Giantess Stories: Trapped in Stone  by RHMusic      She was part Syrian and part Egyptian on her mother

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Trapped in Stone

by RHMusic

She was part Syrian and part Egyptian on her mother's side, and part English on

her father's side. Definitely the most exotic person he had ever had the

opportunity to call his girl friend. It was a magical and potent mixture.

They met in a bar on campus. She walked up, sat down, and introduced herself as

Surrain, "But just call me Surrey," she said with a smile. Her eyes had a

twinkle that entranced him.

"You are beautiful," he replied, then, after gawking a bit, "Oh, and my name is

John Barrows."

That night, and the night after, they stayed together in his dorm room, in

delighted exploration. John was completely entranced, she was a taut bundle,

inventive, cute, and fun. The third night, they agreed to go to her place.

"Wow!" John exclaimed as he entered. He stepped in an took a tentative step

towards the middle of the room. "This is an incredible apartment!" The room was

nearly a museum, with elegant glass display cases of the netsuke, jade carvings,

ivory sculptures, Egyptian coins, and other artifacts.

"Thanks!" she said. "It all belongs to Daddy. He's an art and antiquities

dealer. Those are all really just indefinite loans," she explained. "He travels

all over looking for available antiquities, especially visiting estate sales and

things like that, where important finds are occasionally brought to light." She

took him on a tour of the apartment. Each sculptures had a fascinating

background and story, of gods, humans, quests, curses, and capturing souls.

Eventually they wandered into the bedroom (which was relatively bare by

comparison), stepped close, and tentatively began to kiss.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

That night John woke with a start. He sat bolt upright and looked around.

"Surrey?" he whispered. She didn't appear to be in the bed or in the room. John

felt over to her pillow, and touched a small stone object.

In the dim light, he could tell that it was a small ivory statue, about the size

of his thumb, but thicker, with an oblong shape. It was a man, about 3 inches

tall, squatting on his knees on a small pedestal, arms by his side, leering.

Overall, it was shaped like a bullet... or a penis. John chuckled and looked at

it more closely, if this was a fertility statue, then it should have... and

there it was. The man was sporting an oversized penis which lay flat against his

stomach, pointing straight up, carved into the side of the statue. "What will

she think of next?" John wondered if Surrey masturbated with it. The thought was


As John studied the statue, he lay back down and, starting to nod off, rested

the figure on his chest. As he dozed off, the figure began to warm, the carvings

appeared to gradually melt away, and, very gradually, reshape themselves...

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

"Oh Shit! It worked." Surrey stepped into the bedroom in the morning, She had

spent the night on the couch in the living room. As she opened the room she saw

that John was gone. And in his place, was a small statue, about 3 inches high.

John snapped awake at the sound of her voice and right away knew that something

was very wrong. First, he couldn't move! His whole body felt like it was encased

in plaster - although on the outside it felt naked, and sensitive. He shivered

from the morning cold.

Second, he panicked when he realized he was not breathing, although he didn't

feel like he was suffocating. "Is this what it feels like to die?" He wondered.

And finally, the bed looked huge! Instead of merely five feet wide, it looked 20

*yards* wide, and god knows how long. John was hysterical. He was completely

immobilized, he couldn't talk, move, or breath. His mind whirled in frustration

and fright.

"John!" she exclaimed, delighted at her new discovery, but a bit worried. "I

never thought the legend was true! It was just a lark that I tried it." Surrey

reach down and gently lifted the statue. John felt her warm, silky fingers close

around him and warm him. His body had become incredibly sensitive, as if all 6

feet of his touch sensors had been collapsed into the 3 inch statue. John calmed

down a bit and forced his mind to settle. Surrey lifted him 30 feet into the air

(to him), and then walked over to her dressing table.

For the first time, John saw his new form. They both studied the statue in the

mirror. The carvings on the statue had changed. This time, they were John's

features, a perfect likeness, except not exactly in proportion. In particular,

the body was sculpted to be smooth and torpedo shaped, completely bald, about an

inch and a half in diameter and 3 inches tall. John was squatting on his knees

on a pedestal. The pedestal had a pencil-sized hole bored through it.

But worst of all, for John, was that he was carved completely naked. His penis

was hard (and felt hard! Eternally hard) and was carved as this huge member

pointing straight up towards his chin, alongside his stomach. Further, his

nipples were large and extended, looking a bit ridiculous, almost as if he had

slight breasts carved in, and his ass were exposed with a deep crack carved in.

The statue, and John, had become pink ivory.

"Oh John," Surrey felt she should be sorry for him, but she couldn't help being

excited at the discovery. "I never really thought the legend was true! Daddy

told me that this was the Iqasirra [ee-kah-SIR-ah], a statue designed to capture

the body and soul of a slave as a plaything for an Egyptian princess. Since he

calls me his Egyptian princess, he thought I should have it. It's the only one

in the world... or rather, you are the only on in the world, that we know of. He

acquired it last week from the estate of a British WWI general."

She covered her mouth with her hand, in shock. "This must be awful for you!"

Surrey realized. She held the statue between her hands, gently warming it. John

felt her fingers stoking his naked body. "The reason why I chose last night to

try it out, was because of the lunar eclipse, which I know has played a role in

Egyptian religious ceremonies. I guess I'm hoping that the next lunar eclipse

will reverse the spell." John was grateful for some element of hope, although

slim, he was glad there might be a way out.

"Unfortunately," she continued, "the next lunar eclipse, according to my friends

in astronomy, will not be for another 4 months, and even then we'll have to

travel to California to view it."

John's heart sank. Four months! He was going to miss the entire summer, his last

summer after college before he would start work. He looked at Surrey feeling


She looked down at him. "I'm sorry John, I really never thought this would

happen." She held him close to her chest, trying to be comforting. John was in

shock, unable to comprehend what was happening, expecting the whole thing to be

a dream.

John felt his body nestle between her breasts, covered by a thin silky night


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The rest of the day was spent doing research. Surrain called her father, not

explaining what had happened, but just asking for more information about the

statue. He passed on several references and Surrey decided to check them out at

the library.

After getting dressed to go out, Surrey looked at John trapped in the statue and

wondered if she should take him. She wanted to compare the statue against

pictures at the library, but didn't want it to be lost, or accidentally


"What should I do, John?" She looked at him and noticed for the first time the

unusual size of the carved penis. "That's curious" she muttered. It seemed the

penis was a bit pinker than the rest of the statue.

"Wait! I know!". She went to her jewelry chest and fished out a length of silk

cord, threaded it through the hole in the pedestal, and hung the statue around

her neck. "Now, I'll be sure never to leave you behind," she said. She lifted

her shirt, slipped the statue inside, and left the apartment.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This was unexpected for John. He had thought he'd be left on the shelf for the

entire 4 months, going insane with boredom while trapped in the statue. Now, he

was upside down, with his head and face nestled between Surrey's massive

breasts, his head barely touching the top of the half-bra that she wore for

support. As she strolled to the library, her breasts bounced up, gently

enclosing his entire head and upper body, and then stroked down.

John was beside himself. He was always obsessed with breasts, and especially

Surrey's breasts, which were full, ample, and firm. Now, he was practically

encased in them, as they stroked his entire body. The sensations were just too


And his penis felt hard! Well, of course it was hard, it was carved to be hard.

But now, it somehow felt hard and hot, and pulsing.

A friend called out and Surrey stopped to chat. On the last bounce as she turned

around, her breasts had spread and then trapped the statue deep in her cleavage,

John's head actually inside her bra. Her answers were a bit short, she was

anxious to get to the library. He felt hot and moist, and smelled a mixture of

animal sweat and perfume. Her breasts compressed around him. His penis was

pressed hard against her warm baby smooth skin.

Eventually, she said good-bye to her friend and then continued to the library.

As she jogged up the stairs, he was roughly bounced and rubbed between her

bosoms and then John lost all control: he orgasmed. No sperm came out, but the

sensation was more intense than he had ever experienced. Electric shocks raced

through his body and he blacked out for a minute from the sensory overload. "Oh

jesus," he thought as he woke up, "that was incredible."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Surrey reached the section on Egyptian antiquities at the library and started

scanning for books. Hidden in the stacks, she fished into her shirt and pulled

the statue out to take another look.

She was surprised because the statue seemed to be a deeper shade of pink than

she remembered. Holding up to the light it was definitely darker. How could this


Then she spied the penis. It was an even brighter pink. "Oh, my God!" she

exclaimed, looking at it. She rubbed her hand over it and watched in amazement

as the pink turned to red, still as hard as stone.

Her hand involuntarily jerked back. "This is weird," she muttered, watching the

red gradually fade from the penis. "I wonder if I'm hurting him?"

Surrey again looked around, making sure that no one was watching. She felt a bit

embarrassed to be playing with this obvious fertility god in public. Stroking

another man's penis! Maybe it was just a statue, and only 3 inches tall, but it

was still weird and somehow perverted.

But once she thought of it, she couldn't resist trying. She held John in one

hand, and then gradually rubbed her finger up and down the carved penis. She was

rewarded when the carved stone cock turned bright pink, then red, and then, for

just a second or so, became a dark purplish color. After that, the color faded

back to pink.

She sat down on the floor, her mind swirling. Yes, John was trapped in the

statue, with some incredibly potent magical powers. Until this point, she had

thought it might be all some trick played by John, in league with her father,

although she knew intellectually that that would be impossible. But then, this

was impossible too!

She steadied her breath, found the books she was looking for, and started

studying. After a while she smiled, knowing now what John must feel, as she

dropped the statue back inside her shirt, to nestle between her bosoms.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

As it turns out, the "Catalog of Egyptian Antiquities from Private Collections"

was particularly helpful. In it, she found a description of the General who had

found the statue and the curse surrounding it.

Originally, the statue was owned by an Egyptian princess, Sulemara, also known

as the "Man Eater" for some of the particularly nasty things she had done to one

or two of her princes. There was even a carved drawing, in her tomb, showing

Sulemara stroking a penis-shaped statue. It is these two facts combined which

led to the legend.

It was discovered, along with hundreds of other items by Egyptian archeologists

in 1803 as they were excavating in the neighborhood of the Rosetta stone,

probably it was originally hidden in a temple there by an Egyptian Priest who

may have acquired it through personal service to the princess (or who may have

stolen it). After discovery, it seemed to be merely cataloged and stored. Then,

Brigadier General Lewis, well known for his admiration of antiquities, acquired

it when Egypt was occupied by the British for a time during the second world

war, apparently as a present from a local politician.

The Brigadier was apparently quite proud of the statue, although it was

naturally too lewd to bring up in polite company. He ended up giving it to his

only son, Robert, upon his graduation from Oxford.

Strangely, about 2 years later, the son disappeared while visiting home, and was

later found, dead from exposure in a neighboring field. This strange occurrence

was widely reported and the papers suggested that a curse from one of the

Brigadier's Egyptian antiquities had been responsible.

Which brings us to the present, when Surrain's father inspected and purchased

the statue from the estate of the Brigadier, who's widow had recently died at

the ripe old age of 98.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

That night, after a whole day wrapped in Surrey's bosoms, John was ready for a

rest. Surrey placed him on her bureau, had a shower, and then laid in bed

reading. After a minute she looked up and saw the statue, with John trapped

inside, looking at her.

"I wonder if you're cold?" she mused, as she stood up and walked over. She

picked up the statue, thought for a second, and then opened a drawer. Inside was

a jumble of bras, panties, tap pants, and other lingerie. She wrapped the statue

in a pair of her silk panties, and then put him into the drawer. All her

undergarments smelled of baby powder and perfume. "It's official, I'm in

heaven," John decided.

"There, since I need to wear underwear every day, I will never forget you

there." With a wicked grin she reached down and began stroking his penis through

the silk panties. The panties were all around him, so he felt his entire body

caressed by silk. It only took about 15 seconds before he climaxed, for the 4th

time that day. She kept stroking, it was nearly painful because he was so


After a few more seconds, Surrey stopped, closed the drawer, turned out the

lights, and went to bed.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

John woke to bright sunlight as Surrey opened the lingerie drawer. "You are

there!" she exclaimed, "I had convinced myself that it was all a dream." She

lifted the ivory figure, disentangled it from a bit of panty lace, and then

carried it to the kitchen.

"I had thought I was dreaming too," John thought, in resignation. He was glad to

have slept, however, for he was a bit afraid that he might not be able to in his

new state. His dreams had been filled with exotic images of female figures,

Egyptian princesses, and slavery. "Will I dream about these things every night?"

he wondered. Thoughts of a slavish devotion to Surrain had insinuated into his

dreams that night and caressed his frame him as he woke.

Surrey fixed a cup of coffee as she looked thoughtfully at the statue. The penis

was just a little pinker than the rest. She reached out idly and stroked it.

Instantly, it turned bright pink, then red.

"Rock-hard morning hard-on?" She asked, playfully. She took another look and was

struck by an idea. Surrey jumped up and fetched some cold water from the

refrigerator, and a paper towel.

Soaking up some water from the towel, she dabbed the water on the carved ivory


Instantly, the penis lost all color, becoming a natural ivory shade of white.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, wiping the cold water off with a dry towel.

John, meanwhile, was trying to recover. "God, that's cold!" he shuddered inside,

shivering. "What the hell is she doing: torturing me?"

"I have an idea, John," Surrey explained. "I want to ask you a question. If the

answer is 'Yes', then think sexy thoughts to make your penis get red." She

paused for a second. "I hope this works."

Surrey sat up, brushed her hair out of her eyes, and then leaned over to look at

John intently. "OK, first question, and by far the most important." She paused,

"can you hear me, and do you understand me?"

After holding her breath for two seconds, a pause, and then .... Yes! The carved

cock was getting pink, then red!

"All right!" Surrey clapped her hands and fisted the air. "We can communicate!"

She applied more cold water to the penis, which quickly returned to ivory again.

"This is great," she exulted in her cleverness. "OK, now I'm going to ask you a

series of questions, and I hope and pray that all of the answers are 'No'.

Because, otherwise, we could be in serious trouble."

Surrey started her questions. "First, are you suffocating, or do you have

trouble breathing when your face is covered?" She looked carefully, held up a

watch, but after 30 seconds there was no change. She was relieved. Of course,

there were no apparent holes through which he could breath, but she was still

glad that John appeared to be OK.

"Second, are you starving?" The mouth was just a carved indentation, so she had

no idea of how to feed him if he was. Fortunately, after half a minute or so,

there was no change.

"Does it hurt when you hang upside down?" No change.

"Here's a strange question which I thought of last night: Do you experience time

any slower or faster than before?" No change.

"Does it hurt when I pick you up or hold you?" No change.

"Now, I've been wondering if we should notify your family about your problem.

Only I'm sure they would never believe me. So, I was planning to just pretend

that you are a missing person until we can figure out how to get you out of

there. Do you object to that plan?"

John thought it over. He realized that he was completely dependent on Surrey,

and that there was nothing his family could do to help. So, reluctantly, he

agreed by thinking unsexy thoughts (ice cold water, rugby, and Margaret

Thatcher). The penis showed no change.

"Good!" She was very relieved. Then she smiled wickedly.

"Do you want to be my pendant when I go out Jogging?"

Surrey laughed. It had only taken 1/2 a second for the penis to turn bright red.

She stroked the penis some more. "I'll go get ready!"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

"Ms. Surrain must be the smartest person alive," mused John, grateful for the

chance to communicate, however limited. The amount of relief he felt that

someone could *listen* was enormous.

Surrey stepped out of the apartment and down the steps, put the cord around her

neck and slipped the statue into her shirt. The face of the statue with John

trapped inside rested on her sports bra. After a quick stretch, she took off.

"Oh Boy, [whomp!] this [whomp!] is not as [whomp!] fun as I thought [whomp!] it

would [whomp!] be!" John thought. Each step and the statue bounced up and down,

slamming down on Surrey's breasts, moving easily within the loose T-Shirt.

Surrey stopped. "This is really not working," she said to John, pulling him out.

"Let's try this instead!" She hooked a finger into the sports bra, pulled it

out, and buried the statue deep in her cleavage, between her breasts. As she let

go of the bra, it tightened and squeezed her tits together, tightly trapping

John and squeezing all around the statue. The breasts were so big in comparison

to the statue, it was like being pressed between two large bean-bags, except

that they were smooth and soft skin.

John was literally drowning in hot, sweaty tit flesh. All parts of his body were

squeezed and trapped, rubbing deep in Surrey's cleavage.

Surrey patted her chest and took off jogging for a second time. The first jolt

was enough to send John over the edge: he climaxed. But the intense, full-body

massage continued, rubbing silky skin over his entire body from head to toe. His

climax had just begun to subside, the peak had just been reached and passed,

when he found the forced stimulation and intimacy getting him excited again! He

fought it for a minute or so, then succumbed and climaxed again. There seemed to

be no end to his orgasms. This must have be a side-effect of the magic which had

trapped him, his new ability to feel such intense pleasure for longer periods of

time and to stay so near the peak of orgasm.

"And to think," Surrey said out-loud. "I always buy my sports bras two sizes too

small, just to make sure that everything stays put!" She giggled at the thought

of this horny figurine trapped between her swinging breasts. "That lecherous

little rock," she thought, "I bet I can think of some things to really blow a

fuse or two!"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

After a 4-mile jog, Surrey was finished. She disrobed on the way to the

bathroom. The cock on the statue was a very dark purple. "Oh you poor thing!"

she said in mock sympathy. "Here, let me take care of that for you." She stroked

the carved penis and was rewarded when the purple peaked and then gradually

faded to red, then pink. "There now, isn't that nicer?"

Little did she know that it was John's 8th orgasm since the start of the jog. It

had been, without a doubt, the most extended and mind-blowingly exhausting

experience he had ever had. He almost lost track of where one climax ended, and

where the next began. He was ready for a rest. Ice cold water would be


As they entered the bathroom, Surry idly stroked the statue over her nipples,

while kicking off her shoes. She took off her socks which landed to the floor

with a splat, they were heavy with sweat. "I think we'll go to the physics lab

today." She said out-loud. I have a friend there who might be able to help see

what makes you tick.

"But first," she continued, "you'll be safe here!" And with that, she picked up

her gym sock, wrapped it around john, literally dripping, and the stuffed the

bundle into the toe of her sneaker. John couldn't help it, it was so rank and

degrading that he orgasmed again.

Surrey stepped into the shower, giggling with how wicked she had become.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The physics lab was a complete bust. The only reading of any kind which they got

from the statue was a slight infrared emission. "Probably left over from your

body heat." Jim told Surrey.

Jim was a nice friend, Surrey thought to herself, but she wondered how good at

physics he really was. Anyway, the statue showed no magnetic, radioactive,

X-Ray, alpha particle, radio, or electrical emissions of any kind.

Naturally John was mortified at being displayed in the open to this stranger.

After all, he was completely naked! And there was nothing he could do, trapped

as he was, to cover himself up. If only his figure didn't have such a large

cock, such large nipples, and that leering expression.

Worse, Jim laughed out-loud when he first saw the statue, and would have called

in the other grad students if Surrey hadn't stopped him at the last minute.

"Why do you think this thing has energy inside it anyway?" Jim asked.

"Well," Surrey hesitated, "because of this." She rubbed the ivory cock on the

statue to a healthy pink. John just about died from embarrassment.

"Hey that's great!" John laughed at how over-the-top this trinket was. "But it's

no big deal, just heat sensitive. Dozens of chemicals do that. Maybe it's a mood

statue!" He laughed, thinking himself very clever.

Surrey rolled her eyes. Seeing that there wasn't anything more to do, she

thanked Jim, put the figurine around her neck, and left the lab. "It might be a

mood statue," she mumbled to herself, "but not in the way that you think!"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

That afternoon, Surrey got a call from her friend Janice. "Come with us to a

movie," Janice asked, "it's starring Daniel Day Lewis, hoot, hoot!" Surrey

laughed and agreed to join them for a "Ladies Night Out". There was nothing else

to do anyway, since it was Sunday night.

As she dressed for the evening (Jeans and a T-shirt), she wondered if she should

bring the statue. "Do you want to join me for a movie?" She asked John. "You

won't be able to see anything, 'cause I'll have to keep you out of sight."

Even though, John wanted to go. The penis turned red.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

After the movie, the clutch of girlfriends decided to get a late-night snack at

a local diner. After the main course, they sat chatting over coffee and desert.

"Guess who I saw today, Surrey?" Janice asked, looking like a tease. Janice was

Surrain's closest friend. They had been roommates when they were undergrads.

Janice was from New York, tall, thin, small sharp features, with short black



"Why, Jim in the physics lab!" Janice showed a grin a mile wide.

"So?" Surrey tried to affect an air of indifference.

"Well, he says you have an Egyptian fertility statue, which you carry with you.

Is that true?" The other girls all looked at Surrey with naughty delight.

"That good-for-nothing gossip," Surrey grumbled, "I swear I'll kill him!"

"So, is it true?" April asked. April was Janice's current roommate. Her body was

more fleshy and voluptuous, with larger bosoms and long brown hair.

"Yes, it is." Surrain sighed in resignation.

Meanwhile, John, hidden in Surrey's shirt, was listening to this conversation

with trepidation. "Don't tell them!" He prayed to himself. He did not want to be

exposed in front of these strangers in such a blatantly sexual and naked pose.

"Well, let's see it!" Cory was a former lab partner of Surrey's, who lived close

by. Cory was athletic and tall. All of the girls joined in to the chorus. "Yes!


Surrey realized that she could not ignore her friend's pleas, and she knew they

would be offended if she became upset. So, Surrain reached in and pulled out the


"Noooooo!" Thought John, in horror. He felt very, very small as he was placed on

the table for all to see. Cold, shivering, and exposed. If only he didn't have

such a lewd grin on his face! John nearly fainted from shame.

The girls spontaneously burst out in gales of laughter. The statue was so

perverted, and the cock was so oversized, and the expression was so dirty, that

they just couldn't help themselves. They all leaned closer to take a close look.

John felt their eyes boring into them. He felt as if he were on display to the

entire restaurant!

"Where'd you get it? Why are you wearing it? What's it for?" They were full of

questions. Surrey tried to answer them all, explaining that it was a very rare

and very old Egyptian artifact from her father, that it was a fertility statue

intended to entertain Egyptian princesses, and that she carried it with her

because of it's sentimental value. This didn't quite ring true to her friends,

of course, but they let it go, imagining that Surrey kept it with her because

she delighted in being depraved and rebellious.

April reached out to touch the penis. As she stroked it, she gasped when it

turned a bright red. "Look at that!" she exclaimed. The other girls' eyes

widened in amazement.

"Ummm," Surrey faltered, "Jim says that parts of it are heat sensitive, and so

it change color when it gets warm." Surrey knew different, of course. Would her

friends figure out the truth?

John's brain had frazzled completely. A recurring nightmare of his was now being

realized: naked, exposed, in the middle of a restaurant, unable to cover

himself, trapped, with four beautiful women staring at him closely, and watching

as his cock became bright red. He was mortified.

Delighted, all three of Surrey's friends reached over to stroke the statue. John

felt three sets of fingers stroking all over his body, around the tip of his

head (which was, unaccountably, very sensitive), over his back and ass, over his

exposed and sensitive nipples, and (of course) up and down his cock, which

quickly became dark purple, and then peaked as he quickly climaxed. "I am sick!"

he screamed to himself, "I am getting off on being trapped and humiliated in


"Why is it getting lighter?" Cory, the chemistry major, was fascinated.

"Jim thought that it might have two competing chemicals, so that after a point

it would get lighter rather than darker." Surrey had quickly made that up,

hoping Cory would buy it. "It's still something of a mystery..." she trailed

off, hoping no one would notice.

"You know what it looks like," Cory continued, "it looks like it just climaxed!"

Now, that was hilarious! John shrank in shame as they attracted the attention of

the rest of the restaurant who looked over at the rambunctious girls.

"Let's try an experiment!" Cory exclaimed, reaching for the statue. Before

Surrey could stop her, Cory had dunked it, head first, into her ice water! Cabra Saanen

The water hit John's body and chilled him to the bone. All color from the statue

disappeared completely, and it turned a natural ivory color with no pink


"Goodness!" April interjected. "It looks like the entire statue *is* heat

sensitive, not just the... [she whispered aware of other tables nearby], the...

[the other girls looked at her, snickering, knowing what she was going to say]

...the penis!" This brought on more giggles.

Both Surrey and John groaned. This was getting out of hand.

"Let's try this!" Janice reached out and plucked the statue away from Cory. Then

she proceeded to dip the figurine into her tall, double amaretto cappuccino.

It was hot, but not scalding. The cappuccino had cooled to the point where it

was drinkable. Still, the statue came out flushed and bright pink. Somehow, the

penis was darker than the rest.

"Well, that proves it!" Janice said, "it is definitely heat- sensitive."

Janice looked at the statue, now dripping with coffee and amaretto, getting

lighter as it cooled off. Not wanting to waste any of the cappuccino, and not

thinking about what she was doing, she put the statue in her mouth, and then

noisily licked and sucked off all of the coffee.

Janice paused, the penis-shaped statue still half in her mouth, and looked at

the other girls, wondering why they were staring at her with such stunned

expressions. Then she realized what she was doing: sucking an ancient Egyptian

dildo in public!

"Oh Jesus," she gasped, then quickly pulled the statue out of her mouth and hid

it in her lap. The other girls started smiling, then burst out laughing. Janice

looked around to see if anyone else in the statue had seen her display.

John, meanwhile, trapped in the statue, had just undergone a variety of

experiences. First, fondled by three curious females, then dipped in ice-cold

water, then dipped in hot scalding coffee, and then plunged whole-body into a

warm mouth, which slurped and washed his whole body and all of his exposed and

(formerly) private parts. "This must be what a spoon feels like," he mused,

dipping with saliva from head to toe, and with a bright-red cock.

"Oh Janice, that was priceless!" April cried out, laughing so hard that tears

were pouring down her eyes. "Let's see some more of that technique! I think I

could learn something!"

Janice stuck her tongue out at them and put the statue back onto the table top.

Her face was stop-sign red with acute embarrassment ("Serves her right!" thought

John, himself also embarrassed and exposed). "I was just licking off the

coffee," Janice tried to explain, sputtering. The rest of the girls just

dissolved into more laughter.

"Here! It's my turn!" Cory reached out and grabbed the statue, her laughs

subsiding. She turned slightly away towards the wall, so that no one else in the

restaurant could see, and then started to tongue the tip of the ivory statue, on

the head. Cory smiled and the other girls broke into more giggles at the


"Oooh baby," Cory joked, mocking sexual excitement, "I love it when you taste

like decaf!" Her tongue swirled further around the figurine, as she gradually,

but surely, sucked the entire body into her mouth, and then bobbed it in an out

like giving a blow job to real penis.

John was unable to hear Cory's sarcastic comments, as her tongue wetly circled

and washed around his head, over his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. When Cory drew

him completely into her mouth, he came right away, his whole body alive with

deep humiliation and wet saliva stimulation.

"OK, Girls, girls!" Surrey reached over and snatched the statue from Cory. "I

think that that's enough. This is a rare artifact, after all. Please treat this

penis with a little respect."

"Why should I?" countered Janice, "I certainly don't treat any other penis with


The evening had sunk to a new low.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Later that night Surrey apologized to John. "It really got out of hand, I'm

sorry. I'll have to avoid that sort of display in the future. Were you hurt in

any way?"

She watched the statue carefully, but the carved ivory cock stayed the same

light shade of pink.

Surrey settled down in bed and carefully examined the sculpture for damage. "It

looks like you're OK." She paused for a second. "It must have been humiliating,

to be exposed and naked like that in the middle of a crowded public

restaurant... especially with three loud and giggling girls playing with you.

I'm really sorry that you had to live through it."

John looked at Surrey staring down. His mind flashed to his experience in the

restaurant, and, against his will, his penis reddened. John groaned inside,

apparently just the thought of his degradation was enough to cause him to get


Surry looked closer. "What's this?" she asked. John tried to think un-sexy

thoughts, but failed. "Do you like being given a full-body blow-job?" She asked

him, point blank. John gave up any attempts at control. The carved ivory cock

turned a deep shade of red.

"Well, we can certainly help you there!" Surrey kissed the tip of the

penis-shaped figure, then kissed it all over - over John's nipples, face, back,

buns, toes, and cock. Her kisses were warm and caressing.

Next, her tongue poked out, and started licking lightly over all parts of the

statue's body. Over the head, down the side of the face, in and out of each eye,

over the nose and lips, around the neck, playing lightly (but wetly) over the

nipples, around the stomach, over each bun, wiggling into the ass crack as

deeply as possible, and then up and down the penis shaft, and over the balls.

John climaxed for the first time under the delicate stimulation as his every

nook and cranny was explored.

Finally, Surrey drew the entire figure into her mouth, feeling each bump and

curve on her tongue and cheeks. John felt his entire body being engulfed,

completely surrounded by flesh, and tongue, and drenched with saliva. The

stimulation was incredible, her whole mouth was alive, massaging, undulating. He

quickly came a second time.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The next morning Surrey joined Janice on her way to Aerobics. They both did

Monday morning Aerobics at the College Gym, before concentrating on their

grad-student studies for the rest of the week.

"My god," Janice exclaimed, "last night was a blast. I hope the statue was OK."

"It's fine," Surrey answered. "I couldn't believe you guys!"

As they changed into tights and leotards, Janice noticed that Surrey was still

carrying the statue. "Are you still carrying that with you?"

Surrey looked up. "Yeah. It's sort of a good-luck charm."

"You lech!"

Surrey stuck out her tongue at Janice. "It's suppose to be a secret, you know."

They finished up and walked into the gym for the aerobics session. As the

instructor started on the warm-ups, Surrey felt a little tug at the back of her

neck. She turned around and saw Janice grinning at her. "What?" She asked.

"Oh, nothing!" Janice replied. They started their warm-ups.

When they got to the jumping jacks, Surrain took two jumps and felt the statue

begin to slither down the front of her leotard. "That horrible sneak!" Surry

thought. Apparently, Janice had untied the string holding John around her neck.

The instructor called out, "What's wrong Surrey? Let's keep up! Jump higher!"

Surrey sighed, it was obvious that she couldn't stop to fix the string. She'd

just have to grin and bear it. She continued her jumping jacks, and felt the

statue work it's way lower and lower, every time she hit the ground.

John had felt the loosening of the string as soon as Janice had untied the knot.

The statue didn't move initially, trapped as it was between Surrey's breasts and

leotard. But it only took two bounces during the jumping jacks, and John broke

free of the bosoms, and slid down her chest, deeper into the leotard, which felt

like a tent to John, except that the floor was Surrey's hot and sweaty abdomen.

Surrey hoped no one would notice the little bulge working it's way down her

stomach. It seemed to have reached the waistband of the tights and then stopped.

Fortunately, everyone (except Janice, of course!) appeared to be concentrating

on their exercise.

After jumping jacks there came a series of energetic stretching and working of

various muscle groups.

"Oh!" Surrey exclaimed. During their left-right body twists, the statue had

gradually worked it's way underneath the waistband of her tights. She dreaded

what was coming next.

"OK! Running in place!" the instructor called out. The entire room started to

jog energetically.

John felt the head of the statue work it's way into the waistband of the tights.

When Surrey started to jog, each step seemed to drill the figurine deeper and

deeper into the tights.

"What's that?" John wondered, feeling a little tickling around his face. "Oh my

god! It's her pubic hair!" John came almost instantly (it was his 2nd time since

the aerobics started).

Each step of Surrey caused the statue to edge its way further and further in,

working insistently into the crotch of her tights. His face was now buried in

her pubic hair, like rolling in tall grass. As he worked further down, the

tights and leotard became tighter and tighter, pressing his face and body harder

and deeper into her crotch.

"More jumping jacks!" the instructor commanded. To Surrey, it seemed that the

entire class was designed to move the statue into the most intimate and

embarrassing position possible. "Higher Surrey!" The instructor scolded.

That was enough. Two high jumping jacks and the face of the statue dropped to

the top of Surrain's pussy, where it was mashed into her clitoris by her tights

and leotard.

"Oh gosh!" Surrey stumbled, dropping to her knee. The stimulating touch of the

statue was far more powerful than she expected! She gasped, breathing deeply,

and then weakly got back to her feet. "My god," she thought, "I almost came!"

Surrey had never experienced nerve stimulation so strong, "is there something

special about the statue which causes this?" she wondered, "or is it just that

I've been horny for so long?"

The instructor and Janice both rushed up to Surrey. "Are you all right?" she


"I'm fine," Surrey responded, trying to hide the suspicious bulge in her crotch.

"Here, I can continue." She took a few test jumps, and then got back into the

rhythm. The instructor and Janice both went back to their places.

Each jumping jack stretched the fabric of her crotch extremely tight, mashing

the statue hard onto her clit, causing Surrey to gasp. After two more jumps: she

came. Hard.

"Ohhh!" a groan spontaneously burst from her lips. She faltered, shuddered, but

regained her balance and continued.

Seeing that something was definitely not right with Surrey, the instructor

decided to slow down the pace. "OK, on your hands and knees. Now, stretch out

your left leg behind you, 1, 2, 3, now your right leg. All the way, Surrey!"

Surrey was grateful for the slower pace, and now the bulge in her crotch would

be less noticeable. Unfortunately, as she got onto her hands and knees and

stretched out her leg, she realized that the stretching caused the statue to

slide about an inch up and down her pussy slit, rubbing her clit maddeningly.

John felt his head now engulfed by Surrain's pussy, with his entire head wrapped

and enclosed with wet female sex. Surrey was extremely horny and her vagina was

flowing copiously, and John was drenched with pussy juice, it had worked its way

into every crevice of the statue. John's penis was rubbing up against the top of

Surrey's slit, back and forth, over her clit. He orgasmed again.

Two more leg stretches and Surrey came for a second time, this time even more

powerfully. Her arms became rubbery the orgasm washed over her and she collapsed

on the floor.

Surrey finally realized that trying to continue was ridiculous. She got up and

quickly walked out of the room, red-faced. As she turned the corner out of sight

from the class, she collapsed on the floor with a third orgasm.

The instructor walked over to Janice. "Do you think she'll be OK?"

"Oh, ah... sure!" Janice replied. She saw several faces of the class looking at

her for an explanation. "Ummmm," Janice improvised, "She's just recovering from

a stomach infection. Nothing to worry about!"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

That night, Surrey crawled into bed with her purse. She opened it up, unwrapped

the ivory figurine, and examined it. Surrey started to get wet just from holding

it. "My god," she said out-loud, "what have you done to me... I've become a


After the embarrassment in the aerobics studio, Surrey had undressed and wrapped

John tightly into her (very wet and soiled) used pair of panties, and then put

the statue in her purse. John had stayed there, tightly wrapped with the smells

of sex, perfume, sweat, and urine assaulting his sense of smell all day.

Surrey, for her part, could not get the statue out of her mind. She spent the

day at the library chasing down reference material for her dissertation,

mindless and tedious work. She was generally a disciplined worker, however, and

with the use of check-lists she made it through the day and was mostly


Occasionally, however, when her mind wandered to the sensations in the aerobics

studio, she would freeze, and something approaching a mini-climax should shudder

through her body. She would feel goose bumps rise, and her fingers might

absent-mindedly reach into her purse to stroke the statue a few times before she

came to her senses and quickly snapped it shut.

Sitting in bed that night, Surrey tried to figure out what to do. The first

option was to have cold showers and try to put the statue aside. The second

option was to use it as much as possible and perhaps the stimulation would wear

off, or she would become tired of it. But what if she became truly addicted to

it? Was it possible to become completely addicted to orgasms achieved from a

dildo? Judging from the power of her orgasms this morning, it certainly seemed


Her brain seemed to be locked up and totally frozen with indecision. She was in

the process of trying to decide just how to make a decision when she noticed

that her fingers, taking the initiative, were lightly stroking the statue. She

watched her hand with amusement, operating independently of her brain, as it

stroked and toyed with the shaft of the statue. As this continued, she realized

that an electric sensation was passing down her arm and suffusing throughout her

body, causing her nerve endings to tingle. It was a sensation of excitement, for

sure, but more than that, she had a sense of urgency. A compelling sense of an

urgent need, which seemed to be radiating from the statue.

Her left hand lightly worked it's way to her pussy and began to stroke her slit

through the panties, lightly with her fingernails at first.

"What's happening to me?" She asked, out-loud. "Is this what an addiction feels


Surrey watched her hands, which operated like robot arms under some outside

remote control. Somehow, she couldn't control them, or she couldn't bring

herself to control them, the sensations were too strong. Her right hand was now

rubbing the statue lightly over her nipples which thrust out, exposed. Her left

hand had made now a deep furrow into her panties as it stroked ever more

urgently over her sex.

Surrey felt her self control slipping away, gradually, as the statue and it's

control over her body became absolute in its desire to excite and stimulate her.

Being a fiercely independent and self confident individual, she held back,

struggling internally to hold onto the hope that she could gather her wits and

put the statue aside. But as the stimulation continued, she realized that it was

a lost cause, and the statue began to control her in earnest.

Her fingers slipped under the waistband of her panties and slipped them off. She

tightly squeezed her legs together, stimulating her clit by the pressure. The

statue worked its way from her nipples up to her mouth, where it lightly rubbed

against her lips, before she started to kiss and lick it.

Meanwhile, John, trapped in the statue, felt sexual energy flowing everywhere

Surrain touched. He had been increasingly frustrated all day long, feeling his

energy gradually building, wondering why it didn't cause the statue to explode.

As Surrey stroked him, he felt a rush of excitement, and came right away.

Then, as she started to kiss and lick the statue, John felt her lips surrounding

his head, rubbing over his face. Her tongue was two feet wide as it trailed over

his body, working it's way into every nook and cranny, washing his penis in


John knew what was coming next. Surrey gradually traced the statue down her

body, between her bosoms, and, gently, tentatively, into the bush which was her

pussy hair. John felt his face thrust wetly into her sopping pussy as the first

jolt of energy passed between them. Surrey was so struck by the jolt that her

body arched up at least a foot in the air.

"Arrg!" Surrey screamed! She had never felt a sensation like that before! It was

like pure orgasm had surged between the statue and her clitoris. She pressed it

urgently into her slit and stroked another quick orgasm to life. "Oh god!" she

said, as a third hummed its way through her body.

John felt Surrey spasming around him, and he climaxed as well, feeling his

pent-up sexual energy flowing into Surrain. "There's plenty left" he thought. It

had been a long and frustrating day.

Surrain gave up all pretenses, and thrust the statue deep into her pussy.

John was plunged head-first into the sopping wet pussy. He slid in easily, and

her pussy walls surrounded his entire body, rubbing pussy juice and hot flesh

over every millimeter of his body. He had been swallowed whole by a woman's

vagina, with membranes pulsing, pressing, and oozing around him, with his head

and face wedged into the deepest, darkest, wettest space of all.

Surrey frantically rubbed her clit while thrusting the statue into her vagina as

deep as possible, so that John's head was bumping hard against her cervix. She

climaxed a fourth time, this time the hardest of all. John felt the muscles

around him clamp down hard, and then rhythmically grasp around him, pussy juices

squishing around him, crushing him with its violent spasms.

Surrey relaxed against the bed, letting the orgasm wash over her and gradually

ebb away, shivering with goosebumps. She reached down and pulled the statue out,

which came out with a gush of juices that dribbled down, over her anus, and onto

the bed.

Surrey was exhausted, and so was John. Her breath came out in gasps as she

gulped air to try and recover. The statue lay against her thigh.

Somehow, the hand holding the statue began to move on its own again. Lightly

rubbing the statue up and down her thigh, then over her pubic hair, then rubbing

lightly against her clit.

"What am I doing?" she wondered wildly, somehow too wiped out to stop her own

hand! "I am possessed! This could kill me!" But then she felt, deep inside, she

did have another orgasm growing. A warm spot, deep inside her soul, was

beginning to throb with pleasure.

This time, too exhausted to resist, Surrey gave up almost at once. She thrust

the statue back into her wet pussy, where it slid in easily. Automatically her

legs propped up to give her better access, with her ass raised slightly.

Then, without thinking, she did what she always did next with a dildo. She

reached a hand down, underneath her leg and buttocks, and grasped hold of the

statue from behind. Then she pulled it out, spread her buttocks, and pushed the

head of the statue to the opening of her puckered anus.

"NOOOOOO!!!" John screamed. But of course, Surrey couldn't hear. He felt Surrey

press his head against her anus, this time with more urgency.

Surrey's anus was tingling. She liked being penetrated anally, and she felt a

need. It was a deep itch which could only be scratched by being filled with a

hard dildo as deep as possible in her anus.

The head of the statue, lubricated with pussy juice, was slowly worked past the

sphincter muscle. John felt the incredibly tight muscle wrap around his head,

wrapped so tightly there was no room for movement or wiggling, except to go


Surrey applied more pressure and the statue went deeper. The Sphincter was now

tightly wrapped around John's upper body, and his head was completely engulfed.

As he smelled and tasted his surroundings, he came.... HARD.

Surrey somehow felt his orgasm as a tingling electric pulse in her anus. She

started rubbing her clit with her free hand and thrust the statue in deeper.

Exhausted from her previous orgasms, this one took longer to build. One hand

rubbing her clit with more urgency and pressure, and the other insistently

pressing the statue deeper into her ass.

John was now three-quarters of the way in. Surrey's tight anus was desperately

clutching around his legs, with her intestinal walls were wrapped fully around

his body. She groaned, pushed harder, and the entire statue was thrust up her

ass. John climaxed a second time as he felt his entire body degraded and

engulfed by Surrey's most intimate orifice.

That was enough. Surrey pressed hard on her clit one last time, and climaxed.

This time the climaxed hummed through her body, causing convulsions of all her

muscles, as she violently rocked back and forth. John was squeezed, rubbed, and

brutally manipulated by the powerful contractions. He came again.

As Surrey gradually settled down, she began to shake and shiver. As she weakly

pulled the covers tightly around her, she wondered at how exhausted she was...

and in a few seconds she was asleep.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The next morning, Surrey was incredibly apologetic as she washed the statue

thoroughly under warm soap and water. John had spent the night thrust deep into

her ass, completely buried from head to toe. He had come an additional 8 times

that night, as Surrey moved, rolled over, squeezed her buns or intestinal

muscles. "What kind of sicko am I?" he wondered.

As time wore on, Surrain was able to control her desires for the statue, with

difficulty, although the first week was an exhausting masturbatory orgy. She

eventually got on with her life and her dissertation. John went with her

everywhere, either tied on a string around her neck, or sometimes (if she was

feeling very wicked) tucked between her ass cheeks as she wore a tight girdle

and a dress.

John lost track of the degrading situations which would cause him to orgasm. In

her shoes, wrapped into her hair as it was made up into a bun, thrust deep into

a sweaty armpit, dangling between her legs as she urinated, trapped between the

groins of two sweaty bodies as she was fucked by a one-night stand with a huge

penis. He loved it. Every day was a new position, a new degradation, and 5 more


Eventually, on the night of the next lunar eclipse, John and Surrey were

enjoying one last session, with the statue thrust deep, they both climaxed. This

time the orgasm was predictable, practiced, and, as ever, addictive.

"I'm going to miss you" Surrey sighed, pulling the statue from her sopping pussy

and giving it a long kiss. "I have had the most wonderful, pleasurable, and

exhausting time. These four months have been incredible." She paused for a

second. "But maybe this is for the best. Another month and I would have been

worn out completely!"

"Hmmm... somehow, I doubt it." John thought to himself. Even with multiple

orgasms a day, somehow he never lost interest, never lost the spark, and was

never tired. "Egyptian magic," he thought simply, "is powerful."

Surrey got out of bed and went to the window of the room. She had reserved a

weekend stay at a bread and breakfast on the coast. She saw the moon directly

overhead, and knew it would be about two hours before the eclipse.

"Good night, my friend." She held John close to her bosom. "I'll see you

tomorrow morning."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The sun rose over the hills and covered the sandy beach below with long shadows.

Early morning joggers padded down the beach at the edge of the ocean.

John rolled over and flopped his arm over his eyes, blocking out the light.

After a second pause, he opened his eyes, looking at his arm.

"Oh my god," he whispered, "It worked! It worked!" He shouted and sat up with

joy. "Surrey! It worked!"

John swung his arms about in gleeful abandon.

"Surrey! Where are you?" John called for her, assuming she was in the bathroom.

"Surrey?" He looked around and briefly caught an image of Surrain in the mirror

on the wall.

"Surrey?" John turned around quickly, looking for her. "Wait!" He looked at the

mirror again. There she was. Staring back. John lifted a hand. He looked at his


They were painted, a nice shade of red.

"Oh no!" He bounced out of bed, and, top heavy, he fell to his hands and knees.

"Shit!" He got up and ran to the mirror.

There was now no doubt: John's spirit had been moved from the statue to Surrey's

body. He stroked his face, and, shivering, looked down at his new (or borrowed)

breasts. He felt the nipples tingle as he cupped each breasts and felt its heft.

John turned and then, with two steps, jumped back in bed. He felt through the

covers with nervous anxiety. "Where is it?"

He found it, the statue. The carving had definitely mutated, and now there was

Surrey, carved in stone, with the silly grin on her face. The statue was still

sporting a huge over-sized penis, but now there were also two huge oversized

breasts carved in as well.

John eyes overflowed in tears as he saw her. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!"

John sat down heavy on the bed and held the statue to his bosoms. After a

moment, his tears and frustrations subsided. He looked at the statue again.

The penis was red.

"Oh my!" John covered his (her?) mouth in surprise. "You're excited?" John

reached out a finger (with red nail polish) and gently stroked the penis. It

quickly became purple.

"Boy, I know what that feels like!" He stroked the penis some more. The purple

peaked, and then receded.

Surrey, now trapped in the statue, had already been awake for several hours.

When John ("who has stolen my body!" she thought, feeling a bit cheated and

frightened) finally woke up, she watched as he eventually came to the

realization that they had reversed roles.

What she hadn't counted on is reacting to John's pleasing touch so strongly.

When he held her between his bosoms, her excitement grew and she felt.... Well,

hard! The general urgency and addictive desire felt the same, but she felt the

entire hard rod of penis tingling to be stroked. When John realized what was

happening and caressed the statue's hard penis, she momentarily blacked out with

the orgasm, and she swore she felt a powerful pulsing emanating from the penis.

The immediate urgency over, John looked at the stone figurine. Surrey looked

back (being a statue, she was forced to), and they both considered their state.

"One thing I had always been wondering," John wondered, out- loud, "was this:

What ever happened to my clothes? You know, John's clothes that night I was

trapped by the statue? They were laying beside the bed, and I thought it was

strange that the statue should capture both my body and my clothes..."

A pause. Surrey figured it out first, but she couldn't say anything.

"That's it!" He shouted, "The English son! Robert Lewis! He must have been

trapped in the statue all this time, and we let him out. He must be using my

body now! He put my clothes on, quietly left your apartment, and is probably

back in England now... Or, he could have taken over my life... or he could be

running around the countryside, totally insane."

"That's definitely it," thought Surrey. "But what do we do?"

In answer to her question, John continued "Well, obviously we need to find him.

I don't know how we can force him to give my body back, but we'll have to do


John, now in Surrey's body, gave the statue a big, wet kiss and held it close.

He looked at it, noticed the carved penis turning bright pink, and then smiled

an evil smile.

"But first, since Robert Lewis has already had a 4 month head start, I don't see

any harm in taking a few days of vacation in California." John smiled a wicked

smile. "After all, I have a new feminine body to explore! And I want to do some

clothes shopping, some jogging, nightclubs, maybe find a man to fuck, visit a

health club... and of course..." John's smile turned positively wicked, "it's

pay-back time for all those humiliating orgasms which you made me have!"

As he reached for the phone to extend the reservation, Surrey could barely

contain herself. "Oh," she swooned, "this is going to be so much fun!" The

statue's penis turned deep red and peaked.

Giantess Stories: Trapped in Stone  by RHMusic      She was part Syrian and part Egyptian on her mother

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