Giantess Stories: Till Death Do Us Part

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Till Death Do Us Part "Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned."

Chrissy Merritt smiled up at the dark haired lanky man standing beside her bed.

"I'm serious Bob. Do you think she suspects anything?"

Bob Hughes kissed the slender blonde gently on the cheek.

"No I don't think she has any idea. Why would she? I mean you are good friends.

She would never suspect."

"It's just that she has been acting funny toward me lately. Like, I noticed her

just staring at me one day at lunch. But it was like there was something behind

it. A sort of malevolence."

Bob sat on the bed beside her. "I think you are just feeling a little guilty

about being with me and imagining things. What about Charlie, does he suspect?"

Chrissy sniffed back a tear. "Of course not. But that is completely different

because Charlie is... well… clueless."

Bob put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. "Don't worry dear.

Nobody knows. Look, I have to get going. I've got a crew working a job over on

Newberry and I need to meet with the owner. It will all be fine." He gave

Chrissy a reassuring squeeze and stood up. "See you later dear."

Chrissy smiled and nodded. "Bye love."

The sound of Bob's footsteps echoed out the door, leaving Chrissy with more

questions than answers. She and Beth had been friends since high school, well

over two decades. She grabbed a tissue from the night stand and wiped her cheek.

Beth was generally sweet but she also had a dark side and a temper that Chrissy

had seen only a few times. That was what frightened her about the affair.

Chrissy had always had an attraction for Bob but had never intended to bed him.

Their first encounter had been more accidental than premeditated, but lust now

dominated their relationship tugging them back together every time they tried to


As Bob drove to the job, he thought about the two women in his life. They were

strikingly different, both in looks and temperament. Chrissy was slender and

blonde with a sweet, almost bubbly disposition. Beth was dark haired and petite,

her appearance owing to her Mediterranean heritage. Beth was more curvy than

Chrissy and more volatile. She was moody and tended to have much bigger

reactions to events than Chrissy who was much more even tempered. He new that

eventually he would have to end the affair with Chrissy but was now in the

unenviable position of not wanting to hurt either of them but not knowing how to

extricate himself. Volatile and strange as she may be, Bob had to admit that he

still loved his wife.

A couple of miles away, at their house, Beth was on the phone fuming. "I just

drove by that slut's house and his truck was parked out there again… Of course I

think he is sleeping with her. Why else would he be over there in the middle of

the day?"

"Well girlfriend," the voice on the other end of the line retorted. "I feel for

you. I really do. I know this is hard for you, but the bigger question is do you

want to do something about it or just ignore the fact that your husband is

fucking one of your best friends?"

Beth sniffed and blew her nose, "Yes I want to do something about it! I wish I

could strangle both of them."

"Well, it isn't strangulation, but I have something that just may help. I'll be

over in a bit and we'll talk.. Bye Beth, see you soon."

Beth turned off the phone and slumped down in the couch. She couldn't believe

this was happening. It was difficult enough to deal with the betrayal of her

husband, but her friend too. Beth had actually known Chrissy much longer than

Bob. For a time they were nearly inseparable. She could almost forgive her

husband, after all he was a guy, but she could not forgive Chrissy.

About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. Before Beth could answer,

the door opened and Adeline breezed in. She went straight to the couch where

Beth was now standing and embraced her, giving a light kiss on her cheek.

"You actually seem to be doing well, all things considered."

"I seem to be cycling between anger and sadness. Mostly I am angry."

"Well my dear," Adeline smiled, "Would you like to do something about it?"

"I guess I need to contact an attorney. File for divorce."

"Divorce! Whatever are you talking about. Why on earth would you want to do


"Why do I get the feeling that you are going to tell me something utterly

ridiculous?" Beth smiled.

"I suppose because you know me too well."

Adeline laughed. "But it just so happens that I do have a suggestion." She

reached into her purse and pulled out a small vile sitting it importantly on the


"So what is that, poison?"

Adeline smiled delightedly. "Its a shrinking potion."

Beth laughed at her friend. "Well, OK. I'll play along. What are we going to do,

shrink Bob like in that old movie."

"Exactly. You can shrink him to a mere inch or two. Then you can do whatever you

want to him. Crush him in your hand. Feed him to the neighbor's dog, they do

still have that adorable Basset hound don't they? Or…" Adeline hesitated not

sure whether to confide in her friend.

"Or what?"

"Or… you could swallow him."

Beth laughed. "For a minute, I actually thought you were serious."

Adeline grinned. "Oh, but I am serious Beth and I'll show you." Adeline pulled a

small coin purse from her bag and snapped open the catch. She gingerly reached

in and pulled out a tiny, squirming figure.

Beth gasped in utter amazement. "Is that…"

"Yes, it's a one inch tall man. I think he said his name was Richard. I hadn't

actually planned on demonstrating but there he was trying to thumb a ride and,

well… I simply couldn't resist."

"And you shrank him?"

"With that potion on the table. Would you like to hold him?"

Beth slowly opened her palm and Adeline deposited the tiny man. He was kneeling,

screaming foully at her. "My God! I can't believe it. You actually shrank this

man?" Beth brought her hand closed to her face and stared, dumbfounded at the

miniature figure. There was no doubt that what she held was a tiny, living man.

Beth gently deposited the tiny man back into Adeline's palm.

Adeline grasped the trembling man by his ankle and held him, dangling, upside

down between her thumb and index finger. Beth felt sorry for him. She felt

certain that he was completely terrified, a fact that Adeline seemed to neither

notice nor care.

"Normally I would do this with much more planning and care but we are doing this

on the fly so to speak."

Adeline raised her captive so that he was now hanging above her open mouth.

Adeline let go and he tumbled onto her tongue and rolled into her mouth as it

closed. Adeline sat motionless for a moment then Beth noticed the muscles in

Adeline's neck flex slightly. She closed her eyes as she leaned back into the

couch smiling and rubbing her tummy. There was a long silence before Adeline

spoke. "Well, what do you think?"

Beth was nearly speechless. "You… You actually swallowed him."

Adeline opened her mouth as if to remove all doubt. "Yep. He's gone. Well…

Actually he's not really gone. He's right about here." Adeline placed her

fingers just below her left breast. "But in any case he'll never be seen or

heard from again. Do you understand what I'm getting at? You could swallow that

bastard husband of yours and no one would ever know. No problems with lawyers or

splitting up assets. You get it all. And, you get the satisfaction of knowing he

is being slowly, painfully, digested alive inside your stomach."

Beth stared blankly at her friend as the full impact of Adeline's words filtered

into her consciousness. Then a smile crept across her face. "Adeline, you are

positively wicked. But then that is what I absolutely love about you." That

evening the dinner conversation at the Hughes' house was amiable and pleasant.

So much so that a stranger happening upon the scene would never have suspected

the betrayal and deceit between them. Beth had started the conversation by

casually asking her husband how his day had been and had gotten the usual

nondescript reply. The sureness of his response further infuriated Beth. She had

spent ten years with the man sitting across the table from her smiling and

talking as if nothing was going on. Beth wondered how many others there had been

before Chrissy but remained composed as she smiled sweetly and chattered away

with her husband. Beth had a strong motivation for keeping her emotions hidden.

She had devised a wonderful, deliciously sadistic plan to even the score and for

it to work Bob couldn't suspect anything.

The next morning, Beth awoke with a start from a particularly vivid dream. She

was a cat chasing a small Bob mouse around the house. Every time she tried to

catch him in her claws, he would escape into his tiny mouse hole, laughing and

taunting her from inside. She couldn't remember much else, the dream was already

fading from memory, but the ending was still vividly etched in her mind. Bob was

running toward his mouse hole. He ducked inside as usual, laughing. But this

time Beth was somehow behind the wall and her open mouth was the mouse hole. Bob

was leaning against one of her molars full of smugness over having escaped once

again when he noticed the soft pink uvula dangling from the ribbed canopy above

him. As he slowly turned, the backs of razor sharp teeth encircled his view

leaving him no doubt as to where he was. But, before he could twitch Beth's jaws

snapped closed and she swallowed him. What lingered now were the feelings of

utter feline sensuousness and total control as his squirming little body had

traveled down her gullet. Beth looked around nervously then realized that Bob

had already left. It was unusual for her to not awaken when he got out of bed.

She slipped on her robe and ate a breakfast of cold cereal and juice while she

contemplated her plan. Step one was to lure Chrissy to the house. Beth picked up

the phone and dialed Chrissy's number.

"Chrissy. Hi, its Beth… I'm good. Say, it's beautiful outside and I thought you

might like to go for a walk in a little bit. I thought it might give us a chance

to get caught up on what's been happening lately. Sure, just come by my house

whenever you're ready. See ya."

Chrissy lived in the same neighborhood, just a couple of streets over. The short

distance would almost certainly mean that Chrissy would walk rather than drive

to Beth's house saving her the trouble of having to get rid of Chrissy's car.

About forty-five minutes later there was a soft rap on the door. Beth took a

deep breath as she opened the front door. The slender blonde, dressed in tights

and a racer back sports bra stood smiling at her. Beth ushered Chrissy in.

"Wow! You are looking good girl."

Chrissy smiled uneasily. She had not been sure what to expect but knew that she

couldn't keep avoiding her friend without raising suspicion. Everything seemed

fine though and she began to relax a little.

"I have been so busy lately. I've meant to call you several times, then one

thing or another would come up. You know how it is I'm sure."

Beth finished lacing up her shoes. "I'm just about ready. Why don't I get you

some water to drink before we go. I was reading just the other day that we don't

drink nearly enough. I guess it helps flush out toxins and stuff. I try to

remember to drink a glass before I exercise. It really seems to help."

Chrissy nodded as Beth turned toward the kitchen, a moment later returning with

two glasses. Chrissy sipped the cool water. She thought it had a slightly odd

taste but it wasn't enough for her to question and anyway Beth was drinking a

glass as well. Chrissy finished the glass.

"Are you ready?" she smiled.

"Sure. Let's get moving."

Beth opened the door trying to think of a way to stall until the potion did its

work. She had no idea how long it would take or what would happen and certainly

didn't want to be outside in full view. Beth turned to say something and noticed

Chrissy looked pale.

"Chrissy, are you all right?"

Chrissy gripped Beth's arm. "I feel real dizzy. I think I'm going to be sick."

Beth helped her friend to the couch and watched incredulously as Chrissy began

to shrink right before her eyes. The entire process seemed to take only a couple

of minutes leaving nothing but her clothes. Beth gingerly picked through the

loose clothing searching for her now tiny friend. She found Chrissy lying

underneath the cup of her sports bra. Carefully she scooped Chrissy into her

hand. She was barely three quarters of an inch tall. The frightened woman looked

up at her giant friend in shock and disbelief. Beth could hardly contain her

delight as she laughed and exclaimed "It actually worked!"

A tiny voice squeaked from Beth's palm. But instead of answering, Beth tugged

open her tank top and dropped the screaming Chrissy into her sports bra. She

felt her slipping lightly into her cleavage and smiled. "Don't worry dear,"

Beth's voice boomed, "We'll have plenty of time to talk but I do feel like

taking a walk this morning. I just have a feeling that it is going to be a

wonderful day." Beth thought the elastic band of the bra would hold Chrissy

safely in place but just to be sure, she tucked her tank loosely in the waist of

her bike shorts. It was a beautiful spring day as Beth walked briskly up the

street, her mind filled with thoughts and images of the events to come. She

couldn't remember ever feeling this excited and nervous. Chrissy was not quite

sure what had happened, the reality of her situation having not entirely sunk

into her consciousness. She was surrounded by the warm flesh of Beth's breasts

which rhythmically swayed and bounced as she walked. The effect was that of a

fleshy vice that alternately crushed in on her as Beth's breasts flexed downward

then releasing its grip as her breasts moved back up. Directly in front of

Chrissy, a wall of beige colored mesh held her against the quivering flesh. The

wall curved upward following the contour of her bust ending in an ellipse of

daylight formed between the curve of Beth's cleavage and the black arc of fabric

that marked the top of the bra. Chrissy thought about trying to climb out that

passage but quickly realized that even if she could, there was no place to go.

So, she waited nervously, wondering what Beth had in store for her. Beth took a

long walk and didn't get back for over an hour. Her stomach let her know that it

was well past lunch. She pulled a bag of pre-mixed salad greens from the

refrigerator and dumped about half of it onto a large plate. Then chopped a

leftover piece of grilled chicken and sprinkled it over the top. Beth took a

bite and chewed it thoughtfully. She was about to take another when she felt

Chrissy squirming between her breasts.

"How rude of me to not invite you to lunch." Beth cupped her hand underneath her

bust gently tugging the band open with her free hand. Chrissy tumbled out

shrieking in a tiny little cartoon voice the caused Beth to laugh so hard she

nearly dropped her. Beth dropped the tiny woman into an empty glass.

"Why are you doing this?" Chrissy's tiny voice squeaked.

A harshness came over Beth's face. "Don't treat me like I'm some kind of fool,

Chrissy. You know exactly why I'm doing this. You've been doing my husband and I

am ready to put a stop to it."

Chrissy began crying. "Yes. It's true," she gulped between sobs. "But it was all

an accident Beth I swear. Please! Just let me go and I promise that I will end

it today. I'll call Bob and tell him we're through."

"How could you betray me this way? After all that we have been through together.

The nights crying on each others shoulder after being dumped by some guy. All

the secrets we shared. How could you!"

"I dunno, Beth. It just happened. I…"

Beth smashed her hand on the table. "That is so lame. So, let me see, you just

happened to accidentally fuck my husband."

"I'm sorry," Chrissy sobbed.

"Oh, I believe you're sorry… Sorry the both of you got caught! Well don't worry

cause your affair is ending today just not the way you would have hoped."

"Please Beth, please don't hurt me!" Chrissy pleaded.

"Oh, you can bet I'm going to hurt you. Bitch." Beth raised the glass to her

mouth with Chrissy screaming inside.

"God no Beth please don't eat me. Were friends. We've known each other since


Beth's mouth opened menacingly. As Beth tipped the glass up, Chrissy began

sliding toward the huge maw before her. She scrambled and scratched at the

smooth surface all the while sliding closer. She was close enough now to feel

Beth's hot moist breath against her bare skin.

Beth tipped her head back and felt Chrissy tumble onto her tongue. She closed

her mouth and smiled contentedly. The sensation of Chrissy squirming inside her

mouth was very delicate and sensuous. Beth paused, savoring all the wonderful

nuances. This was a moment she wanted to remember. A pool of saliva was forming

around Chrissy in expectation of her trip down Beth's esophagus. Beth walked

into the bathroom but instead of swallowing Chrissy, she spit her back into the

glass. Her stomach would have to wait because she had other plans for her dear

friend Chrissy.

Beth sat the glass rather forcefully on the vanity, turned on the shower, then

disappeared into the bedroom. Chrissy clawed at the smooth glass surface in a

panic, jumping, scrambling to catch hold of the rim. But it was well out of her

reach. She slumped against its smooth side, exhausted.

A moment later Beth breezed back into the bathroom having removed her clothing.

Chrissy had always envied Beth's slightly fuller, more curvy figure and as Beth

stood at the vanity brushing out her hair, Chrissy couldn't help but notice that

age and time had been easy on her. Abruptly, Beth turned and entered the shower

humming and softly singing. Chrissy watched Beth's blurred outline through the

glass shower door as she moved the wash cloth languidly over her breasts and

down her abdomen. Even without her occasional soft moans, it was apparent that

Beth was enjoying herself. Chrissy closed her eyes wondering what was next.

The fact that Beth hadn't swallowed her, gave Chrissy some degree of optimism.

Perhaps she was simply trying to scare her, maybe torture her a little for what

she had done. It could be that when this was over, Beth would restore her size

and let her go. It only took a moment for the absurdity of that thought to sink

in. Beth had something planned and if she hadn't swallowed her then it probably

meant that whatever it was, it was worse still.

Till Death Do Us Part (Part 2)

The sound of the shower stopped and Chrissy opened her eyes, waiting. The shower

door opened and a wet arm tugged a large bath towel from a hook on the wall.

Beth wrapped herself in the towel and emerged from the shower. She grabbed a

small spray bottle from the counter and spritzed it into her dark, wavy hair.

Beth picked up the glass and grinned evilly. "So, how are you doing in there,

Chrissy?" She sat the glass down and reached across the counter to a hair dryer.

"Tonight is going to be special and I want to look my best," Beth shouted over

the whine of the appliance. She stooped over letting her hair fall away from her

head and continued drying and fluffing. Abruptly she stood up flipping her hair

back as she came up. Beth noticed Chrissy watching her and playfully directed

the blast from the hair dryer into the glass, laughing as the force of it

knocked Chrissy down.

She switched the dryer off and finished brushing out her hair. Then Beth began

to methodically apply her makeup. All the while, Chrissy watched, wondering what

all of this fuss was leading up to. Chrissy knew it was rare for Beth to wear

much more than a little powder and mascara. The fact that she was going to so

much trouble further worried Her. Beth finished stroking mascara over her lashes

and stood back to view her efforts. Satisfied, Beth turned and disappeared into

the bedroom once again.

The sound of Beth humming gaily to herself in the next room angered Chrissy.

Certainly, Beth had something horrible planned for her. There seemed little

doubt of that. But the fact that she seemed so carefree about it was almost more

than Chrissy could stand. Abruptly, Beth entered the room wearing a short black

negligee, thigh top stockings, and heels. The negligee was seductively made of

stretch lace through the bust with a sheer, flowing skirt that came roughly to

mid-thigh. Beth pulled out a lipstick and began carefully applying it to her


"It's a new color, berry stain. Its a darker shade than I usually wear, but

don't you think it accents my mouth?" Beth looked at her friend and sighed. "I

suppose you are wondering what I have planned for you," Beth spoke as she hunted

through the vanity drawer. "Ah. Here it is." She held up a clear tube and placed

it on the vanity. The tube itself was about four inches long; a plunger the

length of the tube emerged from one end.

Chrissy immediately recognized the function of the device. "What are you doing,

you bitch"

"I think you have a pretty good idea." Beth glanced at her watch. "Bob will be

home in just a few minutes and I want to be ready." She unscrewed the plunger

end from the tube and used her free hand to scoop Chrissy from the glass. If you

haven't figured it out yet, I'm planing to bed my husband when he gets home. But

I didn't want to leave you out. I felt like it would be nice for you to have sex

with him one last time."

Chrissy screamed, "You sick fucking bitch, no wonder Bob wanted to leave you."

Beth squeezed the tiny woman in her hand. "I don't think you want to make me

angry dear. There are a lot worse things I could do to you."

She stuffed the shrieking woman into the tube and threaded the plunger back onto

the end. There was the faint cough of an engine as Bob's truck pulled into the

drive. "Well, guess it's time." Beth smiled. She put her right foot on the seat

of the toilet and positioned the applicator between her legs. Beth's free hand

gently parted her labia and she guided the tube into her vagina until it was

fully inserted. She pressed the plunger up then slowly withdrew the applicator.

Seeing that empty applicator and knowing that Chrissy was now deep inside her

vagina, began to arouse Beth.

The hinges on the kitchen door gave there customary squeak as Bob came in from

the driveway. Beth stood in the hall, waiting as Bob rounded the corner. He

looked at his wife in slack jawed wonderment. She was quite a sight in her black

nightgown, lace topped thigh high stockings, and heals.

"Am I in the right house?" He smiled in amazement.

Beth wondered if dear sweet Chrissy dressed this way for him. Or did she even

need to entice him at all? She was every bit, no more, attractive than Chrissy

who looked more like a boy than a woman.

Beth smiled seductively at the lanky man standing partly in shadow from the

glare of the afternoon sun through the living room window. She slinked

seductively toward him as she spoke. "It seemed like you have been so distant

lately. I thought maybe we could use some time together. Now why don't you let

me help you get out of that old work shirt." She ran the tip of her red nail

down Bob's chest and began slowly popping the buttons through their holes.

Beth spread the shirt open and ran her hands over Bob's chest as he bent forward

and kissed her gently on the neck. The sensation gave her goose bumps. She

tilted her head up and their lips met in a long passionate kiss. Beth grasped

Bob's hand and led him into the bedroom pushing him roughly onto the bed. She

was very turned on and torn between lustful passion and disgust of her

adulterous husband. He would pay soon enough, she thought, but for now it was

Chrissy's turn.

Bob had already kicked his shoes off and now Beth deftly unzipped his pants and

pulled them and his boxers off in one long tug. She slid onto the bed straddling

her husband and slowly lowered her hips until the wet lips of her labia nestled

against the firm shaft of his penis. Beth began to slowly rock her hips in a

forward and back motion that rubbed her labia along the length of Bob's shaft.

He let out a gentle groan and began lightly rubbing Beth's erect nipples through

the lace bodice of her nightgown. Her nipples were quite sensitive and the

sensation of the lace gently moving over them was electric. After experiencing a

series of mini-orgasms, Beth lifter her hips slightly and teasingly held the tip

of Bob's very firm penis at the opening of her vagina before moving slowly down

over the shaft until she had fully engulfed him. She always loved that first

sensation of him as he entered her and liked to take him slowly inside so as to

savor that feeling of him sliding past her lips, filling her. Chrissy began to

slowly rock her pelvis back and forth moaning with delight as Bob's course pubic

hair rubbed across the nub of her clitoris, sending electric tingles through her

body. As Beth continued, Bob began thrusting up and with each thrust Beth

imagined Chrissy's tiny body being slowly crushed. The thought pleased Beth and

she became even more aroused.

The sensation of impending release was building within Beth's pelvis and she

slowed her thrusts slightly in an attempt to hold off her orgasm a little

longer. She was riding that delicate and oh so delicious orgasmic edge. Beth

could tell from Bob's moans and the expression on his face that he was very

nearly ready to cum himself. She contracted the muscles of her pelvis, clamping

herself around his shaft as she thrust downward while firmly squeezing her

thighs together as if trying to crush his hips between them. That and the

sensation of Bob's fingers lightly caressing her nipples were all that Beth

needed. She let out a low howling moan as an intense series of orgasms rocked

her body. A moment later Bob let out a low grown and Beth felt the initial hot

blast of his seamen, moaning with her delight as he came

Bob's muscles released in a brief wave and he relaxed into the soft bed. Not

entirely satisfied, Beth slowly slid forward, positioning her pelvis over Bob's

head. He took the queue and began to gently flick his tongue between the wet

folds of Beth's labia. Her sweet aroma mingled with the pungent smell of his

ejaculate. It was messy but something he enjoyed almost as much as she. He could

tell from the way she moved, that he was having the desired effect. The sound of

Beth's moans filled his ears despite them being muffled between her silky

thighs. He reached his arms upward and began to gently stroke the sides of her

breasts. Her thighs clamped down on his head like a vice and she let out a

throaty scream as she came once again more intensely than the last. The

contractions of her vagina pushed a wave of sticky liquid into Bob's mouth which

he swallowed without hesitation. Although most of what he was swallowing was his

own ejaculate, the idea that it had been deep inside her and mixed with her own

secretions appealed to him.

After a few minutes Beth relaxed her grip on Bob's head and slipped down beside

him. The fool, Beth thought, had probably swallowed the remains of his

girlfriend along with his semen. Bob seemed relaxed and after a few minutes Beth

got up from the bed and put on a loose tee shirt and panties. Now it would be

Bob's turn to pay.

Bob was stretched out on his back, more asleep than awake. Beth had planned on

slipping the shrinking solution into his drink but it seemed just as easy to be

more direct given his current state. She held the eyedropper over his partially

opened mouth and let a few drops of the liquid fall onto his tongue. He

swallowed the sweet liquid unaware of what was about to happen. Beth sat back

and smiled. The process did not take long and in a few minutes, Bob was no

bigger than her little finger.

She picked him up and he woke with a start. Before Bob could make sense of what

he saw, Beth pulled open the waist of her panties and dropped Bob inside letting

the elastic snap back against her hips. His tiny body made a pleasant little

bump at her mons. "That should hold you for a while," Beth laughed with delight.

Bob twisted around until he was facing forward. He was caught in a tangle of

damp pubic hair infused with the pungent aroma of sexual passion. Through the

weave of the sheer fabric that held him gently in place, Bob could see the

bedroom, his view shifting as Beth moved about. His sight, smell, touch, and

hearing led him to what was an impossible conclusion, he was trapped inside

Beth's panties. It was a conclusion that his mind refused to embrace. A dark

shadowy wall appeared in front of Bob, then pressed against him as Beth pulled

on a pair of black leggings.

Beth busied herself with preparing dinner, largely ignoring her husband despite

his occasional bouts of squirming. After finishing dinner, Beth removed Bob from

her panties and placed him in the same glass she had earlier used for Chrissy.

He was noticeably angry which only made Beth laugh.

"You fucking bitch!" he hissed through clenched teeth. What the hell have you

done to me?"

Beth smiled sweetly. "I should have thought that was fairly obvious dear. I

slipped you a few drops of a shrinking potion while you slept and now, my

darling husband you are a mere inch and a half tall."

"I can see that. But what is going on here? Why did you shrink me? You were

always a bit mental but this is bizarre."

A surge of anger swept over Beth. She wanted to smash Bob and smear his guts

across the vanity, but she had other plans. Beth's voice took on a low, ominous

quality that Bob knew from experience meant the petite brunet was about to loose

control. "You smug bastard. Did you really think I wouldn't find out about you

and Chrissy? I know you've been fucking her so don't even try to give me that

Mr. innocent look cause it wont work."

Bob hesitated, not sure what to say. Certainly it would not be smart to say

anything that might further provoke her. The best tack, he decided, was to

ignore the question of fidelity altogether. "So how exactly did you shrink me?"

"My friend Adeline helped me. But that's really not important. What matters is

that you are the size of my little finger and I've got you. What you should be

worried about is what I have planned for you and that whore Chrissy."

The question of what Beth intended to do was foremost in Bob's mind. She had a

definite purpose in shrinking him and, he reasoned, whatever unpleasant fate she

had planned would probably end in his death. He had hoped that Beth would be

satisfied with exacting her revenge on him and leave Chrissy alone but it

sounded as though Beth had something horrible planned for her as well.

"You need to leave her out of this," Bob exclaimed. "This is between you and


"Oh, how sweet," Beth's voice dripped with sarcasm. "You're worried about the

mousy little slut." She smiled teasingly at her husband, taking obvious joy at

the situation.

"Actually, I've already taken care of your girlfriend." Beth paused momentarily

for effect. "She was only about half your size. I guess the effect of the

shrinking potion varies slightly. I might have given her a little more than you,

I dunno. Anyway…I put her inside me just before you came home." Beth could tell

from the puzzled expression on Bob's face that he didn't quite get it. "I

stuffed her inside my vagina, you twit."

Bob thought he would be sick. "You mean…" he stammered.

Beth smiled with delight, "Yes, that's right, your darling Chrissy was in my

vagina when we made love. I imagine she was crushed by the first deep thrust as

I took you inside and I suppose most of whatever was left of her probably

drained out while you were eating me. Actually, I'm not sure which was more

pleasurable, your mouth on me or the knowledge that her guts were slowly

dribbling down your throat."

"You sadistic bitch!"

"My dear, you have no idea how sadistic I can be. But you're about to find out."

Bob cowered in his glass prison as Beth's gigantic hand reached for him. "You

used to tell me how much you liked my full breasts and curvy body." Beth rubbed

her abdomen in a gentle circular motion and smiled. "And you always told me I

had a sexy mouth. You said you liked my full lips." Beth, pursed her lips

together in a pouty glance that Bob could feel in his groin. "Well…" Kamila said

as she traced her finger slowly down her neck and between her breasts, "You are

going to pass through my pouty lips, into my sexy mouth, and when I tire of

playing with you darling, I will swallow you down past my full breasts and into

my sexy tummy. I wonder what it is like to be slowly digested alive?"

Bob tried to speak but all that came out was a feeble squeak.

Beth grinned evilly. She dumped Bob into the palm of her right hand. The

miserable bastard was curled in a little ball, cowering.

"Please don't do this," he sobbed. "It was all such an awful mistake. You know I

still love you honey, just give me a chance."

"Sure, baby, I'll give you another chance. I'm gonna give you a chance to admire

my nice curvy body from the inside. And while you are being slowly, and I hope

painfully, digested, I hope you take a moment to reflect on whether your dear

Chrissy was worth it"

"You fucking bit…" the stream of obscenities was inadvertently cut off as Beth

closed her fingers over Bob. She was shaking with anger and had to fight back

the urge to keep squeezing until he was reduced to a bloody pulp. But that would

not do. It would be over much too quickly. Beth took a deep breath as she slowly

opened her hand.

Bob felt the flow of cool air over his back and looked up thinking that she must

have decided not to go through with it. Could it be that she stilled cared for

him? His question was answered even as it formed in his mind. Beth's palm moved

quickly up to her open lips and, in one smooth motion, she flipped his flailing

body into her mouth which closed over him.

Beth cradled him on her tongue much like she would a chocolate as she waited for

it to slowly melt, releasing its subtle flavor. He felt warm and smooth against

her tongue. There was a sudden pressure against the roof of her mouth and Beth

realized that Bob was trying to push her mouth open. She couldn't help but smile

at the thought of this miniature Atlas trying to hold up the roof of her mouth.

She flipped her tongue to one side and felt Bob roll against her gums.

Bob struggled in the moist darkness of Beth's mouth, trying at first to escape,

then desperately groping for something to hold onto. His fingers scraped along

the hard enamel of her molars as she rolled him back to the middle of her

tongue. Soft low moans reverberated up her throat, enraging Bob. It was a game

to her and she was enjoying herself, at his expense. Bob renewed his struggles

in earnest but was cut short as Beth's tongue pressed him against the roof of

her mouth.. The ribbed firmness gave way to softer, more pliable flesh and Bob

realized that he was being moved further back into Beth's mouth.

Bob was poised at the back of her mouth. Beth took a deep breath. This was it.

He was one simple reflex away from non existence and there would be no turning

back from this point. Beth hesitated for a moment, knowing she still loved him.

Then the image of him embraced in Chrissy's arms filtered into her consciousness

and she swallowed bitterly.

It happened quickly and smoothly. The slimy flesh of her gullet closed in on

him, pulsing, constricting, urging him downward despite his attempts to stop.

Hands and feet pressed outward against the flesh of her esophagus which simply

gave way to the pressure so that he could not arrest his descent. There was a

brief tightening then, without warning, the flesh gave way and he was in free


Beth rubbed her tummy and smiled broadly. It was surprising to her that Bob

struggled so fiercely. She had felt him squirming in her throat, struggling all

the way down. And now the cheating bastard was gone, for good. At least she

wouldn't have to wonder where he was or who he was with. It added an ironic

twist to the vows Bob had so easily forsaken, 'til death do us part.' He would

soon be dead yet would forever be a part of her. Poetic justice.

Beth softly hummed and danced about the room. She made a graceful pirouette

through the door, glided down the hall to the kitchen. An open bottle of Merlot

waited patently on the counter. She poured herself a glass and sipped. The wine

felt warm and full bodied in her mouth.

A sudden jab in the side caused Beth to choke on the wine as she swallowed. It

had very clearly been a poke in the ribs but it came from inside her. Beth

smiled with delight.

"So Bob, you're still alive." She made an undulating motion with her abdomen and

laughed. A moment later she felt him again only much more intensely. "I know you

can hear me my sweet. I don't know what you are doing in there, but it feels

delightful. So how do you like your new home?" Beth's breath caught in her

throat as she felt another intense poke

"I bet your thirsty. Let me get you something to drink." She picked up the glass

of wine and gulped down what was left in one long swallow. She poured herself

another glass and began dancing around the room. "It's been a long time since we

went dancing." Beth turned in a graceful arc and glided back to the wine glass.

She took another long drink. "I remember when you used to want to take me

dancing. Do you remember?" She spun about humming and singing, her light voice

breaking as the sadness welled up in her. "Well," she choked, "here's to better

times." She finished the glass and slunk back into the couch, tears trickling

down her cheeks.

Beth felt fuzzy and a little sleepy, as the wine began to take hold. She smiled

momentarily as another wave of intense tickling just below her left breast

reminded her that Bob would soon be finished.

Inside Beth's stomach, Bob struggled to stay out of the churning pool of acid

and enzymes that waited to do its work on him. The rhythmic movement of the

stomach walls and Beth's own movement had made this impossible and his body

burned and itched from exposure. He had clawed at the flesh that entrapped him

only to feel her laugh and hear her say how it tickled. There was a momentary

shift in the rhythmical movement of her breath as a wave of liquid washed down

over him, knocking him into the vast pool below. Bob sputtered and choked, his

lungs filling with liquid as he desperately struggled for breath. In the total

darkness of this muscular sack he had lost all sense of direction.

Unconsciousness brought him relief from his agony as Beth's stomach set about

digesting him along with the remnants of her dinner.

Oblivious to all that was happening inside her, Beth leaned back into the couch.

She flexed her abdomen and waited but felt no more tickles. She felt relief

tinged with sadness. Too bad it had to end this way, she thought. But at least

it was over. Beth took a deep breath and sighed. Bob and Chrissy were gone and

the anger that had driven her to exact this revenge had largely subsided. She

rubbed her tummy and smiled. "So long my sweet."


Giantess Stories: Till Death Do Us Part

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