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  By pintsize


  ^^ What will the next 100 years produce? If technology expands and

develops as we have seen in our time.imagine what it will be like in 100

years. What will our children's children be part of? What dreams will

they have.and what unimaginable technologies will they have as tools to

further reach out and is mankind's destiny. ^^'s fun to think about.


  Mission date: unknown

  Last MRU: 2052:06:12

  Days to haven: bc 15

  There was suddenly a great disturbance building from all around. First

the ground shook gently, then the high distant sounds of tree limbs,

branches and jungle shrubs being mashed and mangled.

 It all was happening to fast, birds above took flight screeching and

cackling in disarrayed flight. The wind picked up suddenly and whisked

the high tree tops back and forth. as the ground trembled more and the

horrible mashing sounds grew louder and closer.

 "No time to think. just run!" Was all that wrapped me.

 I took off in a direction misguided, but at least the opposite way of

the impending force. Thrashing through thickly woven jungle the sounds

and sensations of some force so overwhelming, became frightfully

eminent. I noticed the jungle grow dark as my heart raced with

adrenaline. "hard to keep step now with the ground shaking so." I only

glanced back for a moment. taking my attentions away from the direction

ahead, while my feet deftly traversed each uneven step. Heart racing at

a pace unfamiliar to me... as if I knew my very life would cease if I


 I glanced up to see something so unspeakably aghast, at that moment I

felt my entire soul shake with horror and fantastic amazement. "Aa. aaa.

aaaaa. GIANT!" My mind and mouth exploded.

 The massive human rose higher than the trees of the jungle. The space

taken utterly fantastic. legs that stood mightier than the largest of

elephants. Sleek and sweat coated. My eyes rose to the sudden

realization. this giant was female. My eyes widened in the overwhelming

shock. and then. I felt myself fall backward. my feet took flight and my

body took on weightlessness. as the immense body began to fall away. and

away. and..



 I awoke with a sharpened start! My eyes jolting open. as my mind

remembered the last bit of a most terrifying nightmare. deeply heaving

breath, comforting in the surroundings of my room and that I was indeed

safe. "It was only a dream. but.. OH!. what a nightmare!"

 "But wait. this isn't my room," my puzzled eyes addressed.

 As I tried to sit up, a stinging pain just under my right ribcage

attacked me, as if to further lobby what happened in landing me here. I

scanned the room for familiar things, dissecting every foot to give me

some clue or reassurance of my whereabouts. "Why can't I remember what


 It was an ordinary room, one with which I was unfamiliar, but not

unlike any hospital room. There was a window to my right, the shade

drawn 2/3 the way and judging by the amount of light that crept through,

I knew it must have been about mid-day out. My eyes began to clear as

they scanned the room, searching for what I wasn't sure, something

perhaps familiar that would help me remember what had happened and

landed me in a hospital bed with a sizable bruise and pain to my right


 Just then, the door to my left opened slowly and a tall, trim nurse

entered the room. Her hair was auburn in color and long from what I

could tell, although it had been neatly gathered into a tight knot and

stuffed rather snugly into the hat she wore. Her eyes cast to me as she

entered and offered a soothing, cheerful greeting,

 "I see that you're up. How are you feeling Mr. Anderson?"

 My eyes still caught on her appearance, I offered a reply not

completely aware of all as yet, but a simple enough question to respond

to: "I'm fine. I think. How do you know my name?"

 "We found it in your wallet. you're lucky to be alive you know."

 "Lucky to be alive?" I thought silently confused. But offering a

response to her initial question: "I seem to have a sharp pain in my

right side. hurts quite a bit. but otherwise just fine."

 "That's understandable. you took a rather nasty spill. They say you

fell some 35 feet. if you hadn't struggled so. you might not have done

the damage you did. But at least you're alive. only a few scrapes and

bruises. You'll be fine in a few days. we're observing you for any

internal injuries."

 I didn't notice it particularly straight away. I think because all of

this was happening so quickly. So many questions I had. how did I get

here? a fall? when did this happen and why couldn't I remember it? Where

was I anyway? what hospital? and as familiar as a hospital room was..

there was something strangely NOT right about this place.. but I

couldn't put my finger on it just yet.

 I twisted my head to the left looking at the trim nurse as she neared

my bed reaching across to grasp the controls. Her uniform seemed to fit

every curve, as if it had been meticulously tailored just for her.

Leaving little to the imagination her physical gifts, yet everything in

terms of what mere sight conjured.

 "Would you care to have your bed raised, Mr. Anderson?" she offered.

 My gaze on her focused, and at first, did not completely register her

question. Then she pulled back making eye contact with me, breaking my

uninterrupted gaze of her as she repeated the question:

 "Mr. Anderson, may I raise your bed for you?"

 My concentration broke as her eyes met mine. suddenly realizing I had

been caught in a typical male moment. Somewhat embarrassed for being

caught and slightly intimidated by her youthful proportions. I nodded my

reply as my ears and mind began putting two and two together. Her voice,

though femininely melodic and soft, seemed to resonate from all around

the room when she spoke. I mean. well. it seemed to take on a presence

much greater than one would equate.

 "Where am I?" I blurted out as I felt the bed begin to lift behind me,

raising my torso up and forward.

 "The hospital. of course," she replied with a smiling chuckle.

 "I know THAT. which one?" I quickly shot back.

 She paused for a moment before responding. Her eyes and head seemed to

drift off for a moment. weird actually. as if for a second she went to

sleep. Her body just stood there. quiet. still. Then suddenly her eyes

flickered and her head cocked, casting down to me.

 "You're in the intensive care unit. I know you must have many

questions. its really best if you relax and try to get some rest. There

will be plenty of time to fill in the 'little' details as your health

improves. Now the button over here adjusts your bed height. This one

here is if you need anything. Just press it. and a nurse will come look

in on you."

 "TV? Where's the button for the TV?" I asked rather curiously.

 She looked at me with a slightly puzzled look: "TV? What's TV?"

 "Television? you know. the box on the wall over there? which one of

these buttons operates that?"

 The nurse looked on with an aware, wry smile.

 "Oh. I'm sorry. yes, television. I remember. I'm so sorry, Mr.

Anderson, but the TV doesn't work I'm afraid. Now why don't you try and

get some sleep. I'll be back in a few hours to check on you."

 I thought for a moment the strangeness of her response. My eyes cast

around the room again. and to the lighted window to my right. There was

something odd about this room. But she was right. I WAS tired. Perhaps

sleep would bring the answers my tired mind was seeking. One thing was

certain, for the moment I felt content. She seemed pleasant enough and

though my mind felt a certain uneasiness of the place, my body relented

to the injuries it had apparently sustained and I fell into another

deep, peaceful sleep.

  THE ZOO, Pt 2

  Mission date: unknown

  Last MRU: 2052:06: 12

  Days to haven: bc 14

  Darkness all around. a slight breeze penetrating as I felt my body

shifting from side to side. I grasped hold of something. unfamiliar.

rough. coarsely textured and hard as rock. My body ached with a sharp

recurring pain. just below my ribcage.

 My head was swimming. I felt drained. and in pain. Darkness surrounded

me. yet I could tell that wherever I was. I was on the move. being

carried in something. I blinked several times. trying to adjust my eyes

to the darkness. make out something. But between being yanked from side

to side as the object I was inside swayed back and forth. to the pain

that was ripping through my every nerve ending. all I could do was hang

on and hope answers would come soon.

 There was an awful sound coming from around and beneath me. The sound

of huge timbers being cracked and shattered. Whisping sounds of branches

and foliage slipping by. and heavy, resonating ^thumping^ sounds that

coincided the bounding, swaying ways of the object I was entrapped in.

 My body quite literally shook to each driving sway. the pinnacle of

each rhythmic motion met with a resounding reflexive shudder. Then. I

remembered. THE FALL!!

 My mind tried to deny what it remembered. But putting two and two

together. instantly realizing I must be in the giant's tow. My eyes

caught sight of a glimmer of light. and they cast down to my feet. where

I noticed a huge, thick mahogany canvass rippling open and closing in

the wind. I knelt down, holding firm to the coarse material my hands

were wrapped around. As a breeze caught up and the canvass blew back.. I

saw for the first time. a sight that threw me instinctively against a

rock hard corner of the room.

 Far below whipping by at incredible pace. creating almost a constant

sea of green and brown, was the harshly mangled path of broken wooded

debris. I curled into the corner. bracing myself. as my eyes captured

the impossible sight of the giant's massive legs. Bigger and thicker

than the mightiest of jungle giant trees, the pile driving force of

which as it swept by. back and forth. coward my body to the scrawny

relation I was in contrast.

 Powerful fear crept in with overwhelming explosion. and I burst out a

scream as if conjured up by the devil himself.



 I awoke again in a sweated start. My eyes shot open looking straight up

at the ceiling. as my lungs heaved in spasm breath and I bolted up

clutching my shirted chest.

 I was panting quite hard. realizing once again. I had awakened from an

awful nightmare.

 "My God! What is wrong with me? Why am I having such dreams? Why can't

I remember what happened?" I thought silently.

 I looked around the room noticing everything was as it was before. A

reassuring moment at least. that I was still in the here and now. "This

was the reality. not the other.. thank god!"

 My nose caught drift of food. and my attention turned left to see a

tray set on the table for me. I reached for the controls and raised the

bed. then pulled the tray to my lap and exposed the offerings for

consumption. I ate rather meagerly as the pain to my ribcage caused much

discomfort in swallowing. and it made for a stifled appetite at best.

 Filling myself adequately. I pulled the sheets from my legs and moved

to get out of the confines of my bed. The first unusual sensation I

noticed was my feet hitting the floor. It's texture was different. I

dunno how to explain it. I looked down. everything looked normal. but my

feet felt something different. Kinda like a weave. tight and bumpy. and

warm. very warm. Yet to my eyes. the floor seemed a flat, sterile


 Carefully taking a step. I moved forward. toes curling to the heat

coming from the floor and forming to each uneven weave. Slowly and with

curious caution I moved about the room. reaching the wall and raising a

hand to feel its' surface. This, too, was strange. much the same as the

floor beneath me. I moved to the window and tried to raise the drawings. 60 impresionantes peinados cortos para que las mujeres negras prueben este año

but they would not budge. They seemed. hmmm. fake.

 I bent at the waist, lowering my head to look through the 1/3 opening.

but strangely there was nothing to see. A very bright light shown

through. that drenched out all perceptible objects.

 I rose back up. looking around the room once again. curious. and for

the first time. a little ill at ease.

 I stepped back toward the bed and around it. making my way to the

doorway. I reached my hand to grasp the handle. when the door opened

suddenly and the nurse who had visited me earlier walked through.

 "Oh!" she said with a surprised look. "You're up and about I see."

 "Y. yes," I replied with a stutter. caught with surprise of her

uniquely timed entrance.

 She quickly made sure the door closed behind her as she moved closer to

me. blocking the way between the door and I. She moved closer and I took

a step back, my eyes moving along her body. She was tall. slightly more

than I. a couple inches at least. My heart paced a bit as I backed into

the bedside.

 "I was just looking around. tell me again, please. where I am? I mean.

where is this hospital?"

 As if purposely ignoring my question. she continued with her dutiful


 "Mr. Anderson, it's quite all right. but until we have determined the

extent of your internal injuries. it would be best you remain in your

bed. Now please. back in bed. all your questions and concerns will be

answered. Right now. it's more important that you heal."

 Her voice was soothing. soft. and difficult to resist. It complimented

her. and it calmed my ills. though I still have difficulty understanding

why. Nevertheless, I obliged her request and slid myself back into bed

and watched as she made her way around the room, picking up things and


 I couldn't relinquish my instincts to find her attractive. Oh I have

heard all the stories about patients' falling in lust with their

caregiver. was that me? No. at least not yet. but still, natural

instincts would not allow me to take my eyes from her. She moved to the

bed and tucked in the sheets around me. I watched with fascination as

she bent and worked along the bed, occasionally her face peering up with

a broad, happy smile.

 "May I ask a question?" I looked at her with curious eyes. "What is

your name?"

 The nurse looked up and paused with a smile.

 "Of course. my name is Gretchyn."

 As simply as she stated it, she went back to her work. moving closer to

my chest and reaching across once again for the control and lowering my

bed slightly. Then she reached back behind my head and fluffed my

pillow. as she looked down on me with a smile. Knowing that she was

being sized.

 "Mr. Anderson, please listen to me carefully. It's important that you

stay in bed. Until we know the extent of your injuries. we don't wish

you to cause any more potential harm. If there is anything you need. we

will get it for you."

 "Now be a good li. she stopped herself and redirected.

 "Rest assured we have your health as our main concern. We'll have you

up and out of here in no time. Now. is there anything I can get for you

at this time?"

 "How about something to read? Least it will help the time pass by a

little quicker. No TV. no radio. and no roommate to talk to."

 "Ah. yes. I understand. you are bored. I'll see what I can do. will

there be anything else, Mr. Anderson?"

 "Yes actually. my name is. wait.. my name is?. what is wrong with me?

why can't I remember my name?"

 "Your name, Mr. Anderson, is David."

 "David!. thank you, Gretchyn. Please call me David then."

 "Very well, David. Now. please rest and I will be back shortly. with

your results."

 With dutiful swiftness she picked up the tray and was out the door. I

sat there for a few minutes. staring about the room. remembering the

oddities of earlier. and running the conflicts over and over in my mind.

Within a few short minutes. I found myself once again. drifting off into

another sound sleep.

  The Zoo, Pt 3

 "I'm concerned." Gretchyn sighed in focus thought.

 "Concerned?. why?. everything is under control," came a slow,

methodical voice from across the room.

 Gretchyn looked over her shoulder, turning her body in reply. "I think

he suspects. I have seen the look in his eyes."

 The control room superior, set down her log updates as she rose and

approached the young intern.

 "Come now, he suspects nothing and more importantly, there is nothing

for him to discover. Besides, he will be moved shortly anyway and he

will not remember a thing. All he will know is what we program him for."

 "But what if it doesn't work?" Gretchyn fired back.

 The woman's nearly masculine developed appearance proved a formidable

force as she closed the distance to Gretchyn, looking down to her with

serious delivery.

 "Gretchyn, look at me!. when has this ever. NOT worked? Trust me. he

will not remember a thing."

 Her eyes glared into Gretchyn's, swiftly darting back and forth..

 "Just keep your schedule with him. Keep his attentions away from

distracting thoughts. Just one more day and his transition will be

complete. Do you understand?"

 "Yes. I hope you're right. I don't know about this one. He appears. to

be different somehow. not like all the rest."

 The woman reached a strong hand to Gretchyn's chin. raising it up to

meet her.

 "Gretchyn. he's just a man. You're not having feelings for him. are

you? You know that is against the rules. it will cloud your judgement

and jeopardize your advancement."

 Gretchyn looked thoughtfully. then masked her feeling with a stern and

certain look:

 "Why No!. certainly NOT! I'm just concerned is all. that we take

precautions. not take anything for granted."

 The woman released Gretchyn's chin. turning on her toes, walking in a

slow strut to the control board. a sweet smart grin curling her lips.

 "Have no concerns my dear. all is proceeding according to plan. Now go

to him. he is waking again. and he will have more questions."

 "Very well." Gretchyn nodded.


 I awoke slowly. For the first time. not remembering if I had had

another of those terrifying nightmares. If so. at least it had not

culminated in my waking with nervous, perspiration drenching tension. I

felt rested and at peace.

 Once again, familiar surroundings more or less comforted the fact that

I was alive and apparently being attended to. I recalled Gretchyn's

response, she would have my test results this day. Eager anticipation

mounted, in thought of a pending release. But little was I to know. that

was not to be.

 There came a soft knock to the door. and Gretchyn entered the room.

Curious. and odd I had not noticed this before. but each time she

entered. she seemed to be the exact same as the last time. I mean.

strangely the same. Always dressed the exact same way. hair tightly

packed into her nurse's cap. her lipstick. her uniform. everything about

her from head to toe. was as if she was an immaculate repeating image.

Perhaps that's NOT so unusual. I dunno. but something tore at me inside.

that she was ^too^ perfect in ways.

 Still. each time she would speak. it affected me in ways I cannot begin

to describe. Even though the oddity of her voice resonated with such

fullness. filling the room. it quite unusually calmed me. Curious

though. that it should. Something was happening to me. well. that's my

gut talkin' at least. I should be uncomfortable with this. her voice.

it's not coming from her. or is it? I should be asking a thousand

questions about now. but I can't think a one. It all seems. ok. is this

normal? I am. for the most part. safe it seems.

 I thought for several minutes. possibilities. facts as much I could

remember. but the answer hastily hammered.


 Once again I felt my body fight the answer. My mind fought to convince.

while my natural instincts debated the issue.

 "Good morning, David" Gretchyn interrupted.

 Her voice startled me back. with lyrical, full bodied resonance that

bathed. like smelling the fragrance of the freshest born flower. it

replaced any confused thoughts I had at the moment. I turned to face


 "Good morning, Gretchyn."

 "And how are you feeling this fine morning?" she approached with a

slow, pretentious sway.

 I drew my arms up and over my head, placing them together behind it.

 "Mmm. I have to admit.. quite good actually."

 Gretchyn smiled as she held up a file in her left hand that obviously

contained the results of David's tests.

 "That's good to hear. I have your test results. would you like to know

what they say?"

 I sat up in reply.

 "Yes. yes. absolutely."

 Much to my surprise, Gretchyn walked to my side of the bed and sat

down, turning her head to look at me.

 "I have good news for you, Mr. Anderson. You only have a bruised rib.

no internal injuries. I can't tell you how pleased we are that this has

occurred. You will be transitioned very soon. we are so very pleased."

 I looked on as she opened the file for me to see.

 "David. call me David. Transition?..

 "Released. David. I meant released. I must admit. I will not be pleased

in seeing you go."

 I found her comment surprising. and a bit flattering as well. Her face

showed bright a smile and high tanned cheekbones that gave lift to eyes

of emerald aqua. She handed me the file as she leaned a little closer,

nearly looking over my shoulder as I read on.

 "There's just one test for you to complete before we release you. It's

a simple scan. We'll get a full picture of you. for our records of

course. should we see you again. It's standard practice with all


 Her voice, her close presence. like a sponge seeking water. my senses

soaked in her comforting manner. There was reassurance. in it. But again

my inner senses stabbed at me that something was a miss.

 Suddenly. a flashback raced across my eyes. an indelible image that

froze me for an instant. The wall at which I was looking... rippled.

like a pebble had been dropped into a calm pool. it wavered and melted

slightly. giving way to a horrible glimpse. My eyes shot wide and my

heart jumped with a lurch... as the immense shape and features of an eye

and cheek momentarily filled the melted space. The texture at close

range was riddled with rough imperfections. leathery looking. thick much

like an elephants creviced skin.

 But just as suddenly as the vision startled me. it was gone. and all

was as it was. Gretchyn still seated quite close to me.

 My heart raced. moist residue of clammy perspiration cooled along my

chest. I looked to Gretchyn pointing to the wall.

 "Tell me you saw that! Where am I?" my voice trembled and shook.

 As if nothing had occurred. Gretchyn turned to face me. she rose to her

height. bending forward at the waist to pull my sheets up.

 "David, you are home." She said with a smile. her voice washing around

as it did so every time. her eyes casting an almost maternal softness in

reassurance. Its melodic overtones whisping away the trick my mind was


 "Home," I thought with a strangely confident nod. My mind calmed of its

thought. as if an eraser swiped the memory clean.

 I watched as Gretchyn pulled back, straightening up. Again her youthful

form threatening to stir a most pleasing. and as too. frustrating


 "I will miss you, David, you are not like the others. You may put your

clothes on. I'll be back shortly with your test and transi..." she

stopped correcting herself, "release paperwork."

 And again, Gretchyn just slipped out. The door closing very quickly

behind her.

 I looked ahead to the wall. as I leaned forward to the foot of the bed

where some pants and a shirt had been neatly laid out. "Hmmm. she must

have left these. but when did she do that? I didn't see her."

 But again. my face turned a look of puzzlement and question. when I

discovered what was laid out before me.

 More to come..



Giantess Stories: THE ZOO  Pt 2   Mission date

  ^^ What will the next 100 years produce? If technology expands and   Intro:   Intro:   By pintsize   By pintsize THE ZOO THE ZOO



Giantess Stories: THE ZOO  Pt 2   Mission date

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Giantess Stories: THE ZOO  Pt 2   Mission date

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