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Truth or Dare, by Mr. Negative

The day had started as all others. Jim woke up to the sound of his alarm,

groggily reaching over to turn it off. This was it! The last day of class before

Spring Break. Jim worked part time as a gas station attendant, but he took the

entire week off so he could just relax with his friends, maybe have a few


Late that night, after filling his brain to the brim with intellectual

psycho-babble, he needed some sort of release. Just then the phone rang.


'Jim! It's Sarah! I was wondering if you wanted to get together tonight? Maybe

we can go to Heather's house for a little party... nothing too big. Just you,

me, Heather, and a couple of my friends.'

Sarah had been Jim's friend since grade school. She was a very attractive girl

with black hair, blue eyes, and a large bust. Jim had secretly fantasized about

Sarah on numerous occasions. The most enticing fantasy involved her shrinking

him down to the size of an ant and playing with him before finally crushing him

under her bare foot. She had the most adorable feet. They were rather large for

someone of her height, 5'1', with plump round toes that she loved to show off in

her sandals.

'How can I say no?' Jim replied.

'Great, so I'll pick you up at eight?'

'Sounds great! I'll be ready this time. Don't you worry.'

Jim hung up the phone and ran towards the shower. He knew that this would be a

night he would not soon forget.


Sarah pulls up to the house to find Jim waiting on the porch with a smug grin on

his face.

'I told you I'd be ready.'

She stuck her tongue out at him and motioned for him to get in the car. The

whole conversation that occured on the trip to Heather's house was a blur,

because Jim was having a hard time concentrating. He was staring at her pink,

painted toenails, and the soft wrinkled sole that occupied her worn leather


They finally pull up to Heather's house, and Jim recognizes some of his friends'

cars parked out front. Opening the door, a chorus of 'Jim!' 'Sarah' welcomes

them, and Heather gives both of them a big, warm hug.

'So nice of you to come! Sarah, I know you know everyone, but does Jim?'

'I know these shitheads' Jim says, pointing to his friends Justin and Steve.

Steve was too busy watching a movie to even notice. Justin rose the hand with

the beer in it, and slowly raised his middle finger. They both chuckled.

'Well let me introduce you. This is Stephanie, this is Beth, and this is Pam.'

Stephanie was a tall, slim blonde girl with emerald green eyes, and a sweet

smile. Beth seemed very shy, as she hid behind her veil of light brown hair. Jim

had seen Pam around campus, but he'd never really spoken with her. She, too, was

on the tall side, with dark brown eyes, and long black hair drawn back in a pony


With the introductions aside, Heather went into the kitchen to fetch everyone a

beer. The movie soon ended, and they pooled ideas of what to do next. Pam said,

'Why don't we play truth or dare?! I haven't played that since high school!'

Everyone sat in a circle on the floor: Beth, Justin, Sarah, Jim, Steve, Pam, and

Heather. Heather started off.

'Since it's my house, I get to go first. Pam, truth or dare?'


'Where is the craziest place you've ever had sex?'

'I'd have to say in my bed.'

'In your bed?!' shouted Justin. 'That's not crazy!'

'It is when it's a bunk bed, and your step-sister is sleeping on the bottom.'

'Eeewwwwwwwwww', said Beth as she cringed slightly.

Pam spoke, 'Now it's my turn... Steve, truth or dare?'


'Okay, I dare you to lick my foot..' she said with a smirk, as she glanced over

at Jim. How could she possibly know that I have a foot fetish? thought Jim. I've

never told anyone!

Pam slowly removed her sweaty, bare foot from her platform sandal, pointing her

toes at Steve.

'There's no way in hell' said Steve, as he turned his beer bottle upside-down,

drinking the entire contents in five huge gulps.

'You have to! You chose to complete a dare, and now you have to complete it!'

yelled Heather.

Steve slowly leaned in, only letting the tip of his tongue pass his lips. He

quickly moved his head towards her foot, making brief contact, and springing

back. He made a horrid face, as he went to the kitchen to get another beer.

'Before we continue, I think we should get the guys each have another drink'

suggested Beth.

Justin slid over to Beth, wrapped his arm around her neck and whispered, 'Baby,

you don't need to get me drunk to take advantage of me!'

She swung her elbow back, catching him in the chest, knocking him to the floor.

'Okay, okay' he said. 'You're not my type, anyway, heh heh'

Jim and Steve started laughing.

Heather soon returned with three beers, one for Jim, Steve, and Justin. They

each popped them open and began sipping. Jim looked at his beer for a second,

holding it up to the light as if to inspect it. Shrugging, he continued to drink

from it.

'Whose turn is it anyway?' said Steph.

'I think it's Steve's turn'

'Okay... Steph, truth or dare?'


'I dare you to drink this shit that you call beer! I don't know what that

aftertaste is, and I don't like it, but it'll get me drunk so what the hell...

but seriously, I dare you to french kiss Sarah!'

Sarah raised an eyebrow and glanced at Steve, then at Steph. Steph shrugged and

leaned in. She whispered, 'They want a show, let's give it to em.' With that,

Sarah leaned in. Steph grabbed the back of Sarah's head and started passionately

kissing her. Occasionally the guys, who were all drooling by this point, would

catch a glimpse of a tongue.

Suddenly, Jim fell over, and Justin soon did the same. Steve looked at both of

them, and opened his mouth as if to say something, but nothing came out. He too

passed out...

*****************(POV of Jim)*****************

I awoke on the floor with a headache, and my vision was horribly blurred. The

last thing I remember is taking a sip of that horrible beer Heather gave us. I

hear the sound of giggling in the far distance, but I choose to ignore it. It's

probably Heather's neighbors again. Also being college students, they're

probably celebrating Spring Break by drinking till dawn.

I just laid my head back down to wait out the wave of nausea that washed over

me. It didn't take long to subside, so I open my eyes. I can't describe the

shock of what I see, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Justin and Steve are laying on the floor, unconscious. I found the source of the

giggling... it hovered many yards over me. It's Sarah! I would recognize those

sandals anywhere... but how did I get beneath them! Panic is setting in... What

if she doesn't notice I'm here, and she steps down with all her weight! That

titanic body must weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds! Just as I prepare to

sprint under the couch, she pokes her enormous head over the edge. I freeze in

fear, not knowing what else to do.

'I can't believe that stuff actually worked! Look at him! He's the size of an

ant! I could crush him under my foot if I wanted to.'

I suddenly realize that they're the reason I'm no larger than a peanut! I can't

explain how, but Sarah seemed to assume responsibility. Fright turns to anger as

I lash out (stupidly) at the giantess.

'So YOU are responsible for this! You better turn me back to my normal size, or

I'm gonna kill you.'

'Is that so, little man? How do you suppose you're going to do that?' she says

down to me with a smug grin on her face.

'I can't believe you're doing this to me! You BITCH!' I screamed.

Heather says to Sarah, 'Will you please take care of him. His squeaky pathetic

voice is getting on my nerves. Make him shut up.'

'Gladly' she replied. She placed her hand on her toes, and slowly ran her hands

up her foot to her calf. 'So you want to see my feet, eh? Heather saw you

drooling over them. Now, how about drooling UNDER them?' She takes off her left

shoe first, placing it down beside me. For the first time, I realize exactly how

pathetically small I am. If I tried, I could probably jump up into the shoe of

the woman I once adored.

She's not really going to put me in her shoe, is she?! She slowly, and

seductively removes the other sandal, and places it on the other side of me. I

look straight up to see her smiling face behind the huge, wrinkled, pink sole.

As she slowly brings her foot down, her face begins to disappear.

I try to decide whether to run or not. If I run, where could I possibly run to?

There's no escape, so I might as well just accept my fate. I lay still as the

foot soon fills my entire field of vision. Her feet are terribly sweaty from

being in those sandals all day, and they really smell terrible. Beth says,

'Careful! You don't want to squish him!'

'I'm not going to squish him!' Sarah replied. 'I'm just having a little fun with

him. He likes feet, right? Well he must be having the time of his life!'

Sadly, there was some truth to that. I couldn't help becoming aroused. Soon, the

foot touched my chest. I can't believe I'm actually stuck beneath the bare foot

of a 19 year old girl. My whole world begins to spin as she rolls me back and

forth under her foot. Soon, my clothes are entirely soaked through with sweat.

Steve awakens to the sound of laughter.

'What the... What did you do to ME?! And what are you doing to Jim? Get your

foot off him, bitch!'

Beth looks down at the tiny man and says, 'Whose turn is it now, anyway?'

I can't believe they're still playing truth or dare. I don't like the sound of

it, but it's not like my opinion matters very much at this point. I just lay

beneath the hot, sweaty foot and try to wait it out.

*****************(POV of Sarah)*****************

Oh my god! I can't believe Heather was telling us the truth! She said she was

behind some chemical company in the industrial park, QualChem, with her friends.

They were smoking pot out by the waste bin, when Heather noticed a stray cat

digging through the garbage. The cat jumped out, landing awkwardly on the

ground, and passed out. Then the strangest thing happened... the cat seemed to

just disappear, but we all know that's impossible! She walked over to where the

cat had stood, and there she found a 1/25 scale cat. It awoke with a fright, and

tried to run. Heather lifted her gigantic knee-high boot over the cat. She had

to hide her findings until the time was right. With neck-breaking speed, she

stomped down on the cat, squishing it into the dirt below. She waited for her

friends to leave, then she went to the dumpster where she found the shrinking


Before she handed each of the guys a drink, she had slipped some of the formula

in each of the bottles. Beth, Pam, and I were sworn to secrecy. I, for one,

intend to keep my mouth shut, as remarkable as this is, because I want to have

some fun.

When the boys were unconscious, Heather told me how she caught Jim blatantly

staring at my feet. This gave me some ideas. I position myself on the couch

right above Jim, with my sandal hovering a foot from the ground. We can't help

giggling as we watch Jim attempt to get up, then just lay back down.

The giggling stops immediately, and Heather points down to Jim. I peer over the

edge of the couch to see him staring up at me in disbelief. Wow! I can't believe

how tiny he is! My mind is filled with ideas of what to do with him.

I exclaim to the rest of the girls, 'I can't believe that stuff actually worked!

Look at him! He's the size of an ant! I could crush him under my foot if I

wanted to.'

His cute little face gets all red as he starts screaming. I can barely

understand a word he says, since he's so far away, but I did manage to make out

'I'm going to kill you', which is absolutely hilarious! I jokingly ask him how

he's going to accomplish such a feat. He continues to scream. Heather looks at

me, and with a wink, says, 'Will you please take care of him. His squeaky

pathetic voice is getting on my nerves. Make him shut up.'

I playfully grab my toes with my hand and drag it up my leg seductively. I take

off my left sandal and gently place it next to him. He stares at it dumbfounded,

obviously lost in thought (or paralyzed with fear). I take off my right sandal,

and place it on the other side of him. My sweaty feet are dangling just above

him. The thought of knowing I could squish him between my toes is making me

horny. I know I shouldn't be thinking these thoughts since he's my best friend,

but I just can't help myself.

I slowly lower my foot, until I can feel his tiny body trapped beneath it. I've

never felt power like this before, especially over a man. Being just over five

feet tall, I'd probably never be able to overpower a man like this again. I

start playing with him by rolling him under my giant, sweaty foot. He must be

enjoying himself, though, cuz I can feel something poking the ball of my foot

when he's on his back. Beth told me to be careful not to squish him... That

thought had entered my mind, but I just can't do that... yet.

Attention soon shifts to Steve, as he stands up and looks around with the same

confused expression that Jim had. With all the excitement going on, I completely

forgot we had a game in progress. I wonder whose turn it is, anyway... Creditea: Area Personal – Conoce el Area Personal Creditea

*****************(POV of Steve)*****************

Oh god, please don't let Steph take her turn. I was just trying to impress

Justin and Jay by making the girls kiss. It kinda turns me on, but I think I do

it more because I'm expected to do it. I'm the tough guy jock at school, ya

know? I'm supposed to be all about tits, beer, and sex. The only reason I'm even

here is to try to score with Heather!

“I believe it was my turn… Steve, remember how you dared me to kiss Sarah? You

thought you were pretty funny, huh? Well I've got a dare for Pam that you might


Steph leans over and whispers a few words into Pam's ear. What's with all the

whispering? What does she honestly think I can do? Does she think I can stop

someone the size of a house from doing anything? Pam grins as her attention

turns to me. She stands up, as I stare at her awestruck. For the first time, I

realize how truly gigantic this girl is. She smiles at me as she starts to walk

out of the living room. I let out a quick sigh of relief, then quickly come to

realize she still hasn't completed her dare.

Pam finally emerges from the bedroom with a pair of navy blue stockings. All

kinds of thoughts are running through my mind, as I sit dumfounded on the floor

at the mercy of four enormous women. As she walks towards me, I turn away and

sprint. If I can only make it to the couch! Maybe I can escape! I turn around

only to see a giant thumb and forefinger closing in on either side of me.

“Let go of me! Please no! NO!”

Deep down, I knew what was going to happen. After seeing Jim under Sarah's foot,

and seeing Pam return with a pair of stockings, I just knew what was in store

for me. Still, I struggled in her grasp foolishly. If she were to drop me, I

would surely break every bone in my body. From this height, even Jim and Justin

look like ants… Oh my god… We're not even human to them, anymore. How can you

call someone one or two inches tall a man?

“Pam, please. I never meant to hurt anyone. It was meant to be a harmless joke!

Please don't do this!”

“Ooooh come on! You're gonna enjoy it! Your buddy Jim didn't whine about it.

Now, get in Heather's stockings!”

All I see below me is the opening to the stockings, about the size of a large

above-ground pool. The toe of the stockings seems to be miles away! All of a

sudden I begin to plummet. I want to scream, but I can't react fast enough! All

I hear is a gust of air rushing past me and the zipping sound of my back rubbing

the nylon. There's a short drop as I fall (presumably) into the heel section,

then I pick up speed again. I have enough momentum that when I finally hit the

toe, my body flails up the nylon and I land awkwardly on my side.

I stand up a little too quickly and stumble clumsily towards the heel, trying to

look up towards my giant captors. I can't believe something could smell so

sickly sweet. It's hard to describe, but it's like a mixture of perfume and

putrid food sweat. It's not ALL bad, but it sure as hell ain't good!

“Pam! You're not really going to do it, are you?”

“Of course I am, Beth! A dare is a dare!”

I freeze in fear as I wait for the inevitable.

*****************(POV of Pam)*****************

Steph whispers her dare in my ear. I can't believe she really wants me to do

that! I've had fantasies of doing similar things to tiny men, but I never

imagined it could happen in real life! I stand up, smiling down at Steve. How

pathetic he looks. Apparently the tough guy isn't so tough now. He's a good guy

deep down, but his arrogance will surely be his downfall…

I walk to Heather's bedroom, keeping my eye on the victim. I fumble around her

room in the dark, until I feel the stiff nylons. Wow, she must not have washed

these things in weeks! If I had to describe the texture, imagine this: You've

been sweating all day in your socks and sneakers, and you take them off and let

them air dry. They soon become damp and almost crusty. That's exactly how these

stockings feel. I almost feel bad for the little guy, but his feelings don't

matter right now. I'm about to fulfill one of my fantasies! I grab the stockings

and head back to the living room, trembling with anticipation.

As soon as the little guy spots me, he takes off like a bat out of hell! He runs

for the couch, like he can actually outrun me! I lean over and pick him up

between my thumb and forefinger and hold him up over the stockings, just to fill

him with a horrible sense of doubt. I bet he'll never expect me to do it!

“Let go of me! Please no! NO! Pam, please. I never meant to hurt anyone. It was

meant to be a harmless joke! Please don't do this!”

I told him to stop being such a baby, Jim didn't mind it. I let him go and watch

him travel all the way down to the toe section. The little guy picked up so much

speed, that he hit the toe, slid up it, and was actually tossed backwards like a

rag doll. He got up and walked towards the heel of his new home.

“Pam! You're not really going to do it, are you?”

I always knew Beth was naïve. I simply grinned at her as I took off my white

platform sandals. My bare feet touched the cold, hardwood floor for the first

time, and it kinda felt good. My feet were so sweaty from the rubber sandals.

The thought of putting my feet into Heather's starchy stockings really turned my

stomach, but at the same time, I found it slightly arousing. I grinned down at


“Here I come, little guy! I hope my smelly feet aren't too much for you to


*****************(POV of Steve)*****************

I knew it! I knew she was going to wear the stockings! I can do nothing, but

stare upwards, hoping it was all a cruel joke. I could have sworn I saw her lick

her lips, but then again I was concentrating on her feet. She lifted her left

foot over the entrance and paused. Her foot began its slow descent towards me.

Still frozen with fear, I stare slack-jawed at the glistening, wrinkled sole

heading my way. It changes directions as she slides her foot into the opposite

leg. I see it slowly lowering right next to me, until it finally fills the

entire navy blue mesh. The warmth emitting from her foot is incredible!

“You thought I was gonna step on you, didn't you? Awwww, that's so cute! …You

were right, little ant!”

Did she just call me an ant?! I can't believe she can be so cruel. My face burns

red with rage, sadness, and regret. With so many emotions wrestling in my head,

I barely notice the zipping sound of her right foot heading my way. I look up to

see Pam's gigantic smile through the navy blue fibers, which is slowly being

consumed by her pink, wrinkled sole. I realize the heel isn't the best place to

be, but I'm paralyzed with fear! I see her toes flex downwards as they slowly

slip over me. Her titanic heel is steadily growing closer and closer. Her foot

stops for a brief moment then with one final tug, I'm trapped underneath Pam's

giant heel. The giantess lets out a soft moan as I'm pulled tighter, pressed up

against the soft, moist skin.

“Now put these on,” Heather says, sliding a pair of black mules out from under

her chair.

Not wasting any time, Pam grabs the left shoe and shoves her massive foot into

it. Even if I could turn over to look down at the shoe, I wouldn't. I still

can't believe this is happening to me! I feel the soft leather, as I'm gently

pressed into it. Pam's soft heel gradually becomes more firm. Any trace of light

that once peered in from around the colossal foot has been snuffed out. There's

no sound, but the sweet smell of foot sweat and perfume surround me.

Suddenly, a snap penetrates the silence as my ankle gives way under the

pressure. I feel the pressure increase on my knee, and that too snaps. Blinding

pain ravages my entire lower body as her soft sole begins to press down harder.

Soon both of my hips snap, followed by a couple ribs. All I can see is red from

the blood being forced into my head. I hear one final pop, as my head erupts

like an over-ripe watermelon.

***************(POV of Justin)*******************

To say that I can't believe what just happened is a vast understatement. Steve

and I had been best friends since the third grade, and with one act of

brutality, Pam snuffed it out.

I watch her as her foot suddenly presses down harder and her eyes nearly bulge

out of her head. Her hips begin bucking forward - her mouth wide open with lips

drawn tight, forming an 'o'. Oh my god! Not only did she kill my best friend,

but she's getting off on it! That bitch! There's no time to mourn though, I just

need to figure out how I'm going to make it out of here alive. I look in every

possible direction, but where could I possibly run to? I'm on the middle of a

hard wood plain, with seemingly no escape for miles... except one.

The only girl who seems appalled by the event that just took place is Beth.

She's been the sympathetic one from the beginning. Maybe she can help me, but I

doubt the other girls would allow that. They seemed to enjoy Steve's death

almost as much as Pam did! ...But what if they don't know that she's helping me?

Beth's big, black boots are laying on their side about 100 yards away. I know

it's risky, but it's the only chance I've got! With all attention on Pam, now is

my chance! Sprinting for all I'm worth, I charge towards the boot. When I

finally reach the lip of the boot, I dive headfirst into its depths to minimize

the chances of being seen. It smells kinda musty, but it's not overwhelming.

With any luck, though, I'm not going to be in here for very long.

***************(POV of Heather)******************

Something went off inside of me. Not only watching Pam squish Steve under her

foot, but her reaction to it. I never thought stepping on a man could give

someone so much pleasure, but then again that thought had never crossed my mind.

How many 2-inch men have you heard of? This may be my one and only opportunity

to try it out, though.

I stare longingly at Pam's foot as she slowly lifts it out of the black mules.

The whole room is silent, except for the faint sound of a drop of blood falling

from the stained stockings and hitting the heel of the mule with a splash. The

leather sole is splattered with blood, which is slowly dripping downwards,

towards the toe. Pam looks up at me, then at the other girls. It looks like she

wants to say something, but she can't find the words.

Without saying a word, Pam stands up and speed-walks into the bathroom, shutting

the door behind her. A devious grin crosses my face, because Pam has given me an

idea. I look down at Jim, who is now terrified! He starts to run in one

direction. Realizing there's nowhere to go, he quickly changes directions.

Understanding the futility of his running, he simply gives up and sits down.

Does he honestly think he's going to be spared if he complies?

'I can't believe you did that! Oh my god, Pam! You're a murderer!' screamed

Beth. 'I want no part of this!'

Pam probably couldn't even hear Beth's outburst, and Sarah and I didn't care. I

didn't try to stop her from leaving, because now there are two men left - one

for me and one for Sarah.

***************(POV of Beth)*******************

I know Pam probably couldn't hear me, but I couldn't bring myself to speak

earlier. I simply stared slack-jawed at her and the bloody footprints she left

across the floor. I don't know what to do. I would help the guys, but I would

risk having the same thing happen to me. I would call the police, but who would

believe me?! I'm sure I'll figure something out. I'll just go home and try to

get some sleep, but I don't know if I can after seeing what just happened.

I grab my boot and tip it back up carefully, just to make sure I don't

accidentally squish Jim or... Where the hell is Justin? I quickly scan the

floor, so I don't draw attention to the fact that Justin is nowhere to be found.

I can't seem to find him anywhere. Oh well, I hope he found some place safe to

hide out for a while.

I quickly put on my right boot, tying it up quickly so I can get out of this

house. I lift my left boot a bit, lifting my foot to put on my left boot.

Suddenly something tumbles from the toe to the heel of my boot. It's Justin! I

can't take him out now, that would draw attention. Please forgive me, Justin!

Please forgive me! I gently put my foot in, being careful not to put too much

pressure on him. I tie the boot up loosely, then slowly start towards the door.

'Why are you limping Beth?' asked Heather.

'I twisted my ankle playing softball on Wednesday. ...I was running to third

base on a fly ball, when it was caught and I had to change directions quickly,

and head back to second. When I did that, I twisted something. It hurts like


Heather looked satisfied, and before another conversation could begin, I flew

out the door towards my car. I hope Justin's okay in there. I'm doing everything

in my power to ensure he doesn't suffer the same fate that Steve did. Thank god

he's in my left boot, because the right one is my driving foot. Lucky for him, I

drive an automatic. If he can only hold out for twenty more minutes...


Giantess Stories: Truth or Dare

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