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             Name: tech


             "OK, so it

wasn't the best idea I ever had. Just

             calm down

Harry, I need to think." Sandy

             whispered. She

hoped that keeping her vioce low

             would help

Harry gain control, she needed to

             think and he

was not helping with his yelling and

             whining, but he

did look cute she thought to


             "Calm down, you

want me to calm down? Are you

             crazy, just

look at me. Look what you have done

             to me. Damn it

how can you expect me to calm

             down. I am

gonna kill you, I cann't believe you

             got me into

this, this, this shit, damn." Harry

             said in a

barely audible scream, trailing off at

             the end.

             "Look Harry

your screaming and ranting are not

             helping, so,

SHUT UP ALREADY." she said the last

             in a loud

whisper that brought Harry up short.

             He looked at

her for a moment and then just seem

             to collapse in

on himself, his rage gone, he

             seemed to

become truly aware of his predicament.

             Sandy watched

his mood go from rage, to stunned

             awareness, to

concern, to fear, and last he

             seemed on the

verge of crying, go figure Harry

             crying, who

would have every thought any

             situation could

cause that. She shifted herself

             from a kneeling

position to sitting cross-legged

             and tried to

figure how to solve their current

             problem. The

problem, how to get out of the cave

             they are stuck

in, and oh yeah, the problem of

             Harry, normally

a 6 ft man now standing in front

             of her at an

incredible 6 inches.

             Sandy and her

now diminutive boy friend had been

             on a hike in

the woods around the lake. Sandy,

             the avid nature

lover, had decided to go off the

             main trail and

camp near the summit of Mt.


Harry, just along for the exercise,

             and of course

because Sandy was there, followed

             her lead after

she assured him it was perfectly

             safe. It was an

easy ascent and they were

             enjoying the

hike when they found a hole. Well

             more like it

found them, and they fell through

             the leaves and

vines covering it,falling 20 to 30

             feet down. They

had been saved from any serious

             injuries by a

small pool of water that had formed

             at the bottom

of the shaft.

             They had

dragged themselves out of the pool and

             started drying

off, when Sandy watched as Harry

             just seemed to

disappear. One second he was there

             the next he was

gone. His clothes fell to a pile

             on the ground

where Harry had been standing. Then

             his shirt

started moving and she heard something

             that sounded

like, well like someone with very

             bad laryngitis

screaming. Then from under the

             shirt came a

naked 6 inch version of Harry. Sandy

             had been so

relieved at first that she burst out


             From Harry's

point of view he had been watching

             Sandy trying to

dry off, her wet close clinging

             to her body,

leaving nothing to the imagination,

             and he was

enjoying the sight when the lights

             went out.

             First he

noticed that he was naked and in some

             kind of

collapsed tent. He started yelling for

             Sandy and

searching for her when he reached the

             end of the

tent. As he came out from under the

             cloth he saw

Sandy. She was standing there at a

             height he could

not even begin to guess, she was

             huge, like the

Statue of Liberty come to life.

             Then as he just

gapped at her she started to

             laugh, and for

all the world he could not figure

             out why.

             "Harry its

going to be ok. We will figure a way

             to get out of

here and then we'll find a way to

             get you back to

normal." she said. He just kept

             looking at her,

not saying anything. He seemed to

             be shaking and

shivering, going into shock she

             guessed. He sat

down, well he just sort of fell

             on his butt,

and he just kept staring at her,

             still shivering

and shaking.

             "Harry say

something, you're starting to scare

             me." she

whispered. Nothing. He sat there kind of

             looking at her

but not seeing her. "Harry, common

             honey tell me

you're ok." this time in her normal

             voice, and just

as before, no response.

             Ok she thought,

with just a hint of panic racing

             through her, he

is going into shock, how do you

             treat that?

Warmth, he needs to be kept warm.

             Well then she

thought, I can do that, especially

             at his size.

She slowly reached out, the whole

             time speaking

softly, telling him he would be

             just fine,

telling him how much she loved him,

             and wrapped her

fingers around him and picked him

             up. She was

surprised to find him a little

             heavier than

she had thought, but she could still

             easily handle

him in one hand. She bought him

             close to her

face to examine him better, making

             sure he had no

injuries. Then she took off her

             shirt and

placed him between her breasts, folding

             her arms under

her breast to hold him in place as

             she continued

to talk softly to him.

             "Harry honey,

can you hear me, can you talk baby,

             I really need

you to talk to me if you can." she

             spoke these

words in the most quite, gentle voice

             she could

manage. He still seemed to be shivering

             though, and

that worried her. She kept talking in

             that same

reassuring voice and held him trapped

             in her cleavage

for a few minutes. Then she

             noticed that he

was no longer shivering. At first

             she thought he

might have gone flat line, but she

             could still

feel his ever so light breathing.

             Smiling she

said, "Harry your doing better honey,

             you just relax,

and I'll take care of you, just

             take it easy."

             They sat like

that for a few more minutes until

             she felt him

moving. He seemed to be looking

             around trying

to figure out where he was. She

             watch with an

amused smile as he looked all


oblivious to her presence. Then he looked

             up, and

screamed. She jumped, almost unfolding

             her arms, but

his scream was one of shock,

             escaping from

him for just a second, and then he

             was calm again.

Finally under control he looked

             up at her.

             "What is going

on, what are you doing, let me

             down" Harry

said so fast she almost did not catch


             "Are you sure

that's a good idea honey, you were

             going into

shock and this was the best way to

             keep you warm,

but if you think you're ok I can

             set you down."

She said a motherly voice.

             "Yeah I'm fine

just let me down please." She

             noticed him

starting to struggle, trying to get

             his arms free,

and the fact that he was have


escaping her breasts made her want to

             laugh. He was

so tiny, so helpless, her heart

             just went out

to him. She wanted to protect him,

             to keep him

safe and close. She consider just

             keeping him

trapped in between her breasts, there

             was nothing he

could do about it, and he would be

             safer here than

anywhere else.

             "Hey Sandy

could you please let me down, I'm ok,

             really, just

set me down, let me get some firm

             ground under my

feet and I will be just fine." he

             said with some

concern seeping into his voice.

             "Harry are you

implying that my breast are not

             firm. You never

complained before, as I remember

             you used to

love them. You would fondle them, and

             nibble them and

suck on them, but now they are

             not good enough

for you. I mean you could be a

             little more

considerate of them, seeing as how

             they just saved

your life. I mean really, show a


gratitude to them. The least you could do

             is thank them

before I let you go." She managed

             to say all this

with a reasonably straight face,

             but the

giggling at the end ruined most of the


             "Ha ha, very

funny, could you please just put me

             down. Come on

Sandy just let me down this is not

             funny." this

time it was said with more than a

             little anxiety

in his voice. He also started


again, this time he managed to get his

             arms free. He

then tried to pull himself up from

             between her

breasts. The problem was that when he

             pushed down on

her once large, now hill sized

             breast, his

arms just made little dents in her

             cleavage. Worse

still was that Sandy started


             "Sorry Harry I

don't mean to laugh but that

             tickles. Ok I

have had my little fun I'll set you

             down now. Just

relax and don't move." She then

             unfolded her

left arm and with that hand she

             pressed him

against her while she moved her

             right. With her

breast hanging free she put her

             right hand

under him and let him fall into her

             palm as she

removed her left hand. She was still

             in a playful

mood, and instead of putting him

             down bought him

up to her lips for a quick kiss

             that cover his

face and part of his chest, and

             then set him


             "Thanks Sandy,

now that I am back among the

             coherent, have

you thought about how to get us

             out of here, or

how to get me back to normal." He

             said as he sat

down, this time with more control,

             and looked up

at her expectantly.

             "No Harry, I

was concern about you and had all my

             attention on

you. So if you have any ideas on

             what we can do

to get us out of here I am all

             ears. The

opening at the top seems to be almost

             straight up,

and the sides seem very smooth so I

             don't think I

can climb out. I have rope but I

             don't have any

thing to secure it with. To top if

             all off I don't

think anyone will be looking for

             us or walking

by for quite some time. Other than

             that cheery

news, I have got nothing."

             Harry took this

in, and then started looking

             around the cave

they were in. The pool was chest

             deep, or had

been when he had first entered it.

             The water must

be fed from below the surface,

             sense they

neither saw nor heard any running

             water. The

water did not have anything growing on

             it like swamps

or still water so it must get

             turned or

refreshed often. Then he noticed

             something, it

looked like a tree root hanging

             about 30 or 40

feet above the pool. Check that,

             make it about 2

or 3 feet for any normal person.

             "Hey Sandy do

you see that root over there by the

             pool." He


             "Yep, what

about it." she said back not really

             thinking about


             "Well do you

think you could pull it out of the

             wall and see

how high it goes." he said


             "I can try but

I don't see how that can help. Its

             pretty small

and there is no way I can climb it.

             It looks like

it couldn't support a child let

             alone an

adult." this last part trailed off as


inspiration hit her. "Do you think you

             could climb

that thing. Hold on what are you

             going to do

once you climb up there. You cann't

             go for help, at

your size it would take to long

             and you would

be in too much danger, I wont let

             you do that

Harry." she said in no uncertain


             "One thing at a

time please. Why don't you just

             pull in out of

the wall and see if it goes up to

             the top. If

that works then we can discuss what

             to do next." he

said. Her treatment of him was

             starting to

grate on his nerves, he wasn't a

             child after

all, but he could put up with it as

             long as it got

him out of here and to someone who

             might be able

to restore him to his normal size.

             "OK take cover

here it goes." she saunter over

             and started to

pull on the root. It came out of

             the wall

throwing dirt and rocks all over her,

             but it went all

the way to the top of the hole.

             "Cool, but

you're not going to climb up there by

             yourself its

just too dangerous. I wont have you

             getting eaten,

or getting lost cuase I am not

             there to watch

over you."

             "OK but do you

have that sewing kit in you bag

             still. Please

tell me you do."

             "I sure do but

I don't see how that can help,

             unless you want

me to sew you some clothes. I

             kind of like

watching you run around in the nude,

             you are so

cute, have I told you that." she said

             with enough

wistfulness in her voice that it

             threw him off

tack for a moment.

             "Whatever. Just

listen to me. I can take some of

             the thread,

climb the root. Once I get to the top

             I can loop the

thread around something big and

             send that end

of thread back down to you. You,

             with your now

goddess like stature can tie the

             rope to it and

draw it up to me, where I can tie

             it off. Then

you can climb on up. Does that sound

             like a plan or

what. Mcguyver look out." he said,

             please with


             "Well it's nice

to see that your brains did not

             shrink with the

rest of you. Give me a sec and

             I'll set the

whole thing up." Sandy said

             excitedly. It

took her only moments to find all

             that she

needed. Then she brought it over to him

             and gave him

one end of the thread to tie around

             his waist. She

resisted the urge to pick him up

             with the thread

and dangle him in front of her,

             but just

barely. Then she picked him up without

             warning and

started to walk him over to the root.


             "Wait, what are

you doing. Don't just grab me up

             and start

walking like that, damn that's scary."

             he shouted.

             She held him up

to her face and asked, "Well you

             don't want to

start from the bottom of the root

             do you? I can

save you about a third of the trip

             up, and at your

size that could save you hours of


             "Well you could

give a guy a warning, that is one

             hell of arush

when you pick me up. It might seem

             small to you,

but its a long way up here to me,

             and you move

very fast." he said nearly out of


             "Sorry, I guess

I just don't know my own size. I

             promise to be

more careful with you in the future

             baby." she said

in a not so innocent voice.

             Harry started

his climb and it went without a

             hitch. When he

got to the top he found a tree

             stump that he

guessed would hold her weight, and

             looped the

thread around it. Then started to

             lower the

thread. Thats when he ran into

             problems. The

damn thread kept catching on the

             root or side of

the cave wall. Even better was he

             could not find

anything small enough for him to

             handle to tie

the thread to. Then Sandy came up

             with the


             "Hey Harry,

just tie it around you and I'll lower

             you to me. You

should be able to avoid the things

             catching the

tread." Damn why hadn't he thought

             of that.

             Well here goes

nothing he thought. He started to

             propel himself

down. It went smoothly till he got

             near the end.

Then Sandy got playful again. As he

             was about to

back down the rest of the way, she

             pulled him up a

little so that he would lose his

             footing. Then

she lowered him the rest of the

             way, not to her

hand, but to her cleavage. She

             had her shirt

back on, and it barely held her

             breasts in

place. She lowed him in and then

             buttoned the

shirt up, effectively locking him


             "What are you

doing Sandy let me out of here."

             "I don't think

so little guy, you need to be in a

             safe place as I

climb up, and I figure this would

             be the safest.

Not only will I know where you are

             at all times,

but I like the feel of you.", she

             said as she

finished gathering up her stuff.

             Trapped in her

cleavage and buttoned up shirt was

             not the worst

thing he could think of. It wasn't

             that it was

uncomfortable, but damn she should

             have asked

instead of just handling him like a

             toy. Harry

thought about arguing with her, but

             decided it was

a waste of time, and just tried to

             enjoy the


             Then all hell

broke loose. Harry was jostled and

             thrown around

in that soft haven. Then he fell

             into her

cleavage and the next ten minutes where


interesting. He would be squished between

             her breasts and

then nearly released before he

             was squished

again. The worst impacted never even

             forced the air

out of him, but it was getting

             hot, and Sandy

was getting sweaty. Again not that

             he minded much,

but it was a very interest climb.


             He had noticed

when she hit the top of the shaft

             that her angle

changed. Where before gravity held

             him in place,

now he was sliding down her sweaty

             breasts. He

slipped down to the center of her

             cleavage and

then over her nipple. He tried to

             grab it before

he slid to the front of her

             breast, but her

moving and sweat was to much, and

             he slid down

the front of her to land softly in

             her shirt where

she had tucked it in.

             "Harry what are

you doing, now is not the time to

             start playing

with my nipple, cann't you keep

             your mind on

the problems at hand and out of your

             pants. Geesh

Harry, we are not out here for a


interlude.", then she began laughing,

             unable to hold

her amusement at his plight any


             She unbuttoned

the top of her shirt, reached in

             and grabbed

Harry. Bringing him up to her face

             she smiled at

him, and then began kissing him all

             over, telling

him through the kiss how great he


             "Hey, stop

that." Harry sputtered. "I know it was

             a great idea, a

simple thank you would have


             "No, you

deserve much more than that, you saved

             our asses. I

don't think we could have gotten out

             of that cave

with you at normal size, and I know

             I could have

never gotten out of there on my own.

             You were great,

my very own little hero, thank

             you, thank you,

thank you." in between each thank

             was another big

wet kiss.

             Harry for his

part started to like it, his new

             big girl friend

covering him from head to toe in

             kisses was far

from the most unpleasant

             experience in

his life. In fact he enjoyed it so

             much he started

getting aroused, his member

             standing at

attention, and for the first time in

             his life he

hoped it was to small to be noticed.

             Half giggling

half talking she said "Well, well,

             what's this

Harry, did I get a little too carried

             away with my

thank you's. You know at your size

             that thing aint

gonna be enough to satisfy me,

             but I

appreciate the effort. Maybe latter we can

             work out

something, but for now lets just get

             home and see

what other adventures we can get

             into. I think I

should hide you till we make a

             plan of action,

so I going to put you back in my

             shirt till we

get to the car. I hope you don't


             "I don't, but

please take it easy, that climb was

             more than a

little rough on me."

             "Not to worry

love, I'll get us out of here in no

             time, and as

gently as possible" With that said

             she place him

back in her cleavage, tying her

             shirt at the

bottom so that it would keep him

             from falling

down her cleavage to her waist

             again. Then she

started the long walk back to the

             car, wondering

what they should do next.

             As she neared

the more used part of the woods and

             lake she began

to see more and more people. For

             some reason she

could not stop smiling, the

             thought of

walking among all these people and

             still having

Harry trapped in her cleavage just

             gave her an

immense satisfaction. She kept

             thinking, I

know something you don't, as she

             returned to her


             She briefly

consider what to do with Harry's car,

             but quickly but

the thought aside, all his stuff

             was back in the

hole, and no one was likely to

             find it before

they had decided what to do next.

             She opened the

car do, got in and started the

             car. She drove

the car to the back of the lot,

             where there

were no other cars or people, and

             then brought

out Harry.

             "How are you

holding up so far my little

             solider." she

asked him. At the same time she

             smiled as she

examined him anew, to both see if

             he was OK and

because she like holding him.

             Harry for his

part seemed like the trip had been


relaxing, and might have even been napping

             when she took

him from between her bosom and

             started to

examine her. "I am fine but the heat

             in there made

me kind of groggy. You could rent

             those out as a

sauna and make big bucks." he said

             as he point to

her chest, with a dreamy

             expression on

his face. Sandy smiled at that and

             gave him a sort

of hug and nuzzle with her cheek

             and nose, then

set him down on the passenger car


             "I'd tell ya to

buckle up, but I don't think it

             would help you

much. I'll take it easy but try

             and make

yourself secure as possible." Then she

             but her car in

gear and headed home. The trip

             went fine, with

the sun was almost down so no one

             could see into

her car, but Sandy felt very

             relieved as she

pulled into her drive way. She

             picked up

Harry, placed him in what she now

             considered his

usual place, her cleavage, and

             walked to her

door. Unlocking it and walking in

             she threw her

hiking stuff on the floor next to

             the door and

walked into the living room. She

             plopped down on

the couch and open up her shirt

             and gently

bought out Harry and set him on the

             couch next to


             "Well now what,

do we call the police, or some


office, or what. I have no idea how or

             what to do

next." They discussed it for about an

             hour. Harry was

really a very shy guy, it took

             him a while to

get to know you and open up to

             you. His real

worry was that he would become some

             kind of freak

show star. Or that he would just be

             taken to some

hidden lab and never seen from

             again. Neither

was very attractive to him. For

             her part Sandy

could not get over the feelings

             Harry now

brought out in her. She had consider

             him her

boyfriend, god she hated that term, for a

             good 6 months.

She did not know where the


was going but it had felt right to

             her. Harry was

a nice gentle man, decent looks,

             no ego, and

open to new experiences. His only

             real draw back

was he was a huge football fan,

             which made

Sundays very boring, but she could

             deal with that

easily. Other than that he was a

             great companion

for life, and she had often

             wondered if

this would be the guy to spend the

             rest of her

life with. Now, with him at this

             height she

found herself dawn to him in new ways.

             Not only did

she feel the need to protect him,

             she felt, well

for a lack of a better term,

             empowered. Not

that she every really felt second

             class or in

need of other people or men. She was

             a fairly

successful programmer. The Y2K scare had

             made her money

hand over fist, and her reputation

             as an expert on

the subject was without peer. But

             with Harry now

half a foot tall she felt like he

             belonged to

her. She was aware that this was not

             fair to him,

but what could she do, that was just

             how she felt.

If Harry did not want to let anyone

             know about his

condition, she was fine with that,

             more than fine.

She had been considering not

             telling anyone

even if he had wanted too.

             "Hey Sandy,

earth to Sandy, come in Sandy." he

             was waving his

hands and jumping up and down

             trying to get

her attention.

             "Oops sorry

must have zoned there, what were you

             saying honey."

she had noticed his manhood

             bouncing around

when he was jumping, and had to

             make herself

pay real attention to him, while

             obviously not

looking at it.

             "Well as I was

saying, I don't fell real


with the options we have come up with

             so far, so

would you mind if I just stayed here

             for awhile. I

can email Mike and Tammy and tell

             them to run the

business till I get back from a

             very sudden

need to get away for awhile. They


complain, its not like they never left me

             hanging and

maybe we can come up with some idea

             that doesn't

scare the hell out of me."

             "You know you

can Harry" she could hardly believe

             what he was

saying, and the thrill it sent

             through her was

surpising, she just now realized

             she could never

give up Harry like this, and

             hoped that what

ever it was that had caused his

             shrinking would

never wear off.

             "Say Harry its

been a long hot day, I feel like a

             bath, would you

like to join me." She said the

             last just to be

nice, he was joining her whether

             he liked it or

not, but she might as well try to

             make him feel

comfortable with the experience.

             Harry looked at

her for a moment, unsure of what

             she had

planned, but was sure of only one thing.

             Every since his

shrinking he was totally at her

             mercy, not just

because of her size, but because

             of how she now

made him feel. Her presence was

             all he wanted.

When she smiled at him, he felt

             like he had

just done something incredibly

             important, and

was both very proud and very

             pleased that

she was happy with him. He would do

             anything she

asked, and that made him a little

             nervous. He had

never felt this way before, even

             though he

thought he loved Sandy before, she was

             now his world,

and little else mattered. This

             feeling is what

bothered him, but only till she

             smiled, or

talked, or did anything to attracted

             his attention,

and then he was back to feeling

             awed by her.

             "Sure, ok, that

would be good, I could use a

             bath." he

managed to get out in a stuttering


             Sandy smiled at

him as she picked him up and

             carried him to

the bathroom. She set harry by the

             sink and then

turned to the tub and started the

             water, setting

the knobs to a slightly steaming

             heat that would

loosen and soothe joints and

             muscles. She

sat on the edge of the tub stoking

             the water with

her hand as she watch the level

             rise to the

height she wanted. Then she turned to

             face Harry as

she disrobed. Her shirt came off

             first and he

was visited with the sight of her

             wonderful soft

inviting breast. Then she

             unbuttoned her

shorts, every so slowly pulled

             down the

zipper, and then slid one side down her

             hip, then the

other, till she could just let them

             fall to the

floor. She stood there for a second

             looking at

Harry and judging his reaction, smiled

             knowing she had

his full attention and then

             turned her back

to him. Looking over her shoulder

             at him, she

eased her thumbs into her panties.

             Swaying her

beautifully rounded cheeks she

             slowly, ever so

slowly, lowered her panites,

             taking her

time, enjoying herself and knowing

             that Harry was

enjoying it too. She slid them

             down her

thighs, bending and swaying the whole

             time it took to

slid down those luscious tanned

             thighs till she

reached her knees. Then letting

             them fall to

the ground and stepping out of the

             she removed her

last article of clothing and

             turned suddenly

throwing her arms out wide

             yelled, “TA

DA.” She smiled again at Harry, this


mischievously, and dropped her panties on

             him, watching

momentarily as he struggled to get

             free, and then

she grabbed both him and her


separating them, and tossing the panties


             "Are you ready

honey" she whispered, barely

             audible even to

Harry. He could not speak, just

             nodding his

head as he looked at her with eyes

             wide, his very

soul captured in her eye's as she

             carried him to

the steaming water. She step into

             the tub and

lowered both of them into its warm

             embrace. She

laid back against the tub with Harry

             still in her

hand, yet to be immersed in the

             water. she

closed her eyes and let the relaxation

             of the heat

infuse her, and then lowed Harry

             slowly into the

water. She opened her hand on her

             knee just under

the surface to let Harry stretch

             out and feel

the heat all over his body to. She

             opened her eyes

to watch as he actually started

             to float on his


             "Comfy" she

asked. His only response was a slight

             nod, his eyes

now closed, his face seemed very

             relaxed. She

closed her eyes again to, thinking

             of all the

things she wanted to do with Harry,

             thinking of all

the fun she would have with him.

             They stayed

this way for sometime, just letting

             the moment

drift one lazy minute followed by

             another, no

worries, no concerns. Then Sandy

             opened her eyes

and saw Harry floating down by

             her feet. She

brought her feet and legs together

             and lifted them

and Harry up out of the water.

             She kept

lifting them till Harry started to slide

             down to her. He

let out a quick yelp before he

             started to

tumble down her legs. He stooped when

             he rolled to a

stop at depression that her thighs

             made where they

joined her body. Laughing lightly

             she picked

Harry up between her thumb and finger

             and brought him

to her lips, "It's play time

             lover" she

said, breathing out the words to cover

             him with her


             She looked at

him expectantly, and he just

             nodded, but a

smiled crossed his face, ever so

             small and very

boyishly. Sandy laughed again and

             kissed him

once, then she stuck her tongue out to

             taste him.

First she ran it over his face and

             neck. Then she

dropped him into her other hand so

             that he was

lying in her palm, and kissed him

             again, this

time centering on his manhood. Her

             tongue came out

again and tasted it briefly. The

             it returned,

the tip of it sliding up and down

             his member,

bringing it to life. She worked his

             erection into

her lips and began ever so slightly

             sucking it.

Then for a minute he was release from

             her lips, her

hand closed around him and he was

             lifted above

her mouth. She carefully slid him

             into her mouth

up to his waist. God, the tongue


teasing, caressing, stroking, and

             sliding his

member, producing waves of pleasure

             he had not

thought possible. She continued

             fondling him

this way long after he had reached a


climax and release all he was good

             for. Then her

hand came and retrieved him from

             her mouth and

held him in front over her face



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