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There was once a young boy named

Jeremy. He was a hapy child...just turned 14 yrs. old

and was in his "blossoming" phase. It was a beautifull time for Jeremy...his

feet were

disproportionately large, his face often times broke out into an acne covered

mess, and

voice cracked at the most inoppurtune times. Considering his childhood he was a


decent young man. The son of a divorced, hard-working and disgruntled mother and


brother of a rebellious and gothic older sister, it was a surprise Jeremy was

not as messed

up as other young boys his age. Although, there was one thing in particular that

has caused

Jeremy to differ greatly from the norm. Jeremy, in addition to have a strong and

firmly rooted

foot fetish, was extremely aroused by the sour, sometimes musty odour of sweaty


feet. As we all know, this is an unusual, although not completely unheard of,

fetish. But,

there was just enough kink in Jeremy to push how he acts with his fetish way

over the line

of normalcy. NOw Jeremy's mother was a real estate agent in Somerset, Florida.

She was

always a sharp and well dressed LAdy. Being a proffesional, she always dressed

up in suits

with stockings and pumps. Needless to say, most of the year Jeremy's mother is


sweaty and, being on her feet alot, tends to make her feet rather strong

smelling. What's

more, Jermey's mother suffers from what is medically known as "bromohidrosis" in


feet...that is "Excess sweating of the feet". Whereas the normal foot sweats

about a cup of

sweat per day, her feet sweat in excess of 2-3 cups of foot sweat. Not only does

this cause

Jeremy's mother's feet to swell up, but it tends to wear out her shoes and, even

with Dr.

Scholl's insoles, causes her feet to smell more than is normal. This is a

continual form of

embarresment for Jeremy's mother who tries to hide the strong odour from her

clients by

keeping a distance. there are those times when the smell of her feet reach other


noses even when standing at a 2-3 feet distance. NOw, althoguh her feet would


otherwise, Jeremy's mother was not an altogether unattractive lady. She was a

middle-weight woman of 43, average height...about 5'7", with shoulder length

dark brown,

straight hair that she would often curl lightly before work.

Jeremy's sister on the other hand was not much different looking than her

mother. She was

19, a freshman in college and, although not astonishingly beautiful, had a cute

look about

her. She was average height, a bit skinny, and noy much of a sports person. She

dyed her

short cropped hair black, wore mostly black, most of the time, loved Marylin

Manson, and

wore heavy make-up. Being a black-type person, Jeremy's sister..whom we'll call


wore black stockings 24 and 7. she would go through a pair of nylons in a week,


because she thought it was a fashion statement to stink like a peasant.

Furthermore, she

would ogten wear her hose longer than one should because she actually liked the

effect ehr

stockings had when the ran or ripped. Jeremy coincidently thought this was gross


Although she was not much of a school person, Jessica would go out all of the

time and not

come back untill late at night...she did not have an extensive shoe collection,

but wore one

pair of dock martin's ankle highs nearly all of the time.

Well, that's enough with the desription, let's get to the point of the story.

(p.s. the more

detailed your familial descriptions, the more detailed your story will be)

Needless to say,

living in a house filled with women whose feet are not exactly known for their

tactful odours,

Jeremy had plenty of oppurtunities to catch a whiff. Knowing his attraction to

foot odours,

Jeremy would always find himself being aroused when his mother or sister took of


shoes and he caught a whiff of their feet. Knowing that the odour was coming

from his very

own mother and sister, Jeremy would often times escape the odour as fast as

possible in

shame and disgust for his arousal. However, there was one time when his mother


home from work and immediately kicked off her shoes and placed her feet on the

foot stool

while Jeremy sat next to her on the floor playing with his legos. almost as

suddenly as his

mother kicked her shoes of a strong and heady waft of warm, sour, vinegary, foot


permeated Jeremy's nose. Without even thinking, Jeremy was aroused and his


pubescent groin muscle grew at an astonishing an uncontrollable rate. Jeremy

closed his

legs and, wearing nothing but his pajama shorts, was embarrassed to stand up and

have his

mother see his erection. So, Jeremy sat there. The longer and longer he sat

though, the

more and more he began to forget it was his mother's feet that he was smelling

and began

to savour the aroma while his little rock hard throbbed to the beating of his

heart. His

mother, oblivious to what was occurring below her began to dose off as she

watched the

news. Realizing his mother was asleep after hearing her snore, Jeremy


whether or not he should lean forward and smell her feet up close. But something


him and Jeremy took the oppurtunity to get away while his mother couldnt see his


quietly Jeremy stood up and creeped into his bedroom. But just as he was walking

past the

front door into the hallway his sister walked in with her girl freinds and

Jeremy jumped up in

shock with his long erection pointing forward through his shorts. Noticing her

little brother's

erection Jeremy's sister just said, "Oh that's gross Jeremy!" and kept walking.


quickly slithered away into his room utterly embarrassed. Later on that night


mtoher asked his sister what she was grossed out about, having overheard ehr

loud groan.

Jessice told her mother that she think Jeremy was playing with himself in the

hall. Knowing

that Jeremy was siting next to her his mother began to wonder if it was

something on her

that aroused him and if Jeremy was playing with himself while he sat by her. she


remembered that her feet smelled prety bad and that Jeremy didnt get up.

Although she

didnt jump to any conclusions, Jeremy's mother considered that it may have been


smelly feet that aroused her son. But...she didn't care too much even if it long as

it doesnt get out of hand, Jeremy's mother thought to herself.

Being alone alot of the time after school there was one day where Jeremy came


completely aroused with the thought of one of his school teacher's feet on his

mind. You

see, it just so happened that Jeremy's last period teacher, MRs. Grey...a


skinny, and not altogether pleasant looking teacher, was playing with her shoe

as she

spoke to the students in the classroom. This made Jeremy rock hard all the way

home from

school and an intense desire to smell feet overwhelmed Jeremy. As per usual


Jeremy turned the T.V. on and the thought had slowly floated away in the

mindless morass

of the ever-corrupting, ever-present and ever-foul Cartoon Network. After about

15 mins

though, Jeremy's mother waltzed in tired and hot from work in a navy blue two

peice double

breasted suit, navy blue stockings and her very smelly and worn navy 3 inch


"Hi mom..what are you doing home early?" Jeremy asked.

"I forgot something,...I have to go back to work though" Jeremy's mother


Actually, what the problem was, was that her old, worn navy pumps were begining

to smell

so bad that one of her customers actually had the gaul and rudeness to complain.


embarrassed Jeremy's mother thought that since she was passing by home she would


and switch to her black pumps before she met with her other clients. Even though

the didnt

match, she thought to herself, at least they wont stink. Without hesitating

then, Jeremy's

mother slipped her shoes off in the living room right in front of Jeremy and ran

out of the

room, put her blacks on and rushed to the door.

"When are you coming back mom?" Jeremy asked.

"I wont be abck till late tonight sweety so you will have to fix yourself

something." she

replied as she closed the door behind her.

Being on the other end of the davenport, Jeremy could still begin to smell a

slight vinegar

odour that reminded him of his teacher's feet. Once again Jeremy's fetish for

smelly feet

was stirred and a strong throbbing erection formed as Jeremy considered actually


his mother's sour, sweaty, freshly removed shoes. After much thought, Jeremy

thought that

he wouldnt get much of an oppurtunity to smell a female's foot odour in class

and so

decided to sniff his mother's shoes and think of his teacher Mrs. Grey tortuting

him with this

odour...that was actually his own mother's. Slowly creeping to the shoes Jeremy

began to

rub himself harder and harder as he caught more and mroe potent whiffs frmo the


Finally reaching the end of the davenport, Jeremy scrunched down and picked up

the worn

Navy blue pump. As he felt them with his hands he could sense the hot warmth

that his

mother's foot had made in the shoe. Looking on the inside Jeremy could see the

beads of

wet sweat still clinging to the warm tan..(although darkened from wear)foot

imprinted insole.

The smell was now a strong sharp vinegar nearly masked by a cloud of dingy must.


throbbing Jeremy pushed the shoe to his face and smelled for the

can imagine what happened.

Now, in orer that this story make a bit of sense I should let everyone know what


happened all this while with Jeremy's mother and her new clients. As Jeremy's


stepped up to her new clients..MR and MRs. Wu who were coincidently Chinese

herbalists,(now confident that her feet where probably not going to be smelled Eye-Catching Wearable LEDs That Let You Look Like A Cyberpunk

with her new

and now hot shoes.) she gave them the cordial and business-like greeting. It was

4:30 in the

afternoon and MR and MRs. Wu thanked Jeremy's mother for fitting them into her


After a round of freindly conversation and a breif survey of the Wu's house

Jeremy's mother

noticed a muffling in MRs. Wu's posket and asked if there was something in

there. Mr and

Mrs. Wu laughed and laughed and then began to explain as they led Jeremy's

mtoher into

their kitchen.

"Oh yes, yes,, I think you will find this very is ancient chinese

tradition and very

effective for healthy family."

Confused, as well as astonished at the Wu's freindliness, Jermey's mother

followed the

Wu's into their kitchen.

"So you want to know what is in my pocket yes?" Mrs. Wu asked with a large


Reaching into ehr pocket Mrs.Wu gently grasped an apparently very wiggly object


enough to fit inside her fist snuggly. As she pulled her hand out Jeremy's

mother noticed

what appeared to be small, flesh coloured arms and legs wriggleing about

violently out from

between Mrs. Wu's fingers.

"You see, in China, we have very good disciplned children..especially those who


herbalists and have access to what we call the 'discipline' root." Mr. Wu said.

"The discipline root?" Jeremy's mother asked

"O yes" Mr. Wu replied laughing "You see, we do not hit our children but think

it best to

shrink them..this way we can torture them without harming them."

Jeremy's mother thought to herself.."torture..that seems a bit extreme...of

course, I could

torture Jeremy somtimes when he gets rambunctious"

Then it hit her...SHRINK?!" Jeremy's mother replied outloud.

"Oh yes shrink.."M r Wu answered.

"you see this discipline root is expensive in China but it is cheap in the U.S.

and this is

what we specialize in. Mr. Wu continued.

"Huh?" Jeremy's mother mumbled

"hehehe, yes, when our children misbehave we shrink them by rubbing the

shrinking oil on

their noses..when the breath in the vapours they shrink for up to 24 hours...or

until we

discontinue applications. Let me show you." Mrs Wu said as she began to open her


up exposing a small three and one half inch chinese boy who was stark naked.


mother starred at the boy who, noticing the strange woman starring at him,

closed his legs


"Who is this?" Jermey's mother asked

"This is our son Yue Lai, he got a D on his report card and we are getting ready

tp punish

him so that he doesnt get a bad grade again." Mrs.Wu said.

Then there was a breaf pause during which Mr. and Mrs. Wu exchanged words

together in


"woofks odsnpfn dsonopgfnke jdopjpesgfd ya..ok" they said to one another.

"Would you like to see what we do to punish him, maybe you can try at your home


Mr. Wu asked.

"Oh no, no, I should'nt" Jeremy's mother insisted..a bit shocked by the

situation, though

nonetheless extremely interested.

"Oh..yes yes, you see what we do and then we give you a free sample to take home


try...if you think it work we give you good discount at our new store...ok?" Mr.



"Oh..that is too nice of mus'nt." Jeremy's mother insisted.

"Oh..but we must.." Mrs. Wu replied freindly.

Then walking over to the counter Mrs. Wu pulled out a large bowl and put her son


it...reaching into the cabinet she pulled out a bottle of shite liquid with

inscriptions on it in

chinese. bringing the bowl (and her son) over to the table with the bottle she

offered a seat

and Jeremy's mother and the Wu sat around the round table starring at the young

boy who

trembled naked in the bowl. Looking at his face, Jeremy's mother could not help

but to feel

sorry for the poor child, and was actually a bit frightened to see what the two

where going to

do with the young man. Then holding the bottle up and twisting off th cap Mrs.

Wu looked to

Jeremy's mother and said,

"This is chinese white rice smells really sour...Yue Lai hates the

smell of we make him smell it...then we suck it off of him."

"What?!" Jeremy's mother asked shockingly almost disgusted...yet still


"Yes...after we do this..Yue will never get a bad grade is for his

own good...he no

get hurt." Mrs. Wu answered. Then, pouring the vinegar over the young man Mrs.


laughed as she spoke in Chinese to her husband. Jeremy's mother watched the

young man

crindge in disgust and attempt to hold his breath as the vinegar poured into the

bowl until he

was standing nearly waist high in it. Mrs. Wu then pushed her son down and

dunked him in

the vinegar...then grasping him about the waist she lifted him up to her mouth

and breathed

long and continual breaths of foul air over the boy who nearly puked in agnoy.

Then, after

saying something in Chinese, Jeremy's mother watched as Mrs. Wu pushed her son


her mouth and very wettly slurped and sucked her young boy in her mouth opening


now and then to show what was going on in her mouth. Then, removing him she


placed him back into the bowl of vinegar. Mr.s Wu asked Mr. Wu if he would like

to suck on

Yue, but Mr. Wu asked Jermey's mother if she would like to try to suck on him.


mother flattly refused, not really because she minded sucking on the yong

boy...she really

didnt see the big deal with it...but she was not going to suck on him after Mrs.

Wu sucked

on him.

"Oh, you must try get a feel for it..yuo must be gentle with them

when they are

small you know...yuo should practice with our son before you do it on yours."

Mr. Wu


But Jeremy's mother still, grosed out by the fact that Mrs. Wu's spit covered

the boy was

not willing to put him in her mouth.

But then Mr. Wu, who had noticed the foul smell from Jeremy's mother's shoes

earlier, but

was polite enough not to show that he noticed asked Mrs. Wu in Chinese if she

thinks it

would be a good idea to make Yue smell Jeremy's mother's feet. Having noticed

the awfull

stench as well Mrs. Wu agreed and then they asked Jeremy's mother.

"I know what you can are on your feet all day yes? asked Mr. Wu

Ambarrassed, Jeremy's mother immediatly answered,

"Oh no, I am sorry, do my feet stink? I didnt mean to offend, I cannot help"

Before Jeremy's mother could continue Mr. Wu asked tactifully, "Oh DO your feet

smell? If

so..all the better!"

"Huh" Jeremy's mother wondered.

"Yes..we would like to let you make Yue smell your will be good

punishment for


Slightly offened Jeremy's mother politely refused.."ooh feet are much to

smelly for

poor Yue."

"Everybody feet stink" Mr. Wu replied.."But since we dont wear shoes all day

today, ours

dont smell so bad...but your would be good practice...c'

really should you


Not wanting to offend, Jeremy's mother agreed reluctantly and Mrs. Wu Sucked off


vinegar on Yue and placed him on the floor at Jeremy's mother's feet. Yue's

naked trembling

body, wet with his mother's saliva, cringed as he caught a whiff of the two

pngent smelling

black leather clad feet his mother had placed him at. As he attempted to move

away from

them Mrs' Wu pushed Yue closer to Jeremy's mother's feet and firmly said

somthing in

Chinese to Yue. Yue, pale, squatted on the ground and was on his hands and

knees. Mr.

Wu then said something else in Chinese and Yue laid on his back slowly...shaking


fear. Looking down on him, Jeremy's mother pitied poor Yue almost did not want

to do what

she was being asked to do.

"Go ahead..take your shoes off and put your feet ontop of him." Mrs. Wu said

Looking down on Yue Jeremy's mother slipped of her right pump and hovered her

foot over

Yue enveloping him in a fetid odour and shadow.

"I'm really sorry Yue" Jeremy's mother said as she hovered her raunchy foot over

him, "But

you reall should do better in school...just be lucky your not my boy..I would do

much worse

if you were."

With that Jeremy's mother lowered her foot down onto Yue and covered him in her


smelly vinegary sweat, closing him off ffrom the world of fresh air. As she held

her feet over

Yue, she began to feel a little bit controlling and enpowered and began to

wiggle her toes

over Yue, getting into the mood and rubbing his naked body against her coarse

hosed sole.

Yue squirmed and writhed beneath Jeremys mom's feet as Mr. and MRs. Wu laughed


laughed. This lasted for only a few minutes, but when Jeremy's mother lifted her

foot off of

Yue, she noticed he was shiny wet with her foot sweat and bright red from the

heat of her

foot and the rubbing of her soles. He moved slowly and tried to wipe the sour

smell of of his

face with his hands..but his hands smelled just as bad. and only made the

experience mroe

odiferous. Reaching down, Mrs. Yu picked up Yue and gently placed him back in

the bowl

of vinegar. Stading up Mr. Wu retreived some of the shrinking potion and handed

it to

Jeremy's mtoher. As Mr. Wu leade Jeremy's mom out that evening, Jeremy's mom


back to see Mrs. Wu spitting into the bowl on Yue, but she did not see any more

as she

was hosted out the door.

"Thank you very much MR. Wu, I will try your potion as soon as a can. Then with


good byes, Jeremy's mother got into her Ford Explorer and drove off. On her way

yo her

next client Jeremy's mother's cell phone rang and it was her boss. Apparently

all of her

clinets cancelled for the day and she would be able to come home early...Tired,

smelly and

sweaty..Jeremy's mother drove home to an unexpected surprise.

What happens next is yet to come......

to be continued.....

-Ziggy Freud


Giantess Stories: There was once a young boy named Jeremy

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