Giantess Stories: Through the Looking Glass

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Through the Looking Glass






           I snuggle against her white sweater while her

blonde hair drapes over me as I reach towards her face. My arm just able to

reach as I run my hand across her smooth skin, I sigh in ecstasy as I inhale her

natural scent which reminds me of sweet jasmine.


           I shudder in pleasure as she swings her arm down

onto me pushing me into her while her body rolls over. I find myself engulfed by

her as her arm pushes me into her side covering my body. I dream of this moment

not ending, for time to stop so that I can feel as if I am one with my goddess.


            My mind wanders as time no longer has meaning

there is only now in which my goddess unknowingly provides me with an immense

pleasure as she slumbers. I can feel her stomach rise far above me like a mighty

wave rising above the sea, then at it peak smashing into the shore, flowing out

once again becoming one with sea.


           My internal alarm goes off as I look down at my

watch; with my time up I fight and push against her arm. The more I push the

more futile it seems. I begin to panic as I push harder and try to kick my legs

however her weight has me completely immobilized.


           “How can this be happening” I scream which is

easily muffled by her body mass. How did I get myself into this situation! I

should have listened to my conscious. I think to myself as I continue to fight

against the seemingly insurmountable weight.


           It all started several weeks ago when I was

signed on as director for this new untitled movie. I was nearly jumping for joy

when I heard who was being cast in as the stars of the film. It was shortly

there after I gave my full blessing. So I packed up our things and moved out to

Los Angeles. I figured that this was all to be a dream come true but I never

expected it to be a dream which bordered more on my wildest fantasies.


           All at once light shines into my eyes as I

watched her arms rise up into air as she arches her back. She sighs in pleasure

as she continues to stretch. I quickly roll away from her body as she sits up

tossing her covers off of her.


           “You need to be on set, and I mean now” shouts a

voice as I hear the door open and then slam shut. The scuffling of papers and

things is rampant and then I hear her rush out the door. I take a deep breathe

in shock and relief at how close I had just come to being discovered.


           As soon as I moved out here, I was in awe of

all the tall buildings and big names that were seemingly everywhere I went, but

to them I was invisible. They acknowledged me as the director, or not one of

them. I was part of the group they were trying to distance themselves from. They

didn't want to be hounded by the eager fan boy's no they wanted to hang within

there own social circles.


           I longed for a way to solve this and then one

day, thanks to a little street vendor I did. I bought it more as a joke. It was

a hemp bracelet he claimed was enchanted by a magical spirit. I scoffed at the

thought of magic being real but the bracelet looked nice and I had a wad of cash

burning a hole in my pocket so I bought it. It was then; on my way to a shoot I

discovered its power. I muttered some words as I saw a gorgeous brunette stroll

by. I said I wished that I could be in those pants, than almost instantaneously

I was.


           Shocked, scared, frightened I was all those

things at first, but now I have grown use to the powers of my bracelet. I have

been in the most magical of places, I have seen things that man has always

thought were impossible because of science, but I? I behold powers that defy

science and logic.


           I used these powers to do all sorts of stupid

stunts like spying on girls in the locker room at the gyms, or getting out of

meetings, I even on occasion used it to sneak onto planes. However, it wasn't

until last night that I really had an idea. My idol was in the movie that I was

directing and I wanted to be close to her, I wanted to touch her, even hold her.

So I used my powers to shrink to a diminutive size so that I could complete my

fantasy. Even if she never knew I was there, I wanted to be with her, even if it

was just for a little while.


           I look out across the massive bedroom which is

now empty. I can hear the hustle and bustle of people doing there various jobs.

I reach for my bracelet and hold it between my fingers as I make my wish to grow

back to my regular size.


           I look around the now much smaller room and

smile as I head out the door unable to believe my wish had really just come

true. It was everything that I had ever imagined it to be and more.  I run out

the door not even looking back as I run down the walkway towards the studio.


           I soon heard someone yell out hey you. I look

back to see a couple of rent a cops on radio's talking while they chase after

me. I gulp as I continue to run down the walkway. I curse aloud as I spot

another blocking off the end of the entryway. I quickly turn into one of the

studio doors revealing a set. I smile as I spot the set nothing but a messy

bedroom. I run onto the set as the door swings open and they both yell to halt.

I grab the bracelet but in my haste I pull it right off of my wrist. I hold in

my hand as I make my wish.


            I feel my body growing smaller and smaller like

before. This time my clothes slide off of my body and puddle at my feet as the

world grows all around me. I can hear the foot steps of the rent a cops

approaching. I dive under the t-shirt next to mine as I hear them round the

corner and head onto the set.


           “What are you guys doing in here?” angrily

shouts someone.


           “We saw a kid run into here, and…”


           “A kid? Where would a kid hide in this set? The

set isn't that big. Why don't you get out of here before I have your heads! I

want to rehearse my lines in peace.


           “Sure, right away, sorry to bother you.” Replied

to the two rent a cops as everything goes black.


           I peel my eyes open to the earth shuddering

madly as I roll onto the floor. I grab onto the post of the bed as I try to keep

from rolling away. I look around confused at where I am. Thunder fills the air

as I crawl beneath the bed. The shaking becomes stronger and stronger then all

at once it stops.


I crawl out from beneath the bed an eerie silence fills the air. I look around

the room spotting a crib, a desk, some package but everything looks slightly out

of scale. As I run my hands along the stair case and the desk I notice how

incredibly cheap the entire thing feels. As I turn around I tumble over as I see

a massive face looking at me.

“Yeah, he just woke up now Haylie. No, I haven't even done

anything with him yet. I guess I will be coming home soon considering everything

you know? Alright, see you in a couple days. Bye bye”


           I realized what I heard earlier during the

earthquake wasn't thunder but she must have been giggling, then that would make

the earthquake nothing but…it couldn't be. I think to myself as I begin to freak



“Oooh it looks like someone is awake. I hope you are

comfortable in there, but I didn't know where else to put you.” I cringe as her

breath fogs the glass as she speaks.


“Front and center” bellows the giantess as I stumble

backwards over the crib crushing it. I quickly pick myself up and nervously make

my way towards the door. As I head up the stairs towards the front door I keep

thinking about how insane this is. I am in this girl's dollhouse; I am literally

a toy in her room.


           I swing the front door open to be pressed into a

wall of flesh. I start to turn around when her fingers curl around my body, her

finger tips press me into the palm of her hand as I feel her arm rise. I kick my

legs and try to pull my arms out from her fist but its like trying to pull a

street light out from the ground.


           I stare into her monstrous face as I continue

pressing against her fist. I can hardly believe this is really happening as her

warm breath rolls over me; her eyes lock onto me as she massages my hair with

her finger tip.


           “I can't believe how real you are. Haylie is

going to adore you.”


           I scream to her that she can't do this, but my

threats are meaningless as she presses me against her cheek, and then slides me

down her neck and soon I am pressed against her pert breasts. I look up at the

giantess hoping for freedom but my hopes and dreams are tossed aside as she

stares down at me.


           “I have a job, I have a family, you can't take

me with you.” I plead as she tosses her clothes into the suitcase.”


           “Awe you poor baby, I love how dignified you try

to sound but look at the facts. You are my tiny little director doll, living in

my dollhouse. You are going to be the plaything for me and my sister.” I was

appalled and taken aback, this giant teen has me in the palm of her hands and I

can do nothing.


           “Hey Hill what up?”


           “Not much Bynes”


           “You know I hate it when you call me by my last

name. You owe me a handbag”


           “Whatever, Hey check this out” casually replies

Hilary as she flips me up into the air and fall into the soft hands of Amanda



           “I can't believe he was just directing us the

other day. You know”


           “Yeah, I know, but it's going to be a great

flight home.”


           “Hey you know what? Road Trip?” Asks Hilary?


           “Yeah ROOOAAADDTTTRRRIIPPPPP” Screams Amanda.




           Dear Diary, Day674


           Haylie took me to the mall today. I always

hate having to go to the mall with Haylie. She wore the gold necklace with the

small clasps on it. Each clasp fits perfectly around my wrist and I am used as

an accessory. She even picks outfits around me now. I wish I could say that was

the worst part of my day but it wasn't.


           Upon returning from the mall, I was returned

to my home for a matter of minutes before Hilary got home from some commercial

she was doing locally. I then had to shower with her. I miss the days when I

could shower on my own, now I have to rub myself against Hilary's body after she

lathers herself up with her disgustingly scented soap. Then if that wasn't

enough I had literally shower with the water that cascades off of Hilary's body.


           After the shower, we then went to Amanda's

house. This usual meant it was time for various games. Today's game was ice

rink. Hilary and Amanda spray baby oil over both of there bodies, then they

strip me naked and I have to do a routine on there stomach. The hardest part is

the double axle. I can never quite make it so I when I fall slip between there

stomachs which leaves me pretty much vulnerable. I swear when I do well they

bounce there stomachs on purpose so that I fall. I think they love watching me

try to claw my way up onto there stomachs.


           I guess you could say I had a normal day. I

use to think that this was appalling, these are teenage girls and I am a fully

grown man but what choice do I have? They hare hundreds of feet tall, they weigh

what must be megatons. I am nothing but a form of amusement to Haylie and Hilary



           It's the weekends at Amanda Bynes's house

that gets to me. She gets wild but I guess you could say it's ironic. I am now

part of the circle I so desperately wanted to be apart of. I get to go to all

the award shows and all the fancy parties but its all with these teenage bitches

and I always have to be subservient to them.


           Steve S.



Giantess Stories: Through the Looking Glass

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