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The World on Britney

Spears' Toe


by AbsoluteBeginner

[email protected]


'Which is your

favourite Gator story?'

'the one where men are

shrunk really tiny...and build an entire civilization on britney spears toe'


Dedicated to Gator and

the guy who had the cool idea, forgot his name ;-)





It was a dark night.

The man in the long raincoat, carrying a suitcase in one hand, entered the black



"Do you have it?"


"Of course I do",

answered another voice.


"Good. Here is the



They exchanged their



"And remember. This is

top secret. Am I understood ?"


"Of course. I never

met you."


The first man nodded,

opened the door and got out. He walked away without turning back. The car stood

for another ten minutes, then slowly left into the rain covered streets.




Britney Spears walked

into the hotel, in a circle of bodyguards. They made it impossible to see any of

the building. When they were at her room, two guards first searched the room for

bombs and cameras.


"I got to go. I'll be

right back!"


"Please wait Ms.

Spears. I'll go with you."


"I can use a toilet on

my own!"


"Then I will wait in

front of the door."


Britney sighed. As a

star, you never were alone, but you also were very lonely. She went through the

door labeled "00", and put her suitcase on the floor. She then turned to one of

the cells, and did her business.


A man in a black

raincoat. He came from the cell next to her. He walked to the mirror, placed his

suitcase on the floor, and checked his hair. Ten seconds later, he picked up the

suitcase, and left the toilet. He did not notice the guard outside, nor that he

had the wrong suitcase.


Britney finished her

business few moments later, took her suitcase, and went into her now bomb-proof

appartment. She threw herself on the bed, and thought about her day for a while.

After this she sat up, kicked her shoes at the opposite wall. She removed her

socks, took off her fancy jacket, and opened her suitcase.


She was very surprised

to find out this was definitively not HER suitcase. It was filled with five

small glass containers, that were attached to some white smooth stuff, propably

to ensure they wouldn't break. She sat up cross-legged before the suitcase, then

carefully took out one of the glass tubes. She looked in, but could not see

anything. Perhaps it was gas? She had heard of terror attacks with dangerous

poisoned gas. At the top of the tube, there was a to-open-turn-this-way-label.

She sighed. It was certainly just a joke, no gas. She slowly twisted the plastic

piece off the glass tube, and waited. Nothing happened. Britney entered the

luxurious bathroom, and spilled the tube into the tub. It seemed to be really

empty. She fetched the four other tubes, and did the same with each. Then she

packed them all back into the suitcase, and gave it to the bodyguard standing in

front of the door. She told him she had not opened the tubes, and he went to

report the suitcase exchange to the hotel manager.





A man with a dark

raincoat entered the room. He was carrying a suitcase. As he entered, another

man, very old compared to the first one, turned around on his old large chair.


"I see that you have





The older man nodded.


"Very well."


Without another word,

the first man left the room. The man in the chair pressed a button on his desk,

and soon a third man in a white coat entered.


"There it is." He

pointed towards the suitcase on the desk.


The man in the labcoat

was obviously excited.


"This is great. A new

kind of colonization! We could send thousands of people to mars in just this Receta Salsa carbonara en thermomix

suitcase, and when the microscopic colony pods containing the colonists find a

place warm enough to survive and with water and air conditions like ours, they

will open and release the shrunken people. We can get rid of the population

explosion by colonizing new planets!"


The old man nodded.

Then he spoke.


"Who is in there now?"


"It's filled with

random people. They were just taken off the streets when nobody looked."


The old man motioned

him to open the suitcase, and the scientist slowly parted the plastic shells. He



"Is something wrong?"

asked the old man.


The scientist

hesitatet. Then he looked up.


"It's a red dress."






The colony pods were

made of nearly indestructable material, and were not damaged in any way as they

plummeted into the empty bath tub. The frozen inhabitants, who had been

kidnapped off the street, didn't wake up.

Suddenly some of the

pods measured a familiar liquid within their range, water. It seemed to be clean

enough to survive with it, and had an acceptable temperature.


Britney watched as the

tub filled with water. After a while she undressed, grabbed one of the hotel

shampoos, and got ready to bath. Before she climbed into the bath, the stuck her

big toe in, to test if the water was to hot. It was just right.


One of the colony pods

recognized a big mass in its range, propably a continent. It started the wakeup

process, and navigatet towards the land mass. When it arrived, it sent out a

sinal to all the other pods, and they all followed its call. They built up a

life saving giant dome of also nearly indestructable material that was

additionally transparent, and opened up their doors for the passengers that were

about to wake up...


John felt dizzy. He

had a headache. He opened his eyes. Where was he? He climbed out of the metal

shining booth. He was in a room that seemed endless, with hundreds of similar

metal booths. How did he get here? Why wasn't he at home in his bed? Was he

dreaming? A nearby booth opened. He ran towards it, and saw a young girl waking

up. Slowly more and more of the "sarcophages" went open, and revealed hundreds

of people. Suddenly with a loud sound, a big door in the wall opened. He started

running to it, hoping to find answers to his questions. He walked down the ramp

outside, made of the same shining metal. In the sky there was a giant dome of

what seemed to be glass, and nearby were many metal boxes with ramps, and people

running out.


The other cubes seemed

to form a circle, and in the middle of all this was a holographic message. It



"Deer colonists,


You have bean elected

to a new colosnisation project, in vhich you are sent to another planet. We

excpect you to built a new zivilization just like the criminals sent to

Australia or the colonists that went to america (Please be friendly to existing

species). The kolony pods have build a safe dome for you, and contain large

amounts of all you will need (Food, water, coffee, guns for personal safety,

etc). When you develope interstellar flight (you know, rockets and so on),

please contact us via a sbace shutle!


This is a very

inportant project, so feel youself as the proud f the americn nation!


Good luck


G. W. Bush, President

of the United Statements of Americka."


The letters were

"printed" in red and blue with white stars.


Little did friend

George know, that the proud American people had just colonized the big toe of

Britney Spears, just below the nail.




Hm okay I know Im

supposed to describe the civilization now, but I dont want to. If you want to,

post it on petes board or send me an email or best of all both :-D I think its

not a bad beginning ;-)


AB, [email protected]


Giantess Stories: The World on Britney Spears

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