Giantess Stories: This story is a sequel to a story called

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This story is a sequel to a story

called "Toy!" An excellent story that I feel fell short of a satisfactory

ending. Author of "Toy!" is unknown. I cannot recall where it came from, so, in

order not to create another furore, here we go...a sequel to "Toy!" If anybody

has not read the story to which this is appended, then do write and request it.

Another Toy

"I had never been so enraptured. I was no more than a tiny plaything for her,

yet I loved being her toy. I was her pet, and like most pets, adored my mistress

with utter dedication and trust. She could do anything she wanted with me and I

never do anything but love her and let her use me anyway she desired. I was hers

completely, and loved it!

That was the final paragraph of that person's letter. Now we shall continue in

the third person:

But that pleasure was not to last. That beautiful girl loved to experiment with

her real-live doll. She pee'd into a wide shallow bowl oblong-shaped. Lowered

him into the still-warm, golden liquid and watched delightedly as he swam

frantically, pushing him under the surface playfully with her index- finger and

giggling as he surfaced coughing and spluttering. She teased him unmercifully by

thrusting his head into her hairy armpit, almost crushing and smothering him by

bringing her upper-arm tight to her side; but the worst ordeal was when she

decided to insert him into that other orifice...the aperture in the epicentre of

her buttocks.

First, she coated him with copious amounts of saliva, spitting on him until he

was well-lubricated, then she took him down between her thighs which she had

drawn up towards her breasts. He squealed and howled with terror as she pressed

his head against the tightly-pinched anus until it gradually gave way.

His terror must have been horrendous as he guessed her foul intention.

His squeals then died out when his head squeezed into the clenching, rubbery

hiatus, her sphincter closed possessively around his neck, then, with extra

effort, she rammed him in further, his shoulders squeezed in and then it was

easier until his hips met the anal mouth. She spat more saliva onto her fingers

and coated him more liberally, and then gave the final shove. He slid deeper

into her rectum until his head sank into a thick, cloying mass of excreta.

Air was now non-existent and as he struggled to breathe only her **** entered

his mouth and nostrils. He fought like mad to extricate himself, but all to no


She lay on her back, her knees still bent and raised. Her other hand was busy

playing with her labia and aroused clitoris. Her passion rose to new heights as

her delving fingers felt his squirming body through the membrane separating her

vagina and the rectum that gripped him tightly. Her clit. was regally erect

standing proud like a tiny male penis. Sweat covered her naked body with a

scintillating sheen. Her tongue slithered out from between her full lips to wet

them as she approached that climatic peak, her nipples hardened like flinty

stone and the room was filled with her ecstatic gasps.

At last, the crashing waves of mental and physical passion subsided with deep,

throaty grunts. She relaxed in a euphoric, hedonistic state of bliss, allowing

her long legs to straighten out and flop agape on her bed.

A peaceful slumber came over her. At the entrance to her rectum there was

nothing to be seen. No sign of the miniaturised man she had committed to her

anus, sending him to his doom.

After an hour of sensual dreams she arose from her bed and slowly made her way

to the bathroom. She sat on the lavatory-seat. A low sigh came from her as she

released her bladder, a grunt followed as she relaxed her rectum. A feeling of

gratification spread through her as the lifeless body slowly emerged. She could

feel every millimetre of its movement rubbing against the sensitive walls of her

fundamental canal. It created exquisite sensations as it slid from her and

caused her clit. to arouse from its enclosure. She smiled with her eyes gently

closed as the human form slithered from her and fell with a dull splash into the

pool of discoloured water below.

She paused awhile to allow the remainder of her bowel content to plummet onto

the corpse. Then she used the tissues beside her and let the paper drop. Without

a glance at her befouled erstwhile pet, she pushed the lever and flushed it all

away without an iota of conscience or pity.

The prestigious night club was always busy. The 'young things flocked there from

far and wide to enjoy the throbbing, thrilling ambience, to see girls and boys,

to flirt, cavort and flaunt themselves in the most daring , flamboyant outfits.

The boys trying to act casual but outwardly shewing their new- found masculinity

like proud peacocks, the girls dolled-up to outdo others, to tease and provoke

with daringly short skirts, skin-tight ski-pants and eye-catching décolletages

shewing as much as possible of young, vibrant breasts.

Jack looked at one to another finding it difficult to decide which girl outshone

the other. Girls of all kinds were there...slender, slim, plump, short, tall,

white and black. Any of them were sexually desirable, but all of them were so

difficult to approach. Many were with their boyfriends, some with their

girlfriends, and others in tight groups. No chaps wanted to feel the shame and

embarrassment of being rejected and laughed at. If only there was a girl on her


Then, later in the evening when all seemed lost, he spotted her. A tall,

gorgeous blonde with a fabulous figure.... and she was alone! He gazed at her

admiringly as she demurely sipped a Bicardi and Coke. He had to make sure she

was not accompanied by some wretched fellow or another girl.

His heart began to thump steadily as stepped towards her, noticing how her

lovely legs went on for ever, her thighs fringed by a micro-mini skirt, her

breasts jutting arrogantly from her chest. He felt he didn't have a chance in

hell but felt reckless, and if he received a contemptuous glance, a rebuff, then

he'd leave this place frustrated and alone.

Then everything went so fast. With his heart throbbing like the music thumping

from the giant speakers, she gave him a smile. Not the typical English smile

that froze and disappears in a flash. No, it lingered, held him, assessed him,

sized him up. Confidence welled up in his chest as he told himself to act cool,

casual and nonchalant. It was what these girls liked.

"Can I buy you another and join you?" he asked nervously but hearing his

inner-voice say what fabu- lous tits she had. Her second smile gave him a

positive reply. He had to shout above the noise to order what she was drinking

and a stiff whisky for himself. They could hardly converse with the deafening

music but it was her eyes and lips that assured him that she was definitely


"You're alone, then?" he shouted.

"Well, I was!" she replied and gave him a wider smile. His pulse almost went

into overdrive at the sight of her pearly-whites and a strange thrill ran

through him for some unknown reason. He could hardly contain himself when she

offered to buy the next round. His fervent prayers had been answered... so far,


It was in the early hours when they emerged from the flashing lights, pounding

music and the close-packed night club. Other revellers were also drifting out in

two's and in small groups. The bouncers were more alert than ever for trouble

stemmed by alcohol and possible drugs. Jack and his fabulous partner walked

along the fairly deserted street. Suddenly she turned to him, caught his head

between her hands and, to his amazement and joy, pressed her lips on his. It was

a thrill of a lifetime for him, being kissed by the most beautiful girl he'd

ever met - a girl he would readily die for...perfect in every way. She stood the

same height as himself so there was no need to bend or stretch. He felt his

loins tingle as her breasts pressed against his chest - through her scanty

covering and his thin, cotton shirt. He auto- matically put his hands behind her

and placed his palms on her very firm but resilient buttocks, all eliciting the

awakening of his manhood tightly enclosed beneath his under-pants and trousers.

She held him firmly and he felt his senses swimming in a kind of vortex when he

felt her tongue dart into his mouth; but then something odd was happening. It

took time for him to register because of his hedonistic state of mind; and then

he realised. That gorgeous creature, that beautiful sexy female was growing, not her, but himself!

Jack felt the huge firm hand wrap around his miniaturised body. He stared up

seeing her long, long legs soaring up like gigantic columns, her massive thighs

and the dark gusset high above bisecting those great thighs. Then he was

travelling upwards and in the next instance, thrust into the dark confines of

her shoulder-bag, bent almost double - a manikin, the size of a barbie-doll or

rather, an action-man.

His cries and shouts were unheard as the blonde took him to her address in her

low coupé sports car.

Believing he was halucinating or having a very weird dream, Jack, now in the

girl's bedroom, was stripped of his clothes. He tried to protest wildly as she

ripped off his snazzy shirt and trousers, shoes, socks and underpants, but his

cries froze on his lips when he saw her divesting herself.

Amazed, awestruck he watched that skirt fall to her feet revealing her

scantily-clad loins. Her flimsy top and equally exiguous bra came next, and then

to his ambiguous emotions, she thumbed that final garment down her thighs and

off each foot.

She stood posing for a moment displaying her magnificent nakedness like a

colossal nude stature, reminding him of that huge sculpture of Apollo at the

Victoria and Albert museum in London.

She was awesome, and with mixed feelings, Jack gazed up at her sensing his

libido reacting at the size of her powerful breasts, her captivating torso, the

troubling sight of her mons and the exquisite beauty of her buttocks. He looked

at her gently undulated belly and again at her pubic hair blossoming out below

the sweep of her abdomen and at the bifurcation of her immense thighs. Never

could a man be so terribly confused - a man only only about 8" tall confronted

by a giantess. What use could a man be to such an enormous female?

She laid him on her bed and, turning about to reveal the full panorama of her

behind, sat herself beside him causing him to roll into the deep depression made

by her weight on the mattress. She picked him up and took him to her lips. He

shuddered at the sight of her huge mouth and the twin apertures of her nostrils.

When her lips parted he gasped at the sight of her huge, pearly-white glistening

teeth and equally frightening tongue. It all had that terribly ominous


He cringed when she extended her tongue and he wimpered as the thick tip began

lapping him from his crotch, up his front to his chin giving him the fearful

view of her mouth. She licked him several times to get the flavour of his salty

skin, then she licked his face as if he were a lollipop, covering him with her

thick, slimy saliva.

He felt fear grip his heart seeing the awesome upper teeth and the immense

cavern beyond, that long tongue stretching before his eyes and sweeping down in

a sharp incline down her throat...a dark, sinister tunnel...a black hole leading

to where there could be no possible escape.

Jack was terrified. She could so easily bite his head off, suck on it like a

boiled sweet, then possibly chew it up and then....

She was gripping him by his torso leaving his arms free, but they were virtually

useless; and then more terror was added to his already frantic state when he

found himself being carried down over the great hillocks of her breasts. For

just a brief moment he marvelled at their beauty, a fantasy most men might have

manifesting itself to reality, but such reality was something else. He saw the

undullating plain of her belly pass by, the pit of her navel and thence to the

bush of fair pubic hair. He gaped at the fearsome plumpness of her mauvish labia

and the fleshy cleft of her vulva, his nerves all a'jangling by its enormity and

the horror of what could transpire to a man no bigger that a fully-grown male's


There was little doubt in his mind where he was heading. No matter how beautiful

and sexy the girl, the sight of her pudenda repelled him. It was, in essence,

ugly and quite repulsive. Her grip tightened significantly and he looked

frantically at each side of him seeing the high plains of creamy-white thighs

and when looking up over the surmounting bush of blondish hair he saw the

sloping rise of her stomach and then he turned his eyes back to that awesome

cleft, now conscious of that strong, intimate aroma emminating from it.

Suddenly, without warning, his head was pressing against the firm, spongy labia.

His fear was about to come about. She ruthlessly pushed him hard to the

perpendicular crack until the fleshy portals gave way. He raised his hands

against the resilient lips using all his puny strength, but it was to no avail.

He screamed as his head slipped into the welcoming embrace and his cries became

silent as the slimy walls of her vagina closed in and gathered him greedily.

A powerful, overwhelming aroma filled his senses. He couldn't see anything, hear

anything. He found a slimy substance enetering his nostrils and mouth but it was

tasteless. No one can adequately describe his state of mind as he was thrust

deeper and deeper, and as he went her vagina gripped him passionate- ly.

For an age he was then pumped in and out of her vagina, slow at times, then fast

then slow again, the girl using him callously to achieve an orgasm. He fully

expected to find a thin curtain of membrane through which he'd be thrust, but

there was no hymen. He realised that he had not been the first to be used as a

dildo. His head was shoved brutally into her uterus, a vacant organ in which he

gasped for possible air, but instead he took in mouthfuls of viscid fluid which

he was obliged, forced to swallow.

His whole body felt as if it were being crushed each time the young lady thrust

him inside, and then, to his blessed relief, the movements stopped. But his

relief was shortlived. Panic spread as he was left there in her vagina as she

bucked and jerked, gasped and stiffened as that sought-after orgasm struck.

Jack prayed with his last breath to be extracted, not wanting to die in a girl's

sexual passage.

His prayer was answered when he felt himself slipping out, his body smeared

liberally with her intimate fluids.

She picked him up from between her sweat-coated thighs and took him up to look

at him with a satisfied smile, then she began licking her own ejaculatory fluid

from him, uttering low moans of pleasure. Fortunately, she licked him gently.

Any harder and she could so easily lick his skin away, just like a tigress or

lioness does its prey.

Jack found himself being used again and again for her carnal pursuits, exacting

every bit of pleasure by him. She often licked his genitals bringing his tiny

penis to an erection then sucking him until he ejaculated. The blonde giantess

did everything imaginable to satisfy and amuse herself. She also tor- mented him

by burying his head in her armpits almost suffocating him, telling him to lick

the bitter sweat until she could no longer smell the body odour. She rammed her

nipples into his mouth almost splitting his lips. She took him on occasions to

the bathroom and held him beneath her as she urinated giving him that classic

'golden shower'; but the worst of all his ordeals to date was when she

introduced him to her anus....

It all started when, after relieving herself, she found no lavatory-paper, so,

perversely, she forced him to lick her clean.

"You know, little man," she said, her voice booming in the tiled room, "I've

never tried this before. It's nice feeling your tiny tongue running over my

bumhole." Jack could give no reply. The intermittent tight squeezes compelled

him to do his frightful chore, running his tongue over the crinkled surround of

her dirty anus, yet another grotesque part of an otherwise beautiful girl. As a

consequence of her pleasure from his tongue, the disagreeble process took a long

time - well after he had cleaned her. The sensation was so thrilling for her

that she suddenly had the desire to insert him into her rectum, an act he had


Her first act was to force him into the tight aperture feet-first. She uttered

sensuous moans as she pushed him in as far as his armpits. She sighed and

grunted as she felt his futile struggles. She allowed him to ease himself out,

and then, as he reached his knees, callously returned him into the more tighter

canal of her rectum, becoming quite ecstatic as he struggled anew. Then, while

feeling particularly per- verse, she cruelly thrust him head-first into that

tight confinement until only his feet remained outside her anus.

Jack thought his last moment had arrived. His head immersed in the foul matter

of her bowel. The air, what there was, was putrid and he thought that was where

he'd succumb, an even worse place to die; but she gauged it perfectly, drawing

him out gasping fitfully and at the point of no return.

One of these days, he thought morosely, she'll go too far. She'll either be

drunk with her selfish passion, and so carried away she'll leave me in her

alimentary canal...up her bum, or maybe her vagina, or perhaps break my neck as

she fervently pumps me like a dildo just to get her kicks which she does now

every night.... He wished and wished that she would bring him back to his normal

size. Perhaps she would consent to proper sex. It would be marvellous making

love with such a gorgeous girl....

The time came when, as with most young girls of her type, she decided she'd had

enough of him. She became bored with her latest 'toy' and wanted a new one. Jack

became aware of her gradual disinterest.

The perverse games were becoming less frequent and, more often, having played

with him, she began tossing him into his cage with a grunt of dissatisfaction.

He was being ignored for longer periods. The novelty was wearing off. His eight

to nine inch body held little attraction for her, yet Jack still held her in

awe, still influenced by her magnificent figure. Afraid of course, but

nevertheless, enamoured. He had become to adore her, having become used to her

bizarre whims and sexual torments; but now things were changing and he began to

feel uneasy about his future. If she was bored with him, what will become of

him? Surely she wasn't simply going to keep him like a canary and feed him

daily? She was not that sort of girl. No, there was something about her that

really disturbed him. It was the way she was looking at him... a kind of hungry

look...not for sex but something far more sinister...

The day came soon enough when his most deepest fears were realised. She took his

trembling body from the cage and gazed at him look of love or

affection apparent in her big blue eyes. He felt her fingers squeezing him,

seemingly testing his or appraising his figure. He gave a shudder when he saw

her tongue run along her lips. She then informed him of his ghastly fate:

"I'm sorry, Jack, but I don't want to play with you anymore. I've got my eyes on

someone else. You know how it is...."

"No, I don't!" he piped, "I love you. I've loved you ever since... I don't mind

you keeping me as a pet as long as I'm with you. I love you!"

"Well, if that's how you feel, Jack, then you won't mind if I eat you."

Jack stared in disbelief at her huge, beautiful features. "Eat


"Yes, Jack, eat you. I mean, I could just throw you away in some field or woods,

but that'd be cruel. You could be caught by some animal out there and that'd be

awful...being eaten by a nasty fox or some feral cat or dog. So you're going

into my tummy, but," she went, fixing him intently with her eyes, "I can't

decide whether to eat you alive or cook you. Then if I do cook you I can't

decide how... roast you, boil you up or just put you under the grill....and

there again, I suppose I could fry you..."

"What, alive!" he shrieked.

"Well, yes," she answered sweetly, a broad smile on her face. "I can watch you

squirm about in the frying-pan or roasting-tray. It'll be fun, but I might only

cook you a little, just to make you nice and tender, and then, if you're still

alive, gobble you up...Mmmm...." She smiled again at his distraught features:

"Go on, Jack, tell me, how would you like it...half-cooked or...just as you are?

Just think about going down into my here..." and she lowered

him down to put his face close to her abdomen. "It ought to be thrilling for

you, being consumed, filling my stomach. You really will make a delicious meal."

Jack's senses went into a whirl. Regardless of his shrunken size which was bad

enough, he could not accept that a beautiful female could even dream of eating

him... a humanbeing no less!

"No!" he cried in what was to her ears, a squeaky voice, "You can't! It's

inhuman! I don't want to be eaten...not cooked or anyway!"

She hardly semed to listen to him: "Of course, if you'd been much

inch or something, I could just swallow an oyster. I'd suck you

though, get the taste of you before...; but you're too big to do that. No, I

think I'll just eat you bit by bit. I'll leave those little dingly-dangly things

'til last, after nipping off your arms and legs...Mmmm...feeling hungry just

thinking about it. Here, listen..." She took him down again to her stomach and

pressed him against the spongy expanse... "Can you know, the

rumbling? That's my tummy finishing off everything left in there." She ignored

his terror and tears, just gazed at him speculatively, and occasionally licking

her lips.

"Not going to cook you, Jack," she said matter-of-factly, "I'll eat you just as

you are."

Jack knew his time was up...well, almost. He couldn't believe that she could be

so beastly, not such an attractive girl as her. Old women, perhaps, hags and

female calibans with pot bellies and rotten teeth, hooked noses and withered

features - like in fairy-tales, but not a young, beautiful girl with a fabulous

figure, the figure that had lured him to her side many days ago at that raucous

night club.

Her fist tightened about him as she started to eat him. First his hands, then

his feet were nipped off between her huge teeth and quickly chewed up together.

She gulped and then, piece by piece, bit off his arms and legs until he was

limbless. He watched in horror as she chewed, hearing the awful crunching of the

bones and then her grunts of pleasure when she swallowed. He watched her huge

tongue curl her lips to each corner of her mouth.

He gave a squeal as he was raised above her upturned face and licked first at

the stumps of his legs then his masculine appendages hanging from his torso. She

took them between her blood-flecked teeth and snapped them shut divesting him of

his masculinity. Her eyes danced with an unholy glee as she rolled his genitals

about inside her mouth, passing them from side to side with her tongue. Then,

having given them a good suck she began chewing them to a tiny dob of paste. She

gave him a devilish smile:

"Mmm...not bad," No further word came from her as she positioned his head.

"Oh God!" he moaned weakly as he stared up at the glistening roof of her mouth,

his head resting on the rough surface of her tongue. It was to be the last thing

he saw. Her upper teeth, the incisors, descended over his throat, the lower

incisors waited at the nape of his neck. She lathered his head with a thick

coating of saliva. He gave one last cry which was suddenly cut off as she closed

her teeth and, for those scant fractions of a second, felt his head being tossed

about by her tongue.

She didn't bite into his head, prefering to swallow it intact down her gullet.

Like a starving she-jackal she devoured the rest of him and finally drank a full

glass of red wine.

Quite unperturbed at her cannibalist snack, she threw herself onto her bed to

assuage that bubbling turmoil in her loins, feeling at peace with herself. Plans

were already in place for her next victim, so easy to ensnare at that club. So

many lonely young men, so eager to be enticed, so easily manipulated; but the

next one should be shrunk bigger than the others...perhaps eighteen to

twenty-four inches.

The end of the sequel


Giantess Stories: This story is a sequel to a story called

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