Giantess Stories: TRAPPED IN HEATHER

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By Jake Van Meter, from an original plot by Jeff Vilencia

"Are we all really only one inch tall, Fred?" Jeffrey asked as he looked at

their surroundings.

Jeffrey, the newest pledge member of the nerdiest fraternity in Bucks College,

shook off the effects of the drastic shrinking his body had undergone.

Excitement mixed with fright flooded his whirling mind. Every man here was buck

naked because their clothes hadn't reduced with them.

"You better b-b-believe it, man. We are down there! It's been ex-xactly onehalf-hour

since we left the reduction f-f-field at the la-lab. I measured us at j-just

three feet tall when we were picking Heather's lock."

"Yeah, man, and no more than twelve inches at the staircase," Jack added. "I

wore out my arms boostin' up those stairs."

Fred and Jack, the fraternity's senior leaders, rounded up their strike force of

fifteen first-year pledges. As this year's initiation, Fred and Jack thought

this raid was ideal. The rest of Bucks College considered the Phe Phi Pho's

hopeless nerds. But after news of this sneak-in scare-raid of Bucks' bitchiest

ballbuster coed got around campus, people's opinions would change damn fast!

"Excellent, d-d-dudes, we made it!" Fred exclaimed.

Excitement worsened his chronic stutter. "The new reduction coil worked like ga-gangbusters."

"Yeah, man, Heather's gonna get the scare of her life when we run out from under

her own bed and freak her out," Jack said with a snarl.

"Fuckin' ice queen's a slob too, I see," he continued, peering at forgotten

socks and other discarded laundry scattered beneath her bed. Jack was not

successful with girls, a trait shared by most of the Phe Phi Pho members, and

his bitterness showed.

"Hey, how long before this effect wears off, Fred?" asked Jeffrey.

"We've g-got two hours of playtime, fellows, b-b-before we pop back to

full-size. S-she's gonna freak out when she sees m-men the size o' bugs

ch-chasin' her around her floor," Fred said, then grew serious. "Okay, listen up

men, s-she's gonna be comin' through that d-door any minute now, so get to your


Jeffrey turned and jogged to the edge of the great mattress which stretched

overhead. This was terrific! He'd always dreamed of this fantasy. Jeffrey had a

crush on Heather ever since he saw her practicing karate with her chicana friend

Maria in the Bucks' College gym. But then, what male didn't? She was a natural

athlete, a phys-ed major who worked her magnificent 6'4" body tirelessly. Her

voluptuous 50EE breasts were the talk of every male on campus. So was her

ability to outrun the track team and bench press more than most on the football

team. Heather knew she was a long-legged goddess and lost no chance to

intimidate and humiliate any male she met. Jeffrey just couldn't get enough of

looking at her. He tried conversations with her at every pretext. He always

managed to sit right behind her in classes and daydreamed he was an insect

privileged to crawl close to her feet. There he'd enjoy her immensity from all

angles, safe from discovery because of his tiny size.

She always wore open-toe high-heels which elevated her further. Her feet were as

lovely as the rest of her, tanned and smooth with long beautiful toes and

perfectly-polished toenails. Sometimes in his fantasies, after some particularly

daring adventure up on her shoe sole, he might become trapped under one of her

toes and slowly, rapturously feel himself flatten as he looked up at her serene

face far above and fought for the air between her toes. The daydream was a slow,

erotic experience, cut short by the bell signalling end of class. But, until

now, Heather showed only contempt for Jeffrey's advances. "Get away from me, you

little dweeb," was her most encouraging reply so far.

x x x

Jeffrey had barely reached his position under the edge of the mattress when a

muffled series of thumps vibrated through the floor, louder with each shock.

Jeffrey felt the shaking through the soles of his bare feet. Suddenly alarmed,

he crouched down and peered out across the vast bedroom. The thumps came from

beyond Heather's bedroom door, up the staircase from her living room below.

"I think th-that's her, men!" Fred piped excitedly. When it seemed that the

impacts could not become more violent, they paused, just outside her 50-story

high bedroom door. Two hundred feet up the cabin-sized doorknob turned. The door

pushed open with a sucking rush of air. The cold breeze that played about Jeff's

ankles immediately became a gale that whipped his hair and chilled him to the

bone. But what he saw next froze him far more than the wind.

Heather stood in the doorway, dressed in jogging shorts and a red tank-top,

breathing deeply. Her stylish running shoes hit the carpet with floor-shuddering

impacts. Her long, muscular calves and tanned thighs soared up into the vault of

her bedroom like lithe striding towers. Above, the tank-top stretched almost to

bursting by her huge perfect bosom that swayed heavily within it. A long

honey-blond ponytail hung below her shoulders. One golden lock stuck to her

forehead by a bit of perspiration. Turning, she shouted down the staircase.

"I'll just be a minute, Maria. I'm going to get out of these sweats and take a

quick shower. Popcorn's in the microwave, and beer's in the fridge. I'll be

right down."

Heather turned and walked to her bed. Her running shoes, as big as yachts,

lifted high into the air and crashed onto the carpet heading straight for

Jeffrey. Her strides were slow-motion to his tiny speeded-up senses. Jeffrey had

daydreamed about this moment. But she was so big! The reality of her size

overwhelmed him. A tide of panic surged through him and he staggered quickly

backward under the bed, gasping, sure she had seen him. He knew he was too slow

to avoid her crushing step if she had. This was no daydream. Death, he now saw,

could be fast and final.

At the bedside she turned and sat heavily. Above Jeffrey's head the bedsprings

squealed with the sudden strain of her vast weight. The mattress bulged downward

alarmingly toward him. Before his eyes, Heather's hands appeared and began

untying her shoelaces. It was done in a moment, and her hands disappeared again.

Jeff's heart beat like a triphammer. But his fear mixed with a surge of lustful

excitement. Here was the moment he had waited for! Heather, this girl of his

obsessive fantasies, was now a mighty giantess sitting above him. Her

perspiration-soaked stockinged feet rested only inches away, filling the air

thickly with the humid aroma of her beautiful sweaty feet. How could she know

that more than a dozen little voyeurs watched as she slowly pushed one shoe off

at the heel, then the other. Heather reached down again and deftly removed first

one, then the other sock, throwing them in a heap beside her feet. She flexed

her long pretty toes as she sat, raised up on tiptoe and then down. She curled,

then straightened them out again, then raised her heels high in the air as she

rested her weight on the balls of her feet. Her plump wrinkled soles hovered

over Jeff enticingly. Her mighty arches were only yards away from him. He could

run out and kiss and lick them right now. Her slightest backward movement would,

however, squash his body into the carpet like an unnoticed gnat.

Humming to herself in busy solitude above, Heather removed her tank-top and bra.

She raised her feet to tiptoe, and Jeffrey saw the undersides of ten long plump

toes presented to him.

Now was his chance! He could stand to wait no longer. Even if he endangered

himself, he would smell and taste her voluptuous toes from a closeness more

intimate than he had ever dreamed possible. With a gasp of pleasure he reached

the end of her long second toe. The treads of her toeprints, each as wide as his

thumb, curved gracefully in long arcs before him, and their heat radiated

seductively to his chilly body. He touched her toe softly with his fingertips,

then reached his arms wide and hugged the mighty toetip gently.

Her athletic sweat was copious. It wet his body warmly wherever he touched her.

Its salty musk made his head reel with the intense smell. He licked gingerly,

then with greater abandon. Caution forgotten, he lay down on his back in the gap

between her big and second toes and, raising up his face, licked their musky

wetness. I don't care if she squashes me, he thought. This is just how I'd want

to die. Heather shifted her weight in small constant movements, twisting her

toes slightly as she busied herself. Above, he could see the undersides of her

enormous breasts bobbling in the sky with her movements. The thrill of danger

was foremost in Jeffrey's mind. But it only heightened his intense lust for her.

As Jeffrey continued licking and sucking between Heather's toes, he suddenly

felt them enclose him and lift him rapidly. Panic seized him. The pink smelly

walls of Heather's toes now clasped his bug-size body firmly. His stomach

lurched into his throat. He was turned and shaken from side to side by her idle

movements--caught between her toes like unnoticed lint. The next instant she

cast him spinning through the air. He somersaulted dizzily and plowed head-first

into her damp socks. By a miracle he had not been squeezed to death between her

toes or flattened beneath her pretty feet.

Jeffrey wobbled to his knees atop the high pile. Where were the other guys? But

Fred saw him first.

"Hey, Jeffrey, what're ya doin' up there? Run around in front of her and give

her a scare!" Fred shouted from his position about a hundred feet away.

"Yeah, man, let's go," Jack yelled. "We're sendin' team two around on this side.

One, two, three, go!" Immediately three men, Lester in the lead, ran out toward

the carpet in front of Heather's immense feet.

Shivering, now deprived of Heather's luxuriant body heat, Jeff huddled into the

midst of her still-warm socks. Jack and Fred were crazy! He'd just tangled with

Heather and knew what bugs they all really were. Let the other guys try to scare

her. He'd watch the outcome from right here.

Heather completed her tasks. She lifted her feet, twirled them provocatively at

the ankles. Before the three men could get in front of Heather, she stood up and

strolled slowly toward her bureau. Hopelessly outdistanced in a moment by her

hundred-fifty foot strides, they ran doggedly after her receding heels. The

floor shook under them from her tread as they ran.

Heather, already across the room, momentarily regarded her perfect body in the

full-length mirror. A slight motion down on the carpet caught her eye. She

peered closer. Damn! she mused, smiling. The little nerds did come, just like

Maria said. This is going to be fun!

With a thrill of fear the men saw her glance down at them. They began waving

their arms and jumping.

"Keep waving your arms, guys!" Lester prompted, a little out of breath from his

run. "We're gonna freak this big bitch out so bad she'll jump outta her skin!"

"Hey, Lester, we're waving but she's just staring at us. Jezuz, she's tall as a

mountain!" cautioned one of his two followers. "Now she's smiling, Lester."

"Goddamn, Lester, she's walkin' towards us," shouted the second fraternity man.

"This plan ain't workin' out. I'm gettin' outta here!" He turned tail and began

to streak back toward the bed. Heather's vast form loomed over them. Lester

craned his neck up and saw her look down on him, a wicked smile playing about

her beautiful lips.

"Well just look at all the lit-tle bit-ty bugs. Now, what is great big Heather

going to do to a bunch of creepy little peeping toms? Should she just step on

them?" her musings thundered down to their tiny ears.

Lester's jaw dropped. He stopped waving his arms and just stared up at her

towering mass. How had she known who they ? Sudden cold fear gripped his bowels.

She wouldn't really harm them?

Excitement was unmistakeable in her voice. "That's just what Heather's going to

do," she declared coldly.

The next instant all Lester and his companion could see was her huge pink

footsole darken their sky as it descended on them. Lester stumbled backward in

horror, and fell. Instinctively, he threw up one feeble arm as if to ward off

his fate. His slower-witted friend simply stared up in disbelief. They saw every

wrinkle and fold of her titanic footsole as it came down on them like a horrible


The ball of Heather's left foot slammed directly into Lester's pale body. His

corpse flattened instantly to a shapeless starburst of squirting guts that she

pushed down into the carpet. His friend, a few feet away, felt himself

intolerably crushed from the chest down. His head and neck extended into the

dark space beneath her toes. His head thumped around and around as she twisted

her foot brutally. He briefly saw the darkness spin before his body exploded in

unspeakable agony. His eyes swelled from their sockets. Guts and gore spewed

from his open mouth.

"Gotcha!" Heather crowed happily. Without further thought of the dead men, she

stood on their remains and raised her other foot over the last fleeing victim.

The sobbing little nerd ran for his life but he was amusingly slow. Her giant

foot swept through the air and easily overtook him. As if sensing his peril he

turned, looking back for a moment. His last frightful sight was of Heather's

looming big toe descending onto him. "No! Don't!" he wailed, unwilling to die so


But, for him also, it was too late. The pad of her enormous toe slammed into his

chest like a truck that drove him back-first into the carpet. In final

overwhelming pain he felt his body crush beneath her toe, as she drew it back,

into a tiny boneless ball that smeared a pulpy stain behind. Heather backed a

pace and observed her destruction. Three small corpses fouled her carpet. She

tilted her feet exposing the soles and there, too, their gore oozed red.

"Icky little bug-guts," she giggled. Then she cast her gaze about the floor.

"Any more of you little creeps down there? Heather's big feet are going to get

yoo-ou, too-oo!"

x x x

Lester was dead. His two companions were dead. Heather had squashed them without

hesitation, like bugs. Jeffrey cowered in panic atop her socks. Above, Heather

gave a last scrutiny. "Well, if there're no more of you, I guess I'll take my

shower now."

Jeffrey burrowed frantically into Heather's damp sock until at last he could go

no further. He found himself inside the space where her long sweaty toes had

been just minutes before. The smell was strong here, delicately cheesy, like an

athletic girl's healthy sweat. He found he could peer out between the giant

threads and see Heather, now bathing herself in her glass-walled shower. From

Jeffrey's tiny floor-view perspective, she towered up like a skyscraper into the

cavernous bath. Jeffrey's stomach knotted. How casually she had killed three


He did some quick mental arithmetic. His six-foot body was now one inch tall.

Heather was seventy-six inches tall. That made her--by his scale--seventy-six

times six feet, or 456 feet tall. And, let's see, her giantess weight was

now--this was a tougher calculation, although he had often done similar

ones--about 373,000 times her normal one hundred ninety pounds, or--he gulped,

his face turning pale--over seventy million pounds. This lovely girl, so

gracefully bathing her big muscular body fully within his view, weighed a

fantastic thirty-five thousand tons!

"Jeffrey! W-where are you, man?" Fred shouted nearby.

"Maybe the crazy bitch got him too, Fred," Jeffrey heard Jack add hysterically.

"I'm here, in Heather's sock," Jeffrey shouted back. "I'm hiding here so she

won't see me."

"C-c'mon Jack, let's get in th-there with Jeffrey. This b-b-bitch Heather's

gonna s-see us too." Within moments the two frat leaders and six men following

their lead had joined Jeffrey in Heather's smelly sock. Five other men had

bolted in fright to unknown hiding places.

"Great thinkin', Jeffrey," Jack admitted. "That cunt's too big a pig to bother

with her socks. She'll never find us in here."

Heather opened her shower door and stepped out onto her bathmat. As the men

watched she towelled herself slowly, moving with practiced ease. She gently

lifted one perfect breast and towelled beneath, then set it back and lifted the

other. She passed the towel between her breasts and along her hard abdomen,

pausing to dab away the water in her tight navel. She shifted her weight to one

foot while she raised the other to tiptoe and matter-of-factly towelled it from

crotch to instep in motions fluid as a ballerina. Fnished, she transferred the

towel to the other leg, tending momentarily to her lovely muff with the same

casual care she gave the rest of her goddess body.

Heather turned, her bath completed. Before the men could think of their danger,

she approached the bed. Her beautiful feet, far above Jeffrey's eyes, rose into

the air slowly, like a graceful dance, and came down slowly. They crashed onto

the carpet, however, with a force that rattled the men's teeth and shook the

floor under them. Her slow, giantess-like pace brought her the quarter-mile from

the bathroom to her bed in three or four seconds.

As Jeffrey watched in dawning horror, she stood over them. Her eyes peered

straight at her socks.

"About time I picked this place up a little," she said aloud. She reached down.

Her hand suddenly grew huge in the sky as it lowered toward them.

"Jeezus, we gotta get out of this sock!" cried Jack. The men thrashed around

trying to locate the way out of the suddenly imprisoning sock-tunnel. Their

scramble was so panic-stricken that they didn't hear Heather's sudden intake of

breath. But before they could scramble halfway out of her sock they felt it lift

from the top, and they tumbled free-fall back to the toe. Sock and all, they

were rising like a rocket into the air. Too late, he thought wildly. I hope

we're going into her hamper, and not the washing machine. Goddamn this sock, why

did I get into it? Now she'll kill us!

The sock suddenly stopped. The men kept ascending for a dozen feet more, then

crashed back in a bruising tangle into the toe. Jeffrey was dazed.

"My leg's broke!" wailed one of the younger frats.

"So's my arm," groaned another. The men felt themselves swinging like a


Opening one bruised eye, Jeffrey peered out through the dangling sock. Heather's

blue eyes were level with his, her mouth open in gleeful surprise. She jerked

the sock up and down a few more times. Again, the men tumbled helplessly in the

toe of her sock.

Jeffrey's abused stomach could take no more of this. "Heather!" he shouted at

the top of his lungs. "Heather! Please, let us out. Don't shake us any more,

please! Heaaa-therrr!"

Heather smiled wickedly. "Terrific," she whispered, "there're more of them!" She

tied a deft knot into the sock, then tossed it onto her bed. "Well, you aren't

getting out, that's for sure."

No mouse was ever caught as easily as eight men of the Phe Phi Pho Fraternity

had just been.

Wasting no time, Heather donned a black leather miniskirt. A lace-front black

bodice was next, barely containing her abundant bosom. She rolled black fishnet

hose onto her long, beautiful legs and stepped into black stiletto-heeled

sandals that buckled at the ankles. Reaching up, she loosened her golden hair

into a cascade below her shoulders. Within minutes she was back at the bed,

diabolically beautiful as Jeff had never seen her before.

Bending over the bed, she picked up the top of the sock between thumb and

forefinger. "I'm taking you downstairs. Whoever you twitchy little men are, I'm

going to let Maria share the fun of squashing you!" Her laughter rang evilly.

The men were stiff with panic. They had seen their friends murdered like insects

beneath this giantess's bare feet. And they had just heard their own deaths

pronounced. Their bodies collided helplessly in the sock as Heather, bouncing it

casually, stepped lightly down the stairs.

x x x

Maria sat on the sofa, her leather sandals discarded nearby. Her big latina left

heel was planted on the massive glass-topped coffee table. The other foot was on

the carpet below. One thick hand held a beer while the other groped in a bowl of

popcorn. On TV, American Gladiators absorbed her attention.

Heather strode over and dangled the sock before Maria's eyes. "Look, I've got

something here for you. If it bites, I'd rather it gets you than me!" She untied

the sock and dumped its contents onto the coffee table beside Maria's huge brown

foot. Small, white wormlike creatures rolled violently across the glass and

thumped into her thick heel.

"Huh? What're them things, bugs?" Maria, slow to startle, peered densely at the

dazed little forms lying helpless beside her enormous foot. "They're those frat

boys!" she slurred, her mouth full of popcorn. "Told ya they were comin. Gonna

squash' em."

She lifted her immense fat heel. It hovered over the white shapes, pausing to

take aim before she sent it crashing down onto their tiny prostrate forms.

x x x

Jeffrey came rolling out of Heather's sock at terrific speed and crashed into a

soft but unyielding wall. Momentarily knocked senseless, he awoke to feel a cold

glass surface beneath his throbbing back. He opened his eyes. He was on

Heather's coffee table. Straight above him, like a dusky blimp, hovered Maria's

immense latina heel. It was about to come crashing down on him.

"Oh shit, jump!" Jeffrey heard Jack scream. Maria's last words rang in his ears.

She was going to squash them!

Jeffrey twisted to his feet and raced for the edge of the table, moving with the

speed of desperation. Behind him, running footsteps told him the others were too

far behind to make it. How far down was the carpet? Could he survive if he

jumped? They'd squash him up here if he didn't try.

"Get them, Maria! They're getting away!" Heather shouted gaily.

Jeffrey leaped off the coffee table. He plummeted, gasping, down toward the base

of the sofa. The fall, only eighteen inches or so, was interminable to his

speeded-up senses, as if it really were the hundred feet his eyes perceived. But

the impact, when it came, was soft. Jeffrey sprawled awkwardly on the pile

carpet beside Maria's right foot, sprang up and sprinted behind her heel. Safe!

Unless the giantesses moved the big sofa, they'd never get him now.

Above him, six other fraternity men scurried back and forth helplessly on the

coffee table. One lay injured with a fractured leg. Maria's fat heel came down.

It landed directly onto the injured man's prone body full-force. Blood and

viscera exploded in a little star-shape across the glass. The impact also

crushed another's legs. His tiny body convulsed wildly in agony.

"Aaaagghhh, please no, don't hurt me any more," he screamed, trying to crawl.

"Pleeease, oh god don't hurt me."

Maria's huge brown heel lifted and descended on him again. His skull and chest Te aseguro que te pienso más de lo que te imaginas, que te extraño más de lo que piensas y que te amo más de lo que a veces demuestro

flattened with a satisfying little crunch. His squashed organs splattered

violently and mixed with the other man's mess.

"Shut that little plasta up," Maria declared gaily.

Under the couch, Jeffrey paced frantically behind Maria's titanic right foot. He

wept in the darkness. His naked body shivered with cold and panic. The girls

apparently hadn't seen him jump. Above him, visible through the inch-thick clear

glass, his doomed friends scurried about like frenzied cockroaches. Maria's left

heel, gore-splashed, still rested atop two corpses squashed to pieces by her

titan's weight. She wasn't curious enough about their fates to move it.

Jeff heard Maria's giant voice. "I toldya they were comin', Heather! I overheard

those little roosters talking about it in the campus quad yesterday. Let's make

'em tell us how they did this shrinking bit. I know lots of machos I'd like to

shrink down, man."

"Maria, that's a terrific idea!" Heather said. Turning to the surviving tiny

men, she raised one mighty sandled foot and slammed it down on the tabletop

inches from their bodies. The impact knocked them down where they stood. She

tapped her foot imperiously. "I can squash you all in a second, you pathetic

little worms. But first, you're going to show me how you shrunk yourselves. Do

you understand?" To emphasize her point, she reached down with her fingertip and

flicked one hapless little man toward her sandal. He flew through the air and

landed with a skid on his back. She raised her sandal and hovered it over his

dazed form, then slowly brought it down until she just felt it contact his soft

little chest. She saw his face turn red, and heard minute, dreadful groans of

pain burst from his compressing lungs.

"How about it, fellows? Who's going to come forward and tell me all about it?"

She leaned slightly more weight onto her victim. He rewarded her with a burst of

vomit from his gaping mouth. He couldn't breathe. His red face rapidly turned

purple. "Going, going," Heather taunted. "Don't know how much longer your

friend's going to last."

The little college nerd looked straight up from where he lay pinned beneath

Heather's toes. His chin just cleared her shoesole. Far above, her smiling face

gazed down on him between her big toe and her long second toe, framed through

the stretched net hose just above his face.

Fred arose, wringing his hands. "Stop!" he wailed.

"Gone," Heather breathed with cruel finality. Her pretty toes, so gigantic

before their tiny eyes, flexed a moment, then pressed their weight onto her

little victim. Immediately the man's imploring eyes and swollen tongue extruded

out of his face followed by jets of blood and internal organ. The now-familiar

crunch of a man's collapsing skeleton resounded ominously to the horrified

survivors. Heather had pushed his corpse flat against the glass. She slowly

lifted and lowered her long toes before their gaze, methodically pulping her

minute victim.

Slowly, she lifted up her shoe. The man's squashed torso stuck firmly to her

shoesole. His mashed legs swung limply in the shadow as she rocked her foot

idly. She glanced at Fred.

"Are you stepping over to join him, honey?" she said sweetly, pretending to

misunderstand Fred's futile effort to save his friend. Loosened by her swaying

foot, the nerd's flattened corpse peeled slowly off and landed with a sodden

thud into the bloody pool below.

Fred fainted. Jack, staring at the dead man, huddled near. The three other men

screamed and began to run in mindless panic about the tabletop. Maria stood up

and stepped onto the heavy glass, which groaned but held. The running men

toppled again. Immense brown feet walled them in.

"Stay put, you little insectos," Maria snarled.

They cowered back around Fred and quivered in fright as they gaped at her fat

toes and thick ankles towering above them.

"Man, I wanna squash 'em really bad, Heather," she pleaded, appealing to her

chuckling friend. To demonstrate she lifted one thick foot and moved it over the

tiny group. The terrified fraternity men cringed down in her shadow. They could

smell her damp toes as she wiggled them above their heads.

"Tell you what, Maria," Heather said coolly. "I'll take these for me, and you

can have the others, okay?" She selected Fred and Jack with a hooked finger and

dragged their bodies across the glass.

"Thanks, Heather!" Maria said gratefully. "Hey, look at this. I'm gonna do foot

exercises!" She carefully lowered her immense toes onto the three screaming men.

Curling them, she captured one by his head and shoulders. He rose, kicking,

thirty feet into the air as she pivoted her foot up from her planted heel. She

swung the man back and forth. A horrifying gurgle emerged from within her

clenched toes as his legs flailed violently high in the air. Lowering her foot,

she tilted her sole and clasped the man's exposed legs with the equally smelly

toes of her other foot. "I'm playin' the accordion, Heather!" she declared. As

she mimicked the instrument her thick toes moved back and forth, in and out. The

man's enfolded carcass stretched and bent unnaturally. It crunched and squashed.

His gurgling ceased. Within moments, he fell apart. Ragged clumps of gory tissue

and loose bone fell to the glass. Crimson splattered down onto his petrified


Maria waved his tattered halves, almost buried within her clenched toes, about

like happy little flags. "These're better than the bugs we squashed when we was

kids," she said with a giggle, observing her ensanguinated feet. "Look how juicy

they are!"

Heather warmed to her friend's enthusiasm. She looked down at Fred and Jack.

"You two little creeps better come up with some fast answers about how you

shrank yourselves before I do to you what Maria's doing to her bunch." She

lowered her foot from the table and kneeled beside it, resting her forearms on

its surface. Her formidable bosom, about to burst its laced restraints, joggled

menacingly above their transfixed gazes.

"Godammit, Fred, tell her quick," Jack screamed, "or these maniac bitches will

kill us all."

Fred gulped silently like a beached fish, his eyes goggled with fright.

"La-lab's got a morph-, morph-, a field..." He mumbled into silence.

Jack finished for him. "A morphogenetic field modification coil," he shouted at

the top of his lungs. "It's at the biophysics lab. Jesus, you'd never understand

that thing. Even we don't know exactly how it works. You punch in a reduction

factor, get into it, and you get zapped. You start to shrink. It's simple. Works

only with living tissue. Takes fifteen minutes. Lasts two hours, then you revert

to normal size."

Heather appraised them for a moment. "Oh, I don't think so. Now that I know your

secret, you poor little geeks don't have two hours," she thundered down

menacingly. "It's play time. Oooh, you don't want to miss your chance to play

with big Heather, do you? Everybody loves Heather." She reached up and untied

the knotted lace at the top of her bodice. Immediately the garment parted. Her

huge firm breasts, now free of their confinement, plummeted onto the glass with

an awesome rumble within inches of the minuscule men.

"How d'you like these babies?" she inquired coyly. "Aren't they just the biggest

things you ever saw?" She slipped her hands under the mammoth breasts, lifted

them up, and set them down to either side of the little men.

"Here they come!" she warned. When she let them go, they settled together. Two

walls of warm mammary flesh, each twenty feet high, engulfed Fred and Jack.

Heather could feel the buried men struggling. She laughed at the tickling

sensation as she slowly stood up. She retied her bodice, with Fred and Jack

entombed within her mighty bosom.

Maria had, meanwhile, not been idle. She held up one hapless man, his head

pinched between her fat thumb and forefinger. "Heather, grab this guy's legs and

we'll pull 'im apart!"

Forgetting completely about her own tiny victims, Heather obliged, grabbing both

legs between her own thumb and finger. The man's pleading screams served only to

excite the women further. Each began to tug gently on his body. In her

excitement, Maria's big thumb squeezed his skull. The head crushed alarmingly to

a flattened ovoid. His eyes and tongue squirted out. Brain tissue followed,

extruded like toothpaste from his nose and eyesockets. Not noticing the death

she had already dealt, she gave his head a slow twist, turning it completely

around on its neck. Tortured cervical vertebrae separated from his skull with

grating crunches. His neck immediately stretched a foot, like rotten rope, as

Heather maintained her tug on his legs.

"Ready, Heather?" Maria asked, her eyes dancing with excitement. "One, two,

three, pull!" The girls laughed and yanked simultaneously.

Maria looked down at her fingers. "Hey, all I got was his head," she said. "You

got all the rest."

"Here," said Heather, "share with me." She dangled the stretched corpse by one

leg. Its ragged neck streamed red. Both thigh bones had pulled from their

sockets, as had both knee joints, making the body flop unnaturally. Maria

dropped the crushed head and grasped his free leg.

"Now, make a wish, Maria!" Heather exclaimed, and again the girls yanked the

mangled carcass. This time Maria got the biggest piece; Heather was left

pinching only a leg and thigh.

"I won, I won," Maria crowed, waving the corpse about by its remaining leg. It

also promptly detached. The legless torso smashed against a nearby wall with a

wet splat and fell to the carpet.

"Man, these little bastards must be made of shit. They fall apart too easy.

Well, who's next?" Maria continued brightly, dropping the leg at her feet.

One lone man crouched shivering in a sob of fear amid the puddles of pulp and

detached body parts that had been his fraternity brothers. He looked up

furtively at his gigantic feminine tormentors. So recently he had regarded them,

with typical male ego, as silly bitches who could be frightened by mouse-sized

men. Now he saw them as all-powerful titanesses. He knew they meant to include

his fragile life in their orgy of destruction--and their physical power over him

was beyond any defense.

"Your turn, cucaracha!" Maria murmered fiercely. "Crawl between my toes and

start licking. Make sure you clean 'em good too." She thumped her enormous left

foot down before him and spread her thick brown toes.

Trembling violently like a man who knew his death was imminent, he trudged

fatalistically toward the proferred toes. Surprisingly, she let him walk between

her big and second toes and begin licking their pungent walls without violence.

She merely observed from on high while he accomplished what he was bid. He ran

his little tongue full-length to as high as he could reach on tiptoe, licking in

the wrinkles and creases. He dutifully worked his way to the end of the canyon,

where the toes met, and diligently continued his careful consumption where the

sweaty deposits were especially cheesy.

Maria looked at Heather with a smile. "Now this is how I like my men. Should I

keep him around for a while to do this for me? His little tongue kinda tickles!"

"Forget it, girl," Heather reasoned. "He'd pop back full-size in an hour or so

if he lived. Besides, we've got a world full of little men like him we can

shrink, now that we know how they did it."

"Yep, you're right," Maria agreed, and clamped the man between her toes where he

stood licking. She squeezed, squashing him in a second. As she opened her toes

again, a dreadful groan escaped his lips. He collapsed, mortally crushed, into a

blood-drenched heap on the glass. She rolled his ruined body around beneath her

toes until he stopped crunching. When he was merely a little sphere of meat, she

placed the ball of her bare sole onto him and stepped down.

x x x

Jeffrey looked up through the glass, from his hiding place below, in abject

horror. Casually Maria concluded the tiny murder of her last humiliated victim.

He watched Maria's sole literally mash the man's balled-up body into fragments

against the glass within a crimson puddle of separating guts and splintering

bone. Nearby, the crushed and dismembered carcasses of four other men littered

Heather's glass tabletop. He had to return to Heather's bedroom, Jeffrey

reasoned crazily, and rejoin the five fraternity friends who hadn't been

captured. He just could not remain alone in this mad scene.

"Maria, would you be a dear and clean up this mess?" Heather asked sweetly,

indicating the coffee table. Jeffrey looked over at Heather's gigantic

spike-heeled feet standing on the carpet two hundred feet away at the end of the

coffee table. "Just grind them in the garbage disposal. I'm going upstairs and

change again. We're visiting that campus lab tonight to look for that coil thing

the little bastards were talking about."

Jeffrey's heart thudded. The girls were absorbed with excitement at what they

had done to their helpless male victims. Would they see him if he could somehow

hitch a ride upstairs on one of Heather's huge sandals? He ran beneath the couch

to a spot only twenty feet or so from her net-stockinged little toe. He had to

run now if he were to make it! Sprinting at a dead run, Jeffrey leaped atop

Heather's sandal-sole and grabbed a loose bit of net stocking near her right

little toe. The string was thick as anchor hawsers in his lilliputian grasp. Her

giant toes smelled delectably of perfume.

At that instant she raised her gigantic foot and turned to take a step toward

the stairs. Jeffrey accelerated into the air as though he had grabbed a

departing airliner. Pain shot through his shoulders. He fought to hang on. He

could feel his feet slipping on her sandal top as her foot neared the top of its

arc. Wind beat on his struggling face. He held on grimly. Heather's foot

descended from her sixty yard pace. Panic gripped Jeffrey's guts as he saw the

floor rise to meet her sandaled foot. The impact of her spike heel on the carpet

was arm-wrenching. Then the ball of her foot pivoted down thirty feet and

slammed into the carpet. Jeffrey's left hand slipped from its grasp and he spun

around, hanging only by his right hand. His back slammed against her toe. His

left arm slapped against hard leather--and hung on. Her sandal strap!

Heather's titanic right foot momentarily crushed the carpet with her full

weight. Beyond, her left foot described its own great arc up into the sky. He

could waste no time securing his hold. Slipping his left arm under the strap,

Jeffrey quickly wedged his legs between it and her little toe, just as a second

shuddering crash announced the completion of her other footstep. As her right

foot rose again, Jeffrey exulted. He was safe!

Heather's teeth-shattering footsteps across the carpet and up the staircase

proved, however, a nightmare whirl of pain and buffeting wind. Every crashing

impact of Heather's right foot flexed her little toe against the sandal-strap.

The intense pressure squeezed Jeffrey's legs almost to bursting. He lost count

of her steps. The monstrous staircase was a dizzying series of plateaus and

vertical cliffs that dropped away below his nauseated gaze. His rapidly ebbing

strength alarmed him. Could he survive this giantess's ride?

At last, Jeffrey saw Heather's bed approach. He had to get off her shoe now.

This was the footstep! He dragged his legs from under the strap and clung to the

net with faltering grip. Her heel crashed down. The jarring impact was too much

for his weakened hands. His grasp tore loose and, accelerated by her motion, he

crashed headlong into the carpet.

Heather's sandal-sole slammed down inches from his unconscious body. The carpet

compressed beneath her unthinkable weight. His slack form rolled down the angled

slope of the pressed-down nap. It hit her sole just as she lifted it again. Her

rising sandal kicked him up, like an unnoticed bit of trash, into a pinwheel arc

through the air. Jeffrey's abused body then crashed brutally into the padded rug

and rolled limply to a stop beneath her bed.

x x x

"Is he alive, Benny?" asked a voice from the darkness.

"He's breathing. His head's pretty messed up," answered Benny. "Those legs look

kinda smashed, too. I guess Heather's no easy ride."

Jeffrey felt strong hands grab his arms and drag him along the carpet. He opened

his eyes, wincing against the throb of pain in his head. "They killed

everybody," he croaked. "Everybody's dead. It was horrible. We're all that's


"He's out of his head," Benny declared gravely. "Poor Jeffrey." He looked at his

friends. "I don't believe him, guys, Heather can't be that mean. I told you, she

just mistook Lester and his guys for bugs, that's all. I still say we've gotta

try to contact her and explain our situation. She'll get us outta this mess."

"Damn, d'you see that getup she's wearing?" said Al, a skinny young frat who'd

never made a secret of his infatuation for Heather. "Jeez, what a knockout she

is!" The others eagerly nodded assent.

Heather had moved to her closet and was choosing an outfit. As they watched, she

stooped and picked up a pair of shoes by their heel straps. She returned to the

bed and set the shoes down with a thump not fifty feet from the naively

lovestruck men. They were red leather sling-back high heels, with narrow straps

criss-crossing the instep.

"Those shoes are perfect for my plan," exclaimed Benny. "I'm gonna run out there

and jump onto one of them. You guys stand nearby. When we wave our arms and run

around, she can't miss seeing us. Let's go, guys!"

"No! Don't go out there!" Jeffrey wailed feebly through his pain. But the five

men had dashed from under the bed. As he watched in dismay, Benny was already

clambering with some difficulty up the sandal sole to the broad open platform

where Heather's beautiful foot would soon rest. Heather stood nearby, arranging

her new clothing on the bed. She turned and sat down. Above Jeffrey's head, the

bedsprings squealed and compressed beneath her vast tonnage. One net-stockinged

foot lifted up, out of his sight. When it descended, her perfect red toenails

again twinkled in the light, bare of sandal and stocking. She removed the other

sandal and stocking also, then stood up.

Four men of the Phe Phi Pho Fraternity danced about her feet, yelling and waving

their arms for her attention. Benny danced on her right shoe. But they were too

insignificant. Heather neither heard nor saw them, intent as she was in removing

her garments. She dropped the black leather skirt to the floor and stepped out

of it. The heavy garment slammed down onto two of the tiny men. They were lost

from sight beneath it.

"Oh jeez, no," whispered Jeffrey. He hitched himself by his elbows toward the

light, out to the edge of the bed. The other two men halted their wild dancing

and attempted vainly to lift the heavy leather garment towering above their

heads. Benny, continuing his mad jig, hadn't noticed the catastrophe.

Above, Heather unlaced her black bodice. Her gigantic erect breasts sprang out

of the garment, too firm and huge to be contained. Two tiny bodies dropped

unnoticed from her chest. They hit the carpet a hundred feet away and bounced

several feet into the air, limbs flailing limply. They crashed back to the nap.

Heather had forgotten Fred and Jack. Nor had the giantess even noticed the

smothered men fall.

Atop the shoe, Benny stopped his waving. He peered in confused alarm at the two

dead men lying in front of Heather's toes. Then his puzzled gaze returned to

Heather's lovely countenance almost five hundred feet above. Instantly, terror

swept across his face. He crouched down and his arms went up. His jaw dropped to

scream. But there was no time. The dark shadow swept low.

x x x

Heather hastily slipped her feet into her red sandals while she buttoned up her

red hot pants. She noticed but didn't investigate the soft lump in her right

sandal. She shifted weight to her right foot as she hooked the toe of her left

sandal under the leather skirt on the floor. The lump beneath her right foot

compressed with a tiny crunch, and disappeared. Her left sandal swept up the two

men buried in the folds of her skirt, wedging them both between the ball of her

bare foot and the sandal platform. She never felt their frightened squirmings.

She kicked the skirt across the floor toward the closet and set her left foot

down again. When she shifted her weight something soft beneath her left foot

also crunched to nothing. Again Heather paid no attention. She turned to the

bed, preoccupied with pulling on her white tanktop.

x x x

The ghastly carnage before Jeffrey unnerved him completely. Were they all such

insignificant vermin that the big girl couldn't even tell they were there? By

her hasty, casual-seeming movements, Jeffrey knew that Heather hadn't even seen

her most recent victims. Of course, he knew their fates would have been equally

horrible had she discovered them. Why hadn't the fools listened to his warning?

Heather, for so long his fantasy, again stood inches away. He stared from

beneath the bed at her lovely, long toes and smooth, soft feet, so perfect in

their beauty and so irresistible in their might. From his worm's view he saw her

latest male victims ooze from beneath her gore-splashed toes and trickle

unnoticed down the sides of her sandals. A movement out on the carpet caught

Jeffrey's attention. Struggling to his feet, one tiny limping man lifted a

groaning companion onto his back. He turned toward Jeffrey, stumbing erratically

under his burden. But his journey of over forty yards led him directly between

Heather's constantly shifting feet. With his legs ruined, there was nothing

Jeffrey could do to help them. Miraculously, as the seconds passed, the

struggling men neared Jeffrey's haven unscathed, although once Heather stepped

down within five feet of them. At last, Jeffrey rose to his knees and advanced

painfully into the light to assist the stumbling man with his burden.

x x x

Heather turned to leave her bedroom. One spike heel, tall as a three-story

building and twelve inches across at its tip, swung around and slid to a stop.

Thirty-five thousand tons of feminine weight crashed like a piledriver onto the

tiny men. Heather had impaled Jeffrey cleanly through the chest onto her spike


His last thoughts were clear as his body was pushed up the column by the two

corpses beneath. He saw, as darkness closed in, straight up the red shaft to

Heather's smooth pretty heel overhanging the sandal. Beneath him, the other men

were even more horribly mutilated. One was crushed through at the lower spine

and dangled precariously in two pieces. The other's head and upper chest had

been mashed to pulp by the skidding heel. Their unnoticed bodies, spindled like

grubs on Heather's spike, accompanied her and Maria as they left for their

evening's adventures.

Giantess Stories: TRAPPED IN HEATHER

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