Giantess Stories: Turnabout

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Title goes

here….it sure does!


           M&Ms repeatedly rained down on me as the

swirling laughter of the girls echoed through out the room. I tried to scale the

bowl but the walls were too slick. Before I knew it I was up to my neck in




           “Girls! Keep it down” okay Trina! Sorry.


           “So Mr. Richfield what do you want to play

tonight? Twister?”


           “Oh, oh, oh can we play spin the bottle! I like

spin the bottle”


           “How about slingshot! I love slingshot.”



cringed as I looked up at these titans. It didn't use to be like this. Just a

few short weeks ago I was the headmaster of this school.


           I crawled out of bed to do morning rounds. It

didn't take long. Actually I had discovered that it actually takes longer to put

my suit on then it does to actually do the rounds.


           I left my office and started walking down the

dimly lit corridors. We always kept the lights dim at night as none of the

students were permitted out of there rooms after eleven. I headed down corridor

after corridor smiling at how successfully I had turned this institution around.

Just a few years ago no one wanted to be here and now it was the top private

school in Alabama.


           As I passed by one of the rooms, I could hear

some muffled giggling. I knocked on the door and yelled Headmaster coming in! I

pushed the door open seeing a bottle of absolute vodka lying in the middle of

the floor a handful of girls gathered around it.


           “All of you girls are getting first degree

verbal warnings. This is a serious offense. I have had to talk to you some of

you. I will not permit you to make a mockery of this school. You are expected to

show the highest caliber of restraint at all times.


“Yes Headmaster Richfield” they shout in unison.


“Now all of you

to your rooms while I think up a suitable punishment and if I have to talk to

any of you again you will be brought up to the board for expulsion.” I let the

door slam behind me as I continue to head down the hall cursing to myself.


           Jennifer's hand lowered towards me, I tried to

move but, there were just too many M&Ms. I was snuggly held in place and they

knew it. Jennifer's warm palm pressed against me and shoved me deeper into the

bowl. I felt the M&M's pool around me as fingers enclosed around me. I lifted

from the bowl and felt my body press against the black and white M&Ms.  Her

fingers curled like a funnel allowing the M&Ms to speed into her mouth. I felt

myself begin to tumble towards her mouth. I grabbed onto M&M after M&M trying to

find anything to stop my decent. I could hear the candy coated shells plop

against her bright white teeth then tumble into the dark recesses of her mouth.


           I pleaded with Jennifer to stop but my begging

only caused the girls to giggle profusely. I finally managed to latch onto the

small gap between her pinky finger and the next finger over. My body dangled in

air above her mouth as I watched the M&Ms drop into her mouth.


           “I bet you would taste pretty good Mr.

Richfield.,” taunted Jennifer as she licked her lips.



Jennifer raised her opposite hand and flicked me in the chest causing me to

lose my grip on her hand. I tucked my body in as I hit the floor and rolled

several feet and stopped just passed the skirting around her bed. I lay in

wait as the girls giggle. I can feel the floor rumble as they lift the

skirting up.


           I continued to head down the corridor when I

spotted an open door across the hall. I headed towards the open and door stepped

in. As soon as my foot hit the tile floor, I felt myself slip on something

slick. I tumbled forward into a shelf and then onto the floor.


           My eyes flickered open. I looked down at my

watch. Five minutes had gone by. That fall must have been worse then I thought.

I pushed myself up off the ground and immediately realized something was wrong.

The hallways extended out infinitely in all directions. I looked behind me at

the baseboard on the wall. I could not believe that I was about the same size as

the baseboard.


           My thoughts were interrupted as I felt the floor

begin to rumble. At first it was just mild shaking then it got worse and worse.

I start looking around in all directions trying to figure out just what is

happening. I finally spot two gargantuan objects in the distance. As they neared

me I immediately recognized them. They were two of the girls from Jennifer's

room only they were humongous.


           The blonde, Carla had on grey sweatpants with a

raspberry colored hooded sweatshirt with her hair pulled back. The other was

Wendy. She had short brown hair with some black sweatpants and a white t-shirt.

I pressed myself against the baseboard trying to stay as much out of the way as

possible, however they both spotted the open closet door and the mess and

started heading this way. Carla's black sneakers crash down just a foot from me.


           “What do you think happened here Wendy?”

           “I don't know but Mr. Richfield will probably

accuse us if we don't get out of here.”


           I stared up at Carla unsure of what to do. Part

of me just wanted to scream and yell hoping she would see me so that I could get

out of this mess somehow but another part of me wondered if they would help me

at all.  It was then that my decision made for me.



           Carla's face beamed as she reached out towards

me, her warm fingers circled around me as she pulled me back out from beneath

the bed. As I was pulled out, I caught Jennifer and Wendy taking a shot as Carla

dropped me onto her lap. I started to head closer towards Carla my caretaker.


           “I still don't see why you keep the little

squirt around anymore Carla. I would have just crushed him long ago. The little

shit has gotten in my way so many times it would serve him right.”


           “Most of those times you were breaking the rules

though. He was just doing his job you can't blame him for that.”


           “Sure I can, just watch me.,” blurts out

Jennifer as snatches me from Carla's lap. I cringe as Jennifer lifts me up to

her face. She begins to belittle me. I can smell the vodka on her warm breath as

it passes over me. The cold smile creeps across her face. A smile I have learned

that usually means no good for me. She sets me down on the floor and opens the

door to her room.


           “We are going to play a little game. If you can

make it out that door you get your freedom. If you can't then you are all mine.”


           All Jennifer says is one and I know that she has

already made my decision for me. As fast as my legs can go I take off running. I

curse at myself for not being in better shape. The thick carpet greatly slows me

down as I near the door. I can hear the girls giggling at what I assume is my

plight when a long shadow appears over me. The giggling ensues for a few minutes

before something soft yet heavy at the same time presses me against he floor. I

struggle beneath its weight for freedom.


           “Can't you get out Mr. Richfield” teases

Jennifer as she lies down on the floor just in front of me. I watch her grab the

bottle of vodka, take another large gulp, and then turn her attention back

towards me.


           “get this thing off of me young lady!”



“Young lady? You sound like my dad! Only I'm sure my dad wouldn't be trapped

beneath my sports bra.”


           The two girls walked off down the hall. There

speed quickly left me alone as I looked in either direction unsure of where to

go but I knew behind me was Jennifer's room and, that was one place I for at

least right now wanted to stay away from so I headed the same direction as the

girls hoping that I could continue my luck of avoiding people.


           Time crept by about as fast as an advanced

calculus class as I made my down the seemingly endless hallway. I could more and

more noise coming from the rooms and I still seemed none closer to the end of

this hallway. The doorway next to me then swings open. I look up at the pleated

plaid skirt of one of my students, the white jumper hugging her perfectly as she

stepped into the hallway not even aware of my presence. Her black dress shoes

fall on either side of me as she pauses for a moment and then to head off

towards the academic building.


           I noticed the closing door to late. I turned

around just in time to get smacked in the face. I rolled a few feet and settle

near a bag of Doritos as I hear the door snap shut. I push myself up eying the

thick wood door. I cringe as I realize I have successfully trapped myself in

here. The only redeeming factor is that she does not seem to have a roommate.



stomach growls once again as I look back at the opened bag of Doritos. I my

stomach gets the better of me as I crawl into the bag. There are just the

small broken crumbs at the bottom of the bag left but now they are plenty big

enough for me.



           I tried to claw my way out from under Jennifer's

sports bra but it was much too heavy. I felt embarrassed that one of my students

had me at her mercy like this. Jennifer kept yelling to push as I tried to fight

my way out from under her sports bra.


           “You are so pathetic,” teases Jennifer as she

lifts the sports bra up allowing me to crawl out from under its shadow.


           “I don't know if you deserve pants for being so

pathetic and since I own you now. I don't know if I even want my little man to



           “You are so mean to him. Let's go out and do

something for awhile.”


           I look up at the mammoth Jennifer who seemed to

have an evil glint her eye as her friends got up. They all chatted and said

there goodbyes. I was happy as this meant Carla would take me back to her room,

well our room, but as she reached down towards me Jennifer snatches me in her

fist. I can feel the air squeezing out of my lungs.


“I will get him to you tomorrow



“But I wanted to sleep with him. I like cuddling up with him under the covers.

He does not even try to escape anymore. I think he is afraid of my roommate

Aimee” giggles Carla as she looks at me in Jennifer's fist.


           The floor rattled as the door swung open. The

rattling of the floorboard awoke me from my slumber. I cursed at myself for

falling asleep. I began to crawl out of the bag of Doritos when her black dress

shoe slams down in front of the bag and then vanishes. I crawl out from the bag

and look towards the door. Closed once again, I start to wonder if I will ever

get out of here when I spot titaness throwing laundry into a whicker basket.


           I start to make my way towards her by running

underneath her bed.  I easily hear her stomping about the room tossing various

things into the basket when I see her face lower and peek beneath the bed.


           “There's my sweater” mumbles the titan as she

reaches towards me.  Her hands latch onto the sweater as I was running across.

As the sweater lurches backwards, I tumble face first onto the sweater


           “What do we have here?”


           “Listen young lady. I am Alexander P. Richfield

and I demand that you take me to my office.”


           “headmaster Richfield? It can't be you. I mean

he is tall and you are short, I mean…”


           “Hey put me down!! Release me! I did not say you

could touch me. Are you listening to me.”


           “Alright Mr. Richfield you wait here, I gotta

show you to Carla.”


           I find myself pressed against this girls skimpy

top as she strides across the room. I look down at a fish bowl a quarter of the

ways full with change.


           “don't you even think about it. Do you hear me!!

Take me to my office”


           I plummet into the fishbowl crashing into sea of

loose change. I pound on the bowl as this titaness lowers her head so its level

with the bowl.


           “I will be right back and then you are going to

make Samantha a very, very popular girl”


           “Get back here or I will see you expelled!! Do

you hear me EXPELLED!!”



Samantha strides out of the room letting the door shut firmly behind her.


           Carla strides down the hall confidently as she

cuddles me against her. I can feel her warm body churning against my skin as

enters the stairwell.


           “See Mr. Richfield. Isn't this great. I told you

it wouldn't be so bad being a pet. I mean look at you now. Even Jennifer wants

you but your all mine. I can see myself being in complete control of this school

pretty soon.”


           “Listen here.”


           “No you listen. You are going to do exactly what

I say if you don't want to end up with Aimee or Jennifer”


           “You, you”


           “No need to thank me little man, I am sure we

can be best friends. You just keep your little mouth shut and do what I say

because I run the show from now on”


           Carla easily over powers me as she strides down

the hall. I spot a couple of what would be underclassmen to her eying me in her

grip. They look on with envy as she walks into her room setting me down on her



           “Now you wait here while I change and then we

can get to bed.”


           “Carla! I am not going to spend another night in

the same bed as you. It just isn't right.”


           “I suppose you could sleep in my underwear

drawer but….”


           “No, no I was just saying that I wasn't going to

spend another night not getting to cuddle up next to you because you are so

warm.” That didn't sound to bad I think to myself as I imagine myself having to

explain the school board why I was in a students underwear drawer.


           I turn around towards the opposite side of the

bed to see Carla in just her bra and panties. She extends her arm out towards

me. She easily overtakes me as she then lifts up the covers.


           “not so tight


           “Oh hush you baby”



Carla presses me against her lips as she snuggles me against her breasts.


           I watch the door swing. I recognize the girl

immediately. Carla, it's the Carla from Jennifer's room and the night before in

the hallway. I look around for a way to hide but there is none as they near.

           “So if I give him to you, you will talk to me in

the halls and stuff.”


           “Yeah, but little people aren't real. You are so

totally wasting me time.”


           “No I swear he's real, I have him in my change

jar over there take a look.”


           “Thats two hang outs and one lunch are included



           “That was one hang out and a breakfast, don't

push your…..oh my god look at him in there. That is really you Mr. Richfield!

You were just yelling at me the other day and now look at you. I totally own

you. This is going to be so awesome.”


           “Hold on! Own me? That is it. I have to demand

that you two girls take me to my office or at the very least the Resident



           “I really don't think we need to involve her do

you Sam?”


           “Oh I certainly don't. Everything seems to be in



           “You, you bitches let me out of here!”


           “Such language! Swearing at the students, Mr.

Richfield that is so unlike you.”


           “Well I have had just about enough of this. I am

tired of being treated like some second class citizen.”


           “Oh you aren't being treated like a second class

citizen. You are being treated like my little pet.”


           Carla's hand reaches into bowl pulling me out. I

kick and scream as I dangle in her grip. Her eyes completely focused on me.  She

hushes me before I can say another word, then lowers me into her purse. My world

becomes a dark as she clasps flap shut. I can smell leather everywhere as I claw

around trying to get out of here but I am completely trapped in this dainty

purse. I huff and slouch down knowing its pointless to fight it as I wont be

able to get out of here until I am let out.


           “You made the right choice Samantha. You're

popularity will swell in no time at all”


           “Thank Carla you're the greatest!”



Carla strides out of the room and I am knocked against her with each step she

takes. I find myself grabbing at the sides of the purse to brace myself as we

head towards Carla's room.




night was long but the day was even longer. So far Carla had spent the morning

primping for some lunch date, but I couldn't say it was in waste as she looked

stunning in her black dress. It wasn't until she set me on her shoulder that I

was required to go with. I tried to talk her out of it but she was having none

of it.


           Carla headed down the hallway with me clinging

to her shoulder for support. I nervously held onto her shell necklace as I

watched a blonde haired blue eyed guy come up to her.




           “Hey babe, whats up with the shrimp.'


           “oh he's my new pet. I wanted to take him on an

outing lets go.”


           “Alright, I got the Camaro so it should be a

good day.”


           “Carla I don't want to go on your stupid date.”


           “Shut up before I put you in the glovebox. I am

really sorry Steve. Usually he is more behaved because he knows that he will be

in trouble if I get angry.”



has you there little guy. Let me tell you. Just do what she says. Its easier

that way.” Laughs Steve as he kisses Carla on the cheek.


           I always hated Mondays and this Monday was set

to be worst ever. My stomach ached and was filled with knots as Carla tugged on

leash. I tried to pull this collar off but it was no use. I was like some

glorified dog as I stared up at Carla in her plaid skirt and white school polo.

She tugged on the leash and strode out of her bedroom. I was forced to run

behind her like a puppy dog as she walked down the halls.


           “Mr. Richfield” giggled a group of girls”

“He is so tiny look at him. Carla

has him by the leash.”


I tried to plead with the girls

for help but it only made matters worse as they laughed harder and harder. I was

completely mortified as Carla walked into her trigonometry class with me in tow.

The eyes were locked onto me as Carla tied leash around her pole of her desk. I

pulled at the knot she made but it was much to strong for me to break the knot.


           As more and more students entered the classroom

I found myself hiding between Carla's shoes trying to escape there gaze but

nothing seemed to work.


           “So Mr. Richfield who is charge around here? I

just can't seem to remember. I thought I knew but...”


           “You are Carla just get me out of here please! I

will do anything.”


           “What? You are asking me to skip class. I

couldn't possibly deny myself of any ounce of knowledge.”



Darla Grey walked into the classroom they immediately piped down. Part of me

wanted to scream and get her attention but the last thing I wanted to do was

let my staff know what was going on. I knew I was in for a long day.


           The last few months had been hectic. Carla has

asserted herself on top of hierarchy here. She pretty much runs things and I can

do anything to stop her. I am merely a tool which her power emanates from.

Whenever anyone gives her any gruff she pulls me out the headmaster of the

school and they are forced to back down. The worst part is that she is taking me

home for the holidays.


           “I am sure Daddy is just going to love you

Alexander. Once he sees how happy you make me and all.”


           Carla has pretty much lost any respect she ever

had for me. She calls me by my first name usually and I am forced to obey her

rules and regulations. Like the curfew laws were changed so that she could stay

out later with her boyfriend Steve.


           “You know I was thinking, daddy might like you

better with some clothes on. Remind me to pick some out for you on the way to

the airport.”





           I looked up at Carla's black dress from the

beneath table. I am resigned to sit her next to her platform shoes. I tug at the

small chain she has going from her anklet to my collar but its no use. I have

been pulling for hours and its absolutely hopeless.


           “Here you go Alexander. Here are a few chunks of

ham and some cooked carrots.” Carla drops the ham and carrot chunks onto the

carpet. I run towards the morsels of food but I am yanked back onto my ass.  I

find myself at the end of my chain and the food is just a few inches from me.


           “Carla! Move your ankle to the right a little. I

can't reach the food”


           Carla either doesn't hear me or doesn't care. I

actually think it's a little of both. It is then I see hear her younger sister

excuse herself from the table. She glides by me as I leap up and down for her

attention. At first she stares down at me and smirks and begins to walk back

away but then she bends down scooping the food into her hand. She moves her hand

towards me.


           “Here you go little fella! Eat up so you can get

big and strong. If your good maybe Carla will let you stay home with me when she

goes back to school”


           “Maybe I laugh” as I think god I hope not. Carla

is bad enough I can only imagine what her younger sister must be like.


           Carla however, unbeknownst to me smirks down at

me as she watches her sister feed me.


           “Don't feed him to much Kelly. I don't want my

little man fat, especially not when he has a big day tomorrow.”



cringe at thought of what that could possibly mean.


Turnabout 2







           I looked over at the slumbering Carla as we lie

on her bed. I crawl over to Carla who is sleeping on her side. I look up at her

endlessly long body and lay my back against her rock hard stomach. I can smell

her sweet natural scent curl around me. The aroma of Carla somehow soothes me as

I lie here up against her. I cuddle my diminutive body against hers. As I

snuggle up against her, I notice the coldness starting leave my body.


           Carla continues to slumber as I look up at her

pierced belly button. Body Piercings of any kind are strictly against rules but

Carla no longer has to hide such blemishes from me. I can only look on in Exposicion Egipto Madrid

disgust as Carla welds my power for her own gains.  I find myself enforcing

rules and signing documents, which suit her needs instead of the schools.


           I jump up as I hear Carla softly moan while deep

in sleep. I look over at the digital clock, which only reads 12:32am. I fall

back against Carla and tightly shut my eyes hoping to drift off to sleep myself.


           The door softly clicks open, which causes me to

leap up from the bed... I watch Aimee stride across the darkly lit room, her

dark brown hair hiding her face as she undresses in the darkness. The sight of

Aimee causes me to huddle against Carla hoping that I can remain hidden against



           Aimee, Carla's roommate hums a soft tune as she

slips into some boxer shorts and pulls her bra off. She casually drops it to the

floor as she pulls her t-shirt over her head. My eyes remain glued to Aimee's

titanic body as pulls the scrunchy from her hair allowing her hair to fall down

around her shoulders as she heads towards her bed.



use to be disgusted by such acts, I use to hate how these girls would leave

there stuff lying around the room, how they would undress like I wasn't even

here, how there tone towards me slowly changed from even having a little

respect for me, to me being just Carla's.  I was always Carla's little man, or

Carla's pet, Carla's toy. It seems that I am only identified as Carla's now.


           I pulled morsel after morsel of food from

Kelsie's hand as she crouched down near me. I found it a little unnerving that a

girl who looked like a younger version of Carla could also dominate me with

complete and utter ease. I am nothing more then an interesting toy to her.


           I was about to reach for another bit of food

when Carla crossed her leg. I found myself being dragged across the carpet for a

bit, the rug burning and peeling my skin, then I was lifted from the carpet as

she crossed her legs leaving me dangling as she bobbed her foot up and down.


           I swung helplessly in the air as Kelsie giggled

and prodded me with her finger a few times before standing up and leaving me to

the mindless banter of Carla and her family.


           “Carla! Put your foot down god damn it. Put your

foot down” I screamed as she continued to wave her foot around. I grabbed onto

the chain hoping that would somehow help but my grip on the chain was quickly

ripped from my hands. The chain swung around Carla's foot several times until my

back was plastered against her foot. She then swung her foot the opposite way

causing me to unwrap from around her foot and then rewrap going the opposite

way. This went back and forth several times until Carla peered down at me and

giggled softly but held her hand in front of her mouth trying to stifle the fact

she was giggling.


           “Carla! Can I get a little help here?”


           “Young lady! Give him here.”


           “But mom!”


           “But nothing! It's Christmas Eve and we are

trying to have a nice dinner here and you are horsing around with that pet of



           “He's clasped to my anklet though.”


           “Just give the whole thing here. You can get him

back later. This is family time”


           “But Kelsie didn't have…”


           “Carla! Listen to your mother or no little man”


           “Yes daddy” dejectedly sighed Carla.  I watch

her reach her hand down towards me but she stops just short and unclasps the

anklet from around her leg. I feel myself being risen up from beneath the table

and dropped into her mothers awaiting hand.



try to crane my neck up to see her mother better but her mom just closed her

hand all around me and walked into the kitchen. As her mom raises me up into

the air, I hear her clasp the anklet and hang it on the knob on one of the

kitchen cabinets, leaving me dangling in the air as she strides back out into

the dining room.


           I wake up to see Carla staring down at me as she

pets my head. I start to stand up only to feel myself slide off Carla's leg and

onto the soft bed. I scatter towards her pillow to get out of the way, as she

puts on her uniform. I can only look over at the still slumbering Aimee in fear

as Carla primps herself.

           “Now you remember that you can't come with me

today don't you Alex,” giggles Carla as she looks down at her miniature



           “Yes, this is only the 18th time you

have told me. I will be just fine taking care of myself.” I mutter as I lay back

against her pillow.


           “Well I can't have you running around in here

while I am gone so…”


           “There is no so! I am a grown man! I took care

of myself long before you were born and I will take care of myself now.”


           “I don't like that tone you are showing me.

Someone might be getting a little big for there minute britches”


           Carla snatches me up off her pillow and strides

across her bedroom floor with ease. She smirks down at me for a minute before

she sets down at the computer desk. She reaches out plops a lid off something,

before I know it I find myself looking out of a jar.



reach my hands for the rim a moment to late, which gives Carla enough time to

slam the lid down on the jar. My banging goes unheard as I look out through

the chili-peppered jar. I look down at the floor seeing a few starbursts

scattered around. I watch Carla smile with glee as she pokes her fingernail

against the jar few times before striding out of the room sealing me in



           I awoke to the sound of laughter only none of

the laughing voices was Carla's. My eyes sprung open to see a large ankle mere

inches from me, As I stand up I see Carla's damn anklet around the ankle, only

as I look up all I can see is Kelsie's beaming face smiling down at me. I spin

around on my heel and see Carla lying on Kelsie's bed.


           “Isn't this great little man! Carla says I can

play with you for awhile since she is going to visit some old friends.”


           “What? Take me with you! I don't want to be here

with your sister.”


           “I was just on my way out, see you later and be

good for Kelsie.”


           As Carla walked out Kelsie paraded around the

room making me follow along with her for a few minutes then she sat down on her

bed and proceeded to call each of her best friends to tell them all about me.


           “Kelsie, listen to me. I am headmaster Alexander

P. Richfield. I am a grown and don't need the supervision of the baby brigade”


           “Excuse you? Baby Brigade? This from the

glorified Barbie doll”


           “Who are you calling Barbie doll? Pipsqueak”


           “Oh this from the man barely knee high to a



           “I am taller then that and you know it runt”


           “Runt!! Oh that's rich!”


           “Look one of us needs to be the mature one here

and as the only adult you should do what I say.”


           “Adult? You are not. You look like you are



           “I am the headmaster and…:


           “And what? Little doll? I do not want to hear

this headmaster nonsense anymore. Pets are better seen and not heard.”



could not believe she was talking to me like this. I am a grown an adult

nonetheless and she was acting as if I was nothing. That is when is started to

dawn on me. I am nothing but her sister's pet doll to her. She has no idea who

I am.


I was slumped over in Jalapeno

covered jar sitting on a small pile of starbursts I had piled up. I had spent

much of the day trapped in this confounded jar. The more I struggled and tried

to escape the worse off I felt. I could not believe I was really stuck in this

jar. I could just picture Carla laughing at me when I struggled for my freedom.

This made my stomach churn and gave me a sick feeling. It was as if she was

besting me and mocking me even though she was not even here.


I was deep in my thoughts of how

much Carla disgusted me when I heard the sound of keys being fumbled around; I

leapt up from my pile of starbursts and ran to the closest wall of the jar. I

could not believe I was finally going to be let out of here. I do not think I

had ever been so excited to see Carla in my life. As the door swung open, my

heart dropped as I saw Aimee standing there. I slunk back down to the floor of

the jar as she walked into the room with the door slamming behind her.


As she strides across the room,

her skirt drops to the floor and she pulls her blazer and shirt off. I can only

watch as she wiggles into blue jeans and tosses on a green shirt.


“God damn teachers! I cannot

believe I have to spend a perfectly good day inside here typing up this report.


I can only watch as Aimee plops down on the black chair and

flicks the computer on. I nervously look out at her hoping she does not notice



The sound of Linkin Park fills the room as I watch Aimee

start to type away. I breathe a sigh of relief as her focus stays on the

computer. However, my luck starts too go bad as she reaches one hand towards the

jar. She pulls of the lid I had been pushing trying to get off all day with the

ease of a person picking up an ant. Aimee's hand lowers into the jar as I push

myself against the sides as I futilely try to escape her grasp.


           As luck would have it, she grasps onto me and

slams the lid back down on the jar. I nervously look at her as she continues

typing with her opposite hand until I am lowered over her lap and dropped down

along with the a few starbursts.


           I look up at Aimee as she continues to type

away. I look down over the side of her leg and realize that there is no way that

I can get down. I start to crawl back towards the pile when I look up seeing her

looking straight down at me.


           “Well, well, well if it isn't the little



           “Aimee look, I know that we never saw eye to eye

but can't we let bygones be bygones?”


           “It looks this time you are the fly who has come

into my parlor. I have seen Carla parade you around for quite a while now and

finally I get to my chance to have you all alone, all to myself. This is going

to be fun.”



           I found myself tied to the end of a tape

measurer. As I ran across Kelsie's room. My legs burned with pain as I continued

to press on knowing that I had no choice in the matter. I then heard Kelsie

start to giggle and I came to a halt falling onto my ass. I cringed, as I knew

by experience what she had done. She had the stopper depressed and was about to

let go. I grasped the carpet strands but it was no use. My grip was easily

ripped and I was flying backwards and finally crash into the dispenser.


           “Alright enough is enough Kelsie!” I yell up to



           I gulp as she flashes me the look. I take off

running this time forgetting that I am attached to the tape measurer. I make it

three feet and seven inches before I come to a halt falling flat on my face. I

hear the click of the lock as she sets the tape measurer on the floor. A long

shadow covers me with utter ease as I turn over seeing Kelsie standing up now.


           Her long blonde hair drifting down over her

shoulders as her grey sweat pants loosely hang from her frame. The words bitch

written across the ass and black shirt that has a heart in the middle with a

chibi style girl that reads Princess.


           Her stocking clad feet crash down on either side

of me as she stares down at me with no love in her eyes.


           “Little pet? Rule number one. When a pet

disobeys its master, you are supposed to punish him. You were very bad trying to

run away”


           “Listen Kelsie, I was just nervous is all… you

know? We could play a game. Chutes and ladders? How about clue? Or, or, or…”


           “Or punish Carla's pet. That sounds like a good



           I struggle and pull at the tape measurer trying

to get it to budge but the lock is to strong. Kelsie just looks down at me. I

can hardly believe that she is this tall. I have not ever seen anyone from this

vantage point. I began to physically shake as I struggle for all my life's

worth. I keep praying Carla walks in and saves me but I know it is very



           Kelsie raises her foot above me and then in a

swift motion brings it down on me. My head sticks out from the arch of her foot

and my legs stick out the opposite side. I can feel her weight on my chest as

she looks down at me.


“Maybe we will play Pedicure tonight.”


           I struggled in the hot wax as I looked up at

Aimee as she spread the hot wax all over her opposite leg. The more I struggled

the more she laughed. I continued to try to free myself but the wax was much too

strong. I could only lie in wait for Aimee to rip me from this hellish prison.


           “AMES!! Ames! Come here!”


           “What is it Stacey. I am kind of busy.”


           I felt the muscles in Aimee's leg flex as she

stood and walked into the hall. I nervously looked around as she stepped out

into the hall. I looked up at all the students I use to be able to look down at.

I nervously prayed that Aimee would just get to where she was going so no one

would see me.


           “What is it Stacey” blurts out Aimee as she

pushes Stacey's door open. Stacey immediately looks down at Aimee's waxed legs.

Her eyes bug out and a smile crosses her face as Aimee places her hands on her





           “Ummmm your legs….”


           “What about my legs? I am just waxing them.”


           “Yeah but you have errr...I mean…ummm”


           “Come on girl, spill it”


           “You have Mr. Richfield on your leg!!”


           “Yeah so? He is getting what he deserved aren't

you Alexander?”


           “Get me off of here! Listen Stacey you have

always been a real nice girl. Just pull me off and…”


           Aimee bends down and dips her finger onto the

hot wax, which is on her leg. She then smears a bit of the hot wax over my lips.

I struggle to open my lips, which are now sealed firmly shut.


           “There that's much better.”


           “What were you saying?”



umm I wanted to show you my new outfit.”


           My legs and arms were painfully sore as I roll

over in the oversized bed. I can hardly believe I had to give Kelsie a pedicure

last night. As I lay here hoping that morning wont ever come I know it's already

to late as I hear a tapping.



push the door open only to see Kelsie looking down at me. She smirks as she

looks down at me as I look up at her from the balcony.


           “How are you doing little pet? Did you have a

good night sleep? Carla is looking for you.”


           “Well take me to her! I want out of this

oversized dollhouse. I am not going to be kept here like I am one of your toys.”


           “Yeah…about that. I have had so much fun with

you. I was thinking that you better hang low for awhile.”


           Kelsie pressed her hand around me and pushed me

back inside the dollhouse. As soon as I was inside, she locked the door from the

outside and clasped all the windows shut.


           “There, that should hold you until Carla has to

leave. She would never think of looking for you in here. See you later dollie.”



run to the window and begin to pound on the plastic window as I watch Kelsie

run up the stairs and flick the lights off. I cringe in fear as I hear her

yell that I am not down here to Carla and then shut the door concealing me in

darkness. I slouch down against the wall unable to believe that this nightmare

is in fact a reality.


           “You baby! It couldn't have hurt that bad come

back here,” shouts Aimee as I streak across the floor towards the door. As soon

as I hit the hallway, I turn to the right and take about two steps smack into

someone shoe. I stumble back onto my ass. I look up at the long lanky legs of

the tanned giantess. As she turns her neck down and stares down at me, I

recognize her to be the Resident Assistant Katrina. I immediately leap up and

start yelling up to her.


           “Mr. Richfield? I heard you were shrunk but I

did not really believe it. Look at you? You are so tiny. Your voice sounds so

quiet yet squeaky at the same time.”


           “Listen to me Katrina, get me out of here. You

work for me. Take me to my office this instant.”


           “Hey Kat, did you see Carla's. Oh there you are.

It looks like I am going to have to punish you.” Angrily says Aimee.


           “Katrina do something. I am telling you to pick

me up. I am still headmaster of this institution, which makes you my employee.

Now do as I say!”


           “Alright” Katrina bends down and grabs. As soon

as her fingers curl around me she stands up and drops me into Aimee's awaiting



           “What are you doing? Take me to my office.”


           “Sorry Mr. Richfield. The way I see it is. You

are Carla's property, so I am entrusting you to Aimee who is going to be

responsible for you until Carla returns.”


           “What! You can't entrust me to this bitch.”


           “Mr. Richfield! Such language.”


           “Thanks Kat. I will make sure Carla gets him



           Aimee looks down at me with contempt in her eyes

as she kicks the doorstop out of the door and walks over to her bed. She drops

me onto her bed while she fumbles around for something in her nightstand. I

begin to try to find a place to flee too when her hand comes back down on me and

wrap a hair scrunchy around me.


           “Get me out of this. Do you hear me? I am

ordering you too, no wait put that away.”


           Aimee sprays me repeatedly with her perfume

bottle as I struggle against my bonds but I cannot seem to budge this hair




should hold you until Carla gets back smirks Aimee as she picks me up and sets

me in the middle of Carla's bed hog tied and helpless, but worst of all I was

smelling just like Aimee which only reminded me just how helpless I was in

this world.


           Having no clock I can only guess how much time

has gone by but it seems like hours, as I remain trapped in Kelsie's damn

dollhouse. The longer I wait the angrier I get that this damn bitch can do this

to me. It is bad enough being at the mercy of one of my students, but now to be

at the mercy of her younger sister is just too much.


           “Isn't down here Carla. I looked really good,”

blurts out Kelsie as Carla pushes the door open. I immediately leap up and start

punching on the plastic window hoping that Carla sees me. Kelsie makes a beeline

towards the dollhouse and sits down right in front of me.


           “You could at least help me look Kelsie”


           “What? I told you he is not down here. Why would

he escape to the basement? He may be little but he isn't dumb Carla”


           “Well we have looked everywhere else I know he

wouldn't run away.'


           I continue pounding and screaming for all I am

worth but Kelsie continued to talk until Carla gave up and began to head up the

stairs. She motioned for Keslie to come too. Kelsie happily leapt up from the

table and followed her sister up the stairs.


           “Even though you are leaving, if he turns up I

will make sure to mail him to you or something. I mean he is probably hiding

somewhere we cannot even get to you know. But he has to come out for food

sometime and I will be sure to nab him for ya.”


           “Thanks….wait did you hear something?”


           “I don't know? What did it sound like? I didn't

hear a little man”


           “Kelsie? I didn't say anything about a little



           “What? I just assumed that since we were looking



           “Where is he?”


           “Where is who? You do not think I have him do

you. I swear it was just as I told you. I was sleeping with him and when I woke

up he was gone.”




           “Oh alright, he is in the dollhouse.”


           I watch Carla burst down the stairs and open up

the dollhouse. I wave up to her happily, as she grabs me pulling me out.



are in so much trouble Alexander. You are going in my carry on bag for the

flight back to school.”


           The stars were out as I looked out the window.

As the door is pushed open, I try to scream for Carla but part of the scrunchy

is covering my mouth. Carla head straight for the jar but quickly turns around

when she sees that I am not in there. I watch her eyes scan the room and then

finally lock onto me.


           “How was your day Alexander? I told you it would

not be to bad now did I. You smell really good.”


           I try to struggle but I am completely helpless

as Carla holds me hog-tied in her palm of her hand.


           “We have a big day tomorrow…..A really big day

so you better get some sleep.”



could just about cry as I look up at Carla who merely sets me down on her

nightstand and gets ready for bed.


           “Shhhhh, she's sleeping but she is a light

sleeper. Let us get him and get out. You check that half of the room I will

check around over here.”


           The whispers of the giants immediately woke me

up, as even a whisper is loud to me. I soon felt the warm hand of someone wrap

around me as I continued to struggle trying to yell for Carla to wake up but the

fact I was tied up in this Scrunchy I was helpless to do anything.


           “Let's get out of here. Hurry up and don't make

any noise.”


           I felt a sock wrap around my body. As the

scrunchy was pulled off me. Before I could scream, I realized the sock had

chloroform on it, because of my diminutive size it knocked me out right away.



“That worked better then I thought. Let's move.”



















Giantess Stories: Turnabout

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