Giantess Stories: Trapped

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A tiny man is trapped in the house of a giantess

Update: 19/10/1997 to giantess

Troy dropped from the window ledge and made his way

across the kitchen floor. The Giantess had just left. He'd seen her

go - but there was no time to waste. He had no idea how long

before she would get back. With his time possibly so limited he

didn't bother using the cover of furniture and the shadows along the

wall...he ran straight across the floor. It made him feel very

unnatural to be running through the Giantess' house so exposed.

His breath was short and his heart pounded from the anxiety. The

floor expanded in front of him like an immense prairie. The sun

caught him from where it slanted down through the window and fell

on the floor. As a scout for his small group, he was responsible for

discovering new food sources. There were three scouts...he was

the newest. He'd been on several other outings before, but they

were easy training missions. This was his first one alone. The

others had gone smoothly...he hoped this one would also.

Finally...the other side of the kitchen. He looked up. Far

above him he could see the shelf where he needed to go. ‘Stop for

a moment and catch my breath,' he thought. But his breathing only

slowed a bit...his heart was still pounding hard.

"I'm all in a panic...I'm so nervous." He fought to control

his breathing and did several minutes of breathing excersizes he

knew of. When he felt more in control, he stepped back a dozen

feet to survey the task in front of him. His forte was climbing. In

fact that's what had finally got him this scouting position. He was a

better climber than any of the other scouts who had been trained.

He was a natural.

His eyes found a long crack that ran up the face of the

wooden cabinet. From the top of the crack he could transfer to a

kitchen towel...and from there he'd haul himself up to the top of the

cabinet. It wasn't the only way up, but it was certainly the easiest

way. He'd figure how to get to the shelves over that, once he'd

gotten to that far. When he got to the bottom of the crack he

dropped his pack and pulled the coiled rope from it. He was going

to pull out the piece of paper he'd brought to sketch his accent -

something he had to do - so's that the others could follow and

duplicate his feat, but he thought better of it. ‘Just get it done and

get out of here...I'll do it later,' he thought.

Flinging the coil over his head and shoulder, he wedged his

hands and feet into the crack and, keeping the tension, skillfully

began to climb. 30 feet up he was even with the bottom of the

kitchen towel...he tugged at it for strength then quickly transferred

himself to the towel. Now he was climbing hand-over-hand. His

body was lean and sinewy. This is what he really loved...high over

the ground...clinging to cracks and crevices. These accents were

like figuring out a jigsaw puzzle. This one had been pretty easy.

His grip was like iron. He could have hung there for an hour if he

chose. Instead he did hand-over-hand to the top of the towel, his

body swinging rhythmically back and forth. He had complete

mastery over every fine tuned muscle and worked them together

smoothy...with precision.

From the top of the towel, where it draped over the metal

bracket, he easily reached up with his hands and caught hold of the

lip of the counter top and flipped himself up. At the back of the

counter, lined up against the wall were huge jars filled with beans,

rice and flour...He crossed to the one filled with flour. It sat against

the corner. Behind it he hid the rope. It would be used by the

others. They would come with packs and bags in the middle of the

night. They would use his paper sketch and duplicate his climb.

Then they would use the stowed rope to lower packs filled with the

goods. There was enough here to feed his group for months. And

that was only on this counter top.

‘What' was on the shelves above?' The only way up there

was to use a grappling hook and line. He didn't have one. That

was OK. They would only take what they could get out of there in

one night. After that the Giantess would be on to them. It would be

too dangerous to come back. And there was certainly more here

than they could possibly transport in one night. Thank God he

didn't have to do that anymore. With his scouting position came

allot of special treatment, a lot of admiration...especially from the

women of his group. OK., the rope was stowed, he had taken

mental notes of what was here...beans, rice, flour, coffee...He knew

how he'd sketch his route up time to go. He took a look

around the kitchen. From this height it looked almost normal size.

The refrigerator suddenly came to life, causing him to nearly jump

out of his skin. The time constraints jumped back into his mind.

He dropped back over the edge and made his way down to the

floor. As he reached the ground the door knob jiggled! Troy's

heart leaped to his mouth and sweat immediately broke out on his

hands. The door opened - he had to react!! He was completely

exposed. The nearest cover was under a table which was

completely on the other side of the kitchen. He ran for it. The

Giantess stepped into the room. His head was swimming in panic.

It was that damn refrigerator...he didn't hear her approaching

because of the noise it made. He got under the table. Somehow...

miraculously undetected. She sat a bag of groceries on the counter

he'd just been standing on. He hid the best he could, watching her

as she made herself a cup of coffee and sat down, pulling the chair

from his table. He was stuck under there until she left.

‘Oh no!' He spotted his pack lying on the floor where he'd

left it. She was bound to see it anytime. It was a dead give away

that a little person had been there. It would negate his whole

mission. He had to get that pack. Slowly he crept to the table leg

nearest the Giant woman. She was drinking her coffee and reading

a paper...This was his best chance maybe his only chance to get

across the floor unnoticed.

The woman giant reached down and took the shoes off her feet.

Troy could feel the humid heat rising from them. they were lying

only several feet away from where he hid behind the table leg. She

stretched out her legs and wiggled her toes, sighing. Then she

crossed them and rubbed them with one hand and sipped the

coffee with the other...She seemed to be reading the paper on the

table. Troy edged closer to the big shoes on the floor in front of

him. Her head was turned down. She was reading something. He

was sure of it. This was his best chance. Slowly he edged further

and further under her chair. Those legs were huge...nylons...Her

sweaty feet filled his nostrils. He took his bearings and scampered

out from under the table...Once out in the open he couldn't help but

stop and look. How gigantic she was! Troy reached for his pack


"Hey!" he heard her say. He turned and looked .

"Oh my God!" he said to himself. She was looking right at


"A little man!" the Giantess said in a soft, mild voice. Troy

turned and ran through an immense doorway. "Come here little

guy," she said. He looked back over his shoulder, the woman was

getting to her feet. "You can't get away from me she said. He

hurried into the other room...

‘No hiding places!' It was empty. There was another

doorway...He ran through the room as he heard and felt her heavy

footsteps thundering on the linoleum. He reached the doorway as

she caught up with him...

"You really thought you could get away?" Her voice came

from directly over him. "You better stop." He took several more

steps until a shadow surrounded him. He turned around just in time

to see her heavy foot descending on him. Troy's body was

pinned to the floor. Her foot was heavy. Even though she was

being careful not to hurt him, the air rushed from his lungs. She

rolled him back and forth under her nylons. "What are you doing in

my house? she asked as she rolled him back and forth. "Don't you

have anything better to do than sneaking into people's houses?"

The Giantess released Troy from under her foot. He got

up, dizzy at first and tried to run. He ran in-between her feet but his

balance gave out and he fell to the floor. The Giantess picked him

up and held him firmly in her grip as she spoke to him... "Tell me

what you are doing in my house?"

"Let me go," Troy yelled, "Your hurting me!"

"I can hurt you a whole lot more if you don't answer some

questions." She squeezed him a little more.

"I'm...I'm looking for food," Troy gasped.

"Your looking for food?"

"Yes. I'm trying to get some food for my people...we are

very hungry."

"Well I certainly have food I can give you little people but I

don't like you sneaking about in my house."

"If you could spare anything...I'd be gratified."

"I'll get you some food little one, but I want something in

return," she said.


"My feet. They are really killing me and I want you to rub

them." With that, Troy was placed by her feet, and spent the next

twenty minutes messaging and rubbing while she read a book. He

was tired, but she wasn't done with him yet. "Now message me higher...up here," she said touching her thigh. Troy

climbed the slick nylon up her leg and twice lost his grip and slid

back down to her foot. The Giantess laughed at him.

‘Some climber I am,' he thought. On the third try, he began to slip

again when he felt her hand suddenly underneath him giving him a

boost. Once on her thigh, Troy did the best he could to message

her massive leg. She enjoyed feeling him crawling about on her

thigh.After a while she picked him up. "That's enough". You

earned your crumbs of food," she said and carried him into the

bedroom. There she got undressed in front of him. Changing

clothes, she put on a nice dress and slipped her feet into a pair of

white heels.

"I think I'll keep you around. I can use your services when I

get back from dancing tonight." "I need to go home," he said. "I've

got people waiting for me. We made a deal!" But she wasn't

listening. Please lady, please let me go now. I rubbed your feet

and you said I could go...I don't want any food...I'll just go... She

was putting on her earrings, and paid no attention. Troy was geting

no where. He had to get out of there. He needed to do

something...The woman turned for a second to brush her hair. Troy

slid from the bed and ran for the kitchen...out on the open floor he

took off in the direction of the open window. He had almost made it

to the table when he heard her yell with the discovery of his


"BOOM BOOM" came her footsteps across the

floor."Where do you think your going?" she bellowed. She dropped

to her knees and reached for him. Her grip was like iron. Her

voice rolled like thunder. "Damn you!" she yelled. "You can't break

into my house and leave like that! I'm not done with you yet!" She

twacked him with the tip of her finger and rolled him back and forth

in her hand. She was beginning to feel an omni power growing

about her. ‘What a puny little thing,' she thought, ‘I could crush him

in a second.'

"You little thief, your going to pay me in services rendered

until I say its enough...

Troy put up his arm to defend himself with, but she easily

brushed it aside. "How dare you raise your hand at me little man",

she roared. There was an evil pleasure in what she was doing to

him, a sudden surge of anger that came from somewhere. "I could

kill you very easily," she said suddenly in a calm, passionate voice.

Troy's entire body trembled. Her power was absolute...her voice

blasted down at him like a heat furnace. He hated feeling so

helpless and vulnerable. But this woman was gigantic...maybe 70

foot tall, and angry...what could he do?

"Just hope I get out of this alive."

She was having fun with him now. Like a cat playing with a

mouse, she pushed him into her hand and made a fist, slowly

crushing him. His cries of pain came to her muffled...she let. He

collapsed on the floor. "Now shall we get back to what I want you

to do?"

"Please let me go," was his answer.

"The insulence!" "Let me go," Troy cried out in pain.

"I'm not going to let you go," she aid angrily. "I'm going to do what

ever I please with you understand? I can make you do anything I

want. What do you think of that?"

"Let me go!"

"All right little man, we'll see who's boss here." She threw

him on the bed roughly and pulled off her dress. For the next

fifteen minutes Troy was used as she willed. she rubbed him over

her breasts and forced him to cling to the straps of her slip. She

delighted in abusing this little man. ‘He deserves it,' she thought.

Then she saw the time... "I've gotta go!" she said and pulled her

dress back on. The anger had left her. "I'll put food outside the

door on my porch," she said. Then she carried him to the door and

gently placed him on the front step. "Come back anytime you want

some food. I love to get my feet rubbed." Then the door closed

and Troy was left to himself.

Giantess Stories: Trapped

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