Giantess Stories: Tiny Samson

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                                Tiny Samson

                                 (Part I)




                                 Leo Fosse



        He awoke, but

he didn't know where.  The room was dark, only lit by

a distant blur of

light at eye level, very faint and producing no noticeable

heat. His one

overriding sensation was cold.  Curled in a fetal position, his

teeth chattering, his

own skin felt chill to his touch, the only thing colder

was the hard metal

floor beneath him; his skin was so bereft of the warmth of

living tissue, he

wondered if he was dead.  This certainly did not match the

famous near death

experiences.  The light in front of him was neither warm

nor inviting; perhaps

he had slept through it, and the welcome wagon got

bored, leaving him in

this cold hell for eternity.


        He tried to

wiggle his feet, but instead felt sickening pain coming

from his ankles.  Any

attempt to move any part of his body resulted in

similar stabs from his

frozen joints; his only unparalyzed body parts were

his jaw, which moved

enough to let his teeth chatter, and his eyes which

searched the dimly lit

freezer for any information.  He realized his lungs

must be working, since

breath was forming frozen clouds before his face, and

he could hear his own

slow heartbeat.


        The far off

door opened and light flooded the room; his eyes sent

messages of pain to

his brain.  He tried to scream, but through his shivering

mouth the only sound

that came out sounded like a small dog trying to bark

while dreaming, a

pathetic cross between a growl and a yip.


        The sound made

him open his eyes, the rumble of footsteps approaching

quickly.  Something on

two legs was approaching him, something very, very

big.  His eyes,

unaccustomed to the light, squinted to protect themselves,

and still unable to

move his head, he peered sideways, but he was only able

to see up to the

massive calf of the monster walking toward him.  Trying to

turn his neck produced

a new stab of pain, and the little man decided to

close his eyes and

accept whatever miserable fate awaited him.


        Two giant

hands slid under his body, cradling him in his frozen fetal

ball.  It hurt the

little man every time the giant took a step, the rumble of

the huge footfalls

shaking him and his brittle frozen joints.  The only even

slightly positive

sensation was the warmth and softness of the giant hands

that held him, so much

more comfortable than the frigid floor on which he

awoke.  He opened his

eyes slightly, and saw a thumb bigger than his forearm

in front of his face. 

He could barely focus, but this bizarre enormous digit

transfixed him

completely.  Try as he might, he could only stare at the thing

or close his eyes



        Soon, the

walking stopped, and the hands holding him lowered.  The

next sensation hurt

for only a moment, and then brought some relief.  The

shock of the wetness

faded almost immediately, and then came the warmth.  The

giant hands propped

his little body up so that his mouth was above water, and

still able to breathe,

the rest of his frozen body now immersed in a warm and

sweet smelling bath. 

He opened his eyes to see where he was, but focusing

was still difficult,

and the wisps of steam produced when his frigid form was

placed in the warm

pool made the world a blur.  He could tell the giant was

moving away, satisfied

that the little man was safe in the tiny pool.


        The warm water

was relieving the feeling of pain he felt in the

joints he had tried to

move, but sometimes the memory of intense pain makes a

person cautious to the

point of fearfulness.  He decided to try something

less dramatic.  He

remembered when a friend got in an accident, and the

doctor first wanted to

check if the patient could wiggle his toes.  He tried

and he could.  Next he

tried to open his hands and close them again.  This

was tougher, but it

didn't hurt like before, just an occasional twinge. 

Soon, the little man

in the warm water was stretching his body out to its

full - if not very

impressive - height. 


        It was good to

have control of his body again.  He was a professional

athlete, and quite a

remarkable specimen; his underwear ads made a very big

splash, and he had

lost count of how many women had asked him to sign one of

the posters.  "Sign on

the biceps" they would ask boldly, or sometimes

blushing "Sign it down

there... on the thigh."  He would smile politely as

they giggled

nervously, or bit their lower lip.


        He tried to

remember how he got here, but everything was a blank. 

His last memory was...

was it driving?  Yes, he thought, I was driving, but

where?  What was I

doing before?  Where was I going?  Where was I coming from

and when did I leave? 

No answers came to these questions; it was like he had

a dream he was



        Now he was

here, wherever that was.  His guess was he was on another

planet, or had been

taken prisoner and was the subject of some strange

experiment.  None of

this made sense, but sitting in the water he knew he

really was in some

vast room, built to giant scale, soaking in a pool of warm

water that was most

likely a sink for the colossal beings that inhabited the



        A sink, he

wondered, or a cooking pot?  There was a scent in the

water, pleasant, not

quite sweet, almost like a spice or an herb.  Cloves, he

thought?  He noticed

the water was getting warmer.  He remembered the old

chestnut about a

lobster in a pot, getting warmer by degrees, unable to

notice the danger

until it was too late.  He climbed out of the warm bath and

onto the counter,

trying to figure how to make his escape from this kitchen

of doom. 


        It was a not a

difficult drop to the floor, maybe only ten feet or

so, but before he

could make good on his poorly conceived escape plan, the

giant who carried him

in returned.  Make that a giantess, he realized.  His

captor gasped at

seeing him out of the sink, and moved toward him, speaking

some language unknown

to him.  For a moment, he thought she might be gasping

at his tremendous

physique, but the tone of her voice sounded like she was

scolding him.  She

towered over him, her long legs finishing slightly higher

than the counter top

level, her head, shoulders and breasts well above his

eye level.  She

grabbed him with one hand around his ribcage and dipped him

slowly back in the

water, cooing at him to reassure him that he should be

happy doing what she

was quite capable of forcing him to do in any case.


        He sunk back

into the pool, and his enormous attendant knelt down so

only her head and

shoulders where above the sink level, resting her forearms

on the counter top and

her chin on the back of her hands.  She was pretty,

in an odd sort of way,

he thought, a long thin face with big brown eyes.  Her

long hair was pulled

back in a ponytail, with a few wispy strands framing her

face, making her look

sexually available despite her crisp businesslike

uniform.  If she were

his size, he probably wouldn't give her a tumble.  He

had his criteria for

the women he dated, which was "Baywatch or better";

since he was drop dead

gorgeous, he only dated women who were drop dead

gorgeous.  This woman

was a little too small breasted, and her face was not

cover girl perfect. 

Still, he wished she would stand up so he could get

another look at those

thirteen foot long legs.


        She stared at

him intently, unnervingly.  Staring at someone is an

aggressive act; when a

man stares at a strange woman, he usually only wants

one thing, and it's

often the same when a woman stares at a man.  Of course,

the little man was an

athlete and a celebrity on his planet, and a remarkable

specimen on any

planet.  Might as well give his public a thrill, he thought,

and he struck a pose. 

His left arm stretched straight at a high, heroic

angle, his right arm

cocked to show his biceps and back muscles to greatest

effect, his pecs firm

and rounded, his rippled abs rising slowly out of the

warm water.


        The giant

young woman tried stifle a giggle, but could not.  She

began to laugh and

could not quite stop herself.  The little man reddened in

anger and

embarrassment, and trying to make amends, the giantess cooed and

smiled at him, and

reached a giant hand toward him.  She first dipped her

huge hand in the warm

water, and touched his tiny hand gently with her long

fingertips.  She moved

her hand slowly inside his personal space, and he

could gauge the

incredible size difference between them better.  Her hand,

from the base of her

palm to the tip of her finger, was longer than his

entire arm.  She

reached his shoulder easily and seemed to be reaching behind

him.  He raised his

arm in a bodybuilder pose, but she bent his arm back down

effortlessly with the

edge of her palm.  She reached behind his back and

gently grabbed the

object of her interest, the long ponytail that grew to the

middle of his back. 

She hummed in satisfaction as she stretched his hair

out, amazed at the

length of his wavy locks.  She took the long tresses and

draped them over his

left shoulder, then placed them across his throat like a

necklace and back

behind him over his right shoulder.  She made pleasant

sounds, and he could

only assume she was complimenting him in her language,

still completely

unknown to him.


        A buzzer went

off, and an animating electronic device high above the

sink froze.  He

guessed it must be some sort of timer, and just as quickly as

the sound went off,

the giantess plucked him from the warm water, saying

something that sounded

matter of fact.  The little fellow was unused to being

physically manipulated

so easily, and it both bothered him and excited him,

especially because his

captor was subtly attractive.  She wrapped his little

naked body in a large

warm cloth; he couldn't believe how quickly the alien

towel was removing the

excess moisture from his skin.  In a matter of seconds,

he felt dry to the

touch, and his enormous attendant whipped the cloth off of

him, and dried his

long hair in her huge hands, cooing at his pretty locks.


        Finally, she

stood up again, letting him see those stunning long legs

again.  "Doop!"  she

barked at him, and stood with her arms out and her feet

far apart.  "Doop!"

she repeated, and pointed at him.  He guessed she wanted

him to mimic her, and

he stood in a similar position.  She smiled broadly.

"Zhlee!"  she said,



        The little man

held the position as the titan walked over to another

counter and picked up

a large object, which looked something like a large,

old fashioned news

camera, except that it had many lenses, giving it a weird

look, like some

invertebrate predator.  She came back to the little man, and

aimed the device at

him.  When she clicked it on, he could see little red

dots of light on his

skin in several places.  Laser sights.


        The little man

curled in a fetal ball, unwilling to be the focus of

this alien object.  "Oko,

oko."  The giant woman chided, putting the camera-

like object down and

once again standing in the arms out, legs apart.  "Doop."

she commanded, and the

little man obeyed.  Once again, the laser sights were

aimed at him, and

though he shivered slightly with anxiety, the giantess

smiled at him, making

him feel that while it was inevitable that he obey, it

also might not be for

the worse.


        After a few

moments, the laser sights were turned off, and his

willowy attendant

removed a glowing capsule from the camera device, and then

placed the capsule in

wall outlet.  She spoke to him, he guessed reassuringly,

but he couldn't

understand a thing she was saying.  After a few minutes, a

bell rang and a little

door opened near the wall outlet.  She reached over

and picked up a small

beige jumpsuit, styled much like the one she wore, but

tailored for the tiny

man.  He climbed into his new clothes, which fit fairly

well.  The giant woman

then pulled out a new gadget, which looked like a

giant soldering gun. 

The little man backed away from her when she pointed it

at him and the barrel

glowed red, but the giantess touched the end with her

finger to show him

that it wasn't painful.  She began to touch his jumpsuit

with the glowing red

barrel, and wherever she touched him, the suit contoured

to his body.  Soon the

jumpsuit fit him very snugly indeed, but still with

surprising comfort and

freedom of movement.  She giggled a bit as she made

his tiny crotch snug

enough that little would be left to the imagination. 

The giantess then

handed him some tiny shoes that fastened from the toe to

the ankle with

something that must be like velcro, though he couldn't see

what was causing the

adhesion.  He was now dressed very much like she was,

except the she had a

blue insignia on her collar, while his was white.


        With one hand

around his ribcage, the giantess plucked the little man

from the counter and

put him on the floor; he had wanted a better view of her

incredible long legs,

but this was more than he had bargained for.  Her

fantastic shapely

calves were as tall as he was, and her long thighs towered

above him, meeting

suggestively at her crotch.  Her jumpsuit was nearly as

tight as his, and it

didn't take much imagination to mentally undress his

colossal companion. 

She put her hands on her hips, and he found this pose

very sexy.  She

snapped her fingers, which was surprisingly loud, and pointed

at him to stand behind

her.  He was happy to comply, as she had a remarkable

rear end, gently

rounded where her cheeks met the top of her towering legs.

His penis was

stiffening in his tight jumpsuit just looking at her. 


        She began

giving him orders to walk, then stop, to wait, then come to

her, to walk ahead,

then stop.  He felt sort of like a dog being trained.  He

hadn't really noticed

it until she had put him on the ground, but the gravity

on this planet was

considerably less than on Earth.  He could easily scamper

as quickly as his

trainer could walk with her super long legs.  He wondered

if dogs on this planet

sometimes got randy with their masters, and decided to

start panting like a

puppy, howling and yapping.  The giantess seemed to

understand the joke,

and clapped and laughed at his canine impersonation.  He

then grabbed her

beautiful calf, and began to hump it like a love starved

Pekingese.  "Oko!" 

she warned, but the little man then jumped up and grabbed

one of her big

gorgeous butt cheeks in his hands and playfully bit into her

warm soft flesh.


        "Oko!"  she

said sharply, and spanked the little man on his tiny

behind.  It stung him

deeply, and he realized she was no longer amused at his

antics.  Still, the

spanking did not diminish his erection.  Though he knew

she wasn't interested,

he was still very aroused in her presence.


        A voice came

over a public address system, and the giantess attendant

flustered slightly. 

She bent down on one knee and began speaking very

earnestly to the

little man, and though he didn't actually understand her,

he assumed this was a

"straighten up and fly right, and while you're at it,

lose the erection"

speech, and the tiny man nodded sheepishly and did his

best to think about

less arousing things than his keepers' long legs and

spectacular rear end.


        The oddly

matched couple walked out of the room and strode

purposefully through a

huge hallway, where giants gawked and pointed at the

tiny man.  He should

have expected that everyone on this planet was a giant,

and even "little"

people would be twenty feet tall or more, but the reality

of a crowd of colossal

people was more than a little upsetting.  He was going

to have to get used to

staring into the knees of his massive captors.


        The tiny man

and his long tall keeper stopped at a door, and she

straightened her

uniform and hair; clearly, this was their destination, and

she was more than a

little nervous.  Everyone made him a little nervous on

this huge world, so he

didn't see any reason for concern.  She gestured for

him to walk behind her

slowly, and he did as he was told.  The door opened

onto a long stairway

leading up.  His trainer began walking upstairs, and the

little fellow hopped

easily up the stairs, each one about two feet high.  It

was easy enough

walking slower than the giant woman, but watching her walk

upstairs presented

another problem, or the same old problem.  Her ass swayed

in an achingly

beautiful way as her legs climbed the stairs.  He knew better

than jumping up and

giving her a squeeze, but his cock could not help but

salute her as her

cheeks rubbed against each other seductively over and over

again.  She was

ignoring him now, as whoever was in the room above them was

obviously much more

important than he was; this neglect turned him on even

more, giving him

permission to think any erotic thought that entered his

dirty little mind.


        As they

climbed the stairs, the room they were entering was becoming

more visible, and it

was a huge hall, even by giant standards.  Crowds of

beautifully dressed

people stood on both sides of the pathway that lead to

a raised stage where

the obviously very important people were.  Guards in

bright blue uniforms

stood in front of the crowds at either sides, and they

seemed to be the only

giants in the entire crowd who weren't giggling and

buzzing at the little

visitor.  He was blushing like a beet, realizing that

his erection was

painfully obvious to all these giant gawkers, and he was

likely being lead to

meet some incredibly important person on this planet.

Well, he thought,

knowing it was too late now; nothing like making a good

first impression.


        The little man

and his giant attendant walked up the stairs to the

raised stage; he did

his best to ignore her perfect rear end, though it made

little difference

now.  He saw a very tall man with a perfectly trimmed beard

and moustache, the

only person with any facial hair in the group in front of

him.  He wore a

brilliant red uniform that shone like satin, and a cape that

appeared to be made of

some soft white fur.  The attendant knelt down on one

knee, and the little

man realized it would be a good idea to do the same. 

The giant in red

smirked at the little man's sign of respect.


        "Welcome to my

planet, my little friend.  I am Rakelin Prime, ruler

of this place.  Who do

I have the honor of addressing?"


        "Sir, my name

is Robert Louis Olavson, from the planet Earth."


        "Robert Louis

Olavson?  I'm afraid there must have been some mistake.

We were looking for a

fellow named Mighty Samson."


        The little man

blushed.  "No, sir, no mistake.  That is my stage

name."  He thought it

was a little funny that he brought to some distant

planet, and his

reputation was still as a professional wrestler.


        "Behold, my

friends, The Mighty Samson!" said Rakelin Prime, and the

crowd roared in

laughter.  "The conqueror of Deadly Nightshade, and the

vanquisher of the Vise

Grip of the Tax Collector.  A champion of an entire



        The crowd

began to chant his name like the crowds at wrestling

matches.  "Sam-son! 

Sam-son!"  they roared and laughed in something

approaching approval

and defining derision.


        "We love your

adventures here; so entertaining."  the king said to

his puny guest, and

The Mighty Samson smiled weakly back.  "Some of us have

even learned your

language from the broadcasts, so we could converse.  Let me

introduce you to some

members of my family.  Daughters; come meet the Mighty




incredible visions of beauty, giantesses all, came forward from

the group that stood

behind the ruler.  Samson could not believe his eyes;

not that he was

surprised that they were gorgeous, but each was so different

from the others.  His

jaw dropped as he stared up at them.


        "First, my

youngest, Darcilya.  She is to be wed in less than a

month's time, and her

first born will rule the planet some day." 



stepped forward, dressed in a long flowing gown with a high

neckline.  She was as

slender and graceful as any woman he had ever seen, at

least she would be if

she was five and half feet tall instead of over twenty

feet tall.  Her

gorgeous curly red poured over her silky white shoulders as

she bent down to greet

the little visitor.  She offered her huge hand to him,

and giggled girlishly

as he kissed it.


        "Does 'Mighty'

mean very strong, Mr. Samson?"


        "Yes it does,

Miss Darcilya."


        The crowd

gasped a little.  "You will address members of my family as

'majesty', Mighty

Samson."  said the king.


        "Forgive me. 

Mighty means strong, majesty."



smiled at his quick obedience.  "You are forgiven, my new

little friend.  But on

this planet, maybe you should have a new name.  We

could call him 'Tiny

Samson', father.  Wouldn't that make more sense?"  The

court chuckled in

approval, and Rakelin Prime smiled and nodded.  Darcilya

rose to her full

height and walked back behind her father.


        "My second

daughter, An'yash, is the Keeper of the Royal Guard." 

Samson could see the

oldest daughter sneer slightly at this title, as a huge

blonde stepped

forward, dressed in what looked like a gold cheerleader's

outfit, very tight and

very revealing.  She walked in a way that emphasized

her enormous bustline,

and walked up to Tiny Samson in a way that put him in

her shadow.  She

didn't bend down to greet him, instead putting her foot

forward.  He groveled

and bent to the ground and kissed her shoe.


        "I don't see

why we should have to meet this one, father.  He

obviously cannot be

expected to pass the tests you will set for him."  She

said, without even the

slightest attempt to conceal her contempt.


        "An'yash, my

dear, we cannot say that until the trial is over.  Until

such time, he is our

guest and we will treat him accordingly."  She turned on

her heel and walked

away from the puny visitor.


        "And last, but

certainly not least, is Ronjadi, my direct heir.  In

only a few years, she

will rule this planet in my stead."



dressed in a green uniform similar in design to her father's.

She had a beautiful

dark complexion and luxurious black hair, swept up on her

head to resemble a

crown.  Her build was also impressive, but in a muscular

way; she looked to be

in the kind of shape that fitness models or some female

bodybuilders are in. 

"Not too soon, father; you are still young and capable." 

She said graciously,

as she stepped forward to meet the tiny guest.  She

leaned forward and

offered her giant hand; Tiny Samson had to stand on

tiptoes to reach it

and kiss it gently.  "You must forgive my sister, Tiny

Samson.  She is used

to barking orders to soldiers.  Welcome to our planet."


        "Thank you,

majesty.  It is a thrill and an honor." 


        Ronjadi smiled

and raised an eyebrow slightly suggestively.  "I think

we all know that you

are thrilled."


        "Quite so,

daughter, you have anticipated my wishes.  I do not mean

to be inhospitable,

Tiny Samson, but given your... demeanor, I must forbid my

daughters to have

anything to do with you."  Rakelin Prime commanded, staring

rather pointedly at

Samson's still noticeable erection.


        "Forgive me,

majesty, I mean no disrespect to your daughters or any

of the women on your



        "Oh, I'm sure

it's some sort of courtesy on your planet, but here we

prefer such displays

in private."  The court smirked and nodded to one



        "I noticed

that the woman who dressed me did not speak English."


        "Why should

she?  She only had to bathe you, dress you and get you to

walk here, something

she accomplished without speaking your language." 

Rakelin Prime spoke

something in his language to the attendant, who replied.

The crowd began

talking among themselves, not very approvingly.  Samson was

sure that the woman

was relaying the ass grabbing incident.  "Is your

behavior towards this

young woman a sign of respect on your planet?"


        "I apologize,

your majesty, I don't know what got into me.  I think

your planet's lesser

gravity has affected me in some way."  He bowed to his

attendant, who giggled

slightly; no one bowed to any but royalty on this

planet, and she was

certainly not royal.


        "I have heard

similar stories before from beings from other planets;

I can only say that

ignorance of the laws of gravity is no excuse."  There

was hearty laughter

from a few of the giants who had learned enough English

to understand the

king's joke.  "I can forgive you this once, but I do not

want to hear of

another such incident.  Since you obviously have not been

harmed physically by

your journey, I think you are ready to meet your first



        The king and

some of his party began to walk off the podium, and Tiny

Samson followed them;

all the subjects bowed their heads as Rakelin Prime

passed.  Samson was

sorry to see that none of his daughters was in the group

of advisers with the

king, but then again there was nothing he could do, or

dare do, to any of

these giant young women.  His name was already mud on this Process

planet, and he had

barely been here an hour.


        The king's

party left the grand hall and walked through the corridor

to another large room,

which Samson concluded must be a preschool of some

sort.  Giant children,

all of them at least ten feet tall and few of them

older than toddlers,

were playing and screaming and running around like crazy

people, or more

accurately, like young children.  It was more than a little

frightening to Tiny

Samson, who became a focus of attention, like a new puppy

or kitten.  These

babies were huge, even bigger than his old nemesis Titanic

Terrance, a slow and

clumsy seven and a half foot tall Irishman who wasn't

much of a wrestler,

but had a terrific personality and very loyal fans.  It

was a standing joke on

the wrestling circuit that Titanic Terrance's fans

would hurt you more on

the way back to the dressing room than Terrance ever

could in the ring. 

These children, on the other hand, looked as if they

could wreak havoc all

on their own without any help; Samson's heart raced as

he wondered what his

test would be.


        One of the

children - a big, healthy boy about three years old who

was among the crowd of

kids fascinated with Tiny Samson - was picked up by an

attendant and taken to

a smaller room, and the king, his advisors and the

miniature guest

followed.  The boy was a little distressed at first, but when

he saw Tiny Samson

following, he squealed happily and waved.  Samson smiled

at the boy, but turned

on his heel when a block sailed over his head.  One of

the children behind

him had thrown it, and yelped and clapped when he got any

response from his tiny

target.  There wasn't any real meanness in the attack,

just one of those

things little kids do to see what will happen.  Samson

fretted quietly,

thinking about what he might expect from a ten foot tall



        The door to

the smaller room closed behind them, and the child was

put down on the

floor.  The boy immediately ran up to Tiny Samson and began

to babble excitedly;

he had a tight grip on a favorite blanket, and did not

appear to pose any

immediate physical threat.  Samson smiled and patted the

child's arm to show

his own friendly intentions.  The arm was soft, as one

would expect from a

three year old's physical development, but it was huge,

closer to the size of

an adult human's thigh.


        Rakelin Prime

spoke.  "Tiny Samson, I would like you to take the

baby's blanket from

him and give it to me."


        "Majesty, the

blanket is obviously important to the child.  I think

it would be cruel to

take it from him."


        "You are not

here to question your tasks, my little Earthling friend,

but to obey my wishes

to the best of your ability."



majesty."  answered Tiny Samson, and set about figuring out how

to steal a blanket

from a very big baby.


        The child was

still very happy to babble and stare at the puny little

person.  Tiny Samson

jumped straight up in the air, and the babe shrieked and

clapped in delight as

the little man jumped higher than he expected.  The

baby tried to jump,

but his coordination was not good enough for him to jump

very high; Tiny Samson

had hoped the boy would drop the blanket in his

excitement to mimic

his new little friend, but holding on to his favorite

blanket was obviously

priority number one in the baby's brain.


        On to tactic

two, thought Tiny Samson. He grabbed the end of the

blanket, and as he

expected, the baby screamed and tried to pull away.  Tiny

Samson began to spin

the boy around, and the child, still anxious, got into

the spirit of the new

game.  Once Samson felt a little dizzy, he let go and

the big baby fell

unceremoniously on his butt.  The huge child tried to get

up, but was surprised

to be very dizzy, perhaps for the first time.  Getting

up was more effort

than he expected, and he had to let go of the blanket to

get back to his feet. 

Samson, with his superior coordination, picked up the

blanket and took it to

the king.


        "Here you are,

majesty.  I hope you plan to give it back to the boy.

It's was we call a

'security blanket' back on Earth, and I don't think he's

ready psychologically

to give it... Oh!"  Samson's explanation was

interrupted by the

child's angry fist hitting him from behind.  Samson, as

part of his job, had

been hit in the head with folding chairs more often than

he could remember;

this hurt significantly more.  He was lucky not to be

knocked cold, and he

was able to duck and avoid the rest of the child's

onslaught.  The king,

showing some compassion at last, gave the boy back his

blanket, which

restored the peace for the moment.  The boy looked at his new

companion with

unhidden hurt and distrust.


        "Your task is

to take care of the boy for the rest of the day, Tiny

Samson.  There is food

in the cupboard on the far wall, and there is a

bathroom facility

behind this door.  The boy knows how to go to the bathroom

by himself, but you

will have to... clean up after him.  It is also

imperative that the

child take a nap.  Do you understand?"



Majesty.  Feed the child, keep him clean, make him take a nap."


        "Very good,

Tiny Samson; we shall return in five miplahs, when the

clock on the wall

shall have three red dots and three blue stripes."  All the

adult giants left the

room and only Tiny Samson and the giant child remained.


        The boy

retreated to a corner; Samson knew better than to follow him,

and instead started to

play with some of the toys, throwing a big brightly

colored ball against a

wall and catching it.  The ball was somewhat bigger

than a basketball - it

was the smallest ball in the room - but Samson was

able to dribble it. 

It was a little too big to easily do tricks with - like

between the legs and

behind the back - but the boy was fascinated to watch

and soon wanted to

join in.  Samson did his best to help the boy emulate him,

but dribbling a ball

was beyond the child's coordination.  Soon, Samson

thought of teaching

the boy to play catch.  He would roll the ball to the

giant toddler, who

would smother it, and throw it wildly toward Samson.  The

Earthling could catch

almost everything, especially since he could jump so

high in the lesser

gravity of this new, strange planet.


        Ask anyone who

has tried; keeping up with a toddler is exhausting.

Even a finely trained

athlete like Samson was ready to take a break long

before his playmate

showed any sign of letting up.  He began to roll the ball

away from the child

slightly, so that the kid had to run after the ball,

giving Samson a short

break.  Even with the child getting more exercise, he

wasn't getting tired

by any stretch of the imagination.  The game might be

dull to an adult, but

it was new and fresh and exciting to the baby, and

Samson realized his

playmate could literally go on like this all day.  Samson

couldn't make out how

much time had passed; the clock on the wall was still a

mysterious pattern to

him, but once his interest in the game was completely

spent, he thought he

would try to get the baby to take a nap by pretending to

take a nap himself. 

The strategy failed.  Samson bedded down on a giant

pillow, made himself

comfy and closed his eyes, pretending to go to sleep.

The boy tried to make

him get up, but Samson refused.  After a few minutes,

the baby got bored

trying to rouse his new playmate, and found something else

to amuse himself. 

Samson was physically tired, but not actually sleepy so it

was easy to keep an

eye on the boy and still get some rest.


        After a while,

the boy came to Samson, grabbing his crotch and

babbling.  This sign

language was clear enough; the boy had to go to the

bathroom and was

unable to open the door.  Samson lead him to the huge door,

jumped high and

unlatched the lock.  The boy did his business, and Samson

congratulated him. 

The toddler was proud of this ability, and even praise

from a miniature adult

made him happy.  Once he was finished, he wanted to

play ball again.  I've

created a monster, thought Tiny Samson.


        Samson hadn't

taken care of a child since he was a teenager, but he

figured out most of

the signals.  The huge toddler made it very clear when he

had to go to the

bathroom, and was as clear about when he was hungry.  Tiny

Samson ate with the

boy, and the food, though strange, wasn't bad.  The drink

was a pinkish milk, a

little blander than milk on Earth but clearly a similar

liquid.  The food was

crunchy and sweet, with an aftertaste something like

cinnamon.  The one

signal the child never gave was that of wanting to take a

nap; that was

something the giants and humans had in common.  Young animals

of nearly all species

are more than happy to sleep, except humans and these

humanlike giants. 

Samson was actually amazed at the physical similarity of

these titans and

humans; except for the size difference, he couldn't see any

noticeable difference

between the giant child he had to take care of and a

three year old boy on

Earth.  Not even pointy ears or a crinkle cut fries on

the bridges of their

noses, like aliens on Star Trek, thought Tiny Samson.


        The day

dragged on without much animosity; children often get very

angry over an

incident, only to forget it completely soon after.  The toddler

had books he liked to

look at, bright pretty pictures with sparse text on

each big page. 

Because Samson looked like an adult, the child hoped he would

be able to read the

stories to him, but on this planet Tiny Samson was just

as illiterate as a

child.  He looked at the pictures and tried to extrapolate

the story from the

images, making noises that he guessed the odd animals

would make.  The child

seemed to know his little companion was making stuff

up as he went along,

and got into the spirit of the new game, growling and

shouting out animal

noises as well as he could.  Some of them were very

realistic, thought

Tiny Samson, not like 'oinks' or 'moos', and the Earthling

could only guess that

these were the actual noises made by the animals in the

picture books.


        Samson was

frazzled and worn when Rakelin Prime and his advisors

returned to the small

schoolroom where the Earthling and the boy had spent

the day.  Samson had

no way of knowing that five miplahs was nearly fifteen

hours of Earth time,

which was a large reason for his being so exhausted.

Rakelin Prime's first

question cut to the heart of the matter.


        "So, Tiny

Samson, did the boy take a nap?"


        "No, sire, I

was unable to get him to lie down."


        "We thought

this might be a problem.  No real harm done, though you

have failed the first

test.  I must admit I'm disappointed in you, but we

should have realized

that your small stature would mean that you would have

no authority over even

the smallest of children."


        "I'm sorry to

have disappointed you, majesty.  I will attempt to do

better in my next



        "You are

obviously very tired.  You will be fed and allowed to sleep;

your next labor will

take place tomorrow."


        An attendant

was given the task of feeding Tiny Samson.  The giant,

this time a male to

avoid repetition of his bad manners with his female

attendant, cut up a

meal meant for a giant into a portion more suitable for

so little a person. 

It wasn't as sweet and bland as children's food, not

surprisingly, but it

was a little disconcerting.  The meat had a flavor kind

of like liver - not a

favorite of Tiny Samson - but looked like chicken.  A

yellow vegetable that

looked like giant corn tasted like tomatoes with onions

or garlic, and a green

vegetable had a slimy texture that made it difficult

to enjoy its spicy

flavor.  The giant wiped Samson's mouth after he finished

eating - he half

expected the huge man to burp him as well - and lead him

back to Rakelin's

grand chamber.


        "Are you full,

Tiny Samson?  Was the food satisfactory?"


        "Thank you,

majesty; I ate very well."


        The king asked

the attendant a question; the giant answered formally.

"You didn't like the

green food?"


        "It had a

strange texture, majesty, an odd feel to it."


        "That was the

sauce; it makes the food easier to digest.  We'll

instruct the chef to

prepare it differently next time."


        "Thank you,



        "It's hard to

imagine someone not enjoying mucous, but it's a big

galaxy, I suppose." 

said Rakelin Prime.  Tiny Samson made a very

uncomfortable face. 

"Let me take you to where you will sleep."


        The king and

his company led the little Earthling to a place in a

little used corridor. 

There was no bedding of any kind.  "We will send a

guard to wake you in

the morning."


        "On my planet,

we usually sleep on softer objects called beds and



        "We have have

very similar things here, but I can't see why such

luxuries should be

given to one who failed in his simple task.  After all, it

looked like you slept

a few times while you supposed to be taking care of the



        "I laid down,

majesty, but I didn't sleep.  I was trying to get the

child to emulate me."


        "Your plan

failed, Tiny Samson, and this is reward for failure.  Next

time, succeed.  We

might even let you watch some TV from your own planet."

The advisors laughed

down at Tiny Samson, who could see he had little chance

to negotiate a better

situation.  He laid down on the floor and tried his

best to get

comfortable.  At least it wasn't as hard and cold as the place he

woke up in when he

first came to this place.


        Samson was

curling up, trying to get some rest but unable to reach

sleep, when he heard

giant footsteps approaching down the corridor where he

was quartered.  He

looked up and saw a giant couple.  The woman wore a very

short black dress and

the man was dressed in a stylish suit.  He didn't

recognize the woman

until she spoke.  It was his attendant.


        He stared up

at her incredible legs, covered in shiny leggings like

pantyhose.  She told a

story to her companion, who had an arm draped over her

huge shoulder.  She

made a sound like "dee-oop!" and her finger straightened

and pointed up to the

ceiling; clearly the story of his erection was being

recounted.  The giant

man shook a finger at the tiny naughty scamp curled on

the floor, and the

giantess said something, then made a very grand show of

kissing her

boyfriend.  She was slightly shorter than her companion, so she

made a show of going

on tiptoes to kiss him, even bending one leg at the knee

as the kiss extended

longer and longer.  Tiny Samson stifled a groan looking

up at the spectacular

legs on display, a display calculated to remind him that

he would never get any

closer to this sexy colossus than he was right now.

When the kiss ended,

the giantess waved goodbye to Tiny Samson, and the

couple walked away,

her arm around his shoulder and his arm around her waist. 

As he watched them,

she pointedly took her boyfriend's hand and slid it down

to her perfect swaying

ass.  He mused how well one of her smooth round cheeks

fit in her beau's huge

hand, while it was wider across than Tiny Samson's

shoulders.  There was

going to no impressing women on this planet, he

thought; even with all

his muscles, he was just too little and weak to make

any female swoon on

this world of giants.


        Well, Robert,

he thought to himself, might as well enjoy the show;

this is as close as

you're going to having a woman, at least until they send

you back to Earth, if

they had any plans of letting him make a return trip.

He laid down, his side

against the hard floor, using his arm as a pillow.

Try to think

positively, he thought, giving himself a mental pep talk;  After

all, that was one of

the pieces of advice he gave to all the Little Samsons

out in TV land, as he

called his fans.  You're alive, there's food to eat and

air to breathe.  You

haven't been abducted by those weird aliens who do

experiments on

people.  There are two more tests, and that's two more

opportunities to

succeed.  You can do, Robby, my boy.  You're a champ, and

don't forget it.


        He drifted off

into sleep, and in his dreams he was surrounded by

beautiful women,

smiling alluringly and beckoning him onward.  But each time

he approached one, she

became unapproachable.  Some would fly away, or push

him aside, or begin to

grow.  Now all of them were growing, bigger and

bigger, or maybe he

was shrinking.  He was on a table top of some sort, and

the sound of feminine

laughter was ringing down from the skies.  One of the

women got out a

magnifying glass.  "Here he is!" she laughed, and the other

giantesses tried to

get a look.  They all found it very amusing, but Samson's

heart began to race in

fear.  He felt himself being picked up off the table.

"Are you okay, Tiny

Samson?  Don't you want me?  Make me happy, little man;

that's an order!"


        He awoke to

find himself cradled in giant girlish hands.  It took him

only a moment to

recognize Darcilya, Rakelin Prime's youngest daughter.  He

said nothing, but she

shushed him anyway.  "Be very quiet.  If my father

finds out, we'll both

be in trouble."  She whispered to her little captive,

and giggled with

pleasure and excitement.  She carried him quickly, and very

quietly for one so

large, through the corridors and into what he guessed must

be her room; the

loudest sound was the rustle of her floor length nightgown. 

She turned on the

lights to reveal a grand chamber, beautifully appointed

with an enormous bed

with a canopy.  She took him to her bed, pulled back the

covers and tucked

herself and her little companion in, then pressed a switch

above her headboard,

which turned off the electric lighting and lit several

candles placed around

the room.  She giggled again and cuddled Tiny Samson to

her enormous torso,

kissing his forehead and hushing him again before he had

said a word.


        See? he

thought to himself.  It's important to keep a positive



        "Majesty, I

thought your father forbid you to have anything to do

with me."  Tiny Samson



        "Daddy can be

such a big mean person sometimes.  It's not nice to

make you sleep out on

the floor in a hallway.  You're so far from home and

you don't have any

friends and I thought you would be lonely and sad.  Are

you lonely and sad,

Tiny Samson?"


        "Not right

now, no, majesty."


        "But you were,

weren't you?"





        "You don't

have to call me majesty, silly little... silly.  You can

call me... DarDar."


        Tiny Samson

kissed her on her big chin.  "Yes, DarDar."


        "And I'll call

you... let's see... Tiny?  Silly?  Little CuteCute?

Oh, I don't know, I'll

just call you whatever I want.  You'll know who I'm

talking to because

your the only one here."


        "Yes, DarDar."



squealed quietly and hugged him hard.  He was lucky her arms

and left breast were

so soft, because she possessed enough power to crush him

into paste, and even a

hug would be fatal if she used just her long powerful

fingers to squeeze

him.  She loosened her grip and he inhaled again.  "We

need to talk."


        "What about,




she giggled a little.  "They wouldn't teach me the word

in your language. 

It's when , you know, a man and a woman get married and

what they do to make a



        "We call that

sex in my language."


        "Yes, Tiny

Samson, you have to teach me about sex!"


        Samson gulped

upon hearing this, realizing that a hug from this teen

titan nearly made him

pass out, and actual intercourse could be - quite

unintentionally to be

sure - a lethal risk.  "W-well..." he stammered

slightly, "What do you

already know?"



nothing.  They tell me my husband will tell me everything at

the proper time, but

what does he know?  He's not supposed to have had any

sex before our wedding

night, either."


        "You know that

men and women are different, right?"


        "Oh, sure,

I've seen people naked and everything, but until today, I

had never seen a

man's... " She grabbed his erect cock between her huge thumb

and forefinger, so

firmly that he nearly came on the spot.  "What do you call



        "That's my



        "I had never

seen what a man's penis looked like standing up.  It

makes things a lot

clearer on what a man does when he sexes a woman."


        "Has sex with

a woman, DarDar.  We call it having sex."


        "What else do

you call it?" she asked, excitedly.


        "We call it

making love, or intercourse..."


        "I thought

there was another word, something shorter."


        "It's a crude

term, but sometimes we call it fucking."



That's it!  I'm going to fuck my husband on my wedding

night!  I can't stop

thinking about fucking him.  It's always on my mind, and

I don't even know what

it will be like.  Fucking!  It so exciting."  She

squeezed him tight,

and he had to try to push her huge hand gently away from

his helpless hard

cock, for fear of being castrated accidentally in her

innocent exuberance. 

"Sorry, Tiny.  Did I hurt you?"


        "No, DarDar,

but be careful.  You could hurt me very easily."


        "Do I frighten

you?"  She smiled, and he could tell she got some not

completely innocent

glee from the idea of her enormous power of her tiny

tutor in the secret

arts of fucking.  He looked up into her beautiful giant

face, into her

gorgeous green eyes that seem to shine like beacons even in

the dim flickering

candlelight and for the first time, he was a little afraid

of this stunningly

beautiful powerhouse.


        "No, you seem

like a very nice young lady, but you are very big and

strong, and you have

to remember it, DarDar."  There is an old saying; if you

let a horse know that

it could kill you if it wanted to, you had best not try

to ride it.


        "Maybe you

should remember it instead, Little Silly." She giggled and

began to squeeze him

in a very strong hug that got progressively harder and

harder. She laughed as

she saw him squirm, trying pointlessly to free himself

from her.  "You won't

forget I'm big and strong, will you, Tiny Samson?" she

mocked and finally

stopped squeezing harder, but still held him breathlessly



        "No..." he

gasped weakly.


        "I can't hear

you, Silly; you won't forget, will you?"


        He shook his

head vigorously and tried to speak louder, but still

only managed a

breathless gasp.  It was clear she thought this was a game,

and Tiny Samson also

suspected she knew how close he was to blacking out, if

not suffocating



        Just then a

knock came at the door.  "Darcilya, dear, are you awake?"


        "Yes, Daddy; I

mean, I'm trying to sleep, but I just woke up.  Is

something the

matter?"  She stopped squeezing the tiny man, but as he tried

to catch his breath,

her huge hand covered his mouth to insure his silence.


        "The Earthling

isn't where he supposed to be.  Have you seen him?"


        "No, Daddy."


        "We don't want

him wandering around; he could get in some mischief,

and we don't want him

to be hurt."


        "No, Daddy; he

can't get into my room, Daddy.  It's locked."


        "Of course. 

Just making sure you haven't seen him."


        "No, Daddy."


        "Well, then,

goodnight."  Footsteps withdrew from the door, and

Darcilya breathed a

sigh of relief.  She looked down at her little bedmate

and kissed him gently,

completely forgetting the wicked way she toyed with

his life.


        "DarDar, why

did your Daddy ask you these questions in English?" 

asked Tiny Samson.



gasped.  "Do you think he suspects?"


        "I think he



        "Then we're

going to have to be extra quiet."  With that she kissed

him for the first time

on the lips, her huge mouth not moving when she kissed

him.  His lips nibbled

at her large lower lip, and she tasted like an exotic

fruit, vaguely like

strawberries with a extra flavor he couldn't quite place.

She was so lovely and

yet inexperienced; it was like nothing he had done

since he was in high

school.  The only difference was that this homecoming

queen could flatten

the whole football team with a wave of her arm if she

wanted to, and he was

just one tiny man.


        "Why do you

kiss like that, little silly?"


        "Like what?"


        "Like this." 

Darcilya then began to push her lips hard around Tiny

Samson's face.


        "Take it easy;

be gentle."  he warned.  "It's okay not to move your

lips when you kiss a

friend or a family member, but you should really enjoy

the taste of someone

you're attracted to."


        "Are you

attracted to me?" she asked, her face brightening.



Giantess Stories: Tiny Samson

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