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by Littletoy

Stories like this only happen in science fiction movies, or so I thought. But

that was before the incredible turn of events of the last six months. Before I

became a ridiculous self parody of a human being. Back when I was still human.

Scratch that. Although I have changed greatly I am still a man. Nobody can take

that away from me.

Maren is typing this for me. I can't. I feel that there should be some recorded

account of what has happened to me. I want others to share my experiences in

case something ever happens to me. Perhaps they will learn from my mishap that

one should be careful of what one wishes. One may get their wish. Maren insists

that I am being silly. Nothing will happen to me, she insists, I will always be

safe with her. That may be so, but you can't be careful. One misplaced footstep,

an errant cat, a fall from a shelf, or any other of a dozen accidents could do

me in just as surely as falling from a building or getting hit by a truck would.

How could a footstep or an ordinary cat possibly cause any harm to someone?

Easy. If you're only seven inches tall. You heard me right. Seven inches. Once I

was a six foot, two inch solid two hundred pounds. Now I am the size of a tiny

doll, and weigh less than one pound.

Impossible you say? Well I am living proof that nothing is impossible. More

things may be possible than we care to admit. My case is only the start. Who

knows how many more there are like myself, or indeed if there are any others

like me. Very people know about me, just Maren, my captress, and a few of her

girlfriends from high school. They have been sworn to secrecy with know

practical choice to do so. After all, who would believe a story about a man

seven inches tall. Visual proof is necessary, but Maren is very careful about

who gets to see and touch me. She wants me to herself, mostly. To her I am a

unique and special pet, a tiny doll to be protected and loved, a plaything to

fondle, strip, and make love to in bed at night. To her girlfriends I am an

irresistible curiosity to be snatched up and held aloft between their soft

breasts, a living toy man.

It all started innocently enough on a Friday afternoon in June. It had taken me

longer than usual to finish my photo assignment. This was the final one for the

year and I wanted to do a good job. During the course of my darkroom work I had

managed, with my usual lack of deftness, to spill just about every type of

photochemical there was onto my clothing. Not bothering to wash it out, I let it

seep deep into my clothes, and my skin. It was a race to make the four o'clock

bus. Already it was 3:56. I started out the door but received a nasty electrical

shock as I touched the handle. My hand dropped from the handle like a rock. I t

had been a really nasty bolt of electricity. I only slowed me down momentarily

as I raced for the bus.

The bus was packed when I got on, so I took a seat in the back where there was

more room. No sooner had I sat down that I realized the electric shock was still

tingling in the pit of my stomach. I could not figure out why, and only in

retrospect did it occur to me that all those photochemicals might have something

to do with it. As the bus pulled out of the parking lot, it war clear that I was

going to be sick. Even worse was the bumpy trick and forth motion of the bus. As

luck would have it my stop was among the last. But it was at the second to last

stop I decided to get off I simply could not remain on the bus any longer. I

would just have to walk. Several other people got off too. I tried to look

normal, but the tingling sensations had become stronger, spreading throughout my

body and head. Pretty girls and screaming boys were in front of me, the girls

going left and the boys going right. By now the pain was unbearable. With a

silent roar I bolted past the girls and up the street. I ran around the nearest

corner and collapsed in a heap on the sidewalk. Then it happened. The whole

neighborhood seemed to be spinning and distorting into a psychedelic mix. The

trees and houses, the lawns, and even the sidewalk I was on, everything began to

grow larger and wider and taller. Then the tingling sensations subsided, leaving

only a queasy feeling in my stomach. By the time I had regained my senses I was

standing up on a sidewalk that seemed to stretch forever. Everything was beyond

my reach. Only then did I began to grasp what had happened. I had...SHRUNK! ! !

By the scale of everything around me I had been reduced to little over half a

foot in height. There was precious little time for sightseeing, however someone

was rounding the corner, heading right for me.

My first impulse was to run, but where to? The street was devoid of any trees

nearby, and all the houses featured impeccably manicured lawns. Nothing suitable

for a hiding space was reachable. I prayed whoever it was would not spot me. No

such luck.

She was wearing a yellow button down shirt tucked into a pair of tight jeans and

sneakers. Her long wavy dark hair bobbed pleasantly as she sauntered forward. My

body tensed. She was awesome, I thought, with a comely face well matched with

her youthful, nubile, athletic body. Unfortunately, she was also about sixty

feet tall.

She was carrying a red backpack which was slung around her shoulder, and as she

came closer to me I noticed that one of the side pockets was open, and a giant

pencil was closer to tumbling out with each bouncy step. Finally, about twenty

feet away it happened. The pencil tumbled out and down to the side walk and

rolled to a stop about five feet away from me. I looked up in fascination and

terror. The girl looked down casually to see where it had fallen, spotted me,

and froze.

I froze too. By now it was too late to run. I was trapped. Her mouth was

slightly open with amazement. We each waited for the other to make the first

move. It was she who made it. Letting her backpack down to the ground at her

side, she bent over, her hands resting on her knees. Her chest loomed over me.

With a gentle expression on her sweet face she studied me intently, as if she

was contemplating what to do with me. Then, she knelt even lower and with one of

her hands, she reached out to pick me up in her fist. It was useless to run, so

I simply prepared myself for the shock.

I felt her soft, firm, fingers gently wrap around my tiny body as she seized me

off the sidewalk and into her giant hand. The look of amazement on her face was

replaced with one of enthralled glee. She lifted me up to her face, gently

turning me around in her grip as she looked me over. With her free hand she

gently touched me on my stomach and stroked me lightly. She stood up to her full

height and I lay suspended in mid-air in her hand.

"Put me down! Please! Put me down and let me go!".

I was kicking wildly, stirring up the air, terrified. She now held me out in

front of her, just at the level of her firm, pert breasts. From my vantage point

I could see her body in all its glory. Then she spoke.

"Don't be frightened little man, I'm not going to hurt you".

Her voice was surprisingly soft and gentle. She lifted me up to her face again,

even closer. Her lips pressed against my body as she gave me a soft kiss.

Terrified, my whole body was shaking. Immediately she noticed this and whispered

in a soft but firm voice, with just a touch of mischieviousness.

"I'm taking you home with me. You'll be safe with me. You're mine now. You

belong to me".

I was then drawn in close to her breasts. I felt her soft, firm body give way

beneath me. She settled me in between her hand and her breasts, picked up her

backpack, and continued on to her house, next door. Once inside she carried me

off to her bedroom where she set me down on her vast bed. The bedroom was huge.

The walls were pink and there were a few stuffed animals scattered about. Next

to her bed was a night stand, containing a small lamp and a clock. On the wall

next to it was a dressing table, and on the other wall a desk and a chest. It

was a typical high school girls room, only greatly magnified in size. She had

moved to the phone and was quickly dialing a number.

"Chrissy, its Maren. You won't believe this but I found a little man the size of

a doll while walking home from the bus today, and he's absolutely adorable. I'm

keeping him. I know you don't believe me so I want you to come over tonight and

see him for yourself. After dinner. My Dad won't be home for two weeks yet...oh,

and don't tell anyone about it, promise? Thanks. Bye".

She walked over to the bed where I sat. I looked up at her. She was really cute,

save for her size. She smiled down at me like she had some mad crush on me.

Finally she reached and snatched me up in her hand a little more posessively,

carried me over to the night stand and set me down on it. She towered over me as

she began to undo her belt, then slip out of her jeans, revealing long, slender

tanned thighs which disappeared into her bikini panties. She let the jeans fall

to the floor as she looked down at me playfully. Slowly she unbuttoned her

shirt, under which was a short white cutoff T-shirt, cut just below her breasts.

She moved closer to the night stand until the edge of it came into contact with

her smooth, flat stomach. Her navel hovered just above my head. I could smell

the faint scent of her perfume. Suddenly she reached out and scooped me up

against her body, pressing me up against her soft tummy. Her skin was firm and

incredibly soft as I was held suspended against the smooth wall of flesh. Her

stomach muscles rippled slightly with laughter. Then she released the pressure,

and I fell back on to the night stand. She bent over the night stand, beaming at

me, her soft face occupying my entire field of vision.

"Such a sweet little thing. you poor doll!", she cooed.

Before I had a chance to reply her soft fingers enclosed me again as she

effortlessly lifted me up off the night stand. She stood up to her full height,

holding me out in front of her, just below her beaming face. Her other hand came

up to fondle me, gently nipping at my clothes, suppressing my flailing limbs.

She laughed.

"My name's Maren, little toy, and I think we had better become better aquatinted

since I'm keeping you".

With that she moved toward the bed but stopped short of taking a step in that

direction. Still held out in front of her, I noticed her other hand had

disappeared behind her head and was...removing her undershirt. I watched the

tips of her nipples as the fabric slid over them, defining their shape. The

fabric was lifted up over her head, and I stared at her magnificent shaped

breasts, each larger than my body, aureole wider than my head, about six feet

across and slightly below from where she held me. Make that five feet,

four...three........two........... the soft skin between her breasts quickly

enveloped me as she hugged me close. I heard the shirt fall to the floor. I felt

her body sway as she carried me over to the bed. She held me out in front of her

again, standing at the bed side. The fingers of her free hand came up to pluck

my shirt off.

"Stop that, put me down, give me my shirt back! Help!!!!".

I pleaded kicking out with my legs. She only laughed. Her hand now tugged at my

pants, her fingers delicately slipping them off one leg at a time. Soon I was

naked in her grip. She drew me in close to her face. I felt her soft lips

against my body, my face. Her smooth skin slid against mine as she slipped me

down her neck, across her chest and settled me in against her nipple. Her index

finger gently but firmly pressed my head against her, forcing me to suck.

Clutched tightly against Maren's firm young breast, I had no choice but to

comply. I felt her sway, and the wall of flesh that I was clutched to slowly

became a ceiling as she lowered herself, and me, to the bed. I was trapped

between her body and the soft bed. She was careful not to crush me; her fingers

held me firmly in place, lest I try to escape. After a few minutes she turned

over on her back, holding me out in front of her, just above her breasts, in her

clenched fist. She smiled at me tenderly.

"Don't worry, my little doll-man. I don't know where you came from, but I

promise to take good care of you. Just remember that you belong to me now.

You're mine. And I can pick you up whenever I want to, do whatever I want to

with you. I'll keep you safe with me. You'll be my secret. Just me and Chrissy

and some of the other girls at school. Wait'll they see you. My friend Chrissy

is coming over later to watch you while I go to a class meeting. I'm a Junior.

She's a Senior, the captain of the cheerleaders. She'll just freak when she sees


She lowered me to her left breast, my head resting just by her nipple. She

giggled as she turned over on her side, cupping me against her breast as she did

so. I struggled against her grip and this time I managed to break free. I had

tumbled down on the bed. A shadow spread out over me from above. Her soft

stomach came down over me, rippling with soft laughter. I was gently pressed

against her body and the mattress. Trapped beneath her, her scent was dreamy,

almost intoxicating. Soon a big hand came down to pick me up. Maren brought me

out from underneath her, holding me up to her face, which now had a positively

devilish smile on it.

"Well now, little man, do you know what comes next? Now it's time for you to

really make love with me", she lauged.

She brought me in close to her plush lips for a kiss. Her tongue slipped out

from between them and began caressing my tiny body. Her tongue slid across my

face, down my chest and then started gently licking my cock. Her soft lips

gently sucked my throbbing member until I came, thrashing and squirming wildly

in her grip. She moved me away as my exhausted body went limp.

"That was cool. Now it's my turn, little toy".

Her fingers closed tightly about my middle as she gently lowered me to her

pussy. Her scent became strong as I was slowly and carefully inserted head first

into her wet, soft interior.

"Please stop it. You might hurt me", I pleaded in a squeaky voice.

"No way. In you go little one", she shot back.

She pushed me in deeper-only my shins and feet stuck out of her- and I noticed

for the first time the rythmic contractions of the pink walls around me. Her

juices began to drown me when I felt her fingers pull on my legs as she slowly

guided me out. I was able to gasp a breath of air before she slipped me back in.

She did this all the while her muscles of her vagina firmly messaging me as she

thrust me in and out again and again for what seemed to be an unreal length of

time. Finally she came, and I was washed out of her pussy by an incredible gush

of juices. Maren reached down for me and snatched me up in her right fist. She

giggled as I tried to break her grip.

"It's no use fighting me. I own you know. You belong to me. So you might as well

get used to it".

With her left hand she grabbed a handkerchief from nearby and softly dried me

off. She then set me down on her flat stomach. Exhausted I slipped off into


I awoke to a loud slam of a door, the vibrations of which shook the room. I was

in total darkness. Some light seeped in under the door and around the door

frame. I could see dimly the dimensions of my surroundings. I was still on the

giantess's big bed. Outside the door there was stirring. I heard a distinctive

voice, which I recognized to be that of my captress, and a second voice,

smoother and higher in tone than the first. I could see shadows under the door,

and realized that they were right on the other side of the door. I began to

strain to hear and was able to pick out some phrases:

"Is he cute? Can I pick him up? Really? I can? You've got to be joking, right?"

"I'll be back in three hours...Don't wear him out...Maybe Melanie".

"Thanks Maren. Bye."

"Have fun...Bye."

I heard a distant door slam, then soft hesitant footsteps coming closer. I was

sitting in the middle of a giant bed in a giant room. There was nowhere to run.

I heard the door creak, and could barely discern the turning of the doorknob. A

slight gust of wind blew across the bed as the door opened. A thin shaft of

light entered the room, just enough to make out a towering shape that entered

with it. Then the door closed, and I was plunged into darkness, although this

time I was aware of a warmth of presence. And the sound of soft breathless

gasps. I heard the snap of the light switch, and the room was flooded with

light. I adjusted my eyes and faced the intruder, just in time to see her

reaction to me.

Her hair was blond and straight and cut at the shoulders. It framed a perfect,

cute, face, pearly, white teeth. Her slender, athletic body was firm and hard.

She wore jeans and a blue short sleeve shirt that clung precariously to her

small firm breasts. Her legs were long and tapered down to a graceful foot. She

was drop dead gorgeous. She was over sixty feet tall. To her I was smaller than

a Ken doll! A living toy! Upon turning on the lights she started to survey the

room, obviously searching for something specific. In front of the door, she

looked first left, then right at the bed, where her eyes locked on me, and

froze. Her mouth opened in silent horror, and her hands quickly covered her open

mouth, eyes bulging staring at me. Up to now, I thought, she had just thought

this was some sort of prank and had just gone along out of curiosity. Now she

knew this was no prank. She leaned back against the door, still staring down at

the figure on the bed. I held my position in the center of the bed afraid to

make a move. Instead I watched in awe as she quickly recovered from the shock.

"What is....You're.. .You're....SO TINY! ! ! !"

She burst in to a squeal of laughter. She straightened up, hands locked together

at her chest, studying me. Her mouth opened again, this time in a playful pout.

"You mean Maren's telling the truth? You really ARE a tiny doll-man!!!"

She stooped and took a step closer to the bed. Her face even though she was

stooping, hung twenty feet above me as she towered over me as she stood by the

bedside. Her firm breast heaved steadily over me as she swung her head side to

side as she surveyed me close up. Her face lowered even closer, so that her

lips, nose and soft green eyes were even with my tiny body. She regarded me

playfully, her arms at her sides. Rearing up to her full height, the surface of

the bed just below her knees, she began to turn away. Then she stooped again,

and I knew she was going to pick me up. I was humiliated, but I couldn't do

anything about it as her soft fingers closed around me.

"Let me down!" I shouted, kicking out with my legs.

The soft blond burst into a peal of bubbly laughter, then rose to her full

height. I saw the surface of the bed fall away from me as I was snatched aloft.

She brought me up to her face and smiled triumphantly.

"I've got you now, doll." She cooed.

"I'm Maren's best friend Chrissy . I'm supposed to take care of you tonight, and

that's just what I intend to do. I thought Maren was just kidding about you, but

now that you're real I want to play with you. Maren said I could. She said I

could have you for tonight and now that I know that you're real, I want you.

Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you, I'11 be gentle".

Her lips found my mid section as she began kissing me. That done, she held me

out at arms length.

"It's hot in here, don't you think?"

Before I could squeal an answer, she put me back down on the bed. She looked

down at me. Laughing, she unzipped her jeans, undid the belt, and slipped out of

them one leg at a time. She was wearing skimpy pink panties, and without her

jeans on her legs seemed like smooth redwoods gracefully branching out into a

pink cloud. Her smooth tummy, tanned and taut, spread upward like some

skyscraper of flesh. Her blue halter top covered up the jutting precipices of

her breasts. She towered above me, as if deciding what to do next. Shrugging to

herself, she removed her halter, let it dangle over me released it, completely

enveloping me in the soft fragrant fabric, then bent far down over the bed once

more, scooping me up, halter and all. I had only brief time to glimpse her

fabulous breasts, firm and perfectly formed before I was completely draped in

her shirt. Then her strong hands grasped and held me tightly about the waist,

lifting me up. She plucked me from the soft fabric and letting the shirt fall to

the bed held me in her clutched fist. I was able to survey her incredibly nubile

body. It looked inviting. I wondered if she, too, wanted me to suckle her firm

breast. She held me just below her sweet face. She smiled at me. She loosened

her grip just long enough for her free hand to slip under and pluck my shirt

off. She dropped it on the bed. Then her huge fingers found the seat of my

pants. She pulled but they would not give. She closed on my kicking legs, one at

a time and effortlessly pulled off one shoe, than the other. They dropped to the

bed too. Again she grasped the seat of my pants between her free thumb and

forefinger and pulled careful not to tear me in half, but determined to undress

me all by herself. This time the pants slipped down my waist, and she gleefully

plucked one pant leg off than another. Her pinkie stroked my body gently.

running down my cheek neck chest and stomach, before her nail slipped under my

underwear stripping it off with one flick of her little finger. I as well as she

was naked.

"Ooooooh! You're just adorable, aren't you?"

She sat down on the side of the bed clutching me close. Her fragrant flesh came

into contact with mine as she settled me in against her, high on her breast. I

sank gently into soft firmness. Her hand cupped me up against her. The surface

of her chest tilted horizontally, and I realized she was laying down on the bed

stretched out on her back. I tumbled off the breast and came to a sitting

position between her breasts. Her lovely face, propped up with pillows, stared

at me with pleasure. Her chest heaved with laughter as her hand came down from

above. She snatched me up in her fist and held me up even with her sparkling

green eyes.

"Maren says you belong to me for now. You're mine. I want to make love to you,

toy man. You're the most unique pet anybody's ever had. You're the perfect size,

doll-lover, all guys should be your size, they'd be much easier to play with",

she giggled.

I was deposited on her smooth tan stomach. A giant hand closed over me and kept

me pinned there. Trapped against the soft flesh, I was helpless.

Chrissy grew restless. Her fingers curled around me and lifted me up off her

stomach. She sat up on the bed. Putting me down before her. She leaned slightly

forward hair falling down to her shoulders and spoke to me.

"What do you think of my body? I didn't get to be captain of the varsity

cheerleaders for nothing. Don't you want to play some more? I sure want to play

some more with you! C'mere, you."

She bent far over, her arms propped up on either side of me. Stalking me like a

wild tiger, she sprang forward, and I saw her face and neck pass over me. I

looked directly up and saw her soft breasts slowly lower themselves on top of

me. Flat against the bed on her stomach, she was looking down her cleavage at my

tiny head and shoulders trapped between her breasts and the mattress. She was

careful not to crush me.

"Let me go! It's humiliating! Leave me alone!" I screamed, trying in vain to

squirm out from between her breasts and the bed.

"I'll never let you go toy-man. I'm going to enjoy you with Maren. She's keeping

you. I can pick you up whenever I want. You can't do anything about it so just

enjoy the ride okay? Besides, it's fun having a little man to play with. It

makes me feel powerful to have you clutched in my hand. You're a toy for my

amusement, and I want to experiment with you. All the cheerleaders will want to

play with you. Angie will probably have to set up a schedule for the girls who

want to borrow you so they can take you to bed with them. They'll be curious.

And they'll satisfy that curiosity the way I am right now. By making love to a

little toy sized man."

She lifted herself off the bed and I was momentarily free, but her hand came up

to clutch me and hold me down at the bed level. Then she lowered herself back

down centering me under her right breast. My body was pressed against the bed

again, this time between the bed and her breast, which engulfed me completely,

her hard nipple finding its way insistently into my mouth. She suckled me like a

baby, and was content holding me like this for some time.

"That's a good little man." She cooed. "You'll like being with me. I'll give you

pleasure on a scale no man has ever dreamed of before."

She brought me out from under her. Siting on her stomach, propped up on one arm

she held me up to her lips. I felt her soft lips touch my head. With a finger,

she smoothed my hair out, inspected me for bumps and bruises. That done she

lowered me a bit, and with her free hand began to fondle me gently, curious as

to how to stimulate the desired reaction, given the difference in size. She was

surprised at how easily she could make me come, the best way being to tickle me

with her tongue, and if that did not work she would just pop me into her mouth,

lower half first. She could have bitten me in two, but all I felt was her soft

lips and her caressing tongue as she sucked me off. She ate me like a snack,

whole. Not ten seconds after I came in her huge mouth she was lowering me down

into her awesome pussy. I got tired of shouting ineffectually so this time I

just gave up and let her use me as a dildo. Her soft pussy enveloped me

completely as I was slid in deep inside her. I could hear her muffled moans of

pleasure outside, and I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting and

squeezing me as she left me trapped inside of her for a couple of minutes. Then

her muscles squeezed harder, and she began quickly thrusting me in and out of

her. I thought I would be torn in half, but lucky for me all I got was a few

bruises where her fingers had squeezed too tightly. She came, and I was

unceremoniously snatched up to her face for a close examination.

"Are you alright?", she cooed, "I hope I didn't hurt you too badly. That was the

neatest thing I've ever done. You're wonderful".

She pressed me close to her lips for a series of deep, passionate kisses. Her

lips were soft and wet. After, She put me down next to her on the big bed so I

could dry. She lay on her side, smiling down at me. I stared at the contours of

the giantess stretched out next to me, then I got up and walked away from her

face to the other end of the bed. Before I got far, her hand swooped down and

picked me up.

"Just where do you think you're going, my toy?" She purred.

She pressed me up against the tan wall of flesh that was her tummy, trapping me

there with her fingers. She turned over on her stomach again, and I was trapped

full length under her taut tummy. It rippled with her laughter. The laughter

died down to a heavy breathing, and I realized that she had tired from making

love to me, of fondling me, and had fallen asleep. Unable to move, eventually I,

too fell asleep under the soft body of Chrissy .

Night came. Chrissy came back at nine-thirty with some extra clothes and

homework. Maren had placed me in an old dollhouse of hers. She then placed the

dollhouse on her night stand and pushed the open side against the wall. The

scale was perfect for my six or seven inch height. I almost forgot where I was.

Almost. Maren was in the shower when Chrissy came in. She surveyed the room

casually and, spotting the dollhouse, she rushed over to it.

"Oh, how adorable!" She said, peering in the window of the little structure.

I saw her giant, cool features appear in the front window as she looked in. Then

her face was replaced in the window by a vast, thin blue fabric of her tank top

as she undid the latch that opened the roof. Suddenly I was assaulted by a rush

of light as Chrissy removed the roof. She was looking down at me,- a gentle

smile on her beautiful face.

"I bet you're lonely in there all by yourself, poor little thing," she cooed.

Chrissy reached in for me. It was useless to move, so I simply let her seize me

up in her hand. She held me up to her face and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I can't wait to play with you again, little man".

She began to peel my clothes off as I squirmed in her firm grip. When I was

naked, she puckered her lips slightly and began kissing me. With her free hand

she began to remove her own clothes. She set me down in the middle of the bed

and stood up, totally nude. Giggling slightly, she got on the bed and placed her

arms behind me so that she was looking down at me on all fours.

"Now I'm going to play with you some more, little man".

She gently lowered her body over mine, careful not to crush me. I felt her soft,

firm body gently push me into the soft mattress. Suddenly, she turned over on

her back, moaning softly. She clutched me tightly to her chest as she did so.

She fondled me as I lay between her breasts, nudging me to her right nipple.

Chrissy suckled me like an infant, all the while stroking me with her hand,

"That's a good little man," She smiled.

There was a noise. Chrissy snatched me up and put me back in the dollhouse,

replacing the roof. I heard giant footsteps, and a female voice unfamiliar to

me. The roof was removed once again and I found myself staring up at a pretty,

shapely brunette smiling down at me.

"Oh, how cute...can I pick him up?" Asked Melanie.

The towering figure reached into the dollhouse and snatched me up. She dangled

me in front of her comely face as she examined me, She was delighted, I felt her

warm, full lips press against my body as she played with me. Chrissy tried to

snatch me from the embracing arms of Melanie. Melanie wasn't ready to give me

up. She stepped back, clutching me to her chest.

"I want to play with the little doll-man for a while. I just love him." She had

settled me in against her warm, supple chest. I felt her breasts give as she

hugged me tightly to them. Maren emerged from the bathroom just then and said:

Now girls, don't fight over him We have the entire evening to play with my

little man.

She walked over to Melanie and took me from her. Maren put me down on the bed as

the three girls undressed. They stood naked towering over me at the foot of the

bed. Chrissy reached down and snatched me up in her fist, then laid down on the

bed, pressing me flat against her smooth, tanned stomach. Maren and Chrissy laid

next to her, each one reaching for me. Maren snatched me up off Chrissy's

stomach and put me on her perfect breast. With her hand she crushed me up gently

against her nipple. I sank luxuriously into her soft skin. She released the

pressure and I attempted to scamper away. I ran down her abdomen but

accidentally stepped into her belly button hole. I tumbled backwards and landed

on the smooth flat plane of her tummy. The girls laughed.

"You better be careful, or you'll get caught, little love doll", cooed Melanie

as she seized me around my midsection and perched me between her voluptuous


A bottle of some sort of oil was being opened. Melanie poured the cooking oil

all over her body. Chrissy and Maren did the same. Chrissy picked me up and

after kissing me, placed me on top of her beautiful breast. Her skin slid

against mine as I slipped and slid down to her smooth now glistening tummy. Once

again I felt giant fingers seize me. Maren sat up in bed and held me up to her

lips and chuckled. Starting just below her neck, she slowly messaged her entire

body with me, using the oil as a lubricant, Finally, she said:

"Let's go to bed, little man, we're tired from all you're teasing".

My teasing?

Chrissy and Maren took turns holding me as I slept. Finally, Maren fell asleep

clutching me tightly to her chest, but Chrissy woke up several times during the

night and couldn't resist finally from slipping me out from Maren's arms and

into her own. I ended up waking but unable to budge from Chrissy's loving

embrace. The still slumbering Chrissy was sleeping on her side, which meant I

was hanging up against a soft wall that was her body. Finally, I wriggled myself

free and tumbled onto the bed. I climbed up on to Maren's pillow, and just as I

had done so, Maren turned over. As she did so her hand came up to support her

face, In doing so, she inadvertently scooped me up and hugged me to her cheek.

At seven a.m. Maren woke up and carried me off with her to shower. In the shower

she covered me with soapy lather and messaged her lithe body as if I were a

sponge. She then gently toweled me off to dry. She carried me back to the

bedroom in her arms and placed me in bed with Chrissy. Though Chrissy was still

sleeping, when Maren placed me on her breast Chrissy instinctively moved her

hands up to keep me there. I remained in her arms for an hour before she woke

up, unable to move. When Chrissy finally woke up, she scooped me up and put me

on her pillow just next to her beautiful face, and kissed me lovingly.

"Good morning, little man, did you have a good night's sleep?", she giggled.

Then she took me up and, turning over, settled me in underneath her chin. I

noted the incredible warmth and comfort and protection she offered, this

gorgeous giantess and fell back to sleep contentedly.

After all, today was bound to be a BIG day.


Giantess Stories: Toyed by Littletoy    Stories like this only happen in science fiction movies

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