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Thumb In Tokyo






name is Tom Banister and your company has sent you to Japan to investigate a new

shrink ray deveoped by your company's Japanese subsidiary. After a long flight

you take a taxi to your hotel and check in. You later meet up with the woman who

is head of the company's research and develpment department. Her name is Arisa

and you are happy to learn that she speaks fairly good English since you have no

understanding of the Japanese language. You are also happy to see that she is a

very attractive woman. She looks to be in her early thirties with medium length

black hair and beautiful almond shaped brown eyes. She is wearing a short skirt

with black knee high leather boots.

She drives you to the companies research and development department to show you

the company's new invention. When you walk in the lobby you eye a very

attractive receptionest. She looks to be only eighteen or nineteen years old.

Arisa introduces you to her. Her name is Mika she bows to you and you bow back.

The language barrier prevents further communitcation.

Arisa takes you to the lab and shows you some amazing specimens. "We began

practicing on inanimate objects," she says as she picks up what looks like a toy

car. It was in fact a real car shrunk by the ray. She goes on to show you

various animals in cages. A tiny horse, a miniature elephant all perfectly

normal and healthy in every way except for their size. "Is the size change

permanent?," you ask. "They will stay that size until a reversal ray is

applied." She quickly demonstrates the reversal ray on a tiny half inch tall

plant that had been shrunk. The plant is quickly restored to its original four

foot height. "Will it work on people?," you ask. "Yes. We have done some tests.

It's just hard finding volunteers."

A man walks in the room and speaks to Arisa in Japanese. Arisa apologizes and

sys that something has come up and that she'll return in a few minutes. She and

the man leave. You are alone in the room with the shrink ray. You notice that

all of the buttons are marked in the Japanese alphabet. You decide to press some

of the buttons to see what happens. The machine starts humming and the ray gun

twirls around 180 degrees and fires at you. You are shrunk to three inches in




jump into the car that is about the same scale as you. The keys are in the car.

You start it up and take off. You drive through the reception area. Mika is

occupied on the phone and doesn't even notice you. The front door is open so you

drive out onto the sidewalk outside. Giant people are walking around everywhere.

You decide that you have made another stupid mistake so you try to drive back to

the lab. Unfortuneatly


The car

with you inside are lifted up into the air. It is lifted up to the giant's face

who stares at you through the windshield. You look back in fright and remain

perfectly still.


You out the

window at the giant face of a young boy. You freeze in terror. The boy smiles as

he examines you and the car. He carries you and the car home with him.

The boy thinks that you and the car are just toys. He places the car in his room

on the floor. He begins pushing the car around by hand. You try to remain

perfectly still, fearful for what his reaction might be if he discovered that

you were a real person. You hear a woman's voice say something in Japanese from

another room. The boy stands up and leaves the room.



leave the car and begin looking around the house. You go through the boy's

bedroom door and scurry down the hall. You pass by another bedroom door and look

inside. You see a teenage girl in her room working on the computer.



decide to look for a place to hide. More than likely no one in the house would

be able to speak English. You wouldn't be able to explain yourself.

The giant girl turns off her computer and gets up from her chair. You quickly

try to find a place to hide. A pair of the girls tennis shoes are on the floor.

You run up to the right shoe and climb inside.


When the girl

walks out of the room you take your time, and look around. You walk around,

amazed at the perspective. Moments later, the girl comes back in. She starts to

change her clothes. She quickly strips down to her black underwear, and gets in




girl reaches down and grabs the shoe that you are in. She tilts the shoe and you

fall out into her open hand. She stares at you in awe. Maybe she can understand

some English, you think to yourself. You try to communicate. "Please miss. You

have to help me. My name is Tom." The girl just stares at you and smiles,

perhaps thinking that you are just uttering mindless gibberish. She reaches out

with her index finger and gently strokes you like as if trying to calm a tiny

frightened animal. She turns her head up and yells something to someone in

another room. A few moments later a woman, probably her mother, comes into the

room. The teenager shows you to her mother. They both stare at you, fascinated

by your tiny size. The mother says something to the girl and the girl hands you

over to her mother. She carries you off into the living room.


You are

placed on a table in the adjoining dining room. The giant boy comes in the room

and joins his mom and sister. The three giants surround the table chattering

back and forth in excitement staring at you in fascination. You feel so

ridiculous. The boy trys to reach for you, but the mother grabs his hand as if

worried that he might break you. You again yell some words at them but the three

giants just laugh at your tiny squeaks. The front door of their home opens and a

giant man, you assume the father, walks through the door. The daughter very

excitedly runs to her dad and obviously tells him of her discovery



giant Japanese family talk back and forth to each other around the table. You

just stand there at the center of the table looking back at each of them unable

to understand any of their conversation. You wish you could some how communicate

with them to let them know that you are a real rational human being. The teenage

daughter stands up and leaves the room. A few moments later she returns with an

empty goldfish bowl in her hands. The mother reaches for you and grabs you

roughly between her thumb and forefinger and drops you into the fish bowl. They

apparently have no intention on letting you escape. It appears that you are now

the new family pet.



didn't have a close family back home in the states. No one would really miss

you. It appears now that you have a new family in Japan or, better said, a

family has you.

The next day the family goes about their normal morning routines. The husband

gets ready for work; the kids get ready for school. The kids occationally check

up on you; staring at you admirably through the glass fish bowl. They soon all

leave, leaving you alone with the wife and mother.



reaches into the fish bowl and plucks you out. She places you into the soft palm

of her hand. She is a very pretty woman who appears to be in her mid thirties.

She has shoulder length black hair and dark pretty eyes. She carries you gently

into the living room and sits down on the couch. She places you down on the

floor next to her bare feet. You notice that her toenails are painted the same

bright shade of red as her fingernails. The woman grabs a cookie and begins to

eat it. You haven't had anything to eat in a while and are quite hungry. The

woman says one word to you and you, of course, do not understand. She repeats

the word which sounds like a command, she then lifts up her right foot and

nudges you with the front of her bit toe, causing you to land square on your

butt. You pick yourself back up and she repeats the command. She pushes you down

again with her big toe. You are becoming frightened. Why is the woman being so

cruel. She reapeats the command a third time. You quickly sit down fearing that

she will shove you down again. She smiles and says something softly in a

reassuring tone. She breaks off a crumb and throws it on tosses it on the floor

in front of you. You happily devour it.

When you are done, the woman speaks another word to you. She raises her foot and

places her big toe on top of you. She forcfully rolls you back and forth under

her big toe. It suddenly occurs to you what she is doing. She is trying to teach

you puppy dog tricks. The woman repeats her command and rolls you again under

her toe. When she repeats her command a third time you roll over on your own to

avoid the abuse. The woman smiles and rewards you again with a cookie crumb. She

reaches down and knocks you down on your knees. She speaks a third command,

which you assume is "Beg" so you stay on your knees and hold out your hands like

a begging dog. The woman smiles with delight and tosses you another cookie


She then repeats the first word and you sit. She repeats the second word and you

roll over. She repeats the third word and you beg. The woman says something to

you in a praising manner, obviously delighted with your obedience. She reaches

down and grabs you and lifts you up to her lips and kisses you, covering you in

her saliva. She then carries you back into the kitchen and drops you back in the

fish bowl.



the son and daughter come home from school the mother shows them the tricks that

she has taught you. You obey the commands. The son and daughter take turns

ordering you commands and tossing you cookie crumbs for a reward. You are no

longer hungry but you do as your told for fear of punishment. After a short

period of time..



girl takes you to her room. She holds you in her hand and gently strokes you

with her index finger. She holds you up to her lips and kisses you, covering you

in lipstick.



situation is so ridiculous and hopeless that you begin to cry. It is clear that

you will probably never be free.

She sets you down on the floor in front of her pretty feet. You look up at the

towering teenage titan as she smiles down on you admireably. You do not try to

run away because you know that she could easily capture you. Besides, there was

no place to go. The situation for now was hopeless. The girl was at least kind.

She obviously didn't think of you as a real human, just a small animal that was

fit to be kept for a pet. You begin to walk but she places her foot in front of

you blocking your path. She obviously did not want you to wonder off far. She

speaks and you recognize the command. You fall to your knees and kiss the tops

of her toes. She smiles, pleased with your trick.


After a

few days in captivity, you find yourself beginning to accept your new roll in

life. The family bought a small bird cage to keep you in. You are still a little

fearful of the boy. He seems to think of you more as just a toy. Often times

when he is done playing with you, he just sticks you in his pocket, like an

object, for hours at a time.

You do, however, develop a fondness for the teenage girl. She seems to be the

most caring of you. She often takes you to her room and caresses you with her

finger. She places you down on the floor at her bare feet. You gently kiss the

top of the pink painted toenail of her big toe. She lifts up her foot and lowers

it toward you. You lay down on your back and she playfully covers you under the

arch of her foot. You know that she means no harm to you but you are still

fearful that she might not realize how much pressure she is applying to you.

After a few moments she lifts her foot off and you stand up and kiss each of the

toes of your teenage mistress.


It is on the

fourth day of your captivity that the girl brings two of her female friends into

her room to show you off. The situation seems so surreal as you are passed

around to each girl like some sort of small docile animal. You listen to the

loud excited chatter of the three girls as you are passed about. You are placed

on the floor encircled by the three pairs of giant feet. Your giant mistress is

wearing a pair of white sandals, exposing her pretty pink painted toenails. One

of the girls has on a pair of tennis shoes; the other is wearing a pair of

platform sandals. The platforms are as tall as you.

Your mistress gives you familiar commands, the few words of Japanese that you

have learned - sit, roll over, beg, and a phrase that apparently means for you

to kiss her feet. You do not want to disappoint your mistress so you do as your

told and perform the tricks to the delight of the other girls. The girl in the

platform sandals issures you the command to kiss her toes. You run up to the

front of her shoes and stand on the tips of your toes in an attempt to reach her

toes. You are just able to kiss the bottom of her big toe. The girls continue to

talk back and forth to each other. After several moments your teenage mistress

reaches down and grabs you in her hand. She gently places you in her purse and

you feel the gentle rocking as she and the other girls leave her room and head

out of the house. You sit in the darkness of her purse against the other

articles - lipstick, compact, wallet, etc. You wonder as to where she was taking




following translation of the girls conversation is provieded by the author:

"You see; isn't he adorable? My brother found him out on the sidewalk." "I can't

belive it. Is it a toy?" "No he is real. My brother found a toy car with him

inside. At first we thought he was a toy but he's a real breathing miniture

person. Watch. He can do tricks. Sit! Roll Over! Beg! Kiss my feet! Good boy."

"Let me try. Kiss my feet! Look at him. He can barely reach my toe." "He looks

like a a European or American. You know my friend Nanako can

speak English. Why don't we take him to her house. Maybe he can speak." "Ok..but

I'm sure that he is not that intelligent. Surely he is just some sort of animal.

Come on little man...time to get in my purse.


After about an

hour you apparently arrive at your destination, wherever that might be. You

watch as the top of the purse opens. Your mistress' giant hand reaches for you.

You are placed down on a table top. Your mistress and her two friends are joined

with a fourth girl who looks to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. They

are all seated around the table staring down at you like four colossal

goddesses. The girls chatter back and forth with each other in a language that

is foreign to you. The new girl reaches for you and lifts you close to her

pretty face. In almost perfect English she says, "CAN YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

"Yes, yes," you scream as loud as your tiny lungs will let you. The girl looks

at you in shock and disbelief. She turns to the other girls and says something

to them in Japanese. They all stare at you in wonder. Your young mistress' mouth

drops open, apparently shocked that you are in fact a real person, not just a

dumb animal. The four young women continue to talk to each other. After a few

moments the English speaking girl asks you where you are from. You tell her your

whole story and she translates it to the other three girls. You learn that your

mistress' name is Risa. You give the English speaking girl directions to the lab

so that you can be restored to your normal size. The four girls begin talking to

each other. The English speaking girl holds you in her open palm and speaks, "RISA





be ridiculous. Do you really think I want to spend the rest of my life the size

of a doll?," you say to the translator. The girl turns to Risa and tells her

what you said in Japanese. You notice tears coming to Risa's eyes. You feel bad

for the girl but you do not intend on staying the size of a mouse for her

amusement. "Please tell Risa that I'm sorry, but I am a real person and I need

to return to the lab so that I can have my height restored." The girl translates

your message and you walk up to Risa's hand and gently kiss the tip of her giant

index finger. Risa smiles and lifts you up. She rubs you against her cheek

drenching you in her tears. She kisses you and places you back down on the

table. The four girls talk amongst each other briefly then the English speaking

girl turns to you and tells you that she will be the one to take you back to the

lab. The other three girls leave. The English speaking girl returns to the room

and tells you that she will take you to the lab tomorrow.



English speaking girl returns and sits at the table. "I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND



SIZE. YOU ARE SO CUTE THIS WAY," she says to you smiling. "WELL, HAVE IT YOUR

WAY," she says to you as she reaches for you. She grabs you in her hand and






picks up one of her pink socks that is laying on the floor and drops you inside.

"There now, this should be comfy," she says as she rolls up the sock with you

inside. She stuffs the sock in her tennis shoe.

After a good nights sleep. Tomorrow finally comes.


The next

morning you feel the sock move roughly in her hand. It rolls around and you

slide out onto her palm. "Wake up sleepy head," she says. She is still in her

nightgown but goes off to the bathroom to change. You are so excited. You would

soon be back at the lab and back to your normal height.

After about thirty minutes, it takes girls forever to get ready, she comes out

of the bathroom. She is smartly dressed with a plaid knee high skirt and a white

blouse. "It's time to go back to your lab," the teenager tells you.


She places you

in her blouse pocket and leaves the house. You listen to the sounds of the city

but dare not peek out of her pocket for fear of being seen.

The girl takes the train into the business district. She knows her way around

Tokyo quite well and easily finds the lab. You listen to the loud conversation

in Japanese as the girl talks back and forth with the receptionist. The

continues down a hall and into one of the company laboratories. She reaches in

her pocket and takes you out. She sets you down on a clean stainless steel

table. Three other giants enter the room. Two men and Arisa, the woman you had

met at the airport when you first arrived in


They are all three wearing white lab coats. "We were very concerned about your

wearabouts Mr. Banister." You don't know what an adventure I had trying to get

back here," you tell them.

The giant scientists thank the teenage girl for bringing you back to them. She

bows to them and they bow back. She looks at you and gently extends her index

finger towards you. You politly bow and kiss the tip of her giant finger. The

girl smiles and leaves.

"Well I'm ready to be turned back to normal," you say. Arisa takes a bottle of

some liquid and pours it on a small rag. She places it close towards you. You

recognize the smell of ether just before you pass out.


You wake up on

a bed in a strange room. Your head is pounding. You look around the room and see

normal size furniture. Thank God, you think to yourself. A pretty young Japanese

woman is sitting in a chair in the room. She is just wearing a robe. "Are you

feeling alright?," she asks. You jump out of bed and hug the young woman. "I

don't know who you are young lady but I have never been so happy to see a normal

size person in my life." "Of course I'm normal size," she says. "Do you think

I'm pretty too," she asks. You think this a strange question for her to suddenly

ask, since you didn't even know her. "Make love to me she says as she stands up

and removes her robe. She is only in her panties and bra when she comes over to

you and wraps her arms around you. She blows in your ear and whispers, "Please

make love to me."

You push her aside and look around the room. It suddenly occurs to you that

there are no doors or windows. A shadow cuts through the light as you look up in

horror at the giant face of a young woman in a white lab coat. She is holding a

clip board and taking notes as she stares down at you and the young woman in

your room. Your room is a box and they apparently were keeping you to study.

"What's going on?," you shout at the giantess. Why am I still this size. I

demand to be returned to normal size. The giant girl just continues writing,

ignoring your pleas. "Don't be afraid. They don't want to hurt us. They are

taking care of us."

"What's wrong with you? I don't want to be he kept in here like a lab rat."

"Don't be afraid. It's not so bad. I've been this size all my life. The giants

are our friends. They don't mean any harm. But you must behave. They will punish

you if your bad. Now why don't you join me on the bed. It will make me happy and

make them happy. They want us to breed. We are quite valuable. Rich people will

pay a lot of money for one of us. Another giant shadow covers the room and you

look up at Arisa. She bends her head down and looks at you without expression.

"YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET USED TO IT. You are going to be this size for the rest of

your life," Arisa says with a smirk. "You bitch," you yell. Arisa reached down

and flicks down on the ground with her index finger. The young woman who is your

size drops down on the floor and wraps her arms around you. " must

not talk back to them. They are our owners."



know that you are going to have to figure out a plan of escape. You are not

going to allow yourself to be sold to someone for their amusement. The young

woman who was studying you earlier returns and grabs the box where you and the

girl are held captive. She picks it up and carries it to another room. She

reaches in and removes the little bed and chair. She turns the box to its side

and you and the woman who is your size tumble out into a bigger box. The

giantess walks away and the girl grabs her robe and covers herself. There are

three other people your size who are in the box. There are a few chairs and

other bits of furniture that is the same scale as you. In the center of the room

is a saucer full of drinking water. There is some sort of white mush in another

saucer that you figure is food. "This is the main holding area," the girl tells




have so many questions. You first ask the girl her name which you find out is

Erika. The answers to the other questions are not the things you want to hear.


It seems that

they have been experimenting with miniaturization here for over twenty years.

Erika is a product from a different form of miniaturization; that is, she has

always been tiny. She is a product of genetic engineering experiments. Since she

has always been small, you can see where it is easier for her to accept it. She

points at another woman who is your size. She too is a product of genetic

engineering and she is pregnant. There have not been that many births in

captivity so the demand is much higher than the supply for little people. When

they perfected the shrinking ray they had very few volunteers who what let them

use it on. They instead were given the okay to experiment on some convicted

felons who wern't eligible for parole. Later they were able to do it on some

mental patients, drug addicts, etc. She points to a man who looked to be in his

forties huddled in the corner. She tells you that he was addicted to heroin and

was in an out of prison. He was sent here for rehabilitation. Now they'll find

him a nice home. Some of the very rich come here from around the world to buy

little people. They also have a lottery for the lucky few average Japanese

citizens. The few who win get a chance to pick out and keep there own little

person. She heard that a young couple in there twenties had one the last lotto

and were suppose to be here today to pick a tiny person to keep for themselves.

That is probably why they were gathering all of us together today. Another giant

carries a box and tilts it down causing to more tiny people to slide out and

into the holding tank. There are now seven of you in there.

You here the chatter of some giants in the background. Two gigantic figures

approach. It is a young Japanese couple who look to be in there twenties. They

are both staring down at you and the other little people. It is obviously the

lotto winners who are here to pick their prize.

The young woman turns to her husband and says something to him in Japanese.

Erika translates for you. "She say that she wants a little male." Her giant

husband nods his head in approval. The young woman studies you all one more time

then she reaches down...


She reaches

down for the heroin addict. The man starts screaming as she grabs him between

her thumb and forefinger. She lifts him up in the air. She and her husband

inspects him closely.

The whole sight seems so surreal. The giant couple are both well dressed like

typical young urban professionals. The man is wearing a suit; his wife is

smartly dressed in a blue skirt with a matching blue blouse. She has a black

patent leather handbag hanging from her shoulder.

The tiny man is yelling and screaming in Japanese. The young wife's face has

more of a look of concern.

She lowers the man back down into the box. The newlyweds whisper to each other,

then the husband turns to the scientist and says something to him. Erika

translates for you.



man is saying that his wife very much would like to have a little person for her

own. She, however, does not like the idea of having thieves or drug addicts. My

wife is a very good hearted person. She doesn't like the idea of holding someone

against their will. She thought that there were some willing little people who

wanted to be adopted."



scientist thinks for a moment. He then turns to the couple and asks them a


Erika translates to you. "He ask them if either of them speaks English."


"Well I

have this little fellow," the scientist says in English," as he points to you.

He is not a criminal or a drug addict. He's came here from our sister company in


He was messing around with our shrinking machine and accidentally shrunk

himself. Would you be interested in him?"

The couple talks to each other in Japanese, then the wife says...



both nod yes and the young woman reaches for you. You stand still and let her

grab you, knowing that you couldn't get away if you wanted to. She places you in

her soft palm. "Would you like to come with us?," she asks. You consider your

options. You didn't want to remain a prisoner in the lab waiting until someone

else bought you. You might wind up with a cruel owner or someone he didn't

understand you. The young woman was nice.



Please take me with you. I want to get out of here," you say. The woman smiles

at you. The scientist says something to them in Japanese. They both nod at him

and he leaves the room. "Would you set me back down for a moment. I want to say

good buy to a friend." The woman agrees and lowers you back into the box. You

walk up to Erika. She looks as though she is about to cry. You hated to leave

her but you knew that your only chance of returning back to normal would be to

tell the young couple all of the events of what has happened. They could then

help you return to normal size. You embrace Erika hugging her tightly. The

scientist returns with some paper work. The couple sign some documents and your

new mistress reaches for you. She places you in her pocket as they walk out the



You are

so grateful to be in the hands of the kind caring young couple. They are

obviously reasonable people.

When you arrive at the young couples home, you are placed on a table. They both

sit at the table and you tell them your story. You tell them how you were

accidentally shrunk; how you were kidnapped by the family that regarded you as

nothing more than a dumb animal fit to be a pet. You tell them of the girl who

tried to help you by taking you back to the lab. Tears start coming to your eyes

as you continue with your story and tell them how badly you were treated at the

lab and how you were put up for sale against your will. "This is terrible," the

husband says. "We must do something. Surely they have the ability to restore

your size. I will go back over to the company tomorrow. Rest assured; we will do

everything we can to help you



giant woman turns to her husband and speaks to him in Japanese. They continue

there discussion for a few moments and he nods his head. She turns to you and


"Why don't you stay this size for a few days with us. We won't treat you badly.

You may like being taken care of. You'll never have to work or have any

responsibilities other than pleasing us. What do you say?"



look into the beautiful exotic eyes of the young woman. "I'm sorry. I want my

size restored as soon as possible. I need to return home to America," you tell

her. You can see the disappointment in her billboard size face. You feel sorry

for her. "I will go to the lab now and try to find out how we can restore you

back to normal," the giant man tells you. He goes over to his wife and they talk

back and forth to each other in Japanese. He then leaves the apartment.

The woman goes about her chores around the apartment as you remain safely on the

table top. She occasionally looks at you and smiles.

When the man returns home he first goes to his wife and speaks to her in

Japanese. The couple then approach the table where you stand. "I'm sorry," the

man begins. "They said that there is no antidote. I'm afraid that you will be

this size for the rest of your life." His words cut through you like a knife.

"The woman bends down; her face is next to you. "Don't worry little one. We will

take good care of you." She places her hand in front of you. You climb up onto

the soft skin of her open palm and she lifts you up in the air. She smiles and

gently strokes you with the tip of her finger.



slowly adjust to your new role in life. The couple decides that it is best for

you to be kept in a birdcage. They reason that it would be unsafe for you to

roam around the apartment freely; you might accidentally get stepped on. The

young woman decorated the birdcage for you. You are provided with a few pieces

of doll furniture that are perfectly to your scale; a little plastic table, a

chair and a sofa. The woman placed one of her old knee high nylons in the cage

for you to sleep on. "I hope you like your new home," she had told you; her

giant face smiling at you through the cage bars. "Do you like your new home?,"

she asks. You tell her yes out of courtesy. This makes her happy.

You are allowed out of the cage only under the close supervision of one of the

giants. The young woman seems to enjoy taking you out and placing you on the

floor at her feet. Her feet are beautiful each toenail perfectly manicured and

painted pink; the skin of her feet is smooth and flawless. She often teases you

by nudging you with her big toe, a constant reminder that you are totally under

her control.

As the days follow you can tell that there respect for you as a human being is

diminishing. Although they are friendly, they begin to regard you more as a

docile animal for their amusement. The worse thing is that you are becoming more

accepting of your new role in life. You especially take great pleasure in

pleasing your pretty mistress such as painting her toenails.

The couple sometimes invite their friends over. They take great pride in showing

you off as if you are an exotic pet.

The birdcage is your home; their apartment is your universe.

It is in your third week of captivity that your young mistress accidentally

leaves the cage door open when she left for work. The cage is sitting on the

floor. You climb out the cage door and onto the floor. You notice that there

appears to be enough room under the door for you to squeeze under.


Do you

dare go out into the world on the other side of the door? You know that it is no

longer your world; it is a world of giants. The reality, of course, is that it

is a world of normal people going about their normal lives; you are the oddity.

Still you want to go out and explore. You are tired of being locked up in the


You manage to squeeze under the giant door and into the common hallway of the

apartment building. You begin walking down the giant hallway, staying close

against the wall. The door of one of the other apartments opens and a giant

teenage girl steps into the hall. She looks to be about sixteen. She has on

shorts and a tee shirt and is wearing a pair of black flip flop sandals. You

stand against the wall petrified; there is know place to hide. You just stand

there and hope she doesn't see you. You would give anything to be back safely in

your cage. She turns around and begins to walk down the hall. Her giant shadow

is cast over the area where you stand. She stops



look up at the towering teenager. She is staring down at you, her mouth hangs

open as if unable to believe what she is seeing. You stand there not knowing

what course of action to take. You decide that the best thing to do is to

politely wave at her and go on your way, maybe she will leave you alone.

You wave at her and she smiles. You begin to walk away, but her gigantic sandal

clad foot crashes down in front of you. You hear her thunderous laughter as she

reaches down for you.

She grabs you tightly in her fist and holds you next to her colossal face.

"Please put me down," you scream. This just invokes a curious smiling stare from

her. She doesn't understand you.

She goes back to her apartment with you wrapped tightly in her hand.



giant teenager enters her apartment and goes to her bedroom with you clutched in

her hand. Her room looks like any other teenage girl's room. There were posters

of rock musicians on the walls; various articles of clothes laid about on the


The girl holds you close to her gigantic smiling face. "Please miss put me

down," you tell her. She says nothing and does nothing. "Can you understand

English," you ask. Her curious look and lack of response indicates to you that

she does not.

The teenage girl places you....


To your

horror your giant teenage capturess places you in a glass jar. She tightens the

lid onto the jar. The lid has punctured air holes. She holds the jar in her hand

and tilts it back and forth causing you to bounce against the sides of the glass

walls. She then sets the jar on her night stand and leaves the room. Would this

be your new home; forever confined in the small glass prison? You wish so much

that you never left the safety of the young couples apartment. The cage you were

living in was like a palace compared to where you are now.

The girl soon returns to her room and lays down on her bed. She begins flipping

through the pages of some teenage fashion magazine.



Giantess Stories: Tom Thumb In Tokyo

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