Giantess Stories: Training week part I by willie   I never knew I was a shrinker

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Training week

part I

by willie

I never knew I was a shrinker. I hardly ever even heard of them. Something in

their chemical makeup allowed them to change their size at will. There weren't

very many of them. In fact, every known shrinker in the world worked for the

government. They had no choice. Most were taken at a very young age after they

showed their first signs. The parents always tried to hide their kid's

abilities, but the government always seemed to find them. No one ever found me.

That is until last week.

I had no parents. I has abandoned at birth, left on the doorstep of the local

Catholic Church. I lived in three different orphanages until I was released on

my own at age 18. I'm twenty now. I live in a two room apartment, three if you

include the bathroom. I barely make enough money as a construction worker to eat

and pay the rent. I never even thought about shrinking until I saw my new

neighbor across the hall.

I was getting my mail one day when the most beautiful blonde I ever saw came up

next to me to get her mail. She was dressed in a baggy sweater that covered half

her tight blue jean clad rear end. My imagination was getting the best of me. I

noticed from her mailbox address that she lived across the hall from me. I tried

to make some idle conversation, but living in orphanages your whole life does

not bring up one's self confidence. I babbled and sounded like an idiot. She

rolled her eyes and went upstairs to her room. Ten minutes later, I gathered

enough courage to slink up to my own room.

I spent the next week, when I was home, glued to the eyehole in my door. Every

time I heard a noise in the hallway I jumped for the little eyehole. Most times

I was disappointed, but every now and then I caught a glimpse of my dream woman

going into her room and shutting the door. God I wished I could get behind that


Last Saturday morning I heard a noise just after I got out of bed. I ran for the

door and looked through the peephole. My heart immediately began to race. My

head grew light headed. My knees could barely hold me up. The love of my life

was standing in her doorway in nothing but a bra and panties. I didn't think she

knew I was watching, but she did. She was taunting me. She knew I had the hots

for her and she was teasing me. I didn't know what to think. I was getting the

show of my life.

Maybe it was the convex view the door peeper holes give you, but her breasts

looked enormous. Her waist was thin. Her hips and thighs were perfectly

proportioned. I thought I was in love. I gawked for maybe ten seconds before she

turned and walked back into her room. One look at her ass and I knew I was in

love. It was the most perfect full figured ass I've ever seen. It wasn't fat, it

was just perfect. That was the first time in my life I thought about shrinking.

I thought if I could shrink to about an inch tall, I could sneak into her

apartment and see all of her I wanted. I just barely saw her door close when I

saw my door rise above me. I grew light headed, but remained conscious and

aware. I was aware that I had shrunk to one inch tall.

For minutes I sat by my front door contemplating my current situation. I thought

about shrinking and sure enough I shrank. I took a deep breath and concentrated

on being 5 foot 8 again, but nothing happened. What did happen was I became cold

real fast. I knew that small creatures could not retain body heat as well as

larger creatures and had to eat four or five times their body weight daily to

survive. I ran toward my kitchen table to look for tasty morsels on the floor to

eat. Fortunately my vacuuming habits stunk and I found plenty to eat. I was

heading back toward the door when the doorbell rang.

My first thought was, "Who could that be. I haven't had a visitor since I lived

here." Remembering that I had unlocked the door, I hid behind the leg of the

little table I had next to the door. I stared at the giant doorknob a hundred

feet up hoping it would not turn, but it did begin to turn slowly. I watched in

terror as the door opened and a sock clad foot began to enter my room. It was a

women's foot, followed by a women's bare leg, followed by the goddess who lived

across the hall. She was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of short cutoff jeans. I

looked up and could see half her gorgeous ass sticking out.

"Roger", she called into the room. "Can I borrow a cup of sugar?"

I could not believe she knew my name. I knew her name was Kerry. I said it at

least twenty times a day, but for her to know my name was unbelievable.

Instantly I felt self confident and brave. I was going to jump out and get her

attention. As she walked through my living room and into my bedroom looking for

me, I decided to come out from behind my hiding place and confront her. As I

did, I noticed through the open door that her door across the hall was open.

That's when she came back out of my bedroom. I thought, "What am I nuts. I don't

want to get caught. I want to be a fly on the wall in her apartment. This was a

wish come true." I made a run out of my apartment door towards her apartment


At one inch tall, it took me about ten seconds at a full sprint over the cheaply

tiled floor to enter her apartment and find the first available hiding place. I

reached her doorway just as she reached my doorway. She was back in her room

just as I dove into the only thing I could find, that quickly, to hide into. It

was a sneaker.

I barely had time to turn when the sneaker lifted and I slid into the toe

section. I looked up to see her middle finger in the opening of the shoe. What

beautiful nails she had, to match the rest of her. She had her forefinger in the

opening of the other shoe carrying both in one hand. My excitement turned to

fear as I was carried into her kitchen. She sat on a chair and put both shoes on

the floor in front of her. I peered up to see her left foot enter the shoe next

to the one I was in. Then I saw her other foot descending over me. There was no

way I was spending the day in her sneaker under her socks, so I made a dive out

of the sneaker. Her foot entered the sneaker and I landed in the hand that was

putting the sneaker on. She immediately closed her hand around me and I knew my

wish come true had ended. I was captured.

I had read stories in the past that involved giantesses and tiny men. I knew

there were gentle giantesses and I knew there were not so gentle giantesses. I

hoped that Kerry was the former. I soon found out that I was in the hands of

neither. I was caught by a giantesses with a mission, a giantess that would stop

at nothing to complete that mission.

I was released by Kerry and placed on the kitchen table. She sat on a chair in

front of me. I stood in front of her giant gazing eyes, naked and embarrassed.

Kerry began moving her face toward me. I slowed backpedaled until her hands,

clasped on the table behind me, impeded my retreat. Her face stopped inches from

my cold trembling body. Her full moist lips, much larger than my whole body,

filled my field of view. She must have noticed my trembling, because she brought

her thumb down and covered most of my body with it, at the same time pressing me

into her palm so I was unable to move. She then began to talk to me.

When her lips moved, I was mesmerized. I stood there unable to move. Even if she

wasn't holding me against her palm with her thumb, I wouldn't be able to move.

"Let me introduce myself formally", she said to me. "My real name is Susan

Smith. I work for a special branch of the CIA that no one knows about. We find,

capture, and train shrinkers such as yourself to serve productively for the

military. You see", she continued, "We've been watching you for some time now. I

was brought in to lure you into using your abilities for the first time. Now it

is my job to teach you how to use your shrinking powers."

I was dumbfounded. These people must be good. If what she's says is true, they

knew I could shrink before I did. I continued to listen to Kerry turned Susan.

"This ability you have to shrink is a dangerous thing. If you thought about

growing back and were unable to do so, then you already know what I mean. If you

don't learn to clear your mind properly, you will never be able to grow back. So

at this point in your life, you need us more than we need you. You need to thank

your lucky stars that I found you when I did."

What a bunch of crap, I thought. This lady, although gorgeous as hell,

especially from this perspective, was full of shit. I figured I'd rather take my

chances on my own than be held captive by a giantess. I listened while she

finished talking to me, but I knew as soon as I had the chance, I was making a

run for it.

"You're training starts today. It can be pleasant", she said as she brought her

lips even closer to me and wrapped her soft lips around my entire face with a

long succulent kiss. She pulled back with a wicked smile on her face and

continued, "or it can be unpleasant". She then slowly squeezed all the air out

of my chest with her thumb and held me this way while she finished talking. "The

choice is yours". She released me, pulled her hands away and sat back.

My choice was definitely made up. Although the kiss she gave me was the most

awesome thing I had ever experienced in my life, the feeling of control she had

over me when she almost squeezed me to death was more powerful. She stood up and

turned away from me for only an instant. When she looked back, I was gone. I

jumped from the table to the chair to the floor. The apartment had baseboard

heaters. I ran for the closest wall. My plan was once under the baseboard

heater, I could work my way to the door and wait for my chance to escape. I

realized it wasn't the greatest plan I had ever come up with, but I hadn't much

time to think up a better one.

"Have it your way", she said from up above. "I'll catch you sooner or later. You

had better hope it's sooner and not later." If only I can clear my head and

concentrate on growing back, I thought. "And don't even try to grow back", she

finished as though she had read my mind. "Without my help you have no chance."

It wasn't long before I second-guessed my decision to flee. I was cold and

hungry again. No matter how much I tried, I could not even grow a millimeter. If

I didn't come up with a better plan I would freeze to death. I curled into a

little ball and fell asleep.

I woke to the smell of food. Just outside my hiding place was a piece of cheese.

My hunger was the only thing I was thinking about when I headed out from under

the baseboard. It wasn't until sunlight streaming in the window hit me that I

came back to my senses. By then, though, it was too late. A giant nylon net

landed on me and pinned me to the floor right next to the piece of cheese I had

so stupidly sought after. I saw, through the nylon net, Susan's giant fingers

coming for me. She lifted up the nylon and grabbed me. She held me up to her

face long enough to say, "I see the first part of your training will be to learn

some discipline". That was all she said.

What she did was remove her sneaker. She then removed her sock and dropped me in

it. It was still probably morning but her sock smelled like she'd been wearing

it all day. She reinserted her foot, first into the sock, then into the sneaker.

I realized as she stood up with my one inch tall body under her toes that my

training had begun.

I spent the entire day under Susan's toes. At first it wasn't too bad. I was

warm and at my small size I fit up into her toe crevices, so I was in no real

pain. I even got used to the movement. In fact, I had to hold my hand over my

manhood to prevent getting an erection from the constant prodding from her toes.

I can handle this no problem I thought, but I was wrong.

As the day went by and she continued to keep me in her sneaker, my will began to

break. By the time she let me out I was starving, soaking wet from foot sweat,

and totally humiliated. I knew I would not try to run from her again.

She noticed me shivering on the kitchen table where she dumped me and gave me a

small warm towel to wrap around myself. She then gave me some mashed up food to

eat while she ate her own dinner. "If you can behave yourself tomorrow we can

start the mind control part of your training", she said to me. "That is unless

we need further disciplinary training." I quickly shook my head from side to

side. I had learned my lesson. "Good, now eat your dinner so you can go to bed.

You have a busy day ahead of you."

After dinner she allowed me to get cleaned up. She made me a tiny bed in her

night table and put me in it. She then closed her night table drawer. I laid

awake in pitch dark for a good long time contemplating my current situation and

my possible life ahead. I was nervous and scared when I finally dosed off.

The next morning I woke up and instantly knew something was different. I was not

disoriented like I should have been, probably because the night table drawer was

open and some light was entering my cave. I jumped up and bumped my head. After

falling to my knees I crawled into the light. Again I stood up. I could see onto

the top surface of the nightstand. Somehow I had grown over night. I guessed my

new height to be 4 inches. I jumped and easily made my way up to the surface.

Looking at the bed I could see my captress breathing heavily. She was still in a

state of slumber. Thoughts of my next course of action began racing through my


My first instinct was to run again. I was bigger and warmer and could take care

of myself easier. I considered it for a minute or two but the thought of

repeating a day like yesterday if I got caught made me decide against it. I

could sit here and wait for her to awaken. That would be the most sensible thing

to do, but she could be asleep for hours. I looked at the alarm clock behind me

and saw it was just past six. I had a better idea. I was going exploring.

I backed up to the far edge of the nightstand and took off. I ran for all I was

worth and jumped when I reached the end close to the bed. Although it was a

twenty-foot jump, from my perspective, I made it easily. I made it too easily. I

had forgotten my physics and landed too close to Susan. To make matters worse I

hit the mattress and bounced landing on her pillow. She twitched and I froze. I

did not want to get caught, especially before I got the chance to explore. I

stood motionless praying she wouldn't wake up yet. After 30 long seconds I felt

confident that I hadn't woken her, so I slipped off the pillow and headed under

the sheet.

Susan was lying on her side facing away from me. I noticed her back was bare as

I made my way toward the bottom of the bed. I stayed close to her body so I

didn't have to contend with the sheet. As I neared the small of her back she

moved slightly. Instinctively I dove away from her and burrowed under the sheet,

but she stilled again. I crawled a short distance under the sheet before I

turned and headed back toward Susan. The contour of the sheet began to rise as I

neared her body again. When I came back into the open I froze. There it was

again. That perfect ass rose above me, and this time there were no panties to

help my imagination. Believe me, none were needed.

I knew I was making a mistake but I didn't care. I could not keep from crawling

to the area where her ass meets her two thighs, to heaven itself. As I

approached, the smell of my goddess's womanhood began to overwhelm me. I

couldn't stop if I wanted to. I crawled right up to the bottom of her ass and

shoved my head between her thighs. My face was up against her pussy. I breathed

in the aroma. I was in ecstasy. That is until she rolled over onto her back.

I tried to pull free and run, but she rolled on top of me and I was trapped. The

back of my head was against the topmost area of her firm thighs. My face was

half buried in her vagina. The rest of me was planted under tons of ass flesh.

Some men would give an arm and a leg to be in this position. I on the other hand

knew I was in deep shit when she woke up. After about ten minutes, my worry

subsided. My lust for my perfect giantess took control and I began moving my

face what little I could. In no time at all I felt moisture penetrating my eyes

and nose. The taste was like some kind of mythic nectar. My face went deeper

until her lips closed around my whole head. She began moving, slowly at first,

then faster. I no longer moved my head on my own. She moved it for me. As she

began to gently buck, my head was nearly pulled from my neck. This went on for

long minutes. Finally the pressure on my face increased to the breaking point. I

was writing myself off for a dead man when the whole works began to slow down.

Soon after, it stopped completely and the hold on my head was relinquished. My

face slid out of her vagina. I could barely breathe through all the cum dripping

off my face, but I was still alive. Alive that is until Susan finds me here.

She woke up an hour later, sat up, and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

"Wow", was the first thing she said. She looked into the night table drawer and

saw I was missing. "Now where is he", she asked? My body was still under her ass

with my head between her thighs. I watched her through crusty pubic hair. All at

once she put two and two together and looked down. When her eyes met mine, my

stomach sank almost to my groin. My raging hard-on quickly went limp. "You

little pervert", she said down to me. "It looks like we start the day with some

more disciplinary training." She leaned over to the bottom of the bed and

grabbed the panties she wore the day before. Making sure not to let my position

change, she slipped the panties on. She then donned a pair of nylons and put

them on also to cement my body in place. So guess where I spent the morning.

Three or four hours later, Susan pulled out my flattened body. It had not been

an enjoyable morning for me. My face spent most of the time buried in her moist

vagina. When she walked, the rest of my body was squeezed inside her butt

cheeks. When she sat, I was pretty much pressed flat. I think Susan enjoyed her

morning. When she finally pulled me out, she had a huge smile on her face.

She gave me something to wear and put me on the kitchen table for some lunch.

She ate while I watched. I wasn't very hungry. It must have been all the juice I

ingested while in her pants. After Susan finished eating she spoke to me. "I

hope we don't have to do this discipline thing every day." Once again I shook my

head from side to side. I thought I had learned my lesson for sure this time.

"I guess you're wondering how you grew during the night", she continued. I

nodded. "I was able to put the thought into your sleeping mind. You see, you

were born with the ability to shrink and grow your body. I was born with the

ability to control the shrinking and growing of your body. That's why you can't

get away from me. Even after you master it, I will have control over you. I can

prevent you from shrinking and I can prevent you from growing. Do you understand

what I'm telling you? No matter what size you are, you're mine until I hand you

over to the agency."

Well that was news I really did not want to hear. I had no choice but to believe

every word she said. I hung my head knowing that my old life was surely over.

After she cleaned up the lunch mess, she told me it was time for my next lesson.

I sat with bated breath wondering what was in store for me now. "Before you can

control your size changing, you have to be able to control your mind", she said.

"And in order to control your mind, you have to be able to control your body. In

other words, you must learn self control."

Susan carried me into the living room, turned on the TV and sat on the sofa. She

placed me on her lap. I felt her thighs under the material of the skirt she had

on. I watched bewildered as she removed her blouse. Her huge breasts were about

to explode out of her bra. She then stood me up on her right thigh and reached

behind her back. I watched in total shock as the bra come off and her massive

right breast dangled in front of me. The nipple alone was the size of my face.

My basic instinct was to smother my face in the soft white meat of her bosom,

but before I moved she spoke.

"Before you go and do something stupid", she instructed me, "listen to what I

want you to do. I want you to stand in front of my breast for one hour. Do not

take your eyes off it. Do not even think about touching it. And keep your hands

out of your own pants. If you can do this, then you will pass your first test."

I can do this, I thought. And I should have been able to do it, but after 30

minutes of watching her giant nipple move up and down as she breathed, I began

to crack. After forty minutes, I just couldn't take it anymore. I stepped

forward, sunk my face in her nipple, and wrapped my arms around as much of her

breast as I could.

"Ha", she exclaimed. "I didn't think so. Now we'll have to do it the hard way."

she grabbed me in her right hand and wrapped her glorious fingers around me. My

head stuck out of the top of her fist. The very tip of my rock hard manhood

stuck out from between her third and forth fingers. She then brought her fist up

to her mouth and began licking the tip of my penis. "I'll teach you self control

if its the last thing I do to you", she whispered. She tickled my throbbing

erection with her tongue until I was about to shoot my load. Then she stopped

and tightened her grip on me, forcing the air out of my lungs. She held me in

her tight grasp until my erection softened. "Very good", she said. "Now let's

try it again."

She did this to me again and again for much of the afternoon. Sometimes she gave

me a break in between squeezing and tickling. Sometimes she went straight from

one to the other bringing me up and down like a yoyo. After a while my balls

hurt so badly, I was crying. But that didn't stop her. She was on a mission to

teach me some self control.

Finally, after one final squeeze she said, "that's enough." She dropped me on

the sofa next to her and I immediately grabbed my balls. "I know your balls are

blue", she said. "If you can hold off from relieving yourself until tomorrow

morning, we can move to the next part of your training. If you jerk yourself

off, then its back to the beginning."

I had been hoping all afternoon in my agony that when Susan was finished with

her so called training, she would finish the job herself. I was relieved it was

over, but I was also very disappointed. I did not want to jerk off, but I had to

relieve the pain in my balls. I think Susan read the expression on my face.

She picked me up and carried me over to the kitchen counter. She opened one of

the cabinets and pulled out the top to a ceramic butter dish. She turned it

over, filled it up with warm water, and dropped me in. I took a soothing bath

while Susan made dinner. After my bath, we ate dinner. I even got a capful of

wine to drink. After dinner we watched a couple of movies, each of us on our own

sofa cushion, then we went to bed. My bath helped relieve some of the pressure

in my balls, but they still ached. I prayed a little sex would be part of my

training, the kind where I actually get to shoot my load, although I seriously

doubted it. I fell asleep holding my swollen genitalia.

Part II

by willie

Once again I woke before Susan. I climbed out of my bed and up onto the top of

the night table. I looked out the window that was right above me. Susan's

bedroom window faced east. The sun was about to rise, lighting the sky with an

orange hue. It promised to be another sunny spring day. I had been inside for

two full days. The reason I worked in construction was so I could be out doors.

I longed for my freedom to go outside and walk through the park. To breathe

fresh air, watch squirrels frolic, hear birds sing. Spring was my favorite part

of the year and I didn't want to miss any more of it. I looked over at Susan's

beautiful sleeping face and her wavy blonde hair. I wished I could be my full

size and experience the spring with Susan. I don't know how long I was day

dreaming, staring out the window, but I came to at the sound of Susan's voice.

"How would you like to go outside today?", she asked me as she got out of her

bed. I turned her way and nodded. "If you can pass this morning's self control

test, then we'll spend the day outside. She went into the bathroom and did her

business. Then she took me into the bathroom so I could do mine. We dressed and

ate. She left me on the table and went outside the door to pick up the morning

paper. The anticipation of what she was going to do to me next was killing me.

Upon returning to the table, Susan opened the paper up behind me and sat down. I

watched as again she removed her top and bra exposing her gorgeous breasts. Her

hand nudged me forward so I was practically in between them, but I wasn't quite

touching them. "Now", she said, "Keep your hands off of me while I read the


I was still horny from the day before. My balls still ached, but I was

determined to do this. If I didn't, Susan would torture me some more and I'd

have to try again tomorrow. She did everything she could to entice me. She

jiggled her breasts ever so slightly. She moved them forward when she turned the

pages making me lean out of the way. She even made her nipples get hard, but I

did it. I didn't lay a single finger on her. She finished reading the paper and

put her bra back on.

"Very good", she said to me as she leaned back in the chair. "The next part

should be easy."

"What next part", I protested. "You said we..." Her expression turned quickly to

one of anger as she leaned forward. I froze.

"Perhaps we need a lesson on talking back to our giantess", she scolded. I shook

me head. I hadn't said much since I shrank. This was the perfect example why.

"You're doing great so far, don't blow it now." This time she spoke in a calmer

voice. "All I want you to do is give me a tiny little back massage."

I let out a sigh of relief, not just because a back massage was easy enough, but

also because she wasn't angry with me. "Yes ma'am", I spurted out as she grabbed

me. Once again I was in her soft firm grip. I wasn't in her grip long as she

laid face down on the sofa and deposited me on her bare lower back. She wanted

me to go north and start massaging. Well I looked south and saw the gap between

the top of her shorts and her body and I had a different idea. Fortunately for

me, she spoke before I made my move in the wrong direction.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go before it gets dark." I headed north and

spent the next hour rubbing her back from waist to neck with my tiny fingers. I

could tell she enjoyed it immensely. She purred continuously. I myself was dying

too. I really needed to relieve some pressure in my balls. It was worse at the

top of her back. I had to crawl through her long blonde hair to reach her

shoulders. The smell and feel were such an aphrodisiac to me that I nearly did

relieve myself, all over Susan's upper back. That would have been disastrous.

When Susan had enough she sat up letting me tumble to the sofa. She looked down

at me with a soft warm satisfied look. "You have done marvelously today", She

spoke down to me. She then reached down and pulled off my tiny robe exposing my

very proud but begging manhood. She took a hold of it and pulled, lifting it and

of course me with it. She picked me up by my erect penis and dropped me on the

open palm of her other hand. It didn't hurt at all. If it did hurt, I didn't

notice. I was rapidly approaching a state of euphoria. What she did next sent me


I was lying on her palm about breast level. I looked into her huge blue eyes as

she looked back into mine. We shared a long quiet moment. Our eyes unlocked as

her attention turned towards my groin area. My gaze went from her eyes to her

nose, nostrils pulsing in and out as she breathed, then to her lips. As I stared

at her lips, each fatter than my head, they began to get closer. Soon I could

see nothing but her lips. They hovered over my upturned face, only making

contact when I lifted my upper body. They lingered for a moment then moved to my

chest. I felt the warmth as they slid down my stomach across my abdomen and

stopped above my midsection. I felt Susan's warm breath like fire from a

dragon's mouth, but I didn't feel her lips. They hung just out of reach of my

grasping penis. I bucked wildly but her lips stayed tauntingly away.

Finally Susan realized that I had enough. She slowly stuck her tongue out and

licked my balls. Without removing her tongue, she slid it up to the under side

of my penis and guided it into her waiting lips. She held me there, in limbo,

for moments while my whole body tensed and twitched. I was somewhere between

heaven and hell, with Susan as my Goddess waiting to determine the fate of my

soul. After a millennia of waiting, she decided my fate. She sucked and I

exploded. Years of pent up anger and sexual frustration shot out of me and into

Susan's understanding mouth. I think, as I laid there under her power having the

orgasm of my life, that she felt a little pity for me; not just for my past life

but for my life to come.

Ten minutes later after I, and Susan for that matter, had regained our composure

and gotten ourselves together, she asked me how a picnic sounded. I was still

too much in awe of the power my Goddess had over me to answer. I just absent

mindedly nodded. I lied on the sofa cushion while Susan packed a lunch. On the

way by the sofa, she grabbed me and headed out the door.

"Enjoy the ride", she said to me then dropped me in her ample cleavage. And

enjoy the ride I did. I gained a foothold on the bottom of her bra and stood

straight up. My eyes could just barely see out over the top of her shirt. The

rest of me was surrounded by the softest firm flesh I had ever even imagined.

Her breasts swayed from side to side as she walked. The insides of her breasts

gave me a constant full body massage all the way to the park.

The park wasn't far from our apartment, so we walked. I should say Susan walked.

I went for the ride of my life. She found a nice secluded spot and spread out a

blanket. She laid on her side on the blanket allowing me to climb out of her

cleavage myself, but I couldn't move. The weight of the boob on top was pressing

me into the boob on the bottom. She noticed my dilemma, giggled, and since my

arms were at my sides, pulled me out by my head. When she put me down, she

noticed my hard-on through my robe and gave it a little squeeze. I was ready for

another orgasm, but with the self-control Susan was teaching me, I was able to

subdue my desire.

We ate some lunch and talked. I talked more than I had in days. I had to

practically yell for Susan to here me, but we had a wonderful conversation. I

greatly enjoyed the fresh air, the smell of Spring was in the air, but I enjoyed

Susan's giant company even better. We stayed on that blanket for hours before

Susan said it was time to go. She told me we had one more test to try. Although

I had no idea what she had in mind this time, I wasn't frightened. At that

moment in time I was too much in love to feel any other emotion.

I enjoyed my ride back to the apartment even more than the ride from. We

continued talking and laughing the whole way. I did my best to make her laugh.

Since I was between her breasts, her laughing was much more pleasant for me than

it was for her. She seemed so happy that she laughed most of the way home. When

we finally did get home, things got a little more serious.

"I'm going to help you try to grow", she told me as we entered the apartment. I

felt a shot of excitement. Finally she was going to teach me to grow.

After we freshened up, Susan put me on the coffee table and sat on the floor

with her back against the sofa. "Now I want you to clear your mind", she

instructed. "Think of nothing, and concentrate on my voice." Concentrating on

her voice was easy enough, especially because I was in love with it. Thinking of

nothing was much more difficult. "Once you clear your mind, picture yourself at

12 inches tall." She spoke constantly, giving me guidance while I tried to think

of nothing but my body at 12 inches tall.

This went on for maybe twenty minutes, but nothing was happening. I was losing

hope, when something entered my mind. It was like a wave of energy telling my

mind to be 12" tall. As fast as it came, the wave left leaving my body filled

with goose bumps. I opened my eyes and noticed my perspective had changed.

Susan's face that was twice the size of my whole body was now slightly smaller

than it. I was thrilled. I had grown. My excitement left quickly when I saw the

disappointment on Susan's face. I realized right away that Susan made me grow.

She tried to be excited but soon stopped the act.

"I couldn't do it on my own", I said dejectedly. At my current height, I didn't

have to yell anymore.

"Don't worry", she comforted me. "Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. We'll

try again tomorrow.

Susan filled the kitchen sink with six inches of water for me to take a bath.

She left me some real clothes to put on when I finished. She then went into the

bathroom to shower herself. By the time Susan came out of the bathroom, I was

dressed and watching TV. At 12" tall, I was capable again of doing things like

turning the TV on.

"Don't you look cute in those tiny jammies", she laughed. I only shook my head.

"I'm going to make dinner", she said and went into the kitchen. During dinner

she told me we were moving out of this dump tomorrow and into her real

apartment. She only rented this apartment for one month to watch and capture me.

She also told me she ended my apartment lease. The few things I owned were going

with us.

She spent the evening after dinner boxing up her small items. I staid clear. The

last thing I needed was to be inadvertently packed into a box. It was midnight

before she put me to bed in her night table and went to bed herself.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, Susan was already up and about. I dressed into

the clean clothes she had left for me and made my way into the kitchen. "Good

timing", she said as she put our breakfast on the table. "Eat up. The movers

will be here any minute.

After we ate she told me to shrink back down to three inches so she could hide

me from the movers. I pictured myself at three inches and in seconds I was three

inches. "Very good", she said. "Later we'll try growing you back." She then put

me in her cleavage where I spent the morning and most of the afternoon. Again I

was naked so I nestled myself between her warm breasts and made myself


After the movers left and Susan had everything put away, She pulled me out and

put me on the coffee table. It was the same coffee table but a different

apartment. This one was beautiful. The spacious living room was lavishly

decorated. The attached dining area was filled with handsome furniture. I saw

the extent that Susan was slumming in my ex-apartment building. "So what do you

think", she asked me?

I knew she couldn't hear me too well at this size so I gave her the thumbs up. I

put my hand on the top of my head and lifted it straight up telling her that I

wanted to grow. She understood and answered me. "OK let's give it a try. This

time concentrate on your self at two feet."

"Cool", I thought. "She's going to help me grow to two feet." I had to squelch

my excitement before I was able to concentrate. For thirty minutes I tried with

her gentle voice talking me through it, but like the day before it was her

thought waves that made me grow. The problem was that I stopped at one foot

again. I didn't think Susan was able to grow me any taller than twelve inches.

My earlier excitement had dwindled as the half hour past. Now despair took over.

I was afraid that I might never be able to grow to my original size. The look on

Susan's face confirmed my fear.

Dinner that night was very quiet. I could tell Susan was worried about me, not

just because I was now her responsibility, but because she was generally

concerned for my well-being. Finally, when we were just about finished, she

spoke. "We only tried twice. Try not to get discouraged. We'll try again

tomorrow. I can still grow you back myself if I have to." I nodded my head. I

didn't really believe her but the hope of seeing my former height brightened my

mood a little.

After dinner we hit the sofa for a relaxing night of TV in Susan's old, but my

new, place. Susan worked pretty hard during the day and was tired. We were

watching a movie that I was totally bored with. Susan had her bare feet up on

the coffee table. Eventually I was watching her toes much more than the movie.

Finally I had enough. What I did next took some courage, but in my current frame

of mind, there was no stopping me.

I slid off the sofa and climbed up onto the coffee table. I crawled behind one

of her feet and stood up. I then buried my face under her toes and began rubbing

the sides of her foot. She groaned and twitched slightly but didn't remove her

foot. I left my face where it was while I massaged the entire top half of her

foot. When I was finished with the top half, I slid my face down over the hard

ball of her foot to the softer sole and massaged the bottom half of her foot.

She wiggled her toes and moaned softly most of the time. When I finished with

the first foot, I covered it with kisses. I then repeated the whole process on

her other foot.

The double foot massage I gave Susan took well over an hour. When I pulled my

face from the sole of her second foot, the movie was over. The news at eleven

was on. I wondered if a story about a missing construction worker would come on.

There was little chance of that happening. Susan had called my boss earlier and

told him I quit.

When I climbed back onto the sofa, I noticed Susan was sleep. I curled up into a

ball on her lap to doze off myself. I fell asleep to the smell of her womanly


Part III

by willie

I woke up Wednesday morning in my night table bed. I vaguely remember Susan

carrying me upstairs and putting me to bed. I was 12 inches tall then. As I laid

in my bed, something felt wrong. I stood up and my head didn't even clear the

top of the drawer. I had shrunk during the night. It took some doing, but I

managed to climb onto the table top. That's when I realized I was back down to

about two inches tall. I didn't know if I did it myself, or if Susan had

something to do with it. I figured I must have dreamt that I was two inches


I looked over at Susan and, like every other morning except the day before, she

was still asleep. I wanted to find out what happened to me. The alarm clock said

7:05, time for her to wake up anyway. I backed up to the far end of the table

and took off. This time I barely made it to the edge of the mattress when I

jumped. I ran over to Susan and touched her sleeping face, but she didn't budge.

She was lying in her stomach with her face turned to the side. Her lips were at

the same level as my naked body. I pressed my face into her closed lips. Then I

pressed my chest and stomach into her lips. I then pressed my groin against them

inserting my hard-on between them. I staid this way for a minute or so enjoying

the feel of her soft lips on my body before I regained my senses. If she woke up

with me in that position she'd kill me. I tried to pull away but I couldn't. She

had sucked me in too far and clamped her lips tight. I felt a rising motion and

knew she was awake. I was a dead man.

I could tell Susan was up and about, but she didn't release her hold on me.

Instead she begin licking the tip of my hard-on that was inside her mouth. I

didn't think I would be able to take this kind of treatment for long without

shooting my load. I was somewhat mistaken.

I was being smothered and held in place by Susan's luscious lips while her

tongue slowly and methodically worked me to the edge of an orgasm. But for some

reason, I didn't go right over the edge. Susan may have had more control over me

than she had said, because my energy level just kept rising and rising. I felt

my sexual energy expand. It began at my groin and emanated outward in concentric

spirals until it consumed my entire body. I was as stiff as a board, except for

the trembling. My balls were about to explode and take my whole body with them.

My heart was racing. I could no longer think. My whole nervous system was about

to overload.

Susan, after getting out of bed, went to the bathroom and walked into the

kitchen to start the coffee. She made bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast. When

breakfast was ready, twenty minutes after she had gotten up, she decided I had


All at once the energy that had built up inside me exploded. I came in Susan's

mouth until my abdominal muscles burned. She sucked me dry and then let my limp

body fall onto her palm. "I don't know what to do with you", she said. "You just

keep getting yourself into trouble." She put me on the table and ate her

breakfast. I couldn't stand up. I couldn't even move. I laid on the table and

watched Susan eat.

"Try to eat something", Susan said to me as she went to get dressed. Fifteen

minutes later she came back into the kitchen. I had managed to eat a little, but

not much. Susan was dressed to kill. She had on a short tight red dress with

black stockings and pumps. She did the dishes then put me in the bathroom sink.

After I did what I had to do, which was very difficult I might add, she picked

up my two inch body and brought me up to her face.

"How did you shrink again", she asked? "Did you do it on purpose?" I shook my

head. "You just woke up and found yourself smaller?" I nodded. "That's not

really good news. Anyway I have to go to the office for a meeting. I'm going to

put you inside my pantyhose. I want you to be still and behave yourself. Do you

understand?" Again I nodded. "Good", she finished and pulled up her dress. She

put me in her hose and positioned me on the inside of her upper right thigh. The

pantyhose held me firmly in place. I was pressed gently to the soft firm skin of

her thigh. I felt her left thigh brush against by back when she walked. I was

content right where I was. In fact, it took me less than five minutes in the car

to fall asleep.

I slept the whole ride over, and only woke up because she was walking. I was

both physically and mentally exhausted from my morning adventure. I was so tired

that I fell asleep again as soon as Susan's rear end hit the conference chair. I

slept through the entire morning session of the meeting.

I woke up when Susan went to the ladies room. She removed me from the nylons

while she peed and gave me a chance to do the same. She gave me a snack and a

drink, and told me how well I was behaving before returning me to my place in

her hose. She then went to lunch with her office mates.

After sleeping all morning, I was refreshed and wide awake. I didn't feel like

just lying still anymore. On the ride to the restaurant, I got to thinking about

my situation again and how I might be small forever. If I couldn't grow at will,

the CIA would have no use for me. Would Susan be allowed to keep me herself, or

would I be simply disposed of leaving no trail of evidence? Why for that matter

would Susan want to keep me? A woman of Susan's stature would need a real man,

not the tiny useless insect that I'd become. As the lunch at the table above me

progressed, I became more and more depressed. The longer I laid there the worse

it got. I had to make a move.

I attempted to crawl forward towards Susan's pussy, but the nylons were too

tight. I tried raising my chest off her thigh by doing a push-up, but my hands

only sank into her soft flesh. I struggled in vein for a few minutes until an

idea hit me like a ton of bricks. Why not use my God given abilities?

I concentrated on being one inch tall, half my current size, and seconds later

the nylons weren't quite as tight. In fact, I was able to do a push-up and fall

forward. I felt a reborn sense of accomplishment. I did another forward falling

push-up. The smell of Susan's womanhood was getting stronger as I did a third. I

was driven by that smell to a forth. My adrenaline was pumping. I did a fifth

and a sixth. I had to be getting close. I pushed my chest up for another fall

forward and was flattened by Susan's other thigh.

Susan felt my movement on her upper thigh and clamped her legs together. My

forward progress was stunted, temporarily. She held her legs firm for a minute

or so, but as she loosened her thigh muscles, I was able to wiggle forward a

small amount before she clamped her thighs shut again. This went on for about

fifteen minutes. It was a struggle for me, but I was making serious progress.

Finally my head reached the area where the thighs stop. My face was in the

little clearing just under Susan's pussy.

While trapped between her contracted thigh muscles, I wasn't able to smell much.

I wasn't able to breathe much either, but at one inch tall I didn't need much

air. As my head popped into her thigh gap, I was hit with Susan's wonderfully

overpowering scent. No matter how hard she tried to keep me out, I was going in.

I turned my face up as I squeezed the rest of my body past her thighs. I inched

forward until my face pressed against her vagina lips. I wasn't stopping there.

Susan tried everything in her power to stop me, but she just couldn't keep her

womanhood clamped shut long enough. Each time she started to relax, I pushed my

face further inside. I knew that I was shattering the trust I had gained, but

all that was going out the window anyway because I couldn't grow. A shrinker who

could not control his size was useless.

I pressed slowly forward. My head was completely inside, with her lips clamped

around my neck. I could feel Susan fidget as my hands worked their way through

her fortress walls. Once my hands were in, I was able to pull myself in up to my

waste. I felt her pussy shudder around me with each move I made. Moments later,

I felt my legs slip through. Susan's vagina lips clamped around my ankles and I

was where I wanted to be. In fact, at that point in my life that was where I

wanted to die; inside the woman I loved. The woman whom I would never be able to


At that point Susan had enough. She simply excused herself from the table and

waddled into the lady's room where she entered a stall. I felt myself being

pulled out by the ankles. Susan pulled all of my body out except for my head. I

was held by the neck with my tiny body swinging freely. It didn't take long for

the cold air to suck the heat out of my slimy frame. As I began to shiver I

heard Susan's muffled voice.

"That was not very nice. I'm putting you where you can cause me no more

embarrassment." She then pulled me the rest of the way out and let me fall

further into her hose. I slid down the inside of her smooth thigh, past the back

of her knee, and onto her firm calf. I laid on her calf muscle for a few seconds

until Susan shook her leg and my descent continued. I went over the side of her

calf and landed on the side of her foot where it entered her shoe, but that was

not my final resting place.

Susan looked at my one inch form inside her stocking with a mixture of anger and

pity before she removed her shoe and shook her leg again. I tried to hold on to

something, anything, but there was nothing for my little fingers to grasp. I

fell down the side of her foot to her sole. After another shake by Susan's foot,

I was at my final resting place. Susan put her shoe back on and rejoined her

office mates. It seemed like I wasn't going to end it all where I wanted to, in

her pussy. I was going to perish where my worthless self belonged, under Susan's


Wednesday was a long day for Susan. She went from one meeting to the next to

discuss the inner workings of her branch of the CIA. Never once did her mission

come up. Finally at ten of eight, Susan sat in her car seat and headed for home.

As long as the afternoon was for Susan, It was even longer for me, much longer.

When I first entered my latest prison, I was hit with a much more viscous form

of Susan's foot aroma. I had experienced the smell of her feet a couple times

earlier and found it intoxicating. That afternoon it was downright repulsive.

Susan was one of those women whose feet sweat and stunk when they get nervous,

and that day she was very nervous.

I immediately began struggling. I knew it would do me no good but I hoped Susan

would get the picture. If she did get it, she evidently didn't care because she

did nothing about it. It wasn't long before my eyes and nose began to burn. I

had to close my eyes and do what little breathing I dared to do from my mouth. I

tried to doze off, but I had slept most of the morning, and I was wide awake. I

tried repeatedly to roll under the ball of her foot where I would be put out of

my misery, but each time I did she slid her foot out of her shoe just enough to

force me back under her toes. Soon I found myself trying to roll under her sole

not to be crushed, but for the little bit of fresh air I got when she wiggled

her foot out of her shoe. There were periods of time when she removed her shoe

completely giving me a longer dose of fresh air, but these periods were few and

far between.

As the day went on, I felt my sanity waning. I decided I had to do something or

I would go mad. I figured now would be a good time to learn how to grow. If only

I could clear my mind and concentrate, really concentrate on growing, then just

maybe I could grow and break out of this prison. Holding my breath, I was able

to clear my mind of everything but the burning in my sinuses. I looked past the

burning and finally saw nothing. My mind was completely blank. Then I thought

about a full grown man looking back at me from the mirror. I felt goose bumps

poking up all over my body and a wave of hope filled my mind. Soon I'll burst

from Susan's shoe and come out from under the table, naked, surprising the hell

out of a bunch of boring government suits.

It was when I realized that I was still under Susan's toes, once inch tall, that

I did go mad. Fortunately for me it was only temporary insanity. Although I

don't remember much of my time as a crazy man, I do know that it was not very

enjoyable. It was not much more enjoyable for Susan to find me, hours later when

she removed her shoe, in a totally psychotic state.

Susan stayed up half the night holding me, trying to comfort me, but my babbling

and jerking around continued. She eventually dozed off holding me against her

chest. I eventually dozed off also only to wake up Thursday morning no better


I spent most of Thursday morning in la-la land. It was lunchtime when the

circuit breaker in my mind finally reset itself. I was still a little confused

about where I was and how I had gotten so small, but with the lingering stench

in my nasal cavity, it all came back to me as the afternoon progressed. I didn't

let Susan in on the fact that I was fine. She was pampering me so much that I

acted catatonic until she put me to bed. She fed me, took me to the bathroom,

and held me against her breasts just about all day. I was afraid my hard-on

would give me away, but Susan didn't seemed to notice. I slept in Susan's bed

that night. I woke up occasionally to see Susan awake and staring at me. All in

all I slept quite well that night.

When I woke up Friday morning and looked into Susan's red and tired eyes, she

knew I was back. Susan was so overjoyed she was in tears. She carried me around

all morning, tending to my slightest whim. I was a foot tall again. Susan did

that on Thursday so she could take better care of me. We both rested all day

long. Susan hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. She made one final

attempt to help me grow before we went to bed, but it was useless. Saturday, she

told me as she gently rocked me to sleep, was justice day.

It was probably a tie as to who woke first the most during the week. I clearly

won the first half of the week with Susan winning the latter. I was just wiping

the sand from my eyes when I heard Susan speak to me. "We have to go see my boss

today. She will determine your fate. I explained everything to her yesterday."

What a way to wake up, I thought. My fate was about to be determined. "Whatever

happens to you", Susan went on, "I did my best." She had a single tear rolling

down her cheek. It was like a good bye message to me.

Neither one of us ate breakfast. Susan made waffles but they went down the

garbage disposal. Neither one of us talked either. Nothing either one of us said

mattered. I could tell Susan had acquired a likeness to me. I loved her, despite

some of the things that happened during the week. It was a consolation that I

would be taken from her with her liking me.

We arrived at Susan's office an hour after we didn't eat. I sat on the passenger

seat of the car on the ride over. Susan's boss, Gretchen, immediately asked for

me. "What kind of name is Gretchen for a CIA agent", I asked Susan? She ignored

me and reluctantly handed me to her boss. I did not want to be picked up by

Gretchen's cold callused hands, but I was taken against my will. I wanted Susan

and by the look on her eyes, she wanted me back.

Gretchen was mid forties and still was quite attractive. She was a little hard

looking like she'd been around the block a few times. Her hands were nowhere

near as soft as Susan's. She took me into her office and tried for two hours to

make me grow. Even if she was able to grow me one half inch more than twelve

inches, I wasn't letting her. I wanted to go back to Susan.

Gretchen finally gave up. She sighed and looked at me. "Never in all my years

have I met a shrinker that didn't grow back", she said. "You need to be


That was exactly what I had been fearing most of the week. I was going to become

a miniature guinea pig. I prayed Susan would come to my defense as I was put in

a small room alone so the higher-ups could determine my fate. I was in that room

for an hour sweating it out. It was a cold sweat. Finally I heard the knob turn

and the door opened. Would it be Susan?

No it wasn't. It was a bunch of women Gretchen's age, seven to be exact. They

spent the next two hours handling me. They passed me back and forth examining my

one-foot body. None of the women were ugly, but I was not enjoying myself in the


About half way through this ordeal, I uncontrollably shrank. One of the women

did it to me without warning. Then they each got a turn fondling my four-inch

tall body. Not one of the women passed on my manhood either.

Finally the door opened again and I saw Susan enter the room. My heart raced as

she headed towards me. "I think the poor fellow has had enough of your

prodding", she said sternly as she grabbed me from off the table. Luckily no one

was holding me at the time and the sound of the door being thrown opened

startled all seven women. "You're all too late. The decision has already been


Susan held me against her warm soft bosom as she carried me outside towards her

car. I felt her muffled heartbeat racing through her voluptuousness. As she

entered her car and drove away, I could see a huge grin on her face. I was dying

to know what was going on, but I waited patiently.

Susan drove to the same park she took me to earlier in the week and sat on a

secluded bench. "Well I did it", she gleamed. "Your not going to be used as a

test subject. Well not exactly. I've been promoted to research and development

and you are going with me." Susan was so exited she brought me up to her huge

lips and gave me a quick peck on the face. I instantly recalled what had

happened similarly earlier in the week.

She barely broke stride with her talking. "They are not just raising my salary,

but also giving you one. Of course they have to do a security check on your

background, but that will not be a problem."

I was happy for Susan and myself, but also a bit apprehensive. I was going to be

a guinea pig after all. Susan read my thoughts on my face. "Don't worry", she

assured me. "No one will touch you from here on out unless I give the authority,

and I plan on keeping you for myself."

"I love you", I said to Susan as she held me tenderly in her grasp. She only

smiled and held me against her chest.

It is now Monday morning, the first day of our new job. We will be leaving for

work as soon as Susan gets herself dressed. I am very nervous. I don't really

know what to expect. I know Susan will be nice to me. The last day and a half

with her has been the best day and a half of my life. I know she is nervous too.

Even after we got out of the shower, I could smell the nervousness on her feet.

That is the only part of Susan's body I will be staying away from, and only when

she's nervous.

Giantess Stories: Training week part I by willie   I never knew I was a shrinker

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