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Things Better Left Alone

By inch_hi_guy April 7, 2000

He opened his eyes and looked around. His head was pounding and his vision

was blurred, his legs shaky as he got to his feet. He found himself under some

kind of large covering, like someone had dropped a tent on top of him. The white

material was soft, but it was somewhat heavy, so he crawled on his hands and

knees toward the light he could see at an opening. As he arrived at the opening,

the sunlight assaulted his eyes. Still unsure of where he was or what had

happened the night before, he made his way free of the tent and found himself on

a smooth, black surface. Finally he stood and shook his head, trying to clear

his thoughts. As he looked around at the black material that rose in a sheer

cliff to his front, and spread out flat to his sides, he started to realize what

had happened. His experiment had worked!!!

It had all started about a year ago. He had been conducting experiments on a

solution that would shrink matter, especially living organisms. The objective

was to create both a product that would shrink, then one to restore the original

size of the subject. The idea was that, for example, a cow could be shrunk and

fattened on a mere cup full of grain, then restored to full size that would feed

many people. It was not until a week or so ago that he had decided to try it on

himself, it had been a long time fantasy to be small, to see the world from a

new angle.

How small was he? He didn't know for sure, but judging by his surroundings he

couldn't be more than an inch tall. Must have miscalculated the dosage, because

he intended to be around six inches, but this was ok too, it would just call for

more caution, because he would not be noticeable at all.

After he made his way down from the couch to the floor, he found that it was

hard to walk through the carpet that came up to his shoulders. He wanted to

explore his apartment, but decided that it would take much effort and quite some

time to make it all the way through, so instead he decided to spend his energy

trying to get to the house next door, where Nancy and her daughter, seventeen

year-old Jennifer lived. The chance to watch them go about their business not

knowing he was there was an exciting idea to him, but he would have to be


It took him most of the day to cross the ten yards of grass that separated

the two houses. It was getting dark by the time he reached the front door, and

from his vantagepoint he could see light through a crack under the door. On his

hands and knees he could see into the house, and looked carefully before he

started crawling under. Quickly inside, he ran to the wall and stayed close to

it, figuring that he would be less detectable this way than out in the open, and

much safer. The carpet in the house was not deep shag like his, and was much

easier to move through.

He found the living room close to the entryway, and was able to make it to

the china cabinet and hide safely underneath to rest. From here he could see and

hear the two ladies that occupied the house, sitting on the couch watching T.V.

"So do you think it would be OK if I tried out for basketball mom?"

"Sure Jenn, just as long as your grades don't suffer and you make sure you do

your chores here. Speaking of which, did you clean today like you where supposed


"But mom, its not dirty in here, why should I vacuum and dust when its not


"Because that keeps things from getting dirty! You don't have to dust but I

want you to at least run the vacuum real quick before it gets too late."

"Alright mom, jeezz."

He chuckled to himself, teenagers! He was indeed having a good time being in

the room and nobody knowing he was there. He was able to see what happened

normally in these people's lives. "I could really get used to this" he thought.

He watched Jennifer get up from the couch and walk out of the room, thinking how

large she looked to him, even from so far away. He started to imagine what he

could see watching them in their bedrooms, or even the bathroom!

daydream was broken by a loud, roaring sound. The floor under him began to

vibrate violently and he immediately thought it was an earthquake. Then he saw

the source of the disturbance. The vacuum!!! Why hadn't he realized what was

about to happen from the conversation? Even though he was under the cabinet and

there was only a five to six inch gap between it and the floor, he could still

be in danger. At his size, if the machine was close it could easily suck him in

from under his refuse. He watched as the giant Jennifer quickly moved it across

the floor, steadily coming closer to his position, and he had to act quickly.

Running further under the cabinet, toward the wall, he was able to squeeze

between the leg of the cabinet and the wall. He carefully watched as the machine

came closer to him as she quickly covered the area, and before long it was upon

him. Fortunately she was not doing a very good job, and spent little time going

around the obstacles in the room. As quickly as it had came, it was gone and he

could breath easier.

He spent the rest of the evening under the cabinet and listening to the women

until they went to their beds for the night. Soon the house was dark and quite,

and he was tired and hungry. Deciding that his hunger should take first

priority, he ventured out to find something he could manage to eat. Crossing the

room took a while, but soon he was at the couch and coffee table where the

ladies had been just a short time ago. He looked up for some way to get higher

for a better look at the landscape. Finding nothing promising, he figured his

next best bet was the kitchen, which wasn't too far away.

Once in the kitchen he was amazed still at the gargantuan size of what had

been until today normal objects. Assessing the situation, he decided his best

chance of success would be the table that sat in the center of the room. The

legs of the chairs where made of sculptured metal and he might be able to climb

up, and reach the table from there.

He slowly began to ascend the leg of the closest chair and found the going

easier than expected. Before long he had managed to reach the seat, and from

there up the back support to the table. He thanked the ladies in his mind for

remembering to push the chairs in. Once on the table he sat down to rest for a

minute, and when his breath had returned he stood to look around. The table had

been cleaned, and the only objects that occupied it where a set of salt and

pepper shakers, a sugar bowl, and a bottle of ketchup sitting on a decorative

cloth in the center of the table. With no other options other than climbing all

the way back down the chair hungry, he walked to the cloth hoping for something,

and decided he would even settle for raw sugar.

Luck was on his side this night, for he found some missed crumbs of bread in

the cloth. They were small and plentiful, and he ate all he could hold before

stopping. Satisfied, he felt that he should take a short nap before descending

the chair to find a suitable place to sleep for the night. He laid down on the

table, but the wood was hard and cold and he could not get comfortable.

Frustrated, he spotted the handle on the sugar bowl, and that it had no lid. He

was able to climb it easily, and once at the top, looked down to see that it was

nearly full, and it would be a simple task to get back out once his nap was

done. He swung his legs over the edge and dropped down into the sugar, sinking

up to his knees in sugar crystals that were the size of golf balls to him. He

plopped down where he stood, the sugar forming around him and creating a

perfectly comfortable cushion. He smiled happily, closed his eyes, telling

himself he would wake up in an hour or so refreshed and ready to make the long

climb to the floor.

******* He squinted his eyes, blinded by the light that flooded in on him. He

woke up and realized that his nap had become a full nights sleep, and he was

still in the sugar bowl where he had stopped last night. The morning sun was

streaming through the kitchen windows, and he stood and stretched his arms and

legs, sore from the long journey of the day before. He must find a way to

quickly get back to the floor, and find a safe place to hide until the ladies of

the house left for the day. He could already hear the shower running and knew

they would be coming to the kitchen soon for breakfast. He was not ready to be Hazelburn CV Single Malt Whisky - Springbank

seen, not yet, he had not explored all he desired yet. He walked to where the

edge of the bowl was directly above him, where he could reach it to escape the

bowl. He heard the shower stop in the other room and knew that time was short.

He reached above him and grabbed the edge and pulled himself up. As he got his

head above the edge, Nancy entered the kitchen in her bathrobe. Startled, he

lost his grip on the edge and dropped back into the bowl, landing on his butt,

and burying his legs in the golf ball sized crystals. He had to decide what to

do and fast. He paused for a moment, attempting to place Nancy and what she was

doing. The sunlight was momentarily blocked as she walked to the table, and he

could hear something being placed on the tabletop. It was then he decided that

he had two choices, either attempt to make himself known to the women, and be

prepared for whatever they would do to him, or he could try to stay hidden, with

them only feet away until they left and he could make his escape. He quickly

chose the later, for he felt that letting himself be captured would be far

worse, and he would never be able to make his way home, restore himself, and

share his discovery with the world.

Having decided to hide, his only choice was to bury himself in the sugar bowl

prison where he was. Carefully but quickly, trying not to make too much motion

that would be detected, he wiggled himself deeper into the contents of the bowl

until he was covered completely. He left only his face barely covered, so he

could breathe and see through his camouflage. As he settled himself and became

still, he realized that Jennifer had also entered the kitchen as he heard the

ladies talking.

"What do you want for breakfast Jenn, cereal, poptarts, waffles??"

"I think I'll just have cereal mom, its easy"

"Me too, sounds like a plan. Get the milk and the bowls, and I'll get the


"Ok. Want juice?"

"Sure, sounds good"

He listened to the cabinets, drawers and the refrigerator door open and shut

as the ladies gathered the necessities for their meal. He could actually feel

the vibrations as they walked back and forth. Suddenly the sunlight was blocked

out completely and as he looked up, he could see a large yellow box, as tall as

an office building to him, with the familiar "Cheerios" in black letters. The

table became alive with sound and small tremors as objects where placed on its

top. He heard the chairs sliding across the floor and back as the ladies sat


He had not been this close to the giant women before. Even the vacuum

incident last night had not given him the opportunity to realize the size of

them from his vantage point. But now, as he watched fingers the size of tree

trunks grasp the side of the cereal box, the amazement of it was awesome to him.

Had he decided to try to get their attention, he would have surely failed, and

if he had been seen, would probably have been mistaken for an insect and

swatted. He listened to the tinkling sound of the dry cereal loops falling into

a bowl, a pause, then again, as both giantesses filled their bowls. Once again

the box was placed in his line of sight, but further to the side this time, as

now he could look straight on into Jennifer's face, which rose high above. He

watched as she concentrated on pouring milk from the jug into her bowl, then as

she passed it to her mother. She raised a glass of juice to her lips and drank,

and her throat mesmerized him, watching as it accepted the liquid and passed it

down into the teenagers' body. Setting the glass down, she picked up her spoon

and plunged it into the cereal. He gained sight of the food as it passed her

breasts and continued to her waiting mouth, open and hungry. As she began to

chew, her nose wrinkled and she quickly swallowed.

"Eww, I forgot how plain this stuff is"

"Well put something on it. There is sugar right there"

His heart leapt out of his chest. He realized what he had done, that he had

almost certainly doomed himself to death, to be eaten for breakfast by this

young teen giantess. He was frozen in terror as he felt the bowl moved, and felt

the sugar around him shift as it was tipped slightly. A spoon that was three

times his size descended upon him from the sky, threatening to carry him to his

doom. The young giantess dug into the sugar, barley missing him, but shifting a

large quantity of the crystals over his mid section. He watched the spoon

disappear from view with its payload, only to return again and threaten him. He

couldn't believe his luck as after three close calls, he still remained in the

bowl, shifted further toward one side, and buried more deeply. He closed his

eyes and exhaled in relief for his escape, then..

"Want some mom?"

Once again he felt movement as Nancy moved the bowl close to her. The

shifting sugar had obscured his clear view, and he could only see light now. He

heard the scrunching sound of the spoon digging into the sugar close to him,

felt the movement around him, then it was gone. A few seconds later he heard the

scrunch again, only much closer, felt upward movement under his body as he

realized he was being included in this spoonful. There was nothing for him to do

but go along for the ride. The sudden, swift movement made him a little dizzy

and before he knew what was happening, he was dumped unceremoniously into the

bowl, landing feet first. He found himself in the middle of a cereal "O",

clinging to it like a life preserver.

Once again he considered his options. Stay here and have a 99 percent chance

of being eaten, or make himself known and subject to unknown horrors. This time

he chose to make himself known, for if he could stay alive there was at least a

chance of future escape. He looked up at the face of the mother giantess as she

chatted with her daughter. She dipped the spoon into the cereal and sent a wave

through the milk, making his toasted oat preserver buck wildly. He used all his

strength, managed to stand up on it, and began to wave his arms and shout


Had Nancy been paying attention to her food, it is possible he could have

been seen. But she was talking with Jennifer about school and boys and such, and

paid little attention to what was happening in her breakfast bowl. He continued

to shout and wave as she scooped up another spoonful, and the movement sent him

sprawling. He landed back onto the same "O" where he stood, with his butt in the

center. He looked up in time to see the spoon disappear into her mouth, then

reappear empty. He watched her chin move up and down as she chewed, then the

motion in her throat as she swallowed. He would have to wait a minute for his

strength to return before trying again. Nancy finished the statement she was

making, then the spoon descended on the bowl once again. It was tilted as it

made its plunge into the mixture, this time only a few yards (from his P.O.V.)

from him. Suddenly things around him changed significantly as his luck ran out,

and he had been scooped up along with several of the "O"s around him. He

scurried to stand again, but the accent was too fast and his legs would not

cooperate. He again screamed with all his might "Help" and "NO", but Nancy

continued to speak and could not hear him. She raised the spoon to her mouth,

but had stopped short as she finished her thought.

"... and her mother would never let that happen".

As she finished that last word, he watched her lips, which he had at one time

lusted after, part and reveal a mouth full of perfect white teeth. It all seemed

in slow motion to him, he seemed to notice every detail as he was moved into the

wet, steamy cavern. He could see the ridges in the roof of her mouth and even

the little veins that ran throughout it, thinking how cool that looked as the

lips closed behind him, and locked the light out. He still clung to the soggy

preserver that had kept him afloat until now, praying that somehow it would save

him as he heard the loud crunch of cereal between teeth. He felt things around

him being violently tossed about as Nancy's tongue methodically moved the food

between her teeth to be chewed. He wondered if he had made good enough notes for

someone to follow what he had....

"So I'll pick you up from practice today and we will go to the mall, OK?"

"Sounds cool mom."


Giantess Stories: Things Better Left Alone  By inch

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