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Underneath it all

By Delicious

How will they ever find me here, so deep in the darkness? I wonder, and I wait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Such a short time ago I was just your average joe, delivering the mail. Like

most of my friends, we smile, and hope somebody will say 'come on in'.

Wow...That day happened, and before you know it, I'm living with Francine,

Francine, the prettiest girl I had ever seen... and yeah, I know it rhymes:

that's why I said it, what do you think? But we hit it off right from the first

time she opened the door to me. She had looked up at me, and gave me this shy

grin that said it all. I was a lot bigger than her, and she was a lot smarter

than me, but our eyes sure spoke the same language. I really loved the way it

made me feel when she looked up at me. I was 6' 1', and she was 5'2'. I was

about 180, while she was.... maybe 120.

It used it make her crazy when we'd eat together, how I could eat everything in

sight, and stay thin as a rail, while she would eat next to nothing, and....

ALSO stay thin as a rail. She had nice boobs, but she was a little thin, in my

opinion. And maybe a little too driven, the way she worked so hard all the time.

I told her so, too.

She told me: 'underneath it all, I want to eat the way you do, Davie. ...but I

can't or I'll get fat'. She didn't want to hear about how I liked the idea of

her putting on a few pounds.

Francine is.... or maybe I should say 'was', a researcher at the State U

nutrition labs. She laughed at the way I would eat everything in sight, without

thinking about it. She couldn't let herself go that way, although I told her

many times I wished she would try.

We played with the idea. There was the time we did a bit of experimental b and

d.... her idea of course, from one of the other girls in the lab.... the

professor, come to think of it. Now that sounded like SOME WOMAN. But the idea

we were trying out-- Francine chuckled that we were doing 'sensual research'--

was simply to tie up Francine. I wonder if I had made the suggestion, whether

she would have been as keen to try it?

What did I do? Not hurt her.... not tickle her. I sure kissed her, and we did

eventually made love..... but here's what I did: I brought dinner into the

bedroom, and ate it in front of her, while not giving her any.

'Aw commON Dave..... fun's've had your laugh..... Dave......?'

She kept expecting me to give her some, but I kept eating until it was all

gone.....Boy oh boy was I full.... I felt like I was over 200 pounds (maybe I

was). I climbed on top of her, and just let her feel my weight on top. I even

pushed my stomach onto her face for awhile, and watched her get nervous about

catching her breath....but I felt like a heel, and stopped almost right away.

'Sorry Franny.... I thought you might enjoy feeling helpless for a change....

but being mean? that's not me, ok? I just can't be mean.'

But I saw the deep red-purply blush spreading from her face across her chest....

Hmmm, I guess she really liked this.

'...but there's one more thing I wanna do for you, Francine'... I had eaten the

whole dinner. She was starving, and excited.... 'How about'

We had never tried this before, but it was a fantasy of mine. Her eyes bugged

out, for a second, and then I saw a smile appear.

'....I thought you'd never ASK!'

Now it was my turn to feel strange. She wanted to do this? Was being tied up a

way to do the things that are buried underneath, that you're afraid to do or too

scared to try? She assured me that she wasn't acting..... but that it was an

extra turn-on doing my perfect fantasy--being eaten-- against her will this

way.... Of course it was an act, but still, I appreciated the drama, the


So I had my thrill, and Francine had a small burst of liquid protein, plus

various other assorted nutrients, otherwise known as cum.

As I sat back, satisfied beyond my wildest expectations, still lost in my

fantasies, I heard her sighs of contentment. 'So..... time to let me go now,


Maybe it would have been, except for ONE small problem.... Her words had

stimulated a whole new fantasy. I wondered, and pondered. 'Soon...... but let's

try one more thing, ok?'

She looked at me innocently. 'What?'

I left the room, still weak-kneed from my orgasm. I looked around in the

kitchen..... ?? Had I eaten everything in that pig-out? Ah yes! I assembled an

unlikely assortment of treats on the rolling TV tray, and wheeled them into the


'Huh---nnneee'.... I said this as sweetly and cutely as possible. 'This is for

you....' As I wheeled the tray into view, she gasped, then laughed.......

'You don't expect me to......' But I wasn't laughing.

'Well you can't expect me...... to...... eat that stuff?'

I smiled, said nothing, and picked up the first cream. 'This has to

go first because it will melt, hunny'.....

Now she was no longer laughing, and started to cry......she squirmed against her

restraints..... 'No way.....! DAVE! This isn't FUNNY!' Spoon number

one......ooh, she squeezed her mouth shut. I waited for her to speak, and then

when she tried, IN IT WENT......

She took the first spoon full....But the next and the next ended up on her

face...... Where I decided..... 'hmhmhmh..... nyummmy', and licked it off of

her. I starte kissing her on the throat and cheeks, and then when her mouth was

open, put another spoon in, following it with my own mouth..... we swirled the

ice cream between us, and now she was no longer resisting the feeding. But I was

enjoying the forcible play-acting part. I held the spoon before her one time,

while pulling her hair slightly in the back, to pull her head up...... 'you're

so beautiful'I said, and her eyes met mine wildly......She kissed and then

gobbled. We moved from ice cream through a few canned items.... devon cream in a

little bottle? Hmmmm, I never realized how good it was. I had seen it go into

Franny's coffees, but each little bottle was meant to last longer than the

seconds in which she gulped it down.

...and chocolate chips

...and a jar of caviar, with cream cheese and crackers

....and peanut butter spooned endlessly until the jar was almost gone,

alternating with squishy bananas that occasionally found their way into our

mouths, and not smeared all over our bodies.

We stopped when I thought I had done enough..... and had some of the wildest

rolling/thrashing/humping/biting I had ever struggled to live through. Something

about tying her up was that she attacked me as though I were her enemy....She

pulled my hair, bit into my stomach,and kissed me as though a prelude to eating

me alive.

This was a night I thought would change our lives forever.....but it was not to


* ** * * * *

The next morning Francine was sick, throwing up.... and stood in front of the

mirror, hysterical, while looking at her projecting tummy. I tried to console

her, rubbing it, and telling her I loved it and her.

'Oh great...... the mailman loves me.....'

I pulled away because I had no idea where this was coming from. I was not a

professor, not even close. Was I some sort of 'walk on the wildside' to be

dumped if I got a little too exciting? Her hysterics continued. I didn't give a

shit, because I was hurt. Did she even notice or care? I left for work without

saying anything, but still able to hear her pacing about like a caged lioness.

From the door, I said to my lioness, 'you're free to go anytime'.

'I know ' she hollered back...But I heard this from the driveway... I wondered

if she'd be there when I came home after my shift.

* * * * * * * * * * *

When I came home I felt something was not quite right. I couldn't place it at

first, but there was something wrong. Francine smiled at me from the kitchen.

Yeah, our eyes connected. She was looking at me with a real spark, like the way

she does when we make love after we haven't done it for a few days. Hungry. But

she didn't move out of the kitchen, only sat there grinning. She probably didn't

even remember what she'd done, in hurting me as I left in the morning. But in

spite of myself, I caught her mood.

'What're you grinnin' at?' I asked, laughing out loud, in spite of myself. She

looked so darn cute, sitting there.....'and what're you doing home at this time

of day?' Come to think of it, she wasn't usually home this early.

She just grinned some more. 'I'm happy to be alive, that's all....' She kept

sitting, and for the first time I felt there might be something really wrong.

Happy to be alive???

'What happened??!!!' I rushed into the kitchen, where I saw something stranger

than everything I'd seen so far...... but it didn't register right away. I

grabbed her hand, and pulled it to my cheek....And looked into her eyes, needing

to know that she was alright. 'Are you alright....?'

She had something in her hand..... a cookie? And she brought one up to my mouth,

still grinning...I had hoped she might begin to share my fantasies, but this

just didn't seem believable. Was she doing this to try to make up to me?

'Are you doing this to try to make up to me? Or something else.....' I saw that

something was amiss. I could feel that something must have happened.

'We had..... a near disaster at the lab.' Her lower lip quivered, but she was

still smiling like an angel. Had she just missed BECOMING an angel? So all this

grinning made sense. I started to laugh with relief.

'...but you avoided disaster? Aw-right!' I high fived her, and strangely, she

returned my hand-slap. This wasn't like her, either.

'....well, I'm still alive....but maybe I didn't..... completely avoid.... the

disaster, honey'. She winced, as she smiled, as if in apology.

'...but you're OKAY, right? Why are you celebrating?'

She continued to smile, so I wanted to assume everything was fine... But now I

didn't believe it.

'Is.....everybody ELSE okay? the lab??'

Her smile held, but was little more than a line between two lips pressed

together. 'I guess you haven't seen the news, then'. She pointed at the TV,

where ..... the lab could be seen, behind a newsperson on camera. A lab with

smoke coming out of it.

'But everybody's alive.'

.....(pause) I waited.... 'AND??!'

'Well.... we were irradiating some food items. New hybrids I've been

growing..... something went wrong with the irradiation chamber. Or maybe it was

the hybrids themselves...I took the highest dose.'

She looked up a me, her eyes glistening, and said once more 'I'm just happy to

be alive.... no more bullshit, too...' She handed me another cookie while

inhaling another herself. ''s too short.'

We celebrated all night, complete with the contents of fridge, freezer and

pantry. If she WAS going to die from her radiation sickness, why hold back? I

said this as I smooshed strawberries into her boobs, and then took turns licking

them, and bringing the stuff to her mouth on my fingers. We didn't need any

ropes or restraints this time, as Francine's hunger and lust for life kind of

got blurry. We played with fruit and ice cream and then started to use oils and

syrups. She humped against my body, and licked and slurped all over me as though

she wanted to eat me. When we weren't 'doing it', we were eating.

I revelled in Francine's enjoyment, as though she were trying to make up for a

lifetime of denying herself, a lifetime of starvation and hunger. As she

continued to eat, I marvelled at her capacity. That she was half my size, and

eating twice as much as me didn't strike my attention right away....

We were too crazed with the joy of the moment. I passed in and out of

consciousness, because we'd also had some beers, and frankly I always had a hard

time staying awake after I had come..... and she had devoured me (down there)

THREE TIMES. I had come, all told four times tonight....three times, being eaten

alive. Every time I woke up Francine was m-m-munching away, either on food, or,

better yet, on me. No wonder I kept getting aroused.

* * * * * * *

And finally one time I woke up, and, first I heard nothing.....

I sat up, quickly, worried that she wasn't alive. Was she BREATHING???

But then I heard her. Not loud, but so reassuring: all I heard was her cute

little whimper-snores, the sounds of a contented little puppy. I checked to make

sure she was ok. Exhausted, and probably happier than she'd been in awhile.

Would she wake up hating herself for eating so much again? I expected her to

repent, and convert back to the true church of anorexia.... lord love her, but

we'd had fun. If only she could remember this tomorrow, and not snap back.

I slunk off to work, letting her sleep. Hell with it, I thought: she deserves a

day off work, after what she went through yesterday! So instead of my usual,

which was setting the alarm for 30 minutes after my early departure, I disabled

it, so she could sleep.

I wondered if she had gained any weight, as I dressed and left for work.

* * * * * * * *

I came back from my last delivery run, to find an urgent message waiting for me,

to call home. I ran to the phone.....

It rang once......

twice.......Oh my god.....

Third ring, and she picked it up, thank god, thank god. 'hi Davie... when are

you cummin home??'

Excuse me, but did I have a wrong number??? She was still speaking with that

bedroom voice, at 4 in the afternoon....

'Did you get up yet' I asked, kidding, but hoping against hope she would be game

for another night of shenanigans....As she had said last night, I said now :

'....seize the DAVE??' That's what she said each time she got that hunger for a

certain part of my anatomy.

'Dave.....I'm hungry.....when are you cummin? I need to eat NOW....!'

This was new.... and boy, did I find that her tone stirred something deep

underneath, inside me. I recalled that scraping of teeth, the slurping sound,

and the possessive grip of her hands on me.

'....and Dave, the reason I called? Couldja stop at the store? We're... outta


She must have been hungry... okay.

I went to the mall, hitting not only the supermarket for groceries, but also the

donut shop and the beer store.

I came through the door with the first of my treasures in my arms 'Francine? I

started. I called out, telling her where I'd been. But there was no answer. I

went back to the car, bringing in beer, and the rest of the groceries, and

finally a dozen donuts.

Still no sign of Francine...

'Francine....... where are you?'

I heard her calling from the bedroom.... 'Dave...... come here, I got a surprise

for you..... Remember, we must SEIZE THE DAVE......'

'Ready or not here I come'..... with these words I burst into the bedroom,

donuts in one hand and 24 beers atop my shoulder.

Oh my. My, oh my. MY oh MY - O -MY....

'WELL???' She was lying on the bed, partially covered by the bedsheet. But there

was no concealing her form.... or the changes. 'WELLL????! Do you..... LIKE the


She wasn't shouting, you understand. She was just loud. Because she was so much

bigger. Her sheet covered her below the waist... The entire queen size bed-sheet

covered her, below the waist. But Francine was sitting up, with her back against

the wall. Her head was floating on top of a torso, pulsating and vibrating with

all of her warm life. She could not cover her torso because the sheet was

nowhere near big enough. Indeed, was anything big enough? I suddenly realized

that my manhood looked more like boyhood compared to such an olympian woman,

such a titanic mass of femininity...

.... I stepped back, breathless, trying to take it all in.... all of her, that

is. She had her back to the wall.

Her legs were the size of the bed.... no, maybe slightly longer. Her head was

right up close to the ceiling. Her torso was no longer thin, and her breasts

were impossible to ignore. Both arms were crossed in front of that epic bosom,

but.... the arms!! Each of her upper arms was..... wider than I was. I watched

her breathing, and jesus did I get excited. Her chest moved up and down behind

those huge chubby arms, and when that chest swelled up, I saw boobs that should

be measured in FEET, not inches.

I suddenly realized that I was breathless....because I had forgotten to breathe.

Or because I was terrified. And panting with excitement. She wanted to seize me?

How could I prevent her, when I was a mere meatball to swallow, a little breath

mint between main course items? I wanted her to grab me, take me. I felt like

the heroine of a romance novel. Talk about role reversal: I wanted her to grab

me and take me. The voice I had heard on the phone belonged to a huge woman big

enough to take anything she wanted. Maybe I would pretend to resist, but not for

long... I wanted to be taken, and taken hard, grabbed, bitten, squeezed..... yes

that's what I really craved, to be squeezed by her insistent and hungry hands,

and pulled into that impossibly deep clavage..... a cleavage big enough to have

its own zip code.

'Davie??' I noticed then that the reason Francine was up against the wall was

not to show off her immensities, but to try to hide them. She was shivering a

bit.... cold perhaps? Or more likely, terrified at the changes in her body. I

watched her inhale and exhale, and had the distinct impression that when she

inhaled she grew bigger and bigger, and didn't quite shrink on each exhalation.

But I had to answer the question.....I stepped forward, setting down my

treasures..... 'beer?' I giggled.... I popped the top off the beer, and then

chugged the whole thing.........I really had NO IDEA what to say to a .....shit

how tall was she? How HEAVY? What do you say to someone who was tiny this

morning, and is a lot bigger than you today?

I grabbed another beer....

What do you say to someone who might actually be the living breathing embodiment

of the deepest and scariest fantasy you ever had, deep down, but were too scared

to face? Cute-faced Franny was suddenly so big that she made me feel tiny, made

me want to sit like a puppy dog at her feet, maybe even fall asleep in her


Hey it was a big lap, ok?

What do I say to a woman who was. ok let's figure this out, while I swallow the

beer......she won't wait much longer.... I guessed her height to be 9 or 10

feet, easy, because she reached up from the bed almost 5-6 feet.... I drank, and

reached out, to stroke her leg, her foot..... Somehow her foot had become a MUCH

larger size, and much wider....Each toe seemed bigger than my hand..... She was

so hot, to the touch, as if she had a fever. Radiation sickness? Or simply

because she was so alive, and all that furious growth was happening inside her.

Brand-new, baby-soft because all this new flesh wasn't there last night. She was

a factory gone crazy, working overtime building new soft flesh to make boobs and

thighs and hips and stomach.... Of COURSE she was hot....

I spilled a bit of the beer onto Francine's calf, because I was shaking. Its

coldness made her toes curl. She looked up, and said in a husky whisper


'Lemme fix that' I replied.

I put the beer down, and followed my basic instinct. First I licked the beer

slowly off her calf, while rubbing her with my hands. She was soft but there was

muscle too. I might have expected her to be immobilized by such rapid growth,

but there was muscle too, oh yes. I ran my hand along a calf muscle that clearly

could lift her. Her toes pointed, and she brought her foot up to my face, gently

tweaking my nose with... a huge, huge foot, that was all soft pink brand-new

flesh. So hot, so soft, and so strong: because she moved it quickly behind my

shoulder, and just like that, pulled me up onto her other thigh. She did not put

the weight of her leg on me, but I was alive to the implications... Her calf was

as big as me, and her thigh much bigger, with me pressed between.

'Want me to give you a squeeze?' She didn't wait for the answer, but simply

brought those two big limbs together, like the walls of a warm padded room

suddenly deciding to press me from both sides. So warm, and so soft, yet my

primary perception was of how strong she was, how totally capable of doing

whatever she wished. Boy had things changed between us, and in a hurry.

I let my instinct lead me, crawling up onto her. I wanted to hug her, because I

was scared too....What was happening to her? I knew why she was scared..... this

wasn't a fantasy to her, it was 'take me to the hospital' scary.

...but I think the ER might not have a gurney her size.

'Frannie.....Frannie- fanny.... what a HELL of a fanny you must have now....' I

stretched my arms out, and hugged her, fervently. 'Shit, but you're

gorgeous....I hope you're okay, but dammit, I love you this way, you know that?'

I reached my arms out as far as possible in both directions, bringing 5, 6 maybe

7 feet of soft belly flesh and embraced myself with it.

She continued to cower against the wall, however....I didn't understand her

fear, or her shyness...

'why so shy, sweetie?'

She kept silent. 'hungry? Of course you are!!' I went back to the kitchen, and

brought the food in.....'Frannie, I want you to eat everything.....especially

me..... I can't forget what you did to me last night. I'm so ready for you....'

She responded, in that shy tone, but still loud as only a giantess can be loud:

'but you don't know what you're getting into.... I...haven't stopped, you know.

I'm still growing! And shit I'm hungry.....'

I brought the box of donuts forward, and I immediately saw what kind of hunger

she now had, and what a superhuman capacity as well: one dozen donuts as a

single mouthful. More like one dozen donuts as a single M & M candy, a tiny

teaser on her tongue. I saw her tongue licking the box that she had licked clean

with a tongue that filled the box. Oh my, but suddenly I wished I was a


Or maybe, more accurately, a long cream-filled eclair.

She sat silently for a moment, like a child who only got underwear for

Christmas; then she said 'more...more Davie, More....MORE!' She didn't move, but

she gave me a puppy dog look, pleading and hurt and hungry. 'And Davie....' she

sounded like a shy giantess now.... but still impossibly big and husky too...'my

fantasies are starting to really scare me. Because I know I can have them. Who's

going to deny me?' She looked down at me, not at all little girl cute anymore.

That beautiful little-girl face was perched atop a living growing volcano of

femininity, and I was in her headlights.... I suddenly knew what a squirrel

feels like when it makes eye-contact with a Cadillac and mistakes those big

rubber tires for the biggest bushiest tail it has ever chased. I wanted the

Cadillac treatment.

So what if she leaves me flat?

I rushed back to the door, where there were, I had thought, loads and loads of

groceries. A frozen roast, two cooked chickens, more ice cream, a large lasagne

pre-cooked that only needed to be heated.... Each one was a mere Hershey kiss, a

momentary blip on the otherwise bleak horizon of insatiability. While I nuked

steaks in the microwave, and rushed around the kitchen frantically trying to

make Franny less disconsolate, I heard her calling to me.... 'more...... more'.

How could I feed her? While I was going nuts imagining that cavernous mouth,

that luscious tongue, I also knew this was going to be trouble. I entered with a

12 egg yellow pepper, ham and cheese omelette, a full pot of coffee, a stack of

whole wheat toast, oranges, plus the rest of the unused cheese and ham. I

watched with delight as she slid chunks of omelette between pairs of toasted

bread slices, to make.... grape-size nibblies. All this work, and.....shit I was

ravenous, and hadn't had anything other than a bit of cheese that I scarfed

while making the omelette. I felt guilty that I ate anything, but it was ALL

GONE, in seconds flat. She licked the plates with that big wet tongue, and

smiled at me... 'am I....big enough yet?

'Oh, and you didn't answer my question Davie.'

I was startled by the emergence of what might have been underneath the surface:

a bossier, pushier version of Francine...'I didn't realize you ASKED me

anything. It sounded like, uh, you know, one of those questions you talk

about.....the ones where we know the answer?'

The Big Professor supplied my answer. 'Rhetorical.....I guess so. So here's my

question little lover boy....Are you going to deny me? When I put my hands on

you....' she reached forward, and a hand that outweighed me closed oh so softly

but oh so irresistibly around my thighs. I looked down at that hand, then up to

see those eyes, staring at my own. Her whole hand clamped around my thighs, and

LIFTED ME. '...can you say no? When I take you, and hold you'....she brought me

up, and pressed me into that soft soft mound of her stomach 'and when I squeeze

you, will you be able to resist me, or simply do as I say?'

She set me down, then, and continued to look at me, sadly. 'You're not answering

quickly enough. I guess it's okay as a fantasy, but the reality is too much for

you.' Had she decided I didn't like her this way? I was simply speechless!

And with that she nearly stopped my heart....She stood, and not only her head,

but even her torso went up, up, through the ceiling. The ceiling was 8 or 9 feet

tall, and it came to her chest....She had broken the bed, but was so fullbodied

that her big soft flowing tummy came up over the edge of the bed even as she sat

on the floor, where the bed had collapsed under her humongous torso.

As she stood I saw how totally she had devastated the bed, the floor, and the

room. I couldn't actually tell how tall she was, because she had broken through

the floor into the basement. She was more than two floors tall..... at least 20

feet in height. No wonder she was so loud, and no wonder the floor was

collapsing under her.

I called out, not knowing what else to say.... 'Frannie!!' But she seemed afraid

to stay.

Her body continued to grow, sending chunks of the building raining down below,

where I stood looking up. The house was like a girdle that was too tight on her,

and she was about to burst out of that girdle. Her thighs flexed, as she stepped

out of the house. I saw her heft unimaginable tons of soft frannie-flesh.....

oh, how I longed to touch her again, to thrash in her embrace as we had as

recently as last night.

She was so flexible, at such a size....But she couldn't quite get her remaining

foot out of the building....

She screamed a warning to me...'LOOK OUT!!' Her foot came down again, through

the ceiling, like a burst of thunder. For a fraction of a second the floor

sustained her, then she plunged into the cellar, which only came up to her

mid-calf. The basement was 7 feet, so I figured that she was at least 30 feet

tall. Her waist and tummy were even with the ceiling, where her shifting soft

stomach opened us to the sky in an instant. Because of her warning I had avoided

the rain of debris.

She looked down at me, sadly... 'sorry about your house, Davie...'

I laughed. 'Hey silly....I'm glad to be alive....just like you said. Well, what

are you waiting for, here's your chance.....remember your favourite saying?'

She knew what I meant, although it had taken a whole new meaning now: her arm

came through the roof, and her hand grasped me, pulling me up to her.... 'you

mean 'seize the Dave?' I felt like a Ken doll, with a huge fat Barbie, in her

soft hands. There are more important things than having the dream-house.....

like getting to make love to your fantasy woman.

'So Davie, am I big enough yet?' She said this, while holding me like her own

little doll, squeezed against her bosom....'and I know what you want me to do'.

...because I had told her. I had always said that I wished I could experience,

but there wasn't an instant's hesitation....I was deep in cleavage, a cleavage

of hundreds, or actually, yes....thousands of pounds of breast. She sat back,

with me lying on her breastbone....and then took each breast in her hands, and

began grinding them one against the other. I was completely buried, lost to the


'....and now I want you to suck them,' she said. 'Don't spare either one, or

she'll get jealous!' I stood erect, while she went down on all fours. They hung

above me, like whales on the surface of the ocean above me. I was deep

underneath her, looking ahead at her powerful thighs, sinking into the buckling

asphalt under her relentless pressure. The driveway was like crisp snow that she

had simply crunched through with her hands, her thighs, and especially when she

stood. But for now she was on all fours, like a garage above me, and on all


How much could she weigh? Her boobs surrounded me, and bashed me with such force

that I would have been knocked flying...but I hit the other one, stopping me. I

looked up, at a building-sized woman, swaying perilously above me.

She wavered, and wiggled....'whoooops look OUT!!!' She fell towards me like a

truck falling out of the sky..... but of course she stopped, at the last second,

and nearly died laughing. 'did I scare you, little Davie? I want to see you

come, in sheer terror of my big boobs falling on you....' She lifted one then

the other, while hovering above me, then dropped them towards me..... and they

smacked the pavement on either side of me, cracking the asphalt with their mass.

She reared up like a 40 foot horse, and then dropped onto her hands, which made

deep marks in the pavement on impact, just behind my head.

Then she brought them to my face.....caressed me, and said 'oooo Davie, remember

when these wouldn't touch a cookie? And now, my hands..... are more like cookie

cutters'. She put me down on my back, on the asphalt. I looked up into her eyes,

so far above. She splayed her fingers, and dropped onto the asphalt, and I

turned my head, saw her hand embedded in the asphalt up to the wrist, as if it

were only wet cement. I saw just how big she was, just how hard her big soft

body could press.

I turned about to see her arms on each side of me, and the wrecked pavement. A

nipple came to me, bigger than my face. She held the breast above me, carefully.

'Davie, I need more, and now I'm not talking about food....suck

it......pleeeeeeze'. I opened my mouth as far as possible, and took in as much

as I could, sucking as hard as I could. I was unafraid of hurting her, becuase

she was not the one in danger, as far as I could tell.

I heard her moan, and stopped to ask 'am I sucking too hard?' Her laughter

rocked the driveway, resounding through the neighbourhood.

'I can barely feel it..... grab it, squeeze it, Davie.... I want you to love me,

while you still can....' I didn't understand the urgency of her words, but I

wasn't in need of prompting.

'Want another demo' she asked me..... and without waiting, she said 'watch

this'. She stood, and went over to our two cars.....'I have no use for this

anymore....I don't think it will have enough leg room'. Her Hyundai...As she

said 'leg room' she raised her foot above the car, dwarfing it. She brought her

soft bare foot down on the rear trunk, a foot so big and chubby with new pink

flesh.....then leaned on it, first pressing on that trunk, but then clearly,

overwhelming the whole car, popping tires, and then pressing the back of the car

progressively as flat as a cockroach.....

The foot seemed soft, but tell that to the car mashed flat underneath.

'Davie...... am I big enough yet????' And from this, I guess she was trying to

tell me that she was still growing.....Her voice was getting louder too.

'I'm really hungry, Dave.....' She picked me up, and with her big pink tongue,

licked my face with the insistence of someone who has absolute power. I couldn't

help noticing that I was now perhaps the size of her favourite dildo.....maybe

8' in size relative to her height, which was closing in on 50 feet.

'Dave, I'm really really hungry....... do you love me? Can you deny me what I

really need, to survive?'

She opened her mouth, and inserted my head into her lips like the german helmet

tip she used to suck so exquisitely. Her tongue swirled. She mouthed 'ooooo

davie' while I felt her suck on my head, and then turning my face so it was deep

in lipflesh, she kissed me so hard I thought my nose and face bones would be

pressed into my skull. It dawned on me that short of eating me whole, she was

going to have a hell of a time finding enough food. In that moment, buried in

her soft lips, I almost wanted to say 'take me, eat me.... I love you...' But I

said nothing, because I was busy being overwhelmed, shocked, and, yes, pressed

and squeezed a lot too. Her grip was getting pretty imprecise because of her

size. She may have meant to be gentle, but if she wasn't careful she could

squish me just by holding me the wrong way.

'Mmmmm-ww-ah' she seemed to say, as her lips ejected me in the pout to end all


'You're gonna love it, Dave.....' She patted her hips. 'See this?' She then

brought my face to that naked haunch, so white and soft, and caressed herself on

the hip and thigh and then ass with my body as if I were nothing more than a

facecloth.....she wiped herself with me, pressing me against herself. I began to

feel more like a bit of butter or cream cheese that she could spread onto her

white flanks. My mouth was open, and I was kissing and licking for all I was

worth. If this was my last day, my last moments, I was certainly going to make

the most of it.

She lay on her back, opened her thighs, and said 'I ate you three times.... how

about once for me, one last time ....big boy.....?' I stood, entranced by the

sight I faced. Each thigh towered above me like a cross between a skyscraper and

a bully..... skyscrapers don't usually come after you, but then this was


And Francine was growing....I could see it clearly now.....Her ass, behind that

lush forest was up against the ruins of the Hyundai.....her toes were nudging

the neighbours' house....Oh yeah, and I saw someone peeking out from behind the

curtains. I guess this must be scaring a few other people besides me. And she

was sinking into the driveway tarmac with every little movement. I was no longer

big enough to really be a 'man-sized treat' for her..... I was closer to a 3'

member than the dildo she had prized.


I could tell she was starving, perhaps dying....She thrust me deep into her

darkest funkiest place...I was the size of a berry in her hands. She was so wet

that I slid inside without effort. Air.... I didn't care, but enjoyed her

squeezes, her heat and wetness all around me...inside, she squeezed, and

squeezed....and somehow I found air, and swam or floated deep inside her. At

last we were one.

Her convulsions told me that at least she was achieving some kind of

satisfaction. She pressed in on me from all sides, like a crowd of people. So

warm so safe I drifted off to sleepy bliss.

* * * * * * *

Did I hear more orgiastic rumblings, cries of thunderous pleasure, or her death

agonies? I was inside her......days and days.... or weeks??

...but I felt her losing her battle with those wild forces that had taken away

her former life. I was deep inside. Ecstasy, nectar of bliss, carrying me home

to where I once abided perfectly. Swimming with that tide, I was of her, and our

smells and nectars were one. Fluids ran from my eyes, the salt tears of the

womb, the first sea I came from, and this sea in her I now swam in.

'Frannnyyyyy!!' I called to her, and put out my arms, trying to touch her,

somehow let her know how perfectly I loved her. Did she know where I was? Did

she feel me at all?

* * * * * * * *

And then I was pulled forth, grabbed by strong but unsympathetic arms....I heard

sirens, and a crowd of people.

There was only silence from her. Stillness, and I hoped, peace.

I cried.


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