Giantess Stories: Toy Soldier by Igrowl      Our story begins with a woman named Angie

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Toy Soldier

by Igrowl

Our story begins with a woman named Angie. A fairly ordinary woman. A school

teacher in a midsized town, with a pretty mundane daily routine. Although there

is one other fact about Angie. She is a big woman. Quite a big woman.

She awoke to her alarm clock buzzing. Turning over sleepily and shutting it off,

she rose from her bed and stretched and yawned. She proceeded to the bathroom to

take her shower and apply her make-up and get dressed for work as she did every

weekday morning. Angie was a computer teacher at the local elementary school.

Ms. Hart she was known as to the kids. She was sick of her job. It bored her so

much. She looked at herself in the mirror. While not being old, she wasn`t

getting any younger. She looked at her long black hair with the faint streaks of

gray. It was a fairly recent development, but made her quite unhappy. Maybe

that`s why she was so depressed lately. At least one of the reasons. She took a

few steps back and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at the big ugly

woman staring back at her. In reality she was not unattractive. Not at all. She

had fine, clear, tight skin and beautiful light brown eyes. Her face was not

what Angie had a problem with. It was her body. She was big, she always had

been. She stood 6` 4`` and had a wide, curvy big frame. She had very large

breasts, big hands, big thick legs and big feet. Size twelve to be exact.

Growing up was very tough for her. Being so much bigger than her peers made her

an outcast. She contended with much teasing and in her teen years as well as

later on she almost never dated. None of the boys wanted to be with a girl so

much bigger than them. She was never asked to school dances or other social

functions. As a result of these hardships she became very introverted and very

down on herself. The way she was treated in her formative years caused her to

believe she was repulsive and couldn`t ever possibly be attractive to anyone.

When she got her teaching degree she moved away from her home town. She didn`t

want to see all those people anymore. She also wanted to bring closure to her

failed marriage. The union was incredibly brief. She was married to a man she

really didn`t even like or care for. She accepted his proposal because she

thought it was the only one she would ever get, and she didn`t want to be alone

for the rest of her life. What a disaster it turned out to be. After that she

wanted to start over and she ended up where she is now. That was years and years

ago. She took one last look in the mirror and turned away, moving toward the bed

to put her shoes on. She looked at her huge feet and equally huge shoes. She was

so depressed. She stood up got her bag and began the day. The day like every

other. Or was it?

"Finally", she thought, 3 PM and all the children and their young wildness was

gone until Monday. She walked around the empty class shutting off the computers

and picking up scraps of trash. Something caught her eye in the back of the

room. As she moved closer it looked almost like a tiny person lying on the

floor. It was a tiny person, but not a real one. It was apparently a toy soldier

some child must have dropped. She looked at the little thing between her feet,

noticing how tiny it was compared to her seemingly immense feet. A thought

flashed briefly. She imagined the tiny man as being real flesh and blood. This

man would definitely have to pay attention to her she thought. Or else. She

nudged him with the toe of her shoe. Her open toed shoes. She noticed that his

head was no larger than one of her smaller toes. She slowly raised her foot and

centered it above him.

"You`d better be nice to me" she thought, then she giggled. What was she doing?

She was a grown woman! Laughing at herself she picked up the toy man and

inspected him further. He was about 4" tall He was dressed in black combat boots

and green fatigues, had slick black hair and little tiny sculpted on dog tags

around his neck.

What she found impressive was the figures articulation. His head could move up,

down and side to side; his shoulders could swivel and move up and down as could

his elbows; his waist and hips could move all around and his knees could bend up

and down. "A well made little toy, almost like a real person" she thought. She

then looked around nervously to make sure no one was watching. She didn`t

realize she was actually playing with the figure for a few moments. She then

walked to the front of the class and held the little toy over the trash can and

gave it a salute, as she was about to drop him in. "So long soldier" she said as

she dropped him in.

Curiously, she stood there a moment and looked at him lying amongst the garbage.

She hadn`t noticed before but he had a strange bewildered expression on his

face. For some strange reason she felt sorry for him. She reached down into the

can and picked him up.

"Hmm, you are kinda cute. I guess I could put you on my curio shelf with my

other trinkets" she said aloud to the the little soldier as if he could hear

her. She tucked him into her bag and headed for home.

After an uneventful drive home she kicked off her shoes and sat on the couch and

relaxed. She dozed for a while then remembered the toy soldier in her bag. She

retrieved him and stood him up on the coffee table and looked at him. His face

seemed to look different now for some reason. She looked at how tiny he was and

again fantasized about him being real. "Imagine that. A real live man only 4

inches tall. I wonder how you would react to seeing me towering over you if you

were real" She said. "You`d probably be terrified". She then picked him up and

put him on the the floor between her feet. "How scared would you be now?". Again

she looked at how small he was.

She wondered what she herself would do if this little man were alive. Would she

step on him as she pretended to do in the classroom? She laughed and plucked him

up and headed upstairs to take a shower. She stood him up on her night table and

smiled down at him. "Now don`t you go anywhere" she said laughingly, and went

into the bathroom for her shower.

She came out and into her bedroom when she finished, drying her hair with a

towel. She was nude since she lived all alone anyway. She glanced over at the

nighttable and noticed the soldier was gone. She looked on the floor. She looked

under the night table and under the bed. Nothing. "Where could he have gone?"

Suddenly she noticed a flicker of movement behind her clock. She picked up the

clock and found the little soldier. Her mouth dropped open in astonishment. He

was crouching with his hands over his head, cowering in fear. The little soldier

was now a flesh and blood living man.

Angie couldn`t believe her eyes. She sank to her knees to get a better look. She

slowly reached out to him with her hand. Seeing the massive hand, the little man

quickly backed away and made a fearful sound. "OH! Wait, I won`t hurt you!

Really, I promise, don`t be afraid. What is your name?"

He seemed to relax a bit and lowered his hands. "W-Where am I? How did I get

here?" He said with fear in his voice.

What could she tell him? That he was a toy come to life? She decided against

that. I don`t know, you sort of just... appeared."

He looked up at her strangely. "Did I die? Are you a goddess?"

She laughed to herself . Someone actually thought SHE was a goddess? "No, I`m

not a goddess, just flesh and blood just like you. Can you remember what you

were doing before you got here?"

"I..I...I can`t seem to remember anything. I can`t remember anything before now.

Not a thing".

"Are you sure? You must know something. How about your name?"

"Well, I think my name is Joe, but I`m not sure. And I think I am or was a


"Nothing else?"

"No. My memory is a total blank. I can`t understand it".

"Well Joe, My name is Angie, Angie Hart. I`m a computer teacher". She held her

index finger out in greeting, as if to shake his hand. He moved away at first,

but then extended his hand and shook her finger She smiled at him. "See? I told

you I wouldn`t hurt you".

"Well it`s not everyday I find myself before a giantess and standing on her

night table. At least I don`t think so. I thought you`d crush me".

She recalled her thoughts from earlier and felt very guilty.

"I guess being terrified is understandable. I`m sorry I scared you".

"You seem friendly I guess" he said.

"Are you hungry? I just remembered I didn`t eat dinner yet. How about you come

downstairs and I`ll fix us something to eat". She cupped her hands and held them

out before him. He was very apprehensive and looked back and forth at her face

and her hands.

"It`s okay, really. Unless you`d rather walk?" She said smiling.

He smiled and laughed and climbed into her waiting hands. She looked down at

him. He was real alright. She could feel his tiny weight and his warmth. She

felt the cloth of his uniform and noticed that the lines where his articulation

was in his plastic persona were gone. Then Angie noticed the tiny dog tags

dangling from his neck. "Hey, your tags! They should have some information about

you". No luck. They were blank. She stood up and started for the door and

suddenly stopped.

"Oh God" she thought "I`m still naked!" Her face flushed in embaressment. She

put Joe back down on the table. "Alright soldier, about face!"

"Y-Yes maa`m" he said nervously and turned around.

She quickly threw on a pair of painties and a bra and a very, very large and

long t-shirt. When she turned she noticed he was looking right at her. "Oh

great, now he must be totally repulsed after seeing me nude. Maybe he`s gone

blind". The little man had a guilty look on his face. Angie acted as if nothing

happened, scooped him up and headed downstairs.

She gently placed him on the kitchen table and opened the fridge. "So what would

you like?"

"Anything I guess".

The fridge was pretty empty. Then she remembered the cold cuts she had brought

home yesterday. "How about a sandwich?"

"Sounds good to me".

She prepared a nice sandwich for herself. "Hmm. How do I feed him" she thought.

She decided she would slice some little bits off of her sandwich to give to him.

She placed the plate on the table and got a matchbox for Joe to sit on.

"You can sit on this. I figured we would share. You don`t mind do you?"

"Of course not. It sure looks good"

She sat down with a small knife and began cutting some bits off for Joe. Angie

noticed him looking at the knife nervously.

"Still scared, huh?"

"I can`t help it. I`m so small and everything is so huge. You`re so huge. And

you`re so beautiful". Angie looked at him and frowned. "I already said I

wouldn`t hurt you. You don`t have to lie to me to get on my good side".

Joe sat back and looked dejected. "I`m not lying! I wouldn`t have said it if I

didn`t mean it".

"Oh please. I`m a great big ugly cow."

"WHAT? That`s not true at all! I have to confess, I watched you while you

getting dressed".

"I know".

Joe looked sheepish. "I think you are very curvacious. Big and curvy does not

mean unattractive"

Angie began relating some of the events of her early years. She told him about

the teasing, the taunting and the lonliness. Joe coudn`t believe his ears.

"Anyone who has ever called you ugly is either stupid, crazy or both. You are

very attractive and those beautiful brown eyes of yours are making me weak in

the knees".

Angie`s face flushed and she giggled. She had no idea how to react. No one had

ever said those things to her. She looked at him "Thank You Joe. That makes me

feel really good".

"You deserve it" he said. He got up and walked over to her hand and put his hand

on hers. He smiled up at her.

She smiled back and felt a warmth inside of her. A brand new feeling. A good

feeling. They ate and they talked for a while. Angie did most of the talking

since Joe still had no memories. She talked more about her past, her present and

her size. All the while Joe looked up at her, awestruck.

He looked at the immense woman before him, her huge hands resting on the table.

He looked at her huge breasts and the bit of cleavage that showed, since the

shirt she wore had a low neck. At least Joe remembered one thing. He was a man.

This immense giantess was stirring feelings within him. Not just physical

either. He listened to the stories she told him of herself and the pain she had

endured in her formative years. "You should never have been treated like that"

he said. He continued "You lived in a small town filled with small minded

people. I think that`s why you think yourself to be ugly. But you`re not".

"For a guy who has no memories he pays attention very well" she thought to

herself. She smiled at him and touched his cheek with her finger. "You`re


"Could you do something for me?" the little man said.

"Sure" said Angie.

He hopped into her open hand. "Lift me to your face".

She did so. "Now close your eyes".

"Why?" she asked.

"Just do it, please?" He said.

She closed her eyes wondering what he was getting at. Then she felt his little

arms hug the area between her chin and her lips and he kissed her lower lip. His

tiny lips pressed against hers and it felt very sensual to her. She opended her

eyes and looked down at him. He backed away a bit and looked up at her, looking

unsure at what her reaction would be and that maybe kissing her wasn`t such a

good idea. He might have offended her.

That couldn`t have been further from the truth as she suddenly folded her

fingers around him and thrust him against her lips. She gave him a huge, wet

kiss. Her lips enveloped his head and and shoulders; they were nearly as big he

was. He tried his best to kiss her back as Angie`s gently moving lips engulfed

him. He could feel her warm breath against his cheeks and her saliva drenched

his head. The kiss ended and they looked into each others eyes. Angie was the

one awestruck this time. She hadn`t been kissed since her ex husband, and those

kisses were devoid of warmth and feeling. She couldn`t believe she was kissed by

this tiny 4" tall man. What was more unbelievable was the feeling his little

kiss stirred inside of her, as well as the fact she had kissed him back with

such passion. She smiled at him, but Angie was now very confused.

She looked away nervously. "`s getting kind of late... maybe we should go

to bed. I mean get some sleep!" she said rather clumsily.

"Yeah..I guess you`re right." he looked away sadly.

"Oh no. I`ve hurt his feelings." she thought. She placed him back on the table

and picked up the match box. She removed it`s outer covering and emptied the

matches from it.

"You`ll need something to sleep in and this should make a decent bed. I probably

have something upstairs I can stuff it with and make you a little blanket."

"Sure. Thanks." he said.

She picked him up and headed up to her bedroom. She placed the box and the

little man on her night table and turned to find something soft to fill it with.

She stopped, and turned back. A strong urge was growing within her. She gently

picked him up. She looked down at him. "Littleman" she said. "Little soldier.

Little toy soldier. I want to play with you. Will you let me?" she said as

seductivly as she could.

He gazed up at her and seemed to say yes without speaking.

She began removing his clothing, which was no easy task. Luckily her finger

nails were just the right length to grasp the tiny zippers, buttons and laces.

Off came the boots, the socks, the fatigue shirt and pants and undershirt. And

Lastly his underwear. She nimbly grasped the waistband and slowly pulled them

off. She dropped each peice of clothing on the night table in a little pile. He

removed the dog tags himself, leaned over the edge of her hand and dropped them

onto the pile of his clothes.

The whole time she was undressing him he was totally submissive, moving only

when necessary to help make undressing him easier. She ran her fingertip over

his body. He was very well built. He had nice, firm, well defined muscles. His

waist was small and his chest and shoulders were wide. His abdominals were very

well toned as were his legs and calves. She liked his little muscles alot. "Mmmm...

" she said as her fingertip moved along his body. "You`re sexy" she said and saw

his little face blush which made her giggle. She gazed at the tiny man laying in

her palm.

"God, he`s so small" she thought. She remembered the fact that he used to be a

plastic toy, and now he was a living toy. "A perfect little toy....for a woman"

she thought. Her finger tip slowly and gently carresed him and then came to rest

between his little legs. His manhood was stiff and erect. "Are you saluting me,

soldier?" she said seductively.

A nervous giggle was his response. With extreme care she gently grasped the

miniscule penis between her thumb and forfinger. He jerked slightly, but Angie

could tell she wasn`t hurting him. She was just exciting him. She very gently

squeezed and tugged it, and the little man let out a low moan and writhed a bit

in her palm. She continued and his reactions in turn increased. She began to rub

it up and down along with the squeezing and tugging.

Joe was in total rapture now, writhing and heaving and moaning in her hand. He

threw his little hips up to meet the gigantic thumb and forfinger with each

stroke. His ecstacy built up to a feverpitch now, and Angie felt herself

becoming more aroused and excited. He was just about to climax when Angie

suddenly pinched his member and stopped the flow before it started. She wasn`t

allowing him to climax.

Joe felt as if he would explode. He screamed and growled and jerked in her hand

She finally let go and he burst forth spewing cum onto her fingers. For his tiny

size it was a lot of cum, but on Angies huge fingers it was reduced to little

more than a tiny dribble. She rubbed the tips of her thumb and forfinger

together and the cum vanished. Angie was on cloud nine. Never before had she

felt like she did at this moment. Never this excited. Never this aroused. Never

this powerful. He was so small that he was like a plaything to her. She liked

it. Liked his tiny size.

Angie watched as Joe recovered and finally looked up at her. "Angie.... that

was... incredible. I was in ecstacy, and at the same time frightened that you

would inadvertantly hurt me terribly ".

"I know " Angie said softly, "The huge size difference between us intimidates

you. But you did enjoy it didn`t you?"

"Oh Yes".

"I want to take this further" she said. "Make Love to me".

"Could we? I mean..." Her fingertip covered his mouth,

"Shhh.. everything will be fine. It will be wonderful". She placed him on the

carpet between her feet, and began to strip. She took off the the big t-shirt

and let him gaze at her. Angie towered over Joe. The tiny man looked up at her

and he felt completely under the control of this immense giantess. It thrilled

him. She was impossibly huge to him. If he were normal sized he would estimate

her height to be about 200 feet. That thrilled him too. The excitment intensifed

again as Angie slowly removed her bra. Her big full breasts hung free now. To

Joe they looked like hot air balloons. His manhood stood on end as he watched

the giantess. His Giantess.

Angie then grasped the sides of her panties and slowly took them down. Joe`s

whole body stiffened and his eyes widened. He was overwelmed. He looked up and

could see her womanhood glistening. Angie towered over him like a female

skyscraper. A naked, and very excited female skyscraper.

Then something happened. Angie felt her feelings come flooding back. Feelings of

self loathing and hating her body and embaressment. A knot formed in her stomach

and a lump in her throat. Her eyes now darted around nervously. Now she was

afraid. Afraid of her imagined unattractiveness, and afraid of the tiny sexy

little man that stood at her feet.

Joe looked deeply into her eyes, her big beautiful brown eyes, which held so

much power over him and he knew. "Angie.... I think I was right when I first saw

you... you are a goddess". He walked over to her right foot and kneeled. He

lowered his head down, touching the floor. He then raised his head and leaned

forward and kissed 3 of her toes. "You are my goddess giantess Angie, my goddess

giantess, my Angie."

That seemed to do the trick. The knot in her stomach disappeared. The lump in

her throat subsided. The horrible feelings and thoughts faded. Her confidence,

arousal and excitement came rushing back to her and they were greatly

intensified. Her face seemed to light up. She smiled widely, her eyes widened

and glowed and her face flushed.

"Joe my wonderful little man, my tiny heroic soldier" She said. She picked him

up and moved onto the bed. She set him upon her left breast and slowly used his

body to carress her flesh. She then grasped his head with her thumb and

forfinger and brought it to her nipple. "Go at it little man. Lick, nibble and


Joe eagerly complied. He grasped the stiff erect nipple with his little hands,

and heard Angie go "OOHH!" He then bagan fulfilling her wishes. It was quite a

site. Her breast was quite a few times bigger than his whole body. Her nipple

nearly as big as his whole head. It took a bit of effort to please her, but

please her he did. Angie was oohing and aahhing happily.

After a while, Joe climbed down from her left breast and headed for her right.

She watched him as did so. It looked to her like he was making his way across a

landscape. The way he climbled down, traversed the valley of her cleavage and

climbed up her other breast. This turned her on even more. He began pleasuring

her other nipple, and as he did she began to rub his little rump which made her

giggle. In return Joe began tickling her nipple which made her giggle more.

After a few moments he jumped down and began making his way back to her left


As he reached her cleavage, Angie suddenly pressed her breasts together pinning

Joe between them. He tried to push his way out but it was futile.

"Hey, you`ve trapped me!" Joe said excitedly.

"I know. You got to play with my breasts, now my breasts get to play with you!"

the giantess said, giggling. She kneeded her breasts together and watched the

tiny man slowly rise and fall. She squeezed him gently, teasing him. Joe felt

her massive boob flesh pressing against his body. He felt it pressing against

his manhood the most. He began to gasp and moan, and Angie gave him one final

hard squeeze. A squeeze that pushed the air from him.

He climaxed again spurting his cum against the inside of her left breast. Angie

felt this of course and it thrilled her. She realeased him from the prison of

her cleavege and folded her fingers around his body. She brought him to her

mouth and began to lick him, running her huge tongue up and down his body. She

licked at his tiny erect penis which made him throw his head back and growl. She

then repostioned him, opened her mouth and put him in legs first up to his

waist. She slowly sucked on him and lightly nibbled his legs. She then pushed

him in further, up to his underarms. She tongued and lightly bit him. She could

feel him coming again, all the while feeling her own loins beginning to quiver

and pulse. Angie pushed Joe entirely into her mouth and closed her lips. There

she played with him, using her tongue to move him all around her cavernous

mouth. After a while she opened her mouth and withdrew him. He breathed heavily

and was coated with her saliva.

She rested him astride her breast and held her hand on top of him, lightly

carressing him. She could feel his tiny heart racing, just as Joe could feel her

heart thumping loudly.

"Well Soldier, are you ready for your final mission? It`ll be tough, maybe even

a little dangerous. But I have faith in you and I know you`re strong enough. I

want you in me." Angie whispered those last 5 words.

Joe`s face lit up and Angie could see fire in his eyes. He began to push his way

out from underneath her hand. Angie slowly moved her hand as if Joe actually

moved it himself. He sprinted downward across the field of her belly. Angie

watched the way his little muscles moved as he ran and she grinned paying

particular attention to his buttocks. He reached her crotch and dove off the


Angie barely felt his tiny body hit the bed. "Whoa! Are you alright? I Didn`t

expect you to that!" Angie said while she sat up to look at him, and found him

standing between her legs, frozen, starring at her vagina. He seemed to be

overwhelmed. "It`s okay to be scared, Joe. I am too". Angie put her finger

against Joe`s tiny buttocks and firmly nudged him forward. "C`mon tiny guy, you

can do it".

He reached out to her labia and touched them very softly. Angie made a short

quick gasp as she felt his tiny hands. He then bagan to carress and lick her,

rubbing his body against her titanic flesh. Angie could feel some tremendous

power slowly building inside her. Joe become more ravenous in his movements. She

could feel his little manhood rubbing against her. By now they both were moaning

and oonhhing and ahhing. Angie grasped Joe in her fingers and began rubbing his

body all over her labia. Joe was going crazy. He was covered in sweat, not only

from the physical challenge of making love to her, but also from the heat and

humidity that eminated from between her legs. Angie kept rubbing him against her

until she thought she would explode, then she suddenly adjusted his body

accordingly, penetrated herself with her finger and thumb opening her labia, and

thrust Joe in head first.

An incredible force surged through her. She was in total rapture now. She could

feel the the tiny man moving inside of her . She flexed her vaginal muscles and

squeezed and kneeded his body giving him mighty hugs. She pushed him further,

about up to his calves, while she held his feet with thumb and forfinger. Joe

was totally surrounded by Angies wonderful flesh. Her mighty inner folds churned

and writhed around him. He was totally possesed by the experience. He grasped

her clit and nibbled and massaged it. He rubbed his penis against her flesh. He

thrashed his body around inside her not only to please her but to keep from

being crushed inside the vagina of this titanic giantess. His thoughts fixated

on pleasing her, satisfying her, making her happy.

Angie felt the little man throwing a fit iside her and then it happened. A

tremendous build up of pressure followed by a hard throaty passionate moan.

Angie climaxed. It was the most wonderful feeling she had ever had in her entire

life. She looked down and saw her juices drenching her tiny lover as they

streamed out of her. She never imagined sex could be like this, this incredible.

When she was married she had sex with her husband, but it was nothing like this.

It was cold, with no passion or lust. She had never actually climaxed. Never

came. Never had a true orgasim. She was deprived for so long of satisfaction,

and now a tiny man only 4" tall was giving it to her. If she was on cloud 9

earlier, she was on cloud 25 now. Joe was assaulted by the flood of her juices,

a raging torrent around him. He instinctivly lapped up some while he wiggled and

squirmed. He then started feeling light headed and saw spots before his eyes. He

was running out of air. There was a good chance he would be smothered by the

giantess he was giving his every ounce of strength to please. His movement

slowly stopped and he felt himself starting to pass out.

Angie noticed Joe`s slowing movement and a thought flashed in her mind. "Oh God

he can`t breathe!" Angie withdrew him as fast as possible and laid him gently on

the bed. Joe, are you all right? Speak to me please!" Joe lay there panting for

air for a moment and then he looked up at her and smiled. "God I was so scarred

I thought I smothered you". "Angie, for a split second I thought I would die

inside of you, and all I could think about was that I wanted you to be happy."

His words went straight to her heart. "Oh, Joe...I....".

Angie brought Joe to her mouth and licked him clean. "Angie, I want to keep

pleasing you" He uttered. Angie wasted no time in reinserting him in her,

remembering to let him up for air this time. Despite his near fatal experience

he was just as voracius as before. Holding his tiny feet Angie pumped him in and

out of her, slowly at first then rapidly building to a wild, rythmic flow. Angie

and Joe both climaxed again and again, and Angie let him out for air every few

minutes. As they neared the end of their experience of each other, Angie could

feel herself nearing climax and thoughouly kept going until just before coming.

She then clamped her vaginal muscles down around Joe hard. Harder. Harder still.

Joe felt the tremendous pressure around him. Her flesh squeezed him tighter and

tighter. He held on as long as he could, then he screamed an incredibly loud

scream for his small size. He also climaxed tremendously. But not as

tremendously as Angie. She also could stand it no more and she threw her head

back and screamed in utter lust. What followed was a climax so powerful that her

whole body shook. So powerful that the little man shot right out of her and

landed on the bed head over heels. So powerful that it literely felt as if her

womanhood had exploded. Her cum flowed out of her making a widening wet spot on

the bed. Her body shook for few moments after the climax. Joe lie curled up on

the bed panting, basking in the radiant heat that came from the giantess.

He rested trying to momentarily recover from what his body had just gone

through. "This woman is amazing" he thought to himself. "I wonder if she really

is a Goddess?"

Minutes passed and they both managed to acheive a state of calm. Angie felt

absolutely elated. High. She felt that something had changed within her. She

felt more womanly, more feminine, more sensual. She felt stronger, more powerful

esteem wise. She raised herself and looked at the tiny little man who had

changed her so. She would bet a million dollars that no normal size man could

ever touch her the way this tiny man had. Her tiny man. Her Joe. Her toy


"Are you a-ok, little guy?"

"Never better, my lovely giantess."

"Tee Hee, that was beautiful, our love making I mean."

"God it was great. My entire body was inside you. I`ve never experienced

anything like that . At least I don`t think- "

"Yeah, Yeah, I know mr. amnesia."

They both laughed. Joe looked deep into her eyes. "You are amazing Angie. I`m so

proud I was able to please you."

"You`re pretty wonderful yourself as well as endurent, my little toy soldier.

You don`t mind me calling you that do you?"

"Of course not. I`m glad to be your toy soldier. I kinda like the idea of being

your plaything, you big beautiful Giantess, you."

"My whole life no one has ever told me I was beautiful."

"Your beyond beautiful to me. If the words and feelings of a mere toy soldier

mean anything."

"They mean the world to me. You mean the world to me." It would of been the

perfect moment to say "The Words" but something seemed to keep them from doing

so. They continued to bask in each others afterglow, Angie glowing a bit more of

course. They talked about the evenings events. "I was shocked when you kneeled

down and kissed my toes" Angie said.

"Well, I thought you would find it touching".

"I most certainly did. More touching than you may ever know."

"I almost went crazy when you started playing with my crotch. Looking at my

manhood on the tip of you finger made me feel about 4 inches tall" Angie laughed


"Hhmmm, it`s getting late we should really get to sleep. The two of us will need

the rest after this wild night" Angie said.

"You`re right. I can already feel the soreness setting into my muscles."

"Well first we should get cleaned up. You need a bath little guy. And I`m gonna

give you one."

Angie scooped up Joe and took him into the bathroom. She filled the sink just

enough with warm water and placed him in. "How`s the water?"

"Oh it`s great! Very refreshing."

"Well you ought to like this even better" Angie said playfully. She put a dab of

liquid soap on her fingertip, grasped Joe, and began to cover his body with a

nice lather. Joe was in Heaven. Angie liked this. He was so cute to her.

She definitely could get used to this. She ran her fingertip over his body and

gave him a good cleaning. She then rinsed him off and gently dabbed him dry with

a soft washcloth. She went back into the bedroom and placed him on the

nighttable. "Let me find something soft for your bedding".

Joe began to fold his clothes and he placed them neatly at the foot of his

makeshift bed.

"Here Joe, this should be nice and soft for you" she said giggling. She wore a

devilish smile as she held up a pair of racey black lace painties. Joe laughed.

"You`re kidding, right?".

"What do you think?" she replied. She then folded the painties a bit and placed

them in the matchbox, just leaving a small "flap" that he could use for a

blanket. Despite the way Angie felt about her body, she always had an affinity

for sexy underwear and shoes. "This cotton ball should make a decent pillow".

"Thanks Angie, you`re the best".

"Would you like me to tuck you in?"

"Sure!". Joe hopped into the bed and got comfortable.

Angie covered him with the little flap and tucked a bit at his sides.

Joe inhaled deeply. "They have your scent on them".

Angie smiled widely at him. She then kissed her fingertip and touched it to his

lips. "Goodnight my tiny guy. Sweet dreams".

"I`ll be dreaming of you my Goddess. Goodnight."

Angie stood over him for a while and watched him drift off to sleep.

She then cleaned up a bit herself and hit the sack. She couldn`t sleep. This

night had been far too exciting. She lay there thinking about him and

fantasizing. She thought about what the future would hold and where Joe really

came from. Had the powers that be taken pity on her and given her this gift? She

fantasized more about other things she would do with him. A stray image entered

her mind. The image of Joe standing between her bare feet as she stripped. She

remembered how tiny he was. So tiny. So weak. So much at her mercy. She realized

she could have done anything she wanted to him and he couldn`t do a thing to

stop her. She found herself playing out the idea of stepping on him. It was only

natural really. He was so small, her whole foot could cover 4 men his size.

There was also the fact that she was so big and heavy. While it`s not polite to

discuss a woman`s weight it is safe to say Angie was no lightweight. And how

much could Joe possibly weigh? An ounce? She imagined slowly raising her foot

above and bringing it down on him just as slowly. She could hear his tiny pleas

for mercy. Then she would feel his tiny arms crumple, and his bones snap and

crack. Her foot would meet the floor completely and there would be nothing left

of him but a red smear. What an incredible feeling of power.

"My God what am I thinking?" she thought. "I don`t want to hurt Joe why am I

thinking like this?" Despite her resistance her thoughts grew darker. She

imagined herself as a true Giantess, 2 hundred feet tall. She also imagined

herself in her hometown. The vengeance she could exact at that size. What

followed was an ultraviolent scenario of Angie simply pulverizing everything in

her path. Houses. Cars. People. Specific people. She imagined certain people who

had tormented her the most in her youth. She imagined crushing them under her

gargantuan feet, her high heels making very short work of them. She imagined

them begging her, on their knees to spare them. She would not. They would all

become moosh under her immense high heels! How gratifying this fantasy was. It

continued as she finally fell asleep.

That night her dreams were chaotic and warped. She was a Giantess causing

immense destruction. But something was very wrong. Not neccesarilly with what

she was doing, but a lingering thought of something she had done. As if she had

done something terrible and there was a terrible price to pay. But it wasn`t the

act of crushing a tiny city which she was in the middle of doing. It was

something .....else. The last thing she remembered was Joe`s tiny handsome face

looking deeply into her eyes as he seemingly floated in mid air before her. He

looked overwhelmingly sad. A tear ran down his cheek and he slowly waved goodbye

as he began to float away from her. She reached out for him.

Angie suddenly awoke, startled. It was a horrible dream and she had a disgusting

feeling inside of her. She tried to push away the feeling. She rose and turned

to her nighttable and saw Joe`s bed. She felt a bit better. "Wake up little

sleepy head. Want some breakfast?"

She pulled his covering back and froze at what she saw.

Joe had turned back into the plastic toy. He lay there rigid and lifeless. A

soulless piece of plastic. His eyes emitted a hollow empty stare.


THIS HAPPEN?" Suddenly she remembered and her blood ran cold. She thought about

killing Joe. Of stepping on him. He was the only person to ever tell her she was

beautiful. He was respectful to her. He made her feel happy and good about

herself. He had made wild, passionate, soul shaking love to her. And how did she

repay him? She thought of crushing him. Angie became disgusted with herself. How

could she have even considered such a thing? Angie hated herself. She wanted to

kill herself. Joe was the absolute best thing that had ever happened to her in

her entire life and she had practically thrown him away. The powers that be had

given her a gift to finally end her pain and make her happy and she had thrown

it to the dirt. She loved him. Loved him deeply. She fantasized about crushing

him. One little tiny fantasy and her lover was gone. Tears now streamed down her

face as she cried. She fell to her knees and looked up.




her head and sobbed.

"Angie, what`s wrong? Why are you crying?" She heard the little voice and

suddenly looked up. There he was sitting up in his little bed as if nothing had

happened. His clothes lay neatly folded at the foot of the matchbox.

Angie was instantly overjoyed. "JOE, OH JOE!" She grabbed him and covered him in

kisses, still crying. "Angie what is it?" "Joe I just.....I mean..... these are

tears of joy. I`m so lucky and so happy to have you. I love you. I love you

dearly." Joe`s face lit up. "Oh Angie I love you too! I wanted to tell you last

night but I was scared, we`ve only known each other for such a short time."

"It doesn`t matter anymore. The both of us have found the courage to share our

feelings for each other. And I have learned a valuable lesson". Joe wasn`t sure

what she meant by that last part but he decided not to ask. "My littly tiny

sweet man, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and a wonderful

adventureous journey."

Angie held Joe tenderly against her bossom and felt him try to hug her breast.

Angie would never, ever, ever, even think of harming one tiny little hair on

Joe`s tiny little head ever again. She would only take care of him and love him.



Giantess Stories: Toy Soldier by Igrowl      Our story begins with a woman named Angie

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