Giantess Stories: Third Deconstruction by Aborigen

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Third Deconstruction

by Aborigen, 20SEPT00

Revenge of the 50? Teenager in an Ill-Defined, Abusive Relationship with No

Apparent Legal Recourse or Self-Defense Mechanisms Whatsoever

Once there was this really hot late-teenage

chick who lived at home with her abusive father or step-father or boyfriend.

Something like that. He hit her a lot and beat her and sometimes did strange

things to her that he?d make his own little nicknames for. And also he would

call his friends and talk to them about her and she would get scared and

embarrassed and make him meals. For some reason she never went to the cops or

tried to contact an abuse shelter. It also never occurred to her to poison his

meals since she was making all his food for him and he ate it all

unquestioningly, and she also never thought about running away. It?s like she

felt trapped but actually she had the keys to the house and could have left at

any time but chose to stay for unclear reasons.

Anyway, one day things were getting worse and

her father or boyfriend or whatever was planning on doing something really nasty

to her. Okay, he already did really nasty stuff to her, but this was going to be

really nasty, and as with everything else in her life all she could do

was quail and tremble about it but not, you know, actually fight back or defend

herself or just leave. It?s kinda weird that way. But anyway, that day was

coming slowly but surely and she had plenty of warning about it and a pretty

good idea of how bad it was going to be, and she didn?t want it to happen.

And then some kind of alien force from a planet

entirely populated by angry women came down from the heavens and chose to give

her a powerful device to help her get revenge. It might have made more sense for

them to destroy a male-dominated corporation or take over the government or

something, since they obviously have superior technology and think nothing of

intervening in alien races? lives, but instead of doing something like that that

would have caused real change in the world, they decided to focus on one hot

teenage chick and give her the benefit of their mind-boggling technology.

It was some kind of piece of jewelry like a

girl might wear, but something sexy like a necklace so that when you talked

about it you could also mention it hanging between her succulent breasts, or a

toe ring. It wasn?t a gun or a chemical weapon or an injection or a power

generator. It was something pretty and effeminate because apparently that?s the

range and extent of power-mad man-hating exclusively-female alien races. Dainty


So then the day came when the really mean guy,

the father or cousin or neighbor or whatever, was going to do his really bad

thing. So he came downstairs and started yelling at her and hitting her and

stuff and started to take sexual advantage of her. Oh, and the man-hating female

aliens didn?t tell the girl how to work the pendant or brooch or whatever, they

just said it would "change her life." Like that?s a really clever allusion where

most of the humor comes from its understatement, because it?s actually going to

violate the laws of physics and render everything familiar completely foreign

and unalike anything it was before. Subtle, eh?

So he started yelling and punching at her and

then the necklace or tiara or butt-plug started to glow and the guy?s like,

"Whoa, what is this?" and he swore at her some more but then she started to grow

to something really huge, a really big size. And of course her clothes don?t

grow with her (silly female aliens! So short-sighted in their thinking!) so

there?s this really enormous hot naked high school senior chick standing in the

living room except the house is like a doll?s house to her and she crashes

through the ceiling. Liberally sprinkle text with adjectives here.

Also, being that big suddenly makes her very

horny so she grabs the guy who, like, she totally hates and starts making out

with him. You?d think that after all this abuse she?d start to loathe him and

maybe feel shame for her own body for making him do that stuff to her, but she

doesn?t. Apparently she can only liberate herself from him by becoming the

sexual object he demanded she become, you know, subscribing to his rules. That?s

what frees her. But that?s awfully complex so we won?t get into it. She just

rubs him all over her nipples, this guy she detests, she places him in her

private places, mushing him into her breasts and stuff. And then she breaks

through the house and starts masturbating with him in the back yard, in front of

all the neighbors and stuff, but nobody thinks to call the police. Maybe there

are no police in this world or something. But she starts fucking herself with

him like a dildo, introducing him to her distended labia, somehow forcing this

much weaker, flimsy, struggling little wet noodle of a person through her dry

vulva, and commences to pumping him with vigorous strokes into her suddenly

well-lubricated vaginal passage. And, despite being sexually abused all her life

and using some scumbag as a sex toy, and despite being completely naked outside

and 50? tall and standing in front of all the neighbors, she still manages to

achieve orgasm and enjoy it.

Oh, the guy dies too, he is crushed to death in

the constriction of her vulva, or by suffocating in her copious vasocongestive

lubrication. She tosses the corpse down in the back yard and laughs about it,

declares her power over all the male species, muah-ha-ha.

And that?s that. Nobody reports the murder, the

girl shrinks back down to normal, and goes on living in this caved-in house with

no visible means to support herself, in a neighborhood where everyone saw her

kill some guy with some relationship to her through the most freakish means

possible, and everyone?s cool with it. Maybe she?ll do it again, maybe she won?t,

but if this were a movie it would focus in on the girly jewelry hanging between

her succulent breasts right now as the credits roll, and maybe Iggy Pop?s

playing. Or Everclear.

The End.

Giantess Stories: Third Deconstruction by Aborigen

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