Giantess Stories: Tina and Lara

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Tina and Lara

-by Hedin-


Crunch - Crunch - Crunchkerrrunch...

Thousands of tiny shell-pieces were spread out on the wet sand. The wind had

blown away the fine sand and left a large field of sharp splinters in the

slightly wet layer of sand. Tina's pink flipflop sandals easily ground them into

tiny crumbs. Lara however was walking barefoot.  Carelessly she planted her feet

and Tina was amazed seeing that the sharp edges didn't cut her skin. Instead her

bare soles crushed the shells and she didn't feel any pain.

Tina shook her head, "How can you walk

barefoot on these sharp shells?" she asked.

"I hardly feel them. Why bother to slip on

my sandals?"

"I couldn't walk on that stuff, I would

have my feet cut into pieces!"

"Always the tender princess, huh?"

"Yeah, you chunky warrior princess!" Tina

returned the joke. But there was some amunt of truth in their words. Indeed Tina

was a small and tender 5'3" girl. Blond, blue eyes and very slim. Lena however

was 6'4 with a firm body. Short black hair and a nice tanned skin. She had some

muscles hidden beneath her smooth skin. The only proof of her well trained

muscles where her graceful movements. Gracefull or not - most boys didn't see

her gracefullness as their eyes were long before drawn away by an impressive set

of - boobs. And both girls knew very well that there was no other name for the

proud things Lara carried along.

The girls strode across the beach to spend

a nice day with sunbathing and boy-watching. Tina was wearing a pink bikini,

Lara a black one. Each girl had a beach towel in one hand. Tina carried a small

bag with some food and cokes. As small as it was it seemed a little heavy for

such a tender little girl. Most of the time the friends spent together Lara was

the one who carried their things around. But Lara liked walking barefoot on the

sand. "Eeek, Lara! No way I will carry around your stinky shoes!" Tina had

commented, "Aaaah, the candidate choose to carry the heavy, loaded bag for

herself!" was Laras answer as she took her black wooden slides. The girls threw

jokes at each other all the time and Tina had known before that she would end up

with the heavy bag. But joking about Laras huge size eleven feet was something

she didn't want to miss for the rest of her life.

Tina's jokes about her feet wouldn't bother

Lara. Buying shoes however did and often enough her search for one pair of

hiheeled eyecatchers ended with Tina buying a carload of them. 

Soon the girls left the shell pieces behind

them. They looked for a nice place near the water and spread their towels. Tina

kicked off her flipflops. "Ouch! Damn, that sands already hot!" Tina muttered

and quickly stepped onto her towel. She kneeled down and tried to grab her

flipflops. But before she could reach them Lara kicked them even farther away.

Loughing she dropped her slides in front of Tina, "Oh, poor princess - is the

sand that hot? Wanna wear these to cross the huge desert?"

"What kind of skin do you have on beneath

your feet? Camel? Elephant?" Tina loughed. Then she played along and stepped

into Lara's slides. She looked like stepping into boats. Laras black slides were

made of wood with a single strap above the toes and a   rounded two inch heel.

Tina's tiny and delicate feet could impossibly fill the huge footwear. The heel

sunk into the soft sand and Tina made some tumbling steps. They both loughed

like crazy when Tina toppled over her own feet and fell flat into the sand.

Lara easily helped her to her feet again

and carried her through the desert towards the safety of the towel. Then she

grabbed all four shoes and dropped them next to their bag. Finally the two girls

spread on their towels to watch the beach life and get a nice tan. Tina spread

her towel on the seaside while Lara preferred the landside.  With the sun in

their backs they could calmly watch the boys coming along while everyone looking

at them was blinded by the sun.

After an hour of jokes and giggling they

lathered themselves with another dose of sun lotion to have a little nap in the

sun. Tina woke up first. Something had changed - it was suddenly completely

silent. No waves crashing in the distance, no guys playing volley ball. No

children shouting or girls giggling. She was laying on her stomach and blinded

by the bright sunlight. The only thing she could see was the fabric of her towel

where her body left some shadow. She turned around to find out where the waves

had gone.

What she saw made her shake her head in

disbelief. The seashore was still there. But it was nearer than before and

started to wet the edge of her towel. The crashing waves where still there. The

reason she didn't hear anything was that the waves rose hardly as high as the

quarter of an inch. The formerly endless beach was now just little larger than

her towel. Between her and Lara's towel was the seaside lane along with hotels,

beachclubs and everything. A few colored dots moved along the road.

"Laraa!" she shouted. But Lara didn't move and Tina was afraid to reach across

the road and shake her."Lara, wake up! Goddamn!" That was enough. Lara, who was

laying on her back, opened her eyes and squinted because of the bright sun.

"What's up? Tsunami coming?" she muttered.

"Lara, this is impossible. Look at the


"What ground", Lara grumbled. Then she

rolled around to look at whatever sensation Tina had found this time.

Tina however was sitting there, mouth

agasp, and watching as a voluptuous D-cup boob covered with a little triangle of

black fabric shifted with the rolling body and settled on the great Mariana

Hotel. Before the breast found enough support to change its soft form the

building's structure was overloaded and the whole building collapsed until the

breast finally settled on the ground. A small dustcloud played around the fabric

of Lara's bikini top. Everything else had vanished from sight beneath her heavy


Tina covered her open mouth with her left

and pointed towards Lara's left breast with her right. She was still unable to


Lara finally looked down. At first she was

just astonished to find something different from sand. Then she started to think

about the position of her left breast. Raising on her elbow she slowly lifted

her flesh from the road.

"Oops." she whispered."Tina, what's going

on here?"

It took some time until Tina could speak.

But it didn't matter to Lara as she looked guiltily at the huge rounded

indentation in the ground  between their towels. When she lowered her breasts on

the soft sand she expected to leave some one inch valleys there. This valley was

only half an inch deep. But considering the size of those tiny sunscreens on

that tiny demlished building with its northern wall slipped down into the crater

and all other walls burst away under the cracked ceiling - with her casual

movement Lara had left a 20ft crater where a 150ft hotel had been before.

The question if all of this was real was

quickly answered as they could watch some tiny insect like figures at a height

of 1/8 inch move around between the debris an on the road. Tiny cars, not even

half of an inch in length, speed away to leave the road. Carefully Lara turned

her head to her right. The city was there. With its hundreds of roads and


"We've grown!", Lara whispered.

"Look at the damage. Who can ever pay this?

You have ruined millions!", Tina whispered.

"Millions? Who cares! Are you brave enough

to look beneath your towel? The beach was filled with people!" Lara answered.

Tina had not been prepared for this idea.

Slowly she lifted the towel. A few rows of flattened sunscreens appeared. But

between them a handfull of people limped away, some running, some obviously

injured. Tina raised more of the towel. Finally she uncovered an area that had

been under her left arm when she had been sleeping. A mixture of dark reddish

splotches and flattened beach accessories appeared.

The girls looked at each other. They were

helpless. Some fear was in the back of their eyes. Finally Tina said,"But we

didn't do anyting! I was asleep. I could feel nothing!"

It took Lara some seconds to answer, "I

think fate left us here in a strange situation. What shall we make out of it?"

"Make of it? We can't move! Where will you

go? Everywhere are houses, roads, people!"

"Tina, can you see anyone trying to contact

us and tell us what top secret experiment has gone wrong right now on our butts?

I don't see anyone and I can't just sit around here and wait what will happen."

"Lara,  don't leave me alone out here!"

"You will have to come with me then."

"Where to?"

Lara needed to persuade her quickly and

found only one possibility. "Look, if this happens to us again the whole town

will just vanish. We should keep some distance."

Lara had never hoped that this one would

hit the bulls eye.

"Oh my god! You are right, come on, quick,

who knows what's going on here?"

Tina got up quickly. Lara took a little

more time.

"As the roads are hardly broad enough to

take my pinky toe I suppose we have to clean our own path, right?", Tina asked.

Lara just nodded. Tina however thought of

the many sharp edges on all of these roofs she grabbed her flipflops and slid

her feet in.

"What about your leather skin? Want to

protect the town from your smelly feet?", she asked Lara who was just stepping

into her slides.

"Sand is one thing," she answered, "but

dirt and oily cars is another."

The girls looked at each other. Then away,

then back at each other. They couldn't help but start loughing. They knew it was

impossible to lough in a situation like this but they just couldn't help.

"Oily cars...huhu, haha!" Tina stammered

within giggling salvos.

"Yea, wanna see?" Lara smiled back.

Tina stopped giggling. "No, you wouldn't,

would you?"

Instead of an answer Lara raised her right

foot with the wooden slide over the road where a yellow car was just leaving

clouds of burned rubber to get away. Maybe she had not really been ready to do

it but within two seconds the car would've been out of reach.  The wooden slide

dangled from her foot and without the time to think about it she lowered her


The tip of the round two inch heel was

about half an inch in diameter. After her growth this half inch meant twenty

foot and the car was smaller than that. Maybe Lara had planned to stop the car

with the heel of her slide. But as her slide was dangling from the toestrap it

was difficult to aim it at the speeding car. A tiny crunch could be heard as the

rear edge of the heel impacted with the hood of the car. The car was ground to a

halt and the hood flattened under the weight of the giant shoe. The windscreen

shattered into thousands of pieces and half a second later the side windows did

the same.

Tina thought about her jokes before she

spoke them. But this time she was not sure about that because she heard herself

say, "I don't see any oil."

Realizing what she had just suggested made

her gasp. But at the same time she saw Lara lowering the heel of her barefoot

onto the heel of her shoe. A short and determined but still soft movement was

all it took and with a slight crunch the car collapsed beneath Laras heel. Tiny

squirts wetted the brittling street as the car was pressed flat and crushed five

foot deep into the tarmac.

The girls where biting their lips. They saw

to well that only one of the squirts was dark brown. The other two were - red!

Tina was the first who found words. "Lara,

I don't think you ever needed to. But as small as I am I alwasy knew that fear -

walking, alone, in the dark. And I've always dreamed of beeing strong enough to

fear nothing. Is this a dream come true for me? Did you fear them as you did


Lara looked at her. Of course she looked

down. Like always Tina was one head shorter. Since she was thirteen she was too

large to fear anyone else. But she knew how Tina felt everyday until now.

"No, Tina, I did not. I was never afraid of

people smaller than me."

Now it was Lara who couldn't belief what

dangerous words had come across her lips. She swallowed hard.

"I want to know", Tina said. She looked

down at the road again. The cars had had more than enough time to speed away.

But the road was filles with the tiny moving dots they knew to be people. People

Tina had feared minutes ago. Now she lifted her foot over the road and she could

see she was the one to be feared now. And she loved to be feared. In the shadow

of her foot she saw the people completely panic. Some were aimlessly running

around, confusing others who had found a direction to escape to.

She hesitated a moment. She loved their

fear to much to end it so quickly. Then she realized that there where more of

them who should also fear her. With that thought she stepped down. She didn't

stomp nor did she grind her foot. She just stepped there knowing well that the

weight of her flipflop alone was enough to squish those people.

"Wow, Lara, I never felt that powerfull. I

feel so great destroying them so effortlessly. Even stepping on them is a waste

of power considering how weak they are!"

Looking down again she raised her foot and

looked at the tiny red splotches in her shoeprint. Her weight had caused an

imprint with a depht of  fourty feet. Cracks radiated out in all directions and

a broad ring of destroyed buildings surrounded it.

Holding her foot in the air already, Tina

moved it towards another hotel building.

Hesitating she looked at Lara. "I want to

know how this feels. What did you feel when your boob crushed the Mariana?"

"A little brittle.Like sand", Lara answered

with a husky voice.

Kerrrunch made the building as Tina lowered

her foot. Both girls looked at the small dustcloud that came out from beneath

Tinas pink flipflop. She wriggled er toes.

"Oh Lara, that felt so great. I want more

of this!", and she stepped over on Lara's towel to embrace her friend.

Lara was surprised. But she felt more than

exited to watch her friend experiencing these strong feelings.

"Do you feel that this is my dream come

true? Will you come with me? Will you enjoy with me?", Tina asked.

"What Do you mean?", Lara asked hesitant.

"This is the most impossible thing.

Completely irrational. So we don't need to act rational. My greatest fear was

beeing raped by them. Now I want to turn the tables. I want to rape them! Will

you come with me?"

Lara thought about it. Maybe two seconds.

Maybe five. She didn't answer. Instead she looked into Tina's eyes and blindly

stepped into the city that was spread out before them. Both girls felt a joyfull

shiver as they heard the crunch of tiny buildings beneath wooden footwear.

Tina smiled. Then she looked at the edge of

the towel. Spread between tiny patches of grass and small tree groups were the

expensive houses of the rich. Only a handfull had two stories so that the roof

would rise a little higher than the pink soles of her flipflops.  Blue

ractangles, the largest ones about the size of her pinky toenail catched her

eye. The rich and beautiful enjoyed the heat of the day next to the cool water

of their pools. She could see them as tiny dots. Some on the green and some in

the water. She knew that she was watched.  But she also knew she was beautiful.

And she enjoyed the stares despite being able to see the people's faces. She

smiled amd rose her right foot from the towel. Slowly she moved it forward

enlighting in the view of the tiny dots moving in panic. The rear edge of her

flipflop was sliding across the towel. She didn't bother to lift it with some

toe pressure. She watched the pink material as it was lifted crossing the seam

of the towel. Then it dropped onto a small house. What little weight the beach

sandal presented to Tina it was enough to crush the luxurious estate

imidiately.  The roof and two walls imidiately turned into dust and splinters of

wood while the other walls fell flat onto the ground to be piled up by the

onmoving sole half a second later. Most of the house was ground into nothing

beneath Tinas flipflop and what was left was bulldozed and compacted into the

pool. The two tiny dots that produced two tiny red splotched remained unnoticed.

As far as Tina could see under her flipflop

she noticed some tiny fleeing dots. Watching them rose a thrill in her stomach

and she  was hesitant to end it. three or four seconds passed until she noticed

a few dots whoose furious flight might turn successful any moment. So she

finally lowered her foot. She didn't put any force behind that movement. She

just casually rested her foot there only part of the weight of her leg on it.

But nevertheless she felt the thrill of her

life in doing so. She felt the resistance of a handfull of houses and a number

of trees beneath her sandal. But the real thrill was to feel all resistance

break and the sole settle flat on the ground while knowing that she didn't use

any power to do so. She heard the crunch of the puny structures and she watched

the tread of her soles sinking into the ground. She realized that one flipflop

sandal alone would strain any highrise building to the limit, probably breaking

most of them anyway. And as her foot came to a rest the unbeleavable thrill

suddenly moved down and condensed in her crotch.

A small hiss, almost a husky moan escaped

her mouth. She knew very well that she had just crushed them. Many of them

unnoticed but some of them well identified as terrified humans. Now their

existance was gone, their lives had simply been displaced by the presence of her


"Lara, I can't help. This makes me horny",

she said and already lifted her left foot to repeat the experience. Lara watched

her stepping calmly on about a dozen small houses.

"Who would expect death to wear pink flip

flops?" she asked her friend.

"Why? It's much more death beneath the hard sole of your cruel wooden slides!"

was the answer.

They both looked at each others feet and

wriggled their toes. The sole of Lara's  right barefoot  made a slurping noise

as it lifted from the wood of her slide's insole. She spread her legs and trod

down another neighbourhood with it before she squatted on nher heels.

"Well, Tina, looking at my shoeprint I admit you're right. Death is wearing

black wooden slides!"

"Let me see," Tina answered and carelessly

trampled a few millions of property value as she turned over and bend down to

examine Laras shoeprint.

"Wow! That's true. Everything is totally

flat. Thats because there's no tread beneath your slides!"

"Yeah. Not like your soft and caring


"Wha? You mean my flipflop's weren't good enough to flatten these estates?" Tina

muttered stepping on another handful of houses to demonstrate.

"It's certainly no style to sqash those

million dollar estates with some five dollar beach sandals. Look at me!

Carefully polished toenails. Italian shoes. I can do it with style!". Lara rose

and poked her heel at a large villa, embedding it into the bottom ofa deep hole.

"Walking around all these pools my

flipflops are much more stylish than your runway shoes!", Tina answered. She put

her toes down and dragged it across the area, leaving a trail of destruction

that was easily 150 foot across.

"So you may stay with the pools. I will go

downtown!", Lara said.

"What? Downtown? Shopping? Oh puhleeze, can

I come with you?", Tina mocked.

With that they turned towards the city. But

they took their time. They advanced slowly, taking small steps, carefull to get

as many houses underfoot as possible. With each flattened house both girls felt

a thrill in their stomach. And when they felt the soles of their shoes settling

and sinking into the compacting ground the thrill condensed into wetness deep in

their aroused sexes.

Crunch - Crunch - Crunchkerrrunch...

Thousands of tiny houses, cars and people disappeared beneath the feet of the

two goddesses. People were running, screaming, driving madly, futily. When the

shadow came over them some tried to turn around. Only a few did fast enough to

see the dirty sole of a wooden slide or the purplish tread of a flipflop. None

of them managed to raise an arm in an attempt to hold of the crushing weight of

the girl above. One moment later they were sqashed flat, then compacted and

embedded into the surface of another giant shoeprint.


"Stop right there, young Ladies!" they

suddenly heard a voice. Searching the ground for the source of it they really

stopped. But they found nothing that could be the source of the voice. There was

no roadblock of tiny shiny police cars. But the voice was still there.

"You are hereby arrested for at least four

thousand cases of murder!"

"Oh," Lara's laughter was thunder against

the voice," I didn't feel any of them, did you Tina?"

"No, most certainly not. If we killed

someone I would surely know about it!"

"Uh... No... You..." the voice stuttered.

Suddenly there was a crack and another voice took over.

"Ladies, I politely ask you to leave the

private property you are standing in... uh... on! Please leave the city and take

care of every human, every animal and all other things as you leave."

"Hey, Mister, I am just following this

public road into the city to go shopping. If there is some private property it

was much to close to the roard anyway", Tina answered.

That gave the tiny voice something to think

and the girls some time to look for the origin of it.

"Ladies, please, I am sure you lived your

lives peacefully until now. You know the rules of humans living together. Please

have some consideration to the people around you."

"Ah, there you are!", Lara anounced.

Without hesitating she grabbed the helicopter buzzing at cleavage height in

front of her. Then she looked almost sadly as it squished away between her

fingers and made a tiny spark of fire.

"Ooops!" she said.

"Well, Lara, I think he was right. We

should keep to the rules", Tina suggested.

"What? Are you kidding me? You were the one

who stepped off the beach towel!"

"Yeah, I know. But the words I heard made me think. I will stick to the rules

from now on."

Lara almost attacked her for a catfight of

the mega-heavyweight class. But looking into Tina's eyes she saw those sparks of

mock in them. Her anger turned into a questioning smile.

"See, it's the town hall over there. Well,

I have to be excused and as this is a public building I thought I might use the

ladies room there."

Tina said that in a calm tone. Totally in earnest she turned towards the

building. Lara just couldn't help she broke into laughter. She stumbled,

stepping on more tiny houses in the process, then she sunk to her knees,

doubling over with window shattering laughter. Tina however straddled the town

hall. "Excuse me, Sir, where's the ladies room, please?" her voice thundered,

rattling the windows of the building. "Ah, yes, I can see. Thank you, Sir", she

said mockingly and squatted over the doomed building.  Carefully she peeled down

her bikini bottoms and dragged the straps into the grip between her thighs and

calves so it couldn't slide down and ruin her fun. Lara was watching all this, 

flooding houses with tears of loughter.

But squatting above the building it didn't

reach Tina's snatch. So she dropped a little forward, crushing her knees into

fresh and crunchy cityblocks. Then she wriggled her ass down between her heels

and finaly felt the touch of the building on her tender pussylips.

Easily she spread her pussylips and

carefully aimed her crotch until the roof  was slightly crumbling under the

touch of her peehole. With that she sighed and relaxed her keigles. Within a

millisecond the whole building exploded into a jet of piss. Tina's pee hit it

more forcefully than the independence day aliens hat hit the white house. The

pressure imidiately dug a fourty foot deep crater into the ground. The town hall

and many surrouding buildings turned into a muddy pee river that steamingly

washed away more and more houses as it spread across the city. Then, after

twenty seconds the roaring piss-jet ebbed away. Finally some ten thousand gallon

drops ended the deadly spectacle.

Nonchalantly Tina rose from her kneeling

position and dragged up her bikini bottoms.

"Wow," Tina cheered, " that was some

action! But wait, I can do better!"

Lara suddenly rose and made two quick steps until she straddled a small green

park. Her black bikini bottoms dropped at her ankles. Then she lowered herself

across the area. Her right hand disappeared beneath her legs and peeled open her

wet pussy. The men beneath her crotch had the sight of their live before they

were turned into a smear beneath Lara's womanhood. With a few grinding movements

she adjusted her position. Then she obbiously relaxed. But Tina couldn't see

anything taking place between Lara's legs.

But suddenly she watched a huge department

stor collapse all on itself. Half a second later and just a foot away on their

scale a whole skyscraper suddenly crumbled to the street. And then Tina watched

as tiny fountains erupted from the ground all across the city.

Foul smelling jets of piss erupted from the

ground, shooting smashed bodies into the air and mixing with billions of glass

sherds as the pressure tore up building facades.

Lara had directed her pee into the subway

tunnels. The unbelievable jet let whole subway trains squirt out of the subway

stations, the waggons totally flattened as the pressure had compacted the air

inside rather than displacing it.

To the girls it was a very amusing water

play. Suddenly the yellow fountains started to jump in a rhythm as Lara used her

keigles. Now it was time for Tina to hold her belly from loughter.

Finally the fountains jumped up for the

last time and Lara rose from the ground.

"Lara, that was the one and only thing to

do! What got this idea into your beautiful head?"

"Oh, I just saw that most of the public toilets wouldn't have enough capacity,

as you demonstrated. So I thougt to spread the load on the many public toilets

in the subway stations."

"Oh, you did very well. Every subway toilet

in the city took its part, I'm sure!"

Both girls fell into each others arms, loughing happily. But at the same moment

they felt the caressing softness of the other girls  bosom and it reminded them

of another kind of wetness that was flowing between their legs.

Lara pulled on Tinas bikini strings and

simultaneously Tina worked on the clasps of Lara's Bikini. Two seconds later

they parted from their embrace and four relatively small pieces of cloth dropped

to the ground.

Lazily but still in a very seductive manner

Lara kicked her wooden slides into a handfull of larger buildings, destroying

them completely.

"Come on", she said as she flattened a

cityblock with her right and a parking lot with her left barefoot.

"How can you walk barefoot on these sharp


"I like to feel them crunch. Why bother

with clumsy sandals?"

"I couldn't walk on that stuff, I would

have my feet cut into pieces!"

They both loughed again as they remembered

their dialogue this morning.

"OK, princess, let'S have fun!" Lara said

and kicked her foot into a skyscraper.

The building was imidiately turned into a

cloud of dust and concrete crumbs. A lift cabin shot out of it trailing smoke

behind and looking like the Chalanger canopy from another catastrophy. But this

time the life toll was quite different. As the young giantesses started their

play with the city even their smallest movements squashed people, flattened cars

or tore away whole buildings.

Like wreaking balls Tina's breasts rolled

over  cityblock after cityblock as she explored the city on all fours.  From

time to time she used her hard nipples to tear open some buildings before she

gently lowered her soft mounds of breastflesh on it to let it collapse beneath

one of her boobs. Lara had fun to carefully surround a skyscraper with her

cleavage. Slowly she inched forward, trying to fit the building into the cleft

between her prouldy hanging tits. But each time a clums jostle made one or the

other tit crush into the side of the building. The glistening facades turned

into a grey dust on her soft skin. She delighted in tiny people trying to find a

hold an her soft skin. Some of them jumped from the windows of the upper stories

only to end as tiny red splotches on her titflesh. But she cleaned her tits

easily by pressing and grinding her boobs together which even made the skyscaper

disappear. The lower stories that remained standing were then easily flattened

by her hand or or her knee as she moved on to the next block.

As Tina watched her tit roll across a road

with her nipple flattening a fleeing citybus into tinfoil she sensed the first

drop of honey falling from her pussylips. Quickly she looked down between her

breasts to the cityblock beneath her crotch to see a department store being hit

by her lovejuice. The building imploded under the heavy impact but the spreading

wetness chocked away even the slightest trace of smoke. She knew it was time for

another game as her boobs had seen enough action for now.

Realizing this Tina just lowered her body

in the very place she was. All over her body she felt the thrill of things

giving way to her glorious body. Especially the things that crushed and crumbled

beneath her pussy enlighted her.

She rose an all fours again and moved to a

fresh area of city. Now she aimed her pussy at a mob-filled street. Lovering

only her hips she dragged her wet womandhood along the road, crushing everything

in her path and bulldozing a lively heap along with her crotch. Readjusting her

position she brought her pussy down again and dragged the bloody heap for

another four hundred feet. The squirming mass of people, living , halfly sqashed

or already dead mixed with car wrecks and building debris. Lost in the play the

reckless giantess brought her pussy down again. Thousands were sqashed against

her pussylips. Blood erupted everywhere and the sreams even reached the ear of

the giantess. But it was only worth to arouse her even more. Another stroke took

the living mass forward. As the titanic cunt rose into the sky again her pubic

hair was twitching with doomed live. A bloodly pulp had found entry into her

pussy and enlighted her with some very few victims notably squirming inside of

her and around her swollen clit. Then out of nowhere her finger appeared and

sqashed out gallons of displaced lovejuice as it entered her pussy. She was so

hot and ready it took only ten seconds. With a final stroke she tore away her

hand, caressing her clit on the way out. She came and at the same moment she

crushed her cunt onto the piled up mass of her subjects. Shouting her orgasm she

ground her pussy against them, crushed, crunched, flattened and smeared them in

her lustfull thrusts. With a high shriek her arms couldn't support her and her

breasts flattening more victims gave the enlightening last wave of her orgasm.

Lazily Tina rested on the ground, still

slowly grinding her pussy in the warm wetness. Filled with joy she watched Lara

who was just on her way to a similar experiance.

It had been the highest skyscraper of all.

Now it was just enough to fullfill her sexual needs. Waves of sticky pussyjuice

ran down the building. Lara had straddled and squatted down on it. Now she

caressed the skyscraper with her wet pussylips, coating it with love juice. She

didn't care for friction as the building was already completely drenched in her

wetness and her womanly scent. Her juices had already blocked every entrance

with a twelve foot layer of pussyjuice. And now finaly she felt ready to do it.

She dropped her knees to the ground and adjusted her pussy above the tip of the

skyscraper. In a slow rhythm she lowered her glistening and swollen pussylips

towards the building, but she let almost twenty seconds pass before she finally

touched it. Groaning the radio mast atop the building crumpled and flattened as

it tried to penetrate her soft inner lips. But even this most tender barricade

was much too strong for the metal. Instead it arouse a lustful moan from the

giantess and created enough lust in her to start the real part of her play.

Paying no heed to the stability of the

structure Lara brought down her steaming pussy. With brute force her pussylips

impacted with the building, compacting four crumbling storeys before they

finally parted and gave way. Within no more than three seconds Lara completely

engulfed the skyscraper inside of her cunt. Lovejuice squirted everywhere until

finally her outer lips made a thunderous touchdown on cars and fleeing people

around the building.  "Oohooh", she thundered and, "Uuuuhh", she made as she

lifted her pussy from it. Carefully she waited until only four or five storeys

remained inside of her. She hesitated to have a look. Every single window of the

building had been crushed inward by the pressure of her wetness and the rooms

behind those windows where already completely flooded with her cum. Then she

came down on it again. The whole city, or at least what wa left of it now, shook

violently. Then she let go of all restraints and fucked herself with the

skyscraper like hell.

Thrust after thrust her eager pussy made.

And with each an unstoppable blob of cum invaded room after room of the

building. Her slimy juice spread the odor of sex inside the building. Walls

broke and where pushed aside by the advancing wetness. Whatever living beeing

got caught in it  drowned in the sticky mess. Large parts of the building broke

away. People who where fighting for air the moment before where then squished

into bloodbubbles by the mighty pussywalls.  And still the pace got faster and

faster. The lights that wondrously were still lit flickered and suddenly a most

lustfull but to the trapped people bloodcurling moan could be heard.  The last

bubbles of air compacted by another flood of cum and at the same moment the

building broke up completely. Screams turned into bubbles,  the building

disintegrated and at the same moment the giantess' cunt muscles gripped it with

her orgasm.

With a muffled but audible 'CERRRRUNNCH!'

Lara crushed the building inside her cunt. She felt each crumpling support as a

lustfull tingle within that mere half of a second the building flattened und was

ground into nothing between the walls of her cunt.

"YEAH!", she shouted and rolled on her

back. Kicking and stomping her feet she rode the tingle of orgasm. Then she

relaxed.  The formerly proud skyscraper with all of her tiny lustslaves inside

was gone now. She couldn't feel it any more. A few last waves of orgasm

accompanied by a few more clenches of her cunt muscles made the dissolved

remains of the building squirt out with her pussyjuice.

After a few minutes Lara's eyes found Tina.

"Wow, what a nice day. That was more fun than any day on the beach before."

With that she rose and took the few steps

towards her slides. She enjoyed the crunch of a few relatively unharmed

buildings beneath her bare feet and her toes. She even took the time to try to

feel a greyhound bus beneath her big toe but it was too weak and squished away

mostly unfelt. Quickly she slid her feet into her slides and finally started to

step on the last few houses. Tina joined her and together they sountered across

the remains of the city. Half an hour later not a single car was moving. Maybe a

few human souls hid between the debris but those were too small to matter to the

giantesses. Feeling careless about their nudit they just grabbed their bikinis

and walked of into the sunset...


The End

(for now)

Written by Hedin, 2002






































































Giantess Stories: Tina and Lara

Thousands of tiny shell-pieces were spread out on the wet sand. The wind had Crunch - Crunch - Crunchkerrrunch... Crunch - Crunch - Crunchkerrrunch...    



Giantess Stories: Tina and Lara

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Giantess Stories: Tina and Lara

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