Giantess Stories: Too Much of a Good Thing

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Too Much of a Good Thing.



I am a moron. I can honestly say I am the stupidest person who ever lived, just

writing this proves it, I pray no one ever reads it, Hell it will probably be

erased in the next few days anyway, but I've got to do something to stave off

madness for a few more hours. My name is Calvin, and I'm in big trouble.

It all started when I moved into my new apartment, it's a college type apartment

which means I'm surrounded by kids. I had always had a foot/giantess fetish, and

living among all these cute coeds had done nothing for my restraint. I was on a

grant from the college they all went too; I won't mention which one but its one

of those party schools down in Florida. I was heading up the project for the

miniaturization process. Now let me tell you a little about myself. I am a

genius, to put it bluntly. I graduated from MIT with my PhD at the age of 14 and

was given my choice of sweet jobs, everything in my life had been easy for me

and at that age my giantess fantasies were really kicking in, so when I heard

about this project I had to sign up. I moved into this apartment because I

missed out on all the good things about college the first time. My roommates

were cool; at 26 I was able to fit in much better than I did at 14. On most

Friday nights my roommates and I would go downstairs and hang out with the 3

girls who lived below us. They were hotties, and not too bright. They also loved

to drink. You don't have to be a math major to realize that these 3 things add

up to a few good weekends. I wanted more though, at work we were very close to a

breakthrough. It was a simple formula holding us back, and I was very close to

getting it. A few months passed and I figured it out. I didn't tell anyone as I

went ahead and tested my new shrinking ray.

It was an unqualified success, I had shrunk objects and animals and returned

them to normal size with no problems, I even shrunk one of y roommates while he

was sleeping and restored him to normal size, and he never knew he was the first

person in history to be shrunk. I almost thought I was God. I had done the

impossible and nobody at work even dreamed it was done. I figured I had about 6

more months before the college expected another major breakthrough so I had that

long to play with my new toy. I decided tonight would be my first “adventure” I

would go down the back stairs to the girls porch, and shrink myself, I could use

a remote control on my wrist to grow back when ever I was in range of the

machine, My control even stored a charge so I could change my size in an

emergency but there was no way I was going to pop back to normal size in the

middle of there apartment unless it was life and death. I set it facing my

room's window so all I had to do is step off the porch and it would grow me

back. I figured half an inch to be the right height, small enough not to be seen

but big enough it wouldn't take me long to move around. One of the girls was a

smoker so she would go out there eventually and when she did I would step back

into Yep I had everything figured out.

It was a Monday night when I went down stairs, after looking around to make sure

nobody saw me I activated my machine. It worked like magic, one second I was 6'1

the next I was half an inch. I noticed a few things right away; the first was I

was a lot stronger for at this size then I was at my normal size, relatively

speaking. The second was I was scared shitless. Everything was huge, I had never

noticed a lip on the porch before but the concrete ended about half an inch

about the ground. I had serious thought of just growing back now and doing it

again but I knew if I lost my nerve now I would never be able to try again. I

decided to at least climb up on the porch. I did and started to feel a little

better, I was struck by the size of everything. It was a small porch really,

just a balcony on the first floor, there was one chair (the foldout kind that

you use for tailgates and things like that) and that was it. The door had to be

1000 ft. tall I just ran under the chair for cover and tried to decide what to

do next. A few minutes later I decided to give it up, it wasn't worth dying

over. I started for the spot where I could re-grow, when I heard the door open,

even halfway across the porch I could feel the wind from it, and it almost

knocked me down. The smoking girl had come out. I scrambled back under the

chair. She settled down in it and I could hear the fabric groaning. Everything

stretched out and the bottom came towards me as she settled in. I almost wet

myself and decided I defiantly had to get out of here. I would just wait for her

to go back inside and grow back. I was sure about it but then I saw her feet.

They were beautiful, just lying there in front of me. I was instantly excited.

The girl, Mary, is about 20 years old, She has red hair and a few freckles She's

about 5'6 (or about 800ft to me now) she's in good shape, not athletic but still

a very nice body. I had always been attracted to her (and both her roommates for

that matter) but now all I could think about was the gigantic foot in front of

me. I didn't dare touch it, but just looking at it changed my mind, I had to get

into the apartment. I ran towards the door which was still open a crack, but

that was more than enough for me. As I got to the door I heard Mary get up, a

quick glance over my shoulder told me she was common right at me. I was through

the door, but there was no cover within 100 yds. I knew I only had a few seconds

and made a break for the couch. I decided to hide there. Mary's footsteps

sounded like thunder to me and I didn't dare look back. Then her shadow fell on

me. The shadow passed and her foot came down right in front of me. I was running

at full speed and ran right into her heel. Luckily Mary just kept walking. I

just bounced off her heel and lay on the ground. For the first time I realized

how insignificant I was. I had just run full speed into the Mary's heel and shed

hadn't even felt it. For some reason this didn't scare me, I was actually

feeling good. I could get away with anything at this size. Nobody would know I'm

here I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted.

Mary had gone to sit down on the couch with her roommate Shannon. They were

watching some lawyer TV show. Shannon was a short blond girl, about 5'3” She was

a little overweight, but still attractive, especially with her huge tits. She

was sitting there with one foot resting on the coffee table in front of her and

the other on the ground. Mary was resting both her feet on the table. I walked

slowly towards them, I was only about 100 ft. away and was planning on going

under the couch just to watch them, but then Shannon picked her heel off the

ground, so her foot was just resting on her toes. I couldn't help myself I had

to do something I had been dreaming about my whole life. I walked under her

foot. It felt incredible at the time. I could look up and see the underside of

her foot about 100 ft above me. I studied every wrinkle, and drank in the aroma

coming from the foot. Shannon must have just taken a shower because her foot

smelled like soap. I wanted to touch it, I regretted being so small for the

first time. I would have to go to her toes to touch her and I didn't want to be

caught in a sudden movement. My hormones won out over my brain and I began to

walk towards her toes, her foot was slanted and the closer I got to the toes,

the lower the rest of her foot was above me. It was almost like being in a cave,

the light was dim and I was overwhelmed by the smell now. I got to where her

toes met the ground and had to stoop down so my head didn't brush her toes. This

was the moment I had been waiting for since I had joined the project, I wanted

to savor it and reached out slowly towards her toe. As I reached, Shannon foot

shifted above me, not a big movement but it came down a few feet. I dove to the

ground and held my breath. After a minute her foot was still in the same place.

I thought about using part of my back up charge to shrink down to a quarter of

an inch but decided to save that. Now I was out of my trance, the danger of the

situation was real and it made me even more excited. I got to my hands and knees

and reached for her toe again. I had been on the side of the big toe before her

shift, but now I was right between her big and second toe. The lack of a quick

escape made everything better. I reached out and touched her second toe lightly.

Nothing happened. Feeling bold I stretched out and planted a little kiss on the

underside of the toe. The sky fell.

She must have felt my tiny lips on her toe, either that or my luck ran out,

because her foot came down. I tried to crawl out but the foot descended too

fast. I was under her where her big and second toe met her foot. I knew even at

this size she must feel something and wanted to trigger my watch to shrink

myself down to a safer size but my arm was directly underneath her big toe, I

couldn't move it. A few minutes later I started to breath again. She must have

felt me, but either wasn't paying attention or thought I was a small piece of

garbage. I actually started to enjoy my situation. Her foot blocked out all

light, and I was starting to sweat from her body heat, but I could breathe

easily and just lay there as another dream of mine came true. I have no idea how

long I was there, but I was starting to get really hot now, and sweating

profusely. I knew if she decided to get up the best that could happen was my

pinned arm would be crushed, I was more durable at this size but I had no

illusions of how I would fair if she put all her weight on this foot. While I

was thinking on how to get out of this, Shannon scrunched her toes. I went from

heaven to hell in less than a second. This was painful, and I was now jammed up

between her first and second toe. My head was almost above her toes and I

expected her to let go quickly but she just held her toes curled up. I couldn't

breath, I couldn't move and the pressure was incredible. I knew I couldn't stand

much more of this, if it wasn't for my increased strength I would have popped

like a grape. This couldn't have lasted much more than a few minutes because I

can't hold my breathe that long but it felt like hours. Finally she relaxed and

I took a deep breathe. I knew my only was out of this was to shrink further so I

shrunk myself to a quarter of an inch. I breathed a sigh of relief as I slipped

easily out of her grasp at my new size. I looked up at her but couldn't see

anything past her where her legs disappeared over the couch. I decided this was

enough for one night and made my way to the door hoping Mary would take a

cigarette break next commercial.

As I was heading towards the door I noticed Brook's door was open and her light

was on. Already the horror I had felt between Shannon's toes was fading and I

told myself I couldn't leave without at least seeing Brook. Brook was my

favorite of the three girls and the one I had spent the most time with. She was

a short girl, and really skinny, but she had the most beautiful face I had seen

that wasn't on TV her shoulder length light brown hair framed her beauty

perfectly. She had small breasts, probably a b cup but I could have spent hours

just staring into her big brown eyes. I wanted to see what she looked like from

this perspective. The only problem was her door was on the other side of the

apartment, only about 12 feet away but to me that was more than half a mile. It

was all open ground too, I doubted I would be noticed at this height but if

either girl on the couch got up they would walk right past me, and if Brook

herself came out I was directly in her path. I decided to go for it. I was more

then halfway across and thinking I was going to make it when I heard Shannon get

up. I turned and looked at her and was awestruck. To me she was about 1600 ft

tall and watching something that big more that fluidly was amazing, to say the

least. I could even feel the ground shaking with her every step. By the time I

noticed I was right in her path, she was on top of me. I couldn't move, all

rational thought left my head as she approached me, she was magnificent. Her

left foot came down more than twenty feet from me and the concussion knocked me

down. I just lay where I had fallen looking at her. She was going to the

kitchen, a few seconds later she returned carrying three beers. This time she

walked around me as she went into Brook's room. She was in there less than a

minute and I heard laughter. She came out with 2 beers and headed back to the

couch, handing one to Mary. I realized I was still lying on the ground, and

shaking my head to clear it, got up. Shannon's little walk had been a near

religious experience for me. I had never felt that aroused in my life, I don't

know if it was my fantasy mixed with the danger but I decided right then I was

going to come back many, many more time. I made the rest of the trek to Brook's

room without incident. When I got there I looked at my watch (it told time too)

it was almost 11 o'clock I had been down here almost 3 hours, I thought the next

day was a school day, so I assumed they would be going to bed soon. I thought it

was weird they were drinking but didn't give it a second thought. I was too

excited. I knew I would have to hurry back if I wanted to leave the apartment

tonight and it had taken me longer to cross the room then I planned, damn

carpet. I was there so I decided to peak in on Brook anyway. I was standing in

the middle of her doorway and she was sitting at her computer at an angle to me

so I could see most of her profile. Her feet were curled up beneath her and I

wanted to touch them so badly I could taste it. I knew that if I did it would

take me another three hours before I got out and by that time I would be staying

the night. She was dressed for bed in some short pajama shorts and an almost see

through shirt. I wanted to stay but told myself I would have plenty of chances

to interact with her and the others again. I was turning to leave when I noticed

what was on her computer. I couldn't believe it, “God must love me” I thought.

She was looking at a giantess picture. I recognized it right away, it was one of

my favorites. A blond woman was lying on her side on a couch, looking off at

something out of the picture. There was a little man in between her toes. I

couldn't believe my eyes, even when I she changed to other pictures. Brook had

quite a collection, some even I had never seen before. I knew why I had always

connected with her before. I would have to bring this up with her somehow next

time I say her. I turned to leave and noticed her slippers on the floor just a

few feet from me. They were those cute little fury bunny slippers, enough and

they always brought back memories from my childhood. My older sister had owned a

pair. They were the first type of shoes I ever dreamed of being trapped inside.

One was lying on its side and I figured a few minutes for a side trip wouldn't

hurt. I ran towards them. The one on its side had the sole facing me and I saw a

lot of crap on the bottom of it. They were well worn. I walked around it and got

in. The fur coating inside was soft but I was so light I could walk on it

easily. I walked farther in and noticed a musty smell. I had never seen Brook

wear them before but she must have had them for a long time. The farther in a

got the stronger the smell got. It was intoxicating, not really a bad smell but

it made me light headed. I wanted to just lie down and go to sleep but after

Shannon there was no way I was going to get caught between toes again. I was in

there about five minutes when I heard Brook get up. I got to the opening just in

time to see her walk by. I could hear her out in the living room talking to her

roommates. I figured I'd give her 5 more minutes, to come back before I left the

relative safety of her slipper. I only caught snatches of what they were saying,

but one of the things I did hear was tomorrow was a holiday. I think the other

girls were trying to convince Brook to stay up late. I figured I would have as

long as I wanted now, since Brook seemed to be staying out there, so I walked

back into the slipper. It was so nice in there I was considering spending the

night, when I heard the boom of approaching footsteps. As I got to the opening

again the slipper was up righted by a nudge from Brook's foot. I fell to the

soft sole and bounced back up just in tome to see brook's other foot gliding

into its slipper. I stood completely still as she lifted her foot over me. I

could see every wrinkle in the gigantic sole above me as it slowly descended

into the slipper. I could see chunks of dirt just hanging from her foot, to me

they were huge, but I doubt if they were even big enough for her to notice. The

dirt broke my trance, and I turned and started running towards the toe section,

hoping the slippers were just a little too big. The little light faded as her

foot entered the slipper, the slipper started to tilt down, and I was rolling.

Her toe's caught me before I made it to the end, and she had finished putting

the slipper on I was stuck directly under her big toe facing the bottom of her

slipper. I had no room to move, the smell was ten times worse than it had been

before. Her foot was cold, I thought it couldn't get any worse then this, but I

was wrong. She started to walk.

Every step was horrible, all of her weight would shift onto me, and then I would

be weightless as I flew through the air with every step. She was probably

walking at a normal pace, but it felt like I was on an airplane, when I was in

the air. I don't know what was worse the pressure or the quick accelerations.

After about 10 steps I felt the weight above me lessen. I was still completely

pinned, and couldn't more an inch. I have no idea how long I was in this

predicament, but it wasn't like before. There was no mix of excitement and

terror; it was a mix of terror and nausea. Her foot warmed up and started to

sweat after a little while, and I was soon drenched. The smell got even worse,

but I had to breathe through my nose because I had a mouthful of insole. I had

always watched girls' feet before, and noticed they couldn't keep them. When

they were sitting, they were always crossing and uncrossing their legs, sitting

on their feet, or just scrunching their toes. Brook was no exception, she did

all of these things, and each one brought a new torture. When she crossed her

legs I was always in the foot off the ground. She would endlessly shake it or

scrunch her toes. By shaking her foot, she was moving me up and down about 50

feet in a matter of seconds. My stomach was always half a second behind. It took

all my concentration to keep from throwing up. With each upward motion there

would be just enough space at the top to bang the back of my head unto her toe.

It didn't really hurt but after the thousandth time I was feeling it. Scrunching

her toes was even worse. The slippers had some give in them, but every time she

did it I was under more pressure then I was even when she was walking. I could

hear my ribs creaking and my back bent unnaturally at her slightest movement. I

imagined my back breaking, and never getting out of there, dragging myself to

the opening everyday trying to get her attention only to be forced back to her

toes when she put them on. I know a man could go about 10 days before he died of

thirst even in the desert, and it was as hot as any desert in there. These

thoughts passed through my head with each of the countless scrunches. I was

actually relieved the first time she put her foot on the couch under her leg.

Unfortunately this caused the temperature to rise about 10 more degrees; there

was no ventilation in these old slippers. That was bad but the slipper seemed to

get smaller with the weight of her leg on it. I could only half breath when she

sat like this; my lungs just weren't strong enough to fill any more then that.

The smell got steadily worse no mater what position I was in. I was gagging with

every breath. I also discovered I was claustrophobic. It seemed like my little

space was getting smaller and I got very irrational. After what seemed like

hours (and very well could have been) I managed to turn over when her foot was

off the ground. I pounded on the toe with my fists while I could and screamed

till my throat was hoarse. She got up to walk a few times and each time I got my

hopes up that she was going to bed, only to have her sit back down and begin the

cycle anew. Finally she slipped her foot out. The sweat was like glue and I was

stuck to her toe as it backed out of the slipper. I franticly pushed away with

all my might and fell off. Her foot was well off the ground and I fell. Luckily

the carpet was soft, and with my tiny weight I almost floated down. I landed

next to her other foot and took a few seconds to just breathe in the fresh clean

air. I was close enough to the other foot that its smell was really strong but

compared to what I had just been through I barely even noticed. I was so excited

about my new freedom I forgot all about my danger, Mary's voice brought me back

to reality. “Ewww Brook put those back on. They really stink” “Brook smiled and

replied “Sorry my feet are hot, your right they really do stink” All three girls

thought this was the funniest thing ever, and laughed till they cried. I could

tell they were really drunk and that was my cue to leave. Luckily I was still in

the living room and Brook was sitting on the end of the couch right next to the

door. I wasted no time getting to the door and only had to wait for Mary to go

outside. She was still drinking so I knew it wouldn't be long. Not more than 5

minutes later she got up and walked right by me. I was against the wall not

taking any chances, but she stumbled near me and scared the hell out of me.

I waited until she sat down and got to my place under the chair. When she was

gone I would go into line-of-sight of the window and end this. I didn't think I

would ever wanted to do it again, but sitting there staring at Mary's pretty

feet was nice. She got up to go and I was almost sad it was over. I was almost

sad it was over my sub-conscious telling me the slipper thing wasn't that bad. I

got to my place and hit the resize button. Nothing happened. I tried again and

nothing happened. I noticed the small antenna was gone. It must have been ripped

off when I was in Brook's slipper. No big deal I would just use the stored

charge to grow back. I hit the button and felt the now familiar heat of size

changing. When I could see again everything was smaller, but not that much. I

estimated I was about 1/2 an inch tall now. I hit the button again and nothing

happened. I carefully took the watch off to inspect the batteries. They were

perfectly fine. I couldn't understand it but the charge was reading almost zero.

The only thing I could think of was the charge had somehow shrunk with me. I

didn't see how, but it was the only possible explanation. One thing was very

clear. I was in big trouble. I had no way of getting up to my room at this size,

and no desire to walk around where giant insects might find me. The only choice

left was to make contact with the girls. It would be hard at this size, but I

could make up some bullshit story and they wouldn't know I had been playing

peeping tom. Fortunately Mary had not shut the door completely so I made it back

into the apartment quickly.

When I got inside Brook and Shannon were still on the couch but Mary had moved

to the love seat on the other side of the room. They were chatting about some

inane subject. I couldn't make myself go back to Brook after what had happened,

and Shannon was slurring her speech really badly. I decided Mary was my best

course of action. Walked under the glass coffee table in front of the couch and

from there went straight across to Mary. I was just out from under the table

when Shannon got up. She walked around the table and was coming right at me. I

froze, and she tripped over the side of the table. Her face landed not 2 inches

from me. I was scared at the close call but when I saw her eyes focus on me I

started shouting. The laughter of the other girls downed out everything I was

saying. Shannon looked confused for a second then let out a tremendous burp that

knocked me back a good couple of inches she giggled and reached out and picked

me up roughly holding me in a fist. I heard a muffled “Look what I found” and

then found myself deposited on the coffee table. Mary came over and knelt on the

other side while Shannon sat back down. She and Brook leaned over for a closer

look at me.

I tried talking but all three girls were staring down at me. Finally Brook said

“I think its Calvin, Calvin why are you so small” I told them the story I made

up about me testing the range on the remote control. They were fascinated by my

shrinking machine they asked me all about it. When I mentioned that nobody knew

it was working yet I got three cat like smiles. “Calvin do you know what a

giantess is?” Mary asked. They then all explained to me what it was. Turned out

all three of them were into the giantess thing, If only I had known before. They

then informed me I was going to be this size forever, telling me I would love

it. Then they seemed to forget about me while they made plans to get the machine

out of my room. One of my roommates had left them a spare key and the machine

wasn't that big so since I had already told them I was home alone they went up

and got it right there. They left me alone but on top of the coffee table I was

helpless, the table top ran a few inches around the frame so I had no way of

climbing down. I was working up the nerve to jump when they all walked back in.

They had the machine, my notes and all my disks. I knew I was screwed, they had

taken all the proof of the shrinking machine and now nobody else would ever know

it had even existed. I only hoped they were right and I would love my new life.

This happened about 3 weeks ago and I can tell you now I don't enjoy my life at

all. I have spent many hours back in Brook's slippers, and it's even worse when

she knows I'm in there. They each take turns with me, and each of them does all

sorts of things to me, but each has her favorite. Brook just loves having me in

her slippers. Mary likes to take me jogging with her. She gets so sweaty I get

stuck to her foot every time and she spends the next few hours walking around

barefoot until I fall off. Shannon's big thing is tying me to her sandal straps.

She will use dental floss to tie me to the part of the strap that goes between

her toes and where me around. With each step the entire weight of the sandal

presses me in between her toes. She calls me her little toe jam. The girls are a

lot smarter than I ever gave them credit for. I never thought they would figure

out how to work the machine. Not only did they do that but they figured out how

to shrink the main unit with my spare remote control, and not it is portable.

With I had thought of that. They tell me I'm going to be getting company soon,

but not to worry I was the first and they will never get rid of me. I've heard

their plans for these poor guys and it scares me. So now I write my story. On a

post it that was stuck to the bottom of Mary's shoe with a piece of broken

pencil lead. If you are reading it you're probably shrunken like me. Good luck.

I once saw an episode of the twilight zone where a criminal died and thought he

was in heaven. He had girls who did what ever he wanted; he always won at

gambling and basically got what ever he wanted. After a few weeks He was sick of

it. Turns out he was in hell after all and that was his punishment, to get

whatever he wanted. I never understood that episode till now. I've had more of

giant girls than I ever wanted.




Giantess Stories: Too Much of a Good Thing

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