Giantess Stories: Titaness Of Light

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Titaness Of Light


                 Original Concept by Mad Jack X

        Featuring Work by: Tanga Tiger, Curr 0001, Kevanick, Rock07480   Digihome 2001, and Master Saiyan10

                    Written in the summer of 2002

                    Digimon Ain't Mine, Don't Sue

  Special Thanks to Digihome 2001 for providing a forum for the story.

                  Dedicated to the Girls of Digimon:

               Sora, Mimi, Kari, and Yolei...and even June.



        It started out as a normal day for Kari Kamiya. She woke up to

Gatomon sitting on her stomach.

        "Hey, Kari," the feline Digimon said. "Can you help me?"

        "Sure," Kari said, rubbing her eyes. "But it'll have to be

quick; I told Davis I'd let him walk me to class. What's the


        "I lost my kitty ball behind the bookcase. Can you get it for


        "You can fight off a dragon Digimon twice your size, but you

can't move a bookcase?" Kari laughed.

        "It's not funny," Gatomon insisted. "I was up half the night

trying to get it out."

        "Okay, okay."

        Kari yawned, then crawled out of bed. She walked over to

the bookcase. Tai had already left for the day, and her parents were

out, so she'd have to do this herself. Had she been more awake, she

probably wouldn't have approached the task so haphazardly, but she

wasn't, so she grabbed the edge of the bookcase and tried to pry it

from the wall. In the process of doing so, she shook a great many

things off of the case, including her pink Digivice. It fell to the

floor without her notice.

        "Kari, be careful." Gatomon warned her, but Kari didn't pay


        "Just a few more inches," she thought to herself, almost

within reach of the bouncy blue ball.

        Kari's foot slipped suddenly, ramming the base of the heavy

furniture. It began to teeter. Startled, Kari jumped away. Without

her to hold it up, the bookcase fell foreword, it's sharp corner

landing right on the center of Kari's Digivice.

There was a small cracking sound, but it was all too loud to

Kari and Gatomon.

        "Oh no!" Kari muttered to herself. "What did I


        She grabbed the bookcase by the corner and lifted it up just

enough to get the pink device out. She moaned when she saw a huge

crack in the center of the Digivice.

        Suddenly, the device began to get hotter, tiny electric

sparks pouring from the crack. Before she or Gatomon could do

anything, it shot a white beam of light right at Kari.

Had she been in a more rational state of mind, she would have

realized that the light that stuck her was the same type of light

that lead to Gatomon's angelic transformation, but she dismissed the

light entirely.

        "Don't worry," Kari said for Gatomon and her benefit. "I'll

just get Izzy to look at it after class. No biggie." She picked up

Gatomon's ball and tossed it to her partner. "This is yours."

        "Kari, are you sure it'll be okay?"

        "Sure. I'll just get Izzy to fix the Digivice, and Tai can

help me with the bookcase. Don't worry."

        She left her friend and rushed to get dressed for school.

When she was done, she paused. Was it her imagination, or were her

trademark pink clothes tighter than usual. She shrugged and went to

meet Davis.

        Kari found Davis waiting for her by the front apartment gates,

kicking a soccer ball around to pass the time. He'd probably been

there all morning, she thought with a smile... which quickly turned

to a wince. Her pink and white shirt was pinching under her arms?

How could that be?

        "Hey there, Kari!" Davis kicked the ball against a brick wall and

caught it once more, before tucking it under his arm. "Say, you look


        "Well, I don't feel so great." Kari walked right past Davis, leaving

him surprised and hurrying to catch up with her.

        "Really? That's too bad... You'll still be able to come see my

soccer game, won't you? I've been working on this great new


        Kari sighed, squirming in her oppressively tight outfit. "Tell me

about it later, okay?" Could her clothes have shrunk in the wash?

Her feet were killing her... surely her *shoes* hadn't shrunk in the

wash! Thankfully, the school wasn't much farther now. "Maybe I

should go see the nurse."

        Davis seemed crestfallen. "But I practiced all day yesterday...

don't you want to see the cool move I thought up? See, it'll only

take a minute!" He bounced the ball off one knee, then butted it

with his head.

        Kari clenched her fists. "Davis! Will you forget that ball and pay

attention for a moment?" She kicked out, meaning to knock the soccer

ball away before he caught it again. Both kids jumped when the ball

leapt skyward, sailing clear over the top of the school building!

        "Wow..." Davis said, watching the ball roll down the roof of the

school building. He turned to Kari, but she was gone.


        Kari ran to school, panting when she finally arrived. The

soccer ball incident freaked her out. She didn't want to stay with

Davis, though, because she didn't want him treating her differently.

Even Tai couldn't kick a soccer ball that far...

        When she went inside the building, she walked right past her

first class. She knew right where she was going: the school nurse.

She still felt tight pains all over her body, and she wanted a

medical opinion. She was dismayed when she got there, though.

        "Where's the nurse?" she asked herself. The office was

deserted. She saw a note on the desk: "Back In Fifteen Minutes!"

Great, Kari thought as she slid into a chair. Well, at least

I'm alone. What's going on?

        There was a knock on the wall. Kari looked up; it was Davis.

        "How did you find me?"

        "You said you weren't feeling well, so I figured this was

where someone not feeling well would show up."

        "So you really were listening?"

        "Yeah...I thought if I could get your mind off your problems,

you might feel better."

        Wow, Kari thought. Maybe I misjudged Davis.

        "Sorry about you ball," she said. "This just hasn't been my


        "Aw, forget about it. So, um, what's your problem?"

        Sighing deeply, Kari recounted the morning's tribulations.

Davis looked properly concerned.

        "...So now I don't know what to do," she finished. "If

Gatomon can't digivolve, how can we stop the Digimon Emperor?"

        "Hey," Davis said "Don't you worry about that. Right now,

let's just focus on you. So, you feel...tight?"

        "Yeah, like my clothes are shrinking, choking me..." Kari

made a fist to demonstrate, but when she did so, the top portion of

her glove burst into shreds all over the floor.

        "Whoa," Davis said. "Hey, I got that..." Davis gallantly bent

over to get the cloth scraps, but Kari didn't want him bothering over

her sake. She stood and bent over, accidentally hitting Davis's head

with hers.

        "Ow!" they both said in unison, but not loud enough to

overshadow the ripping sound coming from Kari's shorts. Davis tried

to think of the right thing to say, but a thought suddenly occurred to

Kari. She looked at Davis; she was eye-level with him. She ran to

the nurse's wall and measured her height. She looked at it; the

results were undeniable.

        "Oh my God," she said. "I know what's happening..."

        "What?" Davis asked, relieved of not having to comment on

the shorts thing.

        "I'm getting bigger..."

        "Bigger?" The very thought seemed to blow Davis' mind. "Whoa...

Does that mean you're digivolving or something? Can humans do that?"

        "I don't know," Kari had to admit. She sat down again and started

unlacing her shoes. "I've been involved with the Digital World for

years, and nothing like this has ever happened to me before."

        "What are you doing?" asked Davis, still in awe.

        "What does it look like?" Kari managed to pry one shoe off - even

with her strange new strength, it took some effort - and then the

other. "That feels so much better," she breathed, slumping in her

seat and wiggling her toes in her socks.

        "You're serious? You really think..."

        Kari just smiled. "What, you don't believe this?" She made a fist

with her other hand, the one with the intact glove, and squeezed

quite deliberately. The glove literally burst its seams, peeling

apart. Kari brushed her arms with her hands, leaving both of them

bare, and a pile of pink leather scraps on the carpet.

        While Davis was still gaping at that, Kari stood up. Her shirt came

untucked, and more stitches tore, causing Davis to gulp and stare at

the floor, blushing. "Look at me, Davis. I'm as big as you are


        Slowly, Davis lifted his gaze. His eyes grew wide. His goggles

fogged all up.

        "What?" Kari looked down, then gasped, blushing rather vividly

herself. She hadn't realized just how naughty she looked, with half

her clothes torn and the rest skin-tight.

        "I'm sorry!" Davis pleaded. "I didn't mean to..."

        Kari giggled. "Don't be silly, Davis. I'm not mad. Besides, if I

slapped you, I'd probably knock you through the wall."

        Davis laughed nervously, one hand behind his neck. "Right..." He

blinked slowly, realizing something. "Say, Kari? Have you noticed

you're bigger than me?"

        "Already?" Kari couldn't believe it, but there was no mistaking the

fact that she was looking down at Davis now, at least two full inches

taller. "I have to get out of here before the whole school sees me

like this!"

        "Want to cut class, huh?" Davis asked.

        "Well," Kari laughed. "I can't go around like this!"

        "Okay, I've got a plan." Davis went over to the shower in the

Nurse's office and pulled down the curtain. He gave it to

Kari. "Here, put this on."

        Kari draped the curtain over herself. It barely touched the

floor. "Well, I guess it's better than nothing."

        Davis looked out the door. "Listen. We'll leave now and go

wait at Izzy's house. I'll send everyone a message to meet there

when school lets out. Piece of cake."

        Kari nodded. She followed Davis down the hall. The school

was quiet; everyone is in class. Just when the exit door was in

sight, the pair heard someone say "And where are you two going?"

Kari jumped, but Davis kept his cool. Mr. Masaki stood in

the hall, waiting for a response.

        Davis had run head first into battles with giant rampaging

Digimon, he had tried to get into fistfights with the Digimon Emperor

himself, he had saved his friends' lives dozens of times, but he was

never more scared than when a either a teacher was mad at him or when

he was around Kari. Seeing as this was a combination of the two, he

would be hopeless.

        Kari knew this, and quickly said, "We're going to the Drama


        "What are you supposed to be?" Mr. Masaki asked.

        "She's an angel," Davis said quickly.

        "She looks like a girl in a white shower curtain."

        "Well," Kari said, thinking fast. "That's why we have to

go to the class, to improve the costume."

        Mr. Masaki shrugged. "Okay, carry on."

        They waited until he went into his office before they left

the building.

        "Angel, huh?" Kari asked Davis.

        "Oh, well, uh..." Davis started to blush. "Well, you

know, all white and stuff..."

        Kari giggled, but it was cut short by another wince of

pain. Her remaining clothes felt tight again. That wasn't good...


        By sticking to the back alleys, they finally reached Izzy's

apartment building. Kari had kept growing the whole time; she was

now a head taller than Davis, and the shower curtain only came to her

ankles. Davis tried, unsuccessfully, not to stare.

        "Well," he said. "Guess we just wait here until Izzy comes

home. Should be no problem."

        Kari sighed. "That won't be for a few hours, and there is

a problem..."

        "What problem?"

        "I'm hungry, Davis. Really, really hungry."

        "With a growth spurt like that, I'm not surprised." Davis chewed his

lip, thinking, then dug in a pocket for his D-Terminal and started

typing away. "Don't worry, Kari. I've got it covered!"

        Kari looked over Davis' shoulder – a new experience for

her. "Messaging Izzy, huh?" She smirked. "My hero."

        Davis got all woozy, flashing his best "Pinch me!" grin. Luckily,

the chime from his terminal brought him back to reality. "Um...

Izzy says there's a spare key under the flowerpot on the left, and

plenty of leftovers in the fridge." He looked Kari over, wondering

whether they should risk using the elevator, and did a double-take at

her bare feet. "What happened to your socks?"

        Kari shrugged, rustling the shower curtain. "I think I lost them a

couple blocks back. Can we get on inside, please? The pavement is

really heating up out here."

        Upstairs, Davis flopped onto a couch and went to work, cranking out

messages. "Cody, emergency, meet at Izzy's house after school.

Send. Yolei, blah blah blah, send. Tai, meet us at Izzy's and bring

Gatomon. Oh, and Demiveemon too if you can. Send. Well, that should do


        "Send one to TK too," Kari chided him, talking with her mouth full.

Her arms were full of leftover pizza boxes, which she stacked on the

kitchen table.

        "Aw, do I have to?" Davis stretched, then got up to join her at the

table. "Whoa! Where'd you get that?"

        "Do I look okay?" Kari spread her arms and turned around, modeling a

white fluffy bathrobe which fit her quite well. "I think it's Izzy's


        Davis stammered, "But that's..."

        Kari didn't answer right away - she was too busy wolfing down another

slice of pizza. "It's an adult bathrobe, yes."

        "You're that big..."

        Kari gave Davis a smile that made his hair stand on end. "And I'm

still growing."

        Kari wolfed down another slice of pizza, her third, pizza that is..

Davis just watched in amazement. "There goes my allowance.. How are you eating

so much?"

        Kari giggled. "We'll I am a growing girl.."

        "That's an understatement!"

        Kari smiled finishing off the last pizza slice. "Ahh that was good. I hope

Yolei brings snacks!"

        Davis fell off the chair at that statement. "You still hungry??"

        "Just mostly for dessert..", she replied..

        "Hello? Anyone here?", the door to the apartment opened and Izzy entered.

        Davis cried out. "Were in the kitchen!"

        "Davis!", Kari said shifting a bit in her seat, looking a bit nervous..

Davis looked back at her. "..there going to find out eventually.."

        Izzy entered the kitchen along with Tai and Yolei, carry some snacks of course.

Yolie set the bag on the table. "So what this big emergency about?"

        Kari stood up and up and up..

        Tai just stared and his on longer little sister..

        Izzy blinked. "Curiouser and Curiouser."

        "Wow, Kari have you been eating some weird mushrooms lately? Where can I get


        "Stop with the Alice in Wonderland references!", she said lifting her arms up

in frustration, riippp, went the bathrobe the tatters falling off her body..

        Yolie quickly scrambled trying to cover up Kari's body. "Ahh! Look away! Look


        Davis blushed quickly turning his head. "I didn't see anything!

        Izzy was already typing on his computer, so he knew better than too look up.

Tai took this moment to faint onto the floor.

        Kari looked down at her brother on the floor. "Oops."

        Davis and Yolei carried Tai to the couch. Yolei explained

that none of the others could get out of class. They wouldn't be

there until class got out in three hours.

        Meanwhile, Izzy asked Kari about the events leading up to

her transformation.

        " ever since my Digivice broke, I've been slowly getting

bigger." she finished.

        "Well," Izzy began when Davis and Yolei returned. "I've

figured out what's going on. When Kari broke her Digivice, she was

struck by the same energy that causes our Digimon to Digivolve. But

because Kari's a human and can't Digivolve, the energy has no place

to go. It's cruising through her body, recycling itself, getting

greater and greater. The result is, well, you see..."

        Everyone was quiet for a moment. Then Yolei brightened up.

        "Don't worry, Kari, I'm sure we'll think of something. In

the meantime, I brought cupcakes..."

        "No!" Izzy said. "She can't eat anything. A little bit of

matter that gets into her system will be converted to more energy.

And it only takes a little matter to produce a large amount of

energy. As soon as the food was converted, the process would speed


        "Uh, well," Davis said nervously. "We may have a problem

there. Uh, she ate a lot of pizza before you guys got here..."

        "How much?"

        "Look at the size of her. A Lot!"

        "Well, this complicates matters..." Izzy muttered to himself.        "But don't worry, Kari. I'm sure I can find a cure..."

        "That's okay," Kari said cheerily. "I don't want a cure!"

        All three at once: "WHAT?!"

        "All my life, everyone else has had to save me or look out

for me. From the bully in my kindergarten class to Myotismon to the

Digimon Emperor and those creepy Divermon, everyone else always has

to save me.

        "But now, those troublemakers will have to look out for

themselves. Besides," she said, stretching, once again causing Davis

to nervously avert his eyes. "This is really fun!"

        "Kari," Yolei was the first to recover. "You can't be


        "I am, Yolei. Oh, and I need these." She grabbed the

cupcakes and proceeded to eat them all in a few bites. She belched,

very un-ladylike.

        She stood up and walked out. "I'm going to go out side,"

she said calmly. "I don't want to wreck Izzy's apartment." She

closed the door.

        "Wow," Davis said, after a minute.

        "Wow, nothing!" Izzy said "We've got to find her!"

        The three ran out side. Kari was standing by a telephone

poll. She had taken her robe off, and was now standing in her

underwear. Davis was about to avert his eyes, but Kari suddenly

started giggling.

        "Whoa!" she laughed. "I feel weird. The last few times it

hurt, this feels really good. I think those pizzas are starting

to kick!"

Right in front of their shocked eyes, Kari began to



        Kari shivered and moaned softly, smiling in sheer delight. She

stretched out, reaching up and up as her body grew bigger. The young

girl didn't seem embarrassed at any more, being nearly naked in front

of her friends. What did it matter, when they weren't even half her


        Davis, on the other hand, clapped a hand over his face, sure that

he'd get a nosebleed just looking at her. "She really is an angel

now," he breathed. "She's gorgeous, and powerful, and... That's

weird, why didn't she outgrow her underwear?"

        Yolei grinned cattily, elbowing Davis. "Try not to sound so

disappointed, you pervert!"

        "That isn't exactly her underwear," said Izzy. "Look again."

        "Hey..." Yolei blinked. "Is that digicode?" It was... the white

fabric had bands of golden symbols now, circling Kari's body.

        Izzy pointed a finger in the air. "Precisely! Just as we imagine

new clothes when we travel to the Digital World, Kari is creating

those clothes from pure digital energy, perhaps without even being

aware of it."

        Davis scratched his head. "Well, that's convenient."

        "It could be catastrophic," snapped Izzy. "Kari's absorbing the

power, learning to control it. She might actually evolve into a

Digimon. Worse, all she wants to do with that power right now is


        The pavement thumped under their feet. The kids looked up, startled,

and saw Kari take another step toward them, shaking the earth again.

The concrete sidewalk actually groaned and cracked as the weight of

Kari's bare foot settled onto it.

        "Really?" boomed Kari. The twenty-foot girl crouched down,

grinning. "Thanks! I can't wait to try it out." She frowned

slightly, rubbing her belly. "But first I think I'm going to need

some more food."

        Izzy began yelling protests, but Kari ignored him. She began

to stroll down the street. Of course, when you're twenty feet

tall, 'strolling' demands attention. Her friends followed her, but

they couldn't do anything to stop her. No one could.

        She knew right where she was headed, too. She was hungry,

even more hungry than before she grew. She was headed to the Diners'

Square. It was a block of nothing but restaurants. She would find

plenty to eat. She couldn't wait. If she started to grow again...

she giggled in delight just thinking about the possibility.

She was still growing, of course, but too slowly. Once she

found the Square, though, it would be time for a Carbo-load!


        While Kari was lost in thought, the others were all too

focused on the situation. Kari was stepping to avoid people on the

ground, but the people on the ground didn't know that. They were

running away from her as fast as they could. Izzy, Yolei and Davis

were getting caught in the fleeing crowd.

        "Izzy!" Yolei yelled. "I think we're going to lose her!"

        "How can we lose her?" Davis yelled back. "She's twenty feet


        "It doesn't matter!" Izzy yelled. "I know where she's



        "Diners' Square! If she starts eating there, she could

double in size before we get there!"

        "That's pretty bad!" Yolei yelled.

        "Yeah," Davis yelled again. "But you gotta' admit, she

looks pretty hot!"



        Kelly was a reporter. Pete was her cameraman. Together

they had covered things ranging from the monster attacks of '99 to

the death of Japan's oldest woman. Today, though, was a slow day,

and so they were working on a puff piece in Diners' Square.

        As she droned on about some chef she met, she heard a sound

in the distance. It sounded like something crashing. But it was

rhythmic, like footsteps. She began to falter in her interview,

focusing on the strange thumping sound. Finally, she noticed the

glass of champagne on the table was vibrating, vis a vi Jurassic Park.

        What was going on?

        She got her answer when a gigantic girl in her underwear walked

into the square. The kid had to be at least twenty feet tall! Screw

human interest, this was news!

        "Pete," she said. "Get a closer shot!"

        "No way, Kell. She's freaking huge. You get me up in a news

chopper, then we talk!"

        "But we won't be close enough to see her face!"

        "You wanna' do it?"

        "Fine. Get in the van!"


        Kari was in the center of the square. On all four sides were

restraunts. She could smell the different foods: Chinese, sushi,

pasta, hamburgers, pizzas... he stomach rumbled in anticipation.

If what Izzy had said was true, and she had no reason to doubt

him, the more she ate, the faster she would grow. She had loved the

walk to the Square. All those little people running from her had

made her feel great. Knowing that she was bigger and stronger than

any of them, that they couldn't stop her, gave her a sense of power.

        It was intoxicating. She had to have more!

        "Lunch time!"

        Kari smiled waked, putting her foot down hard with every step watching the

pavement buckle and crack as she walked, over to a burger place. She giggled

reaching and tearing off the roof like it was a boxed lunch.. People ran and

screamed as she now giant girl peered down at them.

        "Hi! Can I have oh about 20 burger combos to go??", she said smiling at them

stepping over the wall and into the building, her feet crushing tables and


        She staff just looked up at her, eyes wide open..

        "Hey!", she yelled! "Hurry it up or I'll take down the rest of this place!!"

The staff nodded and started to work very very quickly.

        Kari smiled and giggled again. She was quite enjoying this, people were finally

paying attention to her! Not that they could really ignore her now..


        Davis and the others ran into Diner's Square looking around..

        Davis scratched his head. "..gee where did she go?"

        Yolei looked around sighing. "Oh I knew this would happen! We lost her!!"

        Davis looked back Yolei. "How does one loose a twenty foot girl anyway?"

        Izzy pointed over to where the screaming people were running out of a burger

restaurant. "I think we just found her..

        There was a sudden boom! And two legs and feet were now sticking out of the

wall of the restaurant..

        Davis watch. "Yup that's her all right.."

        Kari head poked above the walls. "Hi guys!", she stood up her legs ripping what

was left of the wall into rubble.

        Davis looked up. "Gee she even bigger than before.."

        Izzy looked up too. "I guess she's about thirty feet now.."

        Yolei rushed over to her giant friend. "Kari, you have to stop this!"

        Kari stepped over her tiny friend. "Why?"

        "Well, where are you going to sleep?"

        "Anywhere I want!", she made her way over to Chinese place.

        Yolei sighed. "We're getting no where.."

        Davis walked over to Yolei. "Well, when in Rome..", he said holding his digivice

in his hand.. Más de 500 cursos gratis en Español (Udemy)

        Yolei looked at him. "Oh no! One giant person is enough!"

        Izzy sweatdropped looking at Davis. "We're not even sure that the same effect

would occur to you.. You might just explode, or something worse!

        Davis held his arm high. "Well, if I became I giant maybe I could reason with


        Yolei grabbed his arm. "You're just thinking dirty thoughts again!"

        Davis struggled. "Hey, I am not!!", he paused. "Well... maybe a little."

        Yolei shook him. "I knew it!", and the digivice fell out of his hand...

        Izzy erked.

        Yolei eeped.

        Davis gulped.

        The digivice clattered to the pavement, bounced twice, and lay

still. Yolei and Izzy breathed deep sighs of relief. Davis

growled, "Come on, you stupid piece of junk!" and stomped on


        Izzy's jaw dropped. "Davis, no!"

        "No way! Why should Kari have all the fun?" Davis stomped

again, grinding it under his shoe. Something snapped, and a column

of flame burst forth, engulfing Davis and throwing the others back as

it roared skyward.

        "Yes!" he whooped, hidden in the blaze. "Now I'll

finally have Kari all to myself... Hey, what's wrong with my

voice?" It came out more like "Hey, whatth wrong with my


        The flames swirled and blew away like a gust of smoke. Izzy and

Yolei took one look and burst out laughing.

        "Hey, stop that." Davis shook a fist at them and was aghast

when he noticed that his hand was bright blue with big claws.

        "What the... I turned into Veemon?"


        Yolei flipped open a compact and showed Davis his face in the mirror,

still giggling. "If Veemon was tall and skinny and wore your

clothes, maybe."

        "I'm not growing? That's not fair." Davis frowned

and wriggled in his clothes, trying to get comfortable. "Hang

on, I think my tail's stuck in here... Whoa!" The back of his

shirt tore, and huge white dragon-wings unfolded and spread, drawing

amazed gasps from all three kids.

        "Nice going, Davis," teased Kari, looming over them again.

She held a massive iron vat full of beef stew in her hand, drinking

from it like a teacup. Her other hand slipped under Davis and lifted

him up for a closer look, before he quite knew what was happening.

        "Let's see if you can fly!"

        Davis's hair would have all stood on end again, if he had any. "Wait,

I don't think this is such a good idea..." But Kari just gripped him

tighter, wound up, and threw him like a baseball! Davis screamed and

covered his eyes, sure that he'd smack right into a building... only,

nothing happened.

        He slowly opened his eyes, amazed to find himself hovering high in

the air, drifting slowly on his outstretched wings. The ground

seemed so far away. He could see buildings, trees, even Izzy and

Yolei far below, waving up at him.

        Then he pivoted around. Kari stood behind him, awesomely huge and

slowly growing even as he watched. Even flying so high, Davis had to

look up to see her smiling face.

        "How do I get down?" he wondered aloud. Instinct kicked in faster

than thought - his wings folded and he dove, screaming all the way

down. "Stop, stop! Where's the brakes?" At the last second, his

wings snapped open again. His shoes touched the ground, and then he

stumbled and pitched face first into someone's lawn.

        He heard running footsteps, and then his friends were pulling him to

his feet. "Are you all right?" asked Izzy.

        Davis brushed himself up. "Other than being a big blue lizard, I

guess so." Glaring at Kari's ankles, he shouted, "What were you

thinking?! You could have killed me!"

        Kari actually looked hurt. "I would have caught you. Don't you

trust me, Davis?" She walked off without another word, not caring

that her feet crushed empty cars and kicked mailboxes hundreds of

yards down the street.

        Yolei smacked her face with a palm. "Now where's she going?"

        Izzy frowned. "Looking for the closest grocery store, would be my

guess. We've got to talk some sense into her."

        Growling, Yolei grabbed Davis by the shoulders. "You upset Kari,

Davis! Go apologize!"

        "But she..."

        "No buts! Move it."

        Davis sighed, then took off jogging down the street. The boy-turned-

Digimon jumped, spread his wings, and flew after Kari like he'd been

doing it all his life.

        Izzy seemed at a loss. "Now how do *we* get to Kari?"

        Yolei grinned, jingling a set of keys. "My apartment's near here, if

Kari didn't kick it down. Come on, we can ride Halsemon."

        Davis was muttering to himself as he flew after the now thirty-

foot Kari.

        "...great, get turned into a Digimon, get thrown across the

Square...does anyone care? No! It's just 'go Davis! It's your

fault!'... "

        Kari heard Davis coming, and turned around suddenly. Davis

had to stop suddenly to avoid flying into her face.

        "Oh," Kari said. "Now you're following me! You can just go on

back, or you'll get swatted!"

        "I'm sorry," Davis called. "I was just freaked out because I

turned into...this!"

        "Yeah," Kari laughed. "You look pretty strange. I wonder

why it did that to you...maybe the girls are affected differently

than boys..."

        Kari paused, thinking deeply. Davis breathed a sigh of

relief. He'd gotten her to stop eating. The worst was over.

        "I know!" Kari said suddenly. "Let's go try it on Yolei!"



        Yolei and Izzy were racing to her apartment. Unfortunately,

they would never make it. They heard a familiar stomping sound

coming up from behind them.

        "I know that sound," Izzy sighed. Within seconds, she was

upon them. She bent over, while Davis hovered nearby.

        "Run, Yolei!" he shouted.

        Before Yolei could do anything, Kari grabbed her. Kari held

her upside down and shook her until her Red Digivice fell out of her


        "What's she doing?" Izzy asked Davis.

        "She saw what happened to me, and wants to see what will

happen to Yolei."

        "But if the specific reactions are based on hormone balances,

then Yolei will turn out just like Kari!"


        Kari held Yolei's digivice in one hand, Yolei in the other.

Yolei was screaming incoherently, but Kari just ignored her. She

pushed her thumbnail into the center of Yolei's digivice, until it

finally gave way and split in two. She held it directly in front of

Yolei. It shot out the same light right at Yolei.

        Yolei had eaten breakfast, Kari hadn't. So Yolei's growth

began faster than Kari's had. Kari blinked, then realized that the

edges of Yolei's clothes were tearing. She was defiantly getting

bigger. She was six feet tall before her breakfast was used up. Her

growth slowed to the same slow rate that Kari's had been.

        "That's' all I wanted to know," Kari said, giggling. she put

Yolei down. "Hey, Yolei, when you grow up, come find me. We'll play

all over this city!"

        Kari walked away, thinking again. She had liked Yolei's

struggling because Yolei couldn't stop her. It gave her a sense of

power. She could do anything! That settles it, she thought to

herself. I've got to get even bigger!


        Yolei stood in shock. She had been scared when she realized

what Kari was doing. She thought she might end up like Davis. But

growing felt good. Yolei had always been the jealous type. She was

jealous of her siblings, and of girls with boyfriends. But if she

were big like Kari, boys would look at her like Davis had looked at

Kari. And she could have anything she wanted. People would have to

do what she wanted.

        Maybe Kari has the right idea, she thought as Davis and Izzy

ran to her side.

        She smiled. We'll just have to wait and see, she decided.


        Kelly and Pete were in the news copter, now joined by Tim the

pilot. They were following the titanic girl's somewhat disappointing

reign of destruction. She had destroyed a burger joint and stepped

on a few things. A thunderstorm had caused more damage a week ago.

        Kelly was determined to get the one thing no one else could get:

a shot of the giant girl's face. Any camera that had gotten near her

face had frizzed out until she left. It was like she was protecting

her identity.

        Tim dove the copter towards her face. She looked annoyed. She

lifted her tremendous arm, and swatted them like a mosquito. Tim

struggled to keep the copter upright, but had to make an emergency

landing in the streets.

        "Whoa," Kelly said when the skidded to a stop. "You got her

face, right, Pete?"

        "You bet!" Pete said, grinning. "Watch!"

        He pressed the playback button on the camera. The picture

was entirely digital static.

        "I wanna' retire," Kelly moaned.


        It was the most feared place in the digital world: the Digimon

Emperor's throne room. The Emperor sat in his control chair, while

Wormon checked the TV monitors.

        " then," the Emperor was saying. "When those kids try to

save Augumon, I'll ambush them with, twenty DarkTyrannomon!

They won't stand a chance!"

        "Master," Wormon said, eyeing a news report.

        "I wonder which of them will crack first," the Emperor went

on. "Probably that weak pink girl with the kitty...I can imagine


        "Master," Wormon said again. "I really think you want to see


        "What?" the Emperor asked. He looked at the screen. The

news announcer was saying something about digital static, but it was

the pictures that the pair was watching.

        Pete's footage was being shown. The digital static was

neutralized in the digital world, so the giant girl's face was shown

quite clearly.

        "Isn't that..." the Emperor asked.

        "I think so, Master," his loyal digimon replied.

        "And she's really..."

        "Yes, Master."

        "How did she..."

        "I don't know, Master."

        A pause. "You know, Wormon, I think I should leave those kids

alone for now. I've overestimated them; they're no threat to my

plans. I can get rid of them later."

        "Very good, Master."

        "So, uh, what should we do now?"

        "Whatever you want, Master?"

        "Wanna' play Pokemon?"

        "Pika pika, Master."


        Back at Izzy's apartment, Tai groggily got of the couch. What

happened, he wondered. Where did the others go?

Trying to clear his head, he turned on the TV. The Special

Report was on the appearance of a giant in Diners' Square. The

report cut to a brief clip.

        Tai saw his little sister's giant feet smashing around the

Square. In the crowd, he saw Yolei, Davis and Izzy running after her.

Tai turned off the TV, sat down on the couch, and promptly

passed out again.


        Kari made her way down the street stomping on parked cars, mailboxes and pretty

well anything else that got in her path. Except for people that is, they where

all too busy running away from her.

        Kari looked around again, she hummed trying to gauge her height.. If one story

is ten feet then we'll she about fifty she knew that! Most of the building didn't

even come up to her knees! She wondered if she would get taller that Tokyo Tower.. The thought of it excited her.. She stomped along the street.

        "Food! Must have more food!", she said giggling.

        "Stop where you monster!", a voice said.

        Kari looked around. "Monster?, she giggled again. "Oh you must mean me!",

Then she noticed the police cars and a about a dozen policemen in front of her

creating a roadblock.

        "Stop or we will shoot!", a police said to her shouting through a megaphone.

Kari humped! She wasn't going to let any police stop her!

        "Here I come!", and Kari started running toward the roadblock!

        "Hey, stop! Stop now! Please? She's not stopping! Fire!"

        The policemen started firing on Kari! But it was having no effect!

        "Wow! Those just feel like pinpricks!", and Kari stomped on police car rubbing

her foot on it for good measure!

        The policemen keep shooting. "Bullets are having no effect!!"

        Kari steps on the rest of the police cars, and continued on her way..

        "We'll need more firepower!", a policeman calls over his radio. "Send for the

JSDF! (Japanese Self Defense Force)


                           *END PART I*       "But you have to let us out!" pleaded TK.

        The basement shelter of the local middle school was crammed with

bored, restless kids. Some of kids clustered around portable radios,

eager for every news update. Others lazed around, napping or doing


        Mr. Masaki didn't budge one inch from the shelter doors.

        "Let you kids out there, where there's giant monsters tearing

up the city like four years ago? Absolutely not. The principal gave

strict instructions."

        TK shuffled over and sat down next to Cody again, clenching his fists. "Kari..."

        Cody sighed. "Without our Digimon, we're so helpless..."

        TK nodded slowly. "We'll have to trust Davis and the others

on this one. I just wish I knew what was really going on out



        Yolei stared down at the boys, who gaped right back up. They were

only chest high to her! "Wow." Yolei grinned, scratching

Izzy's hair and Davis' horns, just to rub it in. "I

could get to like this."

        Izzy went "Hey!" and batted her hand away, but Davis seemed

to like it entirely too much, nuzzling into her scratches like a cat

getting petted. "And I thought he was weird before..." she

murmured, shaking her head.

        Yolei shrugged and turned her attention to herself next. Her dress

and skirt were torn and awkwardly tight, while her feet had

embarrassingly grown right out of her shoes, toes sticking out of the

ripped front of each. Her purple hair had slipped free of its braid,

and her hat was nowhere to be found.

        Izzy stood on tiptoes, squinting at her face. "Your glasses!"

        Those still fit perfectly. Yolei whipped them off for a look, and

sure enough they had digicode running all along the frames.

        "Humph. I'd rather have normal vision, but I guess this is

better than stumbling around half-blind." She glanced up at her

apartment, then back down, a crafty plan forming. "You boys wait

here while I go change into some of my mother's things. Be right


        "Fascinating," said Izzy. He took out his own digivice,

gazing at his reflection in the blank screen. "One could

theorize that I would change into a form resembling Tentomon. I


        Davis freaked out. "But... isn't Tentomon a big weird red

bug? You're not serious?!"

        Izzy considered, then closed his hand around the digivice and

pocketed it again. "It would be intriguing to fly by my own

power, but we really haven't got time..."

        Davis glanced up and noticed Yolei sprinting up the stairs.

"Wow, she can really move."

        "What? Oh no! She doesn't want clothes, she wants her


        "I'm on it!" Davis adjusted his goggles, then flew

straight up, landing on the sixth floor balcony just moments after

Yolei dashed through the door and slammed it shut. Davis tried the

door. "Darn, locked!"

        He dashed to the window and peered inside, and sure enough Yolei was

stuffing her face. "Oh yes! Mom's bread rolls never tasted

so good."

        Davis knocked frantically on the window. "Yolei, you


        She laughed aloud. "Try and stop me, goggle boy."

        "All right," Davis muttered. Yolei was about to learn the hard

way what happened when you goaded Davis on.

        Davis launched himself through the window, causing the shocked

Yolei to drop her rolls. Before she could do anything, Davis grabbed

her and launched them both out the window.

        Davis didn't know how much Yolei had eaten before he got in,

but it didn't matter. He stopped flapping his wings and the pair

fell to the ground, both screaming. Feet from the ground, Davis

began to fly up again, until his was over the top of Yolei's

building. Then he let them drop again.

        Around half way to the ground, Yolei produced the desired

effect and threw up. Davis stopped suddenly and Hovered over Izzy,

twenty feet off the ground. Yolei tried to regain her breath.

        "Well," Izzy said. "I guess that's one way to do it..."

        "Davis, you psycho!" Yolei screamed. "Let me go!"

        "Wanna' rethink that?"

        "You know what I mean!"

        "Davis," Izzy said. "I think you've hit on the only way to

contain her. This way we know she won't try to eat anything else."

        "Yeah?" Yolei shot back. "Well, if he's holding me, how do

you find Kari?"

        "Like this!" Davis said. He flew up to the top of Yolei's

building. It had no stairway back into the building, and was rather

small. Davis dropped her.

        "You stay here until we come back!"


        "Good job," Izzy told Davis. "That takes care of her. Do

you think you can fly me to Kari?"

        "Sure, if you don't struggle like Yolei did." He grabbed

Izzy and flew off.


        Yolei grinned as she saw the two depart. Davis must be an

idiot, trying to strand her on her own building. She walked to the

other side of the roof and ripped the cover off of the ventilation

shaft. She slid through and crashed into a hallway.

Now, she thought. No one will try and stop me from becoming

a giant. This city will be mine...


        Kari was fifty feet tall but wanted to be bigger. The

problem was, food wasn't doing the job. She paused and looked at a

building. On a whim, she grabbed a piece of balcony and ripped it

off. She examined it for a second, then bit it. It crumbled. She

swallowed. It went down. She laughed.

        "I can do anything!" she yelled. "No one can stop me!

I'll be huge and this city will be mine!"

        She grabbed another piece of balcony.


        Davis glided high over the city, carrying Izzy in his arms. Both

boys were blushing and trying their best not to look at each other.

        "You know," said Davis after a while. "I kinda feel bad about being

so rough with Yolei."

        "It was for her own good," said Izzy. "Yolei and Kari have let the

power go right to their heads. They don't know what's best for

themselves any more."

        Davis scowled. "Oh? Well then, I guess I don't either."


        "I've changed too! I know how exactly how they feel. I mean, just

look at me." Davis grinned and took a deep breath, savoring the rush

of air as he banked left to avoid a cloud, then swooped lower, just

over the rooftops. "I can fly! I smashed through a plate glass

window and didn't even get a scratch. There's so much power inside

me that I haven't even begun to tap."

        Davis shook his head. "Maybe it's the Digimon part of me talking,

but... I need more. I want to get stronger."

        Izzy frowned sharply, but whatever arguments he had were forgotten

when he saw the end of the trail of chaos and destruction up

ahead. "There she is!"

        Kari sat right smack in the middle of an intersection. She panted,

grinning slyly, then squealed and hugged herself as her body grew and

grew and grew, faster than the boys had ever seen it happen before.

        Her bare feet pushed along the street, tearing up the concrete. One

of them met the side of a building - her leg muscles tensed briefly,

and then her foot burst through the wall, half-collapsing the

building and sending up huge plumes of dust.

        Fifty-five feet... sixty... sixty-five feet tall! When her growth

spurt subsided, she wasted no time ripping the cracked wall from the

fallen building... and eating it!

        "What does she think she's doing?!" exclaimed Izzy.

        Davis angled toward Kari and began to descend. "Can I make a joke

about her getting lots of minerals in..."

        "Please don't."

        Izzy had no idea how to approach Kari. He still couldn't get over

that she was acting like this in the first place. First, though, he

had to deal with Davis.

        "Listen, Davis," he said. "You can't give in to what you're digi-

energy is telling you. Who knows what could happen?"

        "Yeah, but..."

        Izzy had a plan; he wasn't just going to appeal to Davis's sense

of logic, he was going to appeal to his ego as well.

        "Davis, what's on you head?"

        "My goggles."

        "That's right! And you know what those mean? They mean that you,

Davis, are the leader of the digidestined! It's not Yolei or Cody or

TK, it's you!"

        "Hey, yeah..."

        "You're the leader because you are best suited for the job! Part of

being the leader means keeping your eyes on the big picture. Right

now the very big picture is the giant girl who's going to do God

knows what to the city when she finally decides she's tall enough."

        "And only I can stop her?"

        "Of course only you can. You've got the goggles, don't you?"

        Davis pulled his goggles over his eyes. "Izzy, let's go stop that

giant hot girl!"

        Izzy was almost certain he'd swayed Davis away from the dark side,

but just to be certain...

        "Besides," he said as Davis picked him up again. "If you

continued to mutate, you would eventually turn into a Demiveemon..."

        "Whoa! No way! Man, thanks for telling me that! That would


        They flew closer to Kari, who was still eating, (eating!) a

building, piece by piece. Davis wasn't sure what he could do, but he

really didn't want to make her mad.


        Tai groggily woke up once again. He couldn't remember what was

going on, or why he was a Izzy's apartment. In a trance, he walked

to the door.

        The door opened so suddenly, it knocked Tai aside, unconscious

again. The building super intendment looked around. No one here,

either. The entire building had finally been evacuated. Now he

could go. He was anxious to leave; that monster was close by.

        If he had looked down, he would have seen the unconscious Tai, once-

proud leader of the Digidestined who had now been reduced to

recurring comic relief in an on-line Fan Fic.


        Yolei strolled confidently through the evacuated streets. She was

still six feet tall, but she planned to change that. She saw her

reflection in a store window and decided that the torn-clothing look

wasn't for her. She quickly ripped off her clothes, revealing red

digicode undergarments.

        She came to her destination: a grocery store. After all, she

didn't want to mess up her own store. She tried the door; it was

locked. Grinning, she grabbed the handle and yanked it from it's

hinges. She had to laugh; the power was wonderful.

        She went into the deserted store. She would not be content to

simply grow at the same slow rate as Kari. She wanted to be bigger

than Kari. She wanted to rule the city, but she couldn't if there

was anything bigger than her.

        She began to feed.


        In seventy years of giant rampaging monster movies, surely no

filmmaker had ever imagined a scene quite like this. The city was

being terrorized, not by a giant hulking brute, but by an innocent

little girl grown more than eighty feet tall. Kari's body was

slender, her limbs long and skinny with not a hint of muscle... yet

there she sat, tearing buildings apart with her bare hands.

        Davis swooped low, then flapped his wings powerfully, coming in for a

perfect touchdown. "She's so big. Where do we even begin?" A low,

thrumming vibration began to fill the air. "Hey, what's that sound?"

        Izzy let go of Davis and climbed up on a pile of rumble. "There's

only one way this could get any worse." Izzy scanned the sky, then

pointed at six metal craft in the air, rapidly approaching. "Those

are attack helicopters! The military is here!"

        Davis shook a fist at the sky. "I won't let them hurt Kari." He

pointed a clawed finger. "Fire rocket!" Instead of blazing

missiles, all he got was a small puff of smoke. "Huh? What gives?"

        "That probably won't work for you," said Izzy. "Thank goodness..."

        A megaphone boomed from one of the helicopters. "Leave the city at

once, or we will open fire."

        Kari rose to her feet thunderously, hands on hips. "No way. This is

my city now. You leave."

        "There's got to be something I can do." Davis tried doing cool

action poses like in his favorite cartoons. "Super Davis Magical

Powers... release! Kame... hame... ha!! Rainbow Moon Heartache!"

He spun on one foot, whirling till he made himself dizzy and fell


        "Don't get so worked up!" Izzy urged him, tugging on his

arm. "There's nothing they can do to hurt her."

        "Fire!" A dozen missiles streaked from the gun ships, exploding all

over Kari's chest and knocking her back. She fell screaming, plowing

into an office tower and wiping it out. She seemed unhurt, but even


        "Kari!!" roared Davis. He knocked Izzy aside and leapt into the

air. "How dare you do that to Kari? VEE INFERNO!" A ball of flame

leapt from Davis' hands, flipping him backwards just from the

recoil. A helicopter veered, but not enough... the fireball struck

it a glancing blow, consuming the tail and knocking out the engine.

        Davis beamed, tears leaking from his eyes. "That... that was so


        "What are you doing, Davis?" shouted Izzy. "Get the pilots!"

        "Huh?" Davis sighed, wings slumping. "Oh, right." He dove,

swooping under the copter. "Carry me here. Save them. Do this, do

that Davis." He caught

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