Giantess Stories: Transformation Story

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Transformation Story



I had just turned sixteen years

old yesterday. I had expected to be showered with gifts but instead of being

showered with gifts all I got was a lousy chemistry set and a bunch of clothes.

I never put much interest in clothes so when I got outfit after outfit to say I

was upset was an understatement but being a polite guy I merely smiled and

thanked my family while I thought thanks but no thanks.


            I let the chemistry set sit in my room for

quite a few months until one day it was storming bad so I decided to just fiddle

around with it. As I think back at it was a pretty dumb thing to do but I just

randomly mixed chemicals seeing what would do what. I spent the next two hours

just randomly putting things together. It passed the time. I ended up with some

purple looking stuff that smelled like grape soda. I however knew better then to

taste it. I was getting ready to dump the stuff out when the latch on my window

broke and the window blew open. The wind caused everything on my desk to fall

all over the place. I was doused with the purple liquid. It burned right through

clothes and cover my skin. It didn't hurt in fact it didn't really feel like

anything. Ran to the bathroom to wipe it off but by the time I got to the

bathroom the liquid had vanished. I looked back down the hallway seeing if it

dripped onto the carpet but there was no trace of it. Not really thinking a

whole lot of it I went back to my room and cleaned up the mess and went about my



            The next day I started it off like any other

morning. I ate breakfast and left for school.  I arrived at school at 7am. I

walked down the nearly empty halls towards the locker rooms. I pushed the door

to the girl's locker room open and walked in.


“Mrs. Baker, I am here. What do you want me to do?”


“The girls left the locker room a mess. Will you straighten

it up before they arrive.”




            Doing as I was told I started picking up the

floor and sweeping. I heard a squeak and footsteps. I turned my head to see who

was coming. I immediately saw that it was Lindsey Anderson. She was such a flirt

and not to mention a whore. She had some tight leather pants and a black halter

top. Her hair was tightly pulled back. She was a rather short girl at about five

foot three. She has shoulder length blonde hair with blue eyes but contacts that

make her eyes look grey. She has a rather busty chest. Her breasts are in the

mid c range. With her small frame and being a short girl her chest looked even



“Hi Steve” (that's me, Steve Walker)


“Oh hi Lindsey what do you want?”


“You don't need to be mean. I was wondering what you were

doing tonight?”


“Not going anywhere with you. That's definitely for sure.

You're a whore. I know it, everyone knows it. You're the schools little whore

bag who spreads her legs for anyone.”


            Lindsey had her halter top already off and her

workout shirt already on. As I called her a whore tears welled in her eyes and

she sprinted out of the locker room.  I heard the door open and slam shut. I

felt a little bad with what I had said. I was going to go apologize. I saw her

halter top lying on the floor and her locker wide open. I went to pick up her

halter top. As soon as I grabbed the halter top I felt weird. My body convulsed

and shook almost instantly everything went black.


            I am had no presence of time passage I only

knew that I could see again. I looked up at the ceiling of the locker room

floor. The floor was cold and so was I. It felt like was lying naked in a snow

bank. I could hear the rhythmic pounding on the floor. I went to pull myself up

when I realized that I couldn't seem to move.


“Oh my god! I am paralyzed”


            I began to panic even more when I didn't hear

my own voice. Then I see a gigantic Lindsey come into view. She looks simply

huge. The small dainty attractive whore has become a skyscraper. She doesn't

even seem to see me. I continue to yell but it's almost like I am not even here.

I come into a further state of shock when I see her tight leather pants fall to

the floor and her pink thong which looks more like pink floss because it's so

scantily. Her thong is just engulfed by her ass and just disappears into it. She

then pulls up her black gym shorts. As she bends down I see her Hamilton High

School Athletic Club T-shirt everyone is mandated to wear for gym class.


            I finally see her eyes lock onto me. I breathe

a sigh of relief but I am puzzled as I see her hand reach down towards me. It's

not the reaction I expected from this blonde cunt seeing me lying here

paralyzed. Her hand grabbed me and just yanked me up. A sea of girls came into

my vision as I saw myself reflected in the mirror across the room. In the mirror

was Lindsey holding her black halter top. I was in a state of panic and fear as

I realized that I had become her halter top. I tried to flail my arms around or

kick but I couldn't move. I was tossed into her locker landing on the cold metal

floor of her locker. Instantly later her leather pants landed atop of me and

some platform shoes were set on top of the pants. I could feel the weight of her

shoes and pants on me. I tried too get her attention but I couldn't move no

matter how much I tried. I screamed her name but I was the only person who could

hear it as my voice only sounded in my mind. As she closed her locker everything

went black and I could only wait for her return.


            It seemed to take forever. I could her girls

come in and change. I began to wonder if I was going to be left here over night

but all the sudden the locker door swung open and I saw Lindsey standing in

front of me wearing nothing but her pink thong. She grabbed her shoes and set

them down and put her tight leather pants on and then tied her shoes and stared

at me. I was dripping with anticipation of what it was going to feel like when

she grabbed me. I had grown cold as I lie here in her locker. I could see her

hand move towards me like it is in slow motion. Her fingers dig into my new body

all the while I continue to scream her name hoping that she will hear me.


            Her hands feel warm as they touch me and pull

me out. My body shudders as she puts me on. I feel so light and airy as she

pulls me down and over her. Her breasts push me outwards. I feel myself tightly

pressed against Lindsey's body. I can hardly believe I am at the mercy of this

whore. As she walks into the hallway I can see everyone looking at me and

staring at me. Well not me exactly but her breasts which are forcing me outward.

Giantess Stories: Transformation Story

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