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There was a knock at the door.

Brian and Catherine both shot up from their positions in bed as if it were their

mother about to walk into the room.

Catherine calmly asked who was at the door.

“It's Alicia” came the voice from the other side of the door.

Brian grumbled and looked at Catherine. “What does she want? Another

intellectual schooling?” Catherine shrugged. “I suppose so, there is no


Catherine got up and unlocked the door so that Alicia could enter the tiny dorm.

“Geez, what were you guys doing in here?” Alicia asked while examining the room

for some sign of what they were doing, hoping she was disturbing something


Alicia is tall and slender, with a very shapely body. Her long black hair was up

in a pony tail, and she was wearing only gym shorts, an old t-shirt and flip

flops. It seemed almost as if she pulled herself from bed for the purpose of

disturbing the first bit of alone time that Brian and Catherine had had all day.

She had a box under her arm which she placed on a small table. It was a black

leather box, about the size of a shoe box, and was fastened at the top with a


At first no one spoke, so Alicia, remembering her reason for coming broke the

silence. “Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt anything, but I couldn't sleep, I

thought maybe you guys would be up for a game of Belittle?”

“No Alicia, we aren't in the mood.” Catherine replied.

“Wait a second, I've heard of this game. Is that the real thing?” asked Brian.

“Certainly, imported from a friend in Japan. Obviously it isn't illegal to

possess, just illegal to sell, kinda like Absinthe.”

Brian thought to himself for a moment. “Sure, I'm game.”

Catherine pulled Brian to her side. “You won't win, don't try.”

Brian turned to face Alicia and smiled. “Tell you what, if you're bigger than me

at the end of the game, I'll kiss your feet.”

Alicia smiled. “I would certainly enjoy that.”

Brian winked at Catherine, and she returned him with a stern look of


Alicia, quite pleased with herself, opened the box and began to empty it

contents. First she removed a clear bottle with no labels, filled nearly to the

top with sparkling clear fluid. Next she removed two sets of glasses. She began

to methodically set up the glasses in a row, each glass being significantly

smaller than the next. The first was the size of a shot glass, while the last

was nearly half the size of a thimble. It seemed unreal to Brian that a person

could ever drink out of such a glass. Lastly she removed a deck of cards. The

cards seemed ancient. Each one was a piece of square parchment paper with a

Japanese symbol on one side, and a riddle on the other. The object of the game

was literally to belittle your opponent with your intelligence.

Once Alicia was done setting up the game, she asked Brian had he ever played.

Brian responded by shaking his head.

“Well,” Alicia started “someone will read each person a riddle. If the person

can not answer, or answers incorrectly, they must take a drink. Each drink will

decrease your current size by half. Usually it never goes further than six

drinks for one person. More than that and you'll be too small to matter.”

Alicia looked at Brian and smiled. There was a slight hint of evil in her lips

as she said “However, in this case, we will play until you are kissing my feet.

I will take that as the sign of forfeit. Agreed?”

Brian returned her smile, “Or at least until you are too small to matter,


“We'll see” Alicia replied.

Alicia asked Catherine if she would like to read the riddles and keep score. She

reluctantly agreed, trying to mask her anger at Alicia. Catherine knew this

trick, but it was no use telling Brian, he was too sure of his intelligence to

back down to any challenge.

“Looks as if I'll be spending my night with a tiny Brian” Catherine thought to

herself as she took the first card from the pile.

“Whose first?” asked Catherine.

“I think Brian should go first, since it's his first time. It's only fair.”

“Bring it on.” replied Brian.

Catherine calmly read the first riddle. Alicia looked at Brian with a slight

smile, awaiting his answer. After a while Brian finally shook his head and


“That's impossible, no one knows that sort of thing.”

“Don't try and get out of it.” Alicia said. “Her, let me get that drink for


Alicia poured the drink into the first glass. Brian held it up to his face,

smelled it, braced himself and downed it. He blacked out of a split second, but

soon came to his senses. He was now three feet tall, his clothing was swallowing

him whole. Alicia was smiling. Her lips were moving, but he couldn't hear

anything. He was both shocked and amazed. He hadn't really expected it to work,

now everything in his world was twice as big, including his adversary, and his


The next questions were all the same. While Alicia fired off her responses with

great precision, Brian was at a constant loss.

Three feet.

One foot, six inches.

Nine inches.

Four and a half inches.

Brian now stood small and naked among a pile of his clothes, and at the feet of

Alicia. The next question was read, Brian had no response. He knew from the

second drink he never stood a chance, but he kept going so not to admit defeat.

The thought of actually kissing Alicia's feet made his stomach turn, but what

frightened him more was the thought that one misplaced step from her, or anyone

else, and he was history. Catherine was the most delicate person on the earth,

but Alicia was the type to step on a person just to feel how they would squirm

under her foot. He could see it in her eyes as she reached down and handed him

the tiny glass she held slightly between her thumb at forefinger. On impulse,

Brian drank.

Two and a half inches.

By the time Brian got his bearings, his next riddle was being read.

Alicia smiled and waved down at Brian. “There won't be anything left next


Alicia filled the last glass with a tiny eye dropper. Brian began to wave his

arms furiously.

“What's this, the little man is giving up?” Alicia said patronizingly. She

crouched down to look at the little man closer. “You remember the rules, that's

not the proper way to forfeit.” She looked down at her feet and smiled at Brian,

then arose to her full height.

Catherine grabbed Alicia by the arm. “Alicia, please. You've had your fun. Don't

make him do that.”

“He was the one who said he would, it wasn't my rules, but I will hold him to


Meanwhile Brian walked up to Alicia's massive foot. The sole of her flip flop

was as high as his chest. He began to climb unto the edge of her flip flop. He

pushed himself up and threw one leg over on top of the end of her sole.

Alicia looked down at the tiny man struggling to climb up to her foot.

“Aww, you poor thing.” she said with a giggle. “Here, I'll help you.”

She slid her foot out of the shoe as soon as he had managed to get his entire

body onto the edge. As she did this, Brian went rolling down the length of the

flip flop, stopping at the end where her heel would be. It was warm, and the

indention from where her foot had just been was large enough that Brian's whole

body could fit into it.

Alicia held her foot in the air slightly over Brian and the flip flop, covering

them both in the shadow of her massive foot. She then placed her long slender

foot next to the flip flop. Alicia cleared her throat and wiggled her toes.

“What are you waiting on little man?”

Brian slid off the back of the flip flop and walked the length of Alicia's foot,

starting from her heel to her toes. He now stood directly in front of her big

toe. He couldn't see the look on her face, because he refused to look up at her,

but he knew she was enjoying this more than anything. Brian took a deep breathe

and braced himself. The smell of her feet was pretty strong, but he liked it. It

smelled like vanilla. She had obviously just put on lotion. Brian leaned in

towards the big toe to kiss it when she lifted her foot slightly.

“Come on little man, you have to want it, it's not too high.”

Brian reached up, even jumped. He couldn't reach her foot.

“Alicia, stop it. Please.” Catherine pleaded.

“Ok, ok, chill out. I was just playing with him.” She put her foot back down,

though this time slightly on top of Brian.

“Alicia! What are you doing?!” Catherine exploded.

“Don't worry, I wont step on him. Promise. I just want him to kiss the bottom of

my foot. I think it's only appropriate.”

Brian, now under Alicia's big toe, kissed the bottom of her big toe slightly.

“Come on little man, is that all you have. I hardly felt it. Give it a good


Brian began to lick the bottom of her toe. He did so until Catherine pleaded

with Alicia that she stop. Finally, Alicia moved her foot back, and Brian rolled

over on his stomach.

“Don't worry about the little guy, he'll be fine.”

Alicia slid her foot back into the flip flop. Just as Brian pulled himself back

to his feet, Alicia took a step and sent her massive foot smashing down directly

on top of Brian, smashing his tiny body between the floor and the dirty bottom

of her shoe.

“Oppsie” Alicia said with a giggle.

Just as Brian was coming to his senses, he looked up just in time to see the

bottom of Alicia's flip flop as it came smashing down on top of him. Fear and

panic ran through his mind as he realized that his life was soon to be over. He

had been shrunk, humiliated, and now squished like a bug underfoot.

Alicia pressed down hard on Brian. Pain shot through every part of his body. His

body flattened and sunk into the rubber bottoms of Alicia's shoe. The pain

became so great that he wished he would explode.

Catherine was in complete shock. She had just witnessed her tiny boyfriend get

squished like a bug under her enemies foot. Catherine was trembling with anger

and fear.

“Come on, chill out. Look, he's fine.”

Just as the pain became too much to bare, Brian began to black out. Then Alicia

lifted her foot, but Brian wasn't under it. He had stuck to the bottom of her

shoe. Alicia looked at the tiny man stuck under her shoe and laughed.

“That's embarrassing.” Alicia said while shaking her foot. Brian dropped to the

floor with a slight thud. He groaned and turned over. The impact had not killed

him, but he pain was still surging through his body.

“You'll find that he is much more durable now, at this state. You can't die like

that when you've had this to drink.” Alicia was saying as she packed up her


“Don't worry, its only temporary. It'll wear off in about ten to twelve hours.

Alicia had finished packing up her things. She seemed very pleased with herself,

as if she had accomplished something great. She placed her foot in front of


“No good bye kiss?” Alicia laughed and walked out the door.

“You guys have fun” she said as she closed the door.

“Just get out.” Catherine said coldly just as Alicia had shut the door.

Here it is, Ch 2.

This is all I have for now. I want to make a couple of changes to what I have so

far and then finish it. Please tell me if you like it and I will post more.



Catherine took a hesitant step towards Brian, careful not to place her foot down

on top of him. Just one full step, and he was directly between her feet. Brian

struggled to stand, but was too disoriented and fell on his bottom. Catherine

wanted to do something, but she couldn't help but to stare at her miniscule

boyfriend, now no bigger than her thumb. He was seemed so sad and pitiful, but

at the same time, she found him to be ultra cute in this state.

Brian stared up at Catherine in a daze. He wanted her to reach down and pick him

up. He was having a hard time standing. The whole experience had made him a bit

weak. He had managed to drag himself on top of Catherine's socked foot. Holding

on to her sock with one hand he waved for her attention with the other. The

whole time Catherine watched in amazement at the little man struggle, just to

climb on top of her foot. She giggled slightly, and then realized what she was

doing; the reality of the situation. The feeling of power was great in

Catherine, but suddenly a feeling of compassion swept over her as she snapped

out of her daze and realized what Brian had just gone through.

Catherine crouched down, and Brian collapsed on top of her soft, warm foot.

Catherine reached towards Brian with her hand and gently placed Brian in her

palm and brought him to level with her face as she stood.

She stared at him for a long while without saying a word. Brian lay still in the

palm of her hand, slowly regaining strength and feeling throughout his body.

“I'm so sorry babe.” Catherine said with a tone of compassion. “I knew you were

going to lose, but I didn't think she would step on you like that.”

When she spoke, Brian jerked up and covered his ears. Catherine's usually soft

voice, was thunderously loud to Brian's diminished body. Catherine turned beat

red, and felt sorrier for Brian than she had before.

“Are you all right babe, do you hurt anywhere?” She asked. Brian shook his head.

Catherine walked over to her bed and placed Brian gently on the pillow. She then

climbed into bed, laying on her stomach, with her face propped up in her hands

looking down at Brian.

This time in a whisper she said “It's nothing about your intelligence, it was

just her game. It took her months to find out the answers to all those riddles.

I helped her with a few, but that was before I really saw her for who she is.

When I found out what she was doing it all for, I really began to hate her..”

She gazed down at Brian and smiled while she watched him try and stand, and keep

his balance on the soft, unstable pillow. Just as he had gotten to his feet,

Catherine poked him in the stomach with her forefinger, and sent him right down

on his back. She began to stroke his chest with her forefinger.

“You know,” she began “I kinda like you like this. Your cute and helpless. Its a

bit sad in a way, but yet so adorable.”

She put her thumb on Brian's chest and pressed him softly into the pillow.

“And to be honest, I do like to be able to keep you under my thumb.” She said

with a sly grin.

After a moment, she didn't move her thumb, Brian began to push against it. It

was useless. However, it did add to Catherine's amusement. She removed her thumb

after a moment, she just wanted to be able to say that she had once literally

had Brian under her thumb.

Catherine was by no means a dominant or out right mean person such as Alicia. In

her daily routine she was very soft spoken, generous, kind and selfless. She

would never hurt a fly, or care to see a creature suffer. In the sexual

atmosphere however, she was much different. She liked messages and kisses at her

feet and toes. She liked rough sex, she liked being on top, and she like a

little pain, both to inflict and to be inflicted upon herself. Sex was her

outlet for her passiveness in everyday life.

With Brian, she didn't want to be mean, or cause him pain, but she was very

amused at the way he would struggle with something so simple as removing her

thumb from his chest. The idea of her sexual power over him was dawning on her.

She began to get very excited..

She began to stroke his chest with her forefinger again, not saying anything,

just looking down at him. She moved her long finger down the length of his chest

and stomach into his pelvic region, in which she stopped at his genitals. She

lifted his penis up with the tip of her fingernail and giggled.

“Looks like we won't be having much fun tonight...little man.”

Brian quickly covered himself with his hands and turned beat red. This was quite

possibly the cutest thing Catherine had ever seen.

“Aww, little man, don't be ashamed. It's to be expected.”

Catherine leaned forward towards Brian and kissed his midsection. She ran her

hot wet tongue across every aspect and tiny detail of his body. She could feel

his erection against her tongue, but he was too small to suck off, so she licked

his entire body, then leaned back up and looked down at him, very pleased with

herself. The look on Brian's face was one of complete and total satisfaction. As

she gazed down at him, she said softly “Surely we can have a little fun tonight.

No pun intended.” She said with a smile.

She gently picked Brian up, and placed him on the floor near the bed. Catherine

then stood up from the bed, with Brian standing directly between her two massive

feet. She lifted up one foot and pulled her sock off. She placed the bare foot

back into its spot, and with a smile dropped the sock directly on top of Brian

which completely covered him. He could smell the scent of lotion on the sock,

from her feet, very much the same smell he had smelled from Alicia's feet. Just

as Brian had made his way out from under the sock, he looked up in time to see

another sock being dropped directly upon him. Once he was out from under that,

he noticed Catherine had removed her boxers and t-shirt, and was now standing

above him in nothing but her black silk panties and bra, a perfect and beautiful

giantess. A goddess to be worshiped. She ran her tongue across her lips as she

ran her hand down her thigh. She looked down at Brian with a smile. She swept

her foot across the pile of clothing, brushing it to the side. Brian hardly

noticed, he was entirely consumed by Catherine's beauty. He wanted to fall on

his knee's at her feet, beg her for contact, worship her. He wanted to be

everywhere on her all at once. Such a beautiful site he had never seen. He

thought tears might come to his eyes.

With all of this, Brian had hardly noticed that she raised her right foot and

was placing it directly on top of Brian.

Her big toe hit his chest and knocked him flat on to the ground. She placed her

toes on top of his tiny body for a moment, and then slowly began to roll him

around under her foot. From her toes to her heel, she would roll his little body

back and forth under her foot while she thought about what she wanted to do with

him first. She wasn't sure if he was in the mood for intimacy at that moment,

but she certainly was ready.

She stopped rolling him around her foot and brought him back to rest under her

big toe. She began to rub the length of his body with her toe, slowly making her

way to his genitals. Suddenly and without warning she mashed her toe down onto

his genitals has hard as she could, sending him a slightly evil smile at the

same time..

Brian screamed and wrapped his arms around her toe. Pain shot through his body,

but not the same pain that he felt while being stepped on, this pain was good,

it was arousing. She eased up the pressure for a moment, then mashing down

again. This time she twisted her foot, and if she were trying to grind his tiny

midsection into the floor.

Brian's grip around her toe tightened more and more with his increasing height

of arousal. After a moment, Catherine raised her foot, and Brian was still

holding on hard.

Catherine found this to be very amusing, but shook her foot, sending Brian

falling hard to the floor.

Catherine crouched down, right above Brian. She wrapped her fingers around his

tiny body and then closed her fist around him. She brought him to level with her

face as she stood.

“Well, well, well little man. What ever shall I do with you? We can't just let

you run around on your own, you may get stepped on. Though, I think our little

game just a second ago shows us you are quite durable.”

She held the tiny Brian in the palm of her hand.

“Well, nothing to say for yourself little man?” With that, she licked the entire

length of his body.

“Where would you like to go first?”

She brought his tiny body and dangled him between her breasts. She let go and he

fell right between them. She giggled as she watched Brian attempt to wiggle and

squirm out from between them, though each time he moved, his tiny body would

just sink further between Catherine's breasts.

Catherine giggled at Brian's struggle. With her index finger she pushed down on

Brian, sending him further between her breast. Brian was now fully submerged,

drowning in this sea of flesh. With each movement, her nipples hardened more.

The feeling of his tiny body squirming for freedom aroused her to no end, though

she knew he could barely breathe in his current position. This time she dug in

between her breasts with her fingers and removed Brian.

“We'll have to go back to that later little man.” She gave Brian a smile and a


She closed her fingers in around Brian and walked to the bed.

Catherine stretched out on the bed, though she continued to hold Brian inside of

her hand like a small child holds an insect captive right before tearing away

its wings. Catherine had no intention of tearing away any particular part of

Brian, though she could not help but to revel in her power. Every time Brian

moved within her hand she felt a pang of lust and control. The ability to hold a

human being in the palm of her hand, to have full dominion over its entire

existence was almost too much to bear for Catherine.

She sat on the bed, staring at her fist. If Brian were to stop moving, she would

give her fist a little shake just to feel him rumble around. Catherine's heart

sped, she took deep breaths, this was as good as an orgasm.

Inside of her fist, Brian was as disoriented as ever. He had not come to full

grasp with the reality of his situation. Somehow it felt as if none of it were

real. At his size, it seemed as if his body were more sensitive. Every touch

heightened his sexual arousal even more, though he was terrified. Though, his

fear added a sense of arousal to his situation. It was dark inside of her fist,

though light poured in through the crevices between her long, slender fingers.

Eventually, the air grew hot and stale. He would try to climb to some place

which he could get fresh air, but each time he moved, Catherine would move her

hand, making it impossible to move within his prison.

Time had been all but forgotten to Catherine as she began to discover the

complete extent to her control at this moment. She had nearly forgotten about

Brian entirely. As if coming out of a daze, she could feel his tiny fist beating

against the soft walls of her fist. Catherine opened her hand and let Brian

fall, landing softly on her stomach.

She looked down at Brian with a smile. Brian gazed up at her, now able to fully

realize his situation, he began to swell with unbearable lust for Catherine once

again. Her smile was sweet, almost sympathetic, though he could see a hint of

malice in her eyes. It was that look more than anything that sent chills down

his spin and at the same time aroused him like never before.

She stretched her hand to her stomach and stroked his body with her finger. her

finger ran the length of his tiny body to his midsection.

“Someone seems to be enjoying himself.”

Her smile grew larger. She could see Brian's mouth move, but couldn't make out

any words.

“it's ok little man, you don't have to speak.”

She brought her finger up to his face as if to cover his lips, though her finger

tip was enough to cover his whole face. She held her finger there until she

could feel Brian's tiny lips kissing the tip of it, then she moved her finger to

her own lips.

“You must be exhausted. You better rest for a minute, because you have a whole

lot of uncharted territory to explore.”



The excitement was too much for Catherine. She simply could not lie there and

let Brian rest as all the possibilities of what they could do ran thru her head.

For Brian, no amount of rest could have satisfied him at that moment. He was

utterly exhausted. After a moment, Catherine rolled over to the edge of the bed,

and rose to her feet. She stood there for a moment, towering over Brian, gazing

at his tiny form. He seemed so precious and delicate. She wanted to caress his

tiny body at her bosom, yet at the same time she wanted to hold him in her hand

and squeeze. The more she fought these urges, the stronger they became. It

wasn't necessarily anything personal with Brian, but she longed to dominate him,

completely. She wanted to squeeze him between her fingers, crush him under the

soles of her feet. She wanted him to beg.

All the while Catherine was standing there looking down at Brian and assessing

her possibilities as to what to do with him, Brian rose to his feet and walked

to the edge of the bed. Though he was tired, the sight of Catherine standing

there was too awesome to take lying down. Brian walked to the edge of the bed,

as far as he could go. He stood there, in Catherine's shadow, gazing at her

beauty. The two stood, silent and still for a long time. Neither spoke, but

their thoughts were connected. What Catherine longed to do to Brian, Brian

longed for inside. He wanted to be used by her if it meant to bring her

pleasure. He wanted to through himself at her feet and be at her mercy.

The more each one fantasized, the more exaggerated the fantasy became. Suddenly,

as if coming out of a trance, Catherine realized the reality to the situation,

and almost instantly felt ashamed to having even thought about harming Brian.

With her gaze steadily fixed on Brian, she unclasped her bra and let it fall to

the floor. Next she removed her silk panties. With a playful smile she held them

above Brian and let them fall on top of him.

Brian remained engulfed in his admiration of Catherine until he found himself

engulfed in her silk undergarments. After a moments struggle, Brian found his

way out of the massive pile of silk to find Catherine laying on her side,

smiling at Brian. With her index finger, she poked him in the chest, sending him

falling back onto her panties.

“I thought you might need something to cover yourself with tonight, incase it

gets cold you know.”

Brian didn't bother to respond.

“What's the matter,” she said playfully “still speechless?”

This time Brian shook his head and mouthed a few words that never made it to

Catherine's ears.

Catherine fell over onto her back. The movement sent Brian back off of his feet.

Before he could make his way back up, Catherine had plucked him from his spot on

the bed. She held him between her thumb and forefinger and slide his tiny body

along her thigh, up her stomach, between her breast and brought him to her face.

She held him in the air, above her face for a moment, allowing him to dangle

there, helplessly. Catherine blew him a kiss and dropped him on her stomach.

“So little man, which way will you go?”

She slid her finger from her belly button down to her thigh.

“Will you go south?”

She then slid her finger back up the length of her midsection to her breasts.

“Or, will it be north? Or both?”

Brian was not sure where to begin. The landscape of Catherine's body stretched

infinitely in both directions. He was completely surrounded in a sea of smooth,

creamy flesh. Catherine lied on the bed and Brian explored every inch of her

body in way like he had never done before. Working his way over every area,

covering his ground in kisses as he moved along. Catherine would flex and moan

as Brian moved about her body. For Brian, his whole body was one huge erogenous

zone. He was not sure for how long he was at it. Time seemed to hold no

authority over them. At times the pleasure would be so much that Brian would

fear he would lose consciousness. He seemed to be swimming on dreams.


He woke up and found himself wrapped in Catherine's panties. He wasn't sure when

he had fallen asleep, or for how long, but he was still his miniature size. He

looked about the area, but Catherine was not on the bed. In fact, she was no

where to be found. He couldn't tell what time it wasn't sure what time it was,

but sunlight was pouring through the windows. Brian stood and walked to the edge

of the bed. He felt rested, but terribly worn out. His midsection burned.

He walked to the edge of the bed and looked down. It was certainly too far to

jump. He thought, if he could withstand being crushed, he could probably survive

the fall. Though, he wasn't about to take his chances. He had no idea where

Catherine was, or when she would return. He thought about climbing down, but it

didn't seem like a very possible idea. It was best to just sit, and wait.

Luckily, his wait was not long. Shortly after his decision to remain put, he

heard the sound of keys turning the lock of the door knob. The door squeaked

open, and Catherine came into the room.

As soon as she entered the room, her eyes met with Brian and her face lit up.

She closed the door and bolted it shut. She tossed her book bag aside and ran to

the bed. She kneeled down at the edge near Brian and gave him a huge, wet kiss.

“I'm so excited!” she squealed. “I thought you might have all ready gotten back

to normal, which, don't get me wrong, I wish you were. But, I'm just glad to get

to see you once more as little Brian.”

She looked at him for a moment, beaming with joy. She held out her hand, palm up

to Brian. “You wanna get down for a bit and walk around? You must have felt

awfully trapped up there all day, though, you did sleep for a really long time.”

Brian walked onto her palm and sat down. Catherine carefully lowered Brian to

the floor right in front of where she was kneeling. Brian climbed out of her

hand onto the floor. Catherine got up and walked across the room. She pulled off

her sneakers and kicked them into the closet. She walked back toward Brian in

her socks, each step thundering louder and louder as she approached. She sat

down and stretched her legs out with Brian in between them. Brian began to walk

down the length of her legs, towards her feet. He got to the end and stood in

the shadow of her left foot. Her foot was taller than his whole body. He stood

there for a moment, facing the bottom of Catherine's massive foot. She wiggled

her toes around inside her socks.

“You can take them off if you want. If you think your big enough to.” She said

with a giggle.

He might have actually tried, if he could have reached her toes. Even stretching

as much as possible he couldn't reach her toes. Even if he could, he wouldn't

have the leverage needed to removed the massive sock. He just touched the bottom

of her foot. It felt warm and moist. Just as he touched her, he felt an odd

sensation surge through his body. It wasn't particularly unpleasant, though it

certainly was not entirely enjoyable. Everything around him began to swim in and

out of focus. Catherine noticed something was wrong as Brian began to stumble

about and sat up to catch him just as the blackness hit.


Brian woke up again in the bed, though this time his body was stretched out to

the length of the bed. He looked to his right and Catherine was setting in a

chair at the bedside. Brian looked at his hands in front of his face and

examined the rest of his body.

“I must have blacked out when I grew back to normal.”

“Yeah, well, not at first. You just blacked out. I put you on the bed and began

to freak out. I didn't know what to do, and I very well couldn't just bring you

to the hospital like that. I almost left to go get Alicia and you began to grow


“Well, that's probably for the best. Had you brought Alicia in here, she would

have tried to help by stepping on me again.”

With that, Catherine's expression fell to a frown. She had almost forgot about

the humiliation that brought about Brian's size change. There was a moment of

uncomfortable silence.

“Brian, I'm so…”

Brian cut her off. “Please, no need. What came afterwards was too wonderful to

put into words. You managed to make something beautiful out of something awful.”

With that, he kissed her hand. “I should be thanking you Catherine.”

Catherine had nothing to say to that.

“Though,” Brian began “it's going to be hard looking at her anymore. You have no

idea how humiliating it is to be stepped on, by someone like that.”

“Brian, don't say that. She tricked you. Besides, that's just what she wants you

to think.”

“Ah, **** her. I'd let her do it to me again if it meant to have another night

like we just had.”

“I had an unbelievable time too.”

“The sensations you get when you are small like that are unbelievable. It's as

if your whole body as become hyper sensitive. Its as if everything feels


“Well,” Catherine started “I've been thinking that maybe I'd like to try it,

like we could take it together. Imagine, to have sex like that. Both of us tiny,

making love in such huge proportions.”

Brian thought about it for a moment. “Well, that would be great, but do you

really think Alicia is going to part with that stuff for any honorable reason?”

“Well,” Catherine continued “I talked to her about it today actually, and she

said she'd be happy to get me some. In fact, she is suppose to bring it by



There was a knock at the door. Catherine put down her magazine and jumped to

answer it. She unlatched the lock and opened the door to find Alicia standing in

the doorway. Catherine had been expecting Brian, but given the reason Alicia was

here, she was almost happy to see her.

As soon as the door was opened, Alicia made her way inside the room.

“Hi Alicia, I didn't expect you'd come by so soon.”

“Well,” Alicia began, “I didn't have much else to do, and I wanted to drop this

off to you before I went out tonight.”

Alicia presented a brown paper bag bulging at its sides with odd shaped objects.

As Catherine reached for the bag, Alicia jerked it back with a smile.

“Not so quick Cathy, this isn't candy you're messing with.”

Catherine flushed with flutters of anger. She hated being called Cathy.

Alicia looked around the room. “Where is Brian?”

Just as she said that she stopped in her tracks, then took her next step very

cautiously, her eyes all the while search the ground.

“Cant never be too careful around here, I'd hate to step on the little


Alicia laughed gleefully as she checked the bottom of her shoes to make sure

there was no one stuck to the bottoms of them.

Catherine just stood silent, trying her best to suppress her anger. After all,

Alicia was doing her a favor.

“That's not very funny Alicia. Besides, he isn't here. He went out to rent a


“Well, that's probably a good thing. I bet he doesn't want to see me right now

anyway. It had to be awfully embarrassing.”

Alicia made her way to the bed and had a seat. She sat the bag next to her side.

“Well, just tell him he doesn't have to scared to come around me anymore. I'll

be nice, I promise.”

Though Catherine would have liked to believe Alicia, her smile said everything

the opposite.

Alicia grabbed the bag and dumped out its contents on the bed. First Alicia

picked up a small bottle, mostly filled with a clear liquid and corked at the

top. She held it in her hands and gazed at it for a moment, watched the way the

light reflected off of it, and shone through it. Though the liquid could easily

have been mistaken for water at first glance, it held a magic that was

absolutely captivating .

Alicia showed the bottle to Catherine, but did not hand it to her.

“This is the drink, of course.”

She sat the bottle on the bed and then picked up to small glasses.

“And these are the glasses. It's important that you use these glasses, because

they'll tell you just how much you need to drink.”

Alicia showed the glasses to Catherine.

“If you fill the glass up to this line, it'll be enough to get you guys going

for about a whole day.”

“So, does that mean if we drink less we will stay smaller less time, or does it

mean that we won't be as small?”

“Well,” Alicia replied “if you take any less, or any more than you are suppose

it, it'll really **** up your system. That's all I can say. It's like medicine,

you take just the right amount and it does the job.”

“Yeah, but a day is a long time to be that way. Isn't there any shorter dosage?”

“Nope, that's it. Take it or leave it.”

“Well,” Catherine sat the glasses down on the table next to her, “I'll take it.”

“Good.” Alicia said with a sly grin. “Good.”

Alicia continued, “I put enough in here for two servings for the both of you.

That should be enough for you guys to go hog wild.”

“Great,” Catherine replied, “what do I owe you for it?”

Alicia shook her head.

“Nothing. Consider it a gift. My way of saying sorry for being such a bitch in

the past, especially to Brian.”

If anything about the situation seemed fishy to Catherine, it was certainly

Alicia's sudden change for the better. However, he mind was filled with the

possibilities that bottle on her bed held that she hardly noticed anything out

of the ordinary about Alicia's behavior.

Well Alicia, thank you. That's very kind of you.”

“Well, I like to be the bigger person you know, it just sometimes takes me a

while to get there.”

There was a moment of awkward silence. Catherine had gotten what she wanted from

Alicia, and now she wanted to be rid of her. Ultimately Alicia broke the


“Well, I had better get going. I'm going out of town this weekend, and had

better pack. Besides, I think I might be doing a little drinking tonight myself,

if you know what I mean.”

Alicia gave Catherine a grin, and Catherine tried her hardest to force her best

fake smile. Alicia got up and made her way to the door. Just as she was about to

exit, she stopped and turned to Catherine.

“When you guys planning on doing it?”

Catherine, hesitantly responded.

“I think maybe this weekend. Brian has off, and there won't be anyone around to

bother us..”

“Well, be careful. Remember, it's a big world out there.”

With that, Alicia turned and walked out the door, leaving the door wide open on

her way out.


Brian walked into the room and drop his book bag in the middle of the floor. He

walked to the bed where Catherine was pretending to read and not notice he had

come in. Brian pounced on the bed and he and Catherine rolled around laughing

until the both fell off. On the floor, Catherine managed to land on top. She

gave Brian a soft kiss and a smile.

“How was your day dear?” She asked,

“Well, much better now, though I think that Ethics exam kicked my ass.”

“Well, at least it's over with.” Catherine paused for a moment and smiled slyly

at Brian. “I think I have something that will help you take your mind off of


“Some much needed lovin'?”

“You know it.”

Catherine leaned in and gave Brian a longer, more passionate kiss.

“I'm so excited Brian. I've been thinking about this all week.”

Catherine got up and walked to her dresser drawer and removed the brown paper

bag that Alicia had given her. She emptied the contents of the bag and tossed

the bag aside.

“I wanna do it right now. I don't think I can wait any longer.”

“Catherine, do you think its wise to be doing this? I mean, it can't be safe to

screw around with important things about our body, like our size.”

“Well, I don't know if its safe or not, I just saw it worked with you, and I

wanna try it. I wanna do it with you, to experience intimacy on a all new level.

I think its worth the risk.”

Brian stared at the contents of the bottle and at the determined look on

Catherine's face. It wasn't so much his mistrust for the potential effects this

could have long term, but rather his natural mistrust of Alicia and anything she

has to do with.

“Well, I guess life is all about taking risks. When you wanna do it?”

“Lets go right now. Schools out for the weekend. Everyone is going out of town,

we won't be disturbed all night long.”

After a moment, Brian hesitantly agreed.

“Well, lets go.”

Catherine uncorked the bottle and carefully poured two glasses of the clear

liquid into the glasses she was provided. She corked the bottle and placed on

glass before Brian.

Brian looked at Catherine. “We both going at the same time?”

“Well,” Catherine started to blush, “I was hoping you wouldn't mind going first.

You were so cute when you were so tiny, I kinda wanna see you like that again.

Oh, but just for like a second, and then I promise I'll come right down there

with you.”

Brian eyed Catherine for a moment and smiled.

“I hope you aren't trying to trick me. But then, of course, I suppose even if

you were, it wouldn't be at all too bad. So, having said that, bottoms up.”

With that, Brian raised his glass as if in toast with himself and downed the

liquid in one gulp. It was odorless and tasteless, like water but somehow

smoother and much colder. As the liquid made its way down Brian's throat, he

cold feel its sensation all through out its body. The cold, tingling feeling

slowly spread from his stomach throughout every area of his body. Suddenly when

it felt as if his whole body were covered in cold, he began to tingle and he

knew the process had begun.

He looked at Catherine, and somehow she all ready looked bigger, even though he

had not yet begin to diminish in size. Catherine did not speak, she just beamed

with excitement as Brian slowly began to shrink. Brian too remained silent, the

sensation was too overwhelming for words. It all seemed to happen so much faster

before, but now it felt as if he were going down, slowly, inch by inch. After a

moment, his shirt began to swallow him, and his pants feel from his waist to his

ankles. By now, Catherine was considerably taller. She stared down at him,

shrinking smaller and smaller before her eyes. He gaze was locked on him and her

smile never faded. Brian began to shrink smaller and smaller, though it seemed

like it was taking an eternity. With each inch, he felt Catherine was farther

and farther away. He took a step towards her. His feet were no longer big enough

to keep his shoes on, even though they were still tied, he stepped right out of

them. He got so tangled in his over sized sneakers, and pants that he fell flat

on his face right at Catherine's feet.

Catherine couldn't help to giggle uncontrollably at this. It was just too cute.

By the time Brian made it to his feet, he was hardly three feet tall. All of his

clothes had all ready fallen from him except his t-shirt, which now swallowed

him completely. He stood before Catherine looking like a little child ready for

bed. She beamed and wanted to pick him up and kiss him all over, yet, she was

still mesmerized by this show, she wanted to continue to watch him shrink.

Brian shrank. Smaller and smaller. Within a few moments, he tried to free

himself from the enormous t-shirt, but it eventually fell from him. His body was

big enough that it could fit through the neck of the shirt. By this time, Brian

was barely twelve inches, and still shrinking. He was completely naked. Though

this certainly wasn't the first time he had been nude in front of Catherine, he

felt for some reason that he should cover himself. He blushed when Catherine

smiled at him. He restrained himself from covering his midsection with his own

hands. It wasn't so much the fact that he was without clothing, but rather the

initial fact of being so tiny and helpless and at the mercy of this beautiful

woman before him. Though, he knew Catherine would do nothing but love and adore

him, the initial feeling of being that size is the most naked feeling in the


Eventually the shrinking stopped. He had no way of knowing, but if he had to

guess, Brian thought that he was maybe about four inches tall. Catherine took a

step toward him. With each footfall, the ground shook. Catherine was no more

than three feet from Brian's tiny body, but to Brian it was easily the distance

of a football field between himself and Catherine's enormous sneakers.

She stopped and stared at Brian forever. She didn't say a word. She stood in

front of the small table with Brian's empty glass and her full glass.

“Well, little man, I'd love to play with you like this, but that could last all

night. Besides, I just wanted to see you shrink. Now, it's my turn.”

And then she raised her glass to her lips and finished the entire contents of

the cup.


When the shrinking stopped, Brian finally moved. He couldn't see Catherine, only

an enormous mound of her clothing. It seemed for some reason Catherine shrank

much faster than Brian had. She had hardly had the chance to free herself from

her clothes as she was dwindling down.

Brian ran, pushing his way through piles of blue jeans and t-shirts. He waded

through a sea of cotton calling out her name.

He pushed his way past her jeans to a further pile of clothing. He looked about

the best he could, but she was nowhere to be seen. Eventually he got to her

sneakers. He climbed on the toe of her right sneaker and shouted her name. This

time, he heard something in response. Brian scrambled his way to the top of

Catherine's shoe and looked inside.

Catherine was inside her own shoe, naked and slightly shivering. He peered over

the edge, the walls of her shoe were too high for her to climb out, and him

jumping in wouldn't do much good either.

“Hang on dear, I'll have you right out.”

Brian jumped off the shoe and landed on a soft pile of cotton socks. The fabric

was slightly moist smelt strongly of musk and the vanilla lotion that Catherine

uses on her legs and feet. Brian stopped for a moment to inhale the beautiful

aroma of his love and then resumed his task.

He grabbed the shoe lace from the side of her shoe and with all his might he

began to pull the shoe on it's side. After a moment of pulling with all his

might, Catherine leaned all of her weight onto one side of the shoe and it came

tumbling over, Catherine rolling right out onto her socks.

Brian ran to her and fell to her side. The two embraced one another and without

words began to passionately exchange kisses. Neither one spoke, they just

laughed and kissed, embraced and rolled around in the sea of clothing. The world

now took on a whole new perspective and a whole new meaning. They were both

sharing something new and incredible. Now even the smallest, mundane things were

great and awesome to them. Every touch was something more. Every look said a

thousand words. The two were in a new world and neither dared to ruin this new,

wonderful place with speaking, they simply just let everything speak for itself.


The two were laying on a pile of clothing looking about their room, laughing,

pointing, kissing. Then, suddenly, there was a sound at the door. It seemed as

if someone were trying to enter. Whoever it was wasn't knocking, they were just

making their way inside. Just then, the both of them realized that in the heat

of the moment, neither remembered to fasten the deadbolt on the door. The locks

in the dorms were so old that anyone could get into your room if they jiggled

hard enough on your handle. Almost immediately this pulled them from their

joyous high back to that feeling of fear and nakedness. Whoever it was about to

enter couldn't find them like this. The two worked their way under Brian's

t-shirt and listened as best as they could. They both hoped that who ever might

be at the door would just go away when they realize no one was around.

The door continued to wiggle and shake until eventually there was a loud click

and the door knob turned. As the door opened, light flooded into the room

revealing the tall, slender figure at the door. Neither one needed to see her

face to know it was Alicia.


After jiggling the door long enough, it finally opened. Alicia peered into the

empty, dimly lit room. She took a step into the room, careful where she placed

her feet, and softly closed the door. She looked about the room and smiled. She

knew what was going on. She had just gotten back from softball practice and was

still in her uniform, her cleats were slung over her shoulder. She had been on

her way to her room, but decided to stop in on Catherine to see how things were

going. She had intended to just sneak in and ‘borrow' a pair of Catherine's flip

flops, but now she thought it'd be funny to mess with her a bit, if she could

find them. She took her cleats from over her shoulder and let them fall to the

floor with a thundering crash. As the cleats hit the floor, caked on mud and

dirt broke lose and scattered about the area. The crash sent a sudden vibration

and a pang of fear right through the two tiny captives hiding under the t-shirt

on the floor.

“Catherine? Brian? You guys here?”

She spoke softly, but her voice carried throughout the room, right into Brian

and Catherine's tiny ears.

From under the cover of the shirt, Brian ‘s heart began to pound. He felt the

need to hold his breath and remain as silent as possible. Catherine however was

taken over by fury. She was nearly ready to storm out and take Alicia on,

despite the size difference.

They could see Alicia's dirty sock-clad feet taking steps toward them. Each step

accompanied with a floor shaking crash.

Alicia walked to the table. She saw the two empty glasses and the pile of

clothes on the floor. She knew they were here some where. She noticed Brian's

jeans next to her feet. She picked them up and gave them a shake. Only loose

change fell to the floor. She let the pants drop and took another step, this

time sending her foot right on top of Catherine's shirt. She shook the shirt

around with her foot but didn't feel anything squirm under her foot, so she knew

they weren't there. She kicked the shirt out of her path.

With each step, Alicia got closer to them. No item of clothing in her way went

unchecked. It was now only a matter of time before she would make her way to the

shirt they were hiding under.

Brian and Catherine could see Alicia's enormous feet right in front of them now.

She was so close, they could literally smell her. Now only Brian's shirt stood

between them.

At first, Alicia raised her foot as if to step on the shirt. Then, she saw a

tiny bit of movement coming from beneath the shirt, and she knew she had found

at least one of them.

With her foot, Alicia swept the t-shirt aside, sending Catherine and Brian

tumbling out from under its cover. An unpleasant odor followed the movement of

her feet and seemed to remain within the air around them.

Alicia beamed down at the tiny people at her feet. A smile stretched from ear to

ear and for once in her life, she could find nothing to say. Her goal originally

was not to barge in on the two tiny lover, but now seeing them tiny and naked,

her mind was over run with ideas.

Catherine had managed to bring herself to her feet and stood nearly toe to toe

with Alicia. The air around Alicia's feet was pungent, but Catherine hardly took

notice. She was over come with rage, which worked to shadow her fear. Brian had

been tangled in the shirt and was whisked away to the side with it as Alicia had

kicked it away. He could only find the strength to prop himself up on his hand

and gaze at Alicia's towering form. He was over come with waves of fear and lust

and found it nearly impossible to move. The last thing Brian wanted was to draw

attention to himself.

Alicia could have probably guessed Catherine was firing off a string of insult

directed to her, but it was impossible to see her tiny mouth moving much less

hear anything she had to say. She slowly crouched down, and lowered her head

closer to Catherine's.

“You bitch! Get out NOW!”

Catherine stamped her foot and pointed to the door. She said much more than

that, but that's all Alicia bothered to listen to before raising back to her

full height. When she stood back up, she ignored Catherine and her eyes began to

search about the room. Suddenly her gaze was brought to Brian, who was slowly

trying to crawl backwards toward the bed.

Alicia's smile grew even larger.

“Well, well, well, what have we hear?”

This time, when Alicia spoke, she didn't bother to soften her voice. It seemed

to ring and carry throughout the room, thundering in their tiny ears. Ignoring

Catherine completely, she took a step over her and did her best to place her

foot as close to Brian as possible. If only she could have seen the look on his

face as her massive foot was placed just inches from his body. She placed her

other foot on the other side of Brian and stood for a moment with him between

her feet. She turned and had a seat at Catherine's computer chair, stretching

her legs out as far as she could.

Brian remained on his back, but Catherine stood her ground. Alicia slid her foot

right in front of Catherine, then tilted it back on its heel. Catherine stood in

the shadow of Alicia's foot. The bottom of her socks were stained black and the

smell was absolutely horrid. It seemed as if she had never washed her practice

socks. Either that, or she just didn't wear cleats to practice. As Catherine's

rage gave into fear of what Alicia might do, she felt that she might throw up.

The terrible stench didn't help at all.

From the angle at which Alicia was sitting, she could only see her foot and not

Catherine. Alicia lifted her foot in the air to reveal Catherine still standing.

Because of the distance, Alicia was unable to tell that Catherine had turned

white and looked as if she were ready to pass out.

Alicia placed her foot back in front of Catherine and slowly lowered her toes

towards her until she could feel Catherine's tiny body. Alicia just gave a

slight nudge with her big toe, but it was enough to send Catherine down on her

bottom. Not only were the bottoms of Alicia's socks disgusting, but they were

nearly soaked through with sweat. Alicia slid Catherine in closer to Brian with

her foot so that they were both in the same spot between her legs. She then

brought her feet in and leaned forward to look down at the two tiny people.

“So, you guys went right to it huh? I hope your having a good time.”

She paused for a moment and looked at Catherine.

“Sorry if I knocked you down, it was really hard to see where you were in front

of my foot, I just thought you'd want to be closer to Brian.

“I just got off from softball practice and I wanted to stop in and see how you

guys were doing. I hope you don't mind Catherine if I borrow your red flip

flops, that's really what I came by for.”

She paused for a moment, then suddenly got a whiff of herself and made a sour


“Geez, I really stink. It must be pretty bad for you guys down there.”

She lifted her foot and held it over Brian. He quickly did his best to scramble

out from underneath it.

Alicia giggled.

“Aww, come on, I just wanted you to tell me if my feet stink.”

She smiled at the two tiny people.

“Well, that is kinda gross. Sorry. Anyway, it's rude for me to barge in like

this, so I'll be going.”

With that, Alicia stood up and took a step toward the closet. She opened the

closet door and found the footwear she had originally been after. She held the

flip flops up and looked to Catherine.

“See, these are the ones. I'll be on my way now.”

She turned around and took another step towards the door. She picked up her

cleats and slung them back over her shoulder, but then stopped. She turned back

around to have another look at Brian and Catherine.

“You two be careful, it's a big world out there. Oh, and next time, maybe you

should fasten the latch.”

She smiled down at them for a moment, and turned toward the door, but did not

take a step. She paused there for a moment and then slowly turned back to the

two tiny people on the floor. A playful smile formed across her face.

She shook her head.

“No, this is too good to pass up. I think you guys should come with me.”

Before either of them could react, Alicia crouched down and snatched them both

up with one quick motion. She adjusted the bodies in her grip so that they were

both face up, then she wrapped her fingers around them.

She stood up and brought the two in front of her face.

“Well, I can't just be walking about with two tiny people in my fist. That's

likely to draw some unwanted attention right?”

Both Brian and Catherine began to panic and struggle their hardest to free

themselves from Alicia's grip. This only added to Alicia's amusement.

“Oh, I know just the place!”

Alicia's face lit up.

“It's a little degrading, and it might smell, but it'll be worth it. I don't

have anything else to put you guys in.”

She set her two tiny captives down on top of a nearby shelf and removed her

cleats from her shoulder and held them up to the two tiny people.

“Hmm, which one should go first?”

She used her index finger and pointed b

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