Giantess Stories: Trivial Pursuit by BIGWoman      Late one afternoon

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Trivial Pursuit

by BIGWoman

Late one afternoon, I was working at the computer and

thought I saw something dart across the floor. Sheesh, I was

surprised when at my exclamation he ran with great gusto across the floor and

out of harm's way. I laughed when I realized it was another tiny man

loose in my house and wandered over by the bookshelves where he'd run; to see

how cleverly he'd hidden, these little ones can be very sly, on occasion. Seems

he'd hopped over a copy of some Shakespeare and dropped down behind the books.

I took down a Trivial Pursuit game, and pretended to keep looking for him. When

he thought he'd gotten free he peered out from behind his book to see two huge

legs looming up above him.

"Blimey," he said, "The Redwoods grow big around here."

"Blimey??????" It was all I could do not to laugh, and give my game away.

Thinking himself safe he peered out again and saw that nothing was moving (I

froze, because tiny people seem to not notice us if we hold still). "Must have

been trees after all," he whispered and gingerly hopped back over the book onto

the floor.

While he wasn't looking, I quickly open the game's box, and droped the lid over

the wee running man. Just in case, I put a foot on it, to hold it down. Even at

my size, I could hear his yelp as his world suddenly went black. I was a bit

worried I'd hurt him so I lifted the edge of the box, a tiny bit to peer under

it. When he spotted light pouring into his world again as the box lifts, he

darted toward the opening and rolled over and out. He looked up and screamed. I

moved the box, and dropped it on him as he was frozen in fear. There came

another yelp as his world suddenly winked black again.

I couldn't help it I smiled and sat down; considering what sort of fun I might

have here. He actually pushed the box above him causing it to lift slightly!

"Oh no ya don't!!" I put my foot on it to hold it down.

I could hear the scratching as he tried pushing the sides instead; he

investigated all the sides, in the dark, looking for anything other than sturdy

cardboard. I laughed, but kept an eye on the box. My little captive found a torn

corner and started to rip the cardboard away to make a hole big enough to slip

out. I heard the ripping sound and sat still to watch. He was smart, I had to

give him that. He lay down and stretched his neck out of the hole to look

around. When he looked up to see my foot planted firmly on the box lid he looked

up even further and froze. As our eyes met, I smiled, and whispered, "Well, what

are you trying to do here?"

I could just watch his thoughts go around; first considering the distance from

the box to the bookcase; then wriggling to make the hole just a little bigger,

all the while captivated by my stare. This was too much fun! I lifted the box

slightly, releasing the pressure on him. But I didn't count on his tiny reserve

of cleverness. He pulled his knees to his chest (unseen from outside the box)

and then propelled himself out quickly, made for the bookcase.

With a slow bend at the waist I reached out to simply pin him to the floor with

one fingertip. He was quick and rolled to one side; I missed only once then used

my palm, to hold him down.

He kicked wildly against the palm, pinning him down. "MMMMMMM! Little one, I

like when my toys have some 'spirit'!". He wriggled and kicked some more; he

hit with his one free hand against my fingers.

To get a better look at my toy I stood him up, within the circle of my two

hands. He twirled around, taking in the wall of flesh all around him, but I

opened a gap between my thumbs, for a tease. When he saw the gap he shocked me

by running in the opposite direction, then vaulting over my hands. He landed

awkwardly on the floor, but stood up to run toward the bookcase again.

I couldn't help but laugh and enjoy the unexpected leap. I set the box lid in

his path but he just circle the box lid and made for the door instead, stopping

(very briefly) for a breather just as he reached the door frame.

I saw his direction and was glad that his chase for freedom took in exactly the

direction I had in mind. I knew that as he rounded the door frame and ran along

the wall he'd see a door ajar on the other side of the corridor and I hoped he'd

head for that. I jumped up, and two steps took me out into the hall where I made

sure he headed in the 'right' direction.

I stomped as best I could so he would hear thundering footsteps behind him and

zig zag across the corridor towards the open door. I stamped on the floor behind

him, to hurry him up. Those tiny steps take so long to cover any

territory at all!

I suppose I stomped a bit too enthusiatically because when he felt the ground

shake behind him; fearing the worst, he lay down with his hands over his head.

With a giggle, "NOW, you start being scared...isn't it a bit late??". I gave him

a push with my toes. He rolled over and once again stared straight into eyes

then realized something was not quite right when he saw me grinning at him. I

watched him gauge the distance to the open door, and holding my stare he

suddenly hopped up and bolted through the door before I could even blink.

"Silly little man." I take two more steps, following him into the bedroom, and

slam the door behind us. I see that he had stopped inside the door against the

wall, panting. He looked up.... and up... and up....and gasped! I stood, letting

him look but carefully staying close enough that he couldn't bolt past my feet.

He tried to dart for the gap behind the wardrobe but I put my foot between him,

and that gap. Amazingly, he hurdled over my foot and landed on the floor just in

front of the wardrobe. "SHEESH!" I grabbed him, turned, and tossed him onto the

bed. He staggered around on the shifting surface of the bed - size of a football

field it must have seemed to him. He staggered to the side of the bed and leapt

off. I flopped onto the bed, and reached over the side, to grab him in my hand,

then flipped onto my back, holding him overhead laughing at his kicks and


I smiled, and brought him to my lips, to kiss him, and then giggle! He wriggled,

trying to work himself loose. "Hey! I was being nice, but I don't have to

be nice!" I squeezed him in my hand. As he felt his whole body compress in my

grip - he started to shake and kick more violently.

I slowly squeeze harder and moan when I feel his bones starting to crack, but I

drop him onto my belly, letting him rest a bit. He continued kicking and

wriggling, unaware that I had let him go. He stopped suddenly, realizing he had

another chance! I raised my head, to watch, to see if was still intact. He

turned this way and that, obviously considering his options then darted off

sideways, falling off my belly and onto the bed beside me. I rolled on my side,

facing him and lay my arm on the bed; corralling him there.

The toy ran along the length of my arm. I reached over with the other hand,

taking him into the palm, lifting him. He started his kicking and struggling

routine again. And then a stupid thought hit him like a light bulb being

switched on – so the fool lowered his head and bit hard into my finger. "OUCH!!

DAMMIT!" I gave him a heave across the room! So that he slammed against the wall

near the wardrobe and slid down the wall, only barely conscious. Poor little guy

staggered on all fours towards the wall; groggy and aching; crawling forward

into the gap between the wardrobe and the wall.

I stood there sucking on the Ouchie on my hand, considering. "I could

just push the wardrobe up against the wall...and be done with this annoying

little guy! Well, hell, he was kinda cute in a tiny sorta way". Instead

of that, I found a broom, and swept him back out into the middle of the floor

where he rolled over and over until he was flat on his back in the middle of the


The incredible little man looked about him and promptly headed off in the

opposite direction from the broom. I was just about finished being amused now,

and this one was getting on my nerves. "Well well well, little guy....if you

won't play nice I'll have to find another use for you". And I swept him

back over to my feet.

Without a pause he ran again - this time in the opposite direction - back

towards the bed. "Enough of this!"...I swept him back one more time, and grabbed

him and carried him out the bedroom door.

Can you believe this, the fool bit my finger again, and it really pissed

me off! I turned my hand over, so his head was hanging down. "It'll be a bit

harder to bite, now!"

I watched him struggle, and held on tight. But he craned his neck upwards and

sank his teeth into the flesh of my thumb!

"SHEESH! I can't play with you like this! You have gotta Chill Out!" And with

that I opened the freezer door, tossed him in, and slammed it shut!

I left him there for about a hour, then pulled him out to check. "HHHhhhmmm, not

ready yet

Finally he was ready when I pulled him out so I peeled his clothes off, more or

less like peeling a grape while in amy big bowl. "Ppurrrrrrfect! I was hoping

you'd curl up for me". He was partly curled up plenty small enough to pop in my

mouth. I pushed him around with my tongue, savoring the taste on my tongue.

I slid him between my teeth; pressing down.

I pressed my tongue against the roof of my mouth, and popped him back against

the soft palate. At that, I swallowed convulsively.

He tried to wrap his hands around the sides of one of my molars, but his feet

got toooooo far back, I gagged slightly, and swallowed again, this time feeling

him slip down my throat.

It's really hard to say which was 'nicer' the chase, or the SNACK!!!

Giantess Stories: Trivial Pursuit by BIGWoman      Late one afternoon

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