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This is the sequel to 'Janice in the City', and as with that story, this one

is violent and messy.


Janice and Pam: Ladies Night

By Scott Grildrig


Janice ran.

Her every stride covered a quarter of a mile.

Her barefeet gouged out huge prints in the soft earth.

Just eight hours earlier she had been just another young woman, just another

person, enjoying a warm summer day, floating in the bay. But a quirk of nature

had caught her in some strange transformation. The rolling waters had turned

into a bubbling cauldron, and that magic potion had taken a nice young lady and

turned her into an awesome eight hundred foot tall goddess.

Over the course of the day she had shed inhibition after inhibition, realizing

the power and the pleasure of her brobdignagian body in a lilliputian world.

Now she ran across the countryside, crushing houses, trees, farms, with fine

impunity. For she had seen that the bay was not drained of its potency, and

realized that she wanted to share her newfound power. Her best friend Pam was a

brash young woman. Janice was sure she would leap at the opportunity to share

her friend's wonderous discovery.

Nor was she mistaken.

Janice thundered towards Pam's house, clearing entire hills with ease,

occasionally diverting her path to crush a house, a car, or a lone fleeing

little man under her pounding feet.

Suddenly she stopped.

She looked down, mildly astonished.

And laughed delightedly.

Pam's bright yellow 1976 Ford Pinto was unmistakable. A little yellow deathtrap

that Janice had always hated having to ride in. The car was parked on the top of

a little hill, and Pam was standing on the car's roof, wildly waving her little


Janice squatted down and held out her right hand for Pam, who leapt onto her

palm without hesitation, hauling a heavy duffle bag along with her. Then she

started shouting. But Janice shook her head, she couldn't understand a word and

there wasn't time to talk if she wanted to get Pam back to the Bay before

sunset. But there was time for one thing. With a mischievious grin Janice

reached out with her left hand for that wretched little car. Pam was looking

peeved, but was helpless as her gigantic friend closed her hand on the car and

crushed it in her fist. Opening her hand Janice admired the crushed and ruined

blob with approval, then cast it aside. On her palm, Pam stomped one tiny foot

and yelled at her. But Janice only smiled and stood up. Cupping her hands

together she raced back to the bay, this time taking no detours. Taking great

care with her precious passenger.

The sun was still an hour from setting when they reached the beach. Wading into

the water Janice located the bubbling spot, and stopped. She was a little afraid

of risking more contact with the stuff. Pam seemed to understand. and she threw

her dufflebag into the bay and dove in after it. Struggling with her clothing

and the bag, she swam into the strange water.

The transformation was swift.

Startling actually.

Once instant Pam was struggling in deep waters. The next she was climbing to her

feet, sputtering, water raining from her clothes. She pulled a jar out of the

dufflebag and filled it with the water, closed it and threw it in the bag. Then

she turned and stared at Janice who threw her arms open and laughed.

Suddenly they were in each other's arms, hugging tightly, both of them laughing

and talking at the same time.

Then Pam took a step back, and glanced up and down Janice's nude body. "I like

your outfit." she said.

Janice struck a pose and batted her eyes, "Do you really? It's all the rage for

women over a hundred feet tall." Then she noticed the dufflebag. "Did you bring


"Just some playthings." said Pam, "You're not feeling modest are you?"


"Oh hell, hang on." and Pam began to strip. Unbuttoning her blouse she took it

off and tossed it onto the beach. Her sneakers and jeans followed a moment

later, then her bra and panties. Naked and beautiful she combed her fingers

through her long brown hair and let Janice look at her.

Pam was a gorgeous sight. About the same height as Janice, with rich brown hair

that curled about her shoulders. Her eyes were a provokative black, her lips

full and red. She had a voluptuous body, full firm breasts only a little smaller

than Janice's imposing 42D's, a well kept, strong body. She worked out at the

health clubs more often than Janice. Her ass was an artist's dream, and her

snatch was black and lush; whereas Janice's was almost auburn and soft as down.

The women regarded each other silently. They were good friends, and had seen

each other naked before. But this was different. Something else was happening.

Then Pam giggled like a schoolgirl, breaking the spell. And stepping forward,

dragging the dufflebag, she took Janice by the arm. "Come on." she said, "Let's

talk." And together they waded out of the water and sat down on the ultrasoft

sand of the beach, their long legs stretched out before them, dipping their

barefeet in the tiny waves. And while the sun fell and evening settled into

night, Janice explained everything about the day: how she came for a relaxing

swim, the strange water, her confusion, and then her lust.

Pam nodded her head, and kept silent for the whole story. "Yeah," she said, when

Janice was done, "You made all the news stations. I'll bet the whole country

watched you having your way with the damned city." and she grinned evilly, "So

much for censorship, the news stations didn't cut a fucking thing. You really

went to town." And Janice blushed. "What?" Pam hooted, "You're not embarassed.

Girl, it's too late for that. Besides, I want you to show me all your tricks.

Especially that crushfest you had. You must have stepped on the News van, 'cause

the picture suddenly went black. The radio's carried it though. God, the screams

were awesome. You really scared the shit out of a lot of tiny people."

Janice looked up, "How did you know I would come looking for you?"

Pam sighed, "I didn't. I hoped, that was all. But when I heard that you were

heading my way I took a chance and floored Horsey all the way to that hill top."

Then she reached out and punched Janice in the arm, "You bitch! You fuckin'

broke my car!"

"Uh huh." said Janice and smiled wickedly. Pam giggled and lay back on the

ground. Her head resting in the parking lot. The little lights shining about her

face. Janice also laid down, on her side, her elbow on the ground, her head

resting on her hand.

Pam sighed, "God, we are going to bust this place up tomorrow."

"Why wait? Are you tired?"

Pam raised her head, "No way. Hey, you wanna do a night raid on that abused

little city of yours?"


They didn't need prompting, they got up, and following the coast, headed towards

the bright lights.

Towards the city...

* * * * * *

It was a beautiful night. The moon was nearly full, the sky was clear, and a

restful breeze wafted in from the ocean. Hand in hand Janice and Pam sauntered

along one of the eight lane arterials into the city. Not so much for the

guidence, but because the little lights illuminated the things they were

stepping on. Janice was surprised, there was still a suprising amount of

activity, traffic and the like, despite the terrible destruction she had wrought

earlier. Pam tried to explain the logistics of large scale evacuations, the

impossibility of sustaining groups of people numbering in the millions away from

the cities.

"Oh, they'll evacuate the cities", said Pam "whenever they figure out where

we're headed. But even when they succeed, which won't be often, the people won't

be able to go far. They'll just be a little more spread out.

"I am worried about two things. We can't live on a diet of little people

forever. And sooner or later someone is going to think to send the military

after us."

Janice gasped, "They'll kill us."

"Nah." said Pam, "Look, get a few things straight. It's physically impossible

for us to be this size; to even get to be this size. And even when you grant

that we are this size, you didn't even so much as break a fingernail during your

reign of terror in this toy-sized burg. Something weird is happening, almost

magical. I don't think we have to worry about the military knocking us off. But

we do have to worry about them wiping out the local populations as they attempt

to knock us off.

"In fact" she smirked "I'm kinda looking forward to playing war with a real

toy-sized army." And she stomped on a semi truck for emphasis.

Janice stopped, and Pam, still holding her hand stopped and looked at her, then

looked around. They were on the verges of the city.

It was a pretty sight.

The buildings (those that remained) glowing bravely in the night. The countless

diminuative street lights, which didn't even reach to the ankles of the girls,

cast bright little patches of radiance, looking like yellow rivers converging on

the city. And along those rivers rode tiny red and white lights. Mostly white.

It seemed they had been anticipated, but too late.

"See" said Pam, "They're all jammed up. And if we busted up all the big roads

out of the city, nothing would move."

"I get it." answered Janice, "Now watch. In order to avoid getting crunched in

their cars, most of the people are going to get out and run back into the city.

In a few minutes we're going to have another good-sized mob."

Which was pretty much the way it went, though Janice carefully stepped on one or

two of the cars whose occupants had not fled to better urge on the others. Pam

watched this deliberate herding of tiny people with a growing appreciation.

Janice had been considerably changed by her experiance. After about twenty

minutes, they were a quarter mile further into the city, and following an

impressive crowd of people.

Pam stared fascinated at the tiny screaming mob. There were so many of them, and

they were so small. With avarice in her eyes Janice took a step towards them and

raised her right foot.

"No! Wait!", Pam cried and Janice stopped, andglanced at her in surprise. "I

want to watch." said Pam, and she fell to her knees, placing her head near to

the ground.

Janice giggled, and lowered her barefoot. Her heel struck the road first,

cracking it, squashing several people instantly. Pam watched breathlessly as

Janice lowered her foot further, casting a dark shadow over her victims. Her

high arch spared some people for a moment. Pam saw tiny people running, falling,

some held up their arms, as though their puny strength could suffice to ward off

the incalculable weight of Janice's foot. Those under the ball of her foot were

squashed without mercy, as were those under her great toes.

Then Janice leaned forward onto her foot, which spread a little to take her

weight. The road bed bucked and cracked, Janice's foot sank into it like soft

dirt. Little squirts of crimson and gore rayed outwards from her foot, and tiny

mashed bodies oozed up slowly between her long lovely toes. Then Janice lifted

up onto the ball of her foot, tiny bodies and grease-spots stuck to her heel or

lay mashed in the bottom of her footprint. Lazily she twisted her foot from side

to side, grinding the remains of her victims into paste.

Pam stood up slowly, her face filled with awe. "My god, Janice." she whispered,

"That's fuckin' fantastic. Can I try?"

Janice laughed, "Can I watch?"

Pam nodded her, still a bit dazed. She looked down at the thronging helpless

mob, and slowly raised her right foot. Then she hesitated.

These weren't bugs.

They were people.

Real, honest to god, everyday people. And she had been one of them just an hour

or so ago. She stared at them, wondering what it was like looking up at eight

hundred feet of woman. Looking up at her foot. She sensed the gut wrenching

terror that they must be feeling. After all why should she be any more merciful

than Janice?

Why indeed?

She had made her choice. She wanted this. She wanted to be a goddess. And bet

that despite their promised fate, there were more than a few miniature hard-ons

in that crowd. She was an achingly beautiful woman, and this was her initiation.

She grinned at Janice, who was waiting for her to start, and looking down,

slowly lowered her foot; carefully, gently, as softly as she was able, until she

felt the first tickles. It was hard, holding this pose, balanced on her left

foot. But Pam held on a moment longer, then slowly and cruelly pressed down.

For a moment, the pressure built, as scores of tiny bodies resisted the mounting

pressure of her colossal barefoot. Then suddenly, with little pops and crunches,

her foot settled lower, crushing the little people into goosh. Pam felt the

street crack and sink as she crushed it too, then the gory remains under her

feet squirted out and rose between her toes like warm mud. Between her big and

second toe, one tiny man who had somehow survived, was washed into view by the

grim tide. Pam felt no pity for him. Blowing him a little kiss, and clenching

her shapely toes together, she burst him like a grape.

Janice clapped her hands and laughed. Pam laughed too, and reaching out again

with her barefoot, stepped on some more, slowly dragging her foot back, leaving

a gory trail of squashed little bodies.

With sexual excitment flashing in her eyes Pam turned back to Janice. "Show me

the city." she said. Janice got up and they went deeping into the forest of


They made up games: Who Could Cover the Most Cars with a Single Step, Who Could

Flush the Most People Out of a Building, and a real heart stopper for the

besieged city -- Tag.

Janice slapped Pam on the butt, and took off yelling "You're it!" Pam stood

still for a moment in shock, then with a whoop took off after her. Cars, buses,

people, and houses exploded under their great feet, but they didn't give a fuck.

That was the game: being a giantess meant not worrying about what or who got in

your way, in fact it meant delighting in what and who got in your way. Once, Pam

thrust her entire arm through a building to tag Janice. Janice chased Pam and

tackled, her smashing a full city block. The two gargantuan women darted, hid

behind buildings, and ambushed at intersections.

They had a blast.

Pam stopped. "Hey Janice!" she shouted, "Come're!."

"What?" said Janice, walking around a building, "Oh..."

There, suspended nearly sixty stories above the ground, were two tiny window

washers. Working in one of those bench-like things descending from cables hung

from the top of the building. God alone knew what the two halt-inch tall men

were doing at that hour. But there they were.

Pam bent over till her face was mere inches (to her) away from the cowering

little workers. "GENTLEMEN," she said, delighting in their terror at the volume


GIRLS?" and she and Janice giggled wickedly.

"COME ON GUYS." Pam leered, "DON'T YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?" and cupping her hands

under her breasts she thrust them forward, so all the two tiny men could see

were her titanic tits, they cowered down against the bench, hiding from Pam's

lusty gaze.

"HEY, ME TOO." said Janice, and the two women crowded their awesome breasts

around the terrified little men. "WHICH ARE BETTER, MINE OR PAM'S?" But the men,

though they could not take their eyes off the giantesses, made no move.

Pam humphed, "GEE, GUYS, NOTHING TO SAY?" she tilted her head and smiled coyly,

"HERE, TAKE A CLOSER LOOK!" and she pressed her right breast forward until her

nipple brushed the tiny bench, rocking it wildly. Janice giggled.

Using her erect nipple, which was enormous, Pam lifted the tiny bench, then







swatted the bench with her nipple again.




IF YOU PLAY WITH US." and she jiggled her tits slightly, slamming the bench from

side to side.

Suddenly one of the tiny men leapt from the bench, maybe he meant to dash

himself to bits on the streets far below, but he landed on Pam's nipple and

clung to it tightly.

"OHHHHHHH" moaned Pam, and she turned to Janice, "HE'S GOT A GOOD GRIP FOR SUCH

A PEA-SIZED LITTLE MAN." and closing her eyes she undulated and stretched, her

great breasts swaying slowly from side to side, which only made the terrified

man wrap his arms and legs tighter. Janice stared at him, hanging there from her

friend's lovely bare breast. She was getting aroused watching Pam get aroused.

Suddenly, on an impulse Janice bent her head and engulfed Pam's nipple, tiny man

and all, in her hot humid mouth. Pam's eyes snapped open and she gasped, then a

long lazy smile spread across her face, and she pushed her breast up into

Janice's face. Janice growled and nipped at Pam's nipple, then massaged it with

her tongue.

When she raised her head she held the tiny man between her lips. Pam stared at

her friend for a long moment, the tip of her tongue poked out and rolled along

her upper lip. Slowly she leaned forward, their eyes met and locked, Pam opened

her mouth slightly and they kissed. Their breasts were warm and pliant upon each

other, their bodies were electric with excitment. The girls passed the tiny man

between their mouths like gum, wrestling over him with their tongues. His

shrieks of bottomless horror only raised their ardor higher. Now growling they

began fighting playfully over their little morsal.

Alas, the game became a bit too rough.

Their little playmate was torn in two.

Pam and Janice, their eyes still locked, slowly chewed their pieces and

swallowed. Then, hesitatingly Pam reached out and gently cupped Janice's breasts

in her hands. Janice sighed and placed her own hands atop Pam's and pressed them

into her warm flesh. For a while they quietly fondled each other, exploring each

other's bodies. Pam whispered, "This is extraordinary." and Janice smiled and

said, "We're extraordinary." Then glancing at the building Janice laughed. Pam

followed her gaze.

The other little man was still cowering in his bench. Janice reached out and

plucked him from there between her fingers. Holding him up she asked, "WHAT DO

YOU WANT TO DO WITH HIM?" Pam looked down on him sweetly, "I WANT HIM INSIDE OF

ME." she leaned down, her breath washing over him like a furnace, "I WANT TO

SWALLOW HIM ALIVE WITH MY HAIRY CUNT." she paused and licked her lips slowly,


Her unabashed lust for him unmanned her tiny victim utterly, and he screamed and

howled and struggled vainly between Janice's fingers.

Janice smiled evily and both girls dropped to their knees, then Pam sat back and

spread her legs, while Janice hunched forward. Pam's cunt was forested in lush

black hair, carefully trimmed and neat. Her vulva was swollen with desire, and

with her fingers Pam spread and distended her lips, which glistened wetly in the

city lights.

"OH MY" said Janice conversationaly to the little man, "PAM CERTAINLY LOOKS



Pam spread her labia with her fingers, reveling her mighty vagina. And Janice

placed the little man near to it, her face itself, now only inches from Pam's




YOU." and she placed him between the folds of Pam's labia, against her vagina,

and with her forefinger pushed him in to about his waist.




"CAN YOU SUCK HIM INSIDE?" asked Janice.


Janice looked down just in time to see Pam's vagina undulate, pushing the

screaming little man out a little, then drawing him in to his armpits. Leaning

down some more Janice laughed at his plight. "OH DEAR, LITTLE MAN, YOU REALLY




The little man pried vainly at the puckered flush of Pam's huge vagina, and she

moaned and lolled her head back. Then her body tensed, the tiny man moved out,

then in up to his neck. One arm trapped inside of Pam's body, the other she used

to scoop away the clinging creams of her sexual lust. All the while writhing and

choking and shrieking for mercy.



And as if on cue, Pam tensed again, the tiny man pushed out, Janice leaned

forward, gave him a quick kiss and said, "GOODBYE." And with a little slurp Pam

engulfed him whole, drawing him into herself with ease.

Pam began to groan, holding her breasts she pinched and pulled her nipples. Her

body glowed with the exertion of her arousal. Janice watched for a moment, then

dipped her face into her friend's cunt and lapped at her clitoris.

Inside her cunt the tiny man writhed wildly, trying to get back out. Unaware

that his exertions were registering with his giant captor. Unaware how she

focused on them, pleasured in them. Suddenly the hot wet flesh convulsed,

squeezing him from every direction...relaxed...squeezed again, harder. The next

contraction was his last.

Pam screamed, her right arm flailed about, her hand questing, found a bus and

crumpled it up like tinfoil. Her thighs gripped Janice's head and her hips

bucked as she rode the rising tide of her orgasm. Held there against her cunt,

Janice heard the tiny squeek and liquid crunch that signaled Pam's vagina

crushing its tiny occupant to pudding. When she started back down from her high

Janice nibbled lightly at Pam's clit, and sent her rocketing back, her vagina

further pulping her tiny man. Then, extricating her head Janice plunged her

first two fingers into Pam's sopping cunt. Finding the limp little body she

ground it into paste, rubbing it against back and forth, fucking Pam with it.

Scooping out the horribly mangled remains Janice climbed up and straddled Pam

with her legs, and showed her the remains of her passion. Pam looked at the

gooey remains of the little man, her body still tingly with the power of the

orgasm that had crushed him so completely. Looking into Janice's eyes she opened

her mouth. Janice grinned and stuck her fingers into Pam's mouth. Pam wrapped

her lips around Janice's two fingers, and Janice slowly withdraw her them,

glistening with saliva, but clean. Then Janice laid upon Pam, and they kissed

again, sharing the little morsal between them, luxeriating in the afterglow of

their ardor.



They fell asleep in their embrace.

In a full day of carange between two giantesses, almost half a million people

had been crushed or eaten. That left nearly three million remaining, and many of

the roads from the city were demolished. Janice and Pam slept without

interruption, but not without visitors. A few tiny men, drawn to their awesome

splendor, despite their gut twisting fear, dared approach the colossal girls.

It was a mistake.

Janice skooched over in her sleep to get more comfortable, unknowingly crushing

several little men under her shifting weight. One unlucky little voyeur was

trapped under her soft mons. He pointless little attempts to get free impinged

his presence on Janice's dreams, and with a little coo of pleasure she ground

him to mush under her pussy. After that no one bothered the girls...

When morning came, Pam and Janice awoke.

Feeling refreshed.

And hungry.

And horny.

Once more the city reeled in panic....

* * * * *

It was an orgy.

Two colossal women, and a cast of millions.

Set against the backdrop of a miniature city.

"CATCH!" laughed Pam, and Janice opened her mouth and snapped the little man out

of midair. She tossed another one back, but Pam missed, and he fell shrieking

over her left shoulder. They experimented with ways of punishing their little

man pets.

Janice set one between each of her toes and curled them slowly till her tiny

playmates popped like grapes. Pam pursued single individuals through the city,

herding them, terrifying them until stepping on them. Janice made some little

men form a line. Then she described what she was going to do to them. One tiny

man made a vain dash for freedom, but Janice's fist landed on him like a bomb,

splattering him. Pam tried to see how many little men she could insert into her

vagina without crushing them (or orgasming, which ended up being the same

thing). Janice found the she could insinuate the legs of a tiny man under the

hood over her clitoris and hold him there, driven to destraction by the

wonderful sensations. The girls experimented with tribadism and tried with

little success to pass tiny men between their cunts, squealing with delight as

each one was ground to mush between their colossals vulvas. They crushed their

victims between their breasts, smothered them, smeared them, used them like

lubricating jelly. They crushed hundreds under their enormous bodies whenever

they made love, or carelessly demolished buildings.

It took two days and a night, but in the end they reduced the city to rubble.

Knocked over every building, stepped on every house, crushed hundreds of

thousands of cars and people. It was hard work, but their giantess bodies

confired upon them giantess appetites and giantess endurance. They were

nymphomaniacs with the power to do as they pleased. And when the city was gone,

they were ready to move on and begin anew.

Janice wanted to impose herself on the ships in the bay, and play with some of

the suspension bridges. Pam wanted to head inland where she believed an army was

building. They argued about it for awhile, then sought out a tiny man and made

him decide. He chose for Pam, and Janice crushed him under her barefoot. But

then Pam went and got the dufflebag that she had brought, and pulled out a pair

of five inch high stilleto heeled open toe sandles, and a pair of thigh high

black leather boots with leather laces and four inch high heels. Another

diminutive little man was chosen, and Janice took the boots. With a snarl Pam

squashed the little man in her fist. There were other items in the bag, but

except for a ankle braclette for Pam, this satified them for the moment.

Janice sat down and pulled on each boot. The leather smelled rich and warm in

the summer sun, it hugged her legs nicely and her feet were snug in the boots.

She laced them and stood back up, the very image of a goddess: incredibly

gigantic, naked and gorgeous, booted from thigh to heel. Lifting her right foot

she stomped on a tiny car...left Swaying her

hips she danced, jiggling her tremendous breasts, rocking the earth with every

step. Pam laughed and clapped her hands in time, and tossed little cars for

Janice to trample. After a while Janice settled down, smiling, her hands idly

roaming over her body, the innumerable tiny playthings under her brobdingnagian

ass crushed and forgotten. She watched Pam.

Pam slipped into her sandles and pondered what she should do. She felt the power

in her stilletto heels and grinned with delight. The heel alone was more than

fifty feet tall, the sole of the shoe was about that wide and nearly eighty feet

long. Raising her foot she placed the tip of her heel on the flat roof of a

nearby building and pressed down. Her heel pierced it easily, sinking through

floor after floor with delicious smashing, crunching noises, until her foot

rested on the ground. People in the building saw her heel crashing through first

the ceiling, then the floor, widening as the base of her heel plunged down. She

glanced down with amusement, hands on her hips, admiring her work. Then raising

her foot a tiny bit, Pam lifted her toes, and grinned wickedly as the heel

exploded out the front of the building, raining ruin into the street below. She

stepped on the remains, grinding it to dust under the ball of her foot.

Both girls tested out their footwear, noticing that while sensation was

diminished, the crunching breaking noises of cars and buildings was much

improved. Also, where they had padded comparatively quietly in barefeet, the

shoes made deep loud crunching noises with every step. It was strange, they felt

more dangerous, which was a joke, and they laughed about it. Then they looked

around for some tiny men (who were finally becoming rather scarce). They found

one and convinced him to turn on a car radio full blast.

It confirmed Pam's suspicions.

There was an army east of the city.

Tanks, infanty, rockets. Everything that the little people could muster in a

desparate rush. Pam nodded her head and crushed the car in her hand, never

hearing the tiny scream from the little man inside. The girls confired. Janice

trusted Pam. Nothing could harm them. They would have their own way with an army

of little men.

"Like playing with dolls." Pam laughed.

They combed their hair with their fingers, brushed the dust from their footwear,

and checked each other out.

They looked good.


Gloriously naked and ready for more fun.

Thus, suitably unattired, the girls left the city.

Heading east.

* * * * *

Janice and Pam were in no hurry.

The fringes of the city gave way to suburbs, and they played a game, stepping

from house to house, first to miss one losing. There was the wonderous sensation

of striding through a forest, trees not even reaching halfway up their calves.

It was such a splendid experience that Pam took off her sandles for a while,

just to enjoy feeling whole trees crushed and broken under her lovely barefeet,

like flowers in a field.

Further away from the city they discovered farmhouses and barns, and toyed with

them a little, pulling their roofs off to look inside. Janice plucked a silo

from the ground and after some passionate wrestling, the girls declared it a

passable dildo.

A country-side winery was a delightful find. And while the great vats were small

by their standards, there was enough for them to get a few sips. When they left,

nothing remained of the place but broken ruins spread about the pits of their

gigantic footprints.

Then about forty miles out from the city, Pam stopped and directed Janice's

attention towards the horizon: Thousands upon thousands of infantry. Hundreds of

tanks and jeeps.

They had found their little army.

* * * * * *

Tim stared in awe.

The two women were almost five miles away.

But they were as clearly visible as if they were only twenty feet distant.

Naked and awesome they stood there, obviously measuring up the opposition, and

by the smiles and giggles, apparently not real impressed with it. The brunette

pointed at a line of infantry just ahead of his position, then she rubbed her

flat belly and licked her lips. Tim blanched as he realized what they were

insinuating. Command had not let slip any details about the two, but the media

was going nuts over them, and the rumors were unstoppable. But if their gigantic

size, their nudity, and demener did not betray their intentions, then the thigh

boots and high-heels clinched it. These girls were ready for fun. The blonde

must have been impatient, because she tugged at her friend's arm, and started

walking forward.

It was incredible.

The ground shook under their feet.

And as they approached, they grew larger, and larger, and larger, until Tim

wanted to start screaming in blind panic. Obviously someone in command felt the

same way, because all at once, every tank, battery and gun let loose at once.

* * * * *

It was like blowing sand.

Janice spread her arms wide, and let it carass her breasts.

Pam spread her legs wider, and laughed.




"UH, HUH."

* * * * *

Tim stared in shock as the gigantic women took everything that the army could

toss at them with casual ease. Then the blonde, Janice, took a step forward, and

stepped on a gun emplacement. Her booted foot sank deep into the ground, and

when she lifted in, nothing remained but metal scrap coated in gore. Meanwhile,

the other one, Pam, came towards Tim's position. He looked up and up, as she

reared over him. Her shapely legs were long tan towers reaching up to her auburn

furred cunt almost four hundred feet up. Her colossal vulva was swollen with

passion, and glistened about its enormous lips with her juices. Higher up her

titanic breasts hung vast and heavy, tipped with nipples the size of her thumb.

And higher still he looked.

Tim nearly fainted.

She was looking right at him.

Her black eyes nailed him to the ground like a bug.

He felt infinitely vulnerable under her gaze, and he shrieked and covered his

face. There was a rush of wind, the ground rocked, involuntarily he dropped his

hands and howled in terror as Pam's colossal fingers dipped down and plucked him

from his little trench.

* * * * * *

Pam examined her little catch.

The barrage continued, but she ignored it.

She poked at the half inch tall man with her finger, toyed with her mercilessly.

Then she had an inspiration. A delightfully nasty idea.

* * * * * *

Tim cowered under Pam's ungentle proddings.

He was too scared to even try to escape.

Then suddenly, the torture stopped.

At first he thought she was going to put him back onto the ground. But her hand

hesitated near her right foot. It was colossal, the heel was the height of a

building, the foot rode the steep arch to the ball of her foot. Her enormous

toes peeked out of the front of the sandle, which was red. As he watched, Pam

loosened the ankle strap, and raised her heel. Then she dropped him in the gap.

He slid down the steep ramp, until he collided with her soft wrinkled sole, far,

far below.

Her barefoot was everywhere, extending twenty some odd feet to either side and

rising over him like a cliff. Tim screamed and clawed at the sandle leather,

desperately trying to escape. The sandle rocked, and he sensed that she was

standing up. Then, slowly, horribly, her barefoot began to press down. The

pressure building, darkness falling as her foot shut out the light. The pressure

increased, then held. Tim struggled and writhed, unable to breath, unable to

scream. He couldn't believe it could get any worse.

Then her foot became a mountain.

He felt his guts gushing from his body.

There was a flash of lightning...

* * * * * *

Pam stood up.

Then she slowly pressed down with her foot. Reveling in the pathetic squirming

of her little victim. It felt delicious, the way he tickled the bottom of her

foot. But she wanted him to crunch for her, and she stepped fully down, lifting

her left foot off the ground. He squashed wonderfully, turning into a warm

creamy mess under the ball of her foot, that oozed down under her toes. She

wiggled her foot in it hoping he had apprecitated that she had to mess up her

fine sandles to squash him so nicely. Then she went to look for more playtoys,

forgetting about him, and with every step Pam, she took further reduced Tim to

gory mash under her long luscious toes.

Meanwhile, Janice had made up a different game. Going about the field she picked

up tiny men and stuck them into the thighband of her sexy boots. She made a ring

of them around each colossal thigh. The lucky ones (lucky by her reasoning)

being on her inner thigh, where they had a fantastic view of her awesome cunt.

Then she plucked up a little man, roughly stripped him using her long

fingernails, and thust him feet first into her vagina.

Feet spread, carelessly crushing men and machines, and hands on her hips, Janice

looked down between her legs and gave her tiny audience something to watch. The

little men screamed and struggled and watched in horror as Janice slowly

swallowed their companion. Her cream drenching him, her labia pressing against

him. He choked helplessly on her copius fluids, fought vainly against the

incessant sucking of her vagina. Janice disdainfully ignored his best efforts

and drew him into her body.

Closing her eyes she concentrated on her tiny dildo.

It wasn't a big orgasm.

It was big enough.

Her cunt convulsed, and her captive audience heard the final shriek and the

popping crunch of their companion. Reaching between her legs Janice ejected her

latest victim into the palm of her hand, and showed his crushed and mangled body

to her little guests. Then she dropped it onto the ground and stepped on it. And

without moving her foot said sweetly, "OOOOH, HE FELT NICE. BUT I GUESS HE


ANOTHER. ANY VOLUNTEERS?" and she laughed and reached out for another little


Suddenly Janice felt Pam's arms around her.

Pam's thigh slipped between her legs, and Janice coo'ed at the delightful

sensation of the tiny men being crushed between them. Turning around Janice

smiled and hugged Pam. Together they laid down on the ground, laughing with joy,

rolling like children. Thousands were caught under the ground shaking crush of

their bodies. They never noticed when the barrage stopped, when the sea of men

dissolved into panic, fleeing for their lives.

Then Pam stopped their roll.

She reached over and unlaced Janice's boots, scraping the remains of the little

men off her thighs. Then Janice removed Pam's sandles, and snatching a little

man, mischieviously inserted him between two of Pam's toes. Pam giggled, and

holding her foot up so Janice could watch, slowly curled her toes until the

little man burst. Janice stared intensly for a moment, then leaned forward and

took Pam's toes in her mouth. Pam squirmed while Janice's tongue worked. And

when Janice leaned back, she licked her lips slowly. Pam's toes were wet with

saliva, and clean.

Pam leaned forward, and pressed Janice back onto the ground, then stood up.

Using her heel, she gouged a deep pit into the ground. Then she went and

gathered as many little soldiers as she could (which was a lot), and piled them

into the hole. Finally done, she knelt down on Janice, straddling her hips with

her tan thighs.

Reaching into the hole Pam lifted out a tiny man, she ungently ripped his

clothes off with her finger nails, and plopped him whole and wriggling into her

mouth. Then she laid down across Janice, who opened her mouth in anticipation.

They kissed long and hard, wrestling over their shared morsal with their

tongues. The faintly heard screams of their helpless victim sending little

shocks of pleasure into their loins. Finally, Pam sat up, and watched, aroused

as Janice swallowed the little man whole.

This time Pam took a handful of men, sprinkling them onto Janice's enormous

42D's, then she settled down again, laying her own enormous mounds atop them

all. Gazing into each others eyes the girls slowly ground their breasts

together. Their great nipples crushing any unfortunate that got in their way.

And every squashed man added warm lubrication, increasing the pleasure. Sending

delicious sensations through their nipples. When Pam sat up, both girls were

panting with exertion, their tits were smeared with the remains of scores of

smushed little men.

Another handful.

Pam leaned back. Janice pulled her right leg out from under her friend and laid

it across Pam's left leg. Both girls watched intently as Pam poured dozens of

tiny men between their crotches. Slowly the two mammoth cunts closed together,

trapping little men between their titanic vulva's, between the hot moist folds

in their labia's, tangled in great coarse pubic hairs. One man squirmed madly

under Janice's clit and she lolled her head back and moaned with pleasure.

The two enormous cunts pressed tightly together, most of those that weren't

simply crushed to paste, were drowned in the gushing flow of their mingled

juices. Janice's little masturbator had the fine pleasure of being horribly

squashed between the girl's gigantic clits.

The warm gory mess made everything slippery, heightened every feeling. Their

tribadism grew more intense. The delightful bursting sensations diminished. Pam

violently crammed two more handfuls between her and Janice. The wanted to orgasm

together, to cum on the crushed bodies of their little victims. The girls began

to whimper, to moan, they sweated with the effort.

Then Pam backed off.

Janice stared with glazed eyes.

Pam was having difficulty focusing, too.

But she grabbed two more little men.

One she stuck in her mouth, and the other in Janice's.

Then Pam turned and sat on Janice's face, and dove, herself, for Janices lovely

cunt. With difficulty, both girls inserted their little men, then began

feasting. Their great hairy cunts swallowed their victims with one terrible

gulp. Powerful vaginal muscles gripped their miniature prey. Tongues worked


The passion mounted.



With a shriek Pam orgasmed. Her cunt squashed it's little tidbit without mercy.

Janice groaned and yelled and turned her own little guest into goosh. Then they

orgasmed again. And again. Their mighty vaginas chewing the little men, crushing

and squashing them. They probed each others cunts with their fingers, further

mashing their victims beyond recognition.

Rolling off Janice, Pam turned around, and the girls fed each other. Then

embraced and kissed somemore. It had been a long day. Night fell, and they


In the morning they played some more, until only a few dozen little men

remained. Pam thought for a moment, then prompted by an urge, shared an idea

with Janice. Giggling like schoolgirls they squatted over the little hole.


"YAH" laughed Janice, "WE HAD FUN."







And suddenly both girls let loose a stream of piss. The streams crashed into the

hole, tossing tiny men everywhere, spinning them in the rising liquid. The girls

watched the men drown then stood up.

"Now we go to the harbor, right?" said Janice.

Pam glanced at Janice, then at herself. "I guess we need a bath."

"Yah. And I have this idea for the bridges..."

Together they left the scene of their tremendous orgy.

Heading west...

The end...again...(for now)

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