Giantess Stories: Torture at Teachers feet

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Torture at Teachers feet



*note: Another incomplete one. If anyone has the rest. please send.

"Robbie....Robbie......Robbie, are you awake? Wake up

Robbie". I awoke to see Ms.Hofers face right in mine, and

everyone laughing. Ms.Hofer taught 8th grade language arts and it

was boring as hell, but i have to say, she was as beautiful as can

be. Tomorrow was a day for all of the Men in the faculty to take the

day off for some teachers vacation thing. So that ment that there

was onlt going to be the women there. The women already had their

day off so it was the men's turn. But anyway, during the whole

class, i spent my time looking at her fantasticly red painted

toenails and her shiney and soft feet. Yes yes yes, as you can see,

i have a massive foot feetish, but i dont mind. my time ended with a

bell so i headed to science.

Aaaaahhhh.....Ms.Miller, her nicely brownish red toenail painted

feet, what a delight to see her feet rise from her sandel everytime

she walked. But, as the hour flew by like it was only five minutes,

i headed to US History to end my day. A man taught, but had a women

in her late 30's help him with grading papers and helping with the

students and stuff. She had toe nails painted with nothing but white

at the tip of the nail, but i liked them. But lets get to Friday

shall we. Ok... this is the end of me narrating so goodbye.

It all started friday morning when Robbie was kind of confused.

All the women were wearing these stylish shoes that showed only

there heels and a little bit of the sole, but no toes. It all

started in 1st period when Robbie walked by the womens teachers

lounge. The janitor was cleaning until she dropped somthing behind

her that shot something right at Robbie.

He awoke to see that he was only about 1/2 of an inch. The

carpet fibers went up to his neck. He was freaked out and didnt even

want to move, but he was gonna have to if he didnt want to get

stepped on. Robbie was right out side of the teachers lounge. All

of a sudden, Ms.Hofer came out with her pumps on her feet. In

Robbie's vision, she was about as tall as the Empire state building.

She tripped over the carpet and her pumps somehow came off. So she

was barefoot, and Robbie right next to her pump, he couldent resist

the smell, so he want right to the edge of the pump. He took a big

wiff and loved it. But about 5 seconds later, the pump rose right up

and he had no choice but to hang onto the edge.

The sweat from the pump was so slippery that he slipped and fell

in, she didnt even see him at all. Robbie was in big trouble and he

was trapped in the toe section. Then her massive toes fell right on

him. she scruched her toes so she could get confortable, but Robbie

was not when she did that, it felt like his leg broke and his head

blew. But he was fine after she finished. but the smell was so

intense that robbie didnt even enjoy it that much. Ms.Hofer felt

something move around when sitting at her desk, so she took her shoe

off and turned it upside down, so robbie fell out and landed right in

her purse and onto her brush. He was devestated that she didnt even

see him. An hour passed and it was time for the women's brake.

She went into the teachers lounge to find Mrs.Ehnen. She was

kind of short, at around, mabey 5"1. She had very wrinkley feet

but they were nice in a way. Ms.Hofer took out her brush and brushed

her hair with robbie in her brush. She brushed her hair and robbie

fell out. He landed in Mrs.Ehnen's shoe and then he was engulfed by

her foot. They were old and crusty and since they were not slippery

he climbed out and fell on the ground. Then the janitor came in, and

started to vacuum. Robbie almost fainted by the fear but made a run

for it. The vacuum was way away from him and was going in the other

direction from him. But the vacuum turned around and was about to

suck him up. But right when the vacuum was about to suck him up, it

turned off and blew robbie in the air, and fell onto a tiny hair on

the back of his teachers she had to shave. Mrs.Litchey

had an impressive face and impressive feet, but he couldent hang on

went she went to her knees. he fell!

on her feet and rolled into her shoe. The shoe smelt brand new and

nothing like feet, butit smelt like feet when she got back on her

feet, but her sole right on top of him. he had to go through the

torture of her movements with her feet but somehow (dont ask) ended

up in Ms.Millers shoes. He was trapped by these because the shoes

were too small. He couldent out and was going to suffocate, but she

removed her feet and but them on the table. Ms.Anderson (the

guidance counceler) noticed something on her feet and peeled it off.

she didnt rocognize him so she just threw him over her shoulder and

landed and into the scariest place any tiny thing could go..... a

container of liquidy plain yogurt that belonged to a pregnant women.

he was completely covered by the yogurt and no one could see him. He

was about to be eaten in less than 5 minutes. He had to somehow swim

for his life and try and be a leftover. The spoon was just too big

for him and he was right in the center a!

nd he was to weak to swim. Everytime the spoon came at him, it some

Giantess Stories: Torture at Teachers feet

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