Giantess Stories: Things finally clear up from the darkness you ha been put through

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Things finally clear up from the darkness you ha been put through.

The last thing you remember is our mother laughing almost evily, as

she shot you with something that look liked a syringe. Now you can't

move, except for your head. You are surrounded by a large green

plain. It's hard, but smooth. Your body is covered by it, and you

guess it's the reason you can't move. It was pitch black. It also

smelled horrible. Where could you be? Suddenly you and the large

green plain are whipped out from the darkness and into the light. Now

you can see better. But what you see is the last thing you expected.

It is a rather large, in fact huge face. It looked the size of a

football field. The large red, plush lips part, allowing you to see

into the cavernous lair just between those pearl white gates.

"How is my little pet?" A thuderous voice seems to yell. It

was obviously a woman by now...a very pretty woman. She looks

familiar somehow. Those pearly whites are shown through the plush

lips again, this time in a grin.

"Wh-Who are you?" You manage to squeak out, despite the

sharp headache you have.

"Alex! I'm surprised at you! I can't believe you don't recognize

your own mother..." You're dumbstruck. Your mother has shrunken

you...but, you still don't know where you are..."

"Mom?! What did you do to me?! Where am I?!" She only

gigged ad wiggled her toes. You feel slight twitch, the suddenly you

are tossed back and forth what seem like several yard in both

directions. It can't be...she has painted you onto her toenail!

"Mom...! Why are you doing this to me?" She grinned again.

"Why? Because you're so damn cute all tiny like that. She

pressedher lips to her toenail, covering your entire existance with

her lips, It feels like she is actually trying to suck you off her

toenail. How she managed to get into that position was beyond you. Yo

can just barely see into her mouth as she does this. Once the embrace

is ove, you are covered in saliva.

"Well, Moms got to get back to work. Which you got to get back

where you belong. Her face disappears from sight,and you seem to flip

over, and you see your are descending toward a giant platform heel.

The last thing you can hear is your mothers evil laughter as the shoe

covers you cutting off all light and sound.

Giantess Stories: Things finally clear up from the darkness you ha been put through

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