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Trapped in TV



Collage by Littletoy




           I strode out of my trailer to see a sea of

teenage girls pushing at each other trying to get near me. I fakely smiled and

waved as my bodyguards made me path. I signed a couple autographs as I walked by

to appease them but really, I passed them all off as worthless maggots. They

gawk and scream everywhere I go. They hound my hotels, they beat at my door, and

they snoop around my houses just to catch a glimpse of me. They make me sick but

as long as I fake a smile and continue, we seem to coexist. I guess I can live

with that.


           As I waded through the sea of teen girls I could

hear them whispering and reaching there hands out towards me. Its Josh Haugen, I

cannot believe it is really Josh Haugen I heard more then one girl scream that

as I passed by.


           I looked back behind me and everything was

different. My security was gone, and there were legs everywhere. I spun around

trying to figure out what was happening but the girls kept getting closer and

closer they were shocked at first but they recovered much quicker from the shock

then I did. All I could hear was loud screams and hands shooting down towards

me. I looked back in front of me and there was beautiful blonde haired girl

staring at me. Not making any moves towards me just looking. I stared up in awe

as she smiled at me and started to turn away.


           “Josh, Josh!” I spun around seeing my escort to

the studio. I looked back to see the girls being shown to the main gates. What

just happened I thought to myself? It had to be a dream. It had to be. You are

just over worked buddy. I thought to myself but somehow it felt different. It

felt almost real.


           I arrived at the studio and immediately headed

towards the chamber. I hated the process but the chamber was quiet and I felt

away from everything else. As I stepped into the metal chamber, I signaled for

the personal that I was ready to undergo the process. I sat down on the metal

floor letting my mind wander once again.


           I seemed to be on some wooden surface. The

room was quiet but there were desks everywhere. Behind me appeared to be an in

and out box only the people who used it would have to be hundreds of feet all. I

halfway chuckled at the thought of giant people. That just does not happen

naturally. Only in Hollywood under licensed supervision, that something like

this could ever happen but even so, that is a controlled environment.


           The floor began to rumble and shake. My

stomach began to turn and my legs wanted to give out. It felt like an earthquake

was happening only nothing around me was moving. I seemed to be the only thing

feeling this immense presence nearing. The door to the classroom swung open and

in she walked. It was her from before, only she was dressed differently. She has

on a cheerleading uniform. I try to reach out to her as she passes by but as she

nears, the gust of wind created by her movement's forces me to stagger back.


grabs her books and starts to head back my way. I try to yell for help but

nothing comes out of my mouth but hot air. Briefly, she paused; I wanted to

reach out to her but cowered and fall to my knees in shock and awe.


“Hey L” I hear someone shout


“The process is halfway complete Mr. Haugen. “


“What? Huh?” I groggily sputtered out.


           “We just wanted to let you know how brave we

think you are. Not many actors of such a high profile like yours would agree to

something like this. Just a few years ago this kind of stuff was pushed into the

dark corners of society and thought to be unrealistic and now it's being used to

film a movie.”


           “I was told this was safe? That this was



           “It is, it is, just relax only an hour left Mr.



           I easily drifted back into my semi conscious

state. I loved the feeling of being awake yet asleep. I knew I could sit up and

move around whenever I wanted yet as long as I stayed right here life would be

completely tranquil.


           Where am I, what is going on! Glass walls

rose above me like the roman colossus. Far, far above me in the sky was what

looked like some kind of wire mesh? It had to be at least a hundred feet up in

the air.  I walked towards the glass walls and ran my fingers across the

surface. I discovered it not to be glass at all but plastic. I pushed against

the walls but nothing happened.


           I slunk down against the wall staring out of

this, this I do not even know what it is. I heard a boom, boom, boom of heavy

footfalls, and then the door careened open. The blonde haired beauty slung her

backpack down on the floor. I stood back up and ran to the wall closest to her. 

It all made sense now. A bedroom, this is a bedroom but it is huge like the

classroom. Just what is this place?


           She strode over towards me. I had to crane my

neck up just to see her face; her bright white cheerleading sweatshirt was

mashed against my wall as she lifted the mesh sky away. I smiled up at her as

she reached down towards me. She did not seem to have any fear or curiosity

about me being here.  It was almost as if it was natural to her for me to be



           I was helpless as she curled her hand around

me and lifted me up a few inches. I could feel the warmth radiating from her

hand warming my body. I never realized I was cold until I was in her grip. It

felt good to be here. Like a blustery cold morning when you are lying in bed.

The warm covers wrapped around you, and everything just feels right in the

world. That is exactly how I felt here in her warm grip.  I tried to struggle

but her one hand easily over powered my entire body. I was immobilized in her

grip.  She looked down at me for a second and I felt the butterfly's spin in my

stomach. It was like the first time I kissed a girl all over again only she

brought back all that nervousness all that fear, all that excitement with a

single glance.


           I heard a grinding noise below me. I looked

down seeing her pulling out my floor through a trap door in the side.  She

grabbed the newspaper out of the bottom of the floor with her freehand with

utter ease. As she reached for a new section of newspaper, I got a whiff of

perfume. It smelled heavenly.


           As she shoved the floor back into my cage,

she smiled down at me as she petted my head. I could not believe how soft her

hand was. I felt my body completely go limp as she petted at my head. It was as

if I was born for this one moment.


           “There you go peanut…all clean for my strong

whitto man” Gingerly she lowered me back down into the cage. She then let me

roll out of her hand and onto the cold newspaper floor of what appears to be my



           I looked down at my watch, my entire body was

shaking and I still head 20 minutes left. I wanted to run; I wanted to just

leave this place. I wanted to go home and figure out what is happening. These

dreams feel so real and they get longer each time. What is happening to me?


           “Is everything going okay out there? I feel



           “According to our readings everything is fine.

You are probably just stir crazy Mr. Haugen. Its completely normal so don't

worry. The process is almost complete so you have nothing to worry about. We

assure you”


           “Alright, just please hurry.”


           I pushed my eyes open for the second time

today. Everything around me was dark. I could see some light fighting through

the shut blinds.  I looked around surprised to find myself in the same place. It

has always been different before.


           I started to wander around this place; I was

surprised how well my sight was even with it being so dark. It seemed like my

eyesight was vastly improved at short distances but was much worse at far



           In the corner I spotted a small dish, I

rushed up to it, as I neared it my mouth began to water and my stomach growl. 

It was full of what looked to be colored pellets. I grabbed one in my hand and

began to squeeze it. It broke easily spewing out a spam like substance, which

smelled a bit like dog food. I wiped my hands on the newspaper next to me and

looked at his dish beside it. The dish looked to be like a giant saucer. As I

lowered my head towards it, I could see water filled in it. Almost instinctively

I stuck my tongue out and began lapping it up. After a few moments, I pulled my

head away stunned at what I was doing. I was drinking water like an animal from

an unwashed dish. I shuddered at the absurdity of the situation.


           I backed away from the dishes and began to

head to the opposite corner when the door swung open. It was the girl again. I

happily ran to the side of the wall  nearest her as she walked towards me

carrying a bag. She set the bag down next to my cage. I recognized the bag to

from mc Donald's and the steam rising off it told me that it had to be hot. My

mouth watered as she flipped on the lights.


           My eyes were glued on her and the food. I

could hardly wait to see what she had brought us. It had been so long since I

had McDonalds. My trainer doesn't let me eat that kind of stuff. She grabbed the

bag off the shelf that my cage is on and set it down on her desk below. I

watched her pull out chicken nuggets and fries, while her luscious lips puckered

around the straw. I longed to be that straw, to have her lips wrapped around me

like that as her warm breath washed over me.


           She then looked up at me and smiled as she

popped a couple of French fries into her mouth.


           “Does Peanut want some? I know my whitto baby

willy willy wants some, but this stuff is no good for him. I just put some fresh

pellets in there for you. Eat up so you can be big and strong”


           I was stunned as I looked down at her. She

was talking to me as if I was some kind of sub human, or not even human. Her

entire focus turned back from me to her food and whatever she was typing on her

computer. I fell to the floor unable to understand what was going on, or where I

was. I looked down at the floor, hoping to find some kind of clue on where I was

but the paper was written in some kind of code. It was all jumbled together in



           A ringing erupted in the otherwise silent

room. I was unsure of how much time had past but curiously looked down as the

girl pulled a cell phone from her pocket. That is when it hit me. My cell phone

has a locator on it. I can see where I am at no problem with the map in there. I

reached for my pants pocket to find nothing, in fact as I looked down my pants

were gone, and so was my shirt. In fact, I was naked.  Just what is going on?


           “Hey Jeremy, no I wasn't doing anything. I

was just working on a history paper. No, I am here alone. No, I don't have a

date for prom. Uh huh…… I'd love to go with you. Alright, see you at school

tomorrow. Bye”


           I pounded on the wall, I am here, I'm right

here but she seemed to not hear me at all. I watched her punch in a couple more

numbers and call someone called Cheryl, then Leslie; lastly, she called someone

named Samantha that was the longest conversation. I think they must be close



           This is all too much, I am just going to get

up and stop this, whatever it is.


           My eyes slowly opened relived to be out

of that world, or whatever it was that I was in. The girl was pretty but I do

not want to spend my days as the pet to some middle class white girl.


           I looked around for the bench but I immediately

noticed something was wrong. I was not in the chamber; I was still in the

prison. The floor still covered in the weird newspaper, I ran to the clear

plastic wall, below me was the girl typing away and eating her chicken nuggets.

I fell to the floor; I was unable to control my emotions any longer. I let out a

scream as tears welled in my eyes. I tried to hold them back but they just fell

to the newspaper floor as I curled up into a ball crying myself to sleep.


           I awoke to the sound of chirping; I sat up and

opened my eyes still sad to see that I was still here in this place. I looked

around and took off running towards the corners of the cage hoping to find

something that I can use, something to get me out of here. As I frantically

search I can hear the giantess start to get up for the morning.  The sound of

some kind of Nsync like band stirs through the air. I watch the girl stand up

wearing nothing but some blue plaid boxers and a t-shirt. My eyes lock onto her

as she smiles at me and blows me a kiss.  


           “Hey Larisa, can I get a ride with you today.”


           “Yeah right Lisa…what world do you live in”


           A few moments later the two walk back into the

room, it's a younger version of the girl. It must be her sister. I pound against

the glass for help but neither of the two even look my way however if one thing

was gained this. I learned her name. It is Larisa.


           Larisa pulls off the mesh ceiling and clasps me

in her grip. A wave of motion sickness washes over me as she cuddles me into her

t-shirt as she argues with her sister. I find myself once again immobilized by

this girl's raw brute strength. What scares me the most is she isn't even



           “The answer is no Lisa, now I have to get ready.

I have a big day today. Something your childish mind couldn't comprehend.”


           “I am not the child you think I am”


           “Grow up squirt”


           Larisa lifts me up to her face, her eyes lock

onto me, my nose crinkles as her morning breath washes over me. She brings me

closer and closer to her. It is almost as if her lips are growing larger and

larger. I cringe as I am pressed against her lips. As she pulls me away, she

pets me a little, as she sets me back down in the prison and disappears into her



           “Josh, Josh, wake up”


           “Whats wrong with him?”


           “We don't know. When the process completed we

found him like this. Nothing appears to be wrong with him. Nothing like this has

ever happened before. Its like he is in some kind of coma.”


           “Your doctors!! Do something! We have

invested a lot of money in him. Fix him, do something”


           “All we can do is get him to a hospital for



           “You be good peanut while I am away



           I slink down to the floor as I watch Larisa

leave. I pray that I am not here when she comes back. I just want out of this

place. I sob as I pound against the wall. Trapped like an animal.



   The End



Giantess Stories: Trapped in TV

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