Giantess Stories: Tomb of the Gods

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Tomb of the Gods

'Why did I ever let my mom talk me into this?' Gina wondered.

Gina was hoping to get to the beach today but her mother insisted she spend the

afternoon with Mrs. Burkes' daughter; Diana, so they both could become better

acquainted. Both the girls mothers were divorced and wealthy and bored out of

their minds, they had gone out shopping for a little while. The two girls were

almost the same age, and when summer ended they would be going to the same

school. They seemed to have nothing in common, spending the day together almost


The sun was close to center of the sky as the two reclined on the patio beside

the enormous pool, tanning. Gina was dark skinned to begin with, although that

could hardly be said about Diana, her skin was always white, like her heritage.

'Nouveau riche'. Diana told herself as shook the bottle of pink polish in her


Diana had recently turned sixteen, but her mother had closed the deal on the

mansion a few weeks earlier than expected. The move up the coast came so quickly

that she and her 'friends' never got to celebrate. Mrs. Burke never heard the

end of it, even though she had given her daughter a five thousand dollar diamond

tennis bracelet, along with a new summer wardrobe including the red bikini she

wore on this humid day. Diana hated not to be the center of attention, so it

rarely happened. Beautiful, just like her mother, blonde and blue eyed,

notorious for throwing tantrums, the young girl found early in life that being a

complete bitch usually got her whatever she wanted.

Diana glanced over her shoulder. The dark skinned girl was popping all out of

her tiny black bikini. Diana could see how solid she really was. Gina had taken

to weight lifting the year before, and was loving the results. Some of the girls

at school called her 'Amazon' but never to her face.

"God, is the whole summer going to be this humid!" Diana complained. "It's so

gross out here."

Diana wiped a few beads of sweat from her brow and brushed on the finishing

touches to her toes. She screwed the cap back on and placed the bottle on a

circular glass table that stood between the girls.

Gina played with her long black permead hair, piled on top of her head. Her dark

muscular body was sprawled in the chez lounge with her eyes closed. The sunlight

felt so hot against her skin she was sweating too.

'I wish she would shut up.' Gina wished.

From beneath her sun glasses Gina raised her eyebrows sarcastically and taunted.

"'Too hot for you? No wonder your so pale."

But as Gina turned away from Diana, a hazy structure out in the yard caught her

eye. It looked like a stone church way down on the other end of the estate. The

teenager hadn't noticed it when the two girls walked out to the pool. Gina had

seen the Mansion from the road so many times before, but most of the property

was hidden behind a thick brush of ancient oak trees.

"What's that over there?" Gina said pointing at the site.

"Oh! Your not going to believe it, do you know someone is buried in that

thing!." Diana grimaced.

"Are you serious? Like who?" Gina asked.

"I don't know, he was buried like really long ago or something, it's so old. I

guess it was the guy who first lived in this house. It's so creepy to have

someone buried right behind your house. You know?" Diana spoke looking away from

the crypt and back at Gina. "You know, I wish they'd dig up whoever is buried in

there up and get him the hell out of my back yard!" Diana paused to take a sip

of her iced tea.

"Let's go check it out!" Gina said.

"No way!" Diana dropped the straw from her pink lips.

"Pussy." Gina smiled.

Diana's face turned red as she looked the other way. "Bitch." She said under her


"What did you say to me?" Gina demanded.

"I said go over there if you wish!'" Diana answered.

Every morning that she awoke in her new home, Diana would peer out the window

looking out over the huge estate and always see the tomb. She hated it. It was

death's summer cottage and she left it alone. She felt as though she might

sleepwalk out to it, like a scene from a horror movie. The night before, Diana

had a nightmare of being trapped inside the tomb, she she woke up sweating and

out of breath. Something intrigued her though. It's morbid silence begged her to

investigate. Diana tried to clear her mind.

"Come on, let's go check it out." Gina said as she stood up.

"Why are you so interested in it?"

Diana tried to make her uncomfortable about going, but it seemed as though Gina

had already made up her mind about investigating.

She thought about it, suddenly it seemed quite comical. 'What were they thinking

when they build a gigantic tombstone as big as a house in my yard?' The young

girl wondered. Diana decided to follow the girl. She grabbed her gold sandals,

holding them as she trotted barefoot across the enormous manicured lawn towards

the ancient crypt.


The decrepit walls of the tomb rose up at least a dozen feet, surrounded by

briars and covered in thick ivy. Signs of neglect were all over. Gina pushed

aside a blanket of overgrowth, revealing a set of wide stone steps led up to a

corroding copper door. The outside of the tomb had been decorated with ornate

designs and symbols that were crusted with azurite from ages past In the center

of the door were a series of thick diamond squares embroidered into the iron

grating, the glass had faded and cracked like a spiders web. It was foreboding,

and Gina was looking for a way to get inside of it.

Diana came up the steps and saw Gina peering through one of the little windows.

It was noticeably cooler in the spot.

"Is there like a body in there?" Diana asked uneasily.

"I can't see anything, the glass is too foggy." Gina answered.

Gina stepped back and looked down at the door, it was clamped shut with a rusted

iron padlock. She examined the surface, there was no handle.

"Hold these." She said to Diana, handing the girl her cigarettes.

"I don't think there's a key for it anymore." Diana said as she took the pack.

As Gina pushed on the door, the lock tightened against the bracket that had held

it for centuries, there didn't seem to be much left to the rusty relic. Gina

grabbed the lock trying to bend it around then let it slip from her hand, it had

already broken apart. The door opened just a few inches, she turned back to

Diana, who was no longer smiling.

"I can't believe you just did that! My mother is going to kill me when she sees

what you just did!" Diana yelled.

"It was an accident." Gina turned away with a gorgeous smile she couldn't

conceal. "Are you coming?"

Old metal groaned and hissed as the door swung open. Some light filtered down

from the ceiling, it was just enough that Gina could see inside. There were

elegantly chiseled columns supporting a domed roof inlaid with stained glass.

The clacking her wooden sandals reverberated as Gina stepped into the crypt.

Diana looked in from behind the door, it was not as frightening as she expected,

actually it was quite beautiful. The room was filled with different colors from

the stained glass above her head. She slipped her thongs on and entered.

"Look at this place!" Gina said.

"This is totally not what I thought it was gonna' be." Diana spoke.

Gina was standing before a large marble sarcophagus, that was almost ten feet

long, it came up to the girls waist. As she bent down and blew on the top, dust

and smoke scattered into the rays of sunlight cast down fm the ceiling. On the

lid was carved a skull, bearing an evil grin. As Diana came over to investigate

she felt like it was staring right at her.

Gina began pushing the lid but it didn't budge. She put a little more effort

into it. Diana could see the muscles in Gina's arms and legs bulge as she

pushed, her teeth were glaring.

"Don't open that up!" Diana yelled.

"Gimme my cigarettes." Gina said.

Diana had almost forgotten she was holding the red pack in her hand as she gave

them back to Gina.

A waft of smoke floated past the young blondes faces. It irritated her to have

to have someone smoking around her and she was going to pretended to cough, then

it struck her.

"Is that a joint?" Diana asked wide eyed.

"Did you ever smoke before?" Gina said as smoke billowed from her mouth.

"Yes." Diana answered back.

"Have you really?" Gina chided.

"I did, once at school, but nothing happened." Diana answered truthfully.

Gina offered the joint to Diana. The young blonde took it from the girls strong

fingers. It was burning unevenly, Diana put it to her mouth and took a hit. She

started coughing and her eyes began to water. Gina was laughing.

"That's awful!" Diana winced and cleared her throat.

Smoke was floating around Diana's face as she passed the joint back to Gina.

"Your eyes look all red." Gina laughed as she passed the smoldering roach back

to Diana.

Diana started to smile. "I can feel it going right to my head. Hey that's a

poem." She laughed. "I can't be high already." She took another puff.

"Your stoned." Gina spoke as she smoked. "Your not gonna' be able to stand in a


"Come on, let's open this up." Gina said with her hand on the lid.

"This place is creepy, let's get out of here." Diana said. "It's freaky enough

just being in here with a dead guy. I don't need to see what he looks like."

"Why not, do you think he's gonna' jump out and tongue you?" Gina laughed.

"No, it's probably filled guts or something disgusting like that." Diana


"Get over here and push!" Gina demanded.

For what ever reason, Diana stood beside the girl and held her hands on the lid.

"Alright, ready?" Gina asked. "One -"

"One" Diana counted against her meter.

"Ready? One, Two-" Diana started laughing.

Diana spun around laughing and clapped her hands together. "That thing weighs

like a nine hundred billion pounds! We can't do this!" She cracked up.

"No, come on we gotta' do this." Gina tried to compose herself, but she couldn't

wipe the smile off her face. "It's not nine hundred billion pounds, it's like

eight, eight ounces or something."

Diana laughed so hard she had to sit on the steps. Gina was holding her sides,

smiling at the young girl as she sat down on the top of the tomb. Diana caught

her breath and sat down next to Gina. The two girls looked at each other for a

moment. The room was silent except for the chirping of some birds outside in the

yard. Gina closed her eyes and moved her mouth close to Diana's lips. Diana

leaned closer. She touched something wet and sticky on the lid. Something had

left a trail of slime down the side of the crypt and down across the floor. It

was crawling across a faded golden tile by Diana's right foot.

"Eww! What is it?" Diana was pointing at the floor in front of the vault. "Kill

it!" She demanded.

It was like a little slug leaving a trail of glistening filth behind it. Gina

saw that it had come under the lid.

"What the hell is that thing?" Gina said as stood up where Diana was pointing.

The tall girl looked down and saw little the thing pulsating on ground. It was

some kind of living slime covered with veins, like it was breathing. Gina lifted

her leg and squashed the tiny thing into oblivion beneath her wooden sole. Tiny

drops of slime sprayed the inside of her right calf and her foot. It was all

over her new sandals.

"Fuck!" Gina spoke as she turned to Diana.

The blonde girl stood there with her palms facing outward and a furious

expression on her brow, Diana had been pelted with little droplets of the slime,

they glistened on her toned white skin and left splotches all over her red swim


"I just got this bikini!" Diana yelled. "Come on, let's get the hell out of


The blonde girl could see that the gold didn't seem so pretty now that it was

splattered with bug guts.

Gina looked at the bottom of her sandal, the remains of the slimy thing were

still moving a little. She wiped off her foot on the floor a few times.

Diana scuffed her sandals against the marble floor as she walked back outside.

Her eyes must have gotten used to the darkness for too long, because the light

was blinding as she stepped out of the tomb. When her eyes readjusted she saw

Gina behind her. The tall girl was smoking a cigarette, standing against the

blue summer sky with a delightful look on her face.

"That was so fucking weird, okay." Diana shook her head.

"No. This is weird." Gina said, pointing to the ground.


Mrs. Shaw walked across the sand looking for a quit spot on the beach, but it

seemed everyone was out on this day. Radios were playing all over as the hot sun

blared down. Karen Shaw didn't mind, it was summer, she wouldn't look at her

classroom for another month. It was then she heard a fimiliar voice speaking

behind her, but not addressing her.

Karen looked back smiling polietly. Four beautiful figures reclined on a beach

blanket. She recognized one girl from her English class, they were all blonde

and tan.

"Heather?" Mrs. Shaw asked with a wry smile.

Karen became aware of the two girls boyfriends checking her out and tried not to

be embarrased. She was a pretty petite woman, with short blonde hair, a quiet

young school teacher who had recently divorced. The novelty lasted for just a

second or two as an absolutly gorgeous girl passed between them crossing the

sand. One of the girls gave her boyfriend a furious glance which wiped the

enormous grin from his mouth. Heather noticed Mrs. Shaws blue eyes widen,

looking off into the distance.

"Mrs. Shaw?" Heather asked.

An air of excitement wheld over the beach. The crowd suddenly silenced and began

focusing off a mile or so away, then the shreaking started and some began

running. Karen saw the first one, a massive hazy figure. The other, head and

shoulders above the first came closer with a massive boom, it's features

emerging and becoming fimiliar to her. Karen felt her knees buckling but

couldn't stop them.

"G-G-Gina." Her dry throat managed.


Diana stood wide eyed.

The two girls were towering over trees that looked more like little weeds than

giant oaks. Diana looked down, the mansion was so small now, it was in danger of

being stepped on. The blonde girl knelt down and put her hand above the tiny

driveway, she lifted her mothers Lincoln with two fingers, it wasn't even an

inch long. The car was hot from being in the sun all afternoon, she dropped it

like a lit match burning her fingertips. The tiny sedan was demolished as it The Most Promising Murder at Castle Nathria Decks: ¿Qué podemos esperar de la nueva expansión?

slammed back down onto the driveway.

"How big do you think we are?" Diana spoke as she stood back up.

Gina titled her head and looked at the blonde girl who she estimated at 5'3"

give or take an inch compared to her own 6' height, but in comparison the

Burkes' three story mansion was now only two or three inches high.

"We are fucking huge!" Gina laughed. "Were fucking gigantic!"

"We are!" Diana agreed with a mischievous look in her eyes.

Gina could recognize the places in the tiny landscape, but it was like looking

at it on a map, or a photograph. She wanted to show off, she wanted to raise

some hell and no one was going to stop her. Trees snapped like twigs under her

red sandals as she walked. The tiny street was torn apart as the giant Gina took

a few steps towards the beach. Something crawled in front of her foot, a tiny

blue rectangle, trying to speed away. It was someone's car. Gina followed it's

erratic path with her foot above it. She smiled as she stepped on it like a bug.

The sensation was wild, warm and pleasurable. Gina glanced down, noticing she

was right beside the beach.

Diana was standing with her hands on her hips, surveying the tiny world, when

she saw Gina just a few feet away. The dark skinned goddess looked as though she

had found something on the ground.

Gina stood beside the parking lot and looked down past the red tips of her toes.

It was amusing seeing all those teeny specks running from her in every direction

at once.

Diana came over to where Gina was standing and saw the little things moving

around. "What did you do? Drop a piece of chocolate on an ant hill?" she


The dark haired girl took a drag from her cigarette and dropped it to the crowd,

then she put her hands on her hips. The burning filter tumbled down to the

ground and slammed into blacktop, rolling over a tiny car and smashing it.

"Holy shit!" Diana laughed.

"Oh yeah? Watch this babe!" Gina grinned with a devilish smile on her lips.

Gina casually ground out her butt, crushing a mob of tiny people and their

little cars under her sandal. She exhaled smiling.

Diana could feel her heart racing when she glanced down at where Gina had put

out her cigarette butt on the tiny crowd, the road and the tiny cars were all

smashed and broken in Gina's huge footprint. The tiny people had been squashed

like bugs.

"I've got to try that!" Diana smiled.

Diana stuck out her foot and raised it up on her heal over a crowd of terrified

tiny people. She waited for just the right moment before she put her gigantic

foot on them. She could feel her pussy becoming moist as the waves of tiny

people grew to a small crowd close enough to squish under the toe of her sandal.

Diana smiled as she crushed the tiny swarm beneath her sole, spreading her

pretty pink toes as she ground them into the rubble. The blonde giant looked

down at where she had stepped. Diana could see tiny squished stains some were

quivering like jelly. She wanted to play some more with her new toys. A few tiny

specks were running up and down the beach, fleeing in terror and with a single

step she trampled more of them and was towering above the rest. Diana looked at

her feet, she spotted someone right away, a little gift for Gina.

"Aw, how adorable!" She smiled as she reached down.


It's too beautiful a day to waste it inside waiting tables.

The girl was so gorgeous, but that was never important to her. She was so silent

sometimes that people thought she was being rude, but she was just being quiet,

very quiet.

"Just another 15 minutes." Cammy told herself as she basked in the sunlight.

"please? that's' all I want!"

Cameron smirked as she pleaded with powers of the solstice. The sexy shy blonde

was trying to think of a way to take a long needed night off when the beach

erupted into complete chaos. The ground shook and it sounded like a bomb went

off, voices so loud she couldn't grasp what they were saying at first. The woman

was completely paralyzed with fear as the shadow fell over her. Her jaw dropped

when she saw the size of the girl standing above her. Her mouth became as dry as

the sand.

Carefully, Diana picked up the little thing with her two fingers. It was shaking

in terror, peering at her from beneath a mop of blonde hair, knees were pressed

together her tiny mouth was open trying to scream.

"Hey Gina!" The giantess cracked like thunder above Cameron's ears. "Check this


Gina casually stepped down on to the beach, her foot sank in the sand, burying a

crowd of screaming sun-worshipers below her sole as she came over. The dark

skinned giant examined the tiny woman in Diana's fingers.

Cameron would not dare to look down. Suddenly she was face to face other giant,

bigger than the one that had picked her up off the beach like a pebble.

"She's cute." Gina pealed in agreement.

"If I give her to you, you have to promise that you'll play nice with her."

Diana said to Gina as she watched the tiny mortal quivering in her fingertip.

The two teenagers looked at each other, smiling deliciously. The giant Gina

moved her hand in front of her bikini bottoms, beside a patch of black pubic

hair sticking out on top. She pulled her briefs to open, exposing a large, lush


Diana put her hand between Gina's legs, she could actually feel the little girl

struggling for a moment as she slipped her finger tip on to Gina's swolen

clitoris. Diana stood on the tips of her toes and brought her lips up to Gina's

face. The Dark skinned girls' mouth was a little musty and tasted like smoke,

Diana obviously didn't mind by the way her tongue played with Ginas'. She

pressed her finger deeper into Gina's cunt, and felt the tiny captive begin to

spasm. Diana didn't think of it as kissing another girl, as much as she was

making out with a god. She toyed with Cammy for a moment longer, massaging the

tiny girl deeper into Gina's wet snatch as she continued to lick at the tall

girls mouth.

Gina couldn't help but melt in the young girls embrace. Diana was a spoiled

little goddess and Gina was not prepared for her. The dark girl found herself no

longer in control as she had always been used to. Diana's soft moaning was

driving her wild as the young blondes silky skin caressed her own muscular


Diana looked longingly into Gina's eyes as she took her hand out of the giants

Gina's bikini bottoms. The tiny form of the girl was still visible on the end of

her finger, covered in Gina's musty juices. She was still alive, though barely.

Diana brought her finger to her own mouth, and licked the little woman, tasting

her on the tip of her tongue.

Gina put her hands on the girls face and kissed Diana's pink lips passionately.

She could feel the tiny morsel being passed into her mouth. After a few moments

of toying with the tiny girl under her tongue, Gina swallowed her whole, she

wanted more, then she saw them. Two girls she immediatly recognized the car they

fled to. It was Heather and Allison, two little bitches she had allways hated

since second grade, they were running with two boys.

"Oh my god!" Gina smiled. "I hate those little sluts."

"Do you want me to squish em for you?" Diana asked lifting her foot above the


"No, I want to!" She laughed.

Gina let her sandal fall on the parkinglot directly on Heathers little red

sports car with a tremedous thud smashing a huge crater on the road. The tiny

group stopped and looked up just in time to see the wrinkles on Gina's big toe

as it decended on them, Gina smiled as the tiny foursome flailed they're arms

vainly. Gina pressed down with slowly, she felt a warm gooey sensation between

her toes.

The beach had been reduced to ruin, but there was still some movement on the

ground below. Diana saw that some of the tiny people were still in the

demolished parking-lot, some were rising from the rubble and the footprints,

some were still running off towards the highway. Across the water, Diana saw the

outline of a city obscured in the summer haze, she kicked off her sandals, they

plowed into the beach scattering helpless little people in all directions. Diana

tested the water with her toes and deciding it was warm enough got her feet wet.

The water was never deeper than her shins. Diana felt her pulse quicken as she

came closer to the buildings on the shore. As she came closer, the young

giantess noticed something else going on, Diana could make out a faint sound on

the wind. The grassy hill of a park was dotted with little trucks and thousands

of little cars, a sea of little people ran wildly. A sports staduim had been

setup for a concert and now it looked a riot as Diana stood over them with her

hands on her hips.

Gina walked right by, crushing the edge of the wall and trampling the tiny crowd

under her Dr. Shoals as she headed for the city. The ground awoke with tiny


"Hey you big ape." Diana said. "Look what you just did."

"What?" Gina smiled as she turned around.

"This!" Diana stood in the midst of the small field and marched in place. Tiny

people turned to goo under her bare feet.

"What's going on down here?" Gina asked as she knelt down and picked up a small

handfull of little people who were running from the stage.

The dark giantess held them up so both girls could see, some were holding on for

dear life as others plummeted between her fingers. Gina flicked them off.

The two girls stepped on the highway and stood over the city. The streets were

lined with traffic, people were running around wildly. Gina kicked off her

wooden sandal and it went flying through the top of a building, knocking the top

off before falling to the street below with a dull thud. She sent the other one

through the lobby of a glass skyscraper. Little cars and taxi's crunched under

her bare feet as she walked, the crowds knocked over one another to get out of

the way. The giantesses began to smash and destroy everything in they're path.

The city was being knocked down, building by building.

With both hands, Gina tore the roof off an apartment building, the bottom

crumbled and spewed rubble, she was looking for people to play with. Then, far

off, she heard it. At first the girls thought a bomb had been dropped.

"What was that?" Diana asked.

Gina looked up into the sky, Diana saw the expression on her face and turned

around. Even the little tiny people scurrying on the ground suddenly froze,

staring up into the heavens. The ghostly silence was broken with a tremendous

boom that shook the world.


"What's that smell?" the woman asked herself as she entered the tomb. She

glanced across at the top of the crypt she saw a small red box. The sound of her

flip flops peeling from her feet echoed through the small chamber as she walked

closer to see what it was. But as she examined the pack of cigarettes, something

else caught her attention.

The woman knelt down and touched the strange surface of the tile beside her


The city began to shake violently as the hulking shape came closer, towering

over the tiny giantess's. The woman's black skirt brushed against her smooth

thighs as she stood looking down with her hands on her hips. The plastic heel of

her sandal crushed the side of a mountian as she stepped on the horizon, it was

miles high. Bridgittes thick toes dwarfed the city skyline like a range of

unbelieveably gigantic mountains.

Gina screamed as she realized what she was looking at. "It's my mother!"

Both girls began to shriek for they're lives As the woman's vast hand blotted

out the sky above them. Her index finger touched down a few miles away, on a

suspension bridge that wasn't as long as her painted red nail. The bridge

collapsed into ruin with a dying metallic roar.

Mrs. Antinito rolled the little bridge up like a gum wrapper and tossed back

down. It struck with a tiny splash. The woman could not believe her eyes. She

was looking down on a tiny living map.

There was something else: two teeny tiny human forms, Bridgitte realized she had

found them.

"Oh my god! Is that you Gina? Why are you so tiny?" Bridgitte said, looking down

in disbelief. "And there's Diana! What the hell happend to you girls?"

Diana looked up at the shimmering wall in front of her, high above was Gina's

mothers bare arch, clouds rolled below it. The blonde giantess trembled as she

was suddenly an insect in comparison.

"What do you girls think your doing down there?" Bridgitte sounded a little

anoyed. "I've been looking for you two four hours."

The tiny giantesses' shivered nervously. The tiny city smoldered in ruin, a

building crumbled beside them and the two girls looked up with guilty

expressions they couldn't hide.

Bridgitte reached down and picked up Gina in her fingertips. The little giantess

was pleading in a high squeeky voice.

"Gina, I think I like you better this way!" Bridgitte said.

She felt vindicated as she dropped her miniscule daughter in her pocket like a

lost earing clip. Mrs. Antinto looked down at the tiny world at her feet and

smiled deliciously. There was still another little girl down there, her best

friends daughter. Mrs. Burke was still searching vainly through house.

Diana began to run. Houses and cars were smashed beneath her feet along with

tiny people who couldn't get out of the way fast enough. Buildings crumbled,

tiny screams could be heard through the smoke and the chaos. The young girl

looked so small and helpless now, she always thought the little girl was so

cute, bratty but cute, espically in that little bikini.

Bridgitte laughed, she was delighted by Diana's prediciment. She picked up the

tiny girl in her fingers and wedged her behind the toe strap of her thong, her

young skin was so soft as she slid down. Bridgitte put her hand between her legs

and massaged her aroused clit as Diana became trapped under her big toe. The big

brunette could feel the tiny girl struggling for a moment, then becoming limp

and passive. Diana was no more than a tiny toy for the woman now. Bridgitte

contuied to touch herself as she looked down at the tiny blonde morsel in her

shoe. Then she remembred the even tinier world beside her foot.

Mrs. Antinoto thought it would be best to get rid of the evidence. Bridgitte

smiled as mircoscopic towns and cities disappeared under her manicured toes as

she slowly stepped down. Her foot sank down with a pleasurable crunch, then she

smeared the tiny world against the bottom of her sandal.


Giantess Stories: Tomb of the Gods

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