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Under Sister's Foot

By Ram

One day, there was a cute little boy, named Tommy. He was playing in his

backyard. It was about 5:00 in the afternoon now and Tommy decided to come in

after playing ball with his dog that afternoon. His mom was out grocery shopping

and his sister, Nancy, at her aerobics class. Tommy grabbed a cookie from the

cookie jar and walked around the house looking for his father. After hearing a

few strange sounds coming from the basement, he proceeded to go down into the

basement. As Tommy peered around the corner, he noticed his father working in

his lab. His father was quite the scientist-type experimenter. His father seemed

to be mixing different chemicals together into a container. Just as his father

was mixing two solutions together there was a violent explosion that knocked his

father to the floor. Tommy ducked down to protect himself. After a couple

seconds he lifted his head and seen his father laying on the floor. Tommy walked

over to his father, cautiously. As he got closer he stepped on a piece of glass

with his bare foot and cut his foot open a bit. The chemical solution was all

over the floor near his father. Tommy quickly jumped back and looked at his

foot. He sat down in a chair because he was starting to feel a. little dizzy.

But something strange was happening to Tommy - his eyesight was starting very

blurry. Tommy was getting really scared now. He screamed and went running

upstairs. Because of his poor eyesight. he was having trouble navigating through

his house. It was difficult for him to get up the stairs; it seemed as if he had

to jump each step. He was now in the hallway where his room, his sister's room

and parents' room were. By this time the chemical in his bloodstream had made

him totally blind. Tommy ran into what he thought was his room, but in fact was

his sister's room. The chemical that he stepped into was not only causing him to

lose his sight but it also began to change his body's molecular structure - he

was rapidly shrinking in size, ultimately to about the size of a large ant.

Nancy, his older sister, wasn't the kind of person to keep a clean room. Her

bedroom was littered with shoes, and other articles of clothing scattered all

about. Tommy fainted and fell to the floor. A few minutes later Tommy became

conscious again, he felt disoriented and very tired. He thought this was all a

dream and had a hard time distinguishing what was dream or reality. Tommy got up

and slowly walked around, reaching out to try to feel for his bed. Little did

Tommy know, he had shrunk to a height of 1/4 of an inch. Tommy, thinking that he

was slipping himself into the warmth of his bedcovers, was actually walking into

a pair of his sister's black pantyhose. Tommy then fell asleep. A short while

later his mother came home from shopping. She walked upstairs to look for Tommy.

When she walked by Nancy's bedroom she ventured in, gave a sigh of disgust and

proceeded to hang up a couple of Nancy's clothes. When she picked up the black

pantyhose that Tommy had previously slipped into, he started to fall farther

down in the hose towards the foot section of the pantyhose. Tommy was still fast

asleep. His mother hung the pantyhose over the back of the chair then left. When

the mother went downstairs to look for his father she noticed him lying on the

floor, slowly trying to get up. He explained the little accident he had and

proceeded to clean up. A couple hours later Tommy awoke from his sleep and found

himself still blind to the world. Although all his other senses were still

working. He began to smell a very foul odor, sort of like when his sister sticks

her feet in his face when they play around. He wonders when the last time his

mom had changed the sheets, still thinking that he was just under the sheets. He

tried to walk but it seemed as if he was walking forever. It was about 7:00 PM

now and Tommy's mom wondered where Tommy was. She looked out in back yard and

called for him but no answer. She asked Tommy's father where Tommy could be.

Tommy's father told her that he thought Tommy had said that he was going over to

a friend's house for a while. Tommy's mother rested at that and left the room.

Nancy came home from her aerobics class and went into the bathroom to take a

shower. The mother asked Nancy what she had planned for tonight. Nancy told her

mother that she had plans to go to the bar tonight. Nancy then took her shower

then stood there in the bedroom thinking about what she was going to wear that

night. She decided to wear a red blouse and a black leather miniskirt, with

black hose and her four inch heel pumps. She slipped on her underwear and

reached for her pantyhose, the same pantyhose that little Tommy was resting in

at the bottom of the hose. She slipped her foot in one legging and then into the

one that Tommy was in. Suddenly Tommy was awaken by something very big to him.

moving his little body around. He felt like his whole body was being squeezed

and pressed on. Nancy flexed her toes to a comforting fit, causing Tommy to be

shifted around in between her toes. Tommy's sight was slowly getting clearer. He

still couldn't see anything but he was able to distinguish light and different

shades. Nancy put on her miniskirt and blouse and then walked over to the

bathroom to put on her make up. When she got up Tommy knew something is

definitely wrong. He had a feeling that he wasn't dreaming anymore, and that he

wasn't under his covers either. As she walked he felt more pressure on his body.

He saw flashes of light then darkness each time that the pressure was pushed on

his body. When Nancy got to the bathroom she sat down on the toilet and put on

her make up. She crossed her legs so that the foot that Tommy was trapped in was

resting off the floor. He saw light but didn't really know where it was coming

from. He was just glad that his body wasn't being squished anymore. Then Nancy

got up and suddenly Tommy was being squeezed again. She walked back to the

bedroom and slipped her high heels on. Tommy felt very scared at this time. He

was in total darkness and his body was being squished under Nancy's toes. She

got up and left the room. She told her mom that she was going out now. Little

did they both know, that Tommy was going out with Nancy too. Nancy got into her

car and drove off. While driving, she turned on the heat for the floor section

because her feet were cold. This giant burst of heat made it very hot in her

shoes. Tommy was starting to sweat. As Nancy's feet started to get warmer, her

feet started to sweat too, not only causing a awful stench that Tommy was

finding unbearable, but toes were becoming more loose in her pumps. Therefore,

this made it easier for Tommy to move around a little bit more in-between her

toes and under the ball of her foot. When he moved around it tickled Nancy and

she flexed her toes and squeezed them causing Tommy to be forced back under her

giant toes and sliding under her sweat from her foot. When Nancy finally got to

the nightclub she got out of the car and went into the club. She met her friend

there and soon found a table. When Nancy sat down she again crossed her legs.

Even though her shoe that had Tommy inside of was off the floor, Tommy was

getting very ill of the horrible odor that he was trapped inside with. Nancy

dangled her shoe so that it was hanging by her toes. Tommy's vision this time

was remarkably well now and was able to see normally. As he looked around he saw

terror. He first noticed what was squeezing him all the while. Then he looked

out the area where she dangled her shoe from and saw the floor from what seemed

to be a long distance down. Tommy looked at himself and his fears were known. He

realized then that the solution that he stepped in made him shrink to his size

he was now and that worst of all, he was inside his sister's pantyhose. He began

to cry and panic. He started to move around like crazy but then Nancy scooped

her Pump back on causing his body to be inserted back in between her toes.

Little Tommy was now hopelessly trapped in his big sister 's pantyhose and

encased by a high heeled patent leather shoe that she wore. He was so small that

even her tremendous120 lb. body didn't have affect on him. He just felt squished

and alone in a smelly darkness. For the next 3 1/2 hours Nancy enjoyed her night

out, dancing, drinking and just being downright sociable. And Tommy suffered a

degrading and uncomfortable smelly hell at the toes of his big sister. During

the night Nancy began to feel something funny moving around in her pump. Every

time it got uncomfortable Nancy flexed and scrunched her toes up in a ball to

relieve herself. She thought she might have a pebble in her shoe. When Nancy

left the bar she got into her car and took off her pumps. This was a tremendous

relief for Tommy. Finally, after countless hours of suffering the intense heat

and odor of his sister's foot, he was able to get some fresh air. He still was Juguetes infantiles: Tienda Gormiti, Monster High, Trompos Cometa, BeyBlade, Bakugan y muchos más pag 3

trapped in her pantyhose though. He thought he would take this opportunity to

free himself from the crevices of his sisters toes where he was pretty much

trapped in for a good portion of the night. Then suddenly Nancy reacted

violently by rubbing her foot to the floor of the car's interior. His movement

must have caused a ticklish feeling to Nancy. Tommy stopped immediately to calm

her ticklish reaction but it was too late. Nancy then put her pumps back on and

back went Tommy into the sweat oven. Once Nancy got home she went upstairs to

her bedroom. Her mom was crying and her dad looked hysterical. Her mom asked

Nancy if she has seen Tommy lately. Nancy told her that she hadn't. Her mom told

her that Tommy had been missing for about 4 hours now. Nancy's mom called the

police and issued a missing persons report. Kris then went back into Tommy's

bedroom and lied down on the bed. She kicked off her pumps and lied there

quietly thinking about her little brother. Then suddenly she began to feel that

funny feeling again in between her toes. She thought it must be a pebble that

slipped in her shoes then got caught in her hose from a hole in them. Nancy

lifted her foot near her face. She nearly passed out from the horrible stench.

She thought to herself, "boy I'd hate it if I were that little pebble in there".

When she looked closer she noticed the little object moving. She quickly tore

off her pantyhose and suddenly the object flew to the floor. She looked closer

when suddenly her eyes grow beg and her jaw fell open. She couldn't believe what

she saw. Little Tommy was running around on the floor. She tried to talk to

Tommy but he couldn't hear or talk back because of his little size. Nancy was

still amazed on how small her little brother was and how he actually stayed

alive after hours in her pumps. She was confused and didn't know what to do with

him. She knew that because of his small size he would be vulnerable to almost

anything or anyone in the house. Nancy didn't want to put him in a jar because

somebody might see him. She looked around the room to see if there was any place

to put him safely. She couldn't find anything so she ventured out into the hall.

Nancy glanced into her mom and dad's bedroom and suddenly thought of the perfect

place to put Tommy. She opened the closet door and looked for a pair of shoes

that her mother never wears any longer. She decided to put Tommy in one of her

Mother's boots. She dropped Tommy into one of the boots and he fell down all the

way to the toe are screaming. Nancy then went back into her room and feeling

rest assured that her brother was safe for a while, and then fell asleep. Tommy

was once again trapped in a strange new place that tier never seen before. He

walked around in the semi-darkness of his mother's boot. Tommy tried to climb

the in sides of her boot but kept on sliding back down. He became frustrated and

began to cry again. Tommy finally curled back into the boot's toe area and fell

asleep. The next morning Tommy was awaken by strange noises from his outside

world. His mom was getting dressed at the time. She reached for the boots that

Nancy thought she never would wear any longer. Tommy thought to himself this is

it, that he going to spend the rest of the day at his mother's ugly , smelly,

big, toes. She began to insert her nylon covered 8 1/2 foot into her boot. He

looked up as her foot became bigger and bigger as it got closer to him. The

suddenly the her foot reversed out of the boot and he heard his mother say to

herself that she has a ruin in her pantyhose. Tommy let out a breath of relief.

His mother was mad and threw down the boot which caused Tommy to fall roll out

of the boot. Tommy took the chance and ran away from the boot. He had to find

somewhere else to hide so he quietly jumped into a pair of his mother's black 3"

heel sling back shoes that was tipped on their side. Tommy crawled deeper into

the throat of the huge shoe, getting darker and more foul smelling the farther

he crawled. He finally reached the toe-point of the shoe. Once there, he rested

in a curled, fetal position and listened closely for his mother to slip on

another pair of shoes. Meanwhile, Tommy's mother tore off her pantyhose and

decided to go without wearing pantyhose. Tommy heard his mother talking: "well

lets see, what else could I wear with this dress? Suddenly, Tommy began to feel

as if the shoe that he was hiding in was moved along the side of the floor and

then rotated so that the heel of the shoe was standing in an upright position.

Tommy realized what was happening and began to run up the steep slope of the

sling. Then at the same time his mother's stockings foot began to slide down

into the shoe. His mother's foot slid all the way into the, shoe, causing Tommy

to slide under her toes to form a very snuggling fit. It was such a. tight fit

that Tommy couldn't move at all. His mother put the other sling on and quickly

stood up. His mother then gathered the rest of her things and went to work. As

the day grew on his mother's feet perspired more which caused her feet to slip

around a bit easier in her sling. All day long little Tommy remained mommy's

little shoe prisoner. His only movements were when she shuffled his little body

very rapidly between her sweaty toes for comfort. Tommy began to think that his

mother thought he was a. pebble in her shoe and that she was playfully amusing

herself by tossing him between her toes. Between the periods of being forcibly

squished in between her toes, Tommy passed out a couple times from the awful

stench and heat that his mother produced though out the day. When Tommy's mother

went home Nancy was walking upstairs to her bedroom Her mother followed her

upstairs. "Hi Nancy, did you have a good day?" asked her mother. Nancy replied,

"yes, although my feet are killing me". "oh yea, mine are feeling really good

today for some reason," replied her mother. Nancy thought to herself, hmmm,

mom's feet are usually pretty tired after her long days at work. I wonder if she

has a little friend inside of her heels. The mother said that she was going to

take a shower. She slipped off her slings, got undressed, then went into the

shower. Tommy felt fresh cool air enter his little shoe-prison. He slowly

crawled out of his mother's slings. As he walked around the floor, he looked up

and quickly noticed has big sister entering the room. She noticed Tommy from the

corner of her eye. She moved slowly in his direction. Tommy got scared again. He

did not want to be noticed by Nancy. He thought she would play more foot torture

games on him. He looked around to find a place to seek refuge. Of course the

closest shelter for him was his mother's 3" heel slings, with the high arch and

deep throat. The same ones that he spent the whole day in with his mother. He

could have been totally blind and would have still found the slings, just from

the horrible odor being emitted from them. He did not want to go back in there,

even if it was just for a minute. Tommy then noticed the boots that he was

originally thrown the previous night. Nancy walked closer towards him. Tommy's

heart was thumping hard now. He quickly entered one of the boots. Tommy hoped

that he made his run towards the boots before Nancy noticed him. Unfortunately

for Tommy, Nancy seen his tiny moves and walked over towards the boots. Tommy

was still holding onto the inside edges of the boot, so not to fall into deep

depths of the boot Nancy bent down at the knees and spoke to Tommy. "Tommy,

quick get in, mom's coming". Then Nancy flicked Tommy's tiny body with her

fingers causing Tommy to fall into the boot. Nancy then took off her2" heel

booties and slowly slipped her extremely, hot and sweaty foot into the boots.

"Hay, what do ya know, these fit perfectly", laughed Nancy. Tommy was once again

being invaded by huge sweaty toes. He screamed and begged her not to do this.

Amazingly, Kris thought she heard his little pleadings but continued to smother

her fishnet toes over Tommy. Nancy took joy in feeling Tommy's little body

movements shuffling in between her toes, getting tangle up in her fishnet. She

began to position her little brother into a comfortable spot. She flicked his

little body around viscously in between her toes. "Mom, I'm going to borrow your

boots tonight, okay?". Her mother relied that was all right. Tommy screamed his

disapproval and sank deep into the smelly crevices of Nancy's toes. Nancy went

out on the town and had a great time again. When she got back home she was so

drunk that she fell on her bed and dosed off. She thought to herself whether she

should get undressed. She decided not to because she was too tired to get up and

she would have to find a new hiding place for Tommy. Tommy is fine just where he

is right now. He and I both know where he is and that's all the maters, "RIGHT


Giantess Stories: Under Sister

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