Giantess Stories: UNBALANCED BATTLE By ZZZ   Into the darkness

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Into the darkness, so it begins...

Territory has always been a basis for war. It was no different for the people of

Ven and Wun. Each wanted to take over the other, but their militant forces were

equal, and most battles ended with a bloody stalemate. It always resulted with

more than half the men of the local villages slaughtered, and the women were

often left without lover or husband, and feeling helpless. But according to

society no woman was ever allowed to go into battle, except for the young girl

who was "blessed" with the honor of carrying the battalion leader's sword. It

was the people's belief that their gods would favor them if they used a young

virgin as the weapon carrier.

A long time had passed since the last battle. It was difficult to replace all

the casualties. The people of Ven were surprised when they heard that the Wun

were on the march. Their spies returned with horrid news of the alliance the Wun

had made with the northern county of Nia, one with great warriors and even

greater technology. These people had developed the catapult and many other

powerful weapons, which neither the Wun or Ven had. They had always remained

neutral, but the Wun must have made some grand deal with the Nia. They suspected

the Wun traded some of their women, for that was all they could have had left

since the last war.

Now they were approaching, thousands upon thousands of well armed and well

trained soldiers, with a few Wun fighters in-between. The Ven knew surrender

would only mean a drawn out death. They had no choice. They had to pray to their

gods and hope that their 200 soldiers would be enough against the thousands


Audra was the young virgin chosen by the Ven to represent the gods, as well as

bear the general's sword. She was 17 years old, but was very scrawny and petite.

She was about 4'9" tall. She was also very poor since she had lost her father in

the last battle. All she could afford to wear was a dirty old toga she now owned

for about 5 years. It was rather small on her, coming down about halfway on her

thighs and reaching up slightly above her nipples. The Ven did not have time to

make her more representative of the gods, but they did give her a golden

bracelet they had found in the temple of their god of war.

The battle was now at hand. The first wave of Nia and Wun were just on the

outskirts of town, and they were all heavily armored, and some were on

horseback. The only person on horseback for the Ven was the general, only

because it was the only horse from the previous battle who hadn't run away.

One thing the Ven noticed was that the Wun had forgotten their virgin

representative of the gods. It was enough to inspire some hope in the

outnumbered warriors. "Their overconfidence will be punished by the gods!!!" The

Ven commenced running towards the incoming invaders. Audra drew the sword from

the sheath that held it and passed it to the general. The Nia soldiers were the

main constituent of the first wave, as they came running with their armor

glistening in the sun.

The battle exploded with the blood of the Ven, and few injuries to the Wun and

Nia. The Wun and Nia generals were now close by, and the Ven general was in

screaming distance. "The gods will punish you for not bringing the virgin


The Wun general simply smiled. "With an army like this their is nothing the gods

can do to stop us!" The Nia general pointed his sword at Audra, who was hiding

behind the general's horse. "Do you think a little girl like that can make a

difference in a battle like this? HAHAHA!!!"

More soldiers from the Nia were arriving, and the Ven were being decimated. All

around Audra soldiers were being slaughtered, but the general was doing an

unearthly job of protecting her. "Don't worry Audra, the gods have never let us

down before, and I don't think we have let them down." Just then the general was

struck by a mace and knocked off his horse. The horse quickly sped away. The

soldiers were moving in on him. "Please, spare the child!!!" Tears began to

appear on Audra's face as she realized the general's as well as her own demise

were at hand. The soldiers all moved their weapons towards Audra and the

general, when a sudden flash of red light knocked the nearby soldiers back. The

battle ceased for a moment as warriors from both sides looked towards the red

light which stood between five Nia soldiers, the general, and Audra.

In the red light a form appeared...two bright green eyes. "SO WUN AND NIA, YOU


HERE?" Everyone present was now well aware of who this god was. The god of war

was not known for his forgiveness. "I'VE ALWAYS HATED ONE SIDED BATTLES BECAUSE


The war god pointed towards Audra's bracelet, and it gained a slight glow of

red. "THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE" With that, the war god

disappeared. The Nia and Wun began cheering and laughing. They figured the war

god had intended them to be the over powering side he would allow to go on, and

continued with their onslaught. Audra felt a great fury building inside her. But

she was helpless to do anything. She desperately craved the power to help her

people. But anger was the overwhelming feeling. She was furious for those dying

around her. She was furious because of the lack of fairness in the battle, and

she was furious at the war gods abandonment. But then she felt it. The more

power she craved, the tighter her toga felt, and the more power she felt like

she had.

Audra felt her breasts rise up out of her toga as it began to burst open. It was

smaller and smaller on her once skinny body. She now felt large powerful muscles

on each of her limbs, and she was becoming more and more attractive by the

second. Her once flat chest now held two quickly enlarging bulges of flesh. Her

hips were widening out, but her waist remained relatively slim but incredibly

muscular. Looking around she noticed how all the soldiers now seemed her height.

That was when she saw a sword run through the general. That was all she could

take. Her anger was like that of an erupting volcano. Instead of erupting lava

however her body was spewing out muscle and mass. She doubled then tripled in

size. The soldiers were now only to her knees. She kicked at the soldier who had

stabbed the general, and noticed her huge foot sink into his chest. Every one of

his ribs broke like twigs. The soldiers now noticed the over 20ft naked giantess

and rushed her with their swords. When the swords hit her, the soldiers felt as

though they had struck steel. Audra did not feel a single thing. She grabbed one

of the swords and rolled it into a ball. The soldiers nearby began to run, but

this only made Audra want more power. She felt her beautiful body expanding even

more now. Every inch of her filled out with greater curves and muscles. She now

towered well over fifty feet. One of the soldiers that had been fleeing had

fallen to the ground. Audra wanted to crush him like the bug he was. She lifted

her foot, and began bringing it down. The soldier wasn't about to be crushed so

easily though. He held up his sword so that she would be stabbed when her food

made contact. Her foot did make contact, but it only bent the sword down on the

soldier, and then the rest of Audra's monstrous foot came down on him. His blood

spilled out from the sides of her foot. She looked down and felt a great

pleasure at the power she now had. She walked over to another soldier, and

swatted at him with her huge hand. She missed his torso, but sent his head

flying of into the distance. A Wun soldier came running up to her and threw his

mace straight at her left breast. It bounced off as though it were a pebble.

Audra reached down for the mace and threw it back at the soldier. The mace tore

straight through his chest. She walked over to two more soldiers and picked them

both up. One was a Wun and the other was a Nia. "SO YOU LIKE WORKING TOGETHER

EH???" She clapped them both together and both their bodies exploded in blood on

her hands.

The mounted cavalry was now approaching, and the Ven soldiers were now

outnumbered five to one. Audra did not want to anymore of her people to get



voice instilled fear in the enemy soldiers, and the Ven listened to what she

said. They were not about to argue with a fifty foot goddess, and they several

of them were severely injured. As the Ven retreated, some Nia and Wun followed.


Audra once again grew in size and muscle, till she reached the hundred foot

mark. She brought down her arm between the fleeing Ven and attacking Nia/Wun.


along the floor and scooped up four enemy soldiers. She pressed her arm against

her bare abdomen, and splattered the helpless warriors. Horse back riders now

approached her and began throwing their spears at her. They were aiming for her

face, but they could only hit the underside of her huge breasts. "HAHAHA YOU ARE


ducked down and picked up all the spears at her feet. She then stood back to her

full height and launched all the spears from her one hand. Fifty spears went

through the air and pierced into the ten of the horseback riders, tearing

through them as well as their horses. "YOU AND ANYTHING WITH YOU MUST BE

PUNISHED!!!" She suddenly felt something hit her. The again and again. The

catapults were now in range, and she was being bombarded with boulders. Audra

felt the need for power once again and now filled to well over 150' tall. She

brought her hand down on top of one of the horseback riders and crushed both him

and his horse underneath. Only a puddle of blood remained when she lifted her

hand. The enemy soldiers were now beginning to retreat, but Audra did not plan

on letting them get away. Audra ducked down and tore a huge piece of ground from

the earth. She chucked it at the catapults and crushed two of them with the

landmass. She now walked over to them, as the catapult operators quickly ran

way. "OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!" Audra gathered up the remaining boulders that were

next to the catapults. They all fit in one hand, but she made sure that they

would have a serious impact. She gathered all her strength in one hand and

launched the boulders at the fleeing catapult operators. It was like a rainstorm

of boulders, and every catapult soldier that was hit was crushed instantly.

"Retreat!!! Retreat to the home base!!!!" Shouted both generals as they sped out

of Audra's reach.


PUNISHMENT!!!" Audra began to walk quickly after the escaping soldiers. Soon

they came upon the first town, where several archers had prepared themselves

with flaming arrows.

"Launch!!!" Shouted their commander, and several small pellets of flame struck


Audra wasn't happy. She walked over to where a few trees stood, and ripped them

from the soil. She then caught a few of the flaming arrows in her hand and set

the trees on fire. Using three huge trees as a flaming club, Audra began

smashing the small huts around her, as well as setting them ablaze.

"BURN PUNY BUGS!!!" The fire was raging through the small village. As people

attempted to escape, Audra would step on them. Some were stepped on by without

her noticing and others intentionally.

She now stomped onwards toward the main village of the Wun. Several catapults

were lined around the village with oil soaked boulders, obviously borrowed from

the Nia. Upon Audra's approach, the boulders were lit and sent hurling at her.

"MORE FIRE??? DON'T YOU FOOLS EVER LEARN???" The boulders exploded on her body

like miniature puffs of flame, and Audra was completely unhurt. Audra moved

straight towards the catapults, faster than they had expected. She ducked down

and picked up the main Wun general, who had been far too overconfident in the

Nia's flaming catapults. She then lifted him to her face. "HMMM, PERHAPS I WILL

WARM UP MY MEAL FIRST??" The general began screaming in horror when he heard his

fate. She picked up some of the still flaming boulders and placed his body on

top of them. The general was covered in flames almost instantly. He did not even

get a chance to react, because before he knew it, he was inside Audra's mouth.

She let him simmer in the flames a bit before finally biting down on his body.


quickened her pace toward the Nia castle. Before leaving the Wun village

however, she let out a loud scream of a message, which deafened every nearby Wun


AND FINISH OFF THESE PATHETIC WUN!!!!" The Ven's heard her message even though

they were far away.

Audra soon reached the castle, and found every type of soldier and weapon

waiting around it. They even had two gigantic catapults, with a strange liquid

sitting in them. "Attack!!!" Hundreds of arrows and catapulted boulders hit

Audra. On the ground hundreds of soldiers approached her legs and began stabbing

her feet. Audra became infuriated. She felt the urge for power tremendously

overwhelming, and her body enlarged to twice it's size, then twice it's size

again, making her a frightening 600' tall. With one step she killed over 50 Nia.

When they began to escape, Audra threw herself to the ground on her knees at

rammed her fists to the earth. The tremendous shockwave knocked several off the

Nia off their feet, and killed hundreds. The shockwave even caused several of

the castle walls to collapse. One of the two mysterious catapults launched its'

contents. It was boiling oil, but all it accomplished was make Audra angrier.


walked over to the second catapult and drained all the burning oil into her

mouth. She stood again to full height and began spraying the acid from her

mouth, sending most of the Nia to death of in great agony. Now only the castle

remained. Although Audra was enormous, the castle was still very large next to

her. She could have destroyed it it a bit of effort, but she decided to destroy

them faster. She doubled in size once again. Her expanding feet spread over the

remaining ground troops and left nothing of them. She was now 1200' tall. "YOUR

END IS HERE NOW!!!!" Audra brought down her humongous breasts on the castle, and

the castle was obliterated by them, as well as all of it's inhabitants.

While sitting on all fours, Audra noticed a small speck moving quickly away on

horseback. It was the Nia general. Stretching out her overwhelming arm, she

picked him off his horse with her pinkie finger and thumb. "IN A HURRY TO LEAVE?

LET ME HELP YOU THEN!" The general's ears were bleeding from her thunderous

voice. She lifted him up above her head, and tossed him as far as she could.

Minutes later he landed as a splash of blood on a field far away.

The Ven became rulers of the land, with Audra as their guardian goddess. She

returned to normal size, but always retained her growing ability to challenge

any danger that threatened her people.

Giantess Stories: UNBALANCED BATTLE By ZZZ   Into the darkness

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