had retrieved John from the seat she walked down the steps of the

ride and went to find a quiet place with her little boyfriend were she could be

alone. On the way she noticed that the other girls had ventured onto the ride as

well and all appeared to have found something. She was going to have to see what

everyone else had found, but first she was going to take a real good look a

little Johnny.

Spying a park bench, Diane sat down and, bringing her hand close to her face,

opened it so that John could sit lengthwise on her palm. He looked almost

exactly like what see remembered... only scaled down to a new size. Diane, on

the other hand, looked different to John. He'd looked at her face numerous

times. Heck, they'd been dating for the entire four years that they'd been in

school. But somehow she looked different now. Her proportions were unreal. It

was like something straight out of a nightmare. Over the years he'd seen a

cartoon here and a movie there with a giantess in them, but nothing could have

prepared him for this.

Looking up at his girlfriend, he noticed that her light crystal-blue eyes

reflected the distant light on their surface; and, he noticed, studied him

intently. He'd never felt so 'watched' in his entire life, but it wasn't

entirely unpleasant. Looking down her face he noticed how large her nose looked

in comparison to his tiny body and how gigantic the earring loops she wore now

were. Her breath, which always seemed to smell fresh and sweet (which he was

quite thankful for now since it surrounded him) came from her huge mouth that

was partially open. He spied hints of white through her lips and shuddered for a


Choosing not to linger on the lips so close to him, John looked back up to

Diane's beautiful blue eyes and waited. What else could he do, lying in a palm

as large as his whole body. But as he looked at her eyes, he could plainly see

that she had been struck with an idea. After what seemed like an eternity to

John, she finally spoke.

"You know John, you are exactly the same size as my little toys, and the funny

thing is, now you could probably be more satisfying using your entire body, then

you were before using just your penis."

Squinting uncertainly, John started to ask Diane what she was talking about when

it hit him like a ton of bricks. Then his eyes went wide as he said, "Now wait

just a minute!"

But Diane wasn't listening, instead she was unbuttoning her shirt with her free

hand as she walked into the nearest tent. Seeing that no one was around, and

spotting the table in the middle of the tent, she put John in the middle of the

table as she removed the remainder of her cloths. John had seen her strip before

and she had even learned how he liked it best. Many a weekend they had spent

together, but this time was definitely different. Diane was looking directly at

him, but didn't seem to notice him. Rather, she undressed with a lustful look in

her eyes with not even the slightest hint that she was doing this for his

benefit. John was becoming quickly afraid of his giant girlfriend.

Despite his great desire to get away, he knew that there was no place he could

possibly go and so watched as Diane shed her clothing. Blouse followed by pants,

then bra and panties, soon his beautiful girlfriend stood before naked, and

GIGANTIC! Finally, he could take no more and broke and ran for the other side of

the table.

Seeing this Diane quickly lunged forward and grabbed him, roughly pulling him to

her breast. Then lying on the soft pile her cloths had made, she placed John

between her breasts. John had never really been a breast-man and that was just

as well since Diane had only average sized ones. But now they were mammoth.

"Mammoth mammaries," John chuckled to himself. But he didn't have long to study

them since the hand was once again there to life him. Once again he felt himself

flying through the air and when the motion stopped he found he was smack dab in

front of Diane's huge pussy.

Following his arrival, Diane's other hand was at her nether lips, parting them

wide. John gulped nervously as he peered inside and once again found his

situation difficult to believe was actually happening.

"I have got to be dreaming," he said to himself and closed his eyes and rubbed

them. But sure enough, the giant pussy was still there when he opened them and

growing bigger as he moved towards it. John gasped a breath of air as his head

passed the outer lips and he could soon feel soft, warm, moist pussy flesh

surrounding him and embracing his naked skin from all sides. He plunged yet

deeper into the dark hole and didn't stop until only his feet remained outside.

He couldn't be sure, after all what could one hear plunged deeply into a

giantesses womb, but he thought he heard a moan. Then the real carnival ride of

the evening began.

After a moment or two of being plunged up to his ankles, John could feel himself

being tugged out. But only a portion of his body came out before he was plunged

back in, deeper then before. His head was hitting Diane's cervix and, besides

having great difficulty breathing, the crushing from above and all around were

causing him considerable discomfort. But, Diane either didn't know, didn't care

or both, because it continued.

As it went on, John caught fleeting glimpses of the light from outside and

gasped lungfuls of fresh air whenever he could. Soon the pace and pressure

increased and John was finding it harder and harder to stay conscious. And just

as he was about to slip into unconsciously, Diane climaxed with a bone-crunching

pressure, that was followed by a copious flow of her cum.

Having finished Diane pulled John from inside her and held him in her hand. John

noticed the contented look in her face and decided that if she enjoyed it that

much, then maybe it wasn't as bad as it had seemed. As he sat in her palm, the

breeze gave him a shudder. Seeing this Diane wiped him dry with her panties and

then slowly got dressed after placing little John back on the table.

There were no words spoken between them, both knew how the other felt. Once

Diane was dressed, she picked John up and, hugging him to her breast, left the

carnival to return home. Life for this couple was born anew.

* * *

Having seen her friend Diane being brave enough to approach the strange ride, it

wasn't long until Emma nudged Gina and nodded towards the ride. Without a word,

both girls approached the ride. Squeaking terribly under the weight of two

people, the girls climbed the stairs and walked to the place where their

boyfriends had been seen last.

Ken and Alex had chosen to sit in adjoined seats but could no longer see one

another. Unlike their teammate John, they had selected seats farther to the

outside of the ride, where it had been faster. They had always been daredevils

but could never have expected this. Faster, it seemed, meant smaller, since the

boys were barely over an inch when their girlfriends found them.

Gasping with initial horror, the girls looked at each other when Gina asked,

"What should we do Emma?"

To this Emma responded, "I don't know, I haven't had any more experience at tiny

people handling than you have. I suppose we should take them off of this ride

before they get any smaller and before it affects us!" That was all she had to

say and both girls quickly grabbed their shrunken boyfriends and hurried from

the ride.

Unsure of their destination, the girls wandered around the carnival grounds for

a short time before finally stopping at a hot dog stand. Sitting the girls

placed the small boys on the metal box that contained the steam so they could


"I absolutely can't believe what I'm seeing," said Emma as she leaned close to

look at Ken. Ken backed away from the giant face with evident fear. Seeing this

Emma placed her hand behind the tiny man so he couldn't get too far away and

leaned even closer for a good look. Gina, on the other hand, didn't seem to like

what was going on and leaned back in her chair and dangled her flat from her

toe. Slapping it back and forth on her sole nervously, she created quite a


As Emma leaned closer to Ken, Alex found himself being pushed to the very edge

of the stand. Realizing that he was close to falling, he reached out to grasp at

the giant wrist in front of him. But, finding that there was nothing to grab

onto, he fell from the side. Letting out a small squeaky-yell, he fell. But, as

fate would have it, he didn't fall all the way to the ground. Instead, and as

though it had been choreographed a thousand times before, he fell into Gina's

flat as it was making it's downward swing.

He didn't weigh much and Gina didn't even feel him land, and so didn't stop the

upward swing. When he hit the insole of her shoe, he lashed out frantically in

whatever direction he could to try to stop himself, but it was no good. Not only

was there nothing to grab a hold of, but the sole of Gina's shoe was moist with

the sweat that she had been producing all day in the hot park. So, inside of

gaining the control he so desperately tried to achieve, Alex slid backwards

until his head struck the outer rim of Gina's heel cup. Reaching above his head

to push himself off of it, he quickly found it unnecessary as the momentum

inside the shoe changed directions as the upward swing began.

No sooner had he started trying to push himself from the edge of the heel cup

and Alex found himself sliding the opposite direction, down the sole towards

Gina's sole. As he slid he looked up and could see her sole coming quickly

closer. Then, his tiny feet hit the spot where Gina's sole and the sole of her

shoe came together and stopped abruptly. But he had little time to do anything

but put his tiny hands up to stop the giant sole from crushing him.

Suddenly, in mid swing, Gina could feel a strange sensation in her shoe. It

tickled slightly and felt like a bug moving about. Screaming to herself she

jumped up from the chair where she sat and landed squarely on her feet. Then the

movement in her shoe stopped with a small crunch. It was a crunch that she would

hear and one she could feel. Then removing the shoe from her foot she examined

the contents and could only see a small mass of red gore. Unsure what it was she

shook it from her shoe, grabbed a napkin from the stand, wiped it out as best

she could and replaced her shoe. Wanting no more of this strange day she left,

giving the small, nasty 'bug' that had invaded her shoe one more twisting crush.

With that she turned on her heel and left without a thought for Emma and Ken.

* * *

Having taken a good look at her new tiny boyfriend, Emma reached out with her

hand and grabbed him roughly. She couldn't believe how this felt, he didn't seem

like the same Ken that she'd been with only hours earlier. Playfully, she

squeezed poor little Ken in her palm and smiled wickedly as his face grimaced

and turned a deep shade of red. Finding great enjoyment from this game she

squeezed harder and with a rhythm.

She could feel his little heart beat and knew that she held his entire life in

her hand...literally. She soon also found that this newly discovered feeling of

power was arousing her sexually. Soon she was becoming moist between her legs

and her nipples were hardening. She knew she would have to do something about

this but wasn't quite sure what. She was so enraptured in the new feelings that

she felt that she hardly noticed that Vicky had wandered over with her boyfriend


Ignoring them completely, Emma put Ken down and began taking her bra off under

her T-shirt. Then, reaching in she pulled it from one of her shirtsleeves and

made a show of dropping it in front of little Ken. Vicky, intrigued by this, sat

down to watch her upperclassmen. She wasn't even supposed to be here, after all

she was only a Junior. But her boyfriend was one of the senior class football

team's star players and so she had cut class to come. But, always desperate to

be certain that she fit in, she usually did whatever the older girls did, and so

watched Emma intently.

Having removed the bra, Emma once again reached for Ken and grasped him in her

palm. Then, with her free hand, she pulled her collar out as far as it would go

and put Ken inside. Ken soon found his head being pressed against Emma's hard

nipple and he could feel and hear her voice as she instructed him to service


Unsure what to do, but too frightened to resist, he began to lick it and kneed

it between it little hands. It was like playing with an oversized medicine ball.

He didn't think she could possibly be feeling any of this, but was rewarded with

a contented coo from his giant girlfriend. It fact Emma was enjoying it so much La sordera en los hurones

that she was arching her back and leaning on the stand in front of her.

Afraid to stop Ken continued his efforts and noticed that Emma was swaying and

moving under him. But her moans continued and so he too continued. But, getting

caught up in the heat of the moment Emma released her grip a little too much and

Ken slipped from it. Tumbling down her front, Ken bumped into her tight stomach

and then fell out of the bottom of her -T-shirt which she had untucked. Then,

with a loud splat, he feel right into the small container of mustard.

Looking down, Emma couldn't see him on the stand at first and began looking on

the ground around her. It was in the middle of this search that Vicky spoke,

"he's in the mustard dish Em."

So standing up once again Emma couldn't help but giggle as she looked at Ken.

Ken stood in the middle of the dish, yellow from head-to-toe covered in mustard.

"You look just like a little hot dog," she said with a laugh. But then a look

that gave Ken chills and made him turn to run, came across her face. Reaching

slowly for a hot dog bun, Emma grabbed little Ken before he could get away.

Then, pulling him from the mustard dish, she placed his little body into the

bun. Quickly, Ken tried to stand and run anywhere he could. Even falling to the

ground was better than this he thought to himself. But, instead, Emma closed the

buns' sides on him, immobilizing him.

Watching in horror, Ken looked up and could see Emma's mouth grow huge as it

approached, and then it opened. Looking inside, Ken could see Emma's teeth, her

wet tongue and even the back of her throat. Ken lost it all then, thinking where

that huge dark hole led to. Frantically, he squirmed about in the firm embrace

all about him, but he still couldn't move. Quickly, the teeth closed on the end

of the bun, and Ken pulled his feet up in reaction, forcing his knees into the

surrounding bread. Then, for a moment, the mouth and teeth withdrew a short

distance while she chewed.

But too soon, they approached the bun again. Again, the bite missed little Ken's

feet and legs, but he knew that next time it would get him. And again the mouth

opened wide as it returned. The giant red lips formed a giant 'O' and Ken

screamed as loudly as his little lungs would allow and squirmed in vain as much

as his minute strength would let him. With eyes opened wide, Ken watched as

Emma's front teeth went by over hear and what little light was reaching him

before became even dimmer. Then the light left altogether as Emma shoved the

remaining bun, Alex and all, into her mouth and closed her lips.

For a moment nothing happened, but then Emma's tongue began to mouth and he

found himself begin thrown about her mouth. He worked hard to avoid her teeth.

But Emma didn't want to get him just yet. Instead she kept him on the middle of

her tongue while she chewed the remaining bun around him. Chewed clumps of wet

bread pounded him from all sides and saliva covered him from head to toe. The

games went on for a couple of minutes when Emma, letting an 'mmmm' escape her

throat, moved little Alex with her tongue onto her teeth. Alex put his little

arms up in a vain attempt to stop the top teeth from descending onto him. But it

was no good. Starting with his groin, the teeth connected and didn't stop until

they had popped his little head. A salty taste filled Emma's mouth then and she

decided that somehow someday she would have to get more.

* * *

Watching Emma chew the remains of Alex and then swallowing, Vicky curled up her

lip and said "Eeewwww! That's disgusting, how could you do that?"

"Oh Vicky it was just wonderful. I can't believe how good he tasted. You really

need to try it."

So eyeing Emma cautiously, Vicky extended her hand and dipped a frantically

screaming Chip into the mustard. Then, bringing him to her lips, Vicky gave

another long look over to Emma who nodded approval. So opening her lips she

stuck him inside. Chip screamed again, when the giant full (even to a

normal-sized person) red lips opened in front of him. He could see everything in

her mouth then. Her teeth, the sharp front ones and the back morals, and Vicky's

tongue. The tongue moved this way and that as he watched and it made him think

of a giant serpent. Light glinted off of the huge tongue and looking up he spied

Vicky's throat. Thinking of what had just become of his friend, Chip was

overtaken with an extreme sickness and then he fainted.

Unknown to Vicky, she continued putting Chip's unconscious body into her mouth.

Then, closing her lips around his little knees, began to suck on him. As Vicky's

saliva surrounded his body, Chip awoke, coughing and sputtering on the stuff. It

felt sort of like being in a weak jacuzzi to him, with his head under the water.

Vicky's saliva, which smelled faintly like the lifesaver she'd eaten a bit

earlier, surrounded him; no part of his body was missed. And all the while

Vicky's tongue moved about beneath him.

He found himself being turned over and was forced into a face down position. The

tongue under him seemed to roll up to the side and he fell over, face first into

the tongues semi-rough service. It was not an entirely unpleasant experience and

in the face down position, Chip found himself rubbing his little penis into the

tongues surface. The taste buds provided just enough of a surface, combined with

the lubrication of large amounts of saliva, and it wasn't long before little

Chip had a climax.

When Vicky could no longer taste any mustard on Chip's little body, she

considered doing as her friend had done, but simply couldn't bear the thought.

So, instead, she withdrew him from her mouth. Looking at him begin to shiver

sitting atop her palm, she brought him to her breast and began to dab away the

remaining spittle with her shirt. Once done she looked up at Emma and said, "I'm

sorry Em, I just couldn't do it. I hope you can forgive me." With that she

placed her little treasure in her pocket and headed for home.

* * *

Unlike the rest of the unfortunate riders that had taken a fateful ride on the "Wizz",

Mark had dragged his poor girlfriend Sheila, onto it with him. She had been

angry with his brutishness and had sat away from him, closer to the outside of

the ride. But because of that, now Mark was six inches tall, and she only one.

Once the ride had come to a stop, Mark stood and looked over to were Sheila had

sat and could see that she was much smaller than he was. Thinking nothing of his

own predicament (which was quite typical for the quarterback of the team) Mark

approached little Sheila with an evil look.

"Well Sheila, remember the other night when you refused to put out for me? Well

I'd say you be foolish to refuse me now. In fact, I'd say you'd better do

anything I tell you to if you know what's good for you." Then, grabbing the tiny

girl, he headed for the corner where he sat down. Then, forcing her into the v

between his legs, he demanded that she service his dick which had grown quite

hard. Seeing no option to this humiliation, she complied, but simply couldn't

get it into her tiny mouth.

"I can't fit it in my mouth," she began to complain, looking up. But her

protests were cut in half as she screamed. Looking up to see what had frightened

her so, Mark saw the giant face of Cindy, a girl that he had often times cheated

on Sheila with. Mark knew that trouble would soon be coming.

Cindy smiled broadly, seeing the reactions of the two tiny people on the rides'

seat. Then, standing, she reached over the sides and grabbed on in each of her

hands. Then, feeling the same fearfulness about being affected themselves, she

left the ride quickly. Then, finding a remote spot on the carnival grounds she

sat on the ground and, forming a coral with her legs, dumped her two small

prisoners into it.

Landing on the ground and rolling a bit, Mark and Sheila finally stopped

themselves and looked up at their giant captor, who smiled back at them. "Well,"

Cindy began, "I've finally gotten the two people I've wanted to have control of

just where I want them." With that she began to laugh, but it was a laugh with

evil connotations.

Reaching down then, she started poking at Sheila with the long red-painted nail

on her finger and said, "You've always stood between me and Mark. He should have

been my boyfriend a long time ago but you got in the way. Sheila gasped for air

each time the giant finger slammed into her little body and hugged herself,

trying to stop the pain that the bruises being inflicted on her were causing.

Eventually she couldn't take it any more and collapsed into a little ball on the


Seeing this Mark couldn't take it anymore and ran in front of Cindy's finger,

waving his arms above him. "Stop!" he shouted, "you're hurting her bad."

But instead of having compassion for the little victim, this angered Cindy. "You

always did like her best. Even though you gave me false hopes by cheating with

me every now and again. You really are a worm!"

With that she grabbed the little ball that was Sheila and forced her to

straighten out as she grasped her in her palm. Then bringing her to her face,

Cindy's face contorted into a face Mark had seen only a few times. It was a face

that only came when Cindy had reached a point of compete and utter lack of

reason. Mark had seen her break a fish tank wide open and kill and little dog

when she'd had this face and he knew it was times to be scared.

"I really can't see what it is about this puny little woman that you like so

much," Cindy said, holding her out to show Mark, "but whatever it is, maybe I'll

get some of it to grow into me." With that she tilted her head back and dangled

the little girl just inches from her mouth which was wide open.

Raising his hands, Mark shouted, "NO!" and rushed forward to beat on Cindy's

leg. At the same time Sheila began to raise up and try to get free of the

giantesses grasp. But while she did this and before she had even reached the

giant fingers that held her, Cindy lowered the tiny form until she was

completely in her mouth and closed her lips around her own fingers.

Then with a loud smack, she removed her fingers and looked down at Mark with a

smile. Mark stopped pounding then and looked up. He was filled with horror as he

watched Cindy's cheeks bulge ever so slightly where Sheila pushed on them from

the outside. At the same time Sheila found herself in the giant mouth of Cindy

and felt the head tilt forward. She was momentarily grateful that she no longer

dangled fatefully over the huge throat. Standing on the massive wet tongue, she

pushed on the inside of Cindy's cheek, hoping that the giant girl would decide

to let her go. She watched the teeth carefully, prepared to move out of their

way in a second. But she slipt on the slippery tongue a couple of times and fell

into the cheek.

Smiling down at Mark, Cindy spoke somewhat understandably around the small girl

in her mouth. "Ooooo, she's really a squirmer Markee, this is fun. But I've had

enough." With that the terrible game ended. Leaning her head back once again,

forced Sheila to the back of her mouth. Reaching out with both hands and feet

she was able to barely dangle above the bottomless pit she stared fearfully

into. But, feeling this, Cindy gathered a mouthful of saliva and swallowed it

down. Once the wave of saliva hit from above, she could hold on no longer and

fell head first into the pit that was Cindy's throat. Mark could only stare in

unbelieving horror as Cindy's adam's apple moved up and down, allowing his

girlfriend to go down. Then, watching her throat and down her chest where Mark

assumed Sheila must be, he envisioned as best he could her trip down the warm,

dark, wet esophagus and knew that in only a few moments Sheila would be dumped

into Cindy's stomach. Then looking down, Mark was caught up in a wave of hatred

for Cindy and didn't even notice the giant hand approaching from behind.

He felt as though he'd been hit by a truck and didn't do anything, even look up,

when the giant hand enveloped him from behind. He hated her and could do nothing

about it. Then, looking to see where he was going he spotted Cindy's gigantic

pussy coming closer. Eventually it loomed out only a few inches (to him) from

it. At six inches, his whole body would fit. Regaining some presence of mind,

Cindy turned him around and stuck him inside herself, feet-first. She slid him

in until his feet touched the very bottom of her tunnel. And had it not been for

the complete hate that he had for this woman, he might have been able to enjoy

the way that her flesh now surrounded him from all sides and almost seemed to be

messaging him. Rather, as he went in and out and in and out, he glared up and

the giantess that held him prisoner. He had been planning on asking Sheila if

she would marry him and had even given up cheating for her. But now she was

gone, dissolving in Cindy's stomach...a place she would never return from.

As the ordeal continued, Mark's glare become more and more intense and his mouth

contorted, but Cindy didn't notice, instead she was busy giving herself an

orgasm. When finally it was done, she pulled from herself and dropped him to the

floor. Then, thinking to herself what she might do to him next, she removed her

foot from her heels.

She'd worn pink socks that day along with her three-inch pink pumps. They'd

grown quite sweaty throughout the long day and the smell assaulted both of them

when she removed them. Her sock had become almost glued to her foot and she had

to pull it from her foot. Noticing that Mark was grimacing from the strong scent

she quickly grasped the top of the sock with both hands and as though she was

putting it on her foot, put in over little mark.

He could see the sock coming down over him, but not soon enough to do anything

about it. He tried to run but instead hit the side of the sock as it covered

him. As he moved forward, his foot hit Cindy's finger and he fell forward,

farther into the pink ankle sock. He rolled as he fell and rolled into the toe

where the smell was most intense. Seeing this, Cindy laughed and lifted the

sock, forcing Mark's entire body into the toe of the sock.

"I noticed you really liked the smell of my feet so I thought I let you get a

real good whiff. Do you still like it little Markee?" she asked, laughing


Mark struggled to stand, but couldn't get a footing anywhere. As he struggled,

he rolled over and over in the sock and soon his whole body began to smell like

Cindy's sweaty foot. I was a powerful smell, but not totally offensive. Not like

the other football team members sweaty feet, different. Soon Mark realized that

he wouldn't be able to stand in the sock and also figured that he was giving

Cindy a show that she was probably enjoying. So he decided to lay dead still and

even play dead.

Seeing the movement stop, Cindy shock the sock slightly and spoke, "Hey Mark,

wassa matter. Pass out from the smell?" But seeing that her questions were

getting no response, she tipped the sock up and dumped Mark out onto her palm.

Mark, seeing that his little game was getting a response decided to keep it up

and laid perfectly still and breathed lightly. Peering closer and squinting her

eyes, Cindy reached over with her other hand and lifted a tiny arm. Then letting

it drop she said, "I know you can't be dead yet...but we're going to test you to


With that she placed him on his back on the ground in front of her and stood up.

Cracking his eyes, Mark couldn't help but be in awe at the sheer height of her.

But as he looked up he noticed a shadow cross his face followed quickly by the

toes of Cindy's bare foot. Every part of him shouted to get away but Mark

controlled the urge, feeling that maybe if she thought she'd hurt him, she might

have mercy on him. So instead he laid perfectly still and watched as the giant

bare sole descended on him.

As it came down on him, he caught the smell again, and then could feel the skin

of her sole on his. He'd felt the texture of soles and palms before, but never

on this scale and it felt quite different than anything he'd ever felt before.

Knowing that she could probably not feel his small movements, he ran his finger

through on of the grooves of her soleprint. Never in his life did he think he

would have been small enough to have done this...but yet there he was.

Her foot was still moist from her sweat but was beginning to cool and he could

feel the cool wetness as her sole continued to contact his body. Eventually he

was covered completely. His head was wedged into the valley that her toes formed

when they connected with the rest of her foot and the ball of her foot rested on

his chest. He couldn't feel anything on his stomach and assumed that it must be

her insole. And far below him on his legs, ankles, and feet he could feel her

massive heel.

Slowly the pressure increased until it was difficult for him to breath and he

could hear her talking far above him, "Markee, are you sure you're not okay? All

you have to do is signal me somehow and I'll stop." The condescending tone that

she used only made Mark more angry and he refused to give in. So the pressure

would increase and then decrease and this went on for a couple of minutes.

Mark was beginning to think that he was winning this war of wills as Cindy's

taunts from far above became more and more frustrated. But he knew he'd made a

mistake when Cindy, after a minute of silence, said "Well, you're never going to

be a satisfying lover to me." And with that the pressure increased beyond

anywhere it'd been before and finally Mark decided it was time to move. He was

forced to turn his head to the side to keep from being squished and could see

stars in his eyes.

Quickly he pushed up on the sole above him and could hear Cindy say, "Aha, I

knew you were down there, but I'm afraid it's just too late Markee dear." Then

it all went black for him as Cindy leaned forward and her sole came down. She

could feel and hear and pop and crunch and then a small stream of red liquid

flowed from under her foot. Smiling broadly she smeared her foot back and left

and streak of reddish gore. It was over, Mark was gone. Then, patting her tummy

happily, she turned and walked away.

She was heading for home when she heard a loud whirring sound coming from the

Wizzigdoon. As she watched it began spinning faster and faster. As it spun it

gained such speed that it was only a blur. Then with a bang and a puff of smoke

it disappeared. Were to, few know. Then, chuckling to herself one last time,

Cindy walked out the gates and headed for home.


Giantess Stories: The Wizzigdoon By mjc     The carnival was a very brightly lit event

The carnival was a very brightly lit event, whenever it came to the little town By mjc By mjc The Wizzigdoon The Wizzigdoon



Giantess Stories: The Wizzigdoon By mjc     The carnival was a very brightly lit event

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Giantess Stories: The Wizzigdoon By mjc     The carnival was a very brightly lit event

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