Giantess Stories: Traders by Nemo      Betty drove on towards her last delivery of the day

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by Nemo

Betty drove on towards her last delivery of the day. The parcel resting on the

seat next to her, a small, sandwich-sized box, had intriguing lettering along

the side: "Caution - Live Specimens." What in the world, she thought, could be


It was not the first time she had seen packages like this. Since taking over

this territory the previous year she had delivered several just like it, and

always to the same address. It was weird. She looked again at the box, then at

the address list. Yes, there it was. The same house - every time.

Betty now entered a neighborhood with nice, clean residences, green lawns, and

well-maintained cars in the driveways. But then she spotted the house. She

didn't even need to check the number; she knew the place on sight. She pulled

the truck over next to a dried-out, brown lawn. The car in the drive was 14

years old and rusted. A shutter had blown down in a recent rainstorm and never

replaced - it was still on the ground. This was the place all right.

She turned off the engine and sat quietly for a moment. She reached for the

parcel and studied it. Tiny air holes dotted its surface. She held it up close

to her brown right eye. There was nothing to see. Too dark. Then she lowered the

box to just below her nose and sniffed twice. No scent. She hoped it wasn't

something gross, like live leaches or those Mexican jumping bean thingies.

On an impulse, she tilted her head downward and pressed the parcel tightly

against her ear. Seconds went by without result. Then her eyes opened wide. Did

she just hear something? It was like a whisper, very faint, almost inaudible,

but Betty had very good hearing and it sounded like this:

"Don't...make...a sound."


Lureen sat at the kitchen table, smoking and reading her women's magazine. She

was engrossed in a particularly sappy tale of romance when her doorbell rang.

She looked up and blew out some smoke. "Ah, fuck. This always happens."

She heaved herself to her feet and stopped abruptly when she saw the uniformed

delivery woman through the door's glass. Then a slow smile spread and her eyes

danced. Lureen hurried to answer the door.

She opened it to find the young blond woman holding a clipboard. "Package. Sign

here please." Lureen grabbed the clipboard, scribbled her name and thrust the

paper back at Betty. Lureen then held out her hand expectantly.

Betty took a step back. "Um," she started, "I noticed that these are live

specimens. Would you like to open them before I leave, just in case?"

Lureen frowned. "The hell I will. What's in there is none of your fucking


"But it's part of our new customer service policy," she lied. "If something

unusual happened to your specimens, I could take action now. Really, I don't


"Well, I do mind. Get the fuck out and leave me alone." Lureen took the package

and closed the door on Betty's shocked face. Lureen headed back to the kitchen

and gently set down the package amidst an overflowing ashtray, coffee cup and

magazine. Lureen took hold of the pull-tab and yanked it down and around three

sides. Then she carefully opened the parcel as if it were a new book.

Lureen smiled down on her 'specimens', which were in fact a tiny man and woman.

They were strapped in on either side of the parcel halves, and had been facing

each other in the gloom just a moment before.

Now they were facing Lureen.

The giant's face hung over them, still smiling. Her skin was puffy and sallow,

with a fine network of wrinkles due to several years of cigarette smoke. She

looked to be about thirty-five, brunette with streaks of gray. She spoke to them

in a grating, throaty rasp.

"Well shit, if it ain't Adam and Eve. Hello there. I'm Lureen, your new Trader.

Just unwind for a few hours and then we'll get to know each other. Now, though,

I guess you'll want to get out of there. Am I right?"

Adam nodded quickly. Eve just stared blankly.

Lureen gave a loud, barking laugh and began to loosen the straps. The little

ones climbed out, rubbed their limbs and walked around. Lureen got them some

food and water.

Minutes later, Lureen was busy at the sink when a teenaged girl walked in. She

saw the tiny couple - "Oh, cool" - and sat down for a closer look.

Lureen spun around. "Well shit, Honey, can't you even say 'hello' to your


"Hi Mom. Did these just come?"

"Of course - what the hell do you think? And don't get any ideas. I want to

break them in right."

The young giantess stared down at the new arrivals. She had the puffed up, meaty

face of her mother, but with better skin. But where Lureen was slightly

overweight, Honey was definitely fat. Her arms bulged out from the t-short she

wore, and her thick fingers drummed the table nervously.

The new ones were so small, and so perfect. She wanted to scoop them up right

then and head for her bedroom. But she knew how to wait. Her chance would come

very soon...


July 11, 2002

Dear Diary,

Big day today. Mom got her new Adam and Eve. A cute couple. I wanted to hold

them right away but Mom said no, maybe Saturday night. That's when she goes out

drinking with "the girls," and guess what? I get to watch them! I was so excited

I went upstairs and called Alyssa. She's coming over Saturday to spend the

night, and there's no telling what trouble we'll get into. Mom says I better be

careful, though, or she'll have my fucking hide.

Really strange that the tiny ones are always called Adam and Eve. Mom says it's

because they're easy names to remember and she won't get too attached to them.

At the end of the month, she'll strap them into a new box and send them to the

next Trader. What does she do with them until then? Only Mom knows, and she's

not telling. Something to do with the computer in her bedroom, and oh yeah, she

takes lots of pictures too. That's her hobby. The thing is, she never lets me


When I'm old enough, I want to be a Trader, too.



Part 2

Adam looked around the vast bedroom from his vantage point on Lureen's computer

table. Large queen-sized bed, solid looking furniture, photographic equipment

scattered everywhere. There were lights, backdrops, and several expensive

looking cameras attached to tripods. To the left was one window with thick

curtains. The curtains were tightly closed.

Lureen had left Adam and Eve there while she went to "take care a few things."

Adam glanced at Eve - she was taking in the bedroom too, finishing with the tall

computer tower and the 17-inch monitor that seemed the size of a movie screen.

The computer hummed softly; Lureen had turned it on a moment before, and Eve

regarded it nervously.

Adam was not married to Eve. They were not even boyfriend and girlfriend; it was

more like a partnership. Adam had been through several Traders and was used to

them. Eve, however, was almost brand new. Her only experience was with the

previous Traders - a middle aged couple. The woman was about fifty and was very

kind to the tiny ones. Adam knew that this was unusual. Though he was relieved

for Eve's sake, he knew that it was no preparation for future, less kindly

Traders. He hoped she could learn fast.

Eve seemed about to speak to Adam, but kept silent as footsteps approached. A

tall shadow fell across the doorway and the woman who controlled their immediate

destiny entered. Lureen was back.

She closed and locked the door, then quickly peeled off her loose-fitting

clothes. A stark naked Lureen now confronted Adam and Eve. Not a bad body, Adam

thought. He'd seen worse. Two fullish breasts, a protruding stomach, and a roll

of fat that extended from her hips to her abdomen. Her thighs were punctuated by

an extremely hairy crotch. Heavy but shapely legs tapered down to thick ankles,

then two no-nonsense feet.

"All right, you two," Lureen said suddenly. "Off with your clothes, too. The

dress code is VERY informal around here." As the tiny ones did as she said,

Lureen made herself comfortable in a padded chair, and drew herself up to the

computer. She leaned forward and clicked her mouse a few times, and the computer

hummed louder.

"Okay, this is it, you guys. This is where everything starts."


Alyssa sounded unconvinced. "No fucking way. No fucking WAY. You're telling me

your mom has a tiny man and woman in her house? In her bedroom?"

Honey cradled the phone to her ear and smiled. "Wait till you see them. Then

you'll believe me. You can pick them up, do almost anything you want. It's

really fun. The thing is, you can't get too carried away."

"What do you mean."

"Well they're very delicate and you can't go crazy with power. Mom would have a

fit. So please don't sit on them or hold them too tight, shit like that."

Alyssa thought for a moment. "Hmmm. Wonder what I would do with two tiny people.

Imagine if Steve was that small."

Honey giggled. "Yeah. Steve. I can just see his little head coming out of your

fist. Oooh, the possibilities."

"Oh, I know! His new girlfriend too. She's in my other fist. Now what should I

do with the little fuckers? Hmmm?"

Honey was laughing loudly now. "Easy now, girl. Anyway, come early on Saturday

so we can start sooner. And remember..."


"Be nice."


Lureen was just getting warmed up. She had opened her browser and found the site

quickly. Adam couldn't make out the address - it was too high up - but he did

see the words "Traders XXX" on the screen. He'd seen them before.

The left side of the screen displayed a series of numbers from 1 to 277. Each

number, when clicked on, brought up a new page of entries. Each entry was from a

different person or couple; a short text message with assumed names and an

e-mail address, then to the right, a thumbnail picture. Next to the thumbnail

were numbers from one to three, representing up to three pictures total.

Lureen scrolled up and down the screen, looking for pictures that caught her

eye. If she liked the thumbnail, she would enlarge it, making lascivious

comments to her tiny guests. Then she might enlarge the others as well.

Eve watched, fascinated. Every picture contained a giant man or woman - a Trader

- performing some sexual act with people the size of Adam and Eve. There was

everything imaginable: a tiny couple lashed to an enormous, blood-red cock, with

a close up of huge female lips stretched over them. Or a tiny Adam or Eve (or

both) protruding from a cum-soaked pussy. Or a giantess spreading her massive

ass cheeks as her husband slipped a tiny one into her rectum.

The captions next to the pictures made interesting reading. Lureen read them


"First time Traders looking for energetic Adam and Eve to satisfy sex-crazed

wife. She's 42 but still hornier than ever. E-mail us, Julie and Todd."

"My new girlfriend is a bit shy, but bi-curious and looking for one or two Eves.

Check her out - gorgeous isn't she? She can't wait. Offer us a trade today."

"We like water sports. See our pics here and on page 144 showing Jennifer and

little friends having fun in the shower. Love the responses - keep them cumming!"

The pictures were mainly of women, since in most cases the men served as

photographers. They ranged in age from early twenties to sixties. Some of the

women were quite beautiful. Adam thought he recognized one or two.

Adam kept focused. The most important thing was to react positively. The tiny

man kept nodding his head and smiling widely as Eve did the same. Never, never,

never show revulsion. It was the safest way - Traders were unpredictable and

could get mean fast. So agree with everything they say. Adam hoped Eve could

read his thoughts.

As Lureen scrolled and clicked, she talked less and her left hand dropped

casually between her thighs. She began rubbing herself, not exactly

masturbating, but very close. Adam and Eve averted their eyes.

When Lureen was done surfing and rubbing, she leaned back in her chair, sighed,

and looked at the tired couple. "Well, kids, that's all for now. Tonight we

looked. Next time, we do."

Part 3

Saturday had arrived and it was almost time for Lureen's night out. But dinner

came first, and spaghetti was the featured dish.

Adam and Eve had the smallest amount. Just a few strands on a large plate on

which they both sat cross-legged. It was more than enough.

Lureen had given herself only a modest portion. She knew that there would be

appetizers and other snacks at her outing, so she didn't even finish hers, but

sat back to light a cigarette and watch her teenaged daughter eat.

Honey was a big girl with a big appetite. She had piled a huge mound of the

steaming pasta onto her plate and had by now consumed about half. Adam kept

stealing glances at her. Why, he thought, did the girl eat so much? It couldn't

be healthy, but there she went again, stabbing her fork into the center of the

mass, twirling it into a ball and pushing it into her mouth. Something must be

missing from her life. Adam could only wonder what it could be.

Lureen exhaled some blue smoke. "Hell, I'd better get ready. I'm meeting the

girls at 7:30. Are you going to be all right here?"

"Sure, Mom," her daughter replied, still chewing. "Alyssa should be here soon."

"Ugh. There's something about that girl I don't like. Always seems like she's up

to something. You keep an eye on her and these two tonight. Understand."

"Don't worry. I'll be nice and gentle, like always. You just have a good time,

Mom. Say hello to your friends for me."

Lureen smiled. Honey was the best thing in her life, apart from trading. At

least one good thing came from her marriage to that no-good jerk of a husband.

She got up and went upstairs to get ready.


It was a bustling night at the bar/restaurant Lureen's friends always used. Off

in a back corner was the usual table. Lureen arrived to find her friends settled

in already. There were five seated around the table and all had drinks in front

of them, mainly tall glasses of beer. The food had arrived as well.

"Lureen!" "Hey, Lureen, sit over here, next to me." "Say, how's your little


Lureen joined the noisy pack and was soon halfway down her own beer. She was

starting to feel good and the conversation taking off when she noticed her good

friend Martina motioning to her.

Martina was a not-very-tall Italian-Spanish woman, attractive with long dark

hair and an olive complexion. Lureen smiled at her friend as she wondered what

she what was up. The two women had one thing in common: unlike the rest of the

group, they were both Traders.

Lureen got up to excuse herself. "I need to use the ladies' - anyone else want

to come?"

In a flash, Martina was up and pulling on Lureen's arm. No one else had to go.

As the two women walked to the ladies' restroom, Lureen could tell that her

friend had something on her mind. As soon as they entered the tiled sanctuary

and Martina had checked to see that no one else was there, she fixed Lureen with

an excited look.

"Lureen. I have something to tell you. Maybe I shouldn't have done this but..."

She then pulled open her blouse to reveal a lacy white bra. From the top of cup

each peeped a tiny head. It was a man and a woman, trapped against Martina's

warm flesh.

Lureen gasped. "You brought yours here? You're crazy, woman - why would you do


Martina looked down at her passengers and giggled. "I want to show them off.

We've been telling the others about our 'hobby' for quite a while now. I'd

thought they'd like to see. Maybe even join us at some point."

"Martina, you are just fucking nuts. What if someone sees them? Like the

waitress for example"

"Oh, I'll be careful. It's very dark in there anyway, and ...they're so small.

Come on, this will be fun!"

Lureen thought for a moment. "All right. I gotta pee first, though. Wait for


The women were soon back at the table. Lureen cleared her throat.

"Guys, Martina has something to show you. But we have to keep this quiet. Be

casual, and don't act like anything unusual is happening here. Agreed?" Four

heads nodded. "Martina, it's all yours."

The dark woman loosened her blouse as before and took out her Adam and Eve,

placing them gently on the table before her. A thick silence fell upon the

ladies. No one knew what to say.

Except for Jenny. The rangy, big-boned woman on Martina's left side let out a

long "Wow" before impulsively reaching for Adam.

Martina was alarmed. "Wait, you're not supposed to..."

But it was too late. Instead of the gentle, preferred method of handling the

tiny people, the untutored Jenny simply enclosed Adam between her huge fingers

and thumb and hoisted him to her titanic face. Another giant female used the

same technique on Eve. In just a few moments there was a flurry of trading and

passing around of the tiny people. Faces became flushed with excitement.

Hormones went wild. The intrigued females just had to hold them, look at them,

feel them. Except for a slightly worried Lureen, who kept scanning the room, the

women were having a wonderful time.

The perspective was different for the tiny beings on the tabletop. They had been

sealed against the breasts of their Trader for almost an hour, only to emerge at

the center of a raucous party. The bewildered couple only had a few seconds to

adjust to the new environment before rough, giant hands descended on them. Then

peered at by glistening eyes. Prodded, felt and sniffed. Close ups of monstrous

noses, ears, cheeks. Smeared lipstick. Moles. Chin hairs. Heads thrown back in

harsh, loud laughter to reveal endless rows of teeth and cavelike nostrils.

Gusts of beer breath and spittle. Plates of congealed food and a spill-stained

tablecloth. Ashtrays, smoke, perfume mixed with body odor.

Martina sensed they'd had enough. "OK, I need them back now - hand them over."

The women reluctantly did so, although Jenny stole a quick moment to French kiss

Adam goodbye. The ladies cheered lustily until Martina finally plucked him away.

Instead of the bra, Martina pulled on her elastic waistband, then dug deeper to

open her panties. Glancing around quickly, she tipped her tiny charges into the

dark recesses of her crotch. The women gave her a few ribald comments and,

suddenly, things were back to normal. The waitress came back and they ordered

another round.

Lureen bemusedly shook her head. "It's a damn good thing I didn't bring MINE. Oh

yeah, I'd say they're much safer at home."


At that moment, Alyssa lay on Honey's bed, dangling Lureen's Adam and Eve over

her immense, predatory jaws. She lowered Eve's legs into the maw and bit them

gently, making the tiny woman cry out. "Quiet little one," whispered the

giantess, "or I really will chew you to pieces. Want to end up in my stomach?

Mmmm, let's have a taste..."

Part 4

It had all started peacefully enough.  Lureen had gone to her ladies night out

and Honey was home alone with Adam and Eve.  She sat in the living room, a tiny

person on each of her heavy thighs, stroking them with her massive thumb and

forefinger and talking to them as she did so.

"Mmmm.  I just love to play with Mom's pets.   And you like to play with me too,

don't you?  A big, soft girl who just looooves you."  The face beamed down on

them.   "Would you like a kiss?"

Adam nodded and glanced at Eve.  She nodded and smiled at the enormous

teenager.  Adam was glad Eve had learned so quickly.  The children of Traders,

he knew, were even more unpredictable than their parents.   There was no

question; they had to be nice to Honey. 

Huge, meaty hands enclosed the couple and Adam soon got a close up of Honey's

face.  Wide forehead, short blond hair, blue eyes.   But most of his attention

was focus on her lips.   Wrinkled and puffy, they began to envelop Eve first.  

Most of Eve's face disappeared into Honey's mouth; he could also hear the

telltale slurping that meant the giant tongue was involved.   Passioned gusts

shot down through flared nostrils.  Honey was really was getting into it.

Finally, Eve emerged, gasping for breath, damp hair straggling her face.  But

she still retained the forced smile.    Now it was Adam's turn.  The giant hand

brought him closer to the slightly open mouth.  He noticed, just off to the

side, a smear of spaghetti sauce.  Then he closed his eyes as he was propelled

forward.  Honey's wet lips puckered.  

Everything stopped when the doorbell rang. 

"Aw.  I guess we'll have to stop now.  But I'll ask Mom if you can sleep with me

some night, how about that?  A whole night together!  Won't that be fun?"

The tiny ones trapped in the bloated fists nodded agreement, and Honey put the

couple down on the couch.  "Be right back." she said and heaved her mammoth

frame towards the door. 

A moment later, Honey was back with a new giant teen, Alyssa.  Alyssa's bulk

filled the tiny couple's view and they had their first look. 

She was big and solid, but not fat.  She wore her dark brown hair in a pageboy

style and her face resembled that of Rikki Lake.  She wasn't what you'd call

pretty, but well put together.  Her eyes and expression, though, gave Adam and

Eve pause.  She seems unimpressed with her first view of the tiny people and

looked at them dully.   Adam could not see much life in them. 

"Sit here, Alyssa, and I'll show you what to do."  The giantesses lowered their

great buttocks onto the couch on either side, making Adam and Eve rock one way,

then the other.   "If you want to pick them up, put one hand here."  Honey put

her open hand behind Adam's back.  "Then you push back, like this."  She then

put a few fingers gently across Adam's chest and pressed him back, into the

other hand.  "Then you lay him down, and lift up."

Adam was now laying face up on Honey's outstretched palm.  Alyssa leaned over to

see, and Adam was now in close proximity to the two huge faces.  Honey smiled

and looked at Alyssa.  "Now you try."

Alyssa put her hand behind Eve's back, then used the other hand as Honey had

advised, giving Eve a startling close up of black fingernails.  But instead of a

gentle push, Alyssa thrust Eve back roughly against her palm.  Eve gasped; the

blow had knocked the wind out of her. 

Honey flashed a fleeting look of concern, then relaxed as Eve began to breathe

normally.  "Um, that was okay," she told Alyssa.  "But you have to be gentle,

much more gentle."

"Yeah, okay."  Alyssa's flat expression did not change, and her voice was

equally flat. 

Honey got to her feet.  "Here, take Adam, and bring them both up to my bedroom. 

I have to go potty, so I'll meet you there in a while.  You can practice while

I'm gone."

The fat giantess went off to begin her bowel movement while Alyssa stared down

at the humanity in her palm.  "Practice,' she repeated.  Then her mouth made a

tiny smile.  "Upstairs.  Let's go." 

Upstairs, Honey's friend made herself comfortable.  She lay on the unmade bed

and stared at Adam and Eve on her chest.  Finally she spoke.

"Nice to see you again, Steve."

Adam was puzzled.  "Sorry miss, but my name is Adam," he replied.

Alyssa grabbed him forcefully and trapped him in her fist.   "Don't lie to me,

Steve!  I think I know your name.  Real classy of you, dumping me on my

birthday.  Proud of yourself?"

Adam shook his head in disbelief, but the fist squeezed harder.  "I bet you

missed me, though.  And my sexy kisses."  Adam now found himself guided toward

the unattractive mouth of the giantess, opening now to reveal a slick, knobby

tongue.  "Let's kiss now, sweetie."

Adam had no way of knowing what Alyssa had eaten last, but one thing was for

sure: it wasn't a breath mint.  He tried not to grimace as the warm, pungent

breath gushed over him and the huge lips came closer.  Then Alyssa changed her


"No.  You don't deserve it.  Because you left me - for her!"

Now Alyssa's angry eyes bore in on Eve.  With her free hand she closed in on the

tiny woman and brought her towards the unspeakable mouth.  "Yeah," said Alyssa. 

"Just a lousy cheerleader.  That's all." 

Then Alyssa released her grip and set the two back on her chest.  "I'll tell you

what.  I won't punish you for what you did - but only if you can pass my test." 

With that she whipped Adam off his legs and held him upside down, over Eve. 

"Now, cheerleader, grab Steve's hands and hold on."  Eve took her partner's

hands and then felt herself lifted into midair.  Alyssa suspended them both over

her mouth; Eve's legs dangling right over it.  "Better hold tight, Steve.  If

you let go, your little friend here becomes my dinner.  And my mouth is watering

for a little cheerleader.  I like to eat them raw, you know."

Adam could detect no hint of humor in her voice - she really meant it.  He held

on at tightly as possible as his arms seemed to stretch from Eve's weight.  But

Alyssa soon grew bored just dangling them, and decided to help things along. 

She lowered the tiny woman into her mouth...and bit.

Honey had finished her session with the toilet bowl and was about to rejoin her

friend.  But at the bottom of the stairs, she paused.  She thought she could

hear Alyssa talking upstairs.  But the words sounded strange.  Something about

'chewing', or 'stomach'.  Getting nervous, she pounded up the steps two at a

time and made a beeline for her room.  She quickly entered to find this odd

sight: Alyssa with a mouthful of people.  Only their heads could be seen

protruding from her lips.  They both looked frightened. 

July 14

Dear Diary,

I guess it was mistake to leave Alyssa alone with Adam and Eve.  She's a good

friend, but she just didn't know how to treat the little ones.  When I caught

her almost eating them up (I can imagine explaining that to Mom), I really blew

my top and told her to knock it off.  She did, and apologized right away.  Poor

Eve was so shaken up that I had to comfort her for a while, and then I put some

makeup on her bruised leg. 

Adam seemed okay, so I left him with Alyssa.  I watched her real close, and it

was nice to see her showering him with lots of little wet kisses. 

I'm not so mad at her now.  I said we might try again some time.  Mom was out

real late, so I decided Adam and Eve would stay with me after Alyssa went home. 

I taped them to each of my breasts (balloons, Mom calls them!) so I wouldn't

squish them.  Then we all had a nice long sleep.  You know, if Mom let me, I'd

take them everywhere with me, even in the shower.  I just love these little

guys. :)




Part 5

Lureen was taking a breather.  She sat by her bedroom computer, one hand on her

stomach that was covered in a terrycloth robe.  It was Monday morning, Honey was

at school, and for the past hour Lureen had been preparing for her photo shoot;

cleaning and arranging her room, getting equipment ready, loading film.  It

seemed to Adam and Eve that a full day was in store.

Adam for one was impressed.   Most Traders he'd known were content to fish out

an old camera from a drawer and start clicking away.  Not Lureen.  For her, this

was a big operation.

For now, the computer was turned off.  Adam and Eve stood next to it, waiting. 

Lureen finished her cigarette and ground it into an ashtray.  She glanced at the

clock, then at the tiny couple. 

"Well, once my friend gets here, we can start.  Getting psyched?"

Adam and Eve both gestured affirmatively, and then Adam, sensing the time was

right, braced himself and asked his question.  "Lureen, how long have you been a


The giantess stared at Adam.  None of the others had dared ask such a question. 

Lureen considered whether to answer while Adam's pulse pounded.  Finally, she

gave him a slanted smile.  What the hell, she thought.

"About a year and a half.  Surprised?  Oh yeah, I'm an old hand at this, little


Adam, relieved, tried to act calm as he searched for a reply.  "That's a long

time.  What do you get out of it?"  Again the pause and once more the blood

thundered in Adam's ears as he waited.

But Lureen was pleased that someone was interested.  She began to warm to the


"Well I get to play with you guys.  It gets me juiced, for sure.  We single

girls need it, too.  But it's not just fun with me.  It's a business."

Adam nodded silently, and kept his interested look.  Lureen continued. 

"Remember that web site I showed you?  Well it's a site for trading.  Pics,

mostly.   But I found out early that people are willing to pay for quality

photos.  That's how I make my money.  There's just one thing."  Lureen stopped

to take another drag and slowly let out the smoke.  "It's not allowed by the

Traders organization.  If they ever found out...I've heard that the fines are

pretty stiff when you damage or lose one.  So I'm not sure what they would do. 


The giantess was interrupted by the distant creak of the front door opening and

a loud, female voice calling up from the landing.  "Lureen?  You up there?"

Lureen's wide face broke into a grin and she let out a whoop of joy.  "Jenny's

here," she said to the couple, and then yelled out, "Hell yes.  Get your ass up

here, woman!"

A few seconds later Jenny entered the room.  She was the same big-boned, tall

girl from Saturday night.  Her long, light brown hair hung down below her strong

shoulders, and her large hazel eyes sparkled from a pretty face.  Jenny carried

the healthy, outdoorsy look gained from lots of fresh air, good food and



The new giantess looked down at Adam and Eve and smiled warmly.  "Hi there,

guys.  I hear we're gonna have fun today."

"Damn right, Jenny.  Let's get to it.  First thing is, off with the clothes."

Jenny looked only slightly embarrassed as Lureen stood and shed her bathrobe. 

Jenny slowly took off her top and shorts, blushing as she did so, but left her

panties on.  "Ready,' she said.

Lureen shook her head.  "Uh-uh.  Everything.  Don't be shy now - THEY certainly

aren't," she said, indicating Adam and Eve.  And it was true; the couple had few

inhibitions and were completely naked by now.

Jenny hooked her thumbs under her waistband and slowly lowered the sheer

material past massive hips and over mountainous buttocks.  Adam had a slight

reaction to this sight and hoped his erection was not too noticeable.  But Eve

noticed it all right.

Jenny was now naked and smiling.  Her body, everyone could see, was fabulous. 

Smallish but well-formed tits, a statuesque physique, beautifully curved stomach

and toned, shapely legs.   This was Lureen's first glance at Jenny's 'whole

package' and felt a twinge of jealousy, but told herself that it was worth it. 

These pics were going to get top dollar.

Lureen encouraged her friend and the tiny ones to relax on the bed and try a few

poses.  Jenny, tentative at first, reached for Adam and rubbed him against her

soft cheek.  Then she couldn't resist and plunged him into her mouth.  Like the

other Adam from the girls' night out, the tiny man was getting a French kiss he

wouldn't forget. 

Lureen stood above them and snapped pictures, angling constantly for a better

view.  She would call out little suggestions as she did:  "I can't see his face;

turn him this way.  Now more tongue, oh yeah, and lips.  Hold him by the legs

and make him a lollipop - yes, that's it."

Eve was standing clear of the giant's body, wondering what her contribution

might be, when Lureen took her up in her huge hand and deposited her on Jenny's

breast.  "Get busy, little one.  Jenny here wants some stimulation."

Jenny removed the soaking wet Adam from her mouth.  "Mmmm." she said dreamily. 

"Yes, I really do.  Suck me, Eve.  Suck my tits."  

Now Adam felt himself dropped on the other breast and lost no time doing his

part.  Jenny now picked up Eve and began to explore her minute body with her

tongue, especially the tiny breasts.  "Ahhh.  Time to return the favor," Jenny

breathed.  Lureen circled the bed, shooting all the time, getting as close as

she could.  


After a break, Lureen attached her camera to a tripod and took hold of a rubber

air bulb.   A tube connected the bulb to her camera shutter, allowing Lureen to

appear in her own pictures.  She had Jenny lie on her back, then nestled Adam

and Eve into the soft light brown hair of her pubis.  Then Lureen spread Jenny's

legs and pushed her face close to her crotch.  "Ready, Jenny?' she asked.

"Sure, I guess so."  Lureen leaned in and touched her tongue to Jenny's clit. 

Fingers spread the moist opening wider and Lureen slurped noisily, squeezing her

air bulb as she did. 

Adam and Eve, from their nest, had a frightening close up of Lureen's face.  She

was an attractive woman, but the sight of her gaping mouth, glistening tongue

and lips at this close range was unusual.  And as Lureen sucked and licked

Jenny's delicate areas, her nose occasionally squashed itself against Jenny's

mound, right between and sometimes touching the couple.   The pictures developed

later would show an enormous nose, nostrils stretched and distended, pinning

Adam to Jenny's flesh. 

Lureen soon put Adam and Eve right inside the freshly licked vagina, and snapped

several poses - half inside, hanging from a fringe of pubic hair over a giant

anus, seemingly ready to swallow the tiny one who might let go.  Lureen then

made the anus the center of her photographs, with Adam and Eve kissing the folds

of skin dutifully

Adam knew what would come next.

Lureen grabbed Adam and quickly lubed his body.  But then she did the

unexpected.  She grabbed Eve, too.  This was a first, he thought.  Two at once. 

The giantess held the tiny ones face to face, then slid their feet, all four of

them, into Jenny.   A rush of foul-smelling air came from the hole as Adam and

Eve were pushed deeper.  But they did not flinch.  Both knew they had to keep


Lureen clicked repeatedly she pushed, ending up with two tiny heads surrounded

by the puckered hole with its hairy fringe.  A wayward hair tickled Adam's face

- and he had no hands free with which to scratch.  Lureen grinned at the sight;

she could hardly wait to show her work to Jenny. 

For Jenny's part, in spite of the pressure of two tiny people rammed into her

most private area, rather enjoyed it.  She moaned and sighed and shifted her

hips wantonly as Lureen did her thing.   Lureen was just about to reach for her

bag of dildoes when Jenny spoke up.

"Um, Lureen?  Can we break again soon?  I could use a hamburger or something -

I'm really starved."

Lureen leaned back and sighed.   "Okay.  Lunch time, everyone."

In the kitchen, the two giantesses devoured sandwiches, pickles, pasta salad and

glasses of milk.  They laughed and talked as they ate, comparing notes, buzzing

over their new partnership.   It had been a fantastic morning.  Jenny was aglow,

refreshed, up for more. 

But it was not to be.  Lureen lowered her eyes to the tiny couple on their

plate.  Neither had touched a thing.  And they were asleep.

Jenny spoke in a lowered voice.  "Lureen, you gotta tell me.  How do I get some

of these?"

Lureen gave her a knowing smile.  "Oooh, naughty girl.  I knew you'd ask.  Well,

a few more sessions like today's and I just might tell you."              

Part 6

Jenny lay on her back, laughing at the sight in her viewfinder.   She was in

Lureen's back yard, on a blanket, snapping close ups of Lureen's hairy crotch,

legs, buns and vagina.  Two tiny male legs dangled from the vagina, and further

up were the outlines of Lureen's nipples and chin. 

"Gawd, this is fun," said Jenny as she clicked.  "Hee-heeee!  You're gonna love


Lureen smiled down at her friend.  "I bet I will.  Tell you what, let's try the

woman next."

A few weeks had passed since Adam and Eve's arrival, and now it was almost time

to send them off.  This morning would be the last photo shoot.  In those few

weeks Lureen had invited Jenny over several times for fun and photography, and

one time their other friend Martina had come to meet the tiny ones.  This time,

Martina left her own Adam and Eve at home. 

Honey, too, had more than her share of time with them.  She had progressed from

three-way sleepovers to showers to baths, and took them everywhere with her in

the house.  The affection she showed the tiny charges often overlapped into

gentle sex.  She felt a bond with the little ones and would miss them sorely. 

Until the next ones came, that is.

The two giant friends wrapped up the final photo shoot and Jenny went home. 

Recently, Lureen had helped Jenny with her own application to Traders XXX, in

hopes that Jenny would get some tiny subjects of her own.  With Lureen's

sponsorship, that would be no trouble at all.

By mid-afternoon, Honey had returned from school and was having her snack in the

kitchen.  Lureen hung up the phone and sat next to her.  Adam and Eve waited on

the tabletop.

"Well, that's that," Lureen began.  "I just called the parcel delivery; they'll

be here in a half hour.  I just hope they don't send that nosy blond woman


"You know what, Mom?  I'll be sad when they're gone.  Can't we keep both them a

little longer?  Or maybe just one?"

Lureen shook her head.  "You know the rules, Honey.  Thirty days only.  I can't

afford the late fees."

"Yeah, I guess so."  Impulsively, Honey grabbed the two little people and held

them to her lips.  She kissed them gently, repeatedly.  "Mmmm," she hummed.  "I

love you guys."

Adam and Eve braced themselves against the sticky, wet kisses.  A powerful scent

of mashed up Cheese-its and milk wafted from the giant teen's mouth, and the

light fuzz on her upper lip tickled their small bodies.  Both could clearly hear

the sounds of food digesting in Honey's ample stomach.       

Lureen watched her daughter play for a moment, then grew serious.  "All right,

Honey.  It's time.  Do you want to strap them in?"

"Okay, Mom."  Honey reached for the nearby parcel with its special inner straps

and proceeded to put Eve inside.  "First you," said Honey.  "Lay right down and

don't move."  Fat, clumsy fingers attempted to maneuver the thin straps; Eve

yelped when a huge fingernail scratched her arm.

"Mom, I can't get it.  Maybe you should take over."  Lureen rubbed Eve's arm

lightly with a forefinger, then expertly tightened the straps.  Then it was

Adam's turn.  With both secure, Lureen lifted the open box to her face.  The two

looked up at her as they did that first day, wondering what was in store. 

Lureen gazed at them with affection.

"I don't normally do this, but..."  The giant head moved in and nuzzled the

little bodies with her nose and lips.  The tongue came out next and gave them a

bath of tar-and-nicotine saliva.  Although the great tongue was healthy and

pink, it smelt like a dirty ashtray. 

Lureen's face retreated and grinned down at them.  Honey's face came into view

as well.  "Goodbye, Adam. Goodbye Eve.  Good luck..."  And the package was


When the doorbell rang, Honey was upstairs, starting her homework.  Lureen was

nervously smoking another cigarette, and hearing the bell, put it down.   This

would only take a minute.

There was no blond delivery woman at the door.  The woman standing beyond the

glass was brunette, well-dressed and professional looking.  A man stood next to

her, equally impressive in a dark suit.  Lureen opened the door wide and looked

at them quizzically.   The brunette spoke first.

"I assume you are Lureen?  We are from the Traders organization.  My name is

Miss X, and this is Mr. Y.  I cannot divulge our real names to you, but we have

a serious matter to discuss.  May we come in?"

Shock and puzzlement crossed Lureen's features, but she stepped back to let them

enter.  Miss X had a large open handbag over her shoulder. 

Lureen guided them to her living room and they sat down.  "First," began Miss

X,  "We want to make a trade with you.   We know you're sending off your latest

couple today.  We will take them with us instead.  In return, we offer you

this," and here she reached into her handbag and brought forth a small parcel. 

Pulling the tab, she opened it to reveal only one person inside.  A tiny man.

Lureen's eyebrows shot up.  "Lou?  Is that you, Lou?"   Her tone was


"Yes," said Mr.Y, who had not spoken till now.  "That is your husband, Lureen. 

We thought it was time you were together again." 

Lureen couldn't believe her ears.  "But I don't want him back!  I sold him to

you, remember?"  Lureen leaned forward and spoke to her husband still strapped

in the parcel.  "You louse.  I thought I was rid of you.  Did you know it was

me?  Yes, I was responsible for your new life, and the money came in very

handy.  I still have most of it, you know."

Miss X spoke again.  "Yes, Lureen, we made a bargain.  But we feel your daughter

has a right to see her father again.  She is here now, correct?" 

"Yes, but..."

"And there is another matter.  We have discovered that you have been selling

your pictures, which, as you know is against Traders rules.  This is a serious

offense, and you pay the penalty."

Lureen was blasé.  "Yeah, yeah.  Let me get my checkbook.  What's the fine? 

Whatever it is, I'll pay it and then you can get the hell out and leave me in


Mr. Y answered.  "No fine, Lureen.  Your penalty is much greater."  The man

stood, pulled a small device resembling a cell phone out from a pocket, and

pointed it at Lureen.  Lureen screamed as invisible rays pummeled her body; in

seconds she was on the floor. 

Her new size was a revelation.  She stared up at the now-giant Mr. Y and Miss X

and wondered what to do.  She thought about running for it when a loud pounding

sound came down the stairs.  It was Honey.

"Mom, are you here?  I didn't know we had company.  Hi, I'm Honey - my mom

should be around somewhere."

Miss X's voice was kind.  "Yes, Honey, we know all about you.  Your mom is fine,

in fact, there she is, down there." 

The fat giantess lumbered over for a better look.  "Mom, you're so little!  I

can't believe it!"   Honey squatted down and Lureen had a close of view of

chunky bare feet, toenails painted  dark blue.

"And that's not all, Honey," said Mr. Y.  "Your dad's here too.  Want to get him


Honey gasped at the sight of her tiny father.  "Daddy," she said wonderingly. 

Then she loosened his bonds and held him close to her eyes.  Another sweeping

hand brought up tiny Lureen, and the giant teen held both her parents, her

massive, glistening eyes moving from one to the other.

Honey held them both lovingly.  She didn't know what to say.  Finally she sat

down and beamed at her parents.  A tear ran down her cheek. 

"I'm so happy."

Dear Diary,

I've been in charge of my parents for about a week now.  In a few days, the

Traders people are coming back to get them.  Mom will be trained personally by

Miss X before being sent out to some Traders.  Miss X says Mom has an exciting

new life ahead of her.  But she also said I'd get to see her and Daddy every so


After his vacation, Daddy will be sent back to work, too.  There are always lots

of Traders who need him and others like him, Miss X tells me.

Who will take care of me when they're gone?   Miss X and Mr. Y arranged to have

Jenny and Martina look in on me, and I have Mom's savings to live on.  So I have

nothing to worry about - cool.

Yesterday was a bad day.  I had just come in with Alyssa and was shocked to find

Mom and Dad trying to escape.  That made me mad and hurt.  I'm their daughter! 

So I gave Daddy to Alyssa and said, "Here, you can punish Daddy.  But don't tell

me what you did."  Then I took Mom and went up to my room.  I set my foam pillow

on the edge of the bed and put her in the middle.  "Sorry, Mom.  Gotta teach you

a lesson."  I slipped off my jeans and panties and started to sit.  Mom's

screams were cut off as my ass pressed her deep into the foam.  I wondered how

my rear end felt as it came down.  I'm a big girl so it must have made an


I sat there for about 40 seconds and thought I should get up.  Mom looked a

little squished, but she was breathing and that's all I cared about.  Bet she

won't try to run away again.  

Today was better. I didn't have school today so we just hung out at home, just

the three of us.  Miss X told me I should start calling Mom "Eve" so she'll be

used to it.  It's fun to watch her flinch when I do.  "Eeeeeve," I sing in a

little kid's voice.  "Let's play."  Then I start laughing. 

Daddy was a little quiet after his punishment.  He has what look like teeth

marks on his chest and back, but I'm sure those will go away.  I think my little

kisses help, and I've been grabbing him for more all day.  He seems scared of

me, but I know him.  He likes the attention.

Oh, and guess what?  Jenny called just after lunch with great news: she gets her

first little ones next month.  And she wants me to be there when they come!  Of

course I said yes.  Wow, is my life getting good, or what? 

Well, time to feed the parents their dinner.  Then TV and an early bed.  We'll

all sleep in my bed as usual.  I just love my little ones - and I'm going to

love them all night, too. :)



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