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This Story was written on 31-July 2003 By - The Shrunk

Minded XtMS -

You were walking to your home..

But when you tried to open the door..

A strange meteorite fell from the sky.

-Bang- right on your head.

Then things where all a blur.

Then things got pitch black...

Moments later you slowly opened your eyes.

You have a pounding headache.

And the sunlight stinging in your eyes only makes it worse.

When you stand up, you see a little purple glowing meteorite on the


You get the meteorite, and in your blind anger you throw it far away.

You are so angry at the meteorite.

Stupid little rock.

You felt like you where in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When you enter the house, you decide to go asleep.

Maybe your headache will go away.

So you walk up the stairs and walk in your bedroom.

There, you take off your clothes, and lie down in the bed.

When your head touches the pillow, you're off to dreamland.

You wake up, and stretch your muscles.

Then you open up your eyes.

O, my god!

You've been Shrinking in your sleep.

Then you remembered the Meteorite that has hit you yesterday.

That must be the start of all this trouble.

You are now 3 inches high.

You look at yourself.. 3 inches high.

Naked becouse you won't fit any clothes

and a stressed out, becouse you SHRUNK.

You hear somebody coming.

You run like crazy.. And you hide in one of your old socks.

While hiding in your smelly old sock, you see the someone entering.

It's a huge shape, a giantess.

When you look closely... It's your MUM.

You can't let your mother see you like this..

So you keep really quiet.

She has a basket in her hands, and starts to pick op dirty clothes.

You hope she won't pick up the sock.

But then she turns around and picks up the dirty old sock.

She throws it in the basket.

I land soflty ontop of the pile of clothes, while in the sock.

Then she turns around and picks up the basket.

She walks out the room, and down the stairs.

Then she halts in front of the washing machine.

She puts down the basket.

And starts folding away some clean clothes.

I don't want her to find me, but i dont want to end in the washing

machine either.

So i climb out of the wash-basket.

And i hide inbetween a pile of clean laundry.

Then she is ready folding..

And she throws all the dirty laundry into the washing machine.

And closes the door, and switches it on.

Then she picks up the pile of clean laundry and takes it with her to

her room.

When she enters the bedroom, she opens a closet door.

She starts to empty the clean, folded laundry into the closet.

Then suddenly she sees you.

She grabs you from the pile of cleaned laundry, and keeps jou close

to her face.

With her beautiful green eyes she stares at you.

Is it you ? she asks.

You want to schream "yes" but she only hears a faint

squeeky voice.

I know it is you, but you are.. you are so tiny ! She exclaims.

You've got to get to the doctor, maybe he can help, she says.

But first i've got to take a shower, becouse i'm still in my


So she puts you on the bed.

And takes a towel from the closet.

Then she walks away to the shower.

Only thing you can do is sit there on the giant bed, and wait..

After a while you hear her opening the door.

You look in the direction of the door, and see your giant mum.

She's naked and still dripping a bit from the shower.

Seeing her as a beautiful giantess makes your cock stand proud.

You feel like hypnotised when you see a drop of water fall from her


down to her mouth, and further over her neck, down on her big breast,

and from there off drips to the floor.

She looks at you, and notices your standing dick.

She smiles, and says "You like what you see ? "

I can only gasp..

Then she picks me up..

And she starts to lick me, and pushes me in her mouth.

Still inside her mouth, she continues the licking, untill i am soaked.

Then she takes me out of her huge mouth and says :

"Don't worry! Mommy's gonna take good care of you".

She looks at me with a hungry look..

But she doesn't eat me.. yet.

She puts me on the bed.

Then she sits down on the bed besides me.

The whole bed shakes.

She slowly spreads her legs.

She then looks at me and starts to fondle herself.

with her other hand she picks me up, and licks my head.

Then she holds me in front of her cunt.

With 2 fingers she opens up the lips.

With the other hand she slowly pushes my head between her lips.

I try to kick and scream, but nobody hears me.

Then she pushes me in deeper, and she gives a loud sigh.

Then she pushes me even deeper.

She pushes me in all the way with her 2 fingers.

Then she starts to contract her pussy muscles.

And with her fingers she massages her clit.

She starts to get hotter and hotter.

The muscles contract faster and faster.

And the warm pussy juices are all alround you.

Then she Climaxes, contracting all her muscles at once,

forcing you even deeper in her pussy.

Then she stands up, with you still in her cunt.

She grabs a white panty from the closet.

And puts it on.

Then she mumbles "i'll never let you out. "

"you belong to me, and you are back where you came from"

The End ?

-The Shrunk-Minded -

The one and only XtMS


Giantess Stories: This Story was written on 31

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